VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 5

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5. Solo stream

“Awlright, time for stweaaam!”


: Here she come━━━━ (゚ ∀ ゚) ━━━━ !!

: So, this is No.1 stream in the world!

: Stweaamm? Right from the start? lol

: Eh? Who are you?

: It’s the opening and she’s drunk already, kusa

: Is this the live stream of the strong snowstorm I heard in rumors?

: Perhaps she’s a professional wrestler?

: I can’t feel she learn from her mistake at all ww

The comment section flowed at a speed I’ve never seen before.

Aaah, Tis is good! This pleasant feeling is the same as when I drink the third can of STZERO. [TN: well, she drank 2 the day before…]

“No, I really learned from my mistake. I’m serious. I’ll end my stream properly from now on! I’m sorry to everyone!”


: Hmm? Did the person behind change? Even though it’s an avatar I know, a different person is speaking!

: I guess, she got possessed?

: Confirm possessed, by STZERO

: At that that time when she suddenly called herself a sommelier even though, she’s just an alcoholic! The moment when she opened the can of STZERO and start spouting some remarks about underground empire made me burst into laughter

: Haven’t you reflected regarding the alcohol?

“Of course I was going to stop drinking. But the management doesn’t seem to be angry anymore, so whatever!”


: The management is sick in the head

: As usual, lol. Well, I guess since the management is chaos, even their VTuber are also chaos

: In conclusion, Live-On was Live-On

: Well, aren’t she drunk already?

“Haah? Of course. I finished one can already, ya know? If I’m sober, I don’t dare to come out in front of such a large number of people, after all, I have a shitty smallfry mental, ya know. Time for a long can.”



: Push! It’s not wwwwww

: Shitty smallfry mental (Seiso)

: She’s strong (Conviced)

: Oi, she’s really started drinking! ww

Right when my head started to stopped working, I gave a final blow with a water from the long can.

Aaaah, perfect!

GULP, GULP, GULP!  Mmmmmahhh, so gooooood!!!”


: Hmm? Are you perhaps drinking something that you shouldn’t do (drugs)?

: Well, I’m sure of it

: The sound when she was drinking made me want one too, but I’m back to reality when she starts speaking with a strange voice after that.

: The first time she drank when she’s streaming was because she forgot to end the stream, can you believe it?

: Return my ‘Seiso’ Awayuki-chan!

“Haah? I’m Seiso though? See this gentle and graceful expression carefully!”

I zoomed the face of my avatar, Awayuki. It was what they called, ‘Gachi-koi’ distance. [TN: which mean, it’s a distance where without a doubt will make your heart beats and fall in love.]

Up until now, it was mostly wonderful comments like ‘cute’ or ‘pretty’,



: A STZERO addict who thinks that she herself is ‘Seiso’

: You just reek of alcohol

: Didn’t her stream always pleasant talks in the tone of a young lady until just before this stream? Well, well…

The comment section, which was mostly people’s agonizing cries, was too interesting for me now.

Ah, I’ve always enjoying streaming, but maybe today the most fun stream I ever did.

Aaah, thank you STZERO … You’re not only heal me but also give me happiness…

I think, I fell in love.

“I’m going to marry STZERO”


: Kusa www

: Huh?

: What?

: Is there really a VTuber who declared marriage during stream?

: A woman who can only make legends

: Do you have any explanation about ‘Dochashiko’ that you said to Hikari-chan?

“Haah?  my favorite is someone who is pure and ignorant, ya know? If you don’t ‘Mas***bate’ to it, you’re being rude, ya know.”


: Oi, someone closes her mouth quickly! Every time she opens her mouth, a bomb comes out!

: I’ll FA* to it (For sure)

: Ahh, my stomach hurts www

“Rather, if you are a man, you should do it on the spot when you are attracted to a woman. Ya know, women like a straight and honest man.”


: Good point

: No way www

: Then, when I meet Awayuki-san, I will FA* right away without hesitation!

“No, don’t do that. I’ll report you, ya knwow.”


: What’s wrong with this girl

: It seems there’s no filter in her head, she just talks whatever came to her brain

After that, I continued chatting with such tension for a while.

My stream felt completely different from before. 

I was gradually fascinated by the indescribable sense of liberation, and my heartfelt laughter, which was not just a fake laugh, increased.

Aaaah, working at that black company for too long and my NEET life made me forgot that talking to someone else was such a fun thing …

I was also pleased with the comment section where the tension gradually increased over time….

