Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 94

94. It’s dangerous to do things in a strange tension

“―――So? Any excuse?”

Atsushi simply asked Kaede a question.

“Huh…? E-excuse…?”

“Hmm? You don’t understand the situation? Do you say that you can’t understand why you’re now sitting in a seiza position while being surrounded?”

Current situation… Four people were surrounding her.

And at the center, Kaede sat down with her shoulders narrowed as if a child being preached. No, it wasn’t “as if”. In fact, now she was receiving a ferocious sermon from four people.

Needless to say, there was a cause for it.

“Really, I was really impatient when I saw it from below. When I thought there was a girl hanging in the air, the next moment she fell.”

『”Yeah, that made my heart stop beating for a moment. No joke, my eyes turned white for a moment… but what’s even more surprising was that the girl stopped falling halfway.”』

Yuri’s words weren’t exaggerated. In fact, Atsushi’s mind was blown away when he saw the scene. Dropping a person from the roof, wasn’t funny for someone seeing it, even from far away.


Only, this time, it could be said that the girl was lucky because she didn’t fall to death.

“Well, so, how did you hang her in the air?”

“I did my best with both hands.”

“Oi, don’t be so proud about it. Again, it’s not that. I’m talking about why the fall stopped halfway.”

“Oh, that one. It’s a lifeline. I made it with sheets and curtains I collected from the hospital.”

“A lifeline… but I didn’t see anything at that time?”

“Because I made it transparent with my power. I fainted her once, and at that time I attached a lifeline in a transparent state. Thanks to that, she didn’t even notice that a lifeline was attached to her.”

Atsushi was holding his head against Kaede who said such a thing.

Certainly, if you were in a panicked state, you might have a hard time noticing something, and if the thing was transparent, the effect would be enormous. In such a state, there was no time to feel a sense of discomfort, even if something was tied to the legs.

However. Still, it could be said that it was a sloppy strategy.

“Really, how could you do such a dangerous thing.”

“D-dangerous…? Well, it may be true that it was dangerous, but I made a lifeline. Sure, it wasn’t absolutely safe, but I was careful enough to not let her die…”

“Seriously? Really? Are you really saying that?”

“…….Umm, honestly, I think I overdid it a little.”

Kaede’s counterargument was cut off in Atsushi’s words.

It’s too optimistic to say that I’m relieved because I made a lifeline. Certainly, as a result, it was successful and was able to give a tremendous effect.


“Well, I just heard about the situation. I have no intention of sympathizing with that woman. But… still, it’s a different story. What would you do if that woman fell and died? “

“Urhhh… I, don’t know…”

Kaede couldn’t argue against Atsushi’s words.

If the lifeline broke…  The result would be, something that Kaede might regret in the future.

“But, well, umm… I mean, the things that had accumulated in various ways inside of me exploded, and that made me feel weird… I couldn’t control it… Yeah, it was my fault.”

“Huff… anyway, where did that idea come from?”

“That’s, well… I got the idea from the movie I borrowed from Shirasawa the other day…”

“In other words, you are the real culprit huh?”

『”Fua!?? No, no, no, just renting a movie is not evil! Why am I treated as a villain!!?? I mean, I can’t look into the future!!”』

Only this time, Atsushi had no choice but to accept such a reason. Yuri had no intention of having Kaede do anything similar to something from her recommended movie. Normally, people just watched the movie and no one would try to do the same. So, Kaede’s case was a bit different.

Kaede’s tension led her in a strange direction so much that she acted without thinking much.

“Well, well. It’s passed already. And it seems, that girl won’t do something bad to you again, see there.”

Makoto pointed to Kana who was on the ground, wiping water falling off her eyes.

“But Kaede-chan. I’m still angry. Do you know why?”


Seeing Kaede’s attitude as if she didn’t know the reason, Makoto continued.

“I told you before, right? If you have a problem, say it properly. And rely on others. But you’ve come this far to solve it by yourself… alone. You’re a really troubling child. But… still… I’m glad you’re safe.”

Said so, Makoto hugged Kaede.

“And also, well, it’s not my place to say this but… you’ve done your best.”

He scolded what the child had done and was relieved to know that the child was safe.

The gestures and words were that of adults.

Therefore, Atsushi instinctively uttered,

“Really, your father is an adult.”

『”… No comment”』

Yuri sent such words to Atsushi.

It was just the reaction of a child whose parent got praised but couldn’t accept it obediently.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 93

93. A Not So Moderate Threat


『”Hmm, Atsushi-san? Are you okay?”』

Yuri sent such telepathy to Atsushi who was holding his hand on his mouth.

“Ah, yeah… I’m okay. But sure, Store Manager’s driving skill is amazing. It usually takes two hours, but we’ve reached in less than an hour.”

『”Well, that person is amazing when it comes to driving skills. That’s why he seems to have overtaken the police motorcycle many times.”』

“Seriously, he is amazing in a lot of sense…”

Atsushi had never thought of such an ability from Makoto, but anyway, such an unexpected ability allowed them to come this far faster than it should be.

A certain mountain. To be exact, the abandoned hospital there, was where they were heading.

However, Haruna opened her mouth while frowning.

“Sorry, but, what are you mumbling alone? Also, do you really think that Kaede is in such a place?”

Her words weren’t strange.

Atsushi had explained the things about supernatural power he had. But Like others, when he said to have psychic powers, no one easily believed it.

However, Atsushi still kept his words.

“Yeah, I’m sure about that. I’ve been using my nose to chase her scent. To be honest, I was a little worried because it was the first time for me to have such a wide range, but it’s okay now. I’m sure, she’s there.”

Words full of confidence.

Atsushi’s nose was only able to smell the scent within a one-kilometer radius.

But, recently, the range had been updated.

