Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 53

This ch is from Layla Freiheit POV

53. Letter

I lost.

I was defeated by Seal-Zetta.

But why I don’t regret it at all?

The room is dim with only a small light from the outside. But fortunately, no, unfortunately, the sun is shining on the desk. It’s as if something is telling me read the letter there.

I put the envelope I received from him on the desk in the room.

Sit in a chair and tear the tip of the envelope with my finger. 

Pick up two bland papers from the inside.


My finger stops.

My chest feels painful.

My defense instinct is screaming that I shouldn’t read it. 


――『”Instead, if I win――I’ll have you read this letter…!”』

――『”What is it huh? Layla, are you scared?”』

His words grab me who tries to escape.

It can’t be helped, because it’s a promise. 

Because it’s a promise, I’ll read the letter.

Not because I want to read it…

With that excuse, I open the folded letter.

A nostalgic grandpa’s handwriting jumps into my eyes.

I breathe in…

And start reading the letter.

『Dear, Layla Freiheit,

First of all, I want to apologize to you.』

The letter began with an apology.

『I caused trouble to you and your parents. I’m really sorry.

It’s all because of my poor crisis management ability.

But I want you to believe this. 

The things that would makes me unable to see you right in your eyes, I would never do it. 』


『As your grandfather, I never do anything that would makes you ashamed.

I was trapped into someone’s tactics and was condemned. 

I’m innocent』


All this time,

The word I’ve always wanted to hear all this time was simply written in the letter.

『I’m sorry to keep silent about it. I chose silence so as not to involve you.

If I claim innocence, you will surely go crazy in search of the criminal. 

I was scared of it.』

It is…

For me?

“Then …”

Then, why now…!

『But I don’t need to worry anymore. 

He should be by your side now.』

The line after that was written with stronger pen pressure.

My beloved disciple, Seal Zetta

I stand up with the letter in my hand and approach the window.

From the window, I see a black-haired boy walking along the road.

“Seal Zetta…”

While holding my hand on the window, I turned my gaze back to the letter.

『Even if you throw yourself in danger, he will surely protect you.』

From that sentence, I felt absolute trust from Grandpa to him.

『Well, you’ll be bored if it’s just a stiff story. 

Before you continue reading this, first look inside the teddy bear I gave you when you were seven.』

“The bear…..?”

Of course, I can’t forget it.

An ugly stuffed animal that Grandpa bought when I was seven years old.

『If you have thrown away the stuffed animal, you can don’t need to continue reading this.
You can throw this away.

I sealed a certain thing inside a talisman and put it in inside it.

Perhaps the seal has been broken. 』

I pick up the stuffed animal in the corner of the room, unzip it from the back, and look inside.

There is a piece of weakened talisman. Right next to it, there is a flower-shaped hair ornament.

――It’s a pink hair accessory.

“It’s the same color as the cherry blossoms of <Mother Punk>…”

I hold the hair accessory in my right hand and go back to the desk to read the letter.

『It’s what I was trying to give for your sixteenth birthday. 
However, the hair accessory was originally planned to be given to another girl.

It’s my daughter.

I’m sure you don’t know, that besides your father, I had another child. 

A daughter named, Lyla.』

I have an aunt?

I thought that Dad must have been an only child――

『But she fell ill before her sixteenth birthday.』


It’s the same as my age now.

『The hair accessory was the one I wanted to give to her when she was sixteen.

But, she died the day I bought the present.

I was pouring on you the love that I couldn’t give to her.

You look just like my daughter. 

When you feel uneasy, you have a habit of grabbing the hem of my clothes.

When you sleep, you like to kick the futon.

You like to be pampered, and have a radiant smile like a cherry blossom. 

All of that was exactly the same.

Well, I couldn’t help it because you were so cute. 

At the same time, I was worried,

What if you die before you turn 16 years old, just like her?

But you grew up energetically. I couldn’t even see the shadow of any illness.

I was really looking forward to the time when you became sixteen. 』

“Stop, stop it…”

I hate it, I don’t want to read it.

My chest is about to tear.

I hate you Grandpa, I hate you…!

『I was really, really, looking forward to the day you put on that hair accessory.

But I’m sure, I would have lived out my allotted span of life before you’re sixteen.

From the bottom of my heart,

I wish I could have lived a little longer,

Just a little longer.

Maybe you don’t need such a thing and throw it away.

Still, that’s fine. 

As long as you are alive, I don’t wish for anything more than this.』

I avoided it all the time.

I knew Grandpa had been cursed and had lost his life by this time.

I’m sure it’s because I can’t accept the fact that, Grandpa had died.

That’s why, I chose to hate Grandpa.

“Sorry ――”

The truth is, I really believed, that Grandpa hasn’t done any human experimentation.

But, I resent, detest and hate Grandpa.

I was in denial.

Not accepting the fact that Grandpa died, I tried to not think about it.

I should have known, that I was just putting it off.

“I’m sorry……!”

When I noticed, tears were spilling from my eyes.

The first letter is over, so I move to the second one

『This is bad, I’m not good at putting it into words.

Please, put a blanket on when you sleep. I’m worried because you often pull off your clothes showing your stomach when you sleep.

Use your money properly. You always buy what you want right away.

I don’t want to say anything about your love life, but I hope that you feel in love with people who value their promises…I wish I could’ve seen you wearing a wedding dress.』

The letters gradually become thinner.

Weak and winding.

You can tell by looking at the letters that he could barely hold the brush. 

You can tell it…


Live, Layla.

Live, no matter how painful it may be.

There will be many farewells in the future. There will be a lot of sadness.

You can stop or look away. 

But don’t stop living.

I know a lot of people who lost their lives before accomplishing anything. 

Never do anything that would kill you.

I am watching over you from heaven.

Well, if I could have a wish fulfilled,
it would be to see the cherry blossoms at Mother Punk with you again. 』

Suddenly, I remember the day when I first saw the cherry blossoms in here while grabbing my grandpa’s little finger.

Only when Grandpa was looking at that cherry blossom, he wasn’t anyone’s Grandpa, he was just my Grandpa.

『Layla Freiheit.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

Your smile was my salvation.』

The last sentence after this.

I don’t want to read it.

I knew what was written there.

But still, I have to read it.

『Thank you and goodbye”』

I’m sure I can’t get out of this city if I couldn’t read that sentence and overcome myself.

『From Ain Freiheit ――』

Finally, the name that was written there, was not the name of the sealer, Barha Zetta, but, Ain Freiheit, my grandpa.

――『”Unforgivable. Grandpa, I will never forgive you…!”』

I remember what I said to him.

The last words I exchanged with Grandpa.

Grandpa’s face at that time, I still can’t forget it.

Grandpa’s crying face, I can’t forget it.

“Grandpa… I, I was wrong.”

Liquid drips from my eyes and nose.

I tightly hold the letter, suppressing my desire to scream.

“Grandpa, please..”

“Let me say “Thank you”. “

“Let me say “I’m sorry”. “

“Let me say “I love you” and “Goodbye” to you…!”

The sobbing echoed silently.

Gradually the sobbing grew, and eventually I cried like a child.

The emotions that I’ve been held until now finally burst.

No matter how much I wish, time will not come back. 

Now, Grandpa is only left in my memories.

The last memory wouldn’t change no matter how much I struggle.

I couldn’t forgive myself who act like a spoiled girl, who act like a child forever.

―― Hey, Grandpa.

If you could hear me, let me tell you this…

The cherry blossoms at <Mother Punk> are still as beautiful as ever.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 52

52. Promise

Light was lost from <Osiris Orb>.

Red Mana has disappeared from my body. 

A feeling of weakness starts to attack my whole body.

<Osiris Orb> + “Coloring” … This combination really put a heavy burden on the body――



A wave of crowds overflowing from the audience seats.

Already exhausted, I couldn’t escape and was swallowed by the waves.

“Hey, you! Do you belong to any guild!? If you like, you can join our Delivery Guild, “Pegasus Delivery”, with the girl earli――!”

