Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 47

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Yeah, I know the LN has gone far, the end of vol 5 = ch 137 of the WN…
As far as I know, there’s subtle change in the details of the story (like some dialogues and monologues) but overall the way it progress has not change that much, basically the same.

Anyway, enjoy….

47. My Idol is a Goddess

Motivation───No matter what position you are in, this is the main driving force behind every action. Children feel this motivation rise from deep inside their bodies, and show this on the outside by running around and around, whereas middle school students are entranced by their wild fantasies and tries to bring it into the real world, as this is their motivation (※Only some). Then, while you’re experiencing the transitional period called adolescence, you might awaken to the ‘unforgettable feelings’ to certain someone. And the ‘excitement and desire’ you feel while thinking that person will be the driving force for your actions. Especially boys.

In short, what I’m trying to say here…

“Being in love, sure is a crazy thing…”

With immature feelings, I looked at the paper in front of my eyes, to be exact the upper right of the paper.

“—65th, huh…”

With a heaving breathing like, “Huuuft Huuuft, haa…”, I somehow managed to pass this hellish end-of-term exams. It was so hard to a level where you started to feel pleasure from it. Aren’t all people above me masochists?

At the end of spring, we had the midterm exams, but well, in short, my rank has dropped. I remember I was 32nd. However, back then, studying didn’t feel as tedious as now.

I remember why. I had an iron will of ‘I’ll definitely go with Natsukawa’. If I wasn’t completely infatuated with Natsukawa… I wouldn’t have made it up to this excellent college-preparatory high school. Compared to the last time, I could see that the amount I studied this time was nearly not enough. Or rather, I just didn’t have any motivation.

If I were to take entrance exam here now, I wonder how it will be… I’m sure I got this rank 65th because of what I was makes the basis for what I am. Will I be able to even keep this position next time?… This is bad, I might have to be a bit more careful next time.

“Sajo-chi, how is your rank?”



When you suddenly coming from behind, of course I am. Oi, ‘me’, don’t just keep your paper open as if you want everybody else to see. Especially with Ashida, who will immediately come to tease if she sees the smallest opening, you can’t show it to her.

I glared up at Ashida, who leaped over her desk to look at my paper from behind. She must have realized how alarmed I was, as she slowly withdrew with a bashful laugh while saying, “Sorry, sorry”.

“I’m 74th!”


Just when I thought she pulled back she suddenly revealed her own rank. Since she said it at a solid volume, I could pick that up easily, and that’s why I learned of Ashida’s rank even if I didn’t want to.

So, hmm, what? Is it that? ‘I said it first, so now say yours’, is it? …Right?

…Well, okay. The top 100 are shown on the paper in the hallway anyway, and as long as mine is better than hers, it’ll not be a problem.

“Here, it fluctuates quite a bit, you know.”

“Sixty──Well, it’s not that high… but, Sajo-chi, weren’t you even higher before?”

“I-I don’t remember.”

“Really? You’re shaking though.”

How does she even know about my previous rank… We’ve only known each other for two months back then, didn’t we? Is it her information network after all? The girl’s information network…? Eh… then, do the other girls know it too…?

“Huhー, I thought you’d be in the top 50 again, which is why I asked. This is pretty unexpected~”

“W-what a-bout you and your 76?”

“It’s 74. Remember that.”

“Yeah yeah.”

Seems like Ashida’s pretty proud about her own rank. I mean, don’t ‘Hmmph’ me, even though you’re bellow me, how can you be so proud.

“My previous rank! Do you remember it!?”

“Like hell I would.”

“220th! I made some great progress, right!?”

“So, you were an idiot, huh.”

“It’s in past tense! Since that’s the case, I forgive you!!”

Ara, she’s clearly in high spirits. Unlike me, she must have actually studied… I thought since she would be busy with her volleyball club, but I guess she’s also doing her best in this regard huh. Alright, I’ve decided. My motivation is to not lose against this girl.

“Yoo, Sajou! What rank are you? I’m 230 you know.”

This guy (Yamazaki) sure sounds happy.

“Waaaah, ameizing.”

You think I was joking around? No, I was muttering to myself. These words came out of my throat before I realized it.

A few days passed since the individual grades were announced. The rank of the first-grade students was hung up in the back of the classroom. There were those happy to look at the rankings saying, “See, you see?”, those desperately trying to hide them saying, “Don’t look at it!”, and I decided to not care. I just want to forget about the existence of the exams.

The reason I let out these disgusting words was simply because I saw the name correlating to the 2nd rank. It was none other than our class’ goddess, our idol, “Aika Natsukawa”.

Yeah, as high-spec as always!

I think that during the last mid-term exams, she was like 27th whereas I was 32nd. Well, it because I clung to her even during the exam studies… at that time, I was close behind her in terms of grades, yeah, I was stalking her even in that regard.

With this test, she was awakened, awakened Natsukawa. Nobody could stop her any longer. I mean, this is seriously amazing. Seems like I really got in the way of her studies, huh. If I’m not mistaken, she wasn’t at such a rank back in middle school either.

“Ai-chii! Give me half of that!”

“W-What is it!?”

Of course, as the top of the class, Natsukawa was surrounded by everyone else. Normally, I would have been the first person to be there. But as I’ve no courage to be that aggressive, watching her flustered face from afar wasn’t half bad either. Huft… haven’t you grown huh, Natsukawa. As a fan of yours, there is nothing that makes me happy more than this…



Someone called out to me, so I turned around. Sasaki sat on his seat, looking down at me with a strangely proud face.

“W-Why are you in this class?”

“Well, I’m in my class too… Why are you treating me like an outsider.”

Sorry about that, I was just in a good mood, to the point I want to tease you. I think this might be the first time I feel so indifferent towards a handsome guy. Nope, just kidding. I hope that you only have white rice with you for lunch today.

“What’s up, Sasaki. Did it finally get stolen from your little sister?”

“What exactly!? That’s not it, it’s about the exam results!”

Whaa-, it’s not related to his little sister? Impossible…

As I was thinking about something unnecessary like that, Sasaki pointed at the paper with the student rank on it. When I was searching for his name, I found it at a rank much higher than mine.

“29th…not bad.”

“Right? And you went down by quite a bit, Sajou. Couldn’t keep up with your studies, hmm?”

Urgh…what’s this guy, are you provoking me!? Even when you have that annoying attitude, how can you look like someone from a painting, you damn handsome bastard!

This is an alarming situation. For the unpopular group of students, the only thing they can use as a weapon is their knowledge in liberal arts ───in other words, studies. I can’t accept that this would be stolen by some handsome bastard from a soccer club. Alright, now I’m even more motivated!

“All passes from someone like you should just end up in the offside…!”

“You really said something terrible huh…”

Weird. No matter what I do, I can’t see us in the same sumo wrestling ring.

Must be because of the motivation. The reason he’s suddenly so cocky is because he wants to compete with me for Natsukawa, right? In the first place, even our starting line is difference, there’re too much gaps in talent, don’t you realize it? Not to mention that I got rejected over and over. You’re too high in specs alone, so could you not go all out…

“…It’s great to boast about yourself, but if you want to impress Natsukawa, something like rank 29th isn’t nearly good enough, don’t you think so?”


That girl, she is in the second place in the entire student year after all. Even if you won against me, that doesn’t mean anything. If anything, this road is like a path of thorns, you know? If you can’t even take the top spot, bragging is useless. Damn, that’s harsh…

Also, talking about that, that first place’s name is super long… There’re even English letters mixed in there… Maybe some exchange student? Would make sense why that person so clever.

“Well, just give up on studying, and focus on your soccer career. Just don’t miss any PK1s, okay? Don’t miss the PK.”

“That doesn’t mean I can just give up with my studies ── Wait, are you trying to put pressure on me right before the big tournament, you bastard…?”

Wait, Sasaki’s a first year, and yet a regular? Stepping further than his Senpais like that, if he doesn’t treat them well, their envy and jealously will be too much to handle. Scary. Well, Sasaki should be fine, he has a reassuring sister called, Yuki-chan, with him after all!

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 46

46. Shocked by how dark it is

Natsukawa put down Airi-chan with a worried face saying, ‘You sure…?’, so I gave her a thumb as an ‘Ok’. Airi-chan walked towards me, opening her arms wide while saying ‘One more time〜’. I crouched down to meet her line of sight.

“Alright, here it comes!!─── Oryaaaー!! ah, Rasha-se-!!” [TN: When a customer come into a restaurant in japan, the worker will say this. it’s a short term of ‘Irashaimase’, which mean ‘welcome’ and mostly used by the worker in a ramen shop]


“Stop it, you’re not a part-timer in some ramen shop…”

Airi-chan seemed like she forgot about being sleepy already, and raised a loud happy cheer. All of this was a new experience for me, so when I saw how fragile of an existence she was, I felt the urge to ‘protect her’ dwell up inside of me.

So, is this what it means to be a father…?


“Ah, she ran out of energy.”

After around eight seconds, young lady Airi started to lose her strength.

Perhaps this last ‘dynamic carry’, was out of loneliness rather than actual enjoyment. It was just like when you enjoyed something and suddenly felt, ‘I want to do it once again for the last time’.

Also, seems that humans really became heavier once they ran out of strength. Just because I relaxed my arms, Airi-chan started to lean over. The pressure that I suddenly felt on my chest, it scared me. I couldn’t move freely…

“Well, you can treat her a bit more roughly, don’t worry. Just, I won’t forgive you if you were to drop her.”

“A-ha-ha-ha, I’m just a robot, and it seems there’s a bug in my system.”

“Just because she falls asleep, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to drop her. Airi isn’t a baby, but a young girl. She will not cry because it’s suddenly hot or cold, and she won’t cry even if you interrupt her sleep.”


“Doesn’t mean you’re allowed to cry! And don’t imitate her!”

Oops, not good. Natsukawa’s motherly attribute hit me.

But… as expected, a girl who have a younger sister that still young is amazing. Just by taking care the younger sister every day, the future as a good mom is guaranteed.

I kept calling her a goddess before, but I guess the way I saw her was still too naive. I mean, right now she is getting even closer to a goddess. No wait, how you call it….. a divine being?

Anyway, I’m still way too far of being able to take care of someone like her. At least it’s impossible to the current me.

Normally I would have excused myself like I always would, but Natsukawa… she was persistent on seeing me off.

For her to go that far, somehow it made me feel embarrassed…

“Well, you know… I just realized that your girl power… Femininity? is pretty amazing. It’s like, I don’t mind if you become my Mom instead.”

“Hey, stop it. Somehow it sounds disgusting.”

“Thank you very much.”

“I wasn’t praising you!”

It was the same before, but… no matter if what I said annoyed her or not, Natsukawa will always response. I’m sure that’s one of the biggest reasons why she didn’t just leave me aside for the longest time… Normally, you’d just ignore that right…? Aahh….. What a Goddess…

“Unrelated to Airi, what if you do something to your head? I remember that you’re worried more about this before.”

“Sorry, but the only thing my head could evolve into is to get a savant syndrome. Wait a moment, let me get struck by a lightning once.”

“I’m not talking about what’s inside… I was talking about your hair color!”

“Ah, this?”

A brown color hair with the roots looks black, I said that I ‘two-toned’ it just because it sounds cooler, but as expected it’s probably unsightly to look at. Especially during the summer where the heat is annoying enough, to see something half-baked like this, will only makes you even more annoyed, I guess.

“Eventually, I’ll do something about it.”

“mm…..Well, I’m not going to force you, but it’s better to do it as soon as possible, you know? I feel like it’ll change your impression by quite a bit.”

“I’ll take a detour at the drug store on my way home.”

I don’t know why, but it feels like Natsukawa is quite persistent at a lot of things today. I can’t help but to say yes to her words… it’s like I could feel, ‘Do something about it soon, or something bad will happen you piece of shit’, kind of pressure coming from her. And since she said it this far, if I don’t come to school tomorrow with a new dyed hair, I will get minus points from her.