I can’t believe, I’m really able to reach her. At first, I was really worried, but human beings, really could do anything if they put enough fighting spirit and willpower huh… But, thanks to this, my nose is not feeling well now. It’s really itchy…

Atsushi hadn’t tried to improve his power until now. He thought it was meaningless to do that. After all, unlike Yuri and Kaede, Atsushi’s abilities had no meaning even if it was strengthened.

However, no, as a result of trying to find Kaede’s whereabouts using this power, it might have been possible to search in a wider range than ever before. It was just ridiculous.

Finally, they arrived at the abandoned hospital.


“Hm!? Look up!!”

Makoto said so, and everyone looked up.

There was a figure of Kana hanging from the roof.


“Please… forgive me already…”

With a weak voice, Kana, who was hanging mid-air, said so.

The expression on her face, was as if she was almost dying. There was just no vigor left in her. But, it wasn’t because her leg was grabbed and hanging from the roof of an abandoned hospital.

By the time she came to the rooftop, she already had a lot of “discipline” and suffered a lot of mental damage. There were no external scars on her, but the trauma instilled in her wouldn’t go away that easily.

Listening to Kana’s words, Kaede, who remained transparent, opened her mouth.

『”Then, promise me that you’ll never be involved with me again. Then I will not let go of this hand.”』

Currently, Kaede was still transparent. Therefore, from an objective point of view, Kana looked like she was floating in the air for some reason.

However, for Kana, the biggest fear was that she couldn’t see Kaede. She couldn’t see Kaede’s expression or the hand holding her leg.

What would happen if she didn’t comply? When would her leg get released? What kind of expression did Kaede have now? Not being able to confirm it doubled the fear.

“I understand! I understand!!! I will never be involved with you again!! I swear! Promise! So, please forgive me … !!”

So, Kana said that she would do everything Kaede told her to.

Negotiations, solicitations, discussions… These could only be done by looking at the other person’s facial expressions and gestures. If you couldn’t see the other person’s face, or even see them, only words wouldn’t be enough to know the real feelings.

But, Kaede’s figure couldn’t be seen. And still, Kana was made to understand, how scary, Kaede was.


“Really! I swear, really, I promise! So please forgive me…!!”


To be honest, at this time, Kaede almost believed in Kana’s words completely.

What would happen if you retaliated again? Kaede had carved it into Kana’s mind thoroughly. Therefore, although it cannot be said absolutely, it was highly unlikely that Kana would try to do any revenge after this.

Some might say it was too optimistic and forgiving. But at least, Kaede was convinced that Kana wouldn’t do anything anymore.

Therefore, there was only one thing to do.

『”…Well, I said that I wouldn’t let go of this hand…”』

“T-that’s right. So please, pull me back…”

Kana begging with tears.

But, the answer was.

『”That was a lie.”』

Kaede took her hand off Kana’s leg.



The screaming of a girl echoed in the depths of the mountains.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 92

92. Only a muscular man with a green beret can hunt invisible thing

Kana didn’t expect this to happen.

“What… what is that… why… it turned out like this!!”

While saying such a thing, Kana was running around the abandoned hospital.

Kana especially gathered men who she thought could “get it done” and came here, with the expectation of settling this all for one. There were many people that she brought here. To be clear, Kaede, who came alone, shouldn’t have been a trouble.

In addition.

She planned to let go of Kaede once intentionally, but then asked the men to hunt her down, and then once they caught up, she would order the men to “do it”.

But, what a naive idea.

Maybe that was why she was in a situation where she was being cornered.


Someone at the back screamed. Probably one of the men who was done for. However, Kana kept moving forward without turning around.

“Damn, damn it, what’s that, I haven’t heard any of this! What the hell she did!! Right after she disappeared, suddenly the men were blown away as if they had been beaten by something…!! Aaaaahhh, someone, tell me what exactly happening!!”

The moment Kaede disappeared, everyone was confused. And the next moment, one of the men fell down on the spot as if he had been beaten by something.

It went on, one by one, and most of them fell to the ground in less than a minute.

“Really, what the hell is that…!! There was nothing like this in the prophecy of “that person”…!! In the first place, after I scattered the leaflets, left early, and called her, it should have gone in my favor, right!? “

Everything up to this point had gone by what had been foreseen by “that person.”. Once Kana scattered the leaflets in the school and guided Kaede to come to this place alone. And let the men, “do her”, everything would be solved. “That person” said so.

However, even though Kana had done step by step the prediction of “that person”.

The reality was completely different.

“What does this mean… is this also because of that woman…!?”

As far as Kana knew, the prophecy of “that person” was the real deal. That was why both Kana and her parents had been paying high prices. However, when Kaede was involved, all of them were overturned.

Really, for Kana, Kaede was like a misfortune Goddess, no, b*tch.

Kana finally arrived at the entrance to the abandoned hospital.

“Yes, for sure I’ll be okay soon…!!”

Light from the entrance.

Made Kana feel relieved for a moment.

But, at the same moment.

『”―――You think you’re saved now?”』

Kana could hear the voice.

At the same time, the entrance door, which had been left open, was vigorously closed.


When the door made a loud noise, Kana couldn’t help but make such a voice.

『”Did you think you could escape? Sorry, but I’m in a bad mood today, so don’t expect sweet things.”』

Kana looked around as she heard Kaede’s voice from somewhere.

“W-where are you…!!”

『”Right next to you.”』


When Kana heard the voice from her ear, she looked back vigorously.

But after all there was no one there. No, to be correct, it only looked like no one in Kana’s eyes.

“Where… where are you… show yourself!!”

『”Do you think, I’ll just say yes?”』

Kaede continued to say to Kana, who tried to not be shaken while being confronted with such a frank word.