“You damn Delivery Guild, go away! If you want to make the most of your skills, of course it’s on the battlefield. So, come to this mercenary guild led by me…”

“No, wait! You are an acquaintance of Captain Pearl, right!? Then come and join the Knights here! We gladly welcome you!”

A woman in uniform, a big man with a rugged appearance, and a male knight with a serious look in armor approached me while rubbing each other.

“Wait a minute, guys! I don’t feel like joining to any grou――” 


Suddenly, I heard a sound of clapping hands from behind.

When I turned my head, I saw Pearl with both hands clasping together. The crowd went silent when they heard Pearl’s clap.

“Well, I never thought you would really beat Miss Layla… it seems, you’re a man far beyond my imagination! But… even though you’re the disciple of Old Man Bar, your fighting style is more like Saurus-dono.”

“Saurus? The junior of the Old Man?”

“Make the most of your various skills, corner the opponent, and then seal the opponent. This is exactly how Saurus-dono fights… Anyway, the battle just now was amazing! “

“I couldn’t have this many cards up of my sleeve, if I wasn’t training with you. That girl, she was really a monster, really…”

Shura hit me on my back, put her hands on my waist and looked up at my face.

“You… well, you’ve grown stronger! Especially that last acceleration――only in that moment, your speed was about the same as my speed when I used “Coloring”. I’d like to have a spar again with you someday…!”

“Spare me from that. I don’t feel like I can win against you who know my trump cards.”

“Hmm…”, Shura raised her right hand to demand a high five

I clap Shura’s hand.


“So, what are you going to do now?”

“I’m going to fulfill my promise. I’ll go to Layla’s house, unseal her, and have her read the letter.”

“I see. Then, I’ll be waiting at Pearl’s house.”

“No, I want you to come too. I need you to treat Layla.”

“Aaah, right, she was injured. Okay, leave it to me! “

I look at the talisman with Layla sealed inside and sit up.

Put all the weapons inside the talisman and get treated with the Healing Magic of the White Magician brought by Pearl.

Then, I shake off all the invitations from the persistent people and head for Layla’s house with Shura.


Layla’s house wasn’t locked so I went in easily. 

I recently learned that there are many unlocked homes because <Mother Punk> is basically full of only good people.

In the living room where I had dinner with her before, I take out the talisman with Layla sealed inside.

Shura looks at the talisman with curious eyes.

“This, isn’t this the seal that can be broken by tearing it?”

“Yeah. If the vessel is broken, the seal will be ――”

Shura stole the talisman from my hand and torn it, “Yay!”.

“What are you doing…”

“I want to see what happens”

As the vessel is torn, a naked white-haired girl came out from the seal as if she got kicked from inside.


The girl was thrown into the air.

――This is bad.

The skin is getting near…!??


Layla, a white-haired girl, was falling down. 

I thought that I would hit the table behind me with Layla. But, somehow I managed to support Layla by holding her back with my arms.

I felt something soft on my right hand.

“This is!?”

Something I grabbed in a hurry had a very soft feel.

I move my hand three times and finally find out what it is.

“Hey, Stop …!”

Yeah, this is that. ‘Girl’s Mountain’.

Let’s make a prophecy. In a few seconds later, I would be blown away by a slap. I’m sure of it.



Her mountain is ‘not that elastic’.

It easily deflates with a weak force, and swells slowly when you release it. It’s doesn’t really have elasticity, but when you let go of it, it immediately tries to move up. 

Yep, this is a type where you can’t really feel its weight, a bowl type. [TN: Bowl type = Round type]

“Seal-kun… until when you want to keep holding it?”

Layla was staring at me with face dyed in red.

Her cheeks were red like a normal girl when they got embarrassed, but her eyes were pitch black.

Shit, I was moved by the rare touch. That I forgot…


Layla’s elbow hit my cheek.

It was a clean hit.

I got blown off, my body spined and plunged into the sofa.

“Well, of course right… It hurts”


After Layla finished her treatment and changed clothes, I was finally allowed to look other things than the wall.

Layla wore the same white dress she had when we first met.

Layla looks away from me and mutters in a low voice.

“I, lost huh…”

I take out the envelope with the letter from the drawstring bag.

“Time to fulfil your promise”


“Look and read it properly”

Layla received the letter and stopped with her right foot on the stairs.

“Hey, Seal-kun. What kind of person was Grandpa from your perspective? “

What kind of feeling she has to come up with that question?

I tried to think deeply, but I stopped. I decided to give an honest and frank answer.

“He liked books so much as if it was his lover, He wasn’t good at teaching… clumsy… knew strange tricks and a lot of boring stories, and ――”

I bend my eyebrows and loosen my mouth.

“Only when he talked about his granddaughter, he looked happy… he was an old man who kept thinking about his grandchild.”

When Layla looks at my face, she looks like somewhat relieved.

“I see”

Layla went upstairs to her room.

“Is that girl will read the letter properly?”

” ――She’ll read it for sure. I’m sure, she has cooled her head off… Well, Let’s go home. Akane-san seems to be preparing a feast.”

“A feast huh… it doesn’t matter to me.”

“Don’t say that. I’ll tell you how does it taste in detail.”

“That! Don’t do that! It’s just a bother to me!”

I open the door and go out of Layla’s house with Shura.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 51

51. Seal vs Layla (4)

Magic Circle that could transfer things.

Knives formed in Layla’s hands were throwed and approached me through the Magic Circles.

――I intercepted all of them with <Zanpuken>.

My body that was strengthened by <Osiris Orb>, made me able to wield the sword at a high speed and created a wind curtain.

Magic Circles were surrounding me. I made one full turn while swinging the sword, destroying all the knives the moment it came out of the Magic Circle.

“No way!”

Layla’s expression becomes cloudy.

I’m glad I used my Mana as minimum as possible so far. I still have a lot of Green and Red Mana.

That means, I can fully use these two trump cards that cost a lot of Mana for quite a long time.

But what about you? Layla.

“Ruten”, “Rutenshou”. Repeatedly making knife with Green Mana. Also constantly using Rainbow Mana since a while ago.

Do you still have a lot of Mana left?

“It’s a competition of endurance…!”

The corner of Layla’s mouth goes up.

“…Very well!”

The knife formation speed increases and it is thrown out randomly.

I drop the knife and steadily pile up step by step.

It’s been a minute since I activated the <Osiris Ord>.

I don’t have much time left.

But I can’t be impatient. It’s too early to use ‘it’.

“Layla, do you know what your grandfather was doing away from home?”

“I don’t know! Anyway, I’m sure it’s not something good!”

“You’re wrong! The Old Man, he was going around to seal the threat of the world. I know one of many great evils that the old man sealed. A demon that devours people, called as the Corpse Emperor!… It’s a monster that can destroys a country! If you leave it alone, you don’t know ‘what kind of damages’ that dangerous existence will makes!”


“He went around far away from home to keep away the threat of humanity. I’m sure it was to protect someone special!”

“If you spread the Sealing Technique, the threat could be easily sealed!”

“…A sealer can unseal the seal as well as a seal. The reason he didn’t teach others how to seal so badly is to prevent mischief from unsealing the great evils he had sealed! There is nothing wrong with his actions! “

“That’s all your delusion!”

Layla was defenselessly standing behind the magic circle that’s connected to the magic circle in front of me.

” ―― There!”

“Shi―― !?”

I thrust the sword a few times at maximum output, and the generated wind blades passed through the Magic Circle.

It transferred to the Magic Circle in front of Layla, and it hit Layla’s right shoulder.


Layla drops the knife from her hand with an expression of agony.


I saw a gap that I was waiting for, so I threw my sword on the spot.

――It’s end here.

” “Coloring”…!”

On top of my body that is still strengthened with <Osiris Orb>, I released the limiter of my physical capabilities with, “Coloring”.

My figure was covered in orange color and appeared in front of Layla as if I used a Teleportation Magic.

“What the! So fast!”

“I certainly don’t know much about Ain Freiheit, but…”

I tightened my right fist and pulled my right arm.

“Isn’t you too ignorant of Barha Zetta?”

” ――!?”

Layla was frightened and lifted her right heel from the ground. But immediately, she regained her position.

Pulling her right hand, Layla prepares the bottom of her palm.

