Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 8

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8. The Second Princess’ Guard Commander, Zabine

“Therefore, please give money to go to the brothel out of your annual expenses, Valliere-sama.”

“You monkey. No, it’s rude to the monkey.”

Kingdom of Anhalt, the royal palace.

In the private room reserved for the Second Princess, Valliere cursed her guard commander.

Yes, once again, the other party was the captain of the guards―― the knights who acted as the guards of Valliere.

The commander of the guards was pleading to the second princess, to have all members of the guards go to the brothel.

“This is a necessary expense! Valliere-sama, this is a necessary expense… an expense that cannot be avoided!!”

“Tell me, what kind of thinking process you have that I can use to write the document to the finance bureaucrats for making them give me the necessary expenses to let you all go to the brothel, you damn chimpanzees!!!”

It had been like this all along.

Since the age of 10, the Second Princess Valliere had many stomachaches as if it was natural, it started to occur after she was given the guards by her mother――Queen Rezenlotte.


An anthropoid ape classified in the genus Pan, family Hominidae, and class Mammalia.

If Faust, the counselor of the Second Princess, was here, he would have muttered that, but unfortunately, he wasn’t here.

In truth, if that male knight was nearby, the guard commander probably wouldn’t have made such a ridiculous plea.

If only he’s here…

Well, he would have still complained.

After all, these guys are a bunch of chimpanzees.

Gasping for air, The Second Princess Valliere shrieked with disgust.

“So, tell me, I bet you can give me some reason, right? Now, tell me.”

“Your Highness Valliere, the Second Princess, I am very sorry to make such a plea, and I am truly ashamed of my incompetence—”

The one making a plea since a while ago was Zabine, the Commander of Valliere’s guards.

Wait, do chimpanzees really need names?

They probably don’t need it anymore, but…

Even as Valliere thought about the fact that the Second Princess didn’t have the authority to strip anyone’s name.

Thus, Valliere decided to listen silently to the continuation of Zabine’s remarks.

For some reason, Zabine seemed to misunderstand Valliere’s hurried remarks as if her pleas were being heard, and cried out with sparkling eyes.

“But, the 15 members of the Second Princess Guard have all turned out to be virgins!”

“Who cares!”

Valliere answered with a pain in her stomach.

She didn’t care about all of this.

Really, didn’t care.

But, deep down, she envied her elder sister.

First Princess Anastasia’s guards were also made up of the second and third daughters of military nobles.

However, they weren’t a group of chimpanzees, rather they were elites who had enlisted in the Imperial Guard with hopes of a bright future from their homes.

When her sister became queen, they would even be allowed to have a new house as a hereditary knight.

There were 30 members of the First Princess Guard.

On the other hand, the number of members of the Second Princess Guard was 15.

It was blatant discrimination.

Well, she didn’t want the number of chimpanzees to increase. So, that was fine.

Why did dear mother, give me this group of chimpanzees?

Am I that unpleasant for her?

It wasn’t unreasonable for Valliere to think so.

“Your Highness Valiere’s first campaign is soon, right!?”

“What does it have something to do with you guys being virgins? You damn idiots!!”

Valliere cried so.

Shaking her shoulders, she stood up from the chair and shouted from the bottom of her heart.

In response, Zabine replied.

“It’s too futile for a knight to die in the first battle as a virgin. Do you understand this empty feeling in our hearts? Right, because we’re still a virgin! So, let’s cut and throw it away. At the ceremony before the first campaign yesterday, everyone discussed and decided on this petition.”


Valliere was tired of screaming.

So, she sat down on the chair.

That’s it.

They’re really stupid, this girl and others. All of them.

I know.

That I’m just a spare.

Only genuine idiots who were abandoned by their house like this that was given to me…

With a somewhat vain smile, Valliere mocked herself.

Then, she whispered.

“……I’m, a virgin too.”

“Oh, then!”

Zabine opened her glittering eyes wide as if they were filled with stars.

And shouted out.

“Let’s go together! To the brothel!”

“No way, you idiot!”

Valliere finally couldn’t take it any longer, stood up from her chair, and grabbed Zabine by the neck.

Then shook Zabine’s head and told her clearly.

“A place like a brothel, go with your own money! With your own money, do you hear me?”

“W-we, all members of the Second Princess Guard, including myself, the Commander, are all first-generation knights, the lowest rank as nobles. We only get enough support to live on. We don’t have money to go to an expensive brothel that pays attention to venereal diseases…”

“I know you guys don’t have money. But, even so, you’re still a knight! You’re all of blue blood, right!? I wouldn’t go so far as to ask you to go to seduce the apprentices presented to the imperial court from each territory, but wouldn’t it be possible for you to seduce at least a single commoner boy?”

Valliere thought that her vocal cords were going to break.

She had to worry about losing her voice this time on top of having stomachache.

“We are knights! We are of blue blood. As blue blood, we could never allow it to mix with those of commoners!”

“But, a male prostitute is okay?”

“Because male prostitution is just a profession!”

Such a one-night stand relationship.

I don’t want it.

Valliere let go of Zabine’s collar and covered her face with both hands.

She wanted to cry like a child.

“Then, that. Look, umm… what to say…”

What should I say…

It’s confusing because they, though stupid, as a bunch of pervert knights, they sure have pride left.

Damn you bunch of chimpanzees…

Valliere cursed in her mind and looked at the blank-faced Zabine through the gaps between her fingers covering her face.

Then she spoke from the bottom of his heart.

“Stay virgins and die in your first battle.”

If only they had such pride, Valliere would have been more grateful.

“Why, how could you say such a heartless word!?”

Zabine was astonished.

She looked as if she had never heard such cruel words.

Huh? In the four years since you guys became my guards, I think I’ve said a lot of similar things?

Really, die already

No, please die.

Faust alone is enough as my aide.

These four years were such horrendous four years that only caused the Second Princess Valliere to have a stomachache, to even had such thoughts.

Valliere then thought.

Faust’s squire commander, Helga, she’s definitely more capable than this knight, isn’t she?

In the first place, did this girl really receive a proper knight education?

She didn’t abandon her education, right?

No, doesn’t seem so.

But, this is so troublesome. The idiots were thrown away in the abandoned mountain called the Second Princess’s Guard.

Wait, isn’t there still a possibility that they were actually chimpanzees picked up at some mountain?

Valliere doubted her guards truly had blue blood, no, even their origins as human beings were looking doubtful. But, she then concluded…

“No, even chimpanzees are smarter.”

Valliere decided to believe in chimpanzee intelligence.

15 chimpanzees prostrate in front of her, crying “uhu aha.”

Would be still better than this reality.

Uhh, my stomach hurts.

“Your Highness Valliere, the Second Princess, please, please do not abandon us. We’ve been abandoned by our houses, so please…”

Zabine clung to Valliere’s feet.

Loyalty to the royal family wasn’t what connected Zabine, the Guard Commander and Valliere, the Second Princess.

Both were unwanted children.

Needless child.

It was sympathy that connected them.

That was why Valliere didn’t abandon Zabine and the other Hominidae Chimpanzees.

But Valliere had already been at the limit.

―― in the first place, isn’t this girl misunderstanding something?

Even though it’s the first campaign, the opponents are just bandits.

Valliere opened her mouth to persuade Zabine.

“In the first place, there’s no need to think about death in my first campaign. The one in our support is none other than the counselor, Faust. He had cut off the heads of more than 100 bandits, and killed many barbarians, even the Knight Captain Reckenbell, in the Willendorf battle. He’s the ‘Knight of Wrath’, that’s rumored to be the strongest knight in our country, you know!”

That was all correct.

The Counselor of the Second Princess Valliere.

Was none other than, the ’Knight of Wrath’, Faust von Polidoro.

As long as that man was by her side, Valliere didn’t even need to think about the possibility of her dying.

Even Queen Rezenlotte and even First Princess Anastasia probably wouldn’t have expected all of this.

“If you have time to think about the possibility of dying, hone your sword skills!”

“Right, there’s Sir Polidoro!”

‘Airhead’ Zabine clapped her hands with the feeling that she just remembered that.

Haaa, here it comes again, she’ll soon say something stupid, damn chimpanzee.

I know you will.

After all, I’ve 4 years of experience in this.

That was what Valliere thought.

“Let’s ask Sir Polidoro to take care of the fifteen of us virgins. Ah, also Your Highness Valliere too――”

Then, Valliere silently hit the vase that was placed by her side on Zabine’s head.


“Huff, so what about the injury of the Guard Commander, Zabine?”

“It’s serious. It’s a serious head injury.”

Kingdom of Anhalt, the royal palace.

Faust scratched his head in a room reserved exclusively for the Second Princess Valliere.

“I wanted to have a meeting for the first campaign, but ―― well, it can’t be helped if she has a serious head injury. Will it be in time for the first campaign?”

“I’ll make her recover in time. But, for now, she can’t join the meeting. So, today’s meeting will be only among us.”


I bow my head, then sit on the chair that Helga, the Squire Commander, pulled out for me.

Then, I looked at the map of the Anhalt Kingdom on the table.

“According to the report of the magistrate dispatched to a small village with about 100 residents, the number of bandits is approximately, about 30.”

“For 30 opponents, 20 from my territory and 15 from the Second Princess Guard will do the trick. To be honest, to 100% make sure it’ll end with no problem, double of the number is the best.”

“Although it was under my elder sister’s command, Faust, you had repelled the multiple Willendorf barbarians. And still, you’re saying that?”

While scratching my head again, I lightly muttered.

“That battle was dangerous….”

If I hadn’t killed the Knight Captain Reckenbell, we would have lost.

To be honest, I don’t want to experience it again.

I shook my head, forgot the past, and brought my mind back to reality.

“There is no such thing as a certain victory in this world. And if I could, I would want the people living in that village to be evacuated first ――”

“They’re already loitering around the village and attacking traveling entertainers and merchants. We don’t have time for that.”

“If so, there’s nothing we can do about it.”

I gave up on further mobilization of the people.

After all, this world was full of things that couldn’t be helped.

And to be honest, I had the confidence that I could manage even 30 bandits myself.

That fighting power and my red face in a battle would be the reasons for the nickname “Knight of Wrath”, but the red face, it was―― actually, due to painful erections I had in a battle.

Anyway, it was an embarrassing nickname, but I was aware that my combat skills as a knight had already entered the stage of a superhuman.

“…Then, let’s leave in three days.”

“Yeah, I’ve finished preparing the provisions. Seems like securing water is no problem as long as we follow the road along the map.”

“Although our people are accustomed to military service, please understand that progress may be delayed due to walking.”

“… I’m ashamed, but all of my guards are on foot. We don’t have the money to prepare horses for all. Only me and Faust who will ride horses.”

The Second Princess Valliere said so while blushing.

In return, I smiled wryly.

Even though the members of the Second Princess Guard were all nobles, I knew they were all poor women of the lowest rank.

Don’t worry, it’s nothing to be ashamed of.

The First Princess Guard, whom all have horses, is a rather strange case.

More than that…

“It’s been a while, I’m looking forward to meeting the members of the Second Princess Guard after a long time.”

―― I met the girls only once, it was two years ago.

The girls, whom I felt nothing other than still too young at that time, were now 18 years old, an age where they could marry.

They were a few bride candidates that I realistically could aim for now.

“Eh, yes, right. I’ll make them properly, act properly in front of Faust.”

For some reason, the Second Princess Valliere answered my words while holding her stomach with her hand.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 7

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7. Squire Commander Helga’s Recollections

Helga, she remembered her childhood very well, especially, when she had the best festival in the village, and such a memory came to mind.


