Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 29

29. When someone is angry on your behalf

『”What is it? Really, what is it? If you want to confess to someone, why you need to say such a thing?… Like really, for him to said bad things about his own classmates, what was that person thinking about? Didn’t he notice that he was losing some point? Lowering your own impression like that.. more than that, everyone in the class will help? Hah! Please stop making such a joke. Such a thing, I don’t need it. Even if the rumors are misleading, I don’t want to borrow the hands of those who swallow it without thinking at all and blame it all only to one person. Aaaaaa, I’m frustrated just by remembering it! That’s why Atsushi-san, another bowl of curry, please!”』

“Yeah, yeah”

While saying so, Atsushi brought her another bowl of curry.

After Yuri rejected the confession, she came to Atsushi’s house. And now, she was having a meal… No, to be precise, she was holding a complaints competition while eating dinner.

Yuri said, 『”Atsushi-san, today, let’s eat together at Atsushi-san’s house and get rid of this anger!”』, But to be honest, Yuri was eating a lot.

There was a lot of question such as, “Why is it my house? And why do I need to make the dinner?”, but to be honest, Atsushi didn’t really care that much.

“Aー, that, hmm… Thank you, Shirasawa. For getting so angry on my behalf.”

『”Isn’t it natural? Is there a person who doesn’t get angry when your friends are being ridiculed like that?”』

Sure, Yuri said such a thing easily.

But you could feel that there was no other intention behind her words. And that, made Atsushi embarrassed but also a little happy.

“But. Don’t be so harsh o Hashida, I mean, he said that because he was thinking of you.”

『”Huh? Atsushi-san, what are you talking about? Why are you defending that person? It put me off a little, you know.”』

“Am I being too much?”

『”I mean, didn’t you heard that person’s words? What is it again… Ah, for Atsushi-san and me doing something together, it’s impossible, was it? Judging who I could be with… really, who do you think you are? Why are you guys acting as if you’re perfect?…Don’t you think so too?”』

What Yuri said was agreeable.

No matter who or what a person might be, it should be the freedom of the person in said. ‘That person’ and ‘this person’ shouldn’t be together? The right to decide that was in the hand of that person in said.

However, there was a fact that it was a little special in this case.

“But. Think it again. After that weird rumor spreading, we suddenly started to hang out… the rumored scary-looking man is hanging out with his classmate, moreover, a woman. From the perspective of those who don’t know the truth, it’ll look like that…. so, of course, you’ll be worried, right?”

『”Well, if it’s in in a H-manga, such a thing will definitely develop into S○ play or N○R…”』[TN: if you understand this, you’ve seen too much, you @$#%@%]

“Can you even compare this and that?…Well, you see, humans are creatures who believe in what they see and hear. People often say that you shouldn’t swallow rumors as it is, but when you hear rumors, even if you’ve doubts, you’ll start to believe it. Only the one who can 100% deny it, is the person that being rumored. And when the said person is trying to deny it, no one will believe it.”

The modern internet society should be a good example for what Atsushi just said. Information, whether it was the truth or just a rumor, it would eventually spread on SNS. For sure, there would be quite a lot of people who would believe them without any doubt. 

Of course, there might be times when a person told a truth for good, but some might be purposely spreading false information to deceive others or even to ‘cancel’ someone else.

There should be quite a few people who got hurt by it, who had a taste of it.

However, no matter how much that said person was trying to deny it, no one believe. 

That was just, ‘how the world works’.

“And, I’m also responsible for this. Sure it’s something related to Tsubasa, but I didn’t do anything and didn’t say anything. I was just following the flow, and now I’m in my current position. That’s why, I’m not qualified to complain. Well, for sure I think that they’re all sickening.”

Hearing that, Yuri’s expression changed.

Specifically, she squinted her eyes a little and somewhat annoyed.

『”Atsushi-san… I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, but isn’t you evaluate yourself a little too low? Many times, I feel some sort of aura coming from you saying, “Even if others are saying a lot about me, I can’t do anything.”. No, this is where you should complain even more like “Hah, What’s wrong with you, stop it or I’m gonna smash your head in!”』

“Yeah, maybe you’re right, but…”

『”I mean, the teacher is also at fault. I understand that Atsushi-san told the teacher to not care much, but if there are strange rumors that keep spreading, and you still don’t take any action, I can’t help but to think that there’s something wrong with the teacher.”』

“Well, the teacher can’t just focus on me, right?”

『”Huft, see, you did it again. Having such a low-esteem, It’s~ no~ good~. You see, humans, when keep thinking that they’re no good or has no value, someday they’ll really become a trash. I’m not saying you should be like the president of the club I’m in, but please be more confident in yourself.”』

“…Yeah… you’re right… I’ll do my best.”

Atsushi murmured so with a bitter smile.

Perhaps Yuri didn’t aware of it, the reason why Atsushi wasn’t angry…

Yuri said that Atsushi had a low self-esteem. But for sure, ‘Atsushi is a human being’. When someone else said something bad about you, you might get pissed and angry. When you felt that way, of course you would want to get rid of it by saying one or two complaints.

But, when you had a friend who would get angry on your behalf, the joy of being able to confirm that, could be said far superior than the irritation and anger that you felt when someone said something bad to you.

So, the reason Atsushi didn’t complaint was because, at that time Yuri was there, getting angry on his behalf.

Really, Thank you

Atsushi said thanks again in his heart.

Then, his cell phone suddenly started to suddenly ring.

Atsushi took out his smartphone from his pocket, looked at the name displayed on the screen, and instantly made a disappointed face saying, “Urgh”.

However, he couldn’t help but press the green button reluctantly.


[“―――Oh, finally you picked up. How’re you doing, son?”]

Atsuhi could hear his father’s voice.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 28

28. You shouldn’t have done that

After school.

『”A-Aaa-Atsushi-san! Are you there? You there, right? Please be there, Please!!!”』

『”Yeah, I’m here. Rest assured. I’ll be in here.”』

At the designated bench… There was Yuri waiting for the boy. From the second floor of the back school building, Atsushi was looking over her.

Yuri was worried that perhaps someone would be watching around, so she asked Atsushi to look over her while checking the surrounding.

Therefore, since earlier, they were “on a call”, the telepathy with Yuri had been in a “connected” condition all the time. That way, Atsushi could give various advice to Yuri later.

……Well, maybe she actually didn’t have the courage to come here and receive a confession by herself.