“By the way, between brown hair and black hair, which one do you prefer, Natsukawa?”

“Eh, but earlier…”

“Well, that’s what Airi-chan prefer.”



I just asked on a whim, but Natsukawa seemed to have taken that serious, and approached me with a stern gaze.

What am I, some mannequin? Is there something stand out about me?

Natsukawa was not even thinking about the distance between us and kept staring at me.

…Well well, I’m just a normal person, it’s just like what you see now, Natsukawa-san. Aaah, your scent… it’s…

At the end of a lot of thinking, she answered me without changing her expression.

“──I think either way is fine…”

“You can’t do that to me.”

“Ah… b-but…”


Natsukawa’s gaze wandered all over the place, and she continued after a bit of hesitation.

“If you had brown hair, hmm… I might have not called out to you back then.”


‘Back then’ ──is she talking about the first time we met two and a half years ago? Ah now that I think about it… a bit after we met, she said something along the lines of ‘I thought you were more of a serious guy’. Well, no one will say that to a guy with this kind of hair after all.

“…So then, I’ll color it, the color of your preferences, black.”

“I-It’s not like that’s my preference or anything…”

“Well, I don’t really care either way, so I’ll choose the one that leave a better impression on you. anyway, see you tomorrow…”


I wave my hand at Natsukawa, turned my back on her and was ready to head home, only for her to stop me. When I turned back, she showed a different expression from when Airi-chan was with us, grabbing the sleeve of my uniform, perhaps it was starting to become like a habit for her.

Well, let me say this… can you stop giving me a ‘Direct attack’ with this kind of gesture? Do you plan on killing me? You really want me to die young…?

“──T-Thanks a lot for today…”


So cute!… welp, this is bad, I almost blurted out my feelings. If I said that now, it’d definitely ruin the mood. Thanks god… my throat could control itself.

“D-Don’t worry about it. I got to meet the legendary Airi-chan after all.”


Natsukawa showed a salty expression.

Crap, it might sound unpleasant to her. But, since I only saw her in a picture before, I couldn’t help but think ‘Does she really exist?’, you know. Well, I understand the reason why she didn’t want me to meet her until now… If I was in her position, I wouldn’t want to show that cute younger sister to a stalker (me). The only reason I was allowed to today is because we have known each other for more than two years, and also perhaps because she could see me as her ‘friend’.

Though I felt the urge to tease her, since the distance between us was already so bad for my heart, I didn’t do that.

And so, just as I told Natsukawa, instead straight back home I headed to the drugstore to buy hair dye.

“───Yikes, this really stinks.”

“We already finished dinner, so isn’t it fine? Got permission from Mom as well.”

“At least close the door of the washing room…”

I wonder why the scent of the hair dye is pretty bad like this. Can’t they make it more of a fruity scent? I can’t even pinch my nose because of the vinyl gloves on my hands. And now I have to stay like this for twenty minutes, huh….

While taking out a brush, Sis looked at the instruction paper I put down next to the sink, reading the words on there.

“Hm? Dark brown? You gonna make it black?”

“…It really is black, huh? I would have been fine going back to black, but they didn’t have any… I-It’s not like I bought it because ‘dark brown’ sounded cool.”

“This is pretty much black, especially in the beginning, it will look pitch black.”


Hmm? Black is black, right? So, there’s something darker than black…? That sounds cool. My chuunibyou soul felt like it was lit in a burning flame, as Sis walked in circles around me and frowned. [TN: ‘Chuunibyo’ is basically when you’re so delusional about having some special power, this mostly happen in middle-schooler that’s why it’s also called as ‘8th grade syndrome’]

“You’re so suck. It’ll end up uneven.”


“Move. Get outta the way.”

Sis walked between me in the mirror, took out gloves from the drawer, and ──Wait, Rubber Gloves…? I got a really bad feeling about this… is it just my imagina──Ah, hey…!

“Your roots are black, so don’t do it this arbitrarily.”

“Ahhh! Ouch Ouch! Oi, you’re too rough! You’re going to pull my hairs off!”

“It’s fine as long as you don’t end up bald, right? Everything in this world is hereditary, you’ll be fine. Those who go bald will go bald, even if you try to prevent that or try some treatment to grow it back, something that won’t work will never work.”

Kaede dying Sajou’s Hair

Ah, hey, dear sister? You say it like you don’t really care at all, don’t you?! More than going bald or not, this is hurts so much, you know! it’s gonna be okay right?! Right?! Hey!? I don’t wanna go bald even if it’s just for a short time!!

A bit of time passed like that, when I saw a few strands of hair stuck at her gloves, which I looked at through the mirror, I couldn’t help but to feel sorry for my fallen hairs.


“Y-Yeah, you’re right, it’s black… Isn’t it a bit too black?”

“Told you. Well, it’ll stay like this for a week. Though it’ll go back to normal after two days if you thoroughly wash them.”

The hair dying ended, and after washing plus drying it, my hair really looked black. However, it was an irregular kind of black. To a level where it wouldn’t even reflect light. I imagine it to be a bit more of a normal black… Well, as far as I touch it, they still feel the same way when I previously colored my hair brown.

The next day, Natsukawa said, ‘Ah, you dyed it’, and I died. ※I actually didn’t.

Author notes :

“Ah, you dyed it.”

“How is it? it looks good on me right?”

“…..I-I didn’t say that.”

(Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, so cute!!!!)

TN: so this is what most likely going to happen….

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 45

For the one who like seeing VTubers, perhaps you would enjoy this

45. She doesn’t know


“H,Hey… What are you so lost in your thoughts now.”

“Ah, well…”

My thoughts were running wild inside of my head. That must have led me to become quiet, which forced Natsukawa to ask me with a worried look. She put down Airi-chan, approached me, and gently shook my shoulder. Everything that was inside my head ended up jumbled, only to burst.

───The inside of my head went blank.

“H,Hey… say something.”

“Ah… hmm…”

I opened my mouth, but no proper explanation came out. I didn’t know what to say.

This isn’t me. Normally, I would come up with all sorts of idiotic thoughts. Why can’t that work at the time when I really need it…

“Don’t ignore meeー!”


As if to cut through the awkward atmosphere, Airi-chan leaped at me who was stuck. Since I was pushing myself up, she shoved me over, turning me around.

“Don’t bully Onee-chan…”

“I-I’m not bullying her! Definitely not bullying her!”

Airi-chan hammered her hands onto my chest, looking like she was about to cry. I was so anxious she might start crying for good, so I tried to make an excuse in a hurry. Since I didn’t have any experience about what to do in that situation, I was frustrated.

Looking over at Natsukawa, she had a similar confused expression as she stared at Airi-chan. It might have been subconsciously, but she also glanced over at me, her eyes watery──Oi oi oi oi, please no!!

“I-I’ll come to you next time! If you’re okay with it, that is! I mean, can I really?! Is that going to be okay?! Is this your final answer?!”

My head was still a mess, but I screamed as loud as I could.

To be honest, I think that I should not get near her yet when we’re inside the class… but well, I said it already, no turning back now I guess.

I’m driven crazy to this point because Natsukawa is different from ‘usual’.  In the first place, she was acting off ever since we left the school. That’s why, I need to bring her ‘usual’ back.

“I might become clingy again, you know? I might say something weird again that would annoy you. Even so, if you’re okay with this, I don’t mind come to you like before.”

Of course not. She should hate it if I go to her ‘acting like that’. Even if she thought of me as her friend even just a little, receiving so much attention from a member of the opposite sex she doesn’t even like must feel unpleasant. And yet, I always bothered her like that. Blinded by love, I couldn’t even realize that.

Perhaps, just like I had a habit to always cling at her, Natsukawa developed a habit to push me away.

That’s why, remember all of it now, Natsukawa. This me, who you rejected over and over and over, a stalker, a clown who—

“──…….That’s a promise, okay?”



……What just happened? Don’t tell me, am I still dreaming?

I felt my sleeve being pulled. I didn’t know why Natsukawa do that, but one thing for sure was that she was not pushing me away.

So, this kind of bittersweet event can happen to me too? And not because somebody set me up?

If so, this is not a bittersweet anymore, it’s way too sweet. Just tasting this once, I might never forget the taste──It’s like drugs. This is what they call, ‘A moment of fascination’, where you start going crazy over heel towards the other person. I know that might be a happy time, but depending on it, it’s more like the start of the torture than anything.


I pulled on my arm and freed myself from the binding that was too sweet. At the same time, intense sadness filled my chest, but I tried to bear with it.

Calm down, Sajou Wataru. This isn’t ‘that’ kind of situation. Don’t trust it, it’s just your delusion. Remember everything you’ve done so far! See it from the broad perspective! Restraint yourself!

“…..Leave it to me.”

“W-What are you saying…”

“What are you sayingー!”

Hearing my majestic answer, Natsukawa showed a faint smile. I said it with a straight face, but I guess she could feel my majestic aura. Perhaps seeing that smile, Airi-chan also feel relieved, as she mimicked Natsukawa.

Hey now, stop hitting someone else’s stomach. Ah, hey──!



A bit of air that was stuck in my chest came out at once. In the same breath, I picked up Airi-chan, and did the carry Natsukawa showed me before. Perhaps she found it to be fun, she started laughing hard…..Ahh… so cute.

“Hey, be careful with her!”

“It’s fine, I won’t put her in any danger.”


Horsey. Protects. Master.

That being said, I don’t want her to grow up the wrong way. That’s why this ‘dynamic carry’ is also a form of light punishment…..or so I thought. Well, if I punish her in a hard way, it will only lead me being hated. But more than anything, it will make Natsukawa sad, so what I could do now is to act as a good Onii-san for her.

“Hey, if you hit other people, you’ll make your Onee-chan angryー”

“I don’t want that!”

“I don’t want it either. That’s why you can’t hit others, okay?”

“Okay, I understand, Sajoー”




…..well, as long as you understand it. Wait, now that I think about it, I’ve rarely can be in a higher position than someone else. And so fi this unreliable me, could be a person who teach someone else, then I’m happy. Please, grow up healthy and like Natsukawa, an intelligent and beauty per── it hurts, hurts. don’t pull on someone else’s hair too…!

“Heyyy, don’t pull someone else’s hair!”


I corrected her position, which helped me free myself from her grasp on my hair. She must have understood that what she did was wrong, as she didn’t try to do something so violent like that anymore. Since Natsukawa gave a worried expression, I quietly returned Airi-chan to her.

“Huft…..she sure is energetic.”

“Right… She’s not this playful with the other children at the kindergarten though. Maybe you’re just so easy to bully.”

“If that’s true, it sounds like my true nature being leaked, so can you not say it anymore, please?”

Easy to bully… Is it even fine for such a sad existence like that to be a part of this planet?…. No! Of course not! The other person is just a child! I’m sure that there must be something about me that she prefers over that certain handsome guy! Like how funny I am! Maybe I should ask her.

“Airi-chan, who’s more of a hottie? Takaaki or me?”

“What are you asking…”


“What a wonderful education you are receiving.”

“I would never teach that word to her this early!”

You don’t learn about this word from someone else… Once you set foot into the outside world, a battlefield awaits you. With so much miscellaneous knowledge filling this world, it’s impossible to filter out which isn’t important for you. Yet, young lady Airi will not remember the new word unless she hears it at least 3 times in a day. What an incredible talent! While now my dear elder sister is being surrounded by handsome guys only to waste it, that was because when she was a child, she kept shouting ‘hottie’ ‘hottie’ without knowing the real meaning! She was so noisy you know! Anyway, it’s good for young lady Airi to know the meaning of that words from child!

“Who’s cooler? Takaaki or me?”

“Is being discouraged even a concept for you?”


“Let’s study some more, okay?”

“I’ll smack you.”

Sorry, it just happened.

The atmosphere was so awkward before, but I feel like it’s improved drastically. Don’t think Natsukawa would gain anything from hearing what I feel deep inside of my heart. As expected, maybe our distance is a bit too close as of right now. Come on, look at me with a sharp gaze like usual, I’ll just melt like a slug. In fact, I feel like my brain is melting away.