『”You see. Recently, I borrowed various DVDs from my friends, and watched various movies. And, I was able to use one of them as a reference. Humans, when dealing with something incomprehensible and invisible, would most likely get confused. Well, in that movie, if you were not careful, you might be killed by a former green beret who was a muscular man. But in here, there’s no such a man. Which means, I can devote myself to hunting you down.”』

“Urgh… guys, where are you all…”

『”Of course, everyone is sleeping on the ground. Even with that many people, if you can’t see the target, you can’t do anything. On the other hand, you would be an easy target to hit.”』

The men gathered were those who had been training in their own way. However, they were still completely powerless before the surprise invisible attack. In fact, Kaede had beat everyone. That was the reason she could be here now.

『”What are you going to do now? Now that you realized, this situation, is already a checkmate?”』

“…You think, it’s okay for you to keep that attitude? If something happens to me, I don’t know what will happens to your important people, you know?”

Even in such a situation, Kana still threatened Kaede.

No, perhaps, because of this situation, she did so.

To protect herself, she thought that she must bet Kaede’s important things as cards to play.


『”…I see. As expected, you choose this. I was going to forgive you if you apologized and said you wouldn’t do it again, but… you still saying that.”』

Right after those words were spoken, Kana was kicked from behind and hit her face on the ground. Her leg was then grabbed, and just like that she was dragged by Kaede, who was still invisible.


『”Then, it’s easy… I’ll do my best to “discipline” you, so that you don’t dare to touch my important family and friends.”』

“No, Nooooo, let me go! What… what are you going to do!?”

『”Didn’t you hear what I just said? I’ll, “discipline” you so that you won’t do stupid things again. Fortunately, this is an abandoned hospital. I’ve plenty of tools to have fun with. Well, don’t worry. you won’t die――― perhaps.”』

Kana couldn’t see Kaede’s face.

However, whether she liked it or not, she was forced to understand one thing.

That Kaede now must have an eerie and fearless smile on her face.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 91

91. When the stock of patience has run out

First of all, Hiiragi’s words were a little wrong.

Kaede went home.

But, after returning home, she left again while her parents were away. And the reason wasn’t very favorable.

“Honestly, when I was called, I thought it was Toru… Never thought it was you who called me――― Kana Inoue.”

An abandoned hospital on the outskirts of the city.

Kaede was called to come there.

By one of the people, she didn’t want to meet.

A girl with long, slightly reddish hair… Kana Inoue.

“Well, aren’t you late”

“I’m not that late. Don’t complain too much. It’s just a few minutes. I mean, I’ve my own circumstances. In addition, the threatened person came this far without complaining.”

While saying so, Kaede took out the paper from her pocket. It said,

[Come to an abandoned hospital by yourself. If you don’t come, I’ll harm the people around you. And if you contact the police, the same thing will happen.]

“As usual, you still have a foul mouth. As a girl, you should be more careful with your words.”

“Mind your own business.”

Kaede dismissed Kana’s words and asked a question.

“So? What on earth do you want from me?”

“What do I want? Unbelievable. How can you be so clueless? Even after being in the way between me and him.”

With that word, Kaede understood.

That Kana, also had the same thoughts as Toru.

“I, in the way?”

“Of course. Otherwise, it’s weird. My life was smooth sailing until I got involved with you. And it should have been that way even now. So, please tell me――― You, who are you? How could you overturn the prediction of “that person”? “

” “That person” ?”

Kaede instinctively asked as a strange word was suddenly mentioned.

However, Kana continued as if Kaede knew all of it.

“My family was reborn with the prediction of “that person”. In just one year, my dad’s company grew rapidly, I was able to live an elegant life, and I became a lover of Toru-kun… But, the result, where your house supposed to be crushed, how? How can you overturn the prediction.”

“Wait a minute. What are you talking about?”

A lot of words that Kaede didn’t understand.

Kaede was confused, but Kana was somehow frustrated.

“Are you playing dumb? What? You wanna say, you don’t have any idea about it? That can’t be true. “That person” said that the prediction might be wrong. But this time it’s too far away. For sure, someone must be in the way. And I thought. It was also the reason why my life went wrong. The cause of it… it was when I was involved with you.”

Certainly, that might be the case.

Regardless of the factors, it was at that time that Kana’s company went down and she lost her engagement. From that point of view, it could be said that her life began to fall because she was involved with Kaede.

However, Kaede thought that such a thing was just a baseless excuse, but for Kana, such a word wouldn’t go into her ears.

“Well, that’s okay. In any case, I’ll make you want to talk immediately even if you don’t like it.”

Said so and snapped the fingers.

Then, several men came in from the entrance of the hospital room.

“Surprised? They are some people I met not long ago. I asked them to cooperate in filming your “unladylike figure” and they all gladly agreed.”

Kaede looked at the men around him. It could be inferred that all of them weren’t good people, and that must mean, that what they were thinking wasn’t good either.

In other words, Kana intended to record the unladylike figure of Kaede and threaten her through it, for her revenge. That must be what Kaede was trying to do.

“I’m looking forward to it. What kind of voice do you make when you cry? I wonder if it’ll be sweet.”

Kana had a vulgar smile while saying that.

In reality, there were many people that came in. No matter how, Kaede was in a corner.

But, what came out of Kaede’s mouth was,

” ―――Is that, all you want to say?”

Kaede didn’t seem to be frightened at all, and instead, uttered such words in a somewhat amazed tone.

“……Are you really stupid?”

“Huff… I thought you would do something strange when I got the call, but I never thought it would be this. You, you really are more stupid than I expected.”


Kana had an angry expression on her face.

However, Kaede continued her words.

“Did you think that I, would come here, without thinking about anything? Did I look that stupid?”

“… D-did you call the police?”

“No. I haven’t told the police, I mean, if I did that, it wouldn’t relieve my anger, wouldn’t it?”


Kaede came all the way to this place alone, not because she felt threatened.

To get rid of this with her own hands. That was her plan.

