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VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta

Description :

From Novel Update

Tanaka Yuki, aka Kokorone Awayuki, was miraculously accepted for the third term of the major VTuber management company “Live On”, quit her job at the black company, and became a VTuber, which was her emotional support during her hellish days.

However, it seems that she lacks a punch, and is far behind her seniors and peers in popularity.

But one day she inadvertently forgets to turn off the stream and her true character is revealed to the world.

Credits to the original author, Nanatonana-sensei, if you like this and could read Japanese, please support by buying this Novel officially.

And this (it’s a Promotion Video for the novel, the voice actress is good, you should check it out)

Table of Content

I made a mistake in checking NU, The last time I checked, I didn’t saw this series, so I considering to take this. but when I checked again today I saw another group doing it. So, For the one who wants to see the continuation could check it out in the another group who took this as their project!!



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