I realized that the outside was starting to turn red. When I checked the time, I judged that this was a great time to leave. Ah, I forgot that we’re in a season where the sun is still high.


“Huft… She’s still naive.”

“What are you talking about…”

Natsukawa showed me a dubious expression, as she had Airi-chan in her arms. She was fallen asleep as, I squeeze out all of her energy. At the mid-way, when she looked tired already, I provoked her and so she apparently mustered up the rest of her energy. However, a young girl has no chance of winning against a high school boy’s energy! Fuhahaha!

“It felt like you were the same age as her…”

“That just means our compatibility is good. Becoming a real ‘Onii-san’ like Sasaki is impossible for me.”

“Aren’t you pretty exhausted despite saying that…”

We somehow ended up doing practice in bumping into each other on the mid-way. According to Natsukawa, Airi-chan rarely got the chance to go all out like that with someone. Their father apparently was the type to immediately give in.

….Wait, why is she even trying to win against me in terms of strength…?

I personally was acting pretty considerate despite that. Even there was a joint mat on the floor, but doing those things were still dangerous. It was pretty exhausting to accept her in a way that wouldn’t leave her injured.

All you dads in this world…! Try even harder! Do your best!

“….. I think this is a good time for us to call it a day.”

“Ah… R-Right.”

“What, are you ‘reluctant to part’ with me….?”

“I-I didn’t even say anything…!”

Yeah, I knew. SAD

Just like Ashida said, I feel like Natsukawa was seeking out some kind of connection. If not, she wouldn’t have invited me here.

What should I do about this… Seriously, why did this kind of situation even happen…Even though I should have known myself that I can’t see Natsukawa as anything but my romantic interest…..

Just thinking about everything that happened today, I couldn’t help but feel complicated about it. Perhaps that came out on my face, Natsukawa showed me a troubled expression. But I let it past with just awkwardly scratching the back of my head.

Sure, Natsukawa is cute, and Airi-chan is also cute, but I feel that not even my exhausted mind could handle this situation much longer.



“Sajoー…… One more time.”

“Okay, got it!”

Seems like Airi-chan liked my special technique── ‘dynamic carry’. Be it with our ‘head-to-head training’ (temporally name), this girl seemingly really likes the thrill. I’m sure, she’ll definitely enjoy a rollercoaster… Can’t wait for her to grow up.

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 44

44. Pure Temptation

Visiting the house of a girl… it was like a dream come true event for every high school boy out there, and definitely not something that happened frequently. However, this happened to me, in reality. It made thinking that perhaps I was in heaven all along.

I was happy to be where I was now, but that was because I had not realized yet how exhausting it was to actually play with a child.

“──Forwardー! Sajoー!”

“Huff… huff…..”

“Horsey! Faster!”


Out of breath, I couldn’t even give a proper answer. Yet, the 5 years old girl sitting on my back, as I was on all fours, raised her arm and slapped on my back energetically. Since we were in a child’s room, it wasn’t all that big in size. However, running around in circles like I had been doing for a while now, it felt like I had just finished going around the world.

“H-hey, are you okay…?”

“P-perfectly fine…”

“You don’t have to force yourself like that…”


At first, I was happy that she was so friendly to me. That was why I wanted her to rely on me, while asking Natsukawa for advice, and tried my best to respond to her requests with all of my strength even if it was just a small request, I thought she would eventually get tired playing with me, but…


『”Hm? Ah, you shouldn’t run like that, it’s dangeroug…”』

A child’s mood couldn’t be more unstable. On just a whim, they would come charging at you. In the beginning, I was just joking around with ‘Oh, you’re so strong’, but with that said, she judged that being rough like jumping to me was totally fine.

“I-I give up…”


Horsey fell to the ground. Perhaps Natsukawa’s dear younger sister felt like she was going down using a lift and found it fun, she burst out laughing. They said that a child had infinite endurance, but I felt like it was me who used up all of my stamina.

“Excuse me… are you always playing around so hard like this…?”

“No, we play house at best…”

“Umm, Hey, Airi-san?”





“I-I didn’t teach her that!”

For the first time ever, a young girl called me disgusting.

That hurts even more than hearing it from any girl my age… What a shock. So, being told like that by a pure girl like her is this hard huh? This is the first time I feel discouraged so bad like this.

“I’m tiredー”

“I’m the one tired you know.”




Urkk…She sure is enjoying herself. Ah, hey, don’t pull my hair! Aahh, don’t kneel on my back, it huuurrrttts, Auuh, that spot, nice, keep going…!

“Hey, you really don’t have to force…”

“I don’t think that’s the problem right now…”

“Ahh, jeez…”

Airi-chan let my hair go, but she was still riding on my back. I could feel her body sticking to me, perhaps she was mimicking me. From an outsider’s perspective, this kind of distance might be a total out.

I saw Natsukawa panicking while saying something, but I really couldn’t bother with that right now… You get it, right? The feeling of suddenly doing some exercise after months of nothing.

Suddenly, my back felt lighter. Guess Natsukawa picked up Airi-chan. I would never have imagined I could lay down at the floor of a girl’s house.



The dear younger sister was lifted from my back and ended up carried by Natsukawa. Compared to her energetic attitude from before, she was now really calm, and just looked at me with a relaxed expression.

Well, well, she definitely thinks that she didn’t do anything wrong… right?

I got my breathing under control, while still laying on the ground, I looked on the side and observed the two sisters.


“W-What is it?”

“… Nothing, it’s just fresh seeing you with that kind of expression.”

“m!…. D-Don’t look!”

Since I never had much contact with Natsukawa’s family, I always felt like she was an only-child. That was why, seeing Natsukawa making an elder sister-like face like that, I couldn’t help but admire… and at the same time, I felt something new has awaken within me.

“──Are you satisfied now?”


“You were worrying about something, right? I could tell it clearly you know.”


In the end, I couldn’t hear her true words from her mouth, but it was probably something along to what Ashida said.

Well, as long as Natsukawa is feeling better, that’s all that matters…

“…..N-Not yet.”


Not yet? I feel like I already used up most of my stamina though… So even after introducing me to Airi-chan, she’s still not feeling better? I’m pretty sure Airi-chan will remember me even after today though.

“───N-Not yet. There’s still some things I want to ask you…”

“…..Huh? something to ask me?”

Huh? There’s something she want to ask? Wasn’t the goal of today just to have Airi-chan remember me? So, it’s not only that?

“Hmm, for example?”


While embracing Airi-chan from behind, Natsukawa started thinking. Airi-chan herself looked up at Natsukawa with a ‘You’re not going to let go?’ expression.

She really energetic huh? Even though she said that she was tired not long ago. Well, it’s true that she barely used her stamina though.

After waiting for a bit, Natsukawa seemed to have made up her mind, and threw the first question at me.

“──A-afternoon! Where do you usually go on lunch break?!”

“Ehhh…? Hmm, I eat on a bench in the courtyard, or if it looks like there’s an open seat in the cafeteria, I’ll eat there.”

“W-With who?!”


When I returned a sniffy voice with some fake crying, Natsukawa muttered ‘I see…’ in a really low voice.

Perhaps she didn’t hear about this from Ashida…? I’m sure Ashida told her though…

Right when I was wondering why Natsukawa suddenly asked me that, she gave me a ‘There’s still more, prepare yourself!’ expression….. Alright, bring it on!

“W-Why are you eating all on your own? You can just eat together with everyone else, right?”

“Hm?… Oh, that’s true.”

It might sound like a delicate topic, but there’s no sad reason for it. Why did I even start eating all on my own…? It wasn’t necessarily because I didn’t have any friends. Well, in the beginning… I just wanted to distance myself from Natsukawa, thinking about stuff, alone. I was basically on a search to find myself. Even now, I eat lunch on my own. Before, I always (forcefully) ate together with Natsukawa after all. Eating together with someone now after all that is probably too much for ask.

“You know, when Aizawa got back together with her ex-boyfriend, somehow I ended up like that. Ah, but, today I ate lunch with the people from the Discipline Committee. I was with Shinomiya-senpai, Inatomi-senpai, and… Hmm, what was her name again…”

“Eh…? S-Shinomiya-senpai? You did?”

“Ah, hm, Yeah?”

She stared at me in disbelief.

Wait, she saw me being called over by Shinomiya-senpai, right…? Also, was there anything weird about it…? P-Perhaps, she’s thinking, ‘Someone normal like you has nothing to do with them’, or something like that?!

“W-Why? What kind of relationship do you two have?”

“Eh? We just met in the cafeteria by chance──Hmm? relationship? My relationship with her is, hmm…..I’m sure we’re just senior and junior. Ah, she’s a friend of Sis as well.”

“I-I see…”




H-hello? What is this awkward atmosphere about? Why’d you suddenly go all quiet, Natsukawa-san! Questions! Next Question Please! I don’t have the strong mentality to deal with this silence!

As I was thinking about what to do, Natsukawa looked up with an expression like she wanted to say something. Right as she opened her mouth, I focused on my hearing.

“W-What about us…?”


“Can’t you just… eat together with us, like ‘before’ ?”

“That’s, as I said be───Well, you know.”

I feel like I said it before when she visited my home, but───I gave up on trying to continue that. Those words I said back then… were pretty much said in the romantic sense. But, I don’t think that this is what Natsukawa wanted to hear.

It’s not about between a boy and a girl in a ‘romantic’ sense, nor in a sense of ‘friendship’. What she means is we──we’re a ‘group’. Including Ashida, Natsukawa is probably wanted to ask, ‘Weren’t we a group, who were always together, talking and having fun?’.

At the very least, I’m being included in her group. Well, I’m really happy to have such a beautiful girl like Natsukawa in my group, and an energetic and talkative girl like Ashida isn’t bad either. But from a boy’s point of view, it might be hard to completely take away the romantic aspect of that. I’m sure that being with them would guarantee an enjoyable and fun high school life though. At the very least, I, who had ‘cut everything away’, since I gave up and stopped hoping for anything, it would surely be doable. I think. Maybe. Probably. Surely. Probably not.

When I was keeping my distance, something changed. In fact, through losing the nuisance called ‘Wataru Sajou’, Natsukawa got new friends. Once I’m with her, someone else will stay away. With I’m being near her, there’s a possibility that she cannot spend the youth she deserved.

In that sense, although it’s painfully difficult for me to accept, perhaps ot’s not bad to just support Sasaki’s feelings for Natsukawa instead. That guy is pretty handsome after all.

Well, I don’t like it though.

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 43

43. Demon Lord’s Castle (Utopia)

Is it the Demon Lord’s castle…?!

From the outside, it looks like a normal home, and yet, why does it look so big and imposing? Perhaps, my home was not a house, but just a stable?

“W-well, let’s go inside.” (High-pitched voice)

“Don’t you continue that character in front of Airi, okay…”


“W, Why are you about to break out in tears?”

My plan to pretend as a girl was denied.

What else could I do in this situation? Well, that’s to just give up.

I had no other choice than to accept my quivering legs, and blank head. Nothing could be done.

I think, I just attained enlightenment. Please take me away, Buddha.

“D-Do you hate to go into my home that much…..?”

“Oh, crap, now I really want to meet your younger sister. Can I give her a hug later?”

“I’ll punch you.”


That was close, I almost sat down like a dog. Even though ‘Hiii~’ came out from my mouth, in my heart, it was ‘woof~’.

She sure is good at not flinching in the slightest and yet emitting scary amounts of pressure. If I was a dog, I would have wagging my tail, woof~

“Come on, let’s go in now!”

GULP, I-I get it, I get it already…!”

Is Natsukawa actually a carnivore girl? [TN: In japan, there a term of Carnivore and Herbivore for men and woman, in which carnivore is the one who is assertive and like to take initiative first when in come to romance]

I mean, from an outsider’s perspective, this looks like she’s dragging a boy into her house. And I feel quite honored to be placed in such important role. By the way, what should I do about my impulses that it’s hard to hold back anymore? What? Jump into the sea? Got it, I’ll take a trip to the sea later.