When Atsushi was thinking about something like that, he saw a figure approaching Yuri.

That guy huh…

The one who came… it was a boy.

A dull face and messy black hair.

As expected, Atsushi and Yuri didn’t really know about him.

“Are you Hashida-san?”

“Y-yeah. That’s right. I-I’m Manabu Hashida! That, umm… Thank you for coming.”

Hashida greeted Yuri and gave thanked her, perhaps because he was nervous, he was stuttering over his words.

“So, what do you want to say to me?”

Yuri asked Hashida the main question straightaway.

『”Isn’t it too sudden…”』

『”But, you know that stretching out this kind of thing will only makes the situation awkward, right!??”』

Yuri said so, as she herself was in a state of being quite panicked, and didn’t know what to say other than that.

However, Hashida didn’t know about Yuri’s condition, so as she said so, he took a deep breath and then said what he was prepared to say.

“T-that… Shirasawa-san! Since I first saw you, I-I’ve always li-liked you! Please go out with me!”

While bowing with all of his might, Hashida confessed.

On the other hand, Yuri…


In just one word,

Hashida was rejected.

『”… Another clear rejection huh.”』

『”It can’t be helped, right!?? You can’t suddenly become a lover with someone you met for the first time!! Right!!?”』

What Yuri said was certainly true.

Hashida’s determination couldn’t be made light of… From the perspective of Atsushi, who had never confessed to a girl in his life, it was hard to tell how much it was.

But well, as expected, a sudden confession is a little bit too much, I guess?

You should get a little closer, get to know each other a little more, appeal to the other person, and only then confess. 

For Atsushi, that was the image of a confession.

Everyone would have a hard time to believe if they got confessed by the person that they met for the first time. Anyone should shorten the distance at least “acquaintance”.

“That, umm… perhaps, you, are dating, someone already?”

“That’s not the case. It just… right now, I can’t afford to go out with someone…”

“I-is that so… well, I’m sorry.”

“Me too, don’t worry…”

The conversation was slowly becoming awkward. It couldn’t be helped, since Hashida had confessed and got rejected.

“S-sorry… but, I have one thing I want to ask… is that okay?”

“What is it?”


Hashida might sound as if he didn’t know when to give up, but it didn’t seem to be that way in Atsushi’s eyes.

“Perhaps… the fact that Shirasawa-san can’t go out with anyone, is because of Yamagami-kun?”

Hearing that words, Atsushi and Yuri were surprised at the same time.

“Why, do you think so?”

Since Atsushi’s name suddenly mentioned, not only Yuri but Atsushi himself couldn’t help but to tilt his head.

“Because now, everyone is rumoring about it. That, Yamagami-kun grasps Shirasawa-san’s weakness, and does whatever he wants to you.”



In that moment.

They both shocked to the point where their eyes were popping out.

“That time with the umbrella, and also the last test too, it was suspicious… Yamagami-kun and Shirasawa-san were together. They said that, “Something like that is unbelievable.”…..”


Indeed, Hashida said, “Something like that is unbelievable.”…..

But somehow… Atsushi felt like he was told, “Something like that, you shouldn’t have done that.”

From the point of view of the students in his class, Atsushi was a delinquent, inferior, and problematic person. Yuri, on the other hand, was a mysterious beautiful girl who could be said as number one or two in the school. They were like “a beauty and a beast”.

For such two people were doing something or going somewhere together… No one in school could imagine that, nor did they wanted it to be true.

Perhaps something like that was like throwing mud on a beautiful flower.

Therefore, there was no reason for that to happen. No, in the first place, it shouldn’t have happened.

The truth? No one cared about that. 

Atsushi understood that at this time it was the evaluation and feelings of most of his classmates.

“If, Yamagami-kun is forcing you to do something, if it’s because of him, I, will do my best to help you. No, not just me, I’m sure everyone in the class will help you. Soー”

“That’s not true.”

Before Hashida’s words were finished, Yuri clearly denied it.

And different from until now, the word she just said was clear and firm.

Atsushi seemed to think that it was a powerful word intentionally said by her.

“Yamagami-san gasps my weaknesses? It’s not true at all. It’s nonsense and unfounded. Certainly, I’ve been indebted to him a little lately, but that’s it. It’s not like what you people are rumoring. Not at all. “

“…I-I see.”

“Although, this may be not my place to say it, but talking badly of your classmates like that, I wonder if it’s really a good thing to do, especially if that’s just nonsense, really.”

“T-that’s right. Yeah…”

“Is it over? Then, please excuse me here.”

With that said, Yuri turned her heels back and left.

『”Let’s go, Atsushi-san”』


Involuntarily, Atsushi returned Yuri’s telepathy with such a word.

Sure, he couldn’t say anything, since he just heard an unexpected story.

But, more than that.

Atsushi felt that Yuri… seemed a little angry, and so he couldn’t talk normally to her.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 27

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27. A moderate physic power is the best

Ten days after Atsushi and Yuri went to see the movies together.

In the morning, Atsushi noticed that the classroom had a strange atmosphere.

What’s, with this air…

The line of sight of the students in the class was directed at Atsushi.

Of course, it wasn’t in a good way. In their eyes, there were doubts and suspicions. Some were even seeing him with piercing-like gaze full of hatred and disgust.

Certainly, the atmosphere of the class was strange, and the cause of it was something related to Atsushi.

However, it was something that Atsushi himself didn’t know for sure.

It’s not as usual, it doesn’t seem to be related to that rumor…

Even though the students kept seeing Atsushi, but no one came to speak to him. They were talking to each other, but Atsushi couldn’t hear any of it. Usually, they would deliberately talk about him loud enough to be heard by him, but this time, they were speaking in a low voice.

Even though they’re talking while I’m here, what a bunch of irrational people.

Well, I don’t care about it.

But, should I ask someone… nah, no way right. Even if I ask, they won’t answer me.

As expected, if you were to ask something related to you, most of the time, you wouldn’t get a decent answer. Even if you were to ask directly like, “What are you guys gossiping?”

Should I ask the chairman later?

If it’s him, who pays attention to the student in the class, perhaps he may know something.

Depending on the content, it may be a little long story. If so, it’s best to ask him during lunch or after school instead of a short brea


Yuri, who entered the classroom with no expression as usual, was screaming in her heart, by she sent it to Atsushi by telepathy.