The direction of the wind suddenly changed.


: Wait a sec, the second generations are coming lol


VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 4

4. Viral

“How did it end up like this…”

I muttered unintentionally when I saw the number of viewers waiting for stream at a level where there would be no problem even if I called myself the top VTuber.

I didn’t know how many times I had repeated the same word.

◇ Turn back the time a little ◇

After the case of forgetting to end my stream, I called Suzuki-san to apologize.

It was entirely my responsibility for exposing my ugly side of myself to the world, even though it was triggered by a PC malfunction.

I would not complain even if she were to say that I should take a break for a while, rather I was prepared to correct my inner ‘Oji’ during that period, and I even prepared to not drink my favorite water (STZERO), which had become one with my blood, anymore. [TN: ‘Oji’ means old man, but in this context, it means ’pervert man’, because in japan sometime, old man = people with bad behavior.]


“Ah, I definitely want you to never forget to end your stream again. But it’s okay to drink alcohol.”


What Suzuki-san said was the exact opposite of what I expected.

“Eh? Why are you fine with that? You know what I did right?! It’s a big accident at the level of character change?! It was like Mahatam Gandi has suddenly become the champion of bloody street fights!!”

“No, it was Yuki-san after all, so the higher ups in the company had already assumed this might happen…”


What those people talking about me? It’s true that many Live-On VTubers are said to have a crazy personality as a whole, and Live-On company often said as a hangout place for ‘dangerous’ people, but they really will just let big incident pass like this?

“I mean, wasn’t Yuki-san like that at the time of the interview? Don’t you remember?”

“Ah! What do you mean?! What did I do in the interview ?!”

“Well, don’t you really remember? You left a too strong impact at that time, and even now I feel uncomfortable with Yuki-san, who are like this…”

Even though it’s been about 3 months since the interview?!

“I mean, didn’t you aim for this moment? You pretend to be ‘Seiso’ all this time, so that the gap in your character feel more impactful? I completely thought so you know.”


“But for me, Yuki-san is a mess like Yujiro Han** and Heihachi E.” [TN: Yujiro Hanma from Grappler Baki and Edajima Heihaichi from Sakigake!! Otokojuku]


I didn’t remember what I was doing because of the tension at that time, but what I was doing in such an important situation…Aahh!!!

But with this, I know the reason why I passed the interview.

The guys at Live-On, who interviewed me must thought that I was a super-class dangerous person and found it interesting, so they decided to accept me, yeah, definitely that’s the case!!!

“Well, well, I can’t believe a land mine like me got accepted…”

“You see, at that time they were troubled too you know? But to be a VTuber on Live-On,《Someone who could shine》is the recruitment standard. And it can be felt from Yuki-san.”

“I think I’m more like muddy water that has stagnated. I can’t shine.”

“Not at all, you’re shining right now. The character Kokorone Awayuki has become the focus of attention. Certainly, there were a few negative comments because it had too much impact, but it’s not at the level of a total backlash.”

Certainly, I was surprised at that fact too.

Actually, after that, I tried to do ego searching while feeling terrified, but even though there were a lot of remarks, surprisingly only few that could be taken as slander. Rather, most of them thought that it was fun and were hoping for the next stream.

“That means, many people are paying attention to, interested in, and attracted to Yuki-san, no matter how you are.”

“Is… that so?”

“Otherwise, they won’t wait for the next stream. Well, I’ll watch all of Yuki-san’s stream from now on, so if I think you almost crossed the line, I’ll stop it. So一 why don’t you try break free from the shell once? “

“Break free from the shell …”

“I’m sure the results won’t be bad. Rather, you’ve come to a point where you can’t go back anymore, you know? If you go back to pretend to be ‘Seiso’ again in your next stream, you’ll feel heaven-piercing discomfort.”


It hurts right on the spot….

In the end, Suzuki-san said that she would return to work and so the call was over.


Within a minute of hanging up, the ringtone for the next call started ringing again.

It was… Hikari-chan.

Urkk… this is so awkward.

But I can’t just not answer it right…

Alright, I need to prepare my resolve.


“Ah! Awayuki-chan, good morning! And congratulations! It’s really become a viral! It’s no.1 in the world! No.1 in the world! I don’t know that the usual Awayuki-chan is such a fun person! Somehow, it makes me got excited too!”

“Ah, ahahaha …”

Hikari-chan cheerfully congratulates me with her usual voice.

That was probably not a new way of insulting, but a truly words that came from the bottom of her heart. I understood it because I had been with her since the debut.