“G-Go in silently, okay.”

“Eh, we’re going in like that?”

“Otherwise, Mom will find out.”

“So, your dear mother is at home.”

It was like the spirit of a business salesman suddenly possessed me.

Anyway, nice judgement, me. Let’s go with that in case something happens. Also, is it that bad for your mother to find out? I can just greet her normally, you know. Though I don’t bring any gifts. Ah, you don’t want her to see me? Really? That’s not true…right?

I followed after Natsukawa, who was sneaking ahead of me.

Is this going to be okay? If she finds us now, she’ll only think we planned on doing something ‘guilty’, right?


Natsukawa opened the front door, and I joined her right after. T-This is…! The air is filled with the sweet scent of Natsukawa…!

Eh, isn’t this bad? The entire atmosphere in this house feels like Natsukawa. Well, this is her home, after all. Even so, it’s too stimulating for an adolescent boy like me. The scent of someone’s home is exist, right?… Well, when I went to that bastards’ houses, it was just for playing games, so I was never too conscious of it… Anyway, I need to deal with this. Hang in there, me…! This is a do-or-die situation…!

Time to reboot my mind… Mission starts! The goal of this mission: Meet Natsukawa’s dear younger sister without being caught. The time limit is until it’s dinner time at the Sajou Household.

“───Aah! Onee-chan!”


“Mission complete! Time to withdraw from here!”

“Wait, where are you going!”


A girl about five years old poked out her head from the stylish door connecting the hallway to the living room. Through transparent glass hanging in the middle of the door, I could see the figure of Natsukawa’s dear mother. It seems, Mission failed.

That’s why, could you maybe let go of me, Natsukawa-san? We got busted. And more than that, my blood pressure does not stop rising.

“Onee-chan! ───And, who?”

“I’m Sajou Wataru. It’s my utmost pleasure to meet you, Airi-san.”

“Don’t give such a distanced greeting…”

It’s the spirit of the business salary men who’s possessing me, okay! I’m a kind elder brother. I got used at dealing with children, so please don’t worry, I can act properly to whatever a child may do ──I have little sisters myself, you know?… Across the screen that is. [TN: Which mean a 2D]

As I was making weak excuses in my head, Airi-chan was lifted up from behind her back. The sudden appearance of Natsukawa’s dear mother, froze me up.

“──Ara? Did you bring another friend from school over again, Aika?”


“Ah, hello. My name is Sajou Wataru. Nice to meet you.”

O, Oooh… my greeting went more smoothly than I would have expected. I guess my ‘glib tongue’ really show itself when the time comes. Well, well aren’t I actually not much of a lost cause?

In a bit of relief, I looked at Natsukawa’s mother. From her face, I could see that she was indeed Natsukawa’s mother. Rather than being kind, it felt like she was a very diligent and honest person.

“Sajou-kun, I see. Nice to meet───Wait, it’s only this boy alone today?”

“Urk… Y-Yeah.”

“A-Arara… perhaps today it’s your room, Aika?”

“N-No, aren’t you getting the wrong idea, Mom?! Airi’s room! We’re using Airi’s room, okay!”

“I-Is that so?”

Ah, so she’s that kind of mother. The type who talks with her daughter on equal terms, like she’s her age. That left me a bit more relieved and calmed my tremble a little. Since this is Natsukawa’s mother we’re talking about, I figured that she would be a strict person. I’m glad she’s not some uptight company president-type… Anyway, I think it’s better for her to not know about me. I mean, if she knew I was bothering her daughter……


Oh, Airi-chan is looking… staring at me like crazy. Getting a good look at her, she is really cute. An angel without a doubt. Her big round pretty eyes are adorable, I can see why Natsukawa would be so obsessed with her. As I thought younger sister is the best. I’d love to have a little sister like her too. Guess I’ll break the screen once I get home.

“S-sorry about my Mom.”

“Don’t worry, more than that, I’m sorry for suddenly barging in here.”

“Don’t worry about that…!”


“H-Hey! Don’t do that in front of Airi!”

R-Right. Whenever it’s about her younger sister, Natsukawa gets really serious. I need to refrain from that kind of stuff… I hope I can keep my impulses down, though…

Natsukawa brought me to a child’s room, with a joint mat on the floor, creating a colorful feeling in the room/ There was a small slide and even a jungle gym. Besides those, there were many other things like building blocks. I could tell that Airi-chan was really being loved.

I was told to sit down at the small round table in the middle of the room, and soon Natsukawa returned with some tea.

“This is quite the situation.”

“D-Don’t say that, I’m trying hard not to be conscious of it.”

“…..Even though you went this far just to have me meet her?”


Even if the situation become like this, Natsukawa is persistent on making me meet her younger sister. According to Ashida, if it’s not because of that, Natsukawa wouldn’t accept this situation. I haven’t heard it from the person in question though… but she didn’t deny it either, and more than anything, I could guess from her attitude.


As we were exchanging words like that, Airi-chan walked towards me, and stood in front of me, who was sitting cross legged.


“…Hm? Takaaki?”


Maybe the name of the father? No, she wouldn’t call his name like that…..Then, it must be the name of another man. Ah, I heard that she was pretty clingy towards Sasaki. Hmm, I feel like his mother called him ‘Takaaki’ when Yamazaki and I came to his house to play ‘Winning Eleven’.

“Airi, this Onii-san is ‘Wataru’.”


“Pfft, what’s that way of saying his name.”


What is this scenery… Heaven? Is this heaven? I’m being surrounded by a Goddess and an angel. Since when I was being summoned to heaven? In the first place, am I even allowed to be here?

Because of this dazzling sight in front of me, I could only narrow my eyes. It felt like I was watching something I shouldn’t be. Seriously, what should I do now…

“Come on, introduce yourself, Wataru.”


Natsukawa showed me a gentle expression that I had never seen on her face before. Even the tone of her voice was kind enough to keep me spacing out, let alone her calling me by my name.

Eh, are all elder sister in this world supposed to act like her? Is it weird for me to be this confused…? No, that just means my Sis is the odd one out.

“…Isn’t that name pretty hard to say? Airi-chan, just call me ‘Sajoー’.”


“That’s right, Sajoー”



“You don’t need to act like a child too…”

Ah, not good, my desires just went wild. I guess that my internal younger brother attribute got attracted to Natsukawa’s elder sister attribute. Subconsciously, I was regressed into a small child for a moment there. Well, I give up, I’m a pervert after all. I just want a lap pillow.

Airi-chan kept repeating ‘Sajoー’, she even shouted that while raising one hand like an Ultra*an pose.

More than anything, I’m glad she managed to remember it. I feel like my family name have a nice ring to it.

‘Sajoー! Weird head!”

“Natsukawa, wait here, let me dye my hair really quick.”

“Give up on that right now.”

I mean, she called my two-tone hairstyle weird…! Well, I knew it myself. Anyway, I really need to do something about this hair of mine. I don’t mind leaving it like this for a while. I don’t really have any preference in what color my hair should be. But, having brown mixed into it must look dirty, it’s yuck, right.

“Sajoー! Carry!”



C-Carry? How to do that? Just normally pick her up and…what should I do after that? Urgg… N-Now that it’s come to this, I need to make a new way of carrying, and it shall be named, the ‘princess carry’…!

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, well…”

“Stand up.”


Natsukawa must have figured out that I was at a loss, and provided a follow-up. I stood up as she told me. Without moving I was standing ‘at attention’

“It’s not that hard. Just do what comes to your mind.”

“Sir yes, sir.”

“Just ‘yes’ is fine.”


That’s Natsukawa for you. Her skill as an elder sister is on another level. If we’re not in this kind of situation, I might just regress to a young boy, be her younger brother and get spoiled by her… I always wanted an elder sister like her…

“Airi-chan, I’ll carry you, ready?”


“Is this your final answer?”

“No way she would understand that….. Just do it already.”


Ehm, what should I do again… Just normally pick her up beneath her arms, and put her on my chest…? Hmmm…? I feel like that’ll be hard to do at her size…

As I was left confused, Natsukawa approached me to give some instructions.

“Listen to me, okay? First, you create a chair with your left arm, then put her on there. Your right arm is the back of the chair in that case. That will get her in a secure position, and so she can relax.”

“O-Ooohh.. that’s much easier.”

“Right? Also, put her on the same level as your line of sight. Airi is looking up at you.”

“M-my bad”

I put a bit more strength into my arms, pushing Airi-chan up. Right when we were on the same level, Airi-chan put her hand on my head, touching my hair.

“Eh? Eeh? What is she doing?”

“Touching your hair. That hair… How about you dye it soon?”

“Right… Hmm, Natsukawa, which one do you prefer? Black or brown hair?”

“T-That’s ───”

“The same as Onee-chan!”

“Got it.”

“Please no.”

Same color with Natsukawa…Not bad. Our affinity will be better than way, also I actually wonder how I will look like in a reddish-brown hair. The compensation is the distance of our hearts… What kind of compensation is that…

“Whyー?”, Airi-chan tilted her head in confusion.

Doing that while up in my arms had quite the destructive power. Really, have two sisters, both of them cute and beautiful makes me wonder, what kind of a good deeds they did in their previous life… Me? I might be just a normal farmer in my previous life.

“Hey heyー, how can you change the color like that?”

“Once you become an adult, you can change it as much as you want.”

“Ehhhー, not fair.”

“Adults are never fair.”



Adding a needless comment at the end, Natsukawa pulled on my cheek, stretching it to the side.

I’m sure that I must be showing a weird face right now. But, Airi-chan is laughing hard. What a great smile, I’ll do the same for you later once Natsukawa isn’t looking.

“Ehehe, ehehehe”


Airi-chan joined in, and pulled on my other cheek. She enjoyed playing with it. She was laughing while trying to squeeze or pulling it. And the more I let out a weird voice, the louder her laughter got.

She sure laughs a lot. She’ll surely be popular later, like Natsukawa… no, maybe even more than Natsukawa.

“Fufu, fufufu.”

……Hmm? Excuse me, Natsukawa-san…? Aren’t you enjoying yourself as well? You don’t show any intentions of letting go.

Airi And Aika play with Sajou’s Cheeks

… Well, whatever. It’s rare for her to touch me like this. This may be the last she do..ouch ouch Airi-chan your nails, your nails…!

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 42

42. Unreal


“L-Like I said…! I-If you’re okay with it, then───”

I slaughtered all the wicked desires with the bursting emotions that strong enough to tear my body apart, and right when I wanted to put on my outdoor shoes, I dropped my loafer shoes to the ground. And more than I thought, it rolled quite far, so I went to pick them up, showing my lame side to her.

Umm, Natsukawa-san?… you mean, ‘today’?… seriously?…

What a sudde──No, maybe not that sudden? I completely ignored the possibility of her bringing me along to her house, alone. Though, I never thought that it would happen today.

“Eh… Hmm…? didn’t you said that you need to prepare some things first?”

“T, That’s… I, I need to mentally prepare myself.”


“S-Stop calling me cute, idiot!”

“Sorry, my libido just…”

“…Kei said the same thing before, but what does it even mean…”

Eh, Ashida said the same thing…? Ashida felt her libido towards Natsukawa? Does it mean that I’m her rival all along? Well, well, I can smell the scent of girls’ love in the air.

Ah, Ashida, you don’t need to mind me, I’ll withdraw, so please let your libido out as you please! I love it! Just, please do it in front of me.

No, I don’t think I can say or ask for something so luxurious like that. I’m already way too blessed because Natsukawa is actually came to talk to me. Anyway, when can I get the ticket for the handshake event?

…..So, what? Am I going to visit Natsukawa’s place right now? Seriously? Isn’t this pretty bad? Perhaps this is what Ashida mean by ‘bad’? If so, it’s really bad then. Anyway── should, I buy a box of sweets for Airi-chan? Hmm…  something like ‘HimoQ’? [TN: ‘HimoQ’ is a real name of snack in japan, it’s a long gummy string]

The way home felt nostalgic. Even though, things had been like this until not long ago, but this kind of emotion filled me. How many times did I walk this way home next to Natsukawa since April? Well, I was just chasing after her, though. Hahah.