It was a festival held on the day Young Lord Faust was born.

Polidoro territory was a small village with less than 300 people and everyone knew each other.

All the people living there used to visit the Feudal Lord’s mansion to see the face of Young Lord Faust when he was born.

Of course, Helga, who came from a family lineage that had served as a Squire Commander in Polidoro territory for generations, was one of them.

Young Lord Faust was a child who didn’t cry, which was rare for a baby.

Young Lord Faust, who was the first child of the Lord of Polidoro Territory―― Lady Marianne, was a boy, and Helga’s mother and others were drunk and in high spirits, saying that he would eventually become a pretty noble man.

Even though the village, which was part of Polidoro territory, was by no means wealthy, the village chief opened up the village’s food store in a good mood, as if to make full use of this opportunity.

The children, including Helga, also enjoyed the feast and filled their bellies.

――Such village’s shadows didn’t last for long, as Lady Marianne’s husband passed away from pneumonia not long after.

“This is a petition from all the people. Marianne-same, please take a new husband.”

It was the words of a plea from Helga’s mother, the Squire Commander.

Though it was known how much Lady Marianne loved her late husband.

It just couldn’t be helped.

Without the eldest daughter who could inherit the Polidoro territory, the village wouldn’t survive.

Besides looking at her mother, who bowed her head deeply, Helga looked at Lady Marianne’s complexion.


It was as if she was tormented between her duties as a Feudal Lord and her love for her husband, whom she could never forget.

And then――Lady Marianne, turned a little strange.

Perhaps, it was because of the excess of anguish.

She began to teach her son, Young Lord Faust, about spears and swords.

Of course, she was stopped.

By the village chief and Helga’s mother.

Also, by the deceased husband’s relatives,

However, Lady Marianne ignored all that persuasion and continued to teach swordsmanship and spearmanship to Young Lord Faust.

Eventually, everyone gave up.

Lady Marianne had gone mad.

The child――Young Lord Faust would soon realize that no other boys were doing such a thing, sooner or later he would get angry and stop doing it.

Lady Marianne had gone crazy.

People could only hope that a strong and excellent wife would come to Lord Faust.


Young Lord Faust simply followed Lady Marianne’s teachings.

In addition to the education in governance and management, he was physically tortured.

Even though he was a noble, he was sure endured it well.

Even Helga, who was proud to have inherited the rank of Squire Commander from generation to generation, found training with swords and spears difficult.

Young Lord Faust was severely beaten with a wooden sword, and there was even a time when a real sword was actually equipped and real combat practice was given to him.

However, Young Lord Faust continued his training without crying.

—————–End of Flashback—————–

Even now, Helga still could remember Lady Marianne’s anguished look.

And, the fact that Lord Faust, was a child that never cried.


Helga suddenly muttered and returned reality.

Right now, Lord Faust and Ingrid Company were in the middle of a discussion in the guest room.

Helga stood tall in front of the door, making sure no one got close.

While paying attention, thoughts flew back to childhood memories.


Yes, it was an apple.


During sword and spear training, Young Lord Faust shared the apple that was always served as a dessert at lunch.

Cut one in two with a knife.

――Young Lord Faust must have wanted to eat a whole one, too.

Helgas thought so.

Young Lord Faust had been kind to the people since childhood.

Even though Helga refused, Helga was forced to take it, as Lord Faust said that she must have been hungry too.

To such a kind Lord Faust, she always wanted to ask.

Isn’t this all hard on you, Young Lord Faust?

But, Helga could never say such a thing loudly to the noble Young Lord Faust.

Young Lord Faust‘s hands already touched and held a sword at a young age.

――Time passed and people grow old.

Over time, Helga was transformed from a child into a full-fledged Squire Commander.

And Young Lord Faust also had his appearance changed.

Not that he became ugly.

Not that he became unattractive at all.

His face was in perfect shape.

If Helga might give an opinion as a Squire Commander, Young Lord Faust had become rather noble and beautiful.


Considering the preferred type of man in the Kingdom of Anhalt, he was a little tall, no, he was too tall.

At the age of 15, he reached 180 cm.

And his hands were full of blisters and calluses, and they didn’t look like the hands of a nobleman.


He was still kind to the people. Truly kind.

Unusual for a man of nobility, he was a man who lacked material desires.

Feeling bad, as a token of apology, Lady Marianne bought hair ornaments, rings, etc. during her military service outside her territory.

All of those things――at the time of the wedding ceremony between the citizens of Polidoro territory, he gave one by one to them.

Alternatively, he also gave to a nobleman who lived in a neighboring territory all for the sake of the people of Polidoro territory.

Those men were happy, but Helga was sad to see Young Lord Faust lose what should be defining him as a man.

So, Helga asked about it once.

“The hair ornaments and rings, don’t you regret it?”

And, Young Lord Faust replied.

“Hair ornaments or such don’t look good on me because I’m tall, and rings, well…”

Saying so, Young Lord Faust showed his rugged fingers with blisters and calluses.

Helga regretted asking that question.

She understood that anything that wasn’t an order made and was bought at the market in town couldn’t fit Young Lord Faust.

And, before Helga knew it, Helga had come to despise the predecessor Lord of Polidoro Territory――Lady Marianne from the bottom of her heart.

Why aren’t you pampering your child better?

Is this how you treat your son?

While thinking about such things, day by day passed and suddenly, Lady Marianne fell ill.

In the first place, she was physically weak. So, it was kind of expected to happen.

At that time, fifteen-year-old Young Lord Faust began to serve the military in her place.

Then, during his military service, he asked Helga a strange question.

“Does there exist, a male knight other than me?”

Helga hesitated.

That kind of thing should be common sense.

Young Lord Faust should have known it too.

But still, Helga had to answer.

“Barbarians ―― Excuse me, I’ve heard, there are some in Willendorf, but it doesn’t exist in the Kingdom of Anhalt.”

Even though Helga thought was an insult to Young Lord Faust. He only muttered back to her.

“Is that so? I guess, it is how it is.”

Rather, Young Lord Faust muttered such innocent words.

And his face too, looked innocent.

Helga couldn’t feel his anger towards her words, or towards Lady Marianne, who raised him as a rare male knight.

Then, Young Lord Faust opened his mouth again.

“I want to ask you one more thing. If I play an active role as a knight ―― will my mother be pleased?”

Young Lord Faust asked that question.

Helga couldn’t answer that question.

She couldn’t understand his thoughts.

Are you looking for love from your crazy mother?

Are you asking for common sense from your crazy mother?

It’s almost impossible, you’ll just have a hard time.

――And so another five years passed.

Helga would soon share a husband with her sister, and Young Lord Faust had grown into a fine young man nearly two meters tall.

And then, Lady Marianne finally began to vomit blood on the bed.

The day of parting with Lady Marianne was approaching.

“S-soon, it’ll be a goodbye to mother huh…”

Young Lord Faust muttered so, as he opened the bedroom door.

His voice trembled slightly.

The bedroom beyond the door was silent.

Inside was, the village chief, Helga’s mother who had now retired from being a Squire Commander, Helga, and Young Lord Faust.

And Lady Marianne, who was about to take her last breath in bed.


Lady Marianne called his name.

By the bedside Young Lord Faust gently stroked the face of Lady Marianne, who had become thin as she started to have a hard time even just drinking soup.

“Faust. Hands.”

Young Lord Faust put out his hand.

Lady Marianne’s trembling hands held the rugged hands.

And then, Lady Marianne quietly ―― really quietly, muttered her last words.

“I’m sorry, Faust.”

At the moment when Lady Marianne, holding his hand, apologized as if to atone for something.

And, a voice ―― leaked.


” ―― “


It was a baby-like voice that could shake the hearts of those around.

It was a voice ―― a sob.

Young Lord Faust was sobbing and crying.

Then, though emotionally disturbed, he opened his mouth while sobbing.

“No. No. Mother, No. You are wrong.”

Young Lord Faust shook his head in the atonement remarks.

While grasping Lady Marianne’s hand, he spun words.

“I’ve never had a hard time. I’ve never hated you in my life. I haven’t been able to do anything yet. I haven’t been able to repay you. I should have talked to you more. I should have done more――”

Young Lord Faust lined up words to deny the reality in front of him while shedding tears.

“I haven’t been able to do any filial yet. It’s, It’s still too early. I finally understand, I properly love you as a mother――”

” Young Lord――”

As Young Lord Faust and Lady Marianne clenched their hands together, suddenly, such mutter was heard.

You, are you trying to separate those hands?

No that’s not the case…

Helga’s mother muttered once again, while fixing those hands, trying not to ever let those hands separate.

” Young Lord. “

Helga’s mother tried to mutter something, but her trembling tongue couldn’t put it into words, so she just called Lord Faust’s name.

Lady Marianne had already passed away.

Unable to tell that fact, Helga’s mother simply called Lord Faust’s name while shedding tears.

Young Lord Faust, who was still holding Lady Marianne’s hand, probably understood it too, without the need of anyone telling him.

However, Young Lord Faust continued to call out to his mother.

“I haven’t yet… No-thing, yet…”

Young Lord Faust continued to cry with his stunned body.

That day, Helga saw Young Lord Faust shed tears for the first time.

And Helga learned that there was love in this world that could only be understood by parents and children themselves, and love that only appeared in the final stages of life.

—————–End of Flashback—————–


Helga could hear Lord Faust’s voice.


The name of the Squire Commander of Polidoro, the retainer of Lord Faust was called.

“Yes, Lord Faust.”

“Lady Ingrid is leaving. Please open the door.”

Helga silently opened the door and bowed her head as to see Lady Ingrid off.

After that, another squire would see her off to the carriage.

“Helga, come inside.”


Helga was called by Lord Faust and entered the room.

Lord Faust, who was sitting in a chair, looked like he was worried about something.

“I wonder what Ingrid wanted to say.”

Are you asking me, or are you just talking to yourself?

In an unintelligible tone, Lord Faust muttered to the ceiling.

“Well, I wonder… anyway, Helga, sit there.”


As ordered, Helga sat in the chair in front of Lord Faust.

Lord Faust then muttered after a short silent.

“When, when will I be able to get married?”

“Someone who understands Lord Faust’s charms will surely appear before long.”

Helga said it from the bottom of her heart.

Seriously, no one has good eyes and taste.

The court nobles were making fun of male knights.

The royal family tried to send Lord Faust and us to death.

Using authority and status as an umbrella, Duchess Astarte always tried to stroke Lord Faust’s butt.

All of them are damned.

For me, the only noble person in this world is, Lord Faust.

“Lord Faust, let’s go back to Polidoro territory as soon as possible. As for a wife, let’s search for it more attentively. After all, it just couldn’t be helped.”

“……Unlike in the past, you started to speak more huh.”

Even though Helga was scared every time she must say something because the other party was a noble.

But, Lord Faust only laugh.

After being on his side for a long time, she thought it would be better to speak frankly, even if her head must be cut off, so recently, Helga started to speak more.

“What about choosing from the Second Princess’s guards?”

“Well… they’re within reach. All of them are far away from the royal family and court nobles. The Second Princess’s guards, they’re either the second or third daughter who is almost abandoned by the family, and so basically, they’re on the lowest rank, the first-generation knight, right?”

Lord Faust answered so.

Then Helga spoke frankly.

“Do you need it? Connection with the royal family and court nobles.”

“…No, I don’t need it.”

Lord Faust answered with a calm face.