“You see. I’ve been able to spend a lot of fulfilling days lately. I’ve made friends, started a part-time job, and I’ve been able to be so enthusiastic about what I like… I’m starting to have a good time. And now, you’re trying to ruin it again…? To be clear, my bag of patience has run out.”


“So, yeah, prepare yourself――― since I’ll beat all of you.”

The moment that words were said.

Kaede’s appearance disappeared in an instant.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 90

90. When it’s too complicated, some misunderstanding may arise

Haruna’s words were, in every sense, too unexpected for Atsushi.

…why did she know that? No, more than that, it was Kaede’s request…

Of course, Atsushi’s thought couldn’t be heard, and Haruna continued.

“Why is that face? Of course, I’ve investigated that much. I mean, why do you need, to go, to a maid café, with a woman? No, I’m not denying the existence of a maid cafe. Just that, when you’re on a date, why the destination, must be a maid café? There are a lot of better places!”


Atsushi couldn’t hide his shock at that word.

Wait, it may look like a date to someone who doesn’t know the truth. But, the destination is a maid cafe. It’s a maid café. Just that is enough to think that it’s not a date that?

……But, if she asks me what is it if it’s not a date, it’s also difficult to answer.

“……I see, is it that? Did you want to show Kaede-san a real maid as a preliminary preparation so that Kaede-san knew how to act like a maid when she wears a maid’s outfit? And then, at home, you asked Kaede to do a “Maid Play”. Is that your ulterior motive!?”

“Huh!? No, thaー”

“And then, what’s with the date in the amusement park? How can you bring another girl? You damn Playboy Bastard!! Is it the rumored “two-timing” that I heard from people on the street!? Seeing a Playboy Bastard who’s holding many girls’ hands, at the side of Kaede-san, how could I, be relieved!?”

“Ok, I understand. I understand that you’re making a terrible misunderstanding. I’d like to explain that “two-timing”, but for now, calm down. You need to calm down.”

Perhaps Atsushi wanted to say that the “two-timing” wasn’t rumored by people in the city and could be understood by the general public.

“But well, even if it’s a misunderstanding, I’ll admit, such events did happen.”

Regardless of the destination, Atsushi and Kaede went out to hang out just the two of them, and after that, they went to the amusement park together with Yuri. There were good reasons for each of them, but people who only looked from the side didn’t know the reason.

Therefore, since Haruna didn’t know the full story, it wasn’t that strange that she made a mistake.

“Still, what you did this morning, the leaflet is overkill. Didn’t you know, that it may lead to Hirose being isolated at school?”

It could be understood that Haruna misunderstood Atsushi’s actions. Since it seemed that she cherished Kaede so much.

But even so, what exactly was her purpose for the morning leaflet?

Her actions so far were solely for Kaede. However, that leaflet would only harm Kaede, and it seemed that the direction was a little different from what she did before. It was like you suddenly made a U-turn on a highway.

But, Haruna’s answer was,

“Umm, I’ve been wanting to ask since earlier――― what do you mean by the leaflet?”

She tilted her head as if it was the first time, she heard about it.

“… Hey. I don’t think it’s possible to fake it out now.”

“No, no, that’s not the case. For sure I used my brother’s name to warn you. It has two purposes, to check on you and to tell you the fact that “Toru Ninomiya is a bad guy.”, That’s why I deliberately mentioned the engagement when I first met you. I fully admit that…”



“…But I really can’t remember anything about the leaflet? In the first place, I had no time to do such a thing because I was earnestly preparing to get rid of my brother…”

It was kind of, but now I don’t care about that.

The question is, does she really know about the leaflets?

“I ask you again, is that true? Do you really not know anything?”

“Yes, it’s true.”

Atsushi couldn’t feel a lie in those words.

Of course, there might be a great possibility that Haruna was just playing around with him. But if that was the case, what was the point of her talking so much, revealing what she did just to deny only the leafet…

Before Atsushi could ask further, his smartphone rang.

Looking at the screen, it was Hiiragi, and Atsushi immediately answered the phone.

“Hello, chairman? What’s wrong?”

[“Sorry. I’ve bad news.”]

Bad news.

Such a word came out of Hiiragi’s mouth.

It’s the chairman, it must be something really bad.

[“I just heard some story from our teacher… It seems that Hirose, who should have left early, hasn’t returned home.”]


That words made Atsushi understand one thing.

Apparently, this wasn’t over yet.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 89

89. People that usually silent, are scary when get angry

“Who do you think this is?”

This time, Haruna took out a photo.

There were two… little girls.

“Is this blonde, Hirose? And next to her…”

The little blonde girl must be Kaede because of her sharp eyes. But the little girl next to her, Atsushi didn’t know at all. She was a little… no, she was pretty fat, she was twice as big as Kaede.

Atsushi suddenly had an idea there.

Showing this picture now…

The reason must be…

“No way… it’s you?!”

Haruna nodded to the words, and Atsushi opened his eyes big.


Haurna and the little girl in the picture were so different that Atsushi couldn’t help but think so. Well, he knew that someone might have a different figure as they grew up.

“In the old days, I didn’t have the appearance or body that could be said to be pretty or cute. Everyone kept picking on me, they bullied me. Even my brother told me that I was ugly. But there was a person who didn’t abandon me. There was a person who kept on my side. That was Kaede-san.”

Haruna continued talking while looking at the pictures.

“She was a person who understood me. The only person in the same situation who was forced to be with that insolence brother of mine. We complained to each other, had a tea party, and even cooked together. Everyday life was a treasure for me.”


“My father and mother have told me that I must support my brother and that only me who can do it, only me who have that ability… I’ve been told so, for a long time. In their eyes, the child is only my older brother. As for me? I’m supposed to be his assistant. My life was all about wiping my brother’s ass, cleaning all of his mess. I’ve never shown my own selfishness. No, they had never listened to it.”