Anyway, the only difference was that Natsukawa wasn’t speeding ahead of me, but rather walked next to me. It made me feel somewhat self-conscious and embarrassed.

“Hey, Natsukawa.”


“More than I thought, I’m so nervous that it’s killing me.”

“W-Why are you nervous!”

“Because I’m alone with you right now.”


“You can’t tell? Look at my legs, it’s about to give out.”

“…… it’s shaking.”

You don’t need to say it out loud. You know how I feel about you, don’t you? Does she know what I feel right now?….I feel like I’m heaven, yet I’m being tortured. It feels like I’m already full, but suddenly someone put my favorite hamburger, some more a big one, in front of me.

Then again, that might be the case because I didn’t get to mentally prepare myself properly. That’s my conclusion of my situation, sergeant! This isn’t the time just to be quite and accept everything, I mean it’s not the time to joke around. (Excited)

“You don’t have to be so nervous…..”

“Correction, the nervousness is changing into power.”

“I-I see…”

Right, think about it. This isn’t some erotic development. Natsukawa is just going to introduce me to her younger sister. That’s all there to it. We’re only going home together like this is just a procedure to achieve this. That means, this situation is like a business transaction.

That said, what am I supposed to talk about here? Sure, I want to ask something like, am I even allowed to know where you live? Are you sure about letting me inside? But, if I asked her that, it would get us back to ‘So, why was I not allowed before?’, that’s why it’s not an option. I’m sure it will only make Natsukawa feel conflicted again, so I need to bring up something else.

“…What kind of person is your younger sister? You know, I only saw a picture of her. By the way, my Sis is a gorilla.”

“You made up with your elder sister, right…?”

“I think so. I stuffed some steamed buns into her mouth, after all.”

“What are you doing?! You’ll just make your elder sister angry!”

Natsukawa screamed angrily at me.

Well, she’s cute isn’t she.

Of course, I didn’t stuff the food into her. After all, that primate stuffed it into her mouth voluntarily.

But, that’s just one of many ways how we two siblings should be, I guess? Like we’re reporting to each other on what happened lately, something like a timeline. I mean, doesn’t many other siblings out there would do the same thing like us?

“We talk with fists rather than words. It’s just how we express our affection towards each other, it’s just a normal skinship. Not to mention that it was her who was being honest with her stomach… Though I don’t know how she feels.”

Thinking about it, I’m the only guy in this entire world who saw her bare stomach. If that was anybody else, wouldn’t that be pretty dangerous? If she was Natsukawa── No, stop. Not now! Or else it’ll be dangerous later.

“I-Is that so? I guess that kind skinship exists as well…..”

“I’m your Senpai when it comes to siblings. Once your younger sister slams steamed buns in your mouth, just let me know. I’ll try my best to give you some advice.”

“There’s no way Airi would do something like that. Not today, nor in the future. Never.”

You may never know. Even young girls can change in ten years. You see, it’s not like my Sis was always a gorilla──Wait, that strange… I think she was? I mean she ever ordered me something impossible like to make one rotation when I was playing swing.

“Airi is… yeah. Airi is…”


“───An angel.”

“Yeah, I can tell how much you love her.”

She was not lying. Not to mention that I know another Senpai who loves spoiling a certain angel at school. That’s why I can guess how much Natsukawa adore her younger sister. Well, from the super cute picture that I’ve seen, it’s not that I don’t know from where she’s coming from.

“Then? What’s the best points that you love about her?”

“Eh? Umm… The part where she feels comfortable around me.”

“Eh, is that something you can tell?”

“You see, when I lift her up, she entrusts herself to me and leans against me… and then she relaxes and falls asleep right away.”


Mmmm…..Cute! Natsukawa whose tone goes all soft whenever she talks about her little sister is so cute! Wait, has she ever shown such a kind face towards me?! I’ve never seen this expression on her, even though I’ve been around her for so many years, aren’t I?! Seriously… am I going to die today?!

“…Just to let you know, but don’t expect some elder brother vibe from me like what you saw in Sasaki. I’ve never really interacted with children after all.”

“Ah…. That’s true. You’re a younger brother after all…”

“Did you perhaps, expecting something like that from me?”

“N-No, I didn’t! Don’t start getting carried away!”

“Well, hmm, you see, I’d like to get some reference on how Sasaki was acting towards her…”

“… Now, You’re immediately trying to lower the hurdle for yourself, huh… Well, just act as you always do.”

I mean, I don’t want to be hated…Act like I always do? Like what is okay to do? You keep calling me disgusting in whatever I did, aren’t you…?

No really, how can I get her to like me? I don’t know how to get along with a young girl that you met for the first time. Am I going to be alright? For anyone who see me for the first time, my hair color may look like some gangster, right?…. Aah, this is pretty bad…

“Um, Natsukawa-san…..”

“W-What is it?”

“…Can I go home?”

“H-huh?! You’re going to say that now?!”

“Cuz I feel like the nervosity almost overwhelmed me, y’know…”

“Don’t ‘y’know’ me! I-It’s because you keep talking like that!”


Despite me not feeling hurt no matter what Natsukawa said to me before, hearing an objective argument like that makes me feel weak. Aah, My self-respect is…! My self-respect is vanishing…! I feel like I’m in a poisonous stage right now, gradually losing my HP…!

“J-Just come with me already! Since you’ve come this far, I won’t allow you to go back now!”

“Ah, hey…”

She grabbed my arm and pulled me down the different path I would always take.

Ahead this path must be Natsukawa’s home. Oops… the mapping function in my head started by itself, despite me being against it. After all, my body is still wholeheartedly belonged to Natsukawa, I guess? Sorry all you Natsukawa fans out there… Today, I’m going to Natsukawa’s place.


“Don’t growl with a low voice like that! You don’t need to be that nervous…”

In the first place, I’m going to go inside the house of the person I loved all this time… You get me, right? You don’t? Then please do! You know my feelings aren’t you, Natsukawa-san…! I’m happy, but not happy either! I’m scared! Scared of ‘Onigashima’, the mythological island of demons!

Also, what if I act suspicious from start to finish… If that happens, there’s no option other than to put a lot more distance with Natsukawa… Cuz it’s hard on me, y’know… Ah, is this ‘that’? Is this what she means by being disgusting…?

“Natsukawa… I know it’s a bit late for saying this, but you can be so assertive in dragging a boy to your home too huh.”

“D-don’t say that I’m ‘dragging’ anyone!”

“Hmm, I still think our situation right now is pretty bad…”


This is bad. I know I said that I would do anything and go anywhere for her sake, but the realist side of me is screaming and telling me to run from this situation. I can’t just stay silent and tag along, aren’t I?… Aah, I need to keep silent, keep silent and stay still.

“……..W-What’s so weird about it?”


“Y-you’ve been around me for two and a half years, right?! So, what’s weird with me inviting you to my home… It’s not weird at all, right?!”

“It’s not… weird? Not weird, not weird…”


That’s right… Thinking about it now, it’ll be soon about two and a half years huh… Right, just as Natsukawa said. Even if I’m a member of the opposite sex, it wouldn’t be weird for her to invite me to her home… right?

To be honest, it’s surprised me to find out that Natsukawa was actually aware of our time together. Since I feel that the distance between our heart is so far, I don’t realize that we’ve been ‘hanging out’ or ‘chilling out’ together. [TN: well, the MC only feel that he’s chasing after her and not really spending time together.]

Since she’s already saying that, I can only bear with it. I can do it, surely I can. My stomach aches because of nervousness? It’s 100 times more painful than when Sis punched me in my solar plexus. My rational sense, hang in there…..! I just need to use my secret skill, ‘Run from reality’ three-fold!!!!

This illustration sum up about this ch

Natsukawa grabbed Sajou to her house

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 41

41. Entangling emotions

“Sasaki…..? Why’re you holding your head like that?”

“Whose fault do you think this is…..?”

Between classes, after I returned from the toilet, I spotted a man who seemed to be lost in thought. He held his head in his hands and his upper body bent forward to the desk.

Hold on a second, is he saying that it’s actually my fault? Nah, no way, right? The only trouble that could make him like this must be caused by his bro-con younger sist ── Hm? Sasaki’s younger sister…..?

『Thank you for the photo. I will become a little girl too』


…..that one? When he showed me the picture that he took with Airi-chan, and since he did that with a smug face and full of pride, I told that to his younger sister Yuki-chan, that time, huh? Well, she sure surprised me with that declaration which sounds like she would go through a metamorphosis. But, no way that’s true right?! Hahhahhah!

“…..What happened with Yuki-chan?”

“She started carrying an elementary school ba──No, it’s nothing.”

“I heard most of it, though?”

Yuki Sasaki-chan (14 years old)… what I could imagine from her was a scene where a younger sister clung to her elder brother with a bright smile.

When I visited their place before, I was pretty happy that she asked for my contact information, but I had never expected her to request me to report Sasaki’s behavior in school.

Well, if she was my own little sister, I would still think her behavior as cute….. after all, if you get spoiled by someone, you probably think that person as cute regardless of that person personality, right?

But, as expected, perhaps if I were her actual elder brother, I might see her behavior in a different way.

“That’s because you went cheating on her with Natsukawa’s younger sis, idiotー.”

“No, that’s not true! Rather than Airi-chan, I prefer───Ah…”


Sasaki frantically stopped his own words. Of course, I immediately understood the reason for that. The second I did, as expected, I couldn’t help but to feel a rush of cold feelings filling deep inside my chest. Still, even though, I let it stay there, I didn’t plan to let it out.

“……………I see.”

“Don’t just ‘I see’ me… you…”

“I’m not going to say this to her. Rather, is there even anybody who wouldn’t fall for her?”

“I mean, not like I know, but….. but, you like…”

“The one to decide will be the person herself. No matter what action you may take, the only person who has the right to judge that is Natsukawa. I don’t have any right to change her opinion. I don’t like it very much and I may give you a cold shoulder after that though.”

“So, you will give me a cold shoulder huh.”

“Of course, what do you expect?”

If suddenly beside your favorite idol that you like very much, you see other guy’s shadow, you will hate that guy, right? And if you were to meet the real person of that shadow, then you would want to say ‘I hate you’ right at his face, right?

I don’t mind if we stopped talking because of that. I mean, even if we keep talking, we will feel awkward towards each other anyway… and perhaps we will stay like that forever.

“Sajou, I’ll seriously go for her.”

“What are you suddenly getting all passionate for?”


Before I could say any further than that, Sasaki stood up, and left the classroom. His confident gaze as he passed me was burned into my chest. I felt annoyed because every little action of his was exactly what a popular and handsome guy would do.

…seriously damn it. Why does it feel like he can do anything just because of his looks? As expected, in the end, being stylish is about ‘who is doing it’ after all…..

But, the things that I didn’t expect was that guy was actually seeing me as a rival. I mean, usually the rival of someone as handsome as him should be someone more handsome than him, right? If he sees me as his enemy and going all-out against me, without a doubt, he’ll beat me to a pulp… could he not doing that please…

“But, Sasaki…..huh.”

Ever since I announced my plan, ‘The Great Production Strategy’, to make Natsukawa more popular, I knew that this day might come eventually. Since I was always around her, I was practically in a position where my role was to protect her from boys, as a place for her to run away from other boys.

But now that I’m gone, every other boy around will become fully aware of Natsukawa’s cuteness, and they definitely won’t leave her alone. Well, I had predicted all of this since I announced that.

I myself, don’t know if I can accept Sasaki or not. Me and Yamazaki are close enough to insult him as a ‘handsome bastard’. And the girls around us tell us to shut up. That’s what usually happen between us… Huh? Do I even stand a chance against him? And also, why Yamazaki, who is in the basketball club, fairly handsome and tall, is on my side?