The usual Hikari-chan was almost the same as when she was streaming. Always bright and positive.

Hmm? Isn’t this my antonym that is second to none if it’s both sides?

“Ah, also, there was one thing I was curious about!”

“What is it?”

“You see, I just saw the clipped video that was cut from your stream because I was curious.”

“Yeah yeah”

As expected, it was clipped. lol

“I was curious about the word “Dochashiko” that Awayuki-chan said when watching Hikari’s stream, so I asked the manager!”


“Then, my manager told me that it means, Hikari is really attractive!”

Oi! Hikari-chan’s manager! What in the world are you doinggg?!!

You’re definitely said it on purpose, right?!! You were definitely grinning when you were telling her, right?!!

“Seriously! You made me embarrassed! Fuhehe…  Let’s collab again okay, bye bye!”

Hikari-chan ended the call with a storm in my heart.

Well, of course, I was heartbroken about the fact that my true nature was being known to other VTubers.

After that, chats and calls arrived from the other VTubers from the same company ‘Live-On’, such as Chami-chan. Regardless of whether they were senpai or not, what everyone said in common was that it was fun and happy to see what my true self.

Well, when I think about it now, I may have been somewhere away from everyone by hiding my true self.

Aah, somehow when I’m thinking about various things like this, I feel like I could live freely whatever I want.

◇ Back to the present ◇

“Alright, let’s do it…”

PUSH! (Sound of opening a pull tab)

I don’t know what to think about it anymore, so I decided to not give damn anymore… whatever!

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 3

3. Become a legend

“………. Umm”

I woke up from sleep when the bright sunlight from the scorching sun on a sunny morning came into my room.

“Urrgh… Ewrgg……..”

Oh no, I’m about to vomit. It’s always fun when I’m drinking Strong Zero, but I always get the worst hangover in the next morning.

Well, I can’t stop drinking though.

It’s almost every day for me to see hell in the morning. My body already accustomed to it. it’s already a routine.

It’ll be more poisonous to my body to change it now… yeah, I’m sure of it.

If I ever do this when I’m streaming, I’m sure the comments would be filled with “What?”.

Well, I don’t think I’ll ever do that, I’ve never drank alcohol in stream because I’m trying to look pure and neat during the stream.


When I was thinking of getting up to go and get some water to drink, my smartphone started ringing early in the morning.

Apparently, it was an incoming call from my manager, Suzuki-san.

Suzuki-san, a young female manager among the staff who works at Live-On and will turn 24 years old this year.

She had risen to the position of manager because of her straightforward personality that solves problems head-on. She was said as a success person in the career she chose.

I had always been taken care of by her. So that I can concentrate on my streaming activities. I could never forget the favor I received from her in my whole life.

I heard from her that she volunteered to be my manager herself.

So, I asked her me why she volunteered.

「”Well, I thought if Yuki-san became serious, you couldn’t keep up with your activities without me.”」

I was told something that I didn’t really understand. Suzuki-san, her appearance and attitude were like someone who like doing sport, so I wonder if the words she said was something that someone who like to do activities indoors could understand.

“Aa aa”

“Aah! Yuki-san! I’m glad you finally picked up my call!”

Hmm? What’s wrong? 

Unlike me, who answered the phone with a dull voice, Suzuki-san could understand my situation just by listening to my voice.

She somewhat sounds a bit in rush.

“Umm, what exactlyー”

“Szzz! Be quiet! It’s no good if personal information is leaked, so please don’t say any word if you can. And please accept what I’m about to say from now on and be as calm as possible.”


Suzuki-san who forcibly cut my words said so.

Personal information…?

My drowsiness got blown away at once when I heard an apparently dangerous word.

Eh…?! maybe I’m doing something ridiculous without my knowledge?

“Alright, please listen calmy, okay?…… Please end the stream.”

Please end the stream

Please end the stream

Please end the stream

The same words looped in my head.

Forgetting to end the stream… In the worst case, it might lead to the leakage of personal information, so it was regarded as one of the most important things that VTuber should be careful about.

And in fact, another bad thing that was hidden within this. And fortunately… or unfortunately, since I had spent so much time streaming as a VTuber, I knew the answer.

Right, even if personal information was not leaked, if VTubers ever forgot to turn their stream off, in most cases the viewer will be able to see the ‘real self’ behind the avatar.

A VTuber who role-playing an avatar, a character. There were extremely few opportunities to show the true self of the person behind the avatar to the viewer.