Then, isn’t it okay?

“In that case, for the military service this time――the first campaign of the Second Princess Valliere, perhaps I should seriously start looking for the nice-looking beauty?”

“Please do so”

If possible, a strong woman, who could replace you, Lord Faust, to serve in the military and also could show the world that the name “Polidoro” is something to be feared of.

While wishing that, Helga asked Lord Faust for permission to stand up from the chair and leave.


I, Faust von Polidoro, had endless regrets.

I had endless regrets for my late mother.

The mother, who went to military service despite her illness, exhausted herself and came back every year with souvenirs that could be found at the city market.

Mother, endured herself to lie down on the bed and taught me everything about governance and management as a feudal lord. Also, about swordsmanship and spearmanship.

Why was I such a fool, who couldn’t understand the things called “mother’s love”, until the very end of her life?

Is it because I remember my previous life?

Is that matter? No, Damn it

Thinking about how Mother passed away regretting the cruel treatment she gave her son ――I feel like vomiting and want to die too.

But I really can’t die that easily.

It’s a precious body that I got from Mother.

Also, I’ve to protect the people, the land, Polidoro’s name, which I inherited from Mother.

And so, for that too, I must…

“…But, choosing from the Second Princess’s guards huh……? Actually, I want to have a relationship with the second daughter of a bureaucratic aristocrat who is also a military officer who understands the frontier.”

But… Helga has a point.

I really don’t want to be involved in court battles anymore.

In the first place, I shouldn’t have become the Second Princess’ Counselor.

“But, the Second Princess’ guards—”

I stammered involuntarily.

Yeah, right.

To be honest, in short, they’re ――

“Queen Rezenlotte’s disposal site of good-for-nothings, prepared for the spare.”

I couldn’t help but said bad about them.

While feeling embarrassed, I also felt disgusted with myself, that I had no choice but to be in the middle of it.

While harboring deep doubts as to whether they would be able to do well as a Feudal Lord, I moved to bed, and decided to take a quiet nap.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 6

A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

6. Ingrid and the Chastity Belt

A place of residence in the royal capital of Anhalt Kingdom.

Whenever I left my territory, I mobilized 20 people as soldiers, and I always take them with me.

It was to cut some funds.

My territory wasn’t so rich.

There were no specialty products either.

2 years ago, when I went to give a greeting to the Queen in place of my mother.

I didn’t want to think too much about the three months I must spend waiting in line for an audience with Queen Rezenlotte.

I was burdened with lodging expenses for 21 people, including myself, and I had a hard time managing the living expenses.

But not now.

As the counselor of the Second Princess, the royal family had prepared a splendid mansion that could easily accommodate 20 people.

It was one of the perks of being a counselor.

So since then, I’d been using this mansion as my residence in the royal capital.

“…I guess, it’s about time.”

Today, I was in the mansion, waiting for a guest.

Ingrid Company. The official purveyor of my Polidoro territory.

Well, the reason I said official purveyor, was because there were no merchants who came to my frontier territory with less than 300 people, except for Ingrid Company.

Ingrid Company. had been doing business with my territory since my predecessor――my mother’s generation.

All mediation was entrusted to the Chamber of Commerce.

Things that had been passed down from generation to generation.

Sharpening a magic-imbued greatsword, somewhat unsuitable for frontier territory nobles.

A new and renewed thing for my generation.

Repairing the chainmail that enveloped my 2m tall body.

And personally, but most importantly.

That was――

“Faust-sama, Ingrid Company has come.”

The Squire I recruited from my people knocked on the door and said so.

“Let her in”

“Excuse me. Sir Polidoro, Counselor of the Second Princess.”

As if teasing, Ingrid, the owner of the Ingrid Company, greeted me.

Ever since I became Counselor of the Second Princess, she had preferred to use this way of calling me.

“Ingrid, Stop it. Even if you say I’m the Second Princess’ Counselor, there’s no faction, it’s just a small role.”

“Living in such a splendid mansion, how can you say that?”

Ingrid was in a good mood and looked around the room.

Certainly, the mansion was splendid.

The mansion in my Polidoro territory was pale in comparison――in fact, this mansion was indeed splendid.

“We would like to take this opportunity, to expand the scale of our company.”

“…neither the Second Princess, nor I, have such influence, give up.”

Ingrid was a merchant after all.

Always on the lookout for profit opportunities.

However, in the end, the Second Princess Valliere, who was a spare for the First Princess Anastasia, had not much expenditure.

The fact that I couldn’t afford to buy anything extra from Ingrid.

Even more so, where there were merchants who were purveyors of the royal family.

There was no gap to insert her company.

And Ingrid, should have known about that as well.

“What, I expect you to be involved in a larger part of this country, Lord Polidoro.”


Ingrid’s eyes were sparkling with greed.

What did she see in me to have such eyes?

I didn’t know.

The Ingrid Company wasn’t a small company.

As expected, it wasn’t as good as the royal purveyor’s merchants, but still, it had a lot of connections to many craftsmen and blacksmiths. A company with a large sales channel within the Anhalt Kingdom.

What would be the reason why she was so attached to a frontier lord knight like me?

Well, whatever the reasons.

For sure, it wouldn’t hurt me.

Instead, it would be Ingrid, who would be making a loss.

More than that. Above all.

Personally, I’d been wanting to talk to her about the most important matter.

“Ingrid, I have something to tell you. Come a little closer.”


Ingrid walked over and I spoke in a low voice so that even the squire waiting outside the door couldn’t hear me.

“It’s about the chastity belt. Can you do something about it? You see, it hurts when I’ve an erection.”

“Again…? it’s about that again?”

Ingrid blushed slightly and spoke in a voice that matched my volume.

“I’ve told you before, right? Sir Polidoro’s one―― was a custom-made piece to fit your size. I can’t help it.”

“It was when I was at age of 15. I must sneak my way to safely visit a rare male blacksmith. It was mentally painful.”

Chastity belt.

Needless to say, adult goods.

It didn’t change whether it was the Earth in my previous life or this stupid world.

It was sold mainly to control the chastity of men here.

However, my purpose was different.

I wore it to prevent an erection, or more precisely, to disguise an erection.

In my frontier territory, I managed to hide it by wearing baggy pants.

After leaving the territory, I couldn’t do that with formal clothes to go to the royal palace, or battlefield clothes.

“Anyway, it hurts when I’ve an erection. It hurts a lot.”

“In the first place, why do you get erections so often?”


…What to say…

I answered in the best way I could come up with.

“When I get emotional, or in a similar situation, I can’t help but get an erection. Don’t tell this anyone.”

In this world, this was also a kind of something a male should be shameful of. Here, a man would be regarded as an abnormal person if he easily got an erection just by looking at a woman’s naked body.

Still, it was way better than being regarded as a nasty male.

“… Well, should I say that it’s a way of being a knight of wrath?”

Ingrid blushed while murmuring so.

I guess, she didn’t know what best to say either…

Anyway, this chastity belt, really hurts――

“Ingrid, please don’t tell anyone that I bought myself a chastity belt. I know well, that I’m so far away from the preferred male type here. Still, I’m wearing a chastity belt. I don’t want to be falsely accused by aristocrats that I bought myself a chastity belt because I was afraid of being attacked.”

“I’m too scared to divulge customer information, much less leaking the purchases of nobles. So, please rest assured. Also, didn’t I still keep the secret of you making the chastity belt tightly?”

Well, that’s true.

Yeah, let’s trust Ingrid here.

“Anyway, it hurts when I’ve an erection.”

“……the chastity belt, would you like to change its size to a larger one instead of a fitted one?”

“That’s not good. If I’m wearing such a chastity belt in formal clothes, they’ll find out.”

If I had been married to someone, then that would be fine.

Controlling the husband’s chastity wasn’t so abnormal in this world.

However, it would be unwise to let the public know that while I was single, I was wearing a chastity belt.

I didn’t what to be falsely accused by an aristocrat, because I was wearing a chastity belt that I bought myself.

At the very least, if I had been the pretty boy type that the women of Anhalt Kingdom liked, I wouldn’t be judged even if I said I wore those to protect my chastity.

Anyway, ‘Nobility’, in a sense, could be said to be a business of honor and appearance.

So, I couldn’t and shouldn’t shame myself.

“Then, the only option is to continue using the chastity belt with a fit size.”

“Is that the only option…?”

I hung my head.

In this world, seeing naked women every day wasn’t something strange.

Of course, everyone usually wore clothes, but being naked was nothing to be ashamed of.

As expected, if a woman became a noble, she would wear a veil even if she were naked.

Yesterday, when I went to the royal palace, Queen Rezenlotte was wearing only a silk veil.

That appearance told me that this world was indeed a stupid world—In fact, I was in that stupid world.

Anyway, there was no malice that could be felt from the Queen with the appearance that seemed to appear in some kind of erotic novel illustration.

She was just showing off her physical beauty.

Still, my ‘son’ took a lot of damage.

After that, I was so unreasonably angry that I reflected on myself a little after I calmed down.

In conclusion.

No salvation for me here.

“Second Princess’ Counselor, Sir Polidoro, I think it would be best for you to be a married man. Then, even if you’re found out to be wearing a chastity belt, there’ll be no problem.”

“If I can do it that easily, I will quickly get myself a wife.”

I wasn’t popular

To be exact, my rugged and muscular body wasn’t popular.

Even more so, when I was just a Lord of a small frontier.

In the city, the royal capital, there must be many nobles who were second and third daughters who couldn’t inherit the family’s wealth.

Still, there were many who showed reluctance to go from the royal capital to a frontier territory, except for military service, more so spending the rest of their lives there.

Even so, I didn’t give up and thought of a way.

Once I became the counselor of the Second Princess, I asked Princess Valliere to help me marry some random aristocrat woman.

However, with a very grumpy look on her face, she refused, saying that there was nothing she could prepare for me.

Really, very useless.

“Isn’t it okay to be Duchess Astarte’s lover?”

Ingrid suddenly said something out of the ordinary.

“You, what the hell are you saying?”

“Since the invasion of Willendorf, Duchess Astarte always declared Sir Polidoro to be her comrade-in-arms. And as if flirting, bards have been singing stories related to it.”

“That was Duchess Astarte’s joke. No, even if she was serious, in the end, she would definitely get a husband who is suitable for a Duchess family from some nobleman with higher status than me. After all, there is too much difference in rank. I don’t want to just be a lover of someone.”

I didn’t dislike Duchess Astarte.

Rather, I liked her. She had big boobs after all.

But I hated to be a mere lover of someone.

More so, a lover of women who had a husband.

If I agreed to be her lover, surely, I could send the youngest child of Astarte to inherit the Polidoro territory. But there would be still a possibility that the Polidoro territory, my territory, my everything, would be stolen by a child who didn’t even inherit my blood.

Sorry, but that, I would never let that happen.

After all, it would be like spitting on my ancestors and my mother, who tried their best to get and maintain the territory.

“Sir Polidoro, it seems you’re misunderstanding something.”

“What am I misunderstanding?”

As if having trouble with what to say, Ingrid hesitated――but in the end, she didn’t mutter anything.


Leaving the mansion, as soon as Ingrid entered the carriage, she muttered to herself.

“Sir Polidoro, you’re misunderstanding something. Duchess Astarte has no intention of taking a husband if Sir Polidoro becomes her lover.”

According to the information Ingrid got, that seemed to be the case.

Duchees Astarte was said to really love Sir Polidoro.

Ingrid didn’t tell Sir Polidoro about it because the information wasn’t always accurate.