” ”Rutenshou”! “

A swirling Blue Mana was wrapped around Layla’s right hand.

She’s trying to prevent the mark that I may make with of my right fist.

If she matches her palm with my fist, the Yellow Mana covering my fist will get disturbed.

―― I’m sure things will go according to her expectations.

If I really let go of my fist.

” ―― “CLOSE” “

I caught Layla’s palm with my left hand.

There is something on my left hand. I wore it just before accelerating with color. 

It’s something without Mana, a white color ――


A pentagonal character stamp is drawn in the center of the glove.

“Ruten” that disturbs Mana. My glove that seals Mana.

Two anti-mana techniques, “Ruten” and “Mana Sealing”, collide.

“Take this…!”

“This is, Mana Sealing!!?”

At that moment, the palms of my left hand and Layla right hand scattered sparks and the waves of Mana went to burst.

As a result, my gloves broke and Layla’s “Ruten” was cancelled.

“This is the measure for “Ruten” that I prepared.”

I put out my right fist.

“You, how far are you going to…”

” ―― “MARK” “

I hit Layla’s face with the Red and Yellow Mana in my right fist.

A character stamp appears on Layla’s cheek.

I put a talisman with her name on my right finger.

The talisman was shining blue.

” ”CLOSE” “

Layla’s clothes were left behind, and her body was sucked into the talisman.

The magic circle drawn on the talisman is dyed red.

――Huft, Seriously… it’s been a long process.

“Sealing, complete”


The venue couldn’t keep up with the development, and it was so quiet. As I lifted my fist, it heated up in a blink of an eye.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 50

50. Seal vs Layla (3)

Floating in the air, I managed to stretch my legs while making a wry face in pain.

Then I rubbed my toes against the ground to weaken the momentum.

I stopped at the edge of the stage, and got on one knee.


Bloody sputum gets entangled in my throat.

It’s hard to breath…  I need to get my breathing in order. The game is not over yet.


Layla’s face was saying, “It’s strange”.

That’s right, her attack… If it had hit me directly, I would’ve lost my consciousness.

Layla sees the spear in my hand and finds out why I’m still conscious.

“I see, you stretched your spear and flew behind to avoid a direct hit, right…!”

That’s right.

Immediately before the bottom of her palm hit me, I stretched the spear in my hand to the ground and lowered my body.

“It’s a close call you know…”


… If she come to attack me with the same attack, even if it’s not a direct hit again, I’ll lose for sure.

Before I knew it, I noticed that the venue was quiet, and I looked at the audience seats.

It’s very different from before the start.

The audience’s line of sight was completely shifting from the bottle of alcohol in their hand to the stage.

The voices of the audience at the venue came into my ears. 

“Hey, is this really a fight between kids?”

“Are you stupid…!? They’re comparable with the Knights platoon leader!”

The voice of the audience gradually rising.

It’s nice to be them. Enjoying the fight… I’m in danger you know?


Suddenly, my stance goes wrong.

My knees are shaking.

My line of sight is becoming a little hazy.

Up to this point, I got stabbed with the knives on my shoulders and flank… and it seems that “Ruten” blow was heavier than I expected.

“You’re really persistent, Seal-kun. It seems I’ve underestimated you too much. I never thought the fight would be so long.”

Layla put her right index and middle fingers together and put them forward.

“I have to give you a reward. I’ll show you my full power…”

With that said, from her fingertip, there is a light that seems to be her Rainbow Mana. She started drawing a magic circle with that light.

“Sub-Source Color, Rainbow Mana…!”

” ――Yes. This is my Sub-Source Color…!”

Intuitively, I felt something was wrong, so I stepped forward.

Layla used her finger to draw two magic circles in the space in front of her.

It’s a small fist-sized magic circle. Passing my head, one of the two magic circles goes behind me.

Layla formed a knife in her right hand and threw it at the magic circle in front of her.

I stopped and made a stance ready to fight, but the knife disappeared when it touched the magic circle.

“It… disappeared!?”

” “Warp Snipe” “

I feel a sudden sharp pain on my back.

The knife went deep and stuck in the center of my back.

“You must be kidding. The knife has moved from that magic circle to the other magic circle…? “

Hearing Shura’s reaction, I understood the characteristics of her Rainbow Mana

“It’s ―― Mana of Teleportation, right!?”

“To be exact, it’s Mana of Transference. My Rainbow Mana erases things and moves it! “

So, throwing knife and mana that can transfer it somewhere… well, yeah, this is what you call by good combination, I mean…

――The worst situation!!!

“Let me praise you! Even at the academy, no one had ever made me use this mana at full power!”

Layla throws the knife again at the magic circle in front of her.

I turn over and see the magic circle behind me.

――The knife she threw appeared from the magic circle.

“It’s a foul!”

I intercept the knife with the spear and immediately turn to Layla. However, at that time, Layla had spread out 10 new magic circles.

“Oi Oi Oi ―― Give me a break!!”

10 magic circles + 1 magic circle she made before. Total 11… Five of it moves to surround me. The magic circle behind me also joins in the formation.

I pierce the magic circle in front of me with a spear, but the spear has passed through it.

“There is no substance!?”

Layla pinches the knife between her fingers and throws it at the remaining six magic circles in front of her.

The knife comes out from the magic circle that was set up around me in the center.

“This !”

I jump straight up and avoid the knife. 

As if she was reading my actions, all the magic circles in front of Layla moved right in front of me who was in the air.

The magic circle that was set up around me sucked in the knives. 

It’ll comes out from the magic circle that has just moved.


She’s recycling the knife…

A knife is fired at me in the air from the magic circles set up side by side in front of me.

This, I can’t dodge it ――!

“Idiot! Dodge it!”


“I won…..!”

I can’t dodge it.

――If so,

I just need to knock it all down!

” <Zanpuken>, <Osiris Orb> ―― “OPEN” ! “

A roaring sound could be heard in the arena.

The air swelled and the tornado wrapped me around.

“What’s happening …!?”

The audience in the venue raised their voices.


All the knives were hit by the blade of the wind and fell to the ground.

A ring with a Red Alchemy Stone embedded, is on the index finger of my right hand,

And in my right hand is a sword with a Green Alchemy Stone embedded in it.

“It’s Uncle Pearl’s sword…!”

Yes, this is a sword that produces a wind blade borrowed from Pearl.

He let me use this only during this battle as a reward for dropping three hairs.

“And that ring is Grandpa’s――!”

“T-t-that is Old Man Bar’s <Osiris Orb>!!?? So, you have it huh!”

The sword I received from Pearl and the ring I received from the Old Man.

It’s a one-time only combination.

Black bruises spread from the ring to my right cheek. 

The time limit is 3 minutes.

Mixing the wind and the red aura, I point the sword in my hand at Layla.

“I don’t have any tricks left. From now on, I’ll just push by sheer power! “

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 49

49. Seal vs Layla (2)

“Did I overdo it?”

Well, it’s an unexpected firepower… Isn’t this bad?

I, who was far from the mark, could feel the blast and Layla, she was blown to the edge of the stage

“Are you okay!? Layla!!!!”

I start running towards the smoke as I’m worried about her.

As expected, with the current firepower, even the granddaughter of the Old Man ――

“Idoit! Seal! Above you!!!!!”

Hearing Shura’s voice, I look up overhead.

There… Layla was holding four knives in her right and left hands and aiming at me from the sky.

Her clothes have torn and there are some scars on her body, but she doesn’t seem to have suffered enough damage to slow her down.

” ―― “Rain Snipe” !!!! “

Eight knives thrown all at once. The throwing itself was simultaneous, but there was a difference in speed between the knives.

“I was worried for nothing…!”

I jump forward and dodge knife. 

The leading knife pierces the ground, crushing the ground and raising sand smoke. 

In the sand smoke, there were seven knives.

“It’s faster than I expected…!?”

Strange. I should have avoided all of it.

I feel hot pain in my right flank.

I turn my eyes to the tip of the pain.

…There, an iron knife was stuck from behind.

“Knife? From where ――”

It’s shallow, but why… I’m sure dodged all the knives.

