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D-Genesis, 3 Years after the Dungeon Appeared

Description :

From Novel Update

It’s been 3 years since the dungeon was completed. In a world where dungeon capture has become commonplace, Yoshimura, who lived as a company s*ave, suddenly misfortune? come to him by chance, and that makes him ranked first in the world ranking!
Longing for a leisurely life, he decided to retire. But, being swayed by the unknown skill that he got, He decided to dive into the dungeon. and that makes him got involved in the front line of dungeon capture.
Where is the slow life that he hoped for??

Credits to the original author, Kono Tsuranori-sensei, if you like this and could read Japanese, please support by buying this Novel officially

Table of Content

PrologueChapter 0

Arc 1 – We left the company

For the one who want to see the continuation could check it out in the another group who’ll continue to translate this. (/^^)/


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