Well, I already stopped hoping to be with the girl who is out of my league like Natsukawa. So, at the very least, I want her to be together with a guy that would make me say ‘Hah, of course right’. That’s why, if Sasaki is going for her, I’ll confirm it for myself. whether he is a guy who is not only handsome on the outside, but also on the inside. Since his younger sister likes him very much like that, he can’t be a bad guy, right? But, at best what I can do is to ascertain that myself.

Well, who cares about that… Sasaki? Who’s that?

I already forgot about all of that, seeing Natsukawa fidgeting in front of my eyes. As I stood in front of the shoe lockers at the entrance, someone suddenly pulled on my sleeve, and when I turned around, Goddess or something like that….. a very cute existence that I couldn’t put into words was there.

…Sorry, more than someone who is called Sasaki, what are you?

My determination is the same as minced meat. Before I realize it, it crumbled easily. Who cares about Sasaki… Anyway, Sorry about this, Natsukawa, but this attack won’t work against me. I’m made out of rubber… Nah, I lied. Tehe.

“So…..what’s up, cutie?”

“I, I’m not cute!”

Natsukawa averting her face mid-sentence with a cute pout had my heart skip two beats. Her expression she made in the short conversation we had was cute enough for me to threw away my glove and run to the middle of the baseball stadium right after I caught the ball, and then screamed how cute she was as if I planned to do that from the start….Seriously, my self-control, where are you?

…. Anyway, I could see flower blooming in the part that she hit while sulking. And Thus, I was taken captive by the fairy of the forest ─── Huh, wait! I’m not some mandrake.

Natsukawa held onto my sleeve, not showing any signs of moving away.

…This is bad. All of my nerve is focused on it. My head is frozen, I can’t think of anything.

Natsukawa had her face cast down, so I couldn’t see her expression.

…Wait a moment, was Natsukawa always this small? She and Ashida didn’t look like so much of an odd couple when they stood next to each other…

I lowered my hip to take a look at her face, and asked at the same time.

“…..So? Is this about your younger sister…..?”

“H-her name is Airi…. remember that…”


I’ve received an endless amount of attacks from Sis. And the me who stood all of her attack is here. Yet, what is this? Even though killing intent and impact is barely non-existent in her attack, I feel like I’m about to die right here. As if I’m about to disappear after being purified. Even though what she did was just looking up at me with a beet red face, Why I’m being purified? Because she’s a goddess? Eh, that means, I’m an undead?

Well, she changed her mind after said that she would never let me meet Airi-chan, of course she would feel awkward, right? Anyway, would she get angry if I touched her cheeks?…. She probably would….. I might probably get reported…..and beaten to a pulp…..

“Um… is this about when you’ll bring me?”


Natsukawa awkwardly nodded along, and just when she let go of my arm, she grabbed it again at the same spot. Yet she let it go again, but she hesitantly grabbed it again, and then, she slowly lowered her hand… Let’s get married, okay?…

…….Well, maybe I should just give her a bit of space. If what Ashida said wasn’t a lie, then Natsukawa put me in the same group as her. However, that is only Ashida’s subjective observation, and by what I can see from Natsukawa actions towards me, I feel like nor I or her can’t accept that statement.

The reason for this is because Natsukawa and I see each other as a member of the opposite sex. I have romantic feelings for Natsukawa, and she hates me as a man. However, Ashida doesn’t put the focus on that. That girl, she probably sees the relationship between me and Natsukawa as friends.

Friendship between a boy and a girl is possible. After all, my relationship with Ashida feel more like a friend than anything. And if I were to deny that, then all the various groups with boys and girls around me must have very complicated relationships. Well, these guys might just be trying hard to not be conscious of each other. But, if their relationship is not called friendship, then what else? Aren’t the society has too many dark secrets? It’s friendship, alright.

Ashida kept saying over and over that I’m part of the group around Natsukawa. So, there’s a part of Natsukawa that keep denying to see me as the ‘opposite sex’, even so she want me to meet Airi-chan, and there’s a part of her that couldn’t accept this, that’s why she’s being conflicted. But, this actions that Natsukawa showed to me, is a proof that I can take as what Ashida said wasn’t exactly wrong.

If so, what I can do to make the choice easier for Natsukawa ── is to be neither a man, nor someone from the opposite sex, but simple ‘Sajou Wataru’, where she can easily talk with.

“…..Hey, I don’t really mind.”


“You’re concerned about you having been strictly against me meeting Airi-chan up until this point, right?”

When I get carried away like this, she become relaxed. If so, what I need to do now is to be like that time when the aura around me was ‘I know everything about you (say while smiling)’. I’m sure if I let her feel annoyed to me like that time, she can be honest with herself more easily.

“I-I’m not really conce───”

“Yeah, right, it’s impossible. I mean, everyone could tell that, Natsukawa.”

“Ah, urg…..”

It’s not that I understand it because it’s me. Everybody else who would see her right now could tell that she’s been acting strange. That’s just how cute she is now. To be honest, I don’t want anybody else to see the current Natsukawa. Hmm? My desires are leaking…..?

“If I could meet her, then I’d be delighted to. I want to meet her after all. Anytime is fine, so it’s okay take it slow, Natsukawa.”


In reality, I wanted to meet her ever since I first saw that picture of hers… wait what did I just thought about a young girl like her….. I’m not some single guy in his thirties excited for his first matchmaking dating. Well, at the point I call someone else’s younger sister a ‘young girl’ is out (not good), I guess. Well, since I could get along with Yamazaki, perhaps I’m that kind of man.

“── Ca, Can’t be helped then! If, if you’re that desperate, I’ll introduce you!”


That’s it, that’s how things are supposed to be, Natsukawa. Now you can pull through this without needing to blame yourself, right? And you can be honest with your honest feelings too, right? Then, you don’t have to worry about my feeling either. As a man who loves Natsukawa ── No, as her fan, I want her to keep smiling. Because that is my own happiness. For that, I’ll swallow whatever unreasonable complaint or frustration she might throw at me. That’s why, I must throw away all wicked thoughts now, and—

“…..Thanks, Natsukawa.”

“u.. um… u…”

See, now Natsukawa doesn’t need to think about this so mu ─── hmm? Why is she holding her mouth and shaking her lips wildly like that? Eh, is she smiling? Is my face that weird? I guess not even a Goddess could stay quiet if I seriously made a weird face. But, just now, I said it in a straight face though…..Wait, why would you get so red ──  So cute. Why the fuck, are you so cute. Ahh, my wicked thoughts──

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 40

40. A grown-up woman

“Sajou-kun, what are you eating?”

“Hmm, just some sweet bread I bought at the convenience store…”

“Come on! You need to eat something more healthy!”

“Ah, yeah.”

I sat down next to Shinomiya-senpai and started talking with those three Senpais.

Hmm…? this nice scent tickling my nose is different from the food smell. I can feel the luck for the rest of my year keep reducing. I’m really worried about the leftover amount, but I’m also so happy…

Leaving that side, this situation is quite confusing. Not a few days ago, I clearly complained about this little girl… Well, even though she has a small body, she’s my senpai.

Anyway, what the heck happened?… What made her become this cheerful? She’s in high spirit like me the second I see Natsukawa in my field of view……Ah! Do-don’t tell me….?!

“A boyfr ──”

“As if.”

“M-my my my ear…..?! it’ll come off, really it’ll come off!!”

You’re too fast, Senpai. Aren’t my ear become longer? No way, I don’t want to become an elf with only one long ear!!

As my ear felt like it was being pulled off, I met eyes with the Senpai sitting next to Inatomi-senpai.

“─── Like that would be the case.”

“I, I get it, I get it already…..”

Feels like these two are doting on Inatomi-senpai more than I expected. I didn’t think I would get this much hostility from an adult-like Senpai I met for the first time. If anything, she’s wary of me from the very beginning. Well, these types of people exist, but, this person also seems to be in a ‘troublesome relationship’ with Inatomi-senpai.

“Ah, Sajou-kun…. this is your first time meeting Aya-chan right? Her full name is Ayano Mita-chan! She’s my childhood friend!”

“She’s a talented junior of mine who managed to raise Yuyu to such an extent. She’s also a fellow Disciple Committee member.”

“Hah, Nice to meet you.”

“…..same here.”

What a cold attitude. Maybe she’s resenting me for the fact that Inatomi-senpai suddenly became this friendly towards someone else. I mean, her important childhood friend who has trouble dealing with boys, suddenly act favorably towards a boy, of course she’ll think, ‘Who the heck are you?’, right? If I were in her position, I would pull that student to the back of the school right away.

“Hey, Aya-chan! You’re being too cold!”

“T,That’s not true!”

“Eeー、but you sound so cold, you knowー”

Inatomi-senpai threw a lighthearted complaint at Mita-senpai.

Something is off there. It looked like a high school student being dejected after being reprimanded by a small girl. Well, the first part is correct though.

As these two childhood friends were busy talking between themselves, I quietly called out to Shinomiya-senpai.

“Umm… wasn’t Inatomi-senpai bad with boys?”

“She is. Even now too. But… I think you’re special.”

“Huh? Spe, Special…? Me?”

“─── Come on, Aya-chan! One more time!”

As we were whispering between ourselves, Inatomi-senpai grabbed Mita-senpai’s arm, forcefully making her face me again.

Wow, a forced big smile! The corners of her mouth are twitching! Amazing! I’ll definitely get beaten to death over this laterー!

“I, I’m Ayano Mita! Nice to meet you…!”

“You really don’t need to force yourself or anything……”

“This is for Yuyu’s sake! I’m not saying this for you!”



“Inatomi-senpai, it’s okay… I don’t really care about that.”

I’ve been called disgusting right in front of my face. So, this level of verbal abuse is not harsh enough. However! Thanks to that! there may or may not be times when I actually start feeling good because of that! I hope there may not be any times like that!

“Yuyu! Listen to me! Boys are all perverts who look at cute girls like you with weird eyes! You need to be more careful of them!”

“Sa, Sajou-kun isn’t someone like that!”

“That’s right, Sajou is a chicken.”

“Excuse mee? Could you not say something sharp like that so suddenly while I’m sitting near you?”

That surprised me. It felt like I was pushed off from a rock cliff so suddenly. I mean, I’ve never thought that Shinomiya-senpai hiding that sharp knife within her….

What exactly is a man?… Well, the three Senpais were holding a heated discussion about that in front of me, a man. Somehow, I couldn’t help but to feel embarrassed that only Inatomi-senpai kept talking about me. it wasn’t like we had known each other for such a long time though….

This uncomfortable time continued, and by the time we decided to disband, I was left terrified in many ways. Girls, when they were talking about boys was so scary… I felt like I would end up with gynophobia.

I saw three of them still talking when they went to put the food tray back. In a lot of ways, I felt like they were adults. Almost like I got a glimpse of the world of office ladies. I didn’t think that just by a year or two a part, someone could be so different like that.

As I was watching them in a daze, Shinomiya-senpai came back towards me, grinning.

“…What is it?”

“How do you feel? Seeing Yuyu’s growth like that.”

“It’s really mysterious. Did you have her play some VR game aimed at women?”

“What? that kind of method is…… No no no, not gonna let her. Yuyu is my wife.”

“What about Mita-senpai?”

“She’s the mother.”

“How does that work?”

That reminds me, she said something like Inatomi-senpai was raised by her. But, another junior as the mother of her lover, Inatomi-senpai huh.. I’ve never thought she would link it that way. No wonder she is that bouncy (breast)… No wait, in the first place you’re not her lover! don’t be stupid!… Anyway, if you’re going to flirt, please do it in front of me!

While still thinking about the weird relationship they had, I asked Shinomiya-senpai an honest question, figuring that now would be the best time.

“…..So you didn’t tell Inatomi-senpai.”

“Hmm…..About what you told me before? Is there a need to tell her?”

“Not really… But, you should have understood that I don’t hold Inatomi-senpai in the highest regard. I figured that if it’s you senpai, you wouldn’t let such a junior male student near her ever again.”

