Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 31

31. The Cause of Calamity

A golden light emerges from the ground.

The light condenses in the form of a chain, it stretches toward the demon.

The number of chains is 4.

Each of it, approach the <MAJIN> from different angle.

“――――!? What?!”

The four chains pierce the <MAJIN> from behind.

There are no scratches on the <MAJIN>’s body. However, since he is being chained, he can’t move, ‘not even one step’.

“this is……”

What is that golden chain?

It extends from the ground where I’m lying down.

Did I put it out?

I don’t know, I don’t know but, as long as I can stop that Bastard, I don’t care!

I raise my right knee and get up. Then point the index finger of my right hand at the <MAJIN>, while trembling and squeezing all the strength I have left.

“This is an『ORDER』. You Bastard, don’t you even dare to move, not even one finger…! “

“Oioi……Oioioioioioioioi!!! What just happened, I really can’t move at all…! “

The power that I suddenly can feel. It’s like a miracle, if I were late even a few second Ash would be killed already.

However, manipulating unknown power is not an easy task.

There is a little Blue Mana left on my body, it’s been released rapidly since the light came out, as if there’s a hole in the pouch for my Mana.


SNAP!… the chains were destroyed. 

It doesn’t feel like it was destroyed by the <MAJIN>, It looks like it has been destroyed by itself.

It seems that the Blue Mana left on my body has run out and can no longer maintain its shape.

If the Blue Mana runs out, Magician will be useless. This time, every Mana I have is exhausted.

The <MAJIN>, Old Man’s younger brother, cracks his neck and points his toes at me.

His face, even though he is laughing, he looks a bit nervous.

I can see a drop of sweat spill from his forehead after all.

“Boy, You, what did…”

In the middle of his talk, he suddenly looks up at the sky.

” ‘O, the playful wind, carry the thunder and make a cage’ “

I heard the voice of a man I had heard somewhere from the sky.

“《Raichū Sekkan》 ” [TN: literal meaning is, Thunder Pillars of Punishment, If I were to name it in English, ‘Thunder Cage’]

The sound of a cutting wind… Something is falling from above. I move my neck muscles and manage to look at the sky–

A bard I met at that day is falling with a myriad of thunder spears.

“Hahah! This is bad!!! “

The <MAJIN> jumps on the black dragon. The black dragon moves backward at a speed that is not noticeable to the eyes and knocks down the trees.

Innumerable pillars of thunder are created in the place where the black dragon and the <MAJIN> were.

A man in a worn-out long coat stands in the center of the pillars of thunder.

Rough beard, unkempt gray hair. Yeah, no doubt…..

“Sonata, Campbell…”

Sonata turns his back to me and sends only his eyes.

“Yoー, President. Are you okay? I came to help.”

“Who is the President…”

“Sorry President. The reunion recital will be postponed.”

The <MAJIN> riding the black dragon,

And Sonata Campbell faces each other.

――The air is different from before.

A tingling and tense air. I can feel that they will never miss the movement of each other even if it’s just one finger.

“Hoho. So you are the one they called, Sonata Campbell… one of the ‘Natural enemies’ huh? YOU and ALDOPHOS too, why you both like to disturb us, the <MATEI>”

“It’s our job to harass you guys.”

“Well, we’re the same then? Dealing with You right now is… a little bit troublesome. I’ll back down for now. My purpose was fulfilled after all.”

The <MAJIN> makes the dragon fly into the sky.

“Novice sealer! I’m sorry, but I can’t give my true name to you, a Sealer! You could call me, {Gun Emperor}, remember it okay?! Let’s drink tea when we meet next time――see ya!”

The black dragon flies high in the sky.

Sonata gazes at the black dragon and calls me “President…” without looking at me.

“You know, If I take it seriously, I could make a Thunder Dragon that could swallow that big Dragon.”

“――Is it true…?”

“Yeah. Believe me!”

Sonata turns his straight gaze at me for a moment.

I believe in Sonata’s eyes. Considering the tricks he did so far, I’m sure he can do it too.

“Well, if it’s you, I’m sure you can do it.”

“――Alright, Let’s do this!”

Sonata’s tongue glows, Green color―― the Mana of Creation spring up from it.

“Come out Thunder Dragon!!!”

The Green Mana turned into blue thunder all at once, imitating the appearance of a dragon.


That black dragon―― no, even the {Troll} that was under {Corpse Emperor} can be swallowed by it. it’s so big.

The thunder dragon follows the black dragon. Its speed is that of thunder, and in a blink of an eye it caught the black dragon and {Gun Emperor}.


The thunder dragon scattered without exploding.

A weapon called a ‘gun’ possessed by the {Gun Emperor}, emitting smoke from its tip.

That man probably erased the thunder dragon by some means.

Sonata and {Gun Emperor} finally look at each other again.

『”I’ll kill you when I meet you next time.”』

Perhaps they both are thinking about that. I mean, they have that kind of eye after all.

Once I confirmed that the enemy had left, I relax my body.


My field of vision become dark.

It seems that something has run out due to the arrival of Sonata. Perhaps it’s a thread of tension?

Ah, not good. My consciousness――

————— On the back of the black dragon —————

<Seadust Island> and the sea near it <Braoze Sea>.

A black dragon was flying over it. 

An old man was on its back.

“Oi, wake up, {Corpse Emperor} bastard.”

The Old Man―― {Gun Emperor} squeezed a piece of bone.

Then, a naked man whose half body was skeleton appeared from the bone.

The king of the corpse, the {Corpse Emperor}.

“Where is this?!”

The {Corpse Emperor} looked around and saw the {Gun Emperor} who was standing beside him.

“{Gun Emperor}! Did you release me?!”

“Well yeah, be grateful. I came all the way to this place to pick you up.”

“There must have been a Sealer who sealed me! Don’t tell me, you killed him…?!”

The {Gun Emperor} bent his eyebrows, “Hmm?”

{Gun Emperor} thought that {Corpse Emperor} would say the exact opposite word, ‘I think I killed him properly.’ or something like that.

“I will kill him! I will definitely kill him! Don’t touch him!!!”

“Hahhahhah! That attitude of yours, I don’t hate it. I’m not going to lay a hand on him. It’s not the time to kill him yet. When the time come, sure it will be interesting.”

“Hmm, you know it well. That Sealer has a lot of potential. I’m going to have a long relationship with him.”

“Your ‘Corpse Manipulation Technique’ cannot make the corpses exceed their ability when they were still alive. So, it’s a waste to kill him now and use him as your pawn.”

The {Corpse Emperor} rushed to make a bone throne and sat naked.

“As expected, when there is a sense of tension in the battle. I’m excited. I’m really excited! Fighting him will never get boring! Even though he’s weak, he try his best, and use a wide variety of attacks and traps while holding his breath! That kind of struggling can’t be done by a corpse. Only living people can do it.”

“Even though you lost, you’re not afraid of him at all.”

“I haven’t lost! I calculated that you would come and release me! This time, it’s a draw!”

“You, are really interesting! You’re the incarnation of positive thinking.”

The {Corpse Emperor}’s expression returned to normal, and he put his chin in his hands.

