Light Novel hasn’t published yet, so there’s no picture, I use the map drawn by the author for now

Description :


Raizou ​​Takakura, who died of Heart Attack when he went to work, got a second life in a different world as the third son of a farmer.

He was given the name, Walm, and had a peaceful life, but his homeland, which continued to clash with neighboring countries, the leaders of the nation continued to drafting for war, and Walm was no exception.

The life was bought up by the nation with the priced that could be said only enough to cover the cost for preparation… the drafted Walm was put on the front line.

Unreasonable deaths that came equally, looting and insults mixed with joy and screams, eyes that were muddy by the odor of death and the madness of the battlefield, Walm had a talent for struggle that could not be awakened in peacetime. It bloomed at that moment.

The battered and exhausted spirit… the morality and conscience that was degrading with a slight hypocrisy… only wine and cigarette could deceive all of that.

The war that was happening in Walm’s homeland, Hyselk Empire, it was in the final stages. But Walm was about to do something that would make a turmoil throughout the empire.

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