For the Ninomiya family, the next in line would be Toru. Therefore, the parents probably thought that they must take good care of the oldest son.

However, using the sister for that purpose couldn’t be said as a very good move. At least, from Atsushi’s point of view, the parents didn’t seem to bring Toru up carefully, rather they had spoiled him.

And, by that, the burden that came up from the son was passed on to the daughter… To be honest, every parent had their own various problems as parents, but it didn’t change the fact of what they had done.

“But, that’s okay. You see, I had a dream. The day when Kaede-san and “that person”… the day when I can call Kaede-san, “Onee-san”. Until then, I’ll do my best.” [TN: “Onee-san” -> Older sister]

For Haruna, Kaede was a support for her heart. As a companion who knew her circumstances and shared her pain, and who would become her family in the future.

But… it never happened.

“But… but my brother, he took away even that dream! That helpless idiot. He cut off Kaede-san without knowing that he was being used. And our parents didn’t even try to stop him. There was no hesitation. They gave up Kaede-san, who had worked hard for my idiot brother for many years. Rather, they were more than happy to hear that my brother had found his loved one… “

That lead to the engagement with Kana Inoue.

For Haruna, that one action, had cut the reason line in her mind.

“At that moment, the little thread inside me broke completely. The role they gave me for my brother, the affection for my family, and anything related to my family, collapsed all at once. I finally understood. I shouldn’t put up with it anymore. That’s why, I crushed them――― those who hurt my dear one, who was supposed to be my sister.”

It was the reason for Haruna’s actions.

She was robbed of her dreams and her loved one was hurt. Her feelings inside then exploded, leading to this history.

“And so, you crushed their company…?”

“Yes, but to be honest, most of them were sooner or later would go bankrupt. Kana Inoue’s company, as well as other companies, all have been committing embezzlement, bribery, and many other crimes. It seems that the police had already marked their companies, and even if I didn’t do it, those companies would have disappeared in a few years. “

“Oi, oi, you just said something worrisome for the future of this country…”

Certainly, the school Kaede attended was a place with many prestigious sons and daughters. In other words, it could be said to be the next in line for the top Japanese companies. It was surprising that they were bullying other people, but Atsushi couldn’t complain, instead, he wanted to sigh because his parent’s company was also “not all white”.

“Huff… Still, you crushed them with your own hands.”

“Yes, otherwise I wouldn’t be satisfied.”

With that word, Atsushi realized once again that the girl in front of him was a kind of unusual.

To be satisfied… For that very reason alone, she dragged multiple companies into their end sooner. It wasn’t all bad, but some kind of sacrifice was made for that.

The office workers and employees, who had nothing to do with her problem… to those people, there should be a sense of guilt for them inside Haruna, right? Well, probably not. There was no way a person who could feel guilty to that extent chose to crush those companies.

“… I can understand your feelings well. But, I can’t understand what you really want. To be honest, I’m even grateful for the fact that you hunted down those who were bullying Hirose. Even if I look like this, I’m her friend. So, tell me ――― why did you even try to get rid of us? “

Atsushi wanted to hear that one point.

He knew well the reason for Kana Inoue and her former classmates.

However, why did Haruna try to trouble Atsushi and Yuri? He couldn’t think of a reason.

“That’s because you guys… no, to be precise, you, I thought that you were a harmful person to Kaede-san…”

“Me? Harmful? … can you elaborate further?”

Is it my face?

Is it because of the rumor about me?

… No, maybe she thinks that anyone who approaches Kaede, except herself, is evil, and that’s why she’s trying to eliminate them.

Considering the conversation earlier, she seems to have a strong feeling for Kaede. It’s not a surprise if she wants to monopolize her. If that’s the case, she has a slightly dangerous way of thinking.

And so on, Atsushi was thinking for a reason, but then,


It seemed to be something hard for Haruna to say.

But, Atsushi didn’t get impatient and kept waiting for her.

Then, after a while…

“Because, a man who brings a woman to a maid café, must be a little crazy!”





The words that were more than expectations made Atsushi’s eyes round again.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 88

88. Make sure to not leave any traces when doing something

To the words of Atsushi, Haruna answered with a surprised expression on her face.

“W-what suddenly …”

“The first time I felt uncomfortable was when you first came here. When you introduced yourself, you claimed to be the younger sister of someone who was in an engagement relationship with Hirose, and you said so in front of everyone. But, do you usually say that? I mean, normal people will usually notice that it will trouble the other.”

In fact, at that moment, Atsushi and Yuri were all upset and surprised.

“At first, I wondered if you didn’t even know that… but the longer you talked, I understood that you weren’t the type who could take such a thing into consideration. Then, why did you say that? It’s been stuck in me all the time. “

At this point, it was more strange than suspicious.

Atsushi didn’t know the reason. However, he somehow knew that it was intentional.

And doubts continued ever since.

“The next thing that made me feel uncomfortable was after the guys who asked for trouble came. You heard that story and immediately decided that it must be your brother doing. That’s not that strange. But if your family members hired someone to threaten others, then even the word “unbelievable” will come out at least once, right?”

Hearing someone else’s story, you soon decided it was your brother who did it. Did you think that others would just accept it without any suspicion, even if it was true? Moreover, in this case, Atsushi and Haruna met for the second time at that time. Why there wasn’t any doubt in her when she said it was her brother’s doing?

“Well, to be honest, those strange feelings I felt… it’s more like intuition. It’s my acquaintance who gathered the evidence behind the series.”

While saying so, Atsushi took out a photo of a man from his bosom and showed it in front of Haruna.

“Did you give this guy the name “Toru Ninomiya”? When my acquaintance asked him, he seemed to confess. That, you asked him to call himself “Toru Ninomiya” and instruct those people to trouble us.”