Is it related to Layla’s Rainbow Mana?

Is it “Mana of Turning” or “Mana of Transparency”?

Or… was it a wind magic that manipulated the orbit of the knife to turn around? Did she move it faster with Blue Mana?


I saw the knifes once again.

The number of knives stuck in the ground is ――7. The number of knives thrown by Layla should have been eight.

One is missing.

If one of them is a knife stuck in my flank, the chance that she changed the orbit is thin. If it changed direction, it should be in my sight when I dodged it.

“You have no time to rest”

As soon as Layla landed on the ground, she closed the distance with me in one step.

Close combat, huh? Even though she knows the abilities of the sealer, to go directly at me… it’s just a suicide act.

” <Lutta> !”

I equip the dagger that came out from the talisman on my right hand. And parry Layla’s attack.

Taking advantage of my training experience with Pearl, I read Layla’s movements and swung the dagger, but Layla’s knives in both hands parried my attack. Then Layla’s stretched her legs and kick my flank.


The impact of the kick shakes the knife stuck in the flank, causing pain.

I immediately pulled out the knife and stepped forward to parry Layla’s attack.

“It’s a good sword handling. For an amateur like you.”

“Aren’t you a little too strong? Girls are more popular if they’re weaker…!”

What is the purpose of her action?

According to Pearl, Layla’s basic tactic is a long-range attack by throwing a knife. But why is she coming close?

I’m a sealer, if I can hit her with one direct hit, and leave a character stamp, it’ll be my win.

What is the meaning of approaching me even though she knows the risk?

Perhaps! Does this girl have the same one-shot kill skill that can be activated in a close combat as I do?

” ――Hummph!”

Layla crosses the knives with both hands in an X shape.

I paired it with the dagger, and while moving backward, I paired Layla’s pursuit attack.

If I hadn’t trained with Pearl’s Ossan, I would have been easily destroyed…

“There! There! Put your feet out! Aaah Seriously! What are you doing! You should do a hook there! Don’t pull, don’t pull! Press!!!!! “

Shura was rampaging outside the venue.

Shut up! I’m not as agile as you!

“Idiot! Don’t stop!!!!!”

Layla throws a knife on her left hand at a short distance. 

I reflexively close one of my eyes, twist my neck and dodge the attack.

Seeing a gap, Layla grabbed my right wrist with her left hand.

“Wait a minute!”

Layla turned her wrist, not hearing my restraint.

――My field of view has rotated.

I got thrown. My body turned sideways beautifully.

I noticed that my back was on the ground and Layla was about to swing the knife down from above.


“It’s over!”

Great timing.

I swing my right leg up and turn the sole of my shoe toward Layla’s belly.

On the back of my right foot shoe, a circular magic circle is drawn there.

―― The magic circle with the word “獅” written on it….

” <Lion Spear>”

” ――!?”

At the moment where Layla almost got her win, the stretched out <Lion Spear> that was sealed on the back of the shoes came out.

The spear emerged and pushed Layla’s belly.


With the cooperation of Shura, the <Lion Spear> that was sealed was long enough to reach the audience seats even from the edge of the stage.

If all goes well, it will be an out-of-field KO.

It should end like that but,

The spear’s tip disappeared from her belly, as it lost its hardness and bent.

I look at Layla. 

She wore a swirling Blue Mana all over her body.

“As expected, it’s “Ruten” …!”

“Just now, it was dangerous… Seal-kun.”

The Mana that I put in the lion spear… did she scatter all of it with her Blue Mana?

The bomb that I prepared and the lion spear…

Both of it are supposedly an attack that can makes me win, but… it’s not enough huh!

“Seal, that’s enough”

Layla stopped moving and spread her hands.

“Let’s stop this fight here.”

“Hoo, what an unexpected proposal.”

“I can see how hard you have been training yourself by looking at your movements. You’ve been doing a lot of magic training since you were a kid, like I did, right? “

No, that’s not the case, though?

“I don’t think I can take away that effort anymore. I’m not telling you to quit being the sealer. If you go out of this city quietly, I won’t say anything anymore. So, let’s stop it he―― “

“What is it huh? Layla, are you scared?”

I’m not going to accept her proposal for reconciliation.

“I’m fighting better than you expected, and since you’ve got a slight chance of losing, you want to stop it huh? Hey, Layla. You’re scared to read the letter, right? “

“What do you mean?”

“You’re afraid to accept the fact that the Old Man died, you’re scared.”

“No, That’s not it. Shut up…”

“You know that the curse made the Old Man’s life short, right? That’s why, you don’t want to read it… By keep telling yourself that you hate him, you can avoid the sadness of his death.”

“I really hate Grandpa! It’s not a lie! I hate grandpa, I really hate him――”

“If you really hate the Old Man, you can’t bear to live in that house, after all, in that house full of memories of you with the Old Man… You leave the door plate alone and keep the stuffed animal that the Old Man gave you.”

“That’s… because there was no other place to live.”

“If you asked Pearl, he would have let you stay at his home as much as you want. He let me and Shura to stay in his place so easy. “

“Annoying ―― “

“You know it. That if you read the letter from the Old Man, you can’t escape from that feeling. You want to escape from the sadness of losing a loved―― “

“Shut up!!!”

Layla frowned, shook her eyelids and looked at me.

“If you keep speaking such a strange speculation, I’ll stick a knife in every finger. Seal-kun…”

She must’ve known somewhere in her heart that he hasn’t done anything wrong.

But she couldn’t keep her heart in piece unless she made the Old Man a villain.

Fierce bullying, expulsion from the academy…

And the existence of a disciple of her loved grandfather, me.

She instinctively felt that her heart would be broken if the death of an even more important human being overlapped there.

That’s why, she denies.

Denies the affection. So that she wouldn’t have to be sad.

She knows that she’s just turning the problem around.

“You, don’t know anything. How selfish Ain Freiheit is?”

She has to face it. I have to make her face it. Otherwise, she won’t be able to leave this city for the rest of her life.

I don’t like her so much. She has a troublesome personality. She’s like a walking bomb… she’s not good at cooking. Sometimes the light goes out of her eyes.

But I have to do my best to get her to read the letter.

I have to help her walk forward. I have to get her to laugh from the bottom of her heart again.

There is only one reason. 

Because I can affirm, that there is her existence in the Old Man’s regret.

Not for Layla, I swing the sword for you (Master).

“He only went home for a few weeks a year, He always looked lonely. He monopolized the rare technique, Sealing Technique, for a long time without teaching anyone. Many people came to Grandpa with a lot of money to ask him to become his disciple! With that money, my mom and dad could have had more fun, but that person refused! And after all of that, he passed that Sealing Technique to some stranger like you! “

Layla opens her eyes wide.

“You don’t know much about Ain Freiheit!”

Layla approaches me while scattering knifes.

I carefully parry the knife with the dagger in my right hand and the spear in my left hand, and wait for her next action.

Layla throws a knife.

With this, there is nothing left in her hands.

What are you going to do? I have a weapon. This girl’s dexterity is amazing, but still she’s――


When I parried the knife that was coming close, pain ran to my right shoulder again.

The pain made me dropped my dagger.

When I looked at my shoulder, I found a knife stuck there.

“From where…..!?”

No, more than that ――


Layla was already in the spear’s range.

I try to intercept with a spear, but Layla easily avoids it. 

Layla pulled her right hand and lowered her back.

She’s going to drive in and use the bottom of her palm. But, it shouldn’t deal a great damage…

“Hey Seal. Do you think that “Ruten” can only be used for defense? “

Blue Mana swirled around Layla’s right hand.

One theory came up in my mind.

“Ruten” is a technique to disperse the Mana of the target.

If you got hit by it directly, what will happen to the Red Mana that used for strengthening your body?

―― The worst ending ran into my mind.

“This is ba――!”

” “Rutenshou” “

Layla’s whole body, which has a swirling Blue Mana, explodes in my belly.

The impact of the spiral was transmitted to the back.

“A, argh …!”

The Red Mana that I used for strengthening my body was cracked.

The reinforced palm heel struck my ‘bare’ body.