“There’s no way I would do that. Not to mention───”

Maybe it was because I decided to not remember what I saw at that time, I couldn’t remember Shinomiya-senpai’s uneasy expression back then. However, I didn’t even need to, because in front of me now, Senpai smiled gently as if she didn’t have a worry in this world.

“You’re the benefactor who changed Yuyu. I definitely won’t look down on you.”

“……Huh? benefactor?”

Benefactor? Why did I become a big deal like that? I don’t remember doing anything for Inatomi-senpai, I just avoided anything annoying with a vague response. Yet, a benefactor…?

“Just as you said, in Yuyu’s assumptions there might be a slight arrogance. But, Sajou… what was needed wasn’t righteousness or rationality. It’s an existence who accepts her…. Yuyu needed a lead that will let her start to think that even boys she had trouble dealing with, have some good part within them.”

“A lead, huh…”

“These words and nod you gave Yuyu before maybe it… But you see, in the long run, it will give Yuyu confidence. Ever since then, she’s been letting herself loose as if she started climbing the staircase to be a better person. I don’t know how that’ll sound, but for someone who is extremely reserved, this kind of action might just be perfect for her who want to become a better person.”


“Leaving aside the process… The one who leaded her to start this was none other but you, Sajou.”

“That, was only by pure chance.”

“I don’t care. After all, without your needless meddling this wouldn’t have happened in the first place.”


A boy who is not eloquent at all, calling out to a girl in a place with no other people around will only leave her terrified. That thought hasn’t changed even now, and so I wouldn’t do the same thing again. If I saw a girl walking around carrying something heavy, as long as I don’t personally know her, I might ignore it.

“I don’t think I would call out to her again, you know?”

“That’s fine. That doesn’t mean anything bad will happen either. In this case, it leaded her into something good.”

“Well… the result is good, I guess.”

She scared of man… In the worst case scenario, she would have called for a teacher, and I would have been the one suffering. Perhaps, rather than Inatomi-senpai, it was me who was the lucky one.

“Have confidence in yourself, Sajou. You didn’t help only Yuyu, but also helped me solving my problems.”

“Did I do anything?”

“As you suggested, I just tapped the junior, who looked troubled, on the shoulder with a ‘Don’t worry about it’. Then, you know… Yuyu… Yuyu smiled happily as she leaned against me… seriously she’s just too… Ahhhh…!”

“… ”

I could imagine Senpai rubbing the head of the girl wearing that red ribbon. Just because of that, I could feel the nosebleed coming… Sorry to disturb your speech, but is it okay if tilt my head back for a while?

“…..Still, what a turn of events.”

“I think that phrase belongs to a long-running TV drama (Historical Drama) instead.”

“Well, anyway, I would have never imagined you to be Kaede’s younger brother. I was shocked to hear that from her.”

“…! As expected, you know Sis after all.”

“We’ve known each other since our first year. You know, I’m having a lot of terrible time with her back then.”

My Sis two years ago… that was her high school debut, she colored her hair blonde right after she enrolled.

Ah, when she decided to debut as a ‘Gyaru’ huh? Well, I know that I’m not one to talk, but I really thought she was crazy back then. [TN: “Gyaru’, a Japanese term for a girl with a blonde hair and usually have an over in style, like too much make up, decorate nail]

“Ah… back then huh.”

“That’s right, you should know about it, being her younger brother. I couldn’t keep silent when watching her… I don’t remember how much time, blood, tears, and sweat I need to correct her.”

“Don’t wanna hear about that. Shut up!”


Even if hearing about Sis’ dark past could maybe help me in grasping a weakness of hers, I’d rather not hear about it.

When I noticed, I had a quite strong reaction towards it. I covered my ears, averted my eyes, and tried to walk away. Yet, Shinomiya-senpai’s mocking laugh form behind echoed in my head.

“See you again, Wataru!”

Stop! Don’t just suddenly close the distance between our heart like that! Aahh, I’ll explode! Final explosion! [TN: Dragon ball reference]

Even if you suddenly tell me to have confident, I don’t know what should I do. I mean, I didn’t even lose my confidence, I just shred myself of the excessive confidence. So don’t get the wrong idea, Rin-senpai!

…. Aah, my heart is being pulled towards her!? (Feminine voice)

As expected, A grown-up woman is super scary.

Rin-Senpai smiling

Author’s not : But you like them (grown-up ladies)

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 39

39.One is more than enough

───Tuesday. Hmm, what? it’s still only Tuesday?

Looking at the date on the calendar hanging in the hallway, I was left dejected. With everything that happened yesterday, completely leaving me exhausted, I’d didn’t think that it was just the second day of the week. Thinking to myself ‘Ah, I’m tired’, I confirmed my current appearance in the toilet mirror. Although I cut the tips of my hair, because I kept the brown hair that I dyed a month and a half ago completely alone, the roots were already turning black. And since the brown part of my hair was a light brown, it completely looked like a pudding. [TN: It called like that, in Japan because the dark roots look like a caramel and so makes the brown or golden part of the hair look a pudding]

“This is what you called two-tone hair.”

The positive self inside me had me say that… Well, it looks fairly fashionable… I tried to suggest myself so. Before, I hated my natural hair color, but now I just don’t care anymore.

…Not yet, I need more energy….. Remember Natsukawa from yesterday… Her angry face, her embarrassed face, her pouting face…. fuhehe, Alright, I’m pumped up now!

I felt like it had been quite some time since I experienced such a relaxing morning. I took a detour to the convenience store, bought some lunch for lunch break, and passed through the school gate. For once, nobody bothered with me or calling me over, so I could space out the entire morning…. That’s right, what I was lacking is time for myself. Seriously, everybody’s just so clingy~

The hallway was refreshing. Thanks to the cool breeze coming from the hallways, all the sweat vanished from my body… Welcome, cold air. Goodbye, armpit sweat.

“Aah, Good afternoon, comfortable atmosphere.”

“…..It’s morning though?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuf ── Ah, good morning, Natsukawa-san.”

“H,hey, why are you suddenly so humble like that?”

I just trying to act normal after everything that happened yesterday, my dear Goddess? Think about it, I’m sure this is not that different how we usually talk, but still, I can’t just causally say hi to you, right? This is a bit awkward, Patrasche…. [TN: Patrasche, I’m sure it’s a reference from Dog of flanders anime, the famous word from that anime is, ‘Patrasche, aren’t you tired? I’m tired already, somehow, I’m so sleepy’, which the MC said to the dog before he got summoned to heaven (Died)]

….. No, Not good, Just being this awkward, I almost get called to heaven. Aaah. You’re as beautiful as always.

“Aaー….Morning, Natsukawa. And, Ashida.”

“Morningー, Today is hot as usual huhー. Fan me some fresh air, Sajo-chi. Fan me.”

“It really is hot. Araー Did I put enough sunscreen?” (High-pitched Voice)

“You, the way you talk sounds gross, stop it.”

I mean, how else am I going to join in on your girls talk? If I didn’t do that, I don’t have any confidence to be around you. Eh? It’s fine to be like usual? Come on, tell me from the start.

It’s not exactly rare to see Ashida be around Natsukawa’s desk, but it’s rare to see the reverse like this. I guess not even Natsukawa could win against that pressure from Ashida last night. Well, I totally get that. She was so scary last night. And, Natsukawa was as cute as usual.

“Ahh, that reminds me. When are you going to do it?”

“Eh!? W-what… do you mean?”

“You wanted me to visit your mythical little sister, Airi-chan, right…”

“W-Who’s a mythical….. Airi isn’t──”

“Well, she is to me.”


To me she is an existence like, ‘You-know-who’. I mean, even though just now you answer me somehow, the last time I mentioned her name, you ignored me for a whole week, didn’t you? It left me traumatised, you know. So, to me, Airi-chan is an existence to be feared. Well, looking at her picture, she definitely an angel though, so it’s not that I want to ignore her existence. And, since it never really came up in a conversation, Natsukawa feels that more like a single child. At the same time, Airi-chan doesn’t know about the concept of ‘your own elder sister is a goddess’. But well, it’s better to left not tell her about it.

“J, just wait! After, after I finish the preparation, I will let you know…..!”

“Preparing your home security? Alright.”

“Don’t you feel sad saying that….?”

I mean, installing the equipment, making the contract with the internet provider, even the schedule of that ‘Wrestling Queen’ need to be checked too, there’s many things that she needs to prepare, right?

“Also, Ai-chi, do you plan on bringing Sajo-chi with you alone? Isn’t that pretty bad?”

“Eh, aah?!”

Eh, pretty bad? In what way…? The part where she should be afraid of me assaulting her when it’s just the two of us? But, if she’s that worried about it, then she wouldn’t let me meet Airi-chan in the first place, right? I mean, I want to meet her, but…

“K, Kei! When’s the next time you have no club activities…..?!”

“We’re right before a big tournament… So not for a while.”


‘Tahaha’… Ashida let out a complicated laugh, and scratched the back of her head, only leaving Natsukawa lost for words with her eyes and mouth wide open.

Ehh…is it that big of a shock? So cu──te. Well, Ashida is really good as a middleman. So, in a situation like this Ashida’s presence is really helpful. After all, it’s ‘Aika Natsukawa and Wataru Sajou’ we’re talking about.

“Then, how many months would I have to wait…?”

“Before these months pass, isn’t there the second group you have to worry about?”

“Eh? What’s this second group about?”

“That just shows how popular Ai-chi and Ai-chan are.”

“Eh…? Is it that big of a deal?”

If Shirai-san, Sasaki, and some other people were the first group, that means more people want to meet Airi-chan? I guess Yamazaki is not in that second group, He’s been getting carried away since talking with Koga and Murata, he would be a bad influence. That means the second group mainly consists of girls as well, right? If so, I don’t mind waiting to be honest, just thinking of these girls having a happy time is more than enough for me. Well, if possible, could you send me some picture after that? Okay?

“T, That… not do.”


“That won’t do! Because, if that happens… Airi will only… Sasaki-kun──”

“Eh, Sasaki?”

“Ah, No, Nothing at all!”

“Should I just kill him?”

“She said it’s nothing, so don’t start anything, Sajo-chi.”

Sasakiii…! I don’t really get it, but I’ll definitely make you pay for this! Just hearing your name come out of Natsukawa’s mouth makes my blood boil!

“Well, just let me know once you finish the preparation. I’ll definitely make the time, at any cost…”

“Eh? Y, You don’t have to go that far…”

“No, I’m definitely going.”

“What are you? a spoiled brat?”

I mean, well, you know, hmm… Peace is the most important for me. But, I can’t miss out on any good memories that I could make, right? Thinking about it, I am happy being legally allowed to be together with Natsukawa… wait, does that mean it was illegal all these times before?

“…W, what is it…Why are you this assertive all of a sudden…”

“Eh? It because you said that you’re fine with me.”

“Wha… what are you saying!”

“I mean, this sense of distance is──Oh? Are you going to hit me? Are you? Something within me will awaken, you know? Really, it’s going to awaken, you know?”

“Disgusting! Idiot!”

“Thank you very much! (Awakening)”

Ahh, what a blissful time this is… All the exhaustion from yesterday is gone now. Just having Natsukawa talk to me normally… is there even anything better than this? It’s like I’m having a dream. I didn’t think this would ever happen again. For real, I thought so.

“Ah, Sajo-chi, Ai-chi ran away.”


“You’re not even listening.”


Time felt like it was moving slower than usual. Every single second reaching up to lunch break felt like an eternity. That’s probably because Natsukawa declared that she would bring me to her house like that (a sudden progress). The moment that I don’t know when will actually happen, makes me feel that the time move even slower. It makes me feel like I want to do a legendary backdrop suplex that my sister did to me, to Einstein, the one who proposed the theory of relativity. [TN: Perhaps because the MC is too impatient, he feels like he wants to beat the guy who basically said ‘Time is relative’]

Talking about sister, my Sis didn’t tell me to head to the student council office today. Since I want to distance myself from her for a while, I very much welcome that. Especially having Yuuki-senpai around will makes the atmosphere between us a bit more awkward.