And ――

“If I leaked it, what will happen if someone finds out about that? Even if it’s profitable for Duchess Astarte, I don’t want to talk about it.”

‘Demon Goddess Astarte’… with that nickname, she was said to be a rough but carefree woman.

In the enemy country of Willendorf, her nickname was, ‘Astarte the Exterminator’.

After repelling the invasion of Willendorf’s 1,000 people, together with the royal army, which was slow to come because it was positioned in a confrontation with the enemy country in the north, she went to counter-invasion Willendorf.

Duchess Astarte, like a demon, plundered the people of Willendorf.

All the women were killed and their corpses were crucified. The soldiers stabbed rebelling men with knives while raping them until they died, and all the surviving men were brought back to the Kingdom of Anhalt as slaves.

It was said that nothing remained behind the villages that Duchess Astarte plundered.

Whether in good or bad way, I don’t want to be noticed by that rough-tempered woman.

That woman is kind only to those whom she truly recognizes as her ally.

In a way, only the first princess Anastasia and Sir Polidoro.

Thinking so, Ingrid’s spine trembled a little.

It felt as if the monitoring of the counselor of the First Princess, Duchess Astarte, were reaching Sir Polidoro’s mansion.

Surely, it had actually enveloped the mansion area.

Duchess Astarte’s network couldn’t be made lightly.

That mansion, seems like a prison set up by the royal family to capture Sir Polidoro. And…

“…the First Princess Anastasia”

Even she’s showing interest in Sir Polidoro.

The word leaked out by the court nobles ―― the high-ranking bureaucratic nobles.

If it’s not a lie…

“…It’ll be a big business opportunity if I can become a purveyor of the first princess’ lover.”

Ingrid wondered, why Sir Polidoro couldn’t get married.

In this world with too many women, from the military family, he’s not valued that low. So, why can’t he make a romantic rumor at all? I’ve never once heard about it, like seriously…

Is it because Duchess Astarte, First Princess Anastasia, the first princess faction in general is harassing him, the Second Princess’ Counselor?

Well, even if that’s how the lower-ranked nobles looked at the situation, it’s not the same for the upper-ranked nobles and me.

Without telling Sir Polidoro all those thoughts.

Ingrid left the mansion while praying that Duchess Astarte wouldn’t pay attention to her.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 5

A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

5. Duchess Astarte and The First Princess Anastasia

From an early age, Astarte grew up compared to her relative, Princess Anastasia.

Her mother, who was a teacher for royal studies, said she was bad at memorizing things.

The battle tactic teacher told her, that finally a student as good as her appear.

The sword and spear teacher told her, that she could be one of the top ten fighters in this royal capital.

Astarte grew up in that way.

Since she was the third in succeeding the throne, a spare of a spare to succeed this Anhalt Kingdom in case of emergency.

And because of that, she was the successor to the Duchess family.

So, she was still brought up to be as good as Princess Anastasia.

Her mother and father brought her up that way.

And, that said First Princess Anastasia, was now steadily walking in front of her with the noise of her boots.

Before following her, Astarte once again looked back at Faust, who was still on his knees paying respect to the First Princess.

After waving her hand.

She opened her mouth at the corner of the corridor, far from Faust.

“Hey, Anastasia”

“What is it, Astarte?”

“Just now…”

The conversation between Anastasia and Faust.

While remembering it, Astarte muttered.

“You said that a connection between the first princess’ counselor and the second princess’ counselor, wouldn’t be good.”

“Yes. Is something wrong?”

Astarted was dissatisfied.
But that one, wasn’t the problem.

“Immediately after that, what do you mean “Please quit being the Second Princess’ counselor. And, be under me.”?”

“It’s in the literal sense.”

Oi, I’ll hit you for real, you know?

Anastasia was strong, but Astarte would as expected win in a one-on-one fight.

Anastasia for strategy and Astarte for tactics.

The street corner bards sang so――and the knight captain, judged so.

In fact, that role had been distributed since the invasion of Willendorf.

By the way, Faust von Polidoro, the knight of the wrath, was the field commander.

That was the case at that site.

Now, that wouldn’t be the case.

Well, it was a shame that Faust would be idle a lot as the Second Princess’ counselor.

“I know you like Faust. He’s just like Uncle.”

Anastasia stopped.

They were relatives.

Moreover, Astarte had been with her for two years as her counselor.

Of course, Astarte would understand.

Her uncle was like the sun.

He was kind to her even though she was just a relative.

And above all, he had a nice ass.

Trained by his hobby of agriculture.

Perhaps it was at that time that Astarte was sexually aroused for the first time in her life.

“I remember, you were looking at my father with unpleasant eyes, Astarte. To the point where I thought I’d kill you several times.”

“I was in my adolescence. It couldn’t be helped.”

Following her instinct, Astarte couldn’t turn her eyes away.

She was often scolded.

As a noble, Astarte lacked the dignity of a lady.

People often called her a carefree woman.

The court nobles and those with bureaucratic positions all frowned and said bad things to her.

Though she was a Duchess, she didn’t have good manners.

Even though they tried to send their sons, only ‘fishing notes’ were sent to the Duchess family.

That was why she didn’t deal with them.

Also, the seeds to be sown in her field, had been decided to be ‘his’.

“Let’s me say it straightforwardly, give up on Faust. From the standpoint, it’ll be too much for him.”

“Haah? Bastard, want me to kill you?”

Anastasia changed her tone.

When she were alone with Astarte, her emotions tend to come out easily.

“Think of Faust――Sir Polidoro’s territory. With your position, the burden is too heavy.”

“How heavy is it?”

Even though Anastasia herself knew, she still asked so.

“Suppose you successfully make Faust, your lover or husband, what will happen to Polidoro territory. No way, you will send one of your daughters with Faust, to take over Polidoro territory?”

Astarte didn’t know how many would Anastasia give birth to.

However, to send her child, who would be in the line of succession to the throne, as the lord of the frontier territory with less than 300 people.

It was just too ridiculous.

“Can’t I just make Polidoro territory under the direct control of the Kingdom of Anhalt?”

“Don’t be an idiot”

Anastasia was intoxicated with her own desires.

And forgot the nature of the knight, who was also the feudal lord.

“You know how much Faust cares about his territory, his land. Like any knight who is also a feudal lord. Even giving a mere insect, they would refuse to do it. Should I say they’re being desperate? In any case, do you think you could make such a man happy by taking away all the ties of his life?”


Anastasia shut up.

Then argued.

“…  Look, you are the third in succeeding the throne. Even your daughter has the right to succeed to the throne.”

“Yes, but then, my child’s royal blood will be much thinner. Also, I can have many children――raising one of them as the lord of Polidoro is feasible. The blood of the royal family is much thinner, so as the chance to succeed to the throne. It’s not a bad thing to have a territory that the youngest child can inherit.”

It’s my and Faust’s child.

I’m sure Faust will give much love even to the youngest.

“Faust can be happier if he is with me.”


Anastasia shut up again.

Such persuasion――

“Don’t joke with me. He’s mine.”

――Astarte didn’t think it would go well from the beginning.

And what she wanted to say―― was ‘that’.

“Then, let’s compete.”


― ‘Do not make me pull out the sword that’s in its sheath.’

However, she understood that it wasn’t such a game from the beginning.

“The one who makes Faust say that ‘I love you’ first, wins. Our wins and losses are in Faust’s hand.”

“… So troublesome. When I take over the Queen’s seat from my mother, I’ll forcibly get Faust. I’ll not give him to anyone.”

“How many years will it take? In the first place――do you want him to lose the thing similar to Uncle, the heart of the sun? Do you want Faust, who has been robbed of his ancestral territory and has become like a doll? If you forcefully ask him to love you to the point where he needs to abandon his territory, do you think, he’ll just comply and say nothing? Probably not. “


Anastasia shut up and then bit her nails.

It was her bad habit that only Astarte, and probably Queen Rezenlotte and the Second Princess Valliere, knew.

This noticeably came out, if she had a hard time answering a question.

Even if she could force Faust to love her.

It was very unlikely that Faust would be hers wholly.

And, it seemed that she finally noticed it.

――But, yes, this was the timing Astarte had been waiting for.

A perfect moment to send a ‘rescue boat’.

“Why don’t we share Faust?”

“What did you say?”

“In this world, it’s common for polygamy, right? It’s not uncommon for aristocrats to share the same man.”

I want a child with Faust.

I want to hug that man, while stroking that ass.

I don’t mind giving up taking his virginity.

Is it still, too much of a luxury?

“… you mean, as my, and your, lover?”

“Yes, your, and my, lover.”

The lover of the First Princess Anastasia and the Duchess Astarte.

Astarte distorted the edge of her mouth and laughed.

“Then, I can send my child will take over the territory of Polidoro. I’m sure Faust will agree.”


Anastasia bruxed her teeth.

It seemed that she was seriously thinking about it.

“I want Faust to be my own”

Anastasia’s mouth might say so, but her eyes were certainly confused.

It was the moment when the stubborn Anastasia had a crack in her heart.

“It’s impossible”

Astarte laughed and whispered like a devil.

“That man, Faust, makes him open, two women.”

Too emotional, Anastasia’s words were disjointed, and couldn’t be combined into a good sentence.

In her thought, she was imagining, the man who was like the sun, opening himself to two women.

A man with a muscular body, a rugged man who didn’t look delicate in the slightest, the virgin that had dedicated himself to the battlefield for his territory.

That chaste, innocent, pure, naive but serious, that virgin Faust, would shamefully, open his clothes like plucking the petals of an elegant flower.

Such was in Anastasia’s mind, distorting her thoughts.

“Yeah, what I mean is, let’s make him open his legs in front of us like a male prostitute.”


Anastasia was silent, but Astarte could see the shaking of her heart.

Like me, she doesn’t want to let some random male attendant cut her virginity.

Don’t you want the first pain to be fun at the same time? Faust’s body is perfect for that.

Let’s enjoy him to the fullest, you don’t have to be ashamed of your desire.

Just because both were the successors of the throne, didn’t mean that they must live with a pure heart.

Both had sexual desires.

“What is it? Don’t worry, I’ll give you, his virginity. I can still have a lot of fun after that.”

“Faust’s … Virginity…”

“Yes, the virginity of the one who cherishes and protects his territory with his best.”

What? I know Faust’s weaknesses.

We just need to poke there.

He’s a knight, but no matter what, he’s a Lord.

For his ancestor, territories, and lands, he’ll even lick the crotch of a disgusting woman.

――Then, when the desire got the better of him, he will open his legs, and show what’s there, on his crotch.

“I don’t want to dirty Faust!!”

“Lie! I know you have a desire of wanting to shame Faust to your heart’s content!!”

Both had been speaking indecent conversations in the hallway to their heart’s content.

For Astarte, making another woman dirty Faust, was out of the question.

But if the woman was Anastasia, she didn’t mind.

She didn’t mind letting Anastasia, who was a relative and would eventually become a queen, dirty Faust.

She thought that this was fun in its own way.

Imagining that Anastasia was holding Faust while she was lonely in bed, her crotch naturally got wet with love juice.

Astarte was taught how to ‘enjoy the night’ as next to succeed the Duchess, but the teacher didn’t tell her that there were many other ways to enjoy it.

“It’s a good idea to make the embarrassed Faust shake his hips like a dog. Just imagining it, making me crazy!”

“Bastard ―― you’re so despicable!!”

Anastasia blushed and screamed.

But it wasn’t out of anger.