” ―― Ugurh!!?”

The taste of iron spread in my mouth.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 48

48. Seal vs Layla (1)

Ancient Arena <Kataros>.

A dome-shaped place. 

Inside, there is a circular audience seat, and in the center, there is a square stage. All of it made of stone.

The roof blocks the sunlight, so the light is a candle made from magic. It’s a round glass with a Green Alchemy Stone embedded in the center.

I guess they used some magic to lit it.

“OOーiii! It’s not the time yet!?”

“I’m tired of waiting!”

“I wonder if you really can see a really interesting match, you sure right!?”

Many guests were sitting in the audience seats drinking alcohol.

There are knights, merchants, who got drunk there.

I stand on the stage and look at Pearl, who has his arms crossed next to him.

“Oi, Pearl. I haven’t heard that there would be audiences.”

“HaHaHa! It’s impossible to rent an arena for free! At the very least, we have to attract customers and makes this as an event to cover the expense!”

“You’re making another people as a spectacle without permission, you know… Anyway, why are they so pissed?”

“Because I told them 30 minutes too early! My bad!”

“…Thanks to you, it became like this. Well, that’s fine. I’ll shut them up right away.”

“Yeah! I’m looking forward to it!”

Outside the stage, there are three knights in addition to Pearl.

All of them are women.

“Who are they?”

“They’re a white magician! When something happened, I immediately brought them to heal your wounds. ――Hooo! Finally, the other main character for the show is here. Well, as a supporting character, I’m off the stage.”

While the swearing of the audience who got tired of waiting flew around,

Layla appeared wearing a long skirt, a shirt with buttons, and a robe.

That clothes… Is it the school uniform? 

There is something like a school emblem on the shoulder.

“You came early. Seal-kun.”

“Well, it seems you’re not running away.”

“I can’t run away. I will win and prove it. That, Grandpa, Ain Freiheit, was a trash amongst human being… “

Ain Freiheit…

Is that his real name?

“――Is that so? I see. I don’t think even if you win, you can decide your grandfather’s personality as you wish.”

“That’s true. Then, I’m not going to proof but I’ll deny it. I deny. Deny the technique of that person… I will crush that devil’s technique that he got from human experimentation, with this hand.”

“If you can do it… do it. I’ll seal you together with that silly delusion of yours.”

Layla glares at me.

So, I glare back at Layla and step forward,

Then, a cute voice “Yeah! Just like that!” echoed behind me. Unfortunately, it’s a voice I’ve heard a lot.

“Keep going! Raise your middle finger there! Like this! THISS!”

“Shura …”

Shura raised her middle finger and sticked out her tongue.

I turn to the back and approach her.

There is a step between the stage and the audience seats, forming a groove. and Shura was there.

I bend down from the top of the stage and adjust the height of my line of sight to Shura who touches the stage.

“Why are you here? Go to the audience seats. You’re so noisy “

“Huh!!? I’m your second! Your Second! You should be thankful that I’ll be giving you the right instructions! “

“I only have a bad feeling about this… hmm, Sorry shura, but can you take the hemp bag that has fallen there? “

“Hmm? This?”

Shura grabbed a jute bag that is the size of a sack, held it with both hands and placed it on the stage.

I grab the hemp bag and say, “Thank you”

Then I turn my foot toward Layla again and start walking.

About 20 steps away from Layla, I stopped.

“What is it I wonder? Inside that bag…”

“It’s a secret weapon that’ll surprise you. Please look forward to it. “

About thirty seconds before the bell rang, Pearl, who was standing outside the stage, shouted.

“Then I will explain the rules! If you admit defeat, or out of the ring, or admit that you can’t continue the battle, you lose! “

While listening to Pearl’s explanation, I untie the jute bag.

“Hey Layla, one thing before fighting―― Can I make a prediction?”

“Okay, tell me.”

I grab the mouth of the jute bag with my right hand and lift it.

Then thrust my left hand into it and tell her with a provoking tone.

“This battle, I will definitely take the first hit.”

“… what a funny joke.”

“Then, let’s fight each other fair and square! That’s all――”

――The sound of the bell echoed throughout the city.

We start to move with the voice of Pearl, “Begin!”

I grab both ends of the jute bag and shake it with all my might, throwing the contents over Layla’s head.

The contents of the jute bag, that is――


It’s a lot of rolled paper.

It’s a crumpled paper ball. At first glance, it’s just garbage, but …

“――Ah, it’s not!”

For those who know Sealing Technique, it’s a pile of weapons.

Layla changes her expression.

Yeah, Layla immediately noticed that each piece of paper had a weapon in it.

” “O Flame, rise up” !!!”

Layla accumulated Green Mana at her fingertips and lit a flame on her finger.

Ah, she plans to burn the scraps of paper before I get to use it.

“……won’t let you”

I put my right hand on the ground and cast a spell.

“―― “CLOSE” “

A pentagonal red letter that appears from my right hand to Layla’s feet.

――It’s a Mana Sealing.

Yesterday, I came to this stage and drew a letter in a color that was as close as possible to the color of the floor, and covered it with sand from above.

If you put in Mana, it will give off a color and stand out, but if you don’t put in any Mana, it won’t be noticed.

I came to this stage first to guide Layla to the east. If I wait on the west side, Layla will naturally stand on the east side where the trap is set.

It’s not a foul. There is no rule that you shouldn’t set a trap beforehand.

“Mana Sealing!?”

As expected, Layla knew about Mana Sealing. But it doesn’t matter. She’s already one step behind.

The Mana Sealing I set is activated against Layla, who is in the center of a huge pentagonal character seal. This was the size that’s barely enough to cover her. If the character stamp of the Mana Sealing is too large, the performance will be weakened. Therefore, with this size, the limit is to disturb the Mana is still at its best.

“No way, you, in advance――! “

The flames on Layla’s fingertips are disturbed and extinguished.

Garbage scraps are flying in the air.

When the trash is above Layla’s head, I cast more spells.

” “OPEN” “

The things that came out from the trash, Seven blue crystals of “Corral Cracker”..

It falls at Layla’s feet. As an impact shocked the “Coral Cracker”, it’s started to filled with light.


“My prediction, is right …”

A bursting coral, a blast that rolls up.

But, it’s not the end.

I put my hand on the ground and kept sending Mana to the pentagonal mark.

At the same time, the ground with the pentagonal character engraved on it cracks due to the explosion, and the Mana that was sealed on the ground is released and bursts.

Yeah, triggered explosion, a two-stage explosion for the first strike.

A smoke from the blast covered the arena.

The roaring sound made the audience’s swearing completely gone.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 47

47. The day before the duel

The day before the decisive battle.

How I spend today will determine tomorrow’s battle.

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I went to the kitchen where Akane was.

“A bundle of paper, gloves, and various types of paint?”

“Yes, I want them, so…”

“Okay, no problem. I have a lot of paint since my hobby is drawing. I’ll prepare a bundle of paper and gloves too now, so please wait.”

“I’m really sorry. I’ll be sure to pay――”

“Don’t worry about it. You see, I wanted to have a son, and Seal, you made me feel how it is to have a son. As a thank you, please receive it for free. “

This is bad, I’m about to shed tears on her overflowing motherly. Even though she has a cat face, I feel the warmth to the point I don’t care about the appearance.

Race differences? I think that I can care less about it when I’m spending time in this city.

After I received the tools from Akane-san I immediately went out to pick up something.


There is an object filled with Mana called, “Coral Cracker”.

When an impact is applied, the Mana contained in it will bursts, causing an explosion.

The Knights use it by the name, “Coral Grenade”.

The other day, I asked Pearl, “Is there anything that has Mana and can be easily obtained?” And he told me about this information.

And so, I’m going to get it now.

It seems that a golem with this bomb coral all over its body are living outside of the city, in a cave just a short walk along the sea. They said that you can get more than a dozen fist-sized corals from one golem.

Unfortunately, it’s raining today.

So, I borrowed the umbrella that Pearl’s daughter used before I went out of <Mother Punk>.

I was walking south along the sea. 

I heard the location from Pearl and got a map so that I wouldn’t get lost.