“So why did you help me? Even though there’s no bond between all of <MATEI>. “

“From now on, I hope for us to act as a group. You see, times keep changing.”

“Answer the question.”

“I’m collecting all of the <MATEI> over the world right now. I think there are roughly ten. And my goal is Ten Demons of Calamity. You have the perfect ability and skill as one of them.”

“Hmmph! What is your real purpose? If it’s a boring wish, I won’t join hands! “

“Well, just look forwards to it. Oh right, I also prepared a present (corpse) for you.”


“It’s not a <MATEI>, but I’m going to have him work as a part of the calamity.

A disaster that happened five years ago, ‘The Collapse of Nisilipi’. The person who got caught up in that disaster, I managed to recover the dead man’s corpse…”

The {Gun Emperor} laughed, “Hihihi!”


“He’s the blonde guy that you had known very well. He’s the same as Barha, Adolphos, and Sonata. The man who was counted as ‘Natural Enemies’.”

“――?! No way…! “

“That’s right, it’s as the one you think right now. It’s not too far for us, the <MATEI>, to ruler over the world――hihihi!”

The black dragon accelerated in a blink of an eye and flied hundreds of kilometers.

Crossed the blue sea and crossed the sky of the red sea.

The cause of calamity were gathering.

The story about ‘The Collapse of Nisilipi’ will be in the side story (14 chapters). The side story would also serve as a backstory of one important character.
I plan to translate it after act 1 is over, or after arc 2 is over.

Also, here is the detail of Shura and Ash character design.

Shura and Ash Character Design
Shura and Ash Character Design (Translated by me)

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 30

30. Golden light

His hair color, facial features, and height are the same.

But only the color of the eyes is different. It’s not a blue eye and a silver eye, but purple in both eyes.

And, he’s just a little… younger?

Wait, as expected, this guy, isn’t he that Old Man?

“Old Man…?”

“Who do you mean by Old Man? ―― Ah, maybe you’re mistaken me for my big brother?”

Elder brother?

No way…

“You are, Old Man――Balha Zetta’s bro …!”

“Ain――I mean. Barha Zetta is my big brother.”

He is Old Man’s younger brother.

He’s very similar. Similar, but the air emitting from him is totally different.

It’s a rough and distorted air.

A ‘dirty’ air, like a rat lurking in the back alley.

“By the way, my big brother and I have the worst relationship. Just because you know my big brother doesn’t mean you’re on my side. Rather, you’re my enemy. After all, I am, a <MAJIN>.”

Old Man’s younger brother is a <MAJIN>?!

<Majin>――A human who eats monsters and takes in miasma…!

Ah, speaking of which, when Old Man was talking about <Majin>, he had a bitter face.

Is that because his younger brother is a <MAJIN>?

“Now I have a question, boy. What’s your relationship with my big brother? “

Old Man’s younger brother take the silver cylindrical object and made a clicking sound.

“This thing is called a gun. When I put my strength into the trigger, a lump of Mana will come out from this hole. In the situation, it’s like I have a knife at your throat right now. “


He turns the holed part of the so-called weapon toward me.

“I am……”

Should I be honest?

No, it’s highly likely that he hates Sealers like the {Corpse Emperor}.

If he find out that I’m a sealer, I can be killed right away.

But, what should I say then…

I can’t even think of a good lie.

Acquaintances? Friend? Family?… I feel that the result does not change even if lie.

“I am a disciple of Barha Zetta”

Hearing my answer, he puts down the weapon called a gun and smiles,


His smile is warm and gentle like Old Man’s smile.

“His disciple?! Hihihi! Interesting!!! Never did I thought he would have a disciple! Well, well, the world keeps revolving and no one can guess what might happen to you in the future, hah!!!”

A <Majin> in front of me holds his belly and laughs like a human.

Unlike <Jinma>―― the {Corpse Emperor}, no one can’t tell that the person in front of me is a <MAJIN> unless he says it himself.

“Then! Are you a Sealer?! No way! Don’t tell me… Did you seal the {Corpse Emepor}, that bastard?!”

He comes to my side.

I’m vigilant, but I don’t have enough strength left to even hold my fist.

The approaching <MAJIN>’s right hand, I’m afraid of what he will do, but then he strokes my head.

“Aren’t you amazing?!! I don’t think you could seal that bastard at this age! Although that bastard is quite weak, that guy is one of the pinnacles of the demons ―― But, hmm…. “

He touches my chest.

“You’re so thin … are you eating properly? Seriously, young people these days eat only vegetables. Listen this well, you must eat meat and vegetables in a well-balanced manner, okay?”

“Bastard… don’t touch me!”

I swing my right arm.

He steps back a little and puts his hand on his waist.

“Alright, let me give you a reward!”

He thrusts his right hand into the pocket of his long pants and takes out a round object wrapped in a bag. And he extends his right hand in front of me.

“It’s a candy. It’s called a ‘Water Caramel’ that I got from an ice-bound region. it’s insanely sweet but insanely bitter. I recommend it.”

I silently receive the candy with my right hand. 

Well, I’ll throw it away later.

However, this guy is planning something for sure.

Still, I feel uncomfortable be because he looks like that Old Man.

“Now, should we go with the main subject?… So, I can kill you now. I can also kill all of Your friends. What do you think you should offer to prevent it? “

Bastard, he’s testing me.

I know there is only one option.

” ―― In exchange for the vessels with the {Corpse Emperor}’s body, we have our safety guaranteed.”

“That’s right.”

From my pocket, I pick up a piece of bone ―― the thing that I used to seal the {Corpse Emperor} and show it to him.

“The {Corpse Emperor} is sealed here. Now let us go.”

” ―― Minus 1 point for you.”

He receives the bone from me and laughs.

“You see, it’s a bad idea to show what you have first in a negotiation. First, you need to ensure your own conditions. This is absolute. What would you do if I tried to kill you after I received this?”

“Bastard …!”

“Don’t worry. I’m kind, so I won’t kill everyone. But, be careful when we meet again.”

He turns his back to me and walks toward the black dragon.

I feel relieved and stroke my chest. It seems that he decided to overlook us.

It’s a bit of a pain to let go of the {Corpse Emperor} that I had been so hard to seal, but now, my top priority is to get him out of this island.

“Minus 1 more point… Hey, novice sealer. You often heard that you will never the lessons you get without pain, right? “

He stops.

“What… do you mean?”

“I’m going to hurt you for this one deduction.”

He turns only his face toward me, with a vile smile ―― a monster-like smile.

“I’ll kill one of your friends. Hmm… maybe that blonde woman lying down over there? “

“――――!?!? Oi, OI …! “

At this point, I finally realized one thing.

That the man in front of me is unquestionably a demon.

“Hahhahhah! As expected, I’m kind. With this, you will never forget this day’s failure…”

“Stop, stop…!”

He passes the black dragon and heads toward Ash, who is lying on the ground.

I gather all the power in my body. 

I managed to get up.

But, I feel dizzy. I can’t move even one step.

Still, still ――

“Stop, stop, You Bastard…!”

“I’m doing this for you, you know. Don’t stare at me, you’ll hurt my feeling, you know. “

I can’t reach him.