『”Like I always said, don’t scream from the morning. So, what happened?”』

『”It’s an emergency!!! We need to hold a strategy meeting during the lunch break! So please go straight to the club room later!”』

『”Ah, today’s lunch break is a little bit…”』

『”Please! My life is on the line!!!”』


Atsushi couldn’t refuse the pressure of Yuri’s voice even though it was by telepathy, and although he was amazed by it, he reluctantly accepted her request. 

And so, Atsushi’s plan on the lunch break… it was to hear Yuri’s problem.


Lunch break.

Atsushi who came to the club room was forced to join ‘Yuri’s strategy meeting’…

『”This, what do you think about this…? 』

While saying so, what was taken out by Yuri, was a memo….

【I have something to tell you. 

After school today, please come to the bench in the back school building

from your classmate, Hashida】

Such words were written on it.

“Hmm… to say it straightforwardly…. it’s, a love letter?”

Even though at the end Atsushi wasn’t that sure with his word, hearing what he said, Yuri dropped her head.

『”Yeah right… Seeing what’s written here, I can’t say any other.”』

“But still, it’s a rare nowadays, something like a love letter.”

『”Yes. I think so, too. I mean, I’ve never thought that something like this actually exists… I thought it’s just something existed only in a light novel or a manga.”』

Of course, someone in this world might still doing that. However, in the environment where Atsushi and Yuri were, calling someone to meet after school with a love letter, was something really rare.

『”Anyway, what should I do with this…”』

“Even if you ask me… for the time being, why don’t you go to meet him after school. I mean, he even wrote his name in the love letter. He’s prepared for it.”

『”Well, that may be the case, but… honestly, being someone’s girlfriend, is something I can’t imagine… at least with someone I’ve never talked to… It’s impossible…”』

“It’s an exaggeration to say that you’ve never talked with him, I mean, he’s in our class.”

『”Then, Atsushi-san. Have you ever talked to this Hashida-san?”』


Atsushi finally realized that his words were thoughtless.

To be honest, neither Atsushi nor Yuri remembered the faces and names of everyone in their class. In the case of Atsushi, they disliked him, and in the case of Yuri, she had no intention of being their friend in the first place.

『”Huft… Wait, maybe, this is… Some kind of punishment game?”』

“Why is it a punishment game to confess to you? Anyway, in the first place, isn’t something like this, had happened to you? You’ve been confessed once or twice, right?”

『”Hmmph, You underestimated me too much, Atsushi-san. Even if I’m a popular girl, in the first place, I didn’t really associate myself with others, you know? So, there wasn’t some event that could develop to a confession.”』

Hearing Yuri who said so with a smug face, Atsushi thought…

Like I always said, don’t say that kind of thing proudly, huft, what a disappointing fairy.

Still even if it’s her usual, I can’t help but to feel sad for her.

“Anyway, at least go, just go.”

『”Well, perhaps I should… But, what if this is a trap?”』

“Why’re you so paranoid? I mean, why don’t you read their mind with your telepathic ability?”

『”What are you talking about huh, Atsushi-san? My telepathic ability is not that convenient. In the first place, I can’t communicate with it unless I send the telepathy first and the other party responds. Also, I can only send to one person at one time. To put it simply, it’s like a phone.”』

“Aaah, I see”

Yeah right, every time we talk with telepathy, she was the one who called me first.

『”In addition, the one being returned is just something that you’re conscious of, I mean it’s only something that you’re trying to say. I can’t look deep into your heart, the truth of your heart. I can’t even hear it.”』

“Is that so?”

『”Yeah. But, I personally think that this ability is just about right. To be honest, being able to hear the other person’s heart, is something that I don’t want to have. I mean, you can hear things you don’t want to hear, right?”』

If you could read the other person’s heart, you could certainly judge whether that person was lying or not, and also you might hear what you wanted to know. However, if by that, you might hear something you didn’t want to hear or know, no matter how convenient the ability might be, for sure it wouldn’t be what every person wanted to have.

『”So, I can’t tell if the other person is lying or not. And that’s why. Atsushi-san――― please come with me after school.”』


In that moment, Atsushi thought.

Why did she come to that conclusion?

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 26

26. Talking about the movie, silently

『”Well… it was, reallyー interesting. Really, what’s with that development? Isn’t that super good? In the previous movie, they got beaten up so bad, and this time, the story started with the aftermath of each hero whose heart was broken, and crawling up back. Even though it’s a royal road, my heart was beating the whole time, and I even cried.”』

『”Yeah, that’s right.”』

『”But, what’s really amazing was after that. With the help of the female supporters who have supported “Revengemans” until now, they found the weaknesses of the enemy and restored the collapsed Earth. To be honest, I never thought it will be like that… “』

『”Yeah, at that time, I thought, “Oh, so, that’s the way huh.””』

『”But what was really awesome was the last battle scene. Looking back on it now, this movie fighting scene was only that last thirty minutes, right? And, who thought that, Titan, who would “go run out of control, if he passed the time limit”, was the one who fight against the enemy for everyone, and while becoming tattered, he managed to take one arm and one eye of the enemy. Really, it was so good.”』

『”Right. After all, it was Titan who made the hero lost in the previous movie. I got goose bumps over there.”』

『”But what was really ridiculous was that after that! Thunderman’s thunder and Metal’s strongest alloy were combined into a Thunder Sword. And the the one who used it, it was Master Shield! Among the members, Master Shield, who just a human being, confronted the strongest enemy! “This is human’s power!!!”, that lines really made my heart beating fast.”』

『”Yeah, right. Really. In a war, sword and shield are classic weapons, but that’s why I thought it was perfect for this movie.”』

『”But, because of that too strong power, Master Shield… Master… Masteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrr!!!”』

Yuri was screaming hard in the telepathy, but this time around, Atsushi nodded strongly.

They were talking about the movie, usually, Atsushi would speak with his mouth, but…

They were in a restaurant near the movie theater. People who had finished watching a movie, often went to this place on their way home. However, unlike usual, many people who were going to watch movies from now on, in there. Still, even without those people in there, talking about the impressions of the movie which just released not long ago in a loud voice like a fool, talking spoilers like that could be considered as an inappropriate act.

So, they were telepathically exchanging their thoughts.


If you look at them from the side…

“Oi, what are those two doing… they’ve been silently nodding, or doing some gestures to each other since a while ago.”