It was one of the information brought from Hiiragi. Apparently, he went to the guys who came to cause trouble for Atsushi and Yuri, and from there he got to this guy and succeeded in making the guy confess.

Of course, that wasn’t the only evidence.

“In addition, look at this.”

With that said, the next thing Atsushi took out was a small calendar.

There was a place where a cross had been entered for several days, and while showing that, Atsushi continued to say.

“You’ve been absent from school for a few days after Hirose’s transfer. Immediately after that, Kana Inoue’s company fell into financial difficulties and the company collapsed. Not only that. It was around that time when the classmates who were laughing at her started to drop out or take a leave of absence. It was found out that you had a call with the company that suddenly canceled their business with Kana Inoue’s company and also Hirose’s classmate in her former school… I won’t let you say that this is just a coincidence, you know.”

“Well, that is … that …”

“Furthermore, when my acquaintance tried to call those companies. Some speak after my acquaintance “politely requested” for it. Those companies said that they got a lot of information from you.”

Atsushi was very curious about what kind of “polite request” it was, but he didn’t ask further since, Hiiragi gave him the important information.

“My acquaintance said, “It’s great to have a lot of information, but it’s out of the question to leave traces when spreading the information”. ”

Haruna’s actions destroyed Kana Inoue’s company and also her classmates’ companies. It could be said that her purpose had been fulfilled in a certain way.

However, it was the carelessness of her for leaving traces.

“There is a lot of other evidence, but… want me to continue? Or will you stop playing dumb?”

When asked by Atsushi, Haruna shook her head silently.

And a let out a long sigh.

“Huff… I didn’t think you’ve investigated that much… May I ask one thing? Is your acquaintance a secret agent or something?”

“Well, I’m wondering about that too recently.”

Atsushi told his honest opinions.

To be honest, Atsushi thought that even if Haruna didn’t leave traces, if Hiiragi put his all into looking for the information, he would eventually get it one way or another.

Or rather. In the first place, from those who have given a little trouble to Atsushi and Yuri, to reach Haruna, and even the company she called, moreover getting more information from those companies. It must be hard to do. but Hiiragi still did it.

In that respect, Haruna was, in a sense, unlucky.


“Since you’ve been investigating that much, I don’t need to hide it anymore. Yes, that’s right. Kana Inoue… that shitty woman and the trash that was bullying Kaede-san. The one who crushed them, it’s none other than me.”

Haruna clearly admitted that she had done it, as if she didn’t do anything wrong.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 87

87. Humans are creature that like to make rumors

Damn it.

Atsushi had his elbows on his desk in the classroom, with a sullen expression on his face.

The cause was what the classmates were talking about.

“―――Hey, did you see ‘it’?”

“Yeah, I saw it. You mean, that leaflet on the school gate or the outer wall of the school this morning, right?”

“Can’t believe, that Hirose was a former high-class lady. Moreover, her engagement was abandoned.”

“It’s like those stories in the novel you can find on the internet.”

What was currently rumored in school? It was about multiple leaflets on the school gates and school walls this morning.

On the leaflet, it was written that Kaede was the only daughter of a certain company and that her engagement was abandoned.

There might seem nothing wrong with it. However, there was a fact that it was made public due to some circumstances, without considering the parties concerned. In addition, it said that the engagement was abandoned, not canceled. The two seemed to be similar but, each reader had different impressions.

“But, what do you think? Did the abandonment of the engagement cause any problems?”

“Well, maybe? I mean, the engagement was abandoned, right? And the person actually transferred to this school. So, I’m sure it’s not normal anyway.”

“Right. It’s been a little difficult to get close to her, but from now, it’ll be even harder to talk to her.”

“Yeahー, you can’t just ask her directly, right?”

Rumors based on selfish imagination, were spreading.

It wasn’t a direct taunt or slander as it was in Atsushi’s case. If anything, they didn’t know anything about her, so they decided to stay away.

Sh*t… I’m one step behind.

Yesterday, thanks to Hiiragi, Atsushi was able to affirm the true identity of the human being behind this. However, that didn’t mean that he could just take action immediately. He needed time to take proper measures. That was probably the reason why the human being behind this, created this situation.

And Kaede, who was the party involved, wasn’t here.

No, to be precise, she left school early today.

「”Hirose. Are you okay?”」

「”Oh, yeah. I’m OK. There is no problem. No problem at all. But… just that, I decided to go home early today. It’s not a big deal. Really. I-I’m fine. So, don’t worry? Okay?”」

That was what Atsushi heard from Kaede directly.

However, her attitude was clearly not okay. The smile she gave to Atsushi also felt awkward. Perhaps she tried to look fine, but in Atsushi’s eyes, her behavior looked strange.

『”… Atsushi-san”』

Suddenly, telepathy was sent from Yuri who was sitting in her seat.


『”To be honest… right now, I, am, a little angry.”』

『”What a coincidence… me too.”』

Atsushi agreed with Yuri’s words.

Once, when he was a target of slander, Atsushi thought that this kind of thing was disgusting. A sickening behavior. However, this time it was more than that, his emotion was boiling over.

A person who was hunting down his friends.

Whatever the purpose, Atsushi was convinced, that this time, he had no time to stay idle.

『”Shirasawa. If this is left as it is, it’ll surely be bad. Before that happens, I want to do something… I’m sorry to trouble you again, but would you please cooperate?”』

To be honest, Atsushi didn’t mean to ask Yuri for help this time.

She helped him last time. It was a little unpleasant for him to ask for help again this time.

However, even so, Atsushi asked Yuri.

And the reply was,

『”What are you talking about, Atsushi-san? Isn’t that natural?”』

As usual.

This time, Atsushi asked Yuri not to provide psychic support, but to provide a place.

In other words, her coffee shop.

Atsushi’s purpose was to call the “other party” and talk to that person.


Then, in the evening.