On the contrary, he keeps moving away.

The power that I just mustered up is gone from my right knee.

Still, I try to reach out even though only one of my leg that can move.

―― 『” I see…..Then, after we solve the taste-sealing curse and the <Curse of Yin and Yang>… let’s come to this store again. At that time, it’ll be three people.”』

I promised her.

That I’ll break her curse and we will eat a meat pie together.

Don’t fuck with me! Her life worth a lot more than your boring lessons…..!

“Don’t ―― “

My feet slip and I lie my face down on the ground.

While licking the ground, I raise my face and stare at the <Majin> in front of me.


He holds his weapon and turns it to the sleeping Ash.

―― At the same time, I feel like something broke in my head.

“Don’t make another step from there―― Don’t Moveeeeeeeeee!!!!!!”

Suddenly, a golden light burst in my sight.

Author’s note:

<MAJIN>…… A human who keeps eating monster will become this
<JINMA>…… A monster who keeps eating human will become this
<MATEI>…… A stronger version of <MAJIN> and <JINMA>, extremely powerful.

[TN: other than <MATEI> I’ll also use the terms <Demon Emperor>, it’s the same just one in Japanese and one in English]

For <Demon Emperor>, there’re two types.

If <MAJIN> -> <Demon Emperor>, their title will be ‘Weapon Name’ + ‘Emperor’.

If <JINMA> -> <Demon Emperor>, their title will be ‘Some word that have any relation with monster’ + ‘Emperor’.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 29

29. Prisoner’s Rebellion

A lump of bone hit the ground and produced a huge amount of smoke.

The {Corpse Emperor} saw the scene and was convinced of his victory.

“I won. I won! Finally, I killed the sealer!!!”

He made a victory pose and turned his back on the smoke.

“Look… Look! This is my ―― “

At that moment, the {Corpse Emperor} noticed something.

Some footsteps were creeping behind him.

When he turned back, he saw the figure of a naked man who jumped out from the smoke.

————————— (Seal POV)—————————–

A bunch of bones approaching.

I pick up the pebble I prepared in advance.

―― My second trump card.

A Magic Circle and my name is written on it.

I threw a pebble at a bunch of bones. At the same time, I hit my own body with my right fist and put a character stamp on myself.

” ―― ‘CLOSE’ !”

My body is sucked into the thrown pebbles.

This is called, ‘Self-sealing’.

The old man said to me that self-sealing is a high-level Sealing Technique.

But he didn’t say it’s difficult to seal. He said it’s difficult to unseal after Self-Sealing.

Perhaps I can’t release it on my own once I sealed myself.

I heard from Shura that when she was being sealed, she didn’t remember anything. When she was being sealed, she was unconscious. If that’s the case I can’t release myself.

Well, when my skill becomes better in the future, I might be able to release on my own, but I can’t do it now.

But, the only way to break the seal is not only that. If the vessel destroyed, the content will be released.

I’m sure the pebbles will be crushed with his attack and I’ll be able to release myself.

Anyway, I’m being sucked by the pebble and sealed inside.

―― When I regained consciousness, I was in the smoke.

There is a time that for about 0.8 seconds until the pebble is destroyed and the contents comes out. I think that’s just enough time for his attack to finished.

And now, as expected, I’m naked …

Anyway, I pick up a piece of bone and draw a Magic Circle with my own blood. And I carve his name on it.

『”I won. I won! Finally, I killed the sealer!!!”』

I can hear a fool’s voice.

I kick the ground barefoot and jump out of the smoke.

“Look… Look! This is my ―― “

He notices me and looks back.

My Red Mana has already run out. But at this distance――

――My fist reaches.

” Marked…”

My left fist hit his right cheek.

The character stamp emerges. The piece of bone in my hand glows blue.

――It was long.

These ten steps were really long……

“The {Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’ “


“I’ll give You Fucking Demon, a lifetime imprisonment …”

―― “ ’CLOSE’ “.

A vortex emanates from a piece of bone and swallows him.

Once it is established, it cannot be resisted.

“Don’t fuck with me! I’ll never, forgive you! Sealerrrrr!!!!”

The {Corpse Emperor} could not resist and finally sealed in a piece of bone.

“Huuhh, I’m really tired……”

I grab a piece of bone that glowing red and lay my body on the ground.

“Old man, as someone who is still inexperienced I did a good job, right?”

The threats are gone, and peace comes to <Seadust Island>.

This is the end of the battle with the {Corpse Emperor} ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’.


The battle is over.

For the time being, I put on the pants worn by the {Corpse Emperor} and head towards the most seriously injured Carrs. But――


My knees fall off.

Oh right, I forgot. I’m also at the limit.

I put the bone that I used to seal him in my pocket.

The situation is still quite bad. I don’t feel like I can move from here. 

…Isn’t it the end if even one monster comes here?

The lion spear, <Lutta>, and <Osiris Orb> are scattered on the ground.

At the time of self-sealing, all of it was left behind by me, and the vessel broke and popped out.

It’s quite troublesome after self-sealing, huh?


Are you for real…!

I see a shadow. 

A shadow of a creature with wings.

Looking up, a dragon come down from the sky.

A black dragon with pure white eyes and a distorted aura.

I can instantly know that it’s not an ally.

The Mana released from its whole body was higher than that of the {Corpse Emperor}.

The dragon comes down right in front of me, creating wind pressure with its wings.

“Oi, Oi…I come to pick up the {Corpse Emperor}, but what happened to that bastard?”

A black dragon.

However, the truly dangerous one is on its back.

It jumps off the back of the dragon. While holding the black mountain hat on his head.

A tall man with long white hair. He is wearing a long black coat. He had something in the shape of a cylinder on his waist that I had never seen before.

The man looks at me.

I recognize his face.


So, this is what people feel when they’re at a loss for words?

The man’s face has wrinkles, and at a glance, it looks calm.

――『”Boy, what’s your name?”』

It’s a face that I knew.

――『” You’re getting better at massaging, huh.”』

It’s a face that shouldn’t be there.

Because, I know, surely a month ago――!

“Old man…?!”

“Haah? Who the fuck are You?”

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 28

28. Cunning

From the talisman, a ring comes out. A ring with a Red Alchemy Stone that was given to me by an old man.

I put the ring on my right index finger, put in Red Mana, and the ring glows red.

The ability of <Osiris Orb> can greatly enhance one’s physical ability in exchange for Red Mana without using any Blue Mana. However, as a restriction, this ring cannot be removed until The Red Mana inside my body dried, and so, my Red Mana will endlessly continue to be squeezed.

Once the ring fitted, Red Mana rises so much until it visible clearly. The skull-shaped steam that gushed out of the ring wrapped me around.

Four red and black lines extended from the ring, and a line is drawn to the right shoulder. It stretches like a tattoo and gradually shrinks. This line shows the remaining amount of my Red Mana. In other words, if all of this line disappears, the remaining amount of my Red Mana will be zero.

Judging from the length of the line, the time limit is……. 2 minutes.

“What….. what happened! What is that Mana?!”

The {Corpse Emperor} says with a surprised voice.

I kick the ground and disappear.