“Moreover, it seems that a conversation is established… Wait, they haven’t opened their mouth at all, so calling it as a ‘conversation’ is strange.”

“Well, but… for sure they’re having fun.”

Those two who were having a heated conversation about the movie by telepathy, didn’t notice other’s voice at all.

They kept that passionate conversation even while eating,

But then…

『”Oh, that’s right. Atsushi-san, take this.”

Suddenly, Yuri handed over a small pouch.

Then, Atsushi looked at the contents.

『”This is… a key chain of Master Shield’ shield.”』

『”Atsushi-san, your favorite is Master Shield, right? I bought it at the goods section a while ago.”』

What Yuri said was right.

Atsushi’s favorite was indeed, “Master Shield”, the only member of the group, the leader, a human being. And the reason why he also shed tears for this movie.


『”Well, I’ve been indebted to Atsushi-san. So, at least, as a thank you.”』

『”I, see…..”』

『”Eh… perhaps, my guess was off!?? No way… I saw Atsushi-san’s reaction, and decided which character was your favorite by that…!!! Huft, perhaps, a female character would be better!?? Perhaps, you prefer that ‘Sarah’, Master Shield’s younger sister, one of the supporters, who has the biggest breasts in the “Revengeman’s” series….?”』

『”No, my favorite character is indeed, Master Shield, so you’re not wrong. Don’t worry. And, don’t make a strange guess.”』

Atsushi stopped Yuri who was about to misunderstand in a strange direction.

What stunned him was not about that.

Simply, it was because, he just received a gift from a girl of the same generation. It was the first time for him.

Considering Atsushi, who only had few friends, it was a rare thing. Moreover, it from a beautiful girl like Yuri, it was the first time in his life.

That was why he couldn’t hide his confusion.

……No, perhaps it would be better to say that,

He was happy with the gift from his friend.

And so,


With his mouth, he said the word, properly.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 25

25. What’s wrong with being a movie otaku

” ―――No way, I’ve never thought that you would be here to see this movie. It’s totally unexpected. Well, I’ve always thought that you might have some otaku hobbies, but I can’t believe it’s real. I don’t think I’ll meet you in a place like this. It seems that there really is such a thing as ‘coincidence’.”

“……I’m more surprised than you, I mean seeing your clothes right now, it’s unbelievable.”

Hiiragi was dressed exactly what you would expect from an Otaku.

A T-shirt with the “Revengemans” logo, and a bag with a design based on each character. And the metal badges attached to the bag, was the one designed based on each hero.

“For you to seriously walking around dressed like that, I’ve never thought you’re a big fan of this series.”

“Mmm. Is it that strange?”

“…No. It’s not strange, but… can’t you came with something better?”

“This is like my formal wear, because I always look like this when I come to see this series.”

“Seriously…? The image of the chairman in my head is steadily collapsing, you know…”

“By the way, this is the third time.”

“Yep, now it’s completely crumbled into a fine dust.”

Excellent grades. Clear head. And also good at sports.

Who would expect such a man walking around the town like an Otaku? No one right?

Hiiragi then told another story to Atsushi who was still in shock.

“This is off topic, but it seems that you were involved with Sayama again.”

“That is…”

Speaking of that, the last time I was involved with Sayama, Hiiragi wasn’t there.

“Don’t make such a face. I didn’t mean anything about it. I heard from the teacher about the situation. You didn’t do something bad at all…. It may be not my place to say this, but don’t worry about it too much. He’s a little emotionally unstable right now. “


“Sayama belonged to the soccer club and was also a regular player… The other day, he was injured during practice and was removed from the regular team. At first glance, you might not notice it, but he was forbidden to do hard exercises.”

“Ah, I see…”

I knew that Sayama was in a soccer club. That’s why I was wondering why he didn’t go to club activities lately and was leaving school with others. So that’s it huh..

In short, Sayama was injured in practice. And so, he got demoted from regular.

And it led to the attitude he showed to Atsushi…

“In short, he’s taking it out on somebody else?”

“Well, I guess so. As for the reason why it’s you, it’s simple. At that time, you were the only one who he didn’t like.”

Yuri, who he invited was stolen by Atsushi.

And the other one, Atsushi was trying to teach Yuri.

That, mixed with the irritation of being removed from the regular, it resulted in his overreacting attitude to Atsushi.

“Sayama was injured because of none other than himself. Therefore, besides taking it out on somebody else. There is no other excuse… But it’s also because he was trying his best. He was injured because of he wanted to do his best. It seems that he was practicing too much. I’m not saying that you should forgive him. There is no need for it, but I want you to know that there is a reason for it.”

Until the end, Hiiragi didn’t say that Sayama was bad.

It must be his consideration for Sayama as the chairman.

“When Sayama does something like that again, tell me right away. I can’t say I’ll be able to solve it every time, but I’ll follow as much as I can.”

“Oi oi, is that okay? Helping someone like me that much.”

“I’m not going to support more than necessary. I just can’t overlook unreasonable behavior.”

“Is that so… But still, as expected of you, the chairman. You’re really looking over your classmates.”

“Of course, because I’m the chairman. It’s my job to observe and organize the class.”


“But… Even me, I don’t know everything about the class. One of it is, the rumor about you. I still don’t know the cause of such a rumor, or where it came from. Even now, I still can’t say for sure. If I’ve to guess, probably it was spread from our class…”

As the chairman, of course Hiiragi was thinking about that rumor too.

However, the source of the rumor, like one would expect, was usually unknown. It often ended up in vain when you looked it up. And above all, it wouldn’t make any sense to waste your energy for that.

“Don’t worry. There’s nothing you can do about it. Even if you search for the culprit now, that won’t solve anything.”

“That’s right, but… I’m afraid of the future. It’s still good if the rumors were just pranks. But… if someone is doing it willfully, it’s pretty bad, don’t you think so? And someone may even do something more insidious.”

“Oi oi. I’m the most hated person in the school right now, you know? What do you want me to do? There’s nothing…”

“That’s right, but…”

Hiiragi shook his head and smiled bitterly.

“…Well, let’s stop it for now. I’m going to watch a movie from now on, if I’m just talking about something dark like this, the air will just get worse… It’s about time for the show. I’m sorry to bother you. Also, I don’t want to be a third wheel.”

“?? What do you mean?”

“There is one popcorn, but two drinks. Is there only one answer associated with this?”

Hiiragi said so while raising his glasses.