“Is its here?”

A hole in the rock wall… it’s the cave.

The sky is dark but the inside of the cave is bright. Somehow Red and Yellow ores are shining inside the cave.

Well, it’s not what I want, but maybe I can trade it for some money.

“I guess it’s time to dig the treasure? Well, it can be a good souvenir.”

I closed my umbrella and took a step into the cave.

Then, a heavy footstep was approaching behind me.

“Take this!”

When I turned around, the other side of the axe blade was approaching in front of me.

I step back and land while dragging my foot on the ground.

The axe that was targeted at me is crushing the ground.

“Bastard, who are you?”

Standing with an axe was a large man with an evil-looking face.

Drenching in the rain, his wet bangs were blocking his face and made his evil-looking face even worse.

“That’s my line! You… what are you doing in our hunting grounds!?”

“Hunting grounds?”

I heard footsteps behind the big man.

“This is the hunting ground for the excavation guild, “Naga Desert”. All the gold ores inside are ours! “

“Who cares? You should at least put up a sign, idiot. I got the knight’s permission. There is no reason to complain.”

“The foolish one is you! Who cares about the knight! Leave now. Hurry up! “

I take out the talisman with “祓” written on it from my pocket. [TN: the dagger]

The guy in front of me seems to be able to use mana to some extent, I knew it with the attack he did.

” ”OPEN” “

I take the dagger out of the talisman and hold it in my right hand.

“What!? From where you take that dag…!”

“You don’t have the right to know.”

The man with an axe, swings his ax, saying, “OOOoo!”.

Slow… compared to Pearl, there are plenty of gaps, too many, it makes me in dilemma about which one should I choose. 

I could pierce him first, but I decided to wait for a while and swing the dagger to the side when the ace came near.


The axe broke and the debris scattered. The tip of my dagger pierced the man’s belly.

“Back Off. I don’t want to use Mana…! “


I let out a little of my Red Mana.

And, the thieves stepped back all at once.

It seems my intimidation using Red Mana has finally reached a usable level, perhaps to the level of Shura’s and Pearl’s.

“In the wild, it’s not uncommon to fight for hunting grounds. Kill the owner of the hunting ground to take over it. It’s something normal.”

“Bas, Bastard…!”

“What? Wanna fight over this cave with me for real?…..”

When I shook my finger provoking them, the man with an axe and his gangs faltered.

But ――

“Hoho? You, use some interesting techniques huh.”

From the shadow of the man with an axe, as slender man with glasses appeared.

A man with mossy green-colored hair.


This guy is not an ordinary person.

You can tell by the Mana he’s letting out.


The man with an axe called the glasses man, “Naga”.

Is he the leader?

“This is a warning. The coral golem at the end of the cave is not at a level you can deal with. It’s wise to go back.”

“Can you deal with it?”

“Yes, of course”

“Then, if I can beat you, that mean I can beat it, right?”

I point the tip of my dagger at the man with glasses.

The man lifted his glasses, and put his right hand forward.

“Alright. I’ll get on that provocation!”

“Ah, wait, Naga-san! You, in this rain――! “

“Don’t stop me. The blood as a Magician is boiling after a long time! “

I step forward and plunge into the man with glasses called Naga while drenching in the rain.

“Take this! This is my most valuable Magic Technique, Sand Magic! “


Sand rises from Naga’s feet.



The sand sucked the raindrops and fell to the ground.


“Wa-wa-wait a minute! This battle is invalid!”

I hit Naga’s head with the handle of the dagger.

In one hit, Naga fainted and fell to the ground.



A few seconds of silence comes between me and the axe man.

“Are your leader, an idiot?”

“Yeah, that’s why I usually get rid of problems before him… Go, if it’s you, perhaps you can beat that golem too. “

“Okay ――Be strong, man.”

I lightly sympathized with the axe man and returned to the cave.

Looking back, I saw the axe man holding the man with glasses pitifully.

“What’s wrong with them…”


A lot of gold ore was sleeping in the cave. 

Let’s take it on the way home.

But, why is such a mountain of treasure left unattended? 

Perhaps people were scared of that guild?

The guy in the back of the cave solves my question.


A beautiful open space in a cave where red and blue ores illuminate the area.

There it was waiting.

It has a body that is five times taller than me.

A golem with blue coral-like crystals from the whole body.

No doubt, that is a coral golem. 

Perhaps people were scared of this and so no one dared to get close to this cave.

” ――Lion Spear”

I unseal the lion spear and hold it with both hands.

The golem opened his mouth wide and turned to me.


Blue crystals released from its mouth.

I strengthen my whole body with Red Mana and jump sideways to avoid it.

When the crystals landed on the ground, a roaring sound could be heard. They blasted and scattered debris around them.

“It’s like what I heard”

I kick the wall in the cave, swing the opponent’s line of sight from side to side, then kick the ground and jump up.

At the same time as its gaze turned upwards, I put Red and Green Mana into the lion spear.


The spear stretches and crashes into the golem’s forehead.

However, the spear was sluggish there, as if it couldn’t grow any longer.

” “CLOSE” “

I sealed the spear back.

Indeed, it seems that it’s useless if there is not enough power to break through that armor. Is it hard to do it with a weapon I have? Then,

“Let’s give up on breaking it, ‘from the outside’.”

After landing, I roll up the talisman that sealed the lion spear.

At the same time, the golem tries to tackle me in a high-speed. 

I put my hands forward and caught it.


Different from what I thought, the golem stopped with just a little strength.

“Is it the result of the special training? Well, it wasn’t in va――in! “

I grab the golem’s arm and throw it at the back wall.

The golem digs into the wall. The crystal one the body should have received a considerable impact from it, but it still doesn’t detonate.

Does the crystal won’t detonate when it received a shock as long as it’s attached to its body?

The golem quickly breaks out of the wall.


The golem opened its mouth again.

―― I was waiting for it.

” <Lutta> !”

I take out my dagger, <Lutta> from the talisman, hold it with my hand and rush.

I drop the released crystals with the dagger. The first crystal I dropped, it caused a blast, and the other crystals too.

Throw myself into the black smoke with all my might and throw a paper ball into the wide-open mouth of the golem.

The golem swallowed the piece of paper containing the lion spear.

“Alright, time to end this.”

I raise my finger,

“ ”OPEN” “

The lion spear is unsealed inside the golem.

The lion spear pierced the golem from the body to the head.

“One down!”

The golem couldn’t even scream and collapsed on the spot.

I’m take out the “Coral Cracker” from its body, draw a letter on it and seal it on a talisman.

With this, my mission completed.

On my way home, I collected the other ores and sold it at <Mother Punk>. The ore wasn’t as expensive as I expected, even though I carried until my arms full of it, it was only 2000 Ouro. 

Well, let’s buy some sweets for Akane-san with this money.

Five days have passed. I have done what I can.

I’m ready.

―― The first day of Tenzaka Month has come.

At the arena, I’m waiting for her.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 46

46. ‘Coloring’

I lower myself and in one step, I’m in front of Pearl, leaving a cloud of dust.

Exposed to the sun, the relaxed Pearl completely surprised by what he just saw.


――got him!

I swing the sword from bottom to top.


A high-pitched tone coming from the “collision between two swords”.

“Tsk ―― Damn it!”

The attack that I did with all my might, was blocked by Pearl.

The sword that was in my hand, is now on the ground beside Pearl.

Slowly, three brown hairs… Pearl’s hair falls off.

“Really!? Even that was no good huh! Seriously, you, what a monster.”

I collapse on the spot with my hands and legs outstretched.

If even with this much, he still could block it, there’s no hope for me.

“Just now… you didn’t just strengthen your body with Red Mana, rightl!? What did you do! Seal!”

“What? Ah, I just circulate the Yellow Mana all over my body. You see, there was a time when I got stuck, and I was able to force myself to move with Yellow Mana. This time I did the same thing with my body in perfect condition. I forcibly removed the body limiter with the Yellow Mana.”

“……haha, FuHahHaHahaha! You really surprised me.”

“I can only do it for a moment, though. It’s too fast for my nerves to catch up.”