I make a hole on the chest of the corpses standing on the front, a muscleman, with my right fist.

A splash of blood splat to the feet of the corpse.

“Prepare yourself, King of corpses. I’ll bring an end to this fight soon.”

“Shut up… Don’t joke with me!!!”

The {Corpse Emperor} dismantles the throne and use the bone to attack me.

I destroy the flying bones with my fist.

As it is, I accelerate in a straight line toward the {Corpse Emperor}.


However, my rush was stopped by the corpses who strengthened their bodies with the Mana of Strengthening.

But one step,

I finally could make a step ahead of the bone ring he made.


“Magician!! Do something!!! “

The {Corpse Emperor} move his arm.

Now only two of the corpses holding me are left and the others are pulled all at once.

I quickly crush the faces of the two people. But,

” [ ‘The Sword of Water, Be the Courage for the Younger Princess. Oh, The Spear of Ice, Be the Hope for the Warrior’――]”

“A magic with chant…!”

A woman who had been pulled to the back of the {Corpse Emperor} is chanting. 

Certainly, based on what Ash told me, chanting before releasing a Magic means that person has a high skill. It will be bad to just take it without prevention, but the distance between us is far! I can’t stop it in time!

“[――’Hyousuirasou’ !!!!!!]”

There are 5 corpses left.

3 men and 2 women.

The woman who chanted the Magic and another woman are equipped with a water sword.

And the three men were equipped with ice spears. Everyone breathes in, points their weapons at me, and throws it here.

――I don’t have much time…!

If I take it easy, my Red Mana will be eaten by the God of Death (Osiris) for nothing!

“Stop him!”

I destroy all ice spears flying from three directions with the dagger in my hand. I dodged the thrust of the sword of water and seeing the opening, I kick the belly of a female magician.

4 left.

At that point, the {Corpse Emperor} turns his back on me and starts running.

“Are you running away?!――Where is your pride as a king?!!!”

“Escape is not a shame! Kneeling is not a shame! The only pride of the king is to keep reign!!!”

Still, run away huh… to where?

His toes are pointing to the place where I was blown away.

“If I eat that, My Mana will recover!”

The place he plans to go is… the food stor――


He plans to recover his Mana by eating the human corpses.

“Don’t think that I’ll just stay silent!!!”

I kick the ground with my strengthened body and try to approach him. However, four living corpses appears in front of me like a wall.

” ―― ‘Lion Spear’ !!!”

I unseal the Lion Spear. Grab it in my right hand. Hold the spear and thrust it continuously. It pierces the head, neck and heart accurately and so I break through the meat wall. 

Following behind the corpse, I put in Green Mana to stretch the lion spear, but the spear does not stretch.

It seems that I’ve no more Green Mana ―― the Mana of Creation.

“Why now…!”

“Well, well! Let me praise you for cornering me this far! Sealer!!!”

The {Corpse Emperor} touches the ground and puts in the Mana as much as he can.

” ’Shishiranran’ !!!!!!” [TN: if I were to put it in English maybe, ‘Bone Storm’]

A tornado of bones occurs between me and the {Corpse Emperor}.


――Should I jump in?

――No, if I take any more damage than this――

“Aren’t I an idiot?! What’s the point of thinking too much now!!!”

I jump into the tornado. 

The blade of the bone hit my whole body. However, Red Mana completely protected my body. It only scratches me.

I pass through the tornado and stand in front of the building.

――I’m too late.

The overflowing Mana is emitted from the building.

“Fufu. Fuhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

The {Corpse Emperor} with fresh blood on his mouth comes out of the building.

His belly is bloated. The swollen belly stretches sideways and sits loosely on the ground.

The half part of his body, which is bone, also somewhat swollen. I can see a black bag through the gap between the bones, is that his stomach…?! 

His belly is about 20 times larger than it was originally. Perhaps he ate all the corpses that stored in the building.

“It’s ugly, but don’t worry the digestion will ends soon. Aaah, I can feel it, come on! A torrent of Mana!!! “

A wave of Mana shakes the village.

This is bad. I’ll definitely die if I get closer now ――

If only, if only I have more time…!

“Are you in despair? Sealer…”

He looks relaxed and walks towards me, dragging his drooping belly.

“Do you understand now? This amount of Mana… The corpse in that place was modified to keep absorbing Mana. I was planning to eat it after it ripened.”

From the ground, horse-shaped bones and giant-shaped bones…..{Orobas} and {Troll} are constructed.

“I let the other corpses carry their corpses. This way I can recover their corpses without having to go directly! “

Blood, Mana, flesh, and skin… slowly covering the bones.

The two bodies I saw before…. Even though it has some cracks in the whole body… stands in front of me.

Now, three threats are lining up.

“Go back to the beginning, huh…”

A gust, a giant fist and a tornado full of bones.

Three types of attacks come to me――

…The ring lost its light.

Well, is it impossible after all? I don’t have enough time.

I fall on one knee and about to give up, but,


A spear of ice and a sword of water rushed out of the shadow of the tree, aiming behind the corpse.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, General!”

“Let’s finish this!”

Carrs and Ignacio.

“You guys……”

Apparently, the corpse carried not only {Orobas} and {Troll}.

“Some small fry huh”

The surprise attack of the two is easily caught by the {Corpse Emperor}.

However, A Water Magic is shot at the {Corpse Emperor} from a hill at the moment when the corpse’s is being distracted.

” ‘Aqua Shooter’ !!”

A blow of water magic hits the {Corpse Emperor}’s head directly. But ――

“You call this Magic? Not even worth my attention.”

It doesn’t hurt him at all.

“A bunch of mobs…! You’re not on a level to challenge me!!!”

{Troll}’s fist hits Carrs.

{Orobas}’s Wind Magic blows Ignacio away.

Bone spines that crawl out of the hill hit Frederica’s entire body.

“Carrs! Ignacio! Frederica!!!”

In a matter of seconds, Carrs is being blown to the roof of the hut in the center of the three lined up building, Ignacio is being blown into the forest, and Frederica fall on her knees on a hill. Everyone… faint.

But when the {Corpse Emperor} almost smile, he becomes alert.

A black flash shone in the forest behind him.

” ――Coloring, ‘Black’. ‘Roiroinadama’ “

A black lightning bolt erased the {Corpse Emperor}’s face, half of it.

Smoke rises from the face toward the sky.


But he is someone who could regenerate again, and so it regenerated right away.

“Ash, is that you…?!”

“Well, at this level, I guess you can call it Magic.”

The {Corpse Emperor} snaps his finger, and a bone dragon rose behind him.

The bone dragon attacks the forest behind the {Corpse Emperor} and returns with a girl in its mouth.

The girl, Ash, falls from the air to the ground in front of the {Corpse Emperor}.


Being hit at the back of her head, Ash lost her consciousness.

“―――― !!?”

I stop my foot that almost moving by itself to her.

Wait, I need to calm down.

Looking in the eyes of the {Corpse Emperor}… that’s not the eye of someone who want to kill.

“You ―― you have another one inside.”

The {Corpse Emperor} tears Ash’s clothes and exposes her navel.

He laughs as he observes the exposed belly of Ash.