Atsushi didn’t say anything in return.

Now, no matter what I say, I could only think it as digging my own grave.

“Then, please say hello to ‘her’ for me.”

After saying so, Hiiragi left the place.

It seems, he noticed it from the beginning.

What a terrifying intuition. In addition of the words he said earlier, if this is his usual self, I can only say that he’s a good man without any complaint.


“… Really, other than what he’s wearing, I’ve nothing to say about what he said at all…”

From the bottom of his heart, Atsushi thought so.

TN: For the one who’s wondering why he’s called as an otaku even though what he’s seeing is just a movie… Well, in Japan, Otaku = is also used as a terms for someone who’s into something (mainly pop culture) more than necessary. Sure if someone says Otaku, the first that came to their mind might be the one who’re into Anime and Manga.
For example :
There is Movie Otaku (Movie Freak), Train Otaku (Liking train too much, really), Idol Otaku, Music Otaku, etc…
Game Otaku (It’s different from gamer)

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 24

24. Check the time. Please. No joke.

“Well well~, I’m really surprised. I’ve never thought that I’ll the chance to see Ak-kun’s ‘Asa-Chun’ scene.” [TN: ‘Asa-chun’, Or if I translate it literally to English will be ‘Morning-Chirp’. It’s a word mainly seen in anime, manga, light novel, when the writer wants to omit the ‘R-18’ scene, cause the writer doesn’t want to write or know how to write it in words. Whether it’s really R-18 or not, they want to leave it to the reader’s imagination]

“Oi, that word is not correct at all, and depending on how you hear it, it’ll leads to some misunderstandings.”

“Heー, I mean, no matter how you look at the situation, you had do… Oouch, it hurttt!?”

“You, really don’t learn huh.”

Atsushi muttered such words while doing iron claw on Tsubasa.

Well, if you looked at the situation, it might be reasonable to think so.

“Seriously… anyway, why did you come here from the morning?”

“Well, I was able to take a vacation for the first time in a long time, so I was thinking of going out to play somewhere but… well, if you’ve other plan already, it can’t be helpedー, yeah it can’t be helpedー, right.”

“Oi. Why are you grinning like that?”

“Hmmー? Nothingー”

Tsubasa laughed.

Atsushi couldn’t understand what that meant, but for sure he was a little annoyed, so he decided to give Tsubasa another iron claw.

And while Tsubasa was in agony, Yuri who had finished her preparation came to the living room.

『”A-Atsushi-san! I’m ready!”』


『”But Atsushi is really a worrywart. How could you about to leave now…”』

『”I mean of course. What If we somehow couldn’t reach there in time for the movie.”』

『”Hahaha. What are you talking about huh, Atsushi-san. The movie starts at 10:30 am. And now it’s 9 am. Even if it takes 30 minutes by bus from here, isn’t it more than enough?”』

Yuri sent a lot of words by telepathy.

…..What is it? For a moment, I feel like a terrible chill just ran down my spine.

“By the way, Ak-kun. When does the movie start?”

“From 10:30 am”

“Eh, are you okay?”

“?? What?”

“Because now, it’s 10 am you know?”



Atsushi and Yuri, whose faces turned pale for a moment in the words of Tsubasa.

And at the same time, they looked at the clock in the living room.

『”Wait, I mean that watch is…” 』

“… Oh, right. That clock was about an hour late…”

Atsushi, who had been watching movies since Friday, completely forgotten to correct the clock in his living room.

In addition, because he was in his house, he didn’t bother to check the time on smartphone either.

And the result of the combination of these factors…


In instant,

A weird scream echoed in Atsushi’s head.


In conclusion, Atsushi and Yuri managed to make it in time for the movie.

『”Well~, we managed to make it in time. I didn’t expect that Tsubasa’s manager would bring us here with car.”』

Apparently, Tsubasa’s manager was waiting in the car, and they were sent here with that car.

In the first place, Tsubasa had the manager waiting in the car since he planned to go out with Atsushi somewhere. As expected of Tsubasa.

“My bad. This time, it’s completely my mistake.”

『”It’s okay. we’re in time after all. Instead, let’s go buy it soon!!!”』

“? Buy? What do you want to buy? We already have the tickets, you know?”

『”Hee, Atsushi-san. Isn’t it decided? Speaking of movies, it’s popcorn and drink!!! Without those two, it won’t be complete!!!”』

Popcorn and drink at the cinema. A staple set. That’s for sure.


“Ahー… personally, I don’t really want to eat and drink while watching the movie.”

『”Huh? No no no, I mean yesterday, didn’t you watch the movies while eating sweets?”』

“That’s because it’s inside a house. If you drink juice, eat sweets, and want to go to the bathroom at the final battle, you will be troubled, right?”

『”Mm, mmmmm. Well, there’s that reason.”』

“Especially, I heard that this final film has the longest screening time of all the series.”

『”T-That’s right. With that in mind… I guess, it’s best to refrain from buying popcorn and drink… “』

Yuri lost her energy.

Of course, there was no change in facial expression. However, Atsushi, who could hear her telepathy, continued his words with a smile.

“… But, it can be stressful not to eat or drink anything for that long, so just in case, let’s buy it, but try not to eat or drink too much, okay?”

『”Hm!?? Well then…..”』

“Well, please don’t order too much. Also, as an apologize from me, I will pay for it. What do you want?”

『”Then, butter and soy sauce popcorn, and the drink is cola!!!”』

“It’s the standard set huh. Okay. Wait here.”

With that said, Atsushi went to buy popcorn and drink alone.

The shop was a little crowded because it was before the screening time. 

However, it wasn’t a long line, it would be a matter of waiting a few minutes and your turn would come.

Therefore, Atsushi didn’t consider it as a problem.

But then,

“Oops, I’m sorry.”

Perhaps because it was crowded, Atsushi bumped into the customer who was lining up there.

“Ah, me too… Hmm? Are you, Yamagami?”

At that moment, Atsushi turned to the direction of the voice as it was a familiar voice.


“Wait-, are you ――― Hiiragi?”


Stood Yukitou Hiiragi, dressed in Revengemans‘ goods.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 23

23. Pulling all-nighter for 3 days in straight is hard

Current time, Saturday 8:00 pm.

Atsushi and Yuri were watching the end-roll screen on TV with black bears under their eyes.