It was out of being embarrassed.

She was blushing with because she was embarrassed, which meant, deep in the bottom of her heart, she had such desires.

Hey, Anastasia.

You want to have Faust shake his hips on the bed, don’t you?

Same! Let shame Faust even move.

Aaaah, it’s driving me crazy.

“Hey, just imagining it, you know that it’s great. If you follow my suggestion, you’ll get it right away. What? I’ll persuade Faust. Are you worrying that he will hate you? Don’t worry, there is no such thing.”


Anastasia was already fluttering her mouth, but she didn’t make any voice.

She just made her face bright red.

“……Got it.”

“I can’t hear you. Say louder.”

“I told you, I got it! Faust is my, and your lover!!”

As expected of the first in line to succeed the throne.

The speed of making a decision was different.

Well, it was an indispensable element in the strategy.

Anyway, Astarte smiled and tapped Anastasia’s shoulders.

Illustration of Astarte tapped Anastasia’s Shoulder

“Well――it’s not fun to force Faust to open his legs. Still, I can’t help but get excited.”

“You are really the worst woman.”

While listening to Anastasia’s curse, which wasn’t so like her, Astarte was thinking about something else.

For the past two years, it’s been fun to have that naive and serious Faust blush with sexual words.

But that’s over.

It’s about time to have his child.

“Well, Faust’s military service――the first campaign of the Second Princess Valliere, I guess it’s fine to do it after that’s over?”

Astarte didn’t want to put too much strain on the man’s heart before doing the military service.

Anyway, the first step, persuading Anastasia, was over.

Feeling relieved, Astarte stretched her back, and stretched out the disturbing big boobs that were a nuisance on the battlefield.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 4

A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

4. First Princess Anastasia

For Anastasia, her father was like the sun.

Above all, she liked the ruggedness of her father, especially when he used his rugged hand to stroke her head.

Anastasia’s father, was from Astarte Household.

It might sound like he came from a prestigious family, everyone would normally think so.

And everyone would think of a delicate, short-stature man in their head.

But that wasn’t the case.

Though not that ugly, if someone asked whether he would be included in the favorite type of the women of the Anhalt Kingdom.

The answer would be, No.

He was a little off.

First of all, He was tall.

And he had a muscular body.

Because he couldn’t get out of the mansion, his hobby was gardening――perhaps, he was farming in the large garden of the Duchess’s mansion.

Well, the hobbies of aristocratic men, were many.

And, Agriculture wasn’t bad at all.

Not bad, really, though.

Because of that, his hands were full of calluses and blisters, and every time he used those hands to touch Anastasia’s scalp, it made her squirm.

Anastasia heard that there were dozens of candidates for her mother’s husband, and her mother could choose any of them or all of them.

So, why did her mother―― Queen Rezenlotte had only one husband, presented by the Duchess family?

Anastasia had a doubt.

In fact, she had heard that the court nobles were making noise about it now

Well, that aside,

There was something interesting happening in front of Anastasia now.

Anastasia who was standing in the hallway, spoke to Faust and Astarte, who were standing in the garden.

“Astarte, what were you talking to Sir Polidoro just now?”

“It’s about a lover contract.”

“Lover contract?!”

Anastasia had anger on her face.

Sir Polidoro ―― Faust stared at Anastasia’s face for a while then quietly turned his gaze.

Are you so scared of my face?

Anastasia closed her eyes as if to soothe Faust.

Somehow, this reminds me of the old day ――

In the old days, Anastasia liked getting stroked on her head by her father’s rugged hands.

She felt loved as a daughter.

No matter how much noise the court nobles were making, it could be said that her mother’s eyes were correct.

Father was really a competent person.

Though he had a short temper, his roots were actually, gentle.

And he was such a person who wouldn’t mix public and private matters.

Her father refused any request of the Duchess’ family, using the messenger.

The petty official’s plea that went through him, if it was really on the verge of need, he would do it himself ―― In any case, he refused a direct plea to mother.

He was trying to protect mother and me, his family.

He was a family man.

Always swung the hoe on a sunny day.

Read a book on a rainy day.

Anyway. Anastasia loved his hands, which were full of calluses and blisters, which occasionally used to pat her while hanging out with her.

Her mother probably loved her father as well.

Her sister probably loved her father as well.

That was why Anastasia couldn’t forgive it.

She wanted to monopolize her father’s love.

That feeling seemed to be what the world called, first love.

――From the hands of my dear father, who loved agriculture, there was certainly the scent of the sun like this.

Cut off her thoughts.

Returned to reality again.

Anastasia opened her mouth.

“The royal family isn’t willing to forgive such a connection between the Duchess and Sir Polidoro.”

“Why’s that?”

Astarte responded with a funny face.

A provoking face.

“Such a connection between the first princess’ counselor and the second princess’ counselor, isn’t funny.”

“All just for a show, isn’t it? I mean, there’s no such thing as second princess faction.”

“I’m worried about you. How could you have the nerves to speak such in front of Sir Polidoro, the second princess’ counselor? As expected, Sir Polidoro doesn’t fit you.”

Just said that and closed her mouth.

Once again, Anastasia’s mind went somewhere.

It went back to the past.


One day――Anastasia’s father suddenly died.

It was because of poison.

Even if her mother got angry and tried to find the criminal by making full use of her outstanding skill ―― but, nothing was found.

Her father was never a hated person.

Her mother was still looking for the criminal.

Still, she couldn’t find anything.

If found, ‘Hell’ would be shown to that criminal.

Still, nothing was found.

Her love had suddenly gone.

Even though her mother loved her, her mother’s gaze toward her felt like seeing a public figure, the first successor.

It must be love for her talent.

There was no love as a family member.

One day, when Anastasia was a mere 14-year-old first princess who showed her power while parading around the city.

Her mother, her guards, and her counselor, Duchess Astarte, all of them had the same eyes.

They were looking at her as the first princess Anastasia.

Only one ―― her father, who looked at her, as his daughter Anastasia.

Anastasia was just a mere 14 years olds, so how much was the feeling of loss she felt?  In any case, when Anastasia noticed it ―― she already didn’t remember the shock she felt so much.

No, she didn’t want to remember.

In the shadow of something, like a ghost―― bending over and crying in bed, she didn’t want to remember those.

Then, the day of the first campaign finally came to her.

It was the invasion of Willendorf.

Anastasia met “him” there.

“Faust von Polidoro. The Second Princess’ Counselor. I’m pleased to make an acquaintance with you.”

The man had a stronger body than her father.

The height was close to 2m, and the great sword swung with one hand, showing how muscular he was.

The five fingers of both hands were filled with blisters of sword and spear.

Such a man.

Such a man ―― was prostrating under her command as a counselor of her sister, Valliere.

Yeah, her sister.

More than anything else, it was her sister.

After finally, she found a replacement for her father.

It wasn’t funny.

It wasn’t funny at all.

It’s not funny you know. Valliere.

Did you think it’s so easy to find a replacement?

No, right? Valliere…

“It’s an emergency now. I’ll follow the command of the first princess, Anastasia. Please your command!!”

First of all ――I could certainly say that there was a mixture of anger in my words.

Really, it was a completely stupid decision.

“Go to the front line with Astarte!”

I did a “trial”.

I wished for him to die.


However, Faust went to the forefront and was successful.

He defeated the leader, the Knight Captain Reckenbell, the core of the barbarians, in one-on-one combat.

Hearing it, Anastasia quietly, smiled for the first time in a few years after her father died.

Aaahh――Can you take place of my father?

Such an illusion suddenly came to her.

Therefore, Anastasia often talked to Faust on the battlefield against Willendorf.

“Why look away?”

“……Because looking at the first princess Anastasia, is too much of a reward.”

“Don’t you think it’s rude to look away?”

Faust muttered with an embarrassed expression, scratching his cheeks.

“Well… yes, that’s right, yes.”

He was so honest.

Similar to her father.

On the battlefield, Sir Polidoro, who rampaged with anger, was called as the “Knight of Wrath”.

But, the real face of Sir Polidoro―

― Faust’s face was, in peacetime, it was like a family man.

While holding his head down, he was apologizing to Anastasia with a sorry look.

Her father’s figure when he was scolded by her mother, was there.


He wasn’t her father.

He was a different man.

All she saw was just an illusion.

Even so, her father’s appearance and Faust’s overlapped.

Before Anastasia knew, when she saw Faust, she began to follow him with her eyes.

He was a man who was kind to his people.

He was a fair man to the knights of his compatriots.

He was the man who made Duchess Astarte declare him as her comrade in arms.

The roots were too similar to that of her father.

You――can you take place of my father?

Anastasia thought so.

But then Anastasia understood.

That feeling Anastasia had for her father wasn’t, first love.

The feeling of naturally chasing a man with her eyes was what they called, first love.

She understood that.

Now that Anastasia finally understood it, Anastasia wanted him.

—————-End of Flashback—————-

Sure, I want him.

Anastasia’s thoughts returned to reality

Then, she opened her mouth.

“Hey, Sir Polidoro”


Faust folded his knees and opened his mouth, as such was a courtesy.

His face never went in her line of sight.

That much didn’t matter.

“Please quit being the Second Princess’ counselor. Be under me.”

The remark was made naturally from within the heart.

That was, to become hers.

“… I refuse.”

On the other hand, it took three seconds for Faust to say no.

Perhaps that hesitation was intentional in consideration of Anastasia.

“Why refuse? It’s not Astarte’s words, but there’s no such thing as a second princess faction. There’s no future for you.”

“That is ――”

Faust hesitated.

This time, he looked straight at Anastasia.

And muttered.

“I still have a thing called “heart”. I’m proud as the counselor of the Second Princess Valliere.”

It was a perfect answer.

So naturally, Anastasia’s crotch was about to get wet with “love juice”.

If he really had the same roots as her father, he would answer that. To an extent, Anastasia had expected such an answer.


Faust von Polidoro.

You’re the right person to be my husband.

I don’t want others except you.

By any means,

I’ll make you my husband ――or lover, by any means.

What? If just a lover you still can be taken as a husband by someone else? Don’t worry, I’ll never let that happen.

I’ll make you my own.

Only mine.

I won’t let Astarte get in the way.

Not to mention my sister, Valliere.

Even my dear mother, Rezenlotte.

Since I’ve decided,

That, You are only for me.

“Well, then, it’s fine, for ‘now’. Do your best in Valliere’s first campaign and get rid of the bandits.”


Faust answered with his knees folded and prostrated.

This is the relationship between us now.

But eventually, you’ll stare at me while whispering your love.

Whether as a lover or husband.

Aaaahhh, Faust.

I love you.

Till the end of the world.

Till, the end of the world.

Anastasia called Astarte’s name, ordered her to follow from behind, and left.


I, Faust von Polidoro, was wondering.

Why she has such a scary face?

I don’t want to look at you, Princess Anastasia.

Even Astarte, the “Demon Goddess”, isn’t so scary.

Also, somehow, the aura surrounding you is strange.

You’re still just the first successor to the Elector, but you’re already unleashing such aura.

Sure, you’re also an unreasonable beautiful girl, but your eyes look like reptiles.

So much different from my master, the Second Princess Valliere, who’s in a way, a girl with an ordinary talent.

While thinking about that, I listened to Princess Anastasia’s words.

“The royal family isn’t willing to forgive such a connection between the Duchess and Sir Polidoro.”

“Why’s that?”

Duchess Astarte answered as if to make fun of the first princess.

Well, it was within my predictions.