“Hah! ‘The Curse of Ra-’ huh?! There are three curses by the God in this world, but the one from ‘Ra-‘ is rare…I’ll not take your life until you get to the《Gray Zone》. “

The Corpse grabs Ash’s neck and threw her behind him.

“Well, with this, everything is settled. But it seems that everybody is still breathing ―― I’ll kill all of you except that little girl. But! first of all, You. Sealer …… ”

The {Corpse Emperor} walks between the corpse of {Orobas} and {Troll}, approaching me.

Raises his right hand to create a bone sickle. It’s a long sickle. A sickle that can drop my neck while keeping a distance.

His bloated belly has deflated and now returned to his previous slender state.

“It was a good exercise. Thanks to that, the digestion is over. “

Finally, huh?

It was so long…….

“What’s wrong?… Why don’t you say some nonsense like those idiots?”

“Well, then, there’s only one thing I want to say…”

I raise the corner of my mouth.

“Remember this well, You Fucking Demon―― If you eat humans, your stomach will get upset…! “

“… Mmm?”

The {Corpse Emperor} looks down at his right hand.

“What……? My Mana is disturbed??!”

The corpse of {Ororbas} and {Troll} collapses.

The bone sickle turns into dust.

I look up and laugh.

The {Corpse Emperor} looks at me and muttering, “No way…..”.

The worst situation that came to my mind in that food store was… He eats that corpses, and he regains his Mana.

That’s why I put ‘it’ in the corpse. If he ever swallowed it. A poison… pebbles engraved with pentagonal characters, will disturbs his Mana and suck it.

It took some time for that pebble… I mean fifteen pebbles to erode his Mana, but it seems that it was activated safely.

“No, no way…! Something like this is――”

“That’s not the end, oh {Corpse Emperor}. What do you think will happen when your Mana is sealed and the vessel dissolves in your gastric juice? “

BAM!!… There is a hole in the belly of the corpse.

A pebble whose Mana is sealed, it dissolves with his gastric juice and the Mana that was absorbed and being sealed will be released. And the Mana that once being absorbed is not something that is under his control anymore. It becomes under my control, But I can’t do anything from here, so the Mana that has lost its place will go out of control and burst.

“Argh! Seal,er――! Did you put a seal on the corpse …?! the humans of the same family?! Even though it’s a corpse, how could you use it as a trap?!! You heartless!!! “

“Shut up! I don’t want to be told by You!”

I throw away my weapon and hold my fist.

All I have to do punch him.

“Surely my Mana will soon disappear! But!!!! “

A huge tornado wraps him around.

” ‘Fire, Water and Ice. The sorrow of all creation!! Show yourself under the King, Prostate and prepare to be punished!!!!―― Prison Gate, No. 7! ‘Punish Gate’ !!!!”

A Magic with a chant!

The {Corpse Emperor} mobilizes all the remaining Mana and reveals a huge bone. In the center of it, fire, water, and ice are being mixed.

A huge whirlpool is floating above him.

“Seriously, it’s time to give up, You Bastard!!!”

“Well, in the end, it’s my win! Even if there is no Mana left and my body is destroyed! I could just reborn again!!!”

A bunch of bones crawls on the ground, urging me to go to the whirlpool.

There is no more way for me to avoid it.

And, it’s absolutely impossible to block it.


The whirlpool filled my field of vision.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 27

27. Trump card

One aim is to hit him and put a character stamp…!

Maybe his Mana is higher than me. No, it’s too late to consider that now.

There is only one winner. 

If that doesn’t work, I will just give up and die.

But of course, he’s also wary of my approach. He may know the requirement of the sealing technique to some extent.

Whenever I approached, he tried to push me back with a large-scale attack. When I moved 10 steps closer… he made another 10 steps back.

But not bad. I consume far less Mana.

I just try to get closer, but he returns with an apparently over-attack.

“I’ll never let you get closer! Absolutely, only you…!”

Frightened eyes.

Apparently, he scared of sealing technique. Maybe he got a trauma.

“Are you okay? I mean, you used a lot of Mana.”

I cover my legs with Red Mana and launch an attack with <Lutta>, but he pushes me back with lot amounts of bones.

When I’m being pushed back by the waves of bones, the {Corpse Emperor} created new white-bone dragons and red-blooded dragons.

“Hah! Keep struggling Sealer!!!”

“Thank you for the large-scale attack!”

A mixture of white and red dragons approaches me.

Defense is out of the question.

So, I put strength into my legs to avoid it.


But, skeleton arms that crawl out of the ground grabbed my feet.

“I’m sorry…!”

I have no other choice than to receive the attack of a red and white dragon head-on.

Even if I keep my feet on the ground, it’s meaningless, so it’s better if I release the strength on my feet and receive the impact.

――Keep your consciousness together, Seal…!

It’s over if you faint.

I know it’s a lot of damage. Be prepared for the pain, Seal! You have to endure…..!

And, the most painful attack in my life until now hits me.

Bone debris bites into the skin, and a torrent of blood reduces Mana.

Two dragons drag me around.


A shock runs on my back.

Apparently, my back hits the watch tower. The bone and blood dragons have scattered away.

“nngh―― urgh?!”

I spit out the blood that has accumulated in my mouth.

“Yeah …”

I’ve been feeling it for a long time, but… This {Corpse Emperor}… obviously not at the level I can deal normally right now.

He’s special.

Mana, experience, abundance of skills … everything is exceptional.

“I’ll not let you rest! Sealer! Next is ‘level 2’. Not only the body, but also the skill when the corpse still alive would be reproduced!!!”

Living corpses are created again.

8 bodies in total.

It’s not that many as before… but I still need to keep alert.

The living corpses used the Mana of Creation to create a lump of water at one point.

―― “ ‘Seaside Rulers’ “.

Probably the former members. Frederica said that her guild members mainly use water magic.

The lump of water swelled and reached the amount of water that comparable like a river.

…If it hit me directly, I will definitely die…!

“Moo――vee !!!!”

I can’t move. Am I running out of blood?

Oh, this is bad. I can’t put any strength to my body.

“If so, never mind then.”

――Alright, I don’t need to rely on blood anymore.

The Mana of Domination is circulating in the body. I’ll move my body with Yellow Mana.

My body ―― movee …!


A whirlpool of water is shot at me.

I move my body with the Mana of Domination and avoid get hit head-on. But I still get hit in my right shoulder, blown away, and pushed into the third rows of buildings in the settlement.

I’m being pushed until the building at the eastern end.

Break through the wooden wall and fly to the wall opposite the door.


Getting hit on the back of my head, my consciousness is fading.

I shake my head to shake off the darkness that comes into view. Tap my cheeks twice to keep my consciousness.

“Where is this……”

Corpses were lined up on the floor of the house.

“Is it a food store …!”

It’s not just normal corpses. It doesn’t smell bad. The gloss of the skin is not dull. There are no cracks too. It must have been being keep fresh. As Frederica said, it seems to be processed.

―― But, there are no living humans.

I guess, for the monsters, the corpses in this building just like a food stock… Gross

Somehow, I feel a tremendous amount of Mana pressured the corpse. 