In other words, exposing that rare side to the viewer………

It will be used by viewers to tease the VTuber.


There was some malfunction with my PC when I was about to end the stream yesterday, right?

I tried to open the stream screen on my PC again with the overflowing cold sweat.

Then there……


: Morning! Are you seeing this?

: The Strong drinking stream was good

: It was a stream that makes me felt something new, it transcended the gap moe because there was too much gap than usual!!

: It wasn’t light snow anymore, it felt like a complete snowstorm www

: Alright, let’s be Hikari-chan’s mom and ‘Mas***bate’ while watching her archive

: A woman who compared her gen mate’s ASMR with STZERO

: Right at this moment, I’m definitely watching the birth of the legend

: Definitely a historic stream in the VTuber world

: Why are there so many VTubers who call themselves ‘Seiso’ are actually ‘dangerous’?

: I burst into laughter. I can’t hate you if you show me something that doesn’t feel fake, hahaha

: I want to drink STZERO together with you

“What’s thisssssssss???? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”

I screamed so hard unintentionally.

Comments that flow at a speed that couldn’t be followed by my eyes despite such a morning.

And above all, the number of viewers far exceeded the average so far.

Now that I look closely, the number of subscribers, which was just a little, is almost the same as my viewer… no, it seems that it will exceed it because it is increasing at a tremendous speed.

Ahhhh, this is bad, I’m getting a headache.


: Congratulations on the number one trend in the world

: A woman who took over the world just by drinking STZERO in front of her computer

“No. 1 in the world ?!”

In a hurry, I looked at the trend ranking of the SNS “Katattaa”, which used by the most people in Japan.

I couldn’t believe it, but the name “Kokorone Awayuki” was the number one trend in the world, not just in Japan, and “Forgot to end” is in the trend.

Ah…………….. I’m done………………..

“Well, well, Yuki-san. When I saw you at the interview, I thought that you would ‘explode’ someday, but I never thought it because you forgot to end your stream. What a surprise. Anyway, I’ll do my best to support you from now on too. Let’s do our best! “

Most of Suzuki-san’s words didn’t come to my mind.

Aaaah, I’m feeling sick because of the hangover already, and now you want me to swallow that much information? My head can’t handle it.

“Uu …….. Uurrg……..”

Ah……… this is bad …

“☆ (The sound is too dirty, please imagine it yourself) ☆”

Somehow, I managed to press the end button while vomiting.

By the way, not to mention forgetting to end the stream, this unprecedented way to end the stream had become a legend under the name of “Vomitting-style end stream”.

How did it end up like this?

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 2

Since I just saw some other group already doing this (I checked last week and no one doing this yet at that time), I’m not going to continue this… So this series will end as just a teaser, I’ll post all the ch I’ve tl-ed

2. Forgot to end 2


I returned to the desk where I did the streaming, and poured the chilled ‘strong zero’ into your body.

Well, I didn’t know whether I kept drinking because it tasted delicious or not. I had reached the point where I couldn’t end the day without it…

Originally, I wasn’t so strong in alcohol, so I started to feel sick right after I took a gulp.

Well, it’s cheap and you can get drunk right away! As expected, STZERO is the best!

[TN: I’ll use STZero from now on, this is based on the illustration in the LN]

Ahh, this is good, I’m feeling a lot better now.

The feeling of the inner power within me being released every time I drink it, it’s irresistible.

“Seriously, it’s irresistible. With just one can, I feel like I don’t mind working for an absurd amount of wage to build an underground empire. Ah, Ka*ji-kun drank beer, so don’t they have STZERO?” [TN: it’s Kaiji-kun from a manga titled Kaiji, he’s in debt, in the anime season 2, he’s worked to build the underground empire, there’s a time when he drink beer]

As I started to speak something that might come out from someone with an IQ 3, there was no sign of Awayuki who usually spoke in the tone of a young lady.

A 350ml canned beer that I could continue to drink non-stop, it became empty in a blink of an eye.

However, I was not satisfied yet.

So, I brought another can with me from the refrigerator.

And …

“Uhyaaa! As expected, the sound of a long can being opened is the best!”

Awayuki holding beer

Yes, it was a long can, a devilish thing for someone who wanted to drink liquor so much. [TN: the long can is 500 ml]

Well, the woman (me) shouted in a flashy manner. In truth, the woman (me) was a ‘Seiso’ VTuber who usually spoke in the tone of a young lady. [TN: ‘Seiso’ is basically pure, innocent, clean…]

“Alright! It’s time to watch my gen mate’s stream!”

