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So this page is for the LN/!N that I officially dropped…
And here some Q&A that might be helpful for you…

Q: Why you stated Tl-ing it if in the end you’ll be dropping it?
A: Well, sometime I start Tl-ing after only read a few chs ahead, and at that moment, I think that the series might be interesting…..

Q: So, Why you dropped the series?
A: Well, mostly I read until half of the available chs/ almost to the recent ch, but I feel that the series is not up to my alley after all or I lost my interest, or I’ve some unexpected Real Life situation at the time I decided to drop the series…

Q: You’re selfish if you dropped the series just because you lost your interest, don’t you this so?
A : Well, Tl-ing without any feeling is not my style, I’m not a machine who could Tl-ing anything, I’m just an imperfect human with a lot of flaws and have a feeling too.

Q: Don’t you feel sorry for the reader who like the series that you dropped?
A: I am, That’s why I’m sorry to you all who lithe it. But, you see, it’s really hard for me to keep Tl-ing it… Sorry.

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