“Such a connection between the first princess’ counselor and the second princess’ counselor, isn’t funny.”

“All just for a show, isn’t it? I mean, there’s no such thing as second princess faction.”

“I’m worried about you. How could you have the nerves to speak such in front of Sir Polidoro, the second princess’ counselor? As expected, Sir Polidoro doesn’t fit you.”

That was right.

Duchess Astarte was a straightforward person without much care about troublesome things.

She’s too carefree. Not that I mind.

But the problem is, she’s in the ass group. Even though she’s big boobs. What a shame.

For me who’s in the boobs group, she’s my enemy.

Perhaps this is why, she’s hated by those court nobles.

I’m sure, they’re in the boobs group too.

Though hated by them―― Those bureaucratic nobles must’ve been desperate to put their son as the husband of the Duchess Astarte.

After all, she’s a Duchess.

Well, status and power are blinding, it can’t be helped.

I sighed again and waited for the storm to pass.

It seemed when I was thinking about such things, Princess Anastasia was also lost in her thought.

I wonder what she’s thinking?

After a while, the First Princess opened her mouth.

“Hey, Sir Polidoro”


I put my knees on the ground and replied such. That was the courtesy after all.

“Please quit being the Second Princess’ counselor. Be under me.”

No way, dumbass.

I’m scared of you. you know?

I’m so scared that I don’t understand why the Duchess Astarte is under you.

Damn it.

I answered desperately, even though my tongue was about to cramp in fear.

“… I refuse.”

Princess Anastasia asked again.

“Why refuse? It’s not Astarte’s words, but there’s no such thing as a second princess faction. There’s no future for you.”

“That is ――”

Oi, me, find out why, now!

I can’t say that I’m not interested in the power struggle in the royal palace.

Something, think of some reason, me!

―― Ah, that’s it.

“I still have a thing called “heart”. I’m proud as the counselor of the Second Princess Valliere.”

It was a perfect answer.


She must’ve become speechless.

I gazed at Princess Anastasia.

Princess Anastasia looked back at my gaze and smiled like a snake.

Why do you laugh like that?

And why did my “son” get a little excited when I’m so scared like this?

Must be a survival instinct.

Even though the tip hit the metal chastity belt, I held the pain and returned the snake-like smile with a bitter smile.

I just didn’t know what to do other than that.

“Well, then, it’s fine, “for now”. Do your best in Valliere’s first campaign and get rid of the bandits.”


“for now”? You mean, it’s not fine in the future?

Damn it, I’m completely being watched.

What did I do wrong?

Is it because of what I did in the battle against Willendorf?

Is it because I opposed the Second Princess Valliere’s first campaign at the royal meeting earlier?

Or, is it because I get along with Duchess Astarte?

F*ck, I don’t know the reason.

I’m scared because I don’t know the reason.

Why don’t you leave me alone?


As the First Princess Anastasia and Astarte were leaving.

I was still on my knees, worrying about my future.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 3

A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

3. Duchess Astarte

My mother was a weirdo.

In a world where the idea of ​​chastity was reversed, she trained me in martial arts, mainly swords and spears.

I understood to be taught about governance and management of the territory.

I understood that it must be understood as the Lord.

In the future, I would support my noble wife who would call herself instead of me ―― the ruler of Polidoro.

So, why did she want me to learn about martial arts and battle tactics?

When I was a little boy, I remembered the memories of my previous life―― Seeing what my mother wanted me to learn, I thought it was normal for a noble eldest son to learn such skills, so I’d never complained to my mother about the anomaly.

However, when I was 15 years old, I learned that there was only one male knight out of the village, and that a man wouldn’t normally appear on the battlefield. So, I started to have more questions.

Then, I knew that the male-female ratio of Polidoro territory was so abnormal, with 30 males and 270 females.

In a situation where polygamy wasn’t strange, I didn’t think that “This must be an absolutely stupid world”.  I wasn’t so narrow-minded after all…

“Just now, what did you guys say? Me aside, you’ve insulted my mother.”

I walked up to the garden table, barging into their tea time.

The two boy attendants spilled the tea, as if they never thought I would come.

Standing up and making excuses, I could see their crotch was wet with a yellowish liquid.

“I-I didn’t say anything like that.”

Again, my mother was a weirdo.

My father died of lung disease at a young age, and his relatives in the aristocrats told my mother to get a new man, but she refused to do it.

She trained me in martial arts and battle tactics in place of the supposedly eldest daughter’s duty, since I was the only child.

However, I realized that my mother must have been desperate.

Perhaps my mother found that it would be difficult for her to give birth a second time because she was too weak?

Or did she love my deceased father so much?

20 years since I was born, even though she must lie down on the bed, she forced herself to teach me everything about being a Lord.

In the end, she died of illness at the young age of 35.

At the same time, I finally understood it.

“Did you insult my mother?”

That my mother, tried to leave me everything as far as she knew.

Perhaps my mother knew she couldn’t live long.

And that was why, for a short time ――from child to adult, she tried to leave everything behind.

I thought my mother was just a weirdo.

From the age of 15, I began to serve in the military instead of my mother, who was completely sick and fell into bed.

I didn’t know that it would become my filial piety to her.

No, it wasn’t, I hadn’t been able to do filial piety.

I finally realized it after my mother died.

Even if I’m just a different world person who reincarnated from the Earth.

For me…

“Did you just insult, my mother, my ancestors, my people, my land, all of Polidoro?”

From the time I was five years old, she gave me everything to live in this world ――even if that must cut her life.

“I’ll kill you.”

She’s… an irreplaceable mother.

The insult itself to me was nothing to make a big deal.

I knew that in this kingdom, a muscular rough man like me wasn’t liked.

However, insults to my mother would never be allowed.

So, I grabbed the soft neck of a man at hand and lift it up.

Floating in the air, the weak man said,

“W-we are relatives of the Duchess Astarte, the First Princess’ Counselor! Are you still…”

I see, I see…

So, did you insult me since I’m the second princess’ counselor?

Did you think that you wouldn’t be harmed because of your background?

――Seems you’ve misunderstood me.

“So what?”

I thrust my index finger into the man’s nostril.

“S-stop. I apologize ――”

It’s too late.

I let my index finger go all the way in, until near the base of my index finger.

I heard a scream that didn’t fit with his personality ――no, it was a roar leaking out of a man’s mouth.

“Oh, so you’re not just delicate. You can make such a rough voice after all. Hahaha.”

I laughed wickedly.

The fingertips pierced from the nose reaching the man’s throat.

Satisfied, I pulled out the bright red index finger from the man’s nostril.

The man made a loud noise, fell to the ground, and a bright red bubble came out of his mouth.

First one, done. Next…

I gazed at the other man while wiping the blood on my index finger with a handkerchief.

“Don’t run away”

I said so, though I knew that it was unlikely that he could escape.

Losing his knees, the other man fell on his butt and was beginning to leak urine and feces.

“Absolutely, pathetic.”

I won’t kill you.

But, you’ve to pay the price.

Emotionally, it was just about my mother.

Externally ――it was about the aristocratic face.

I was carrying all the honor of those within my territory, under the leadership of me, Faust von Polidoro.

I couldn’t just get insulted and leave it alone.

Even if――

“What are you doing!!”

Even if it was against the Duchess, who had a bigger territory and the strength of the troops was literally beyond my scope.

I looked back at the familiar voices I’d heard hundreds of times on the battlefield.

“Well, well, if this isn’t Duchess Astarte. How are you?”

“I feel the worst now”

Duchess Astarte.

She was Princess Anastasia’s counselor.

The number of her people exceeded tens of thousands, and the number of regular soldiers that could be moved even in an emergency was close to 500.

The number of regular soldiers alone exceeded the number of my people.

“Let me ask straightforwardly, Sir Polidoro. What did these guys ――what did the two who work as my attendants in the royal palace do to you?”

“They’ve insulted my mother, my ancestors, my territories, my land, all of Polidoro. Saying that my mother must have picked up abandoned children from Willendorf because she couldn’t have children.”

” ――”

Duchess Astarte shut her mouth.

She descended from the hallway into the garden and spoke to a man who was sitting on the ground while pissing himself.

“Is Sir Polidoro’s remark true?”

“N-No, we were just ――”

“So, it’s true”

The look of Duchess Astarte changed into the look of a demon.

‘Demon Goddess Astarte’… was what was sung by a bard about her.

“These damn idiots!!”

Duchess Astarte, in her boots, kicked the nose of a man who was sitting on the ground.

The sound of the cartilage in the nose breaking could be heard.

While listening to it, I stared at the figure of Duchess Astarte.

As usual, she’s beautiful even with a demon-like look.

And her boobs are big. Very big.

Really, a super beautiful woman with long red hair flowing on her back.

Well, just looking at her, of course, won’t really cause an erection.

To distract myself from Duchess Astarte’s look, I thought of such an obscene thing.

“Excuse me, Sir Polidoro. I want to apologize for this.”

“You don’t need to, Duchess Astarte. Against the barbarians ――those Willendorf, weren’t we fighting together in the front line? Well, there was a difference in territorial power.”

“Differences in territorial power――Aren’t you and me a comrade? I don’t care about such.”

Yes, the relationship between me and Duchess Astarte wasn’t bad.

During the invasion of Willendorf a year ago, 500 regular soldiers of Astarte territory and 20 people of my territory.

In addition, 30 guards of Princess Anastasia, a total of 550 people.

Because of the emergency, only those could be prepared for preventing the invasion of Willendorf.

Duchess Astarte was always at the forefront with me to encourage my inferior army.

Well, this wouldn’t make me sick of her.

There were conflicts between her as the first princess’ counselor, and me as the second princess’ counselor. However, the first princess faction was overwhelmingly too strong to worry about.

The problem――

“Even so, as usual, you sure have a nice ass, Sir Polidoro.”

Astarte’s touching Faust

―Was that she always sexually harassed me.

“Stop joking. I know that a muscular rough man like me isn’t liked.”

“No problem!! I’m in the ass group!!”

What a free person.

Is being the Duchess, making her permissible to do whatever?

“O, Sir Polidoro, when will you let me taste your body? Aren’t we in a relationship where blood and sweat have entwined with each other on the battlefield?”

If I can, I want to free those boobs.

And let my “son” rest there.

“Duchess Astarte, as I’ve said many times, my chastity solely belongs to my future bride.”

Actually, I didn’t want to deal with only one person for the rest of my life.

I wanted to build a harem.

My dream was to gather beautiful women and build a harem.

But in this country, a man, being a virgin was considered as sacred.

If I was rumored to have sold my body―― My reputation, as well as my territory’s reputation, would fall.

And――the requirements of marrying me would also get worse.

That was why I couldn’t do that.

And so, with tears in my heart, I could only stare into the eyes of Duchess Astarte.

“Then, be my husband”

“Joke again, is it? There is too much difference in our position――our noble ranks. It’s not balanced at all. And there is my territory as well.”

“What about just a lover? Not good? Don’t worry, I will give birth to your children as many as you want, and I’ll send one to take over the Polidoro territory properly.”

That’s a fascinating condition.

But, in that case, I’ll become Duchess Astarte’s lover.

…… That’s, not bad.

“By the way, I’m still a virgin. I’m still 18 years old after all. When I turn 20, I have to catch a man because I have to give birth, so, isn’t it better to do it first with a promising man?”

“I don’t know”

Virgin or non-virgin, I don’t care, as long as I can do “it”.

All I care about is the presence or absence of diseases.

… This is bad,

If I continue to have this kind of conversation with such a super beautiful woman,  I’ll get an erection again and my dck will hurt.