『”Kufu, Kufufu … How was it, Atsushi-san? … What’s your impression of it…?”』

“……….I’m sleepy”

『”No, no… it’s not about that. I’m asking about your impression of those ten blockbusters…”』

“It’s a fact, you know it can’t be helped…”

The truth, Atsushi would like to give various impressions.

Yeah, it was super fun. At first, I thought it would be a common hero movie, but as the series overlapped, heroes who wouldn’t have met intersected to each other, and then a new story was created from there.

There was a lot of foreshadowing. Also, it had an exciting story development, and a good battle scene.

To be honest, I regret not being able to see these movies in the theater. 

But at the same time, it made me want to see the final work as soon as possible.

Astushi was thinking like that, but, however.

He was attacked by drowsiness that overwrote even such thoughts.

And it wasn’t just Atsushi who was attacked.

“By the way, you too, look sleepy… don’t you…?”

『”What, did you say…? I, am still good~… just that my consciousness is fading in and out, once every… ten… secondsー… hah, dangerous, it was dangerous…”』

“It looks like you’ll fall asleep at any moment, though?”

It was understandable. After all, Atsushi and Yuri really watched this series for 20 hours in a row.

Of course, they properly had a meal and bath. But still, they didn’t sleep at all.

Thanks to that, also probably because they were concentrating on the movie until a while ago, as soon as it ended, their consciousness started to fade away.

“Anyway, you really did it. I still couldn’t believe that you really accompanied me watching all of these. I mean, lending all of these to me should be more than enough, you know?”

『”Well, Atsushi-san complied with my selfishness. Then, isn’t staying up all night with you, the least I should do?”』

“So, you were aware that you were selfish …”

While being aware of that, she still did it…

How to say… she’s really a disappointing fairy.

Atsushi reaffirmed that.

『”And … As I said, I’ve been watching this series for a long time, alone. And a friend with who I can share such hobbies, Atsushi-san is the first… No. to be precise, the one I can call as my otaku friend, Atsushi-san is the only one.”』


『”That’s why I’m so happy… I’ve never thought, that there’ll be a time I’ll go to see my favorite movie with someone… But that’s why, I wanted to convey how fun and exciting, this movie will be…”』

Hearing that, Atsushi became speechless.

“Atsushi-san is the only one” … That simple word, somehow made him happy.

Therefore, he was getting relaxed and so his mouth started to get a little loose.

“Is that so…? Well, what a coincidence. Me too.”

『”Eh? 』

“I, you know, I’m like this… I’ve always been bad at making friends… Even without the current rumors, I’m sure I would have been isolated in class.”

It wasn’t self-deprecation, it was a hard fact.

Elementary, junior high, even after entering high school, Atsushi had no one that he could call as a friend. Originally, he himself wasn’t good at socializing and speaking. In addition, a scary face with scratches on the face. 

You might have heard a saying, ‘Don’t judge a person by their appearance’, but, you could also say, that the first impression of you would determine how other people contact with you. With that in mind, Atsushi could be said to be in the worst category, and that was why, he was convinced that he would have a hard time to fit into new surroundings.


Yuri directly denied it.

『”No way. For Atsushi-san to be the same, that’s not possible.”』

“Huh? Why?”

『”Because, you see. Atsushi-san, somehow you’re nice to get along with, somehow you’ll give me attention, somehow you’ll cooperate with anything I asks… you’re the definition of a person who will do something for other regardless of whatever it is.』

“Hey, are you complimenting me or not?”

『”It’s a compliment you knowー…  a person, that wouldn’t mind doing something together with you… I think, I’m so lucky to be friends with that kind of person…”』

Atsushi thought that what Yuri said might be true.

After all, what you had been doing alone until now all of a sudden, someone would do it together with you.

Even though that someone might be only one person, nevertheless the world would look different.

『”That’s why Atsushi-san. I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s mov…ie… “』

“Like I said, don’t sent any more telepathy, if you want to sleep…”

While saying that, Atsushi squeezed his energy and went to get the blanket and put it on Yuri.

And he himself lay down on the floor of the living room.

Yeah, it’s hard to stay up all night for 3 days in a row …

Atsushi didn’t have the energy to bring Yuri to bed anymore, let alone the energy to go to his own bed.

To be honest, he was pretty tired.

I wonder why… but I’m enjoying this moment…

With that in mind, Atsushi closed his eyelids.

The next morning.

“Umm… what kind of situation is this…?”

It was Tsubasa who came to Atsushi’s house.

And saw,

Atsushi sleeping loosely in the living room, while Yuri sleeping with his belly as a pillow.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 22

22. A series, it’s something that you want to see in one go

『”Huftー, I can’t believe itー, reallyー. Atsushi-san has never seen any of “Revengemans” series, not even one… Are you really an ‘Otaku’? Are you really a man? No, are you even a human?”』

“Oi, it’s not like I don’t know it at all, it’s just that I’ve never watched the movie, why you have to say that much?”

Sure, the “Revengemans” series is a fairly famous movie work.

Originally, it’s a series in which multiple overseas heroes cooperated and shared the same worldview. It has set numerous records and is very popular all over the world, also has many fans.

Still, it’s unexpected to be told so far just because I didn’t watch the movie.

『”Well, please rest assured. I came here today, for Atsushi-san!”』

Yes, Yuri had come to Atsushi’s house.

To be precise, she went home once before going to his house. Therefore, she had changed her clothes.

Why did she go home once? That was because she had to get something.

『”I brought the entire series of “Revengemans” so far! “Thunder Man”, “My Metal”, “Blazing Titan”, “Master Shield”, of course, other than that four, I’ve brought all the series after that too!!!”』

Blu-ray discs were lined up on the desk.

The number was about ten.

“…Hey, do I really need to see this all?”

『”Isn’t it natural!!? If you don’t see all of this, you can’t go to see the final movie of “Revengemans”!!! It’s okay, don’t worry!!! I’ll explain everything you don’t understand, from the order in which you should watch and the relationships between the characters!!!”』

“Even if you want to explain it… it’s already night, you know?”

『”No problem! I’ve already contacted my parents! When I said I was going to stay at my friend’s house, they gave me the permission right away while crying!!!”』

“Oi oi, there’s no way a parent will allow their daughter to stay at a man’s house… Wait a minute. Shirasawa. Maybe you didn’t tell them that you gonna go to a man’s house?”

『”No one cares about that!!!”』

“I see. I somehow understand the situation.”