…Is the Mana stored in the corpse in some way?

Suddenly, the worst situation comes to my mind.


But, at the same time…. One measure to deal with this situation comes to my mind.


I walk out of the building.

The {Corpse Emperor} is waiting behind eight living corpses.

“Hoho, you’re still alive…?”

The {Corpse Emperor} looks nervous.

He’s out of breath. And, when he sees me alive, he become pale.

I was in that house for about a minute now. During that time, there was no pursuit.

The reason is simple, because he couldn’t afford it.

“If you do so many big attacks, your limit will come faster…. You don’t have that much magic left anymore, don’t you?”

The {Corpse Emperor} sits on the throne and stares at me.

“It’s because you use your technique in the same way as in your heyday. You Bastard, your Mana should have reduced to zero once with that seal ―― And, the Mana you gained by eating 500 people, where most of them were non-magicians, it must be less than you had thought….”

But, to be honest, it’s really horrifying.

In his heyday, when his Mana is almost could be said unlimited….. The quality and quantity of the corpse under his control must have been much worse than it is now.

Which means, old man and the guy called Saurus, who defeated this guy in his heyday were really crazy.

“Ten years ago, I could blow someone like you away with just by pointing my little finger…!”

“Well, you are strong. Perhaps you don’t have to be afraid to fight someone like me――But no matter what kind of monster you are, if the conditions are met, you will be sealed. After all, I am a Sealer.”

“How could you still feel like winning?! Defeat my pawns, all of these magicians??… You don’t have the abilities to do that!!”

“… What would you do if I said I have?”


I put my finger in my pocket.

“Just at what is written, it’s my ‘trump card’.”

I take out a talisman with ‘死’ written on it. [TN: it means Death]

It is the only Magic Item that I received from my master.

The ‘crazy’ ring left by the old man ――

” ‘OPEN’―― <Osiris Orb>…!”

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 26

26. Indescribable Anger

When the {Corpse Emperor} removed his hand from his chest, the hole in his chest was gone.

So, this is a rumored reborn――

“Are person who could reborn huh…”

I see, so he’s really immortal.

This guy… What should I do if I can’t seal him”

“No way――No way No way No way!!!! You are aaaaaaahhh!!!!!!”

The angry sound echoes on my eardrum.

Don’t be scared, Seal! You can’t pull back here!

Don’t take a step, don’t move your eyebrows, and keep endure his anger…

Don’t break your leeway! You need to keep your impression as the ‘unfathomable guy’.

“Ah, I was late in introducing myself. I’m Seal, a Sealer. “


From 100 to 0 at once.

The {Corpse Emperor} sank the blood that had risen to his head all at once to his feet.

On the throne, he put his chins in his hand again.

His eyes are quietly staring at me.

“I see, a Sealer huh… fufu, fuahahahahahahah!!!!”

He sounds happy.

This guy… I can’t read his emotions.

“I wonder why…Hah! Even if I feel fear and anger, I also feel intense joy that shakes my fingers. Aaah, so nostalgic… Sealers, I hated them, but the fight with them was really fun.  Even if this I, hate them, at the same tame I want to meet them. The one who bring anxiety and suspense to me… Those people…!”

The {Corpse Emperor} raises his hand to heaven and clenches his fist.

At the same time, crawling skeletons come to me from every direction.

The skeletons trying to surround me with its limbs. 

I sway the lion spear, which has returned to its original size, in a circular motion. The skeletons are not that strong and so using the spears I crushes and sink them to the ground.

“This feeling… it may be similar to love …”

“Well, sorry to interrupt your confession, but I’ve already done with the bones!”

While swinging the spear, I charge the {Corpse Emperor}.

The {Corpse Emperor} laughs a little while saying “What a fool.”

“I, the {Corpse Emperor}, the king who controls the corpse! Even if you defeat it once, those under my control will not disappear! “

The skeletons that should have been defeated start to revive again 

“As long as my Mana is not exhausted, it will be resurrected infinitely! That means the corpse under my control has no life span!!!”

” ―― aren’t you lying?”

I pinch the talisman with the word “祓” between the index and middle fingers of my right hand. [TN: the word mean purification]

” Lion Spear, ‘CLOSE’. ―― ‘OPEN’, <Lutta>!”

I equip <Lutta> in my right hand.

I light Lutta with Blue Mana. Then, the blue alchemy stone embedded in <Lutta> glows, creating a cool light blue aura

“That sword is ――!”

I use <Lutta> to crush the skeleton’s face. Concentrate the Red Mana on my soles of the feet, jump to cut the short distance and cut through the skeletons one by one.

The skeleton collapses from the hip joint, turning the bone into black dust which flying to the sky.

“What’s wrong, they don’t seem to be resurrected… are they already in bad condition?”

“Is it a sword that sent the soul straight to the realm of dead…?! Don’t get carried away! Sealer!!!”

I step on with enough force to crack the ground.

But the distance is still 20 steps and 30 steps, we’re still far from each other.

My aim for now it to leave a mark on him. I need to land a direct attack with my fist.

“I won’t let you get closer!”

” ―― Woah?!”

Suddenly, the ground under my feet rose.

Countless bones that overlap each other like a tower from the bottom of the ground. A skeleton tower tries to wrap me from below.

” ―― ‘OPEN’!”

The lion spear come out once again and I equip it on my left hand. Turn the stone tip diagonally downward.

I extend the lion spear, push the spear to the ground, and use the expansion and contraction of the spear to jump back.

I could see a tower of bones at where I was.

As for The Corpse Emperor, he makes bones connected like a ring as if to enclose himself.

“I will not let A Sealer come near me! You stay beyond this cirlce!”

After that, finally, the {Corpse Emperor} stands up.

“Sealer, Listen this carefully. The corpse you fought up until now was ‘level 0’. I just manipulated the bones. But the next one will be different!”

The {Corpse Emperor} raises both hands.

Bones that stretch from the ground, flesh and skin are covered those bones.

10… 20… 23 bodies?

Well, I don’t think Lion Spear will be useful here.

” ‘CLOSE’ “

The corpse that appeared in front of me is different from earlier. It has cracks all over its body. Definitely it’s a naked human being.

“This is ‘level 1’. The power to reproduce the body the same as when it still alive.”

Is there such a thing?

This is called self-renewal ability, and this repair ability is clearly beyond the range that can be achieved by the Mana of control.

“―――― !!!!!”

I open my eyes wide. 

Not because I’m being surprised at the {Corpse Emperor}’s ability.

I’m looking at the 23 humans who appeared in front of me, to be exact, the smallest of them.

―― It’s a girl.

A young girl.

Her face… I had seen it before.

――『” Excuse me… If you find this child, please contact me.”』

Suddenly, I remember the old woman who was looking for her daughter at the port of Crow.

I remember the flyer she gave me.

I remember the girl face on the flyer …

Amongst 23 corpses created by the {Corpse Emperor}, one of them is… the missing girl.

“[…… Moo-om]”

The corpse makes a voice.

“[Help me, help me please…..]”

“[No.. I don’t want to die …]”

“[My child, my child is waiting for me…]”

I can hear a monotone voice. It sounds emotionless.