Someone came in front of Atsushi, who was waiting in the back seat of the coffee shop.

“I’m sorry to call you so sudden.”

In Atsushi’s words, the “person” sat in front of him, saying “It’s okay.”

“Alright… I’ll just say it straightforwardly. The person who sent strange guys to attack us before. And today, the person who scattered the leaflets about Hirose around the school. The one who broke the relationship between Toru Ninomiya and Kana Inoue, and forced those who were bullying Hirose to drop out or take a leave of absence. All of them, You were the one who did them, right? ――― Haruna Ninomiya”

Atsushi struck such words on the girl in front of him ――― Haruna.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 86

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86. Chairman, who are you, for real

“―――So, Hiiragi. Is it true that you’ve finished investigating the case?”

“Yeah, you could say that I’ve finished the investigation.”

A few days after the incident in the coffee shop.

Atsushi heard a report from Hiiragi during the lunch break, right one day before the summer vacation.

“Let me summarize it. Kana Inoue, the former wife of Toru Ninomiya. The company run by her parents was destroyed, by someone.”

Without any hesitation, Hiiragi affirmed.

“… What is the basis?”

“Toru Ninomiya and Kana Inoue. Immediately after their engagement was decided, it seems that contract cancellations and transaction terminations continued from all sides. And so, Inoue’s company, crashed. They had to fold up the company.”

It could be said that the time when Toru and Kana were engaged and the time when Kana’s company was in financial difficulty were exactly the same.

“Hey, Hiiragi. I can’t say anything because I’m not familiar with company management, but is it possible that a contract cancellation or transaction termination come all at once?”

“It’s not normal, but it’s quite possible if the company suddenly lost much credibility, and that’s what Inoue’s company was all about.”

Losing credibility…

Hearing Hiiragi’s words, Atsushi’s mind came to the cancellation of Toru’s engagement with Kaede.

“Maybe because of the engagement…?”

“Well, that’s one of the factors. Usually, if you get married to the Ninomiya group, it’ll improve your status. But this time, I’ve to say that it’s counterproductive. The reason is that it has more momentum than the company itself, that’s what people said… but in reality, it’s probably because the children liked each other.”

Just by the words, it should be fine. Those who liked each other were tied together. And that should be something normal.

But this time, the situation was different.

“Originally, marriage is that kind of thing. But if it’s a political marriage between companies, it becomes a different story. ‘Because I fell in love with another woman’… just because of that reason, an engagement was canceled. This wouldn’t be much of a problem if the cause was something like, the collapse of Hirose’s company, or Hirose’s company had some financial difficulties. But, that wasn’t the case. Nonetheless, it was decided that the long-standing marriage was almost unilateral. To be honest, Ninomiya and Inoue, both should have gathered bad impressions.”

Just because the conditions were better over the other side (Loving each other)… There was nothing wrong with it. At first glance, it looked like a rational choice, but you must remember, that there was also a “relationship of trust” behind it. Trust between humans. That was why, if you had been engaged for many years and suddenly eliminated it in an instant, other people might think that you weren’t such a credible person. And such a person, shouldn’t be trusted as a business partner.

“But the number one cause isn’t that. The number one cause is… bribes.”


“Yeah. Inoue’s company has grown rapidly recently. It’s only been a year. Hirose’s company is said to be rising higher, but it has been established for many years. The company has standing. However, Inoue’s company doesn’t have it at all. That company started a business immediately and succeeded, and in a blink of an eye, it was in its current state. But, of course, there was a reason… You know what I mean…”

“In other words, the president of the company was giving out bribes to make the company bigger… and other companies knew about it and so, they withdrew one after another.”

Hiiragi nodded to Atsushi’s words.

“But the important thing is that each company knew it at the same time, and it’s too much to say it’s just a coincidence. It can clearly be said to be someone’s money.”

Certainly, that should be correct.

If all these conditions were met, it could no longer be said as a coincidence.

“In addition, something strange is happening at the school Hirose was attending. Do you know how she was treated after her engagement was canceled?”

“Well, I’ve heard that she was ignored or got a nasty prank.”

“A nasty prank, is it…”

Atsushi turned his eyes away for a moment.

Did I say something wrong…?

Thinking about that, Hiiragi spoke with a slightly difficult look.

“As far as I can tell, it’s not just a simple nasty prank. It’s a bully. It’s a daily occurrence, of course, something like hiding or destroying things. There are always graffiti on the desk, and sometimes even when in the bathroom. It seems that she was splashed with water. It seems that she was pushed down the stairs and even taken to the hospital… At that time, there was no one to help her and everyone was laughing. “


The facts told were too shocking.

After all, Kaede used to say that she was ignored. She also said that it was just some prank.

Atsushi never thought that it was such a harsh and vile act.

“She… experienced that kind of thing… and didn’t tell anyone else…”

“That’s right. That’s the story, but she doesn’t want to let others know… So, the main subject is from here. Those who were bullying Hirose… or rather, most of the classmates Hirose belonged to. All of them are in a state of withdrawal or transfer.”

“… What?”

Atsushi had no choice but to be shocked.

“After Hirose disappeared, the culprits were expelled from school. It seems that the school side dismissed them as they got caught shoplifting and doing mischief, which was pretty bad. It seems that they tried to do something with their parents’ power. However, the parent’s company suddenly became difficult to manage and collapsed. And those who lost their parents’ backing naturally dropped out. Some of them even entered the juvenile training school. But, this wasn’t the end of it.”

“You mean, the same thing happens for those who aren’t the culprits?”

“Well, they’re the only ones who dropped out, but they’re pretty much the same. All of them were dismissed by the school because they got caught trying to do something bad, and many of them were suspended, lost their place, and transferred. Most of them who stayed at the school were getting harsher treatment as the school let the information go, and so they were withdrawing from there.”

That would be the case

Atsushi murmured so in his heart.