Soon after, I felt good, so I proceeded to watch the archive of the stream my gen mate, Matsuriya Hikari, did on the day.

In truth, I hadn’t met Hiakri-chan in person yet, but she was always so kind to me from the beginning of my debut even though I couldn’t stand out when I did a stream like hers. She was a really nice girl, an angel, I loved her!

A 16-year-old avatar with a bright face that was quite petite but had big breasts and bright brown hair. And above all, the contents of the stream that she did matched that full of vitality appearance.

She often picked up comments, and her activities as a VTuber was well received, and she was said as the centerpiece of the third generation.

I have collaborated with her several times, but somehow, I feel that she is a child who embodies pure innocence, she makes me feel like I want to become her mother (Straight face).

“I’m going to be a mom!”

I had a habit to talk to myself when I got drunk, Or rather, the words that came to my mind came out of my mouth as it was, ignoring all the filters in my head.

Since I was a shy person, I rarely drank alcohol with anyone, so even though it had never been a problem, I should be careful.

Well, anyway, I can’t stop drinking strong zero! Seriously, I can’t stop!

“Gyahahahahahahaha !!!”

I kept laughing without care while watching the archive.

The content of the stream was playing game, and the game she was playing was a game where you could feel the madness of the creator as the sausages stuck in the fork and the sausages fight against each other.

Rather, since the game was just like that, there were many vulgar humors in the player names.

“卍ル武社亜wwwwwwwwwww it’s no longer related to sausages wwwwwwww” [TN: 卍ル武社亜 it’s ‘Manjirubushaa’, which roughly mean, ‘sq**rting’, and ‘w’ is like hahaha or ‘lol’ used in Japan]

Since I got drunk, no matter how vulgar it was, if I found it interesting, I would laugh.

And, what made it even more interesting was that Hikari-chan, didn’t have much knowledge of such vulgar things, so she often read it as it was, except for the one that she could clearly understand.

She completely provoking the pervert.

“Huh! Why are you ‘dochashiko’… Hikari-chan’s mom (me) who is seeing your stream right now really feel ‘dochashiko’ you know?” [TN: I’ll put an explanation below, since it’s quite long]

With a lot of laugh along the stream, it finally ended. 

As expected, Hikari-chan’s stream is~… the best!

Yeah, she’s amazing. I can see why she became popular, and there is no reason not to be so.

Compared to that, I …

“… It’s time, so watch Chami-chan’s stream and go to bed.”

Around 2:00 am, I became keenly aware of the reality and became sad, so I decided to watch the archive of another gen mate, Yanagase Chami, stream.

Chami-chan, she chose a slightly different direction from other streamers, mainly focused on various ASMR.

A very selfish Onee-san with blonde short hair and blue-eyes. Her ASMR was good.

Her low-pitched and weak-feeling voice could make you relax. There was no stream that was more suitable for sleep than hers,

It seems like she did an ear cleaning ASMR today. There is no doubt that I will fall asleep in the middle of the video.

“Aah yeah, the addictiveness of this stream is dangerous, it’s equal with STZERO.”

Immediately an urge to sleep came and I fell asleep in no time.


Without noticing the smartphone that kept ringing loudly, I went to slumber……


  1. For the one who is still wondering why ‘w’? the word came from the kanji ‘笑’ which means laugh, and in romaji it’s ‘Warau’. Then from ‘warau’ they took only the first letter, which is ‘w’. And people like to use not only one ‘w’ but a few, like this ‘wwwwww’, which looks like grass. This leads to ‘草’, which means grass, and in romaji it’s ‘Kusa’, that also stand for ‘hahaha’ or ‘lol’.
  2. ‘Dochashiko’ is actually a word come from a word ‘shikoshiko’ that mean ‘FA*’ or ‘Hand**b’, but as the time goes it spread to BL lover girls. They used it when they see a scene or picture that hot and erotic enough to be used as ‘material’ when they ‘Mas***bate’.  This way of use spread further to girls who like manga and anime in general, so it’s not limited to BL lover girls anymore. Later, the word spread to young girl, but word derived to be ‘Shikoi’ and the meaning change further, and so it used by them with the meaning of ‘it makes my heart beats or excited’.