“I’m sorry. There are times when it says some nonsense because the brain is also reproduced. It’s unpleasant right? Human who begs for their own life is really ugly…. don’t you think so?”

The corpse puts his index finger of his right hand forward. The living corpses start moving at the same time.

I’m silent while wielding <Lutta>.


Every time I swing my sword, my chest hurt.

A distorted voice in pain, a voice asking for help, a voice thanking for killing them――various voices echoes from my ears to my heart.

――『”It must be difficult…. Your daughter, if I find her, I’ll definitely bring her here.”』

I remember what I said the other day.

As I remember, I cut the girl’s head.

“Mom… Where are yo–“

Finally, the girl grabs the hem of my pants as if she holds her mother’s hand, and collapses.

“Sealer, what’s wrong? Your face becomes dark, you know? Ah! Perhaps, your friend is amongst them?! Well, well! I’m really sorry, I don’t have any bad intention. It’s just an entertainment. I thought, you would enjoy it… “

It’s a hope.

For them who lost their loved one, and couldn’t get any work done properly,

They devote themselves to the probability.

They serve God in honesty.

It’s the purpose of those people.

The survival of these corpses ―― is their hope.


It’s their only hope that they keep clinging into, to keep living and seeing tomorrow, after losing their loved ones.

“――{Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’…”

He is trampling their hopes with his feet, spit on the sanctity of the dead.

…This feeling that springs up from the bottom of my heart, how should I express this feeling?

I move my dagger to the other hand. Then, put my current feelings into words.

“Finally. I finally really want to kill You… Bastard!!”

“Good. Keep your spirit like that, Sealer!!!! Let’s kill each other. Like how humans and monsters supposed to be…..!”

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 25

25. Prediction

A monster’s settlement.

I hide in the shadow of a tree while slowly hiding my footsteps.

――There are no signs of monsters around.

Except for the one who sits on the bone throne in the center of the settlement.

“As expected, the lack of pawns and no strong pawns are problems. They take too much time for small fish like them…”

A half-body, half-bone man lowers his eyelids and rest his chin on his hand.

“Foolish. Come out now. I’ve already noticed your sign. “

“Oops, it seems my surprise attack fail.”

I get out of the shadow and set foot in the settlement.

The <JINMA> with bones still sits down and doesn’t even look at me. 

I approach the throne from behind.

“Let me ask you one thing. Why do you guys eat people? “

“It’s a stupid question. It’s no different from you who eat pigs and cows. I’m just hunting and eating people. “

{Corpse Emperor} speaks with a sarcastic tone.

“Understand? Listen. Now you are chasing and hunting us monsters, but eventually the position will be reversed. Because we, the <MATEI>, have been resurrected. In the near future, you will forget how to wear clothes and speak words, lose your dignity and everything, and return to the wild like a rabbit running around the field. I’m just anticipating that future.” [TN: <MATEI>, means Demon Emperor, I’m still conflicted which name should I use, for now it’s MATEI]

<MATEI> ――

Demon Emperors, huh… This is the first word I hear. Are those monsters is as dangerous as the name ‘Emperor’ imply?

“… Originally, our era would have come many years ago. ―― If only those ‘Sealer’ didn’t exist…! “

The voice of the corpse is colored with anger.

“But this I, came to one conclusion! The seal of that coffin couldn’t be broken by the monsters on this island! So, why was the coffin unsealed and I was released?! Because those Sealer died, didn’t they?!! If that was the case, no one could stop ‘Our’ supremacy anymore! ―― In a world without a Sealer, no one can hold me, who could reborn again!! and again!!! Hah!!”

High laughter shakes the entire village. 

Every time he laughs, my skin hurts as if a knife scratched me.

Seriously, what a pressure, I can’t help but feel the difference between us.

――Still, I don’t feel like losing.

As I hold my fist and try in to close the distance, the thorny wall of the human bone blocked me.

“Stay away.”

The throne flips.

And, our eyes meet in the same line.

“It looks like you’re really looking down at humans…”

“Of course. To us, you guys are just food.”

The {Corpse Emperor} raises his chin and shows his nostrils.

I see, it’s a face that thinks he would never lose to me, a human.

――Bring it on. I’ll make you speechless.

“The {Corpse Emperor}-dono. Since you look bored, why don’t you let me ―― make a prediction?” [TN: ‘-dono’ , is one of honorifics used in japan, especially in samurai era, it means, a kind to ‘Milord’]

“Hoho? Tell me.”

I thrust my hand into my pocket and raise my chin.

“This battle, the one who makes the first move, it ‘Must’ be me.”

A light faintly dwells in the eyes of the {Corpse Emperor}.

“Fu ――fuhahahahahahahahahaha! Aren’t you saying something interesting!

―― Remember this, ant. There is no first move or second move. It’s my turn from beginning to end! You never have a turn! “

After laughing happily, the {Corpse Emperor} puts his right hand forward.

As the hand moved, the skeletons that grew from the ground focused on me.

“I will predict you too ―― Ten seconds later. You will die shortly after you kneel to the ground.”

The skeletons are attacking me all at once.

I take out the talisman from my right pocket and let the items inside come out.

” ‘OPEN’, ―― Lion Spear…! “

From the talisman, a long spear comes out, the spear is still in the same ‘condition’ as when I previously escaped from the settlement with Shura.

The spear goes into the {Corpse Emperor}’s chest.

“What?! ―― Hmmm?!!!”

Shortly after breathing, the spear pierces the {Corpse Emperor}’s chest and his back stick to the throne.

The spear is long enough for it to reaches the sea.

The {Corpse Emperor} spews red blood from his mouth.

“I ‘Sealed’ it when it still stretched a while ago.”

“Gu, urrgh … !!?”

The spear soon returns to its original length.

The corpse makes his eyes bright red and glares at me while holding his chest down.

I use the spear to break the skeletons that has stopped moving.

Then, point the tip of the shortened spear at the monster in front of me.

The corpse looked at my talisman and says, “No way …!” with a trembling voice.

“Well, it’s ten seconds already. Hmm? isn’t it strange? I’m still breathing… {Corpse Emperor}-dono.”

Corpse Emperor (Character Design)
Corpse Emperor (Character Design) Translated by me

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 24

Another Third-Person POV

24. Carrs & Ignacio & Frederica vs Orobas

The difference in power between them was not like――ants and elephants. It was not that bad.

The difference between those who could use Mana and those who could not…

The difference between Carrs and Ignacio, and {Orobas} was not so hopeless.

If {Orobas} was a cavalryman who straddled a horse, wore armor all over his body, and had a weapon, then Carrs and Ignacio would be naked humans.

‘You can kill him by dragging him off the horse and strangling him’…

――The weak side would think so.

But if a cavalry and a naked human actually fight, in a matter of seconds the naked human would be pierced, torn, or kicked by the horse and died. After all, the difference in ability between the two was absolute.

In the field full of flowers,

Where beautiful flowers were in full bloom,

Carrs and Ignacio stood there.

In front of them was {Orobas} with arms that grew from the whole body. 

Ignacio with her rapier and Carrs with his spear, both of them attacked {Orobas}’s face.