Or rather, I’ve already had a little erection.

Damn it! I wish there is a brothel.

Hah… I’m doomed.

Only male prostitutes are in this world.

Why does the world keep harassing me? Why?

Duchess Astarte gazed at my eyes and muttered.

“Let me just say it straightforwardly. I hate roundabout ways. Do with me once. I’ll pay you.”


Who cares about your money, I’m willing to pay for you.

I want to free those boobs.

But NO, I can’t.

There’s too much difference in our position.

Aahhh, I want to have sex.

Why was my “son” always born for nothing?

A virgin in the previous life, a virgin in this world.

It’s just too miserable.

Already… let me reach the goal. I mean, in a sexual sense.

Yeah, let’s take the invitation of Duchess Astarte.

I hated God.

Every time I went to church on Sunday, I always cursed God with my backing vocals singing of the choir group――And that was perhaps why, any wishes I hoped never came true.

“What are you talking about?! Astarte!!”

The first princess of Anastasia made an appearance.

When will I be able to return to the inn to properly calm my excited “boy”?

When will I be able to unleash this accumulated power?

With that in mind, I fell on my knees against the first princess with a sigh and arranged my manners.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 2

A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

2. The counselor of the Second Princess

In the first place, the failure was that I, became the counselor of the second princess, Valliere, two years ago.

――「”You, be my counselor” 」

As that word crossed my mind, I thought about the past.


Since my mother died, I went to the royal capital in her stead to give a greeting.

I would have an audience with Queen Rezenlotte,

Waiting for my turn, three months had passed.

Well, it was unavoidable, a frontier knight like me must wait.

While I was convinced so and gave up, I was spending my days in a poor inn in the royal capital while worrying about funds.

There, I met the second princess Valliere and her guard.

“You, be my counselor”


While scratching her head, she said so. She was 12 years old.

Princess Valliere, took her guard to the cheap hotel, to give such an order.

“What’s, with that attitude? I’ll let you be my counselor, you know?”

“Even if you say so…”

I was 20 years old.

Before my mother died, I didn’t do the taking over process, so the takeover was delayed.

And I, got such an order from the second princess.

Even if I knew that was difficult to refuse from my standpoint, at the very least I wanted to resist.

“So, what are the benefits for me?”


The second princess of Valliere went silent.

Even if it might be hard to refuse.

It wasn’t completely impossible.

‘Elector’―― Well, since this wasn’t the Holy Roman Empire of the Earth, it wasn’t exactly like that, but similar, anyway,

An influential person with the right to vote the ruler of the Empire, Queen Rezenlotte.

The Polidoro territory belonged to me., which was in a frontier, was in a way, protecting the Kingdom.

The security of the Polidoro territory would be guaranteed by me, a member of Polidoro, fulfilling a contract.

In short, to get protection for my territory, I would need to pledge allegiance to Queen Rezenlotte and fulfill a duty of military service.

I, Sir Polidoro, had fulfilled a military service this year as well.

It was to kill about 20 insignificant bandits.

Really, what a shame…

Thinking so, I remembered how many beautiful women’s necks were sent flying by the magical greatsword that had been passed down in my family.


“I’ll let you have the audience with my mom this week.”

“That’s not enough. By the way ――”

My capability wasn’t enough.

So, to point that out, I said.

“Why do you want me as your counselor? I’m just a knight of a frontier area with less than 300 citizens.”


The princess didn’t answer.

Instead, she pointed to the greatsword hanging on my waist.

“How many people, you had decapitated with that sword?”

“I wonder, I stopped counting after 100.”

It had been five years since I started doing military service instead of my sick mother.

All of them were just stupid bandits, but some of them were strong fallen knights.

However, they were not much with my power.

It seemed that I just boasting myself, but that wasn’t the case, many said my sword skill was probably amongst the highest in the royal capital.

The reason for the guess was that men weren’t eligible to participate in the swordsmanship tournament of the royal capital. So, I didn’t really know the extent of my power.

Yes, the view of the world of reversal of chastity would always be attached to me whether I liked it or not.

“I want to get, a usable handpiece first. Is that a bad thing?”

“It’s an honor, but there’s no merit for me.”

“For future military service, I shall prepare a small amount of military funds from my――second princess’s annual expenses.”

――money, huh?

Not a bad suggestion.

As a knight, to move my citizens, money would be needed.

The tax revenue would decrease as you move your citizens after all.

The number of workers in the territory would decrease during the extermination of bandits too, and the mobilizers would have to give some pocket money too.

“Also, the military service also has a choice. And I, can let you choose the battlefield.”

“In short, I will not need to chase after the bandits’ ass anymore, and can complete my military service just by a glaring contest with those of unmotivated enemy country, is it?”

Not a bad deal.

Though in an emergency, on the contrary, I might be driven to the front line as the second princess’ counselor.

It couldn’t be helped.

In case of an emergency, as a Knight, I would be driven to the front line anyway.

The frontier lord was in a weak position and insignificant after all.


Not so bad.

To be honest, I wasn’t interested in the royal palace.

As long as my territory, Polidoro, could be safe, that was more than enough.

The second princess Valliere in front of me couldn’t even be compared with the first princess Anastasia, who was praised as brilliant.

Well, I met her once, but really, she was literally a different creature.

Was it when she was just 14 years old?

Princess Anastasia walked through the city with a powerful guard while giving off an aura of a royal family.

That was when she was 14 years old.

It was hard to believe.

I heard that while wearing something like a maximilian armor, she beheaded sinners using a halberd.

―― Anyway, I was considering the proposal of the second princess Valliere in front of you.

For a 12-year-old, she’s a smart person, though her appearance is just like a cheeky girl.

But well,

This girl, will never get me involved in the power struggle in the royal palace.

After all, she doesn’t have the ability.

And so, I gave her my final answer.

“Fine. Then, I shall be a counselor to Princess Valliere.”

“Great. Well then.”

Princess Valliere put out her hand.

I kneeled and kissed her hand.

Illustration of MC kissing the hand of the Second Princess

And thus, I sealed a contract with her.


“It was a complete failure.”

It wasn’t good from the first year I became the counselor.

The military service switched from exterminating bandits to glaring at the enemy country, Willendorf.

All I had to do was lead only 20 people and protect the fort.

At least, that was what supposed to be.

However, a war broke out.

Even though there was no battle in the last 20 years, Willendorf suddenly attacked.

Naturally, I would be involved in the war.

With only 550 soldiers, including the first princess Anastasia, her guards, and the army led by Duchess Astarte, who was her counselor, the battle against nearly 1000 Willendorf barbarians began.

I also joined under the command of Princess Anastasia――and was at the forefront.

I was desperate.

I didn’t want to die as a virgin.

Why did God send me into such a crazy world?

I hated it, really hated it, but nothing I could do.

Other than――getting an erection.

However, the metal chastity belt stopped the erection.

“My d◯ck hurts”

It was a survival instinct.

I didn’t want to die.

Not as a virgin.

I was a virgin even in my previous life.

That was what drove me.

To not die as a virgin.

I pulled out the magical greatsword of my family and kicked the belly of my beloved horse, Fluegel.

“My name is Faust von Polidoro. If you think you can defeat me, come!! I’ll fight to my last breath!!”

It was easy to take the first neck.

It seemed that no one ever thought that there would be a man on the battlefield――other than a male prostitute.

I sent someone’s neck flying at the moment when I raised my voice.

Once again, I kicked the belly of my horse, Fluegel.

I rushed to the enemy knight captain, who was protected by dozens of knights with horses.


I uttered an obscene word.

It wasn’t a befitting word on the battlefield.

But my current situation.

My d◯ck hurts!

So, it couldn’t be helped,

Anyway, I cut off the second and third people at the same time I shouted the word.

“The commander of Willendorf army, have a one-on-one combat with me!!”

The opponent didn’t respond, and the fourth person thrust a spear.

I cut off the tip of the spear with my greatsword and scraped off the fourth torso.

Chainmail, was cut like butter with my magical greatsword.


My d◯ck hurts!!!

Apart from that thought, the fifth knight was approaching.

Did the commander think that doing one-on-one combat with me was too much? or did the commander want to capture me and turned me into a dck slave?

――Probably the latter.

However. I had no intention of becoming a dck slave.

Though, Harem was always welcome.

I didn’t want to be raped by people who didn’t have the idea of ​​hygiene, and died of syphilis with stink smell all over me.

Anyway, I waved my left hand, which wasn’t holding the greatsword, and gave a signal.


It was a signal for that.

The arrow shot from a crossbow pierced the fifth knight.

Our territory owned as many as five expensive crossbows.

The church asked to not use it, but, who cares? It wouldn’t stop me from using it.

Yes, I was selfish.

Nothing was more important than my own life after all.

And my dck was also important.

Aaaa, my d◯ck hurts.

While hurting my dck, I reached the knight captain of the enemy.

I raised the greatsword and shouted loudly.

“The commander of Willendorf army, I apply for a one-on-one duel!!”

“I have a name, it’s Reckenbell! O, Male of valor!”

The knight captain of Willendorf army replied with a loud shout.

Oh, it worked.

With that conviction, I gently lowered the greatsword diagonally.

“Then, Reckenbell-dono! Let’s duel!”

“Okay, but promise one thing.”


Reckenbell took a deep breath and shouted.

“If I win, you must become my second husband!! How is it?!”

Values ​​peculiar to those of Willendorf―― those barbarians.

A strong man was worth more there.

In my country ――the Kingdom of Anhalt, such a type would be quite disliked.

Basically, in my country, delicate men were preferred.

To be honest, I wished that I was born in Willendorf.

“I understand. If I win, I’ll do anything, even becoming your second husband!!”

Should I lose?

Such thoughts ran into my mind, but I might get treated badly, so, I didn’t want to.

In any case, she didn’t wear a helmet, so I could see that she was a beautiful woman, even though she looked a little older.

Perhaps because of the armor, but it looked like her boobs were big.

My dck hurts.

“But I can’t afford to lose.”

I mumbled in low voice.

I’ve a responsibility here

Sure I’m another world person who reincarnated from the earth, but my mother gave birth to me here, in this world.

I’ve a territory to govern.

I’ve a responsibility as Lord Polidoro.

Even if it’s just 300 people, I can’t stray away and disappoint them.

That’s why ―― Reckenbell, you must die.

I held the greatsword diagonally and charged at the commander, Reckenbell.

I didn’t need to say the result of the battle.

As I was still alive now.

—————–End of Flashback—————–

” ――It was a failure”

It’s clearly a failure to become a counselor of Princess Valliere.

――leaving the room where I had been discussing with Queen Rezenlotte, I muttered so.

It was around the garden of the royal palace, where I was thinking of the result of the consultation ――

I can see the future.

Eventually, I’ll be driven to exterminate bandits as a military service this year.

I smelled the flowers in a well-arranged garden.

Quickly, I wanted to let it all go.

In short, the naked body over one veil of Queen Rezenlotte, which had been burned into my mind a while ago, would be the dish this time.

Anyway, I was going back to the inn to comfort my “son”.

But, I saw people sitting at the garden table, enjoying tea.

It’s not maids.

It seemed like they were delicate boy attendants.

And from their mouth, I heard insulting words.

“Is he Sir Polidoro? Such muscular body, what a horrifying figure.”

“So uncivilized. Perhaps the predecessor, Lady Polidoro, picked up an abandoned child from Willendorf because she couldn’t have a child?”

