Alternative Titles :
Boredom Hating Sealer

Description :


“If I put my life in a notebook, it would end in one page.”

Seal, a young man in prison, had spare time.
Closed space, unchanging scenery. Every day he read books in such a prison cell.

A boring life that made he felt like he was going insane.
Then, a newcomer came to his prison cell.

His name was Barha Zetta. 79 years old, male. Occupation-Sealer.
Seal was interested in the job of Barha-Zetta and became his disciple to kill time.

Without knowing that it would bear the fate of the world.

Credits to the original author, Soramatsu Renji-sensei, if you like this and could read Japanese, please support by buying this Novel officially.



Arc 1 – Sealer and The Corpse Emperor


Arc 2 – Sealer and The Everlasting Spring Town

Arc 3 – Sealer and The One Who Eats Anything