The past that anyone didn’t want to be known was spread. It would be impossible for any person with a normal mentality to go to school in a situation where the people around them know it.

Well, after hearing about Kaede’s treatment, Atsushi didn’t feel any pity for them at all

Rather, he would like to say ‘Serve you right’ to those who cornered her. And ‘Good job’ to the school staff.

“Of course, this is also the result of someone pulling the thread behind the scenes. Otherwise, such a coincidence couldn’t happen. So, this time, the person who would have pulled the thread behind the scene is ―――”

“No, wait a minute. I mean, you’ve reached that point?”

“Of course.”

“I see, now I’m more curious about one thing, Chairman… with the previous investigation too, who are you? Seriously, are you some agent? Detective? Putting information piece by piece and then guessing the culprit?”

“As I said, I’m summarizing all the information and now guessing the culprit.”

“I know, but. I mean…”

Somehow, from Atsushi’s point of view, it was a situation that he hoped for more than anything… but, on the other hand, he felt like an opportunist, who used every convenience.

“Don’t say stupid things forever. So, this time, the one behind the scene is…”

Hiiragi then told the person’s name.

However, when Atsushi heard the name, he wasn’t surprised, he just muttered a little, “Right.”

“You aren’t that surprised”

“Well, it’s because I felt a little uncomfortable, like something was wrong.”

“I see. So you had already expected this… So? What are you going to do now?”

What am I going to do now? Well…

The criminal must be “that person”. The reason was still uncertain, but it was roughly predictable for Atsushi.


That was why he couldn’t leave it alone.

Therefore, in response to Hiiragi’s question,

“Of course, I’m going to bring an end to all of this. It’s my way.”

Atsushi asserted so.

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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 85

85. Even high-spec people may have disappointing personalities

The coffee shop’s business hours were over, and Makoto was cleaning up.

Meanwhile, Atsushi, Yuri, and Kaede were having a chat while eating leftover curry.

『”But I don’t think he’s getting carried away that far, no, perhaps he’s just bold or stupid…? Well, I think it’s the latter.”』

Certainly, he had some ability to take action to get things done, there might be an aspect of that, but since it was going in the wrong direction, it could be said that all of that was because he was ill-natured in a sense.

“That side of him hasn’t changed since a long time ago. He has a lot of beliefs, or once he thinks it’s like this, he won’t listen to other people. Well, he’s not a bad guy but… he always got himself in trouble because of that, and I was caught up in it every time.”

『”Hmm, what is it…? Isn’t that mean, he is really a dumb person? And such a person is a son of a big company huh…”』

The two might sound mean, but Atsushi thought so too. Kaede and her family might have crushed their lover’s company… but, there was no evidence to suspect that. The only thing that made Atsushi suspicious was that the company collapsed immediately after Toru decided not to have an engagement with Kaede. It could be said that it was just bad luck at the right time, but for Toru to have doubts about Kaede and even took this kind of action, it could be said as something strange.

“Well, the Ninomiya family has only two children, Toru and Haruna-chan. Their parents were spoiling Toru, as he would be the next successor. But in reality, he’s not that stupid. He took “Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)” properly and did everything without any problems. Especially his piano skill is very good, he has won several prizes in the competition.”


Involuntarily, Atsushi uttered so, as the story he heard was so unbelievable.

『”It’s a lie… right? I mean, someone like him, won the prize at the competition?… Hmm, maybe it was staged!??”』

That wouldn’t be the case… was what Atsushi would say. But Atsushi, who knew who Toru was, thought the same thing.

However, Kaede shattered the imagination of these two people.

“I know what you two mean, but in reality, he has that much skill, so I think he’s a great skill when it comes to piano and music in general.”

Kaede said such words, that Toru’s piano skill was real.

“Well, more or less, you could say he’s a high-spec person. Good family, good at study, fairly good at sports. In addition, his piano skill won him prizes. Plus, that handsome face.”

『”Well, sure. That’s really high-spec…”』

“If only he has a normal personality, but because of that condition, he often had problems. In that case, Haruna-chan was cleaning up his mess.”

Kaede’s words made the two tilt their heads.

『”? Why does his sister need to clean up his mess?”』

“Ah… well, maybe that’s because she’s good at that? Or because she’s been raised that way? You see, Toru has a problem with his personality, right? I’m sure their parents were aware of it, so perhaps they asked Haruna-chan, who looked more mature than him, to be in charge of cleaning up his mess. Maybe that’s why she came here the other day. “

『”In other words, the sister is covering the brother’s failure… what a real failure, that piece of shit.”』

Kaede just said that Toru would do what he wanted and leave all the rest to his sister. If others just listen to that, it would be normal to think that Toru must be a failure.

And, in the story so far, Yuri said something that she suddenly thought.

『”It seems, you’re on good terms with his sister.”』

“Well. We’ve got in a mess made by him for a long time, and we talked to each other about it. To be honest, I think, it was because Haruna-chan was there, that I somehow could keep my engagement with him.”

If there was someone you could share the painful and harsh things together, it would give you a sense of security that might be incomparable to when you held it alone. Surely, Haruna was that kind of existence for Kaede.

“Haruna-chan is a really good girl. Even after I transferred school, she kept in touch with me. Besides, she’s a hard worker. She’s somewhat good at studying and sports. It’s not because of talent, it’s a result of hard work. I know it well. So maybe if she was a man, Haruna would have been the successor to the company.”

It wasn’t affirmative. But Kaede said Haruna would, that was how much she trusted Haruna.

“I think she’s the only friend I have other than Yamagami and Shirasawa. I’ve had a long-standing relationship with her, and she’s done a lot for me. That’s why I want her to be happy. “

It must be Kaede’s true intention. For sure, she really liked Haruna, and she believed in her above all else.

Atsushi was silently listening to her story while eating curry.

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