“It was too shallow to say that you’ve hurt me, but you dropped three strands of my hair! Let’s think about the reward!”

Pearl sits down with crossed legs.

I raise my upper body and put my hands on the ground to support it.

“What you did just now, it’s a technique called, ‘Coloring’.”

” ‘Coloring’ ?”

“That’s what we call the technique of putting your sub-source Mana on the body, weapons, and magic for a long time. Well, since it’s just for a moment, maybe it’s better to call it a pseudo-coloring.”

“I see~”

I heard a rough breath from behind.

I look up because a shadow of someone covered me, and what I see is the face of a sweaty blonde girl.

“… Finally, I arrived…”

“Ash, what happened? Why you came here?”

“For this”

Ash put a wooden basket over my head.

“Akane-san said that today’s breakfast was too little.”

“Lunch box! I was just hungry. What a great timing.”

I open the basket and look at the food inside.

“What is this?”

Inside the basket is,

Rice ball.

Fried rice with bean sprouts.

Salad with bean sprouts.

“By the way, what are the fillings of the rice balls?”

“It’s bean sprouts. I ordered it because I wanted you to be healthy …happy? Seal?”

“Ah, yeah, happy, I’m happy…”

You did something unnecessary… I won’t say it since Ash might get offended.

Anyway, I pick up the rice ball and carry it to my mouth.


…… As expected of Akane-san. Even though the ingredients are limited, it’s still delicious.

“Hey Ash. Can you do ‘Coloring’?”

“I can do it”

Ash pulls out his cane and points it at the rock wall.

“Coloring, ‘Black’―― ‘Roiro Homura’…”

A lump of flame is formed, and Black Mana is released from Ash’s wand covering the flame.

Ash shoots the intimidating black-colored flame at the rock wall, and a huge hole is made in the rock wall.

“It’s amazing… it feels like a special move.”

“That’s right! It’s difficult to use because it consumes a lot of Mana. In addition to requiring good control at using Mana, a certain amount of Mana is required to generate high-density Mana. It’s a high-level technique that not anyone can do!”

Well, in fact I could only do it for a moment.

It’s difficult already to use it on my body, I don’t feel like I can use it on flames like Ash… Maybe Ash received some help from that cane?

“What a good time. Let’s me teach you another high-level technique.”

After finishing the meal, Pearl stands up and takes a distance from me.

“Miss Ash. Shoot me with any magic!”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, don’t worry!”

Ash turns her right hand toward Pearl and forms a flame.

Pearl stands upright with his arms folded. Ash shoots the flame on Pearl.

A lump of flame explodes into a pearl.

But Pearl was unharmed. He didn’t use any Red Mana, but instead he covered his body with a swirling Blue Mana.

“Blue… What did you do with it?”

“I manipulated Miss Ash’s mana and scattered it!”

“Other people’s Mana!?”

Blue Mana, is the Mana of Operation, which used to manipulate Mana.

Basically, the role of it is to carry other Mana in your body. But, to use it against the Mana released by others――

“Cover your body with a swirling Blue Mana, and the moment another person’s Mana touches your Blue Mana, immediately manipulate it and scatter it outside… The name of this technique is… ‘Ruten’ ”  [TN: It roughly means, ‘wear and exile’, If I were to name it in English, maybe something like, ‘Reverse Control’]

” ‘Ruten’… Will I learn it from now on?”

“Hahaha! That’s impossible! Look at this!”

Pearl shows the back of his right hand. It was slightly burnt.

“Even I, who have trained this ‘Ruten’ for many years, still can’t handle it perfectly! There are only 10 people I know who can use this.”

“Then why are you talking about such Technique to me now?”

Ah, this is bad. I have a bad feeling…..

“No way, you mean…..”

“That’s right! Miss Layla she can use ‘Ruten’ perfectly.”

“Seriously, what a bad news…”

” This ‘Ruten’ is also Old Man Bar’s specialty. So, it’s probably heredity, or maybe she’s really a talented person.”

So, she can use the technique that even Pearl can’t use properly?

“This is not the only strength of Miss Leila. The basic style of Miss Layla is a throwing knife. Hold the iron knife made with the Green Mana, and strengthen the knife and arms or shoulders with Red Mana before she throws it.”

“Why does she need to grab it? It would be easier to shoot with Blue Mana, right?”

In response to my point, Pearl makes iron with Green Mana, and attaches the iron to make a knife and floats it in the air.

“This is what happens when you shoot it with Blue Mana.”

The knife is released and go into a small rock… Cracks can be seen on the rocks.

Pearl formed a knife again, this time, he’s holding it in his hand and also strengthening his arm with Red Mana.

“And when you throw it directly ――Hmm! “

Pearl throws the knife.

The thrown knife slammed into the rock at a speed that made it blurry, destroying the rock and still flying further behind it.

“It’s better to hold it with your hand and throw it ―― “

“It’s faster, and stronger.”

“Miss Layla produces this knife faster and in large quantities than I do…. She will keep throwing knives and block her opponent movements to the spot. When the opponent, can’t move and reserve to use Magic, she will use ‘Ruten’ to disperse it. She forces her opponents to use their trump cards, break it, and hunt them down. Miss Layla won the battle she had in Magic Academy with just that tactic.”

‘Ruten’ and throwing knives…

In addition to that, she has that Rainbow Mana ――

“She has a lot of hands huh”

“Seal, are you scared?”

“No way. On the contrary, it’s getting fun. I don’t think I’ll be bored.”

“You’ve grown a lot in the last few days. But still, not as good as Miss Leila.”

“The difference that isn’t filled on the board is managed outside the board. Tomorrow, I will use one whole day until the duel to prepare to win.”

‘Sealing’ is a technique that can beat anyone if the conditions are met.

Do everything to meet the conditions… that’s what a Sealer is.

If I don’t have enough hands, I’ve no choice but to increase my hands.

I already thought what I need in my head.

After that, I had a spar with Pearl, who imitated Layla’s fighting style, and completed my trainings.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 45

45. One last trick

On the first day of training…

I was completely defeated by Pearl.

It was the first time I hadn’t been able to do anything against someone.

It was as if all of my actions were foreseen.

It felt like I was slashing into a lump of steel all the time. I slashed, slashed, slashed… and the moment I was out of breath or disturbed, he kicked off my belly.

What was that, “I have to be a little more serious”. He wasn’t serious at all.

Pearl was without a doubt strong. I couldn’t imagine I could hurt him.

I tried over and over again until the sun went down, but in the end, only me the one who got scratches.

When I dropped the sword in my hand for the hundred times, the training on the first day was over.

Was that really a training? I felt like I just swinging a sword to my best, nothing more.

The second day of training…

I could see Pearl’s movement a little.

However, I hadn’t reached the level yet. I could block and parry more often than before, but I couldn’t reach anything other than the sword. However, I felt that my Mana was steadily increasing.

The third day of training…

I had learned the basics of sword art, such as how to hold a sword and how to make a gap.

By the way, nothing was taught by Pearl. That man was silent, he just slashing his sword on me.

He had a similar educational policy as the Old Man, “Only teach me the basic training method and leave the rest to me”.

But, this method was quite suitable for me. Rather than forcing something to me, it was better for me to think and come up with an answer myself.

I had never learned any swordsmanship.

Therefore, the way of holding the sword, I imitated Pearl… Hold the sword with your right hand and point its blade at the opponent’s throat. A One-handed sword style.

For these three days, I finally understood the initial movement of human beings and the magnitude of motion after I became one with the sword… The breathing, gaze, muscle movement… How much your knees sunk and how much your hips twisted.

All of that information processed instantly to predict the movement of the opponent.

If you could understand this, it would be possible to make movements that would be difficult for the opponent to read.

On that day, the sword in my hand was dropped by Pearl only three times.

And the morning of the fourth day comes.

I wake up in a room surrounded by bookshelves.

By the way, the room where I’m sleeping is the room of Pearl and Akane’s child, Dia.

In the room, Bookshelves are lined up along the wall. Even the windows are hidden by the bookshelves. A bed and a blanket with a cat mark on top of it are placed in the middle of the room.