Apparently, that wasn’t just a simple insult.

It was me,

I had been insulted.

They’ve insulted me.

In other words, all things of my Polidoro territory.

They insulted my mother, my ancestors, my people, my land, and everything.

The sound of nerve popping in my temples could be heard.

With the lingering pain on my d◯ck still remaining, I was in a bad mood. And they provoked me who was in such condition.

You piece of shit…

―― I stepped down from the hallway to the garden, to break the cartilage of the nose of the stupid disgusting men who had just insulted me.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 1

A new series, that I may do, for now it’s just a teaser.

1. Prologue

My dck hurts.

Medieval――Nah, it wasn’t.

It was just someplace similar to the Middle Ages, if I were to say?

There seemed to be something miraculous that exists here, like, magic.

Speaking about something miraculous, I was reincarnated from the earth to this different world…

Yes, I was reincarnated as Faust von Polidoro in this world.

Right now, I was constantly thinking.

――My d◯ck hurts.

Yes, my mind was full of such a thought.

Why? Because I had been wearing a metal chastity belt since not long ago.

I didn’t get forced by anyone.

I wore it at my own will.

Otherwise―I couldn’t stand it.

I just couldn’t stand it.


Valliere, who was sitting next to me, called me in a confused voice.

She was wearing a silk dress.

Well, this woman was okay.

Really, the second princess, Valliere, was okay. Not that big of a deal.

“It seems that the counselor, Sir Polidoro, is dissatisfied. Am I wrong? Please, don’t hesitate to tell me. I allow you to speak.”

My problem was with Queen Liselotte, the ruler of this country.

What was she doing?

Why was she only wearing a thin veil of silk on top of her naked body?

Illustration of what kind of situation the MC is in

Someone said that she was 32 years old.

Of course, she was still more than good, And of course, My d◯ck couldn’t help but get bigger.

To overcome such a trial, I wore the metal chastity belt.

As result, well…

My d◯ck hurts.

But, really, this world was crazy.

A chastity values ​​reversal world.

The ratio of Men and Women was about 1 : 10.

It was such a world.

Therefore, women stood on the front stage, and men were driven into the shade.

No, the men were strongly protected.

I often hear that a man who got caught on the battlefield, would be turned into a d◯ck slave.

It was such a world.

Such a stupid world. 

A really different and stupid world.

“It’s the first battle of Valliere, the Second Princess, but she will only go with her guards and counselor?”

“I told you earlier. She doesn’t need much force against bandits.”

I was an abnormal person in this world.

I was an abnormal person who got an erection against a female in a fairytale-like appearance, a nude appearance.

If I were to reincarnate anyway, I hoped my common sense would match those in this world.

But, it seemed that God didn’t give it to me.

Well, I didn’t meet an existence called “God” when I got reincarnated, so even if I complained, nothing would happen.

“The First Princess Anastasia, against the enemy country ― Willendorf, against the 1000 barbarians who tried to invade us, sank them into the sea of ​​blood and made a reverse invasion, in her first battle”

My d◯ck hurts.

My d◯ck really hurts.

I looked away from the almost naked queen and looked at the first princess, Anastasia.

Anastasia stared back at my eyes.

…..The first princess is so scary.

With that in mind, I had no choice but to return my gaze to the almost naked queen.

The queen shook her body slightly and so were her big boobs.

So erotic…

“Does the Second Princess Valliere’s fist battle, is just to exterminate bandits?”

My face turned vermilion.

After all, in this kind of situation, how could I stay calm?

My d◯ck hurts.

Defeating the queen, who was almost naked.

That was the only way to get away from this place.

And I must suppress the pain in my crotch until then.

“… The situation is too different. Defeating the bandits is also an important task.”

“The enemy country, we just need to attack Willendorf”

“Don’t make a joke. Faust von Polidoro. Do you want us to start another full-scale war against those barbarians?”

My d◯ck hurts!

I hit the table hard.

The sound echoed loudly and everyone went silent.

Queen, Rezenlotte too.

The first princess, Anastasia too.

And the second princess, Valliere, whom I served as a counselor, too.

“Is it my lack of power?”

The vermilion color on the face was getting redder.

My d◯ck hurts.

Blood flowed to the face even more.

This wasn’t caused because my d◯ck felt hurt.

I was engorged with anger.

At least, I tried to make that excuse become reality.

“… No, that’s not the case, Faust von Polidoro.”

And, the effect seemed to have been achieved.

To calm me, Queen Rezenlotte quietly echoed her voice in one of the rooms in the royal palace.

“I’m not despising your power. Faust, the ‘Knight of Wrath’. In an emergency when we were attacked by Willendorf, under my Anastasia, you caught more than ten of those barbarian knights, and in a one-on-one fight with the knight captain ―― you cut the neck of that captain. I’m not despising your power at all.”

My d◯ck hurts!

I wanted to scream involuntarily.

I wanted to stand up unintentionally.

But I was a person who could the air.

Even though I was reaching the limit.

My d◯ck hurts…

“So, calm down”

Damn it, I’ll “do” you, you know?!

After all, my d◯ck hurts because of you.

I mean, why do you just cover your naked body with just one veil? Are you a slut?

I wanted to scream so.


I looked away from the queen.

To relieve the pain that I felt around my crotch completely.

Then ―― I asked for permission to leave the room.

“Please forgive me. I’m done with what I wanted to say. More than this has nothing to do with me. May I leave the room?”

I asked the Queen.

“I allow you. You can leave the room.”

“Thank you very much”

My d◯ck was protected.

My d◯ck, which would have got necrotic if it had continued in an erect state any longer, was protected.

―― That was all that mattered the most.

I left the royal palace.


Rezenlotte was wrong.

“The Second Princess Valliere’s first campaign, is to exterminate bandits?”

Faust von Polidoro was wasted.

To attach him to the Second Princess――that spare, Valliere.

Faust von Polidoro was wasted.

“… The situation is too different. Defeating the bandits is also an important task.”

Rezenlotte made excuses.

No, it wasn’t a mistake to set up a unit to subdue bandits.

It wasn’t a mistake, but ――

“The enemy country, we just need to attack Willendorf”

“Don’t make a joke. Faust von Polidoro. Do you want us to start another full-scale war against those barbarians?”

Faust, the “Knight of Wrath”, sending him to this mission would be nothing more than an insult to him.

He had already caught more than ten of those barbarian knights ―― those bastards from that shit Willendorf. He even cut the knight captain―― in a one-on-one battle.

It was nothing more than an insult to ask Faust to go on a skirmish against bandits.

However, Faust was the counselor of the second princess, Valliere, who would go on bandit extermination.

The second princess Valliere was only a spare for the first princess Anastasia. Rezenlotte didn’t really care that much about her.

Of course, Faust would have to go on that mission.


This bad.

Faust’s ability and his position as a counselor, to give them to the second princess, my daughter, Valliere, all will be a waste.

Rezenlotte could see that Faust had dyed his face vermilion in anger.

However, I couldn’t tell if it was acting or not.

Yes, Rezenlotte couldn’t judge him properly.

A male knight who was raging.

A man who was praised by bard as “Knight of Wrath” because of his conduct on the battlefield.

The only child produced by a noble female knight of the frontier Polidoro territory.

Faust von Polidoro had become a troublesome existence to the royal family.

An excellent man.

He had proved himself with the achievements he got.

That was why, it had become troublesome.

He should have been placed under Anastasia from the start.

Anastasia’s abilities have been shown in the battle with those barbarians of Willendorf. It was certain that Anastasia would be the one to succeed her.

Now, to strengthen the second princess, Valliere’s faction―― would just be a waste of national power.

The only male knight… Rezenlotte wasted him.

You should just look for a bride quietly.

Faust von Polidoro has already been assigned as a counselor of the Second Princess.

As her daughter, Valliere’s wishes.

That was a failure of Rezenlotte.

Faust―― he should have been given under the command of Anastasia.

Now, Rezenlotte could only regret it.

“Is it my lack of power?”

No, you don’t lack power.

There is no doubt about your ability, Faust.

But, that’s why I’m in trouble.

Again, Rezenlotte should have put Faust under Anastasia’s command.

Above all, Anastasia wanted him.

Yes, Rezenlotte knew that.

Seeing that Anastasia’s eyes still glaring with all of her strength.

But, since she was like that, she must have not noticed that Faust’s face was dyed vermilion and that he glared at Rezenlotte with those angry eyes.

Oh, Faust von Polidoro.

Rezenlotte didn’t like him.

Rezenlotte wished he had died in the fight against Willendorf.


In a way, that would only be a waste.

Also, that fine figure of yours.

Had caused Rezenlotte to want him to take the place of her―― dead husband.

Rezenlotte couldn’t help but have that feeling.

However, Rezenlotte knew that my daughter, Anastasia, would send her neck to fly away if she did that.


Why everything is hard?

Do mother and daughter always have similar tastes in men?

Or Anastasia is just hungry for fatherly love, and asking it from Faust?

Aaah, Faust…

“Please forgive me. I’m done with what I wanted to say. More than this has nothing to do with me. May I leave the room?”

The words of help Faust gave to Rezenlotte.

She decided, to receive it.

“I allow you. You can leave the room.”

Rezenlotte ordered so at will.

If she didn’t do that, her heart would go crazy.

Faust had fascinated her.

In her heart, he had reached a similar spot to that of her late husband.

That was why, sometimes she wanted him.

But for now, she decided to forget about it.

Anastasia, her lust to Faust.

That desire of hers.

――Rezenlotte decided to approve it.


“Yes, mom”

Rezenlotte’s second child, the second princess Valliere, who was a “spare”, answered.

“If you fail to get rid of the bandits this time, Faust will be dismissed from your counselor and will be under Anastasia. Understand?”


Valliere rounded her mouth with a dismayed face.

That didn’t matter.

Anastasia just needed to steal Faust from the spare―― Valliere.

That didn’t matter

However, there was no reason for Faust to fail.

But, what Rezenlotte said would restore some of Anastasia’s trust in her.

That didn’t matter.

“Please wait a moment! Faust, is my counselor!!”

“Ara ara, what could be the second princess, my sister, Valliere, would be scared of, in just exterminating bandits.”

Anastasia fueled the flames.

That didn’t matter.

The reality wouldn’t change at all.

With Faust, there could be no failure in just exterminating bandits, even if he was to be under idiot.

Valliere’s counselor would remain Faust von Polidoro.

Anastasia’s counselor would remain from those of nobility.

Would remain those of a Duchess household.

That didn’t matter.

The country would still be moving.

If possible, Rezenlotte would like Faust to take the place of her late husband.

But, that wouldn’t be forgiven by the officials and above all, Anastasia and Valliere.

That didn’t matter.

After all, the country would still be moving.

Anyway, Rezenlotte opened her mouth.

“Valliere, can you do the bandit extermination properly? That’s all that I’m asking.”

“It’s my first campaign, I’d like to refuse it, but do you really think that I can’t even do that?”

“No, it’s not possible if you take Faust with you. The victory is certain, but if you haven’t finished your first campaign, the other will doubt you, right?”

Valliere fell silent.

In fact, it was an undeniable fact that the bandits that have arisen were in trouble.

Valliere had no choice.

She squeezed her mouth and returned his consent.

“My dear mom, Valliere ――as my first campaign, I will complete the mission of exterminating bandits.”

“Good. That’s all matter.”

Finally, the solution was decided.

Felling relieved, The Queen, Rezenlotte, sighed.

On the other hand, the first princess, Anastasia, clicked her tongue.

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