So, her parents were delighted knowing that their daughter have friends and so they allowed her to stay over without saying anything.

They probably didn’t think it would be a man’s house.

Normally, your parents would ask whose house it is, but maybe because their daughter, who has too few friends, suddenly said that she’ll stay over her friend’s house, they were so happy to the point they forgot about it…

That said, her behavior is still unusual.

“Wait, you. do you realize that you’re not only coming to a man’s house, but also to stay over there? Really, you’ve got a lot of nerves.”

『”You know it can’t be helped!!! The ticket date is Sunday, the day after tomorrow. It’s only today and tomorrow, if you’re not going to watch it from the start now, when are you going to watch it!!!”』

“I don’t know. But, more importantly, you really should fix that habit. I don’t know if your common sense is getting strange because you’re so excited, but I’m really worried, really.”

I’ve never thought that she would go this far so that she can watch the movie together.

And also,

Why don’t you use that much energy in your daily school life?

“Anyway, do you think I can see all of these in time?”

『”It’s gonna be fine. Tomorrow is Saturday. In other words, no school, right?”』

“Oi, what about my schedule on Saturday.”

Ten movies. If one movie is about one or two hours. It will take at least about 20 hours.

Even if I use all of my Friday night and Saturday, it’ll be very close.

Yeah, in other words, Atsushi was told to spend all his Saturday on watching the movies.

『”Pleaseee!!! I, have been watching this series by myself. But, finally, I can fiーnally go see the movie with someone!!! For that purpose, with proper knowledges, feelings and excitement!! I want you to go with all of that!!! So, please, somehow please…!!!”』


Yuri kept asking for such things.

Even so, her face was expressionless as usual.

However, there was no doubt that what she said by telepathy was all serious.

To be honest, I don’t hate watching movies. No, rather I like it.

Only if I’m in a normal state. 

But, I didn’t sleep for two days. In such a state, it’ll be impossible to watch ten movies in one go. Sure I don’t need to watch it all night, but, I’m sure I won’t be able to sleep peacefully until I finish watching everything. I bet I won’t be able to focus on it.


With that in mind, Atsushi sighed.

“… Huft, I guess I need to pull another all-nighter…”

『”T-That means…!!!”』

“Alright, get it ready quickly. Also, don’t complain if I fall asleep on the way.”

『”OK! At that time, I will poke your eyes so that you wake up!!!”』

“Yeah. It’s okay to wake me up, but don’t poke my eyes.”

With that said, Atsuhi and Yuri started watching the movie.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 21

21. The real extrovert

“Pre-President Kameshita, are you okay?”

“Fu, Fufufufu… I’m okay. Miss Shirasawa’s machine gun talk impressions are the same as usual…”

However, Kameshita was on all fours, and his legs were shaking. As expected, Yuri’s words were on his mind.

Personally, I thought President’s Light Novel, was really interesting…

There were some quirks with Kameshita’s novel. So not everyone would like it. However, you could feel that the impressions Yuri gave to Kameshita’s works were all genuine.

In the previous point, Yuri never said that it was “not interesting”. On the contrary, she said, that she liked it, that it was fun to read. Given that, she probably likes Kameshita’s work as well. 

Perhaps that was the reason of Yuri’s machine gun talk. Because she liked it, she was pointing out at it harshly.

She was talking so passionately. It’s my favorite so I give such criticisms, perhaps it’s that kind of criticism…

Well, I don’t think it’s a good idea to beat up the author’s mental to that point.

However, to such a tattered Kameshita, his childhood friend gave a merciless word.

“Come on, get up. fast. It’s already this time, I’m going home.”

“Yeah. That’s right. I have to reflect on what Miss Shirasawa told me and write a new one!”

In a moment, the man who was shaking his legs up until not long ago stood up at once and said such a thing with a cheerful voice.

Atsushi was stunned by the speed of his resurrection.

“You’ve recovered already? That’s amazing…”

“Well, it’s one of his few good points.”

With a bitter smile, Tsurumi said such words.

Then, Kameshita put his hand in the bag as if he just remembered something.

“Oh, that’s right. Miss Shirasawa. If you don’t mind, could you please take this?”

“…..!? This is….!!”

Looking at the two sheets of paper taken out, Yuri’s face became serious.

Things that change her face, which was always expressionless.

『”Isn’t this the movie ticket for the final movie of that Legendary American Comic, that was released the other day, that “Revengemans Forever”, reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!』

A roar was sent to Atsushi.

『”Don’t scream, it’s so noisy”』

『”Don’t scream!? That’s impossible, Atsushi-san!!! This movie is so popular that it’s difficult to even make an online reservation!!! Actually, I’ve tried to book online many times over the last few days, but I’ve always failed… and that movie ticket is here!!! Is there anyone who isn’t happy with this!??”』

Yuri who enthusiastically speaks.

In today’s world, movies could be booked online without having to buy the ticket directly at the cinema. So, in a situation where you couldn’t even get the ticket on the net, it might be natural for you to shout if you were given the ticket.

“I was actually planning to go with Rinko, but I couldn’t go since I’ve some minor business to do.”

“Shirasawa-san, If I’m not mistaken, you said that you like this series before. So, if you don’t mind, can you go instead?”

“And if possible, Young Yamagami too.”

“Me, too?”

“Because I’ve two tickets. It’s a bit weird to say this in for the person, but I know that Miss Shirasawa doesn’t have friends with this kind of hobbies. So, would you please go with her? Of course, that’s if you don’t hate it. “

Just from those words, you could teel that they understand Yuri well.

In addition, Kameshita casually gave Atsushi the right to choose.

So, he’s a person who pay attention to such a place.

On the other hand, Yuri sent a telepathy to Atsushi.

『”Really? Seriously? Senpai, are you a god!?? I’m sure you are a god, yeah, they were the Buddhas who provided me with this club room, yes, I reconfirmed it now, thank you very much, Buddhas!! And so, Let’s go to the movie together Atsushi-saaaaaaaaaaaannn!!!』

『”Okay, for the time being, calm yourself down”』

Right now, Yuri was so excited

Of course, the beautiful girl who were stunned since she saw the ticket didn’t show her excitement on the outside . However, in her heart, she made a strange voice as if she was dancing like a crazy person, and even those incomprehensible words were sent by telepathy to Atsushi.

As always, why is the inside so different from the outside?