“… as ever, this room still makes me dizzy.”

When I first came to this room, I thought it was a study room for a moment.

Pearl had a bitter smile when he guided me to the room.

『”My daughter is an alchemist! She is crazy about alchemy research and has no interest in anything else! All the books here are alchemy books! The room is also undecorated! But now, she has her own store and sleep in that store!” 』

I asked, “Is the store at <Mother Punk>?”

『”Yeah! If you are interested, please try to visit once!”』

Well, I’m curious about the appearance of their child, and about the alchemy stone too… Alright, Let’s go when the duel with Leila is over.

Today, is the last day of the training since the day after tomorrow will be the day of my duel with Leila. So, I want to be in good shape tomorrow.

I haven’t been able to hurt Pearl yet.

Today is the only chance to meet the conditions for receiving his sword.

Anyway, I wake up and go to the washroom.

While brushing my teeth in the washroom, I’m thinking about how to land one hit on Pearl.


Peral is really strong.

The stronger I become and the more I know about sword, the more I realize that there is no chance.

I’m sure my sword talent is decent. But, no matter how much I master the sword, I don’t think it will reach that man. That’s if only about the sword.

For the time being, I have one trick.

There is only chance, I’ll be able to land a hit when Pearl is not careful enough.

“The success rate is fifty percent, but I have no choice but to do it …”

I collect water in my palm and hit it against my face.

Then, I turn around, and I see Shura with a messy hair.

“Good morning… HAAAWN

Her lips are trembling. Her eyes are like a line, I can barely see her pupils.

She looks really sleepy.

Shura is sleeping in Pearl’s study. It seems that she is fishing for books related to curses.

“How are you doing? Good?”

“I guess, not bad?”

Shura passes me and stands in front of the washbasin to brush her teeth.

“How about you? You’ve been going to the city library and reading a book about the curse, right?”

“No harvest. There’s only a book with many types of curses, a theory of strengthening magicians with curses, and other similar…Only rotten books. “

Well, you know that it won’t be easy to find a way to break the curse, right?

Anyway, I leave the room, get ready, and head for the usual rocky area.


When I reach the rocky area, I put a huge rock on your back and do push-ups 1000 times. I decided to put up with it if it’s only 1000 times.

After that, it’s the time to spar with Pearl as usual.

I and Pearl hold the sword and stop with a distance of ten steps between us.


Pearl is grinning, but his eyes say the opposite.

For a beginner in swordsmanship like me, He’s totally alert. It feels as if he’s dealing with an expert. 

Looking at Pearl’s eyes, it’s easy to misunderstand yourself as an expert in sword.

With real sword in each of our hands. I’m moving slowly to him.

“Seal, this is the final match.”


I lower my sword and open my left hand.

“Why? Don’t you still have time? “

“You have to start training for beating Miss Layla! When this match is over, we will start that training immediately. “

“……All right. Then, is this the last chance?”

“Hmm? What are you talking about?”

“Have you forgotten that you will give me that sword if I can land a hit on you?”

“HaHaHa! So you still remember! I thought you had given up!”

“No way…..”

I raise my sword again.

The aim is for that one chance.

Right now, the rock wall behind me hides the sun.

The moment when the sun comes out and the sun shines on Pearl’s face. It’s the chance.

I will show you my trump card.

“If you don’t come, I will――”

At that time, the sun shined on Pearl’s face.


Pearl wrinkles around the eyes.

It’s time.

Now. Only this.

I strengthen my whole body with Red Mana and… I wear ‘Yellow Aura’.

” ――!?”

The next moment

I’m right in front of Pearl.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 44

This Ch is from Layla Freiheit POV

44. Layla’s loneliness

Before I hated my Grandpa, I was so clingy to him. I loved my Grandpa who uses some strange techniques who liked to spoiled me earnestly.

Grandpa showed me the strange technique… Sealing Techniques, as if it were magic tricks.

When I was a kid, I was simple, so when I saw his technique of putting out rings and jewels from a piece of paper, I fell in love with him.

Seeing such a mysterious technique, I decided to become a Magician.

I strongly admired the Sealing Technique used by Grandpa. I tried to learn it, but I gave up knowing that I didn’t have the Mana for it.

Of course, I didn’t give up easily, I imitated my grandpa all day… but, I knew I couldn’t really do it, and the next day I was crying all day.

Every year, in the Tenzaka Month, I came to <Mother Punk> with Grandpa and spend our time together there for a week. [TN: it’s the fifth month]

Grandpa, who seemed to be busy all year round, stayed with me for a least seven days every year. He bought me anything I asked. Clothes, stuffed animals, anything… I didn’t know since when, but one day I felt like I only used my grandpa for money, and I instinctively hated it even when I was a kid. So, when I was about… seven years old, I didn’t ask him for anything on our trip.

…And on the last day of our trip on that year, Grandpa bought a stuffed animal without me asking for it.

It was an ugly… weird-looking teddy bear.

To be honest, it wasn’t to my liking at all, but since Grandpa left home for hours only to bought me one stuffed animal. When I thought he was probably very worried and decided to give something to me, I received it and laughed at that ugly teddy bear. Then Grandpa smiled as if he was relieved.

Grandpa said he was worried because he didn’t know what to do since I didn’t ask anything…

Even so, I couldn’t believe that he chose that ugly stuffed animal…

Yeah, he was basically a clumsy person. He rarely talked, and always looked lonely… somehow empty. He had a sad face.

…But only when I was on his lap he was laughing as if something was filled.

Grandpa always cared for me and often asked, “Are there any abnormalities in your body?”, “Are there any pains?”, he persistently asked me. So I told him that he worried too much. Still, every time I met him, I heard the same thing… He was really a worrywart.

It might be weird to say this myself… But, Grandpa was fond of me. I felt tremendous love from him… me too, I was returning the same affection to my grandpa.

Grandpa who was kind… and I loved so much.

――That person… betrayed me.

Committing the worst sin… a human experimentation…


After I left Seal, I went back home and went into my room, the frustration I feel since a while ago didn’t go away.

“… Seal Zetta”

Suddenly, I see an ugly stuffed animal on the bed.

I trample it, and his face come to my mind.

“Seal… ZETTA…! “

What is this feeling?

I just, can’t forgive his existence.

I can’t forgive that face of him, He who learned Sealing Technique, and looked like as if he knew everything about Grandpa.

――『”I need to tell you this… Your Grandfather is dead….”』

“It doesn’t matter……”

I hate Grandpa.

I lost everything because of that person…!

“I don’t care… I don’t care!”

I kick the stuffed animal many times.

Again… and again……

“I’m not sad… I’ve a grudge against Grandpa, I despite him, I really hate him――”

――I’m not sad.

I take my feet off the stuffed animal. 

The stuffed animal still looks the same even after I kicked it so many times… it seems, I was unconsciously held my strength.

“Sealing Technique… Why you could? Why you, know that Grandpa died…”

The technique that I longed for, that I wanted to have no matter what I lost… He has it all.

Well, of course… he doesn’t know how much I wanted it.

You, who is a complete stranger…

I definitely don’t want to lose.

I want to deny this.

Grandpa’s disciple, his existence, I can’t forgive ―― no matter what

At first glance, his ability is not that high.

There was almost no magical pressure, I couldn’t feel the atmosphere peculiar to the strong man.

The girl next to him seemed stronger than him.


My right arm that I used to block that girl’s kick is still a little numb.

Well, I’ve been away from magic for a long time, so my senses are dull. But it’s okay, I can regain my senses in five days.

That guy… Seal, is probably about the same level as a ‘Three Star’ in the Magic Academy. And I, a ‘One Star’ level. He’s not my opponent. I’ve never lost in a mock battle. I’ve won against both senior students and teachers.

I’m confident that I will never lose as long as I’m conscious.

The last existence left by Grandpa, the only disciple of Grandpa. The existence that taught by Grandpa about that technique-―― All of it, everything… I’ll deny it and break it.

All my hatred for My Grandpa, I’ll vent it all to you.

“I’ll bully you to the fullest… Seal-kun.”

The light slowly disappears from my eyes.