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 1

Well, before you read this, please remember that this is just a fiction so there might be a lot of similarity in personality or event to some real VTUBER out there.
Anyway, Me, as someone who watch fall down in the hole, I feel that I need to translate this…
Well, I’ll still count it a s teaser…

For this WN I’ll use the name with as it is, which means the Japanese rule, where the family name is at the start. As I found it better for this WN, especially the one who enjoy Vtuber.

1. Forgot to end

“Thank you for coming to my stream today. See you next time when it snows lightly.”


: Thanks

: It was fun today too!

: Even if you said when it’s snow lightly, you’ve been streaming almost every day recently. The frequency of snowy day is amaiziing….

: It’s snowing every day, I guess

: Snowing every day is an abnormal weather that I never know I’ll be happy about

I would end the stream when all the flowing comments stop.


Apparently, the PC wasn’t working well, and everything stopped moving.


I tried to click repeatedly, but there was no respond.

I was never good with PC, so I didn’t know the correct way to deal with such situations.


I didn’t know what it is, but it seemed that the streaming screen was closed, which was good.


I stood up with a sigh, walked through the apartment where I lived alone, and headed for the refrigerator.

Along with that, the inside of my head was completely switched from Kokorone Awayuki, to Tanaka Yuki, an unemployed normal woman, 20 years old.

…… Yes, I was unemployed. A Genuine NEET who was neither a college student nor a part-time worker.

…… Please don’t give me a cold shoulder, there was a good reason for it.

I joined a company after graduated from high school, and that company was a 100% ‘Black Company’. Every day I was being abused and forced to work to the point my eyes looked dead.

Under such circumstances, the only thing that gave a light to my heart was the brilliant VTubers agency “Live-On”, which recently gained popularity almost in one go, and finally became one of the top VTuber talent agency in Japan.

I was instantly fascinated by the chaotic world in which each person had kept developing, and I continued to watch it every day, even if I had to cut my own time for sleep. I gradually became absorbed in it which also spark the hope of living within me.

While watching them, I managed to survive my daily live with a cheap salary that kept wearing down my spirit. But, suddenly the news that lighted a single light in my lightless eyes, which became like a dark hole due to overwork, came down.

《Live-On 3rd generation audition!!!》

To be honest, I thought it was impossible.

In fact, I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember what I said during the interview.

However, perhaps the God was being mean to me. For some reason I got accepted.

And so, I was given the other me, which was called, Kokorone Awayuki.

As a woman, she was quite tall with straight black hair up to her back, pure white skin, and pale purple eyes with highlights that could make others feel ‘something unknown’ from just seeing it.

The manager in charge told me that I, Yuki Tanaka, was the model for the illustrator when it got designed. 

To be honest, I never thought that I was such a beautiful woman…

By the way, after I got the news that I passed the audition, I quit the company I was working at, immediately.

Some people might say that I was too early to make that decision, but as everyone knew, ‘VTuber activity is busy’, so it couldn’t be helped.

…… I’m sorry I lied. The truth is I couldn’t handle to work in that environment anymore because of my shitty mental which is like a small fry…

But I planned to stream a lot as a VTuber. And eventually become popular, and when it could be monetized. I would be full of smiles!! Hyahaha―!!

There was a time when I thought that such a dream-like story, full of greed, could be realized easily.

To be honest, I was not popular. Not at all. And it was a problem that was more important that getting monetization.

It had been about three months since I debuted, compared to the others who debuted at the same time as me, I only had less than half of the subscribers and people who come to watch my stream. Or rather, the gap was getting higher over time.

That was why, some people might have thought that working as a VTuber means that they were not a NEET.

Anyway, I had no income. I managed to live using the money I saved due to habits of living in poverty when I was working for a company.

“As expected perhaps there is not enough ‘kick’…”

My manager often said to me that I should show my true self more, but to be real, what on earth are people looking for in me…? What they hope from me?

Or rather, what does it mean to show my true self? And why does my manager know about my true self? Is it from when I was being interviewed?

Anyway, my head hurt thinking about it. 

Soon, the bottom of my savings could be seen. My mental health had been not good lately.

In fact, there was another thing hidden in my ‘refrigerator’ besides VTuber that kept me living when my mental almost crumbled.

“My body has become a body that can’t live without this……”

An ‘evil’ drink that would only make you feel sick…… If you drink this, you can forget whatever you feel at that moment……..

Yes, it’s a ‘St**ng Zero’! [TN: It’s an alcohol drink in Japan, usually 9% alcohol]

TN : Her name, ‘Awayuki’ mean light snow, that’s why she said so as her ending.