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Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu

Description :

From The Source

“Even Capybara escapes in front of me with a dash.” 
Kaito Arihara, a high school boy who has a constitution that is hated by animals from the time he was born.
As usual, he is avoided by animals, but one day, when he’s barked while walking back home from school, he is caught up in a different world summoning of his classmate, Chisato Shishihara, a girl student of the same class who he’s happens to meet accidentally.
When he was summoned, he was throwed by the magic circle, and the next time he woke up was in an unknown ruin.
Something, in the shape of a black cat, appeared in front of him, who was at a loss because he could not understand the situation he was in.
Familiar, Hero, Demon King.
An adventure that begins with a contract with a monster that he met because of this incident.
“Why me, the Lord of the familiars, need to fight too!?”
“Kaito, that’s because you’re stronger!!”
The more companions you have, the stronger you become.
Such a Physical-type Tamer runs through a different world as an adventurer.

From Novel Update

Kaito Arihara, a high school student who has never been liked by animals by nature, is caught up in a magic circle that suddenly appears around her classmate Chisato Shishihara, who he met by chance on his way home from school.
Kaito, who has been blown into an unknown space, meets Schiff, a shape shifter, a monster in the shape of a black cat. Schiff discovers the nature of “Tamer” in the unique mana in Kaito’ body, and decided to be his familiar. However, as a result of the combination of Kaito’s mana and Schiff’ abilities, it turned out that it was more efficient for Kaito to fight by himself than to use his familiar for some reason. Using that ability of him, Kaito is looking for a way of life in the Another World.
The whereabouts of Chisato Shishihara, who has been separated with Kaito, the girl called Leafa who knows Kaito’s name that has just been summoned, and the existence of the demon king who moves secretly—— the only thing waiting for Kaito is just turmoil !
Breaking the norm of “Monster Tamer”, This, is the adventure comedy story of “Hit-Tamer” in Another World!!

Credits to the original author, Kurokata-sensei, if you like this and could read Japanese, please support him by buying this Novel officially

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