“Is that okay? For me to go”

“It’s okay. As Soichiro said earlier, but it’ll be a waste if you don’t go. Besides, I’m indebted to you, for taking care Shirasawa-san. Well, it’s not exactly for that, but if you can enjoy it, I’ll be happy too. “

Hearing such words, Atsushi went to think about it.

What are these two people? Are they really gods? Or angels?

Both of them understand their Kouhai well and are kind to me who they just met. To be honest, one of them has a ‘unique’ character, but both of them without a doubt are a good person.


Shirawasa always said about ‘Extrovert” this and that, or whatever it is, but isn’t that refer to people like them?

Well, there is no reason to reject their favors

“Then, I’ll accept your kind offer”

In this way, Atsushi decided to go to the movies with Yuri.

But then,

『”Ah, but I’ve never seen this series, is that okay?”』

『”Whaaaaat? Are you serious?”』

Atsushi’s back got a little cold because of the telepathy that seemed to be mixed with murderous intent.

Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 20

For the one who read ch 18 and 19 before I updated it, I made a mistake, I mixed the president and the vice-president of the club.
So, The President of the club is the man, Soichiro Kameshita, and the Vice-President is the woman, Rinko Tsurumi.

20. When you’re talking something you like, it usually becomes long

“―――And that’s why, president’s work is still too strong in ‘anti-elements’. No, I understand what you want to say. I understand it enough. Since the one popular right now is ‘Reincarnated’ and ‘I am strong’, you want to make story with that in mind, so I think that there is no problem in that regard. But the content is too niche. I mean, punching down the hero of such a ‘Reincarnated’ and ‘I am strong’ story, only a few people who want to reach such a story online. I understand that you’re aiming for that kind of group, but I think that the number of people who want such a story is too small. Well, I’m one of those few people, so I personally enjoyed it a lot, but that’s it. From an objective point of view, you should write something that suit the niche with larger number of followings.”

“Then, you have a bad habit of ruining the heroine. Ah, it’s good that you write more of the hero’s thoughts and his activities. The readers can put themselves into his character. But, that’s why the heroine becomes important. In the story, the heroine is the who always supports the hero who has become tattered. It’s important to write such girls more attractively. I mean, don’t make the heroine says, ‘You’re the best!”, “Wonderful!”, “I fell in love with you!”, no matter what you do. On the contrary, it’s hard to remember her, because her character is too shallow. You need to remember, the readers are not only the main character, but also the heroines. So, her cute, cool, and a little naughty side, any part is fine, please show it more and make her more memorable.”

“In addition, a story about the hero’s and the heroine’s relationships, or something like that, you should write more of that part. Your story, it’s not only about how the hero and the heroine being connected, but it can be a story where the hero supports the heroine that he likes with all his might. The probability of it go to that way is extremely high. It’s okay to makes a story goes that route, you know? It’s not bad, I personally like it. Especially something like, “The protector of a secret love”, such as a theme is not bad too. For example, one day, the hero knew the heroine had a secret relationship with someone, so the hero decided to fight and struggled alone for their happiness. I can relate with such a character.”

“But, But. The readers just want to see the hero and the heroine’s flirting, and how they love-loving with each other. However, when the heroine eventually sticks to another man in the end of story, that kind of development is hard to gasp. After all, the main character is the reader’s avatar in that story. If the lover goes to another man, everyone will get angry, and rage. So, isn’t it okay to write a story where the main character and the heroine are finally together? Or rather, I would like to read such a story. Oh, by the way…”

Yuri gave her impressions and criticisms one after another with her own mouth.

That appearance of her was something Atsushi couldn’t imagine. Rather, it was his first time seeing her speaking properly.

“…Really, when it comes to her favorite genre, she becomes so talkative.”

It’s not like I don’t understand it but, in her case, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s overkill. The difference in her appearance from usual is too large.

“Is it okay, to not stop ‘it’?”

“Yeah. It’s okay. ‘it’ is the same as usual. So, no problem.”

“The same as usual huh…”

Just because Yuri became friends with Atsushi, her senpais shed happy tears. All of that because they knew Yuri’s disappointing aspects.

“Well, they’re having fun there, so let’s leave them alone. Then, can I hear your impressions about mine?”

“Eh? That… is it okay?”

“Ara? Do you have some problem with it?”

“Well, I mean… Tsurumi-senpai wrote it for women, right? So, is it okay for me as a man to give an opinion?”

“Of course. Sure I’m writing novel for women, but I’m going to make something that even men can read and enjoy. So, I’d like to hear your opinion as a reader.”

“Is that so? Then…”

With that said, Atsushi gave Tsurumi, his honest opinions.

All the stories of Tsurumi had written were romance novels. There was something like vampires in the story, but the center of the story was romance.

Originally, Atsushi didn’t read much romance novels. Especially the ones with a female protagonist.

However, even so, Atsushi was able to be absorbed in Tsurumi’s novel.

“―――So, in summary, I think it’s okay to add a little more brightness to your novel. The overall tone of the story is too dark.”

“Ummm, I see. Then, I’ll write while thinking about that next time.”

After hearing Atsushi’s opinions, Tsurumi smiled.

“Even so, I’m glad.”

“Hm? About what?”

“That a person like you became a friend of Shirasawa-san. She, was almost silent except when she was talking about her impressions, so I knew she had no friends.”

If you can get along with Yuri even a little, you would understand her disappointing aspects in no time. And at the same time, you would know that in fact, she didn’t have a friend.

So of course, if you were a senpai in same club as her, you would understand it even if you didn’t want to.

“She’s a strange girl, but even so, please continue to befriend her.”

“Yes, of course.”

In fact, Atsushi didn’t have that many friends. That was why he wanted to cherish the one that had become his friends. After all, there weren’t many people that he could talk anything without hesitation.

So, no matter how disappointing she might be, Yuri Shirasawa, had become an important friend of Atsushi,

I guess, our relationships wouldn’t change in the future.

“―――So, let’s make her cuter and more erotic! Don’t be half-hearted in showing her shyness! If you want to write the situation where a girl gets bewildered and embarrassed, you need to be bold in writing it! Boldness in important!”

…..Correction, let me take that back.

Atsushi began to rethink about his future with his friends.

TN : Just for some information, for some elements in a story, so when in the net you might see this tag.
転生物 -> ‘Reincarnated’ = Tenseisha [Usually it’s the MC]
俺tuee -> ‘I am strong’ = Ore tuee [The MC is strong]