That being the case, after lunch break arrived, I immediately headed over to the cafeteria, and sat down next to the window, which was usually packed. I even grew worried, looking around me to see if it was okay for me to sit down there. Since nobody objected, I relaxed.

…Well, sure is hot outside… I don’t wanna ever see you again, you know. Eh? Who? It’s you, my apocrine sweat glands.

My mood was fairly good, so I bought two nutrient bars at the convenience store, despite usually being satisfied with only one. Let me say it again, I got two bars. Adding to that, I had my sweet bread, so I probably would have too much energy and won’t be able to stop myself soon.

Anyway, how was I ever satisfied with only one bar…That definitely is not enough.

“That back… Is that you, Sajou?”


I should have figured that I would only suffer damage from leaving my home (classroom) like that. This world is full of annoyances after all. Still, nobody in my class who would call out to me like this.

Turning around, I saw three girls sitting at a table for four. Let me say it again, they were girls. Two of them were the two Senpais I just got to know recently. Anyway, I was surprised they managed to find me.

“Ah, hello…”

I looked behind, put one hand on the back of my head, and while rubbing the back of my head, I gave an awkward greeting.

A greeting coming from a male junior is usually like this right? Anyway, why am I even giving them this much attention, I didn’t do anything strange. Thinking about the Discipline Committee, normally other students will get scared like me now, right?


“Wait, wait a minute, why are you start eating your food again.”

“Eeh…I can’t?”

“Normally, you supposed to request earnestly like, ‘Can I sit with you?’, right?”

“No way, see the member of your group. Don’t you realize that your group only give ‘troublesome’ aura?”

There were Shinomiya Rin-senpai, Inatomi Yuyu-senpai, and another girl equally wearing an armband that said ‘Discipline’.

…Do you have to wear that during lunch too? Or does that armband have paralysis and poison resistance? If so, I want one too.

“Hello, Sajou-kun!”

“Ah, yes, hell───eh?”

One of the girls, with a small body and red ribbon on her head, looking like a small animal, energetically waved her hands at me.

Hey now, children aren’t allowed to enter high──Aaah… hmm? Shinomiya-senpai? aren’t your grip power to strong? I’m sorry!

No matter how often I rubbed my eyes and blinked in confusion, she was still the same Inatomi-senpai I had known before. Rather than being courageous and forcing herself, the expression she directed at me was genuine happiness.

Eh, are you that happy to see me?

“Hey, Senpai? Who is that angel?”

“Correct yourself, she is an archangel.”

“Um… why do you look so serious about that now?”

It seems like Inatomi-senpai went through quite the change in the past few days I didn’t see her. Her sparkly comfy atmosphere changed to an extreme sparkling atmosphere. Rather than wanting to rub her head, I have the urge for her to pat me on the head instead. Then again, I still want to pat her.

“Sajou-kun! Let’s eat together!”

“Eh, Eh?”

“Sajou, Yuyu is saying so. You understand what it means, right?”

“Ah, yes.”

What kind of coordination is this…? isn’t the combination of the attacker and the supporter is too extraordinary? After all, even before I can even act, I had been restrai───Ah, wait a second…am I being invited into a group of girls right now? If I think that way… somehow, I’m really pumped up now. Is that nutrient bar have such an effect like this? If so, I’m really satisfied with it.

Author’s note : And the second one feel like a doping [TN: He’s talking about the energy bar that Sajou ate, he ate two, so he adrenaline is pumped up maybe?]

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 38

38. Where am I belong


The sudden development stunned me for a moment.

That almost sound like she has positive affection towards me. Impossible, that is impossible. After all, everything I’ve done to Natsukawa was persistently forcing myself to her, so it must be annoying for her in every possible way.

“Listen, Sajo-chi, I don’t know the detail myself, but I heard from Ai-chi. Since this very morning, it seems that the plan of ‘Sajo-chi meet Ai-chan’ was already decided by Ai-chi. That’s why she treated you so harshly all day. I mean, Sajo-chi, today you utterly made Ai-chi nervous. Also, lately you didn’t come to talk to her at all.”


I don’t get it. I need to digest the meaning of the words reaching my ears, somehow.

Alright, calm down, right now I need to analyze the situation. Natsukawa wants me to meet Airi-chan. I don’t know the definite reason, but it was something she decided on, which is why she came talk to me all these times in school today.

But, wait… being pulled along during lunch break, and having her strangle me on the rooftop, why was that? Is it because she couldn’t forgive me talking something vulgar with Murata and Koga? But wait… in the first place, why would she care about me to such an extent…?

“Eh? Natsukawa, is this…..”



“I’m going home!!”

“Eh?! Ah! Wait! Natsukawa! Your bag!”

Natsukawa suddenly stand up. With a bright red face, she stormed out of the family restaurant, leaving behind her bag. Well, since she’s heading to school by foot, her family must be home at this point, so I don’t have to worry about being locked out of her house, but….



…I stood up to reach for her arm in an attempt to stop her and froze up as it was.

Isn’t this pretty bad? From an outsider’s perspective, right now, I must seem like a pathetic man who was dumped by his lover, right? No wait, with Ashida here, it will be slightly different…? Maybe they might think, ‘No way, he’s two-timing her? He is the worst!‘.

“……Umm, dear customer?”

“Ah, we’ll be leaving. Sajo-chi, money.”


Shocked by the situation and unable to say anything, Ashida just stole my wallet from me, and with her wallet she went to the cashier to pay. I on the other hand went to grab everyone’s bags like a puppet and followed after her while still being dumbfounded. I tried to comprehend of what just happened, but that failed. It seems, I can only take it for what I experienced. I mean, my head had already spinning.

I only got a hang on my memories by the time we left the family restaurant, walking down a street with no other people around.

“…All I remember is Natsukawa being super cute…”

“Well, you will eventually remember all of it, even if you don’t want too.”


It started to get dark outside, so I offered to send her off, but she replied, ‘Then until the street light’. Well, what I did was something a handsome man would do, it was really not so like ‘me’, but perhaps my body moved by itself to forget my depression and uneasy feeling in my heart.

Ashida on the way back from restaurant

But. Now that I realized this… Excuse me, but do I really have to hold all this? Especially Ashida’s big sports bag. There’s definitely volleyballs in there, right? I mean, for every step I take, it’s hitting my butt and bounce….. still, do you usually take volleyballs home from school?

“───You must have figured it out with that, right? Sajo-chi.”

“What exactly….”

“That Aichi doesn’t really think of you as disgusting. Being told all these years, even for you Sajo-chi, it started to become something like a greeting, right? Don’t you think so?”

“Being told all these years, I started to think, ‘Ah, so she was serious all this time’. Also, that this is no proof that Natsukawa doesn’t hate me.”

“Rightー, But, Ai-chi must feel the same way, you know. Like ‘Hm? Hmm???’.”

“What’s up with that…..”

“You might be fine with that, Sajo-chi. At least, you said what you wanted to say. But, you really should not forget about this, no matter what.”


“── Well, I said this before, but Sajo-chi, to Ai-chi, you’re already a member of our group.”


I saw the street light. Ashida took her own bag as well as Natsukawa’s. Ashida slammed her sports bag into me, who had just been freed.

“What was that for?”

“It’s not about whether you feel comfortable enough or not, you know. As long as there’s someone who will like you, you’ll definitely be happy. Even if the one who likes you is gross, and annoying, it will still enough to be a support in maintaining your confidence.”

“As expected, in the end, I’m disgusting, right?”

“──Even if that’s true, if someone suddenly lost the place they belong to, they’d be shocked, and anxious.”


Ashida left these words behind, slamming the bag into me again, and run away. She should have been annoyed too, but when we parted way, she was grinning to herself for some reason.

What annoys me the most is that she never once denied when I asked whether I’m disgusting or not. That part of you is annoying you know, Ashida.

“……Guess I’ll buy some steamed buns on the way.”

It was a fresh summer night. The widget on my smartphone screen said it was 27°C. It should have felt hot, and yet my body felt cold with no sweat to be found.

In the entrance, the shoes of my family were lined up. In the midst of these were even my old man’s shoes, not having been cleaned for a while. I took out shoe-cleaning cream from the shoe box, and put it next to his leather shoes….. What? I should clean those? Nah, I don’t even want to touch it.

When I opened the door to the living room, I had the kitchen and dining room to my left, whereas to the right, there was the TV and two sofas. Inside of my head was still blank to a level where I couldn’t remember what I usually did after coming home.

“What are you doing? At least say something like ‘I’m back’ to let us know.”

“Ah, yeah, I’m back…”

Mom was busy doing the dishes, so I headed towards the TV. Yeah, normally I’d just throw around my student bag, fall onto the sofa, and ──

“…….You don’t need to re-enact exactly what you said this afternoon, you know.”

“…..Shut up.”

On the sofa that had its back to the entrance, there was already someone inhabiting it. The inhabitant was rolling around on it, while playing smartphone. One sock had already been flung off, whereas the other still somewhat held onto her foot.

If I have to guess, the ‘K4’ would envy my position right now as she is being defenseless… Me? I feel nothing.

Seeing the tyrant like that, I realized that something was missing and so I couldn’t hold back a grin.

“──Sorry about before Sis. I said too much.”

“Huh…..? You….”

I handed her a plastic bag, and after seeing the steamed buns inside, Sis showed a complicated expression.

What, you’re not going to eat them? You love them, right? Stuff your cheeks full with your favorite steam buns, bought by your younger brother, and play with your phone some more… See here, look, look.

“…..D, don’t want them.”


Thinking about it, she has eaten so many, and if she received this, she would definitely become fatter. I don’t want to see my Sis being angry and scream at the scale. Well, I’ll just eat them myself then♪

“──If anything, it’s you who went too far.”

“No, that’s…”

Oi, why are you giving me that guilty look. You always did what I said to me, didn’t you?! Why are you suddenly acting like ‘I’m not normally like that’? Oi! Don’t throw your sock here!

“So, what’d you do with those girls?”

“Can you not make it sound like something happened?”

“You’re just spacing out. Something definitely happened, right?”

Urgh…! She apologizes, only to interrogating me after that. And you telling me to give the answer just like that? Well, after being worried about my youth like that, it’s really hard to answer, you know…..

“…..No idea. There’s way too many things, it feels like I’m in a trance. Ahh, I want to sleep early.”

“Hmmm, is that so? Not like I care.”

Stop saying nonsense. You’re definitely curious, right? this elder sister of mine huh… I mean, you talk like not how you normally do, it’s suspicious… Still, just by thinking that she’s worried about me, but can’t openly say it, I feel itchy all over. Aren’t you too clumsy Sis…

“…Right, I have something to say myself.”

“W, what is it…”

“Before you worry about others, how about worrying about yourself first? I mean it’s too many, you know? all four of the student council members? Really? As your younger brother, I’m troubled how to react you know.”

“Wha…?! it’s not like that! They don’t really…!”

“…..Well, knowing you, you’ll definitely choose someone at the right time, but I know of a guy who stopped differentiating ‘reality’ and ‘dream’. That’s why you should probably deal with this matter while you’re still in the right mindset.”

I don’t want anything to do something that’s troublesome, but circumstances change if it’s related to my family. I don’t want the air at home to be so tense. I’ll use this chance to say everything I want to.



Sis leaned forward to take a big bite from the steamed bun I was holding. In shock, I let go of the steamed bun, which immediately vanished in her mouth.

You… damn tyrant… Whaaーhow can your mouth fit all of that, Oi…!

“Hm… monomnomnom!”

“What are you saying, I don’t understand at all!!”


Right as a bit of steamed bun was about to fall out of her mouth, I took a row of pictures with my smartphone. She panicked and hid her face, escaping from the living room… I swore to sell those pictures to the ‘K4’ in the near future.

A bit after that, when I saw Sis returned to the living room while swinging a metal baseball bat slowly, I seriously thought I was going to die.