{Orobas} strengthened its face with Red Mana.

But, the inscription on the spear sucked in the Red Mana and let the attack pass through it, and damaging the face.

By the stab, {Orobas}’s cheek skin peeled a little.

“It was an attack with my full strength, you know? Hah!”

“Even if there are no scratches, the Mana was sucked! Let’s keep this pace!”

Just five minutes had passed since the battle began between Carrs, Ignacio, Frederica, and {Orobas}.

―― But, all of them were about to reach their limits.

Carrs’s left hand was injured by Wind Magic, and now he was holding a spear with his right hand. 

Ignacio was front kicked on her right leg, and the bone was cracked.

Frederica didn’t have any external injuries, but her breath was rough, and her Mana was about to run out.

“[Y, you, all, ――w-w-w-we, weak, akk…!]”

Green particles floating around {Orobas}’s body.

“Both of you, step back!”

Carrs and Ignacio stepped back to left and right side of Frederica.

Same with {Orobas}, green particles also floating around Frederica.

{Orobas} turned the green particles into a gust, and Frederica turned the green particles into a water sword.

“[Di , Die――!]”

” ‘Aqua Shooter’ ―!!”

BANG!… the Magic offset each other.

Carrs and Ignacio launch an attack after seeing it.

Ignacio’s thrust was blocked by one of the arms on {Orobas}’s body and another arm hit Ignacio’s belly. 

Carrs sneaked through the arm’s defenses from the side and thrusted his spear to {Orobas}’s body but {Orobas} put more Red Mana into its body. The spear was repelled.



Two vanguards and one rearguard.

While Frederica preparing for Magic, and Carrs and Ignacio went up to a close-range battle. But, Frederica and {Orobas} Magic Creation Speed was almost the same, so their Magic offsetting each other.

Carrs and Ignacio at the same time were beaten by the arms that grows from {Ortobas}’s body and retreated to Frederica’s side.

“Hah! If it keeps like this, we will lose!”

Carrs laughed.

Seeing, the situation where all of them were gradually being cornered. Carrs was convinced that if they kept repeating the same move again and again, they would reach their limit for sure.

“How could you be so carefree in this situation …”

Ignacio’s hands were shaking.

Although Ignacio cannot handle Mana, she was a master in handling swords and martial arts. Inevitably, the outcome of the battle, she could imagine it.

What came to her mind was their appearance being murdered brutally.

Carrs squinted at Ignacio’s quivering hands.

“Igna-chan, I guess we have no choice but to gamble. this guy is…”

Once again, green particles floating around {Orobas}’s body.

And, around Frederica’s body too. She was preparing magic to offset. 

However, suddenly Carrs stood in front of Frederica.

“Carrs-san?! What are you doing!”

“Frederica, target that guy directly ―― The next Magic attack from him, I’ll receive it.”

“Are you stupid?! If you do tha――”

“My body may be torn apart. However, it is just ‘Maybe’. Then, there are some possibilities I’ll stay alive!”

Carrs ran forward.

{Orobas} released blade of the wind. Carrs tried to catch it with the belly of the spear, but the blade of the wind slipped through the defense of the spear and hit Carrs’s neck directly.

――一For a moment, Carrs had the illusion that he had been decapitated.

But, the sensation below the neck disappeared. 

Carrs looked down and laughed at his bodies that still intact. Blood was oozing from his whole body.

“Well, it’s not a big deal …!”

When his senses returned, Carrs had knelled on the ground.

Carrs easily swallows the pain where normally an ordinary person would scream.

“Why can you laugh? You’re dying right now, aren’t you? “

Ignacio said with a shaky voice. She was trembling fear.

“Hihihi, it’s fun…! I even saw the other world for a moment.”

Carrs slammed Ignacio’s shaking shoulder.

“Let’s enjoy to the fullest, Igna-chan. This kind of fight. It’s rare you know?”


Carrs stood up and held his spear.

Ignacio followed Carrs’ back with her eyes. Then she, closed her eyelids and held her rapier up facing the sky. And, Her body stopped shaking.

” ――Your stance is bad now, but it seems that you resolved already. So, I’ll resolved myself, in the name of Rosso. “

Frederica released green particles.

“I’m ready! Both of you, get ready!”

A water sword was released.

{Orobas} mobilized all the arms of its whole body and received the water sword. The water sword destroyed the arms, but it did not reach {Orobas}’s body.

However, the arms that protected {Orobas}’s body were gone.

Ignacio and Carrs walked in step and slashed from the left and right.

Carrs used his spear. Ignacio unleashes a refined rapier thrust. Both attacks hit {Orobas}’s body, but only left scratches. Still, {Orobas} Mana had been reduced gradually thanks to the assistance of the Seal’s Sealing Technique.

Both of them kept attacking recklessly.

Slash, Hit, hit, keep hitting even though it was barely damaging {Orobas}.

“[It, Hu, hurts?!]”

Blood splattered. The Mana of strengthening was absorbed by the sealing technique, and the rapier scraped the skin.

Seeing the chance, Carrs tried to land another attack but at the same time {Orobas} was accumulating green particles again.

“Step… step back! Ignacio! Carrs!”

Frederica shouted.

However, Carrs and Ignacio, the two warriors, knew that if they missed the chance, there would be no next.

Two flashes.

Spear and rapier teared {Orobas}’s skin. However, at the same time, a certain thing reached its limit.



Nothing happened with their bodies.

However, the weapons reached its limit first.

{Orobas} concentrated Red Mana on the place where the spear and rapier landed.

The rapier and spear shattered completely. The inscription also gone. 

There were no weapons in their hands.

――(“If so, with fist!”)

The two came to the same thought at the same time, with Carrs holding his right fist and Ignacio holding her left fist. But {Orobas} was not that stupid to miss the chance it got.

――And so, the strong gust blew them away.


Carrs and Ignacio was blown away to the left and right by the gust.

Rolling in the flower field, both of them fainted.

The remaining Frederica was rattling and shaking her teeth while accumulating her Mana.

“No…! No way!”

“[Hi, hihiii! T, The, the end. Yo, your―― lo, lose.] “

Frederica fell on her butt.

Despair filled her head.

She felt death was approaching her slowly.

Every time she heard the sound of flower getting trampled, it felt like a hole in her heart getting bigger.

Even so, she still accumulating her leftover mana little by little. Frederica was sure than she could make the next blow faster than {Orobas}. However, only one more Magic attack wouldn’t be enough to kill {Orobas}.

Frederica lost hope, turned her face down and closed her eyes.

――”It’s over.”

Frederica was at the edge of despair.

But, she suddenly heard another sound of flowers getting stomped――it was human footsteps.



Bloody and hollow eyes.

Carrs and Ignacio stood up and made a stance.

Frederica opened her eyelids and rejoiced when she saw them.

“Both of you! I’m glad that――?”

The two..

There were no weapons in their hands.

Yet they made the usual stance where Carrs held a spear and Ignacio held a rapier.

They naturally perform the movements that the body remembered, and aimed at {Orobas}’s back.

{Orobas} was unaware. But even if {Orobas} noticed them, it was useless. Because neither of them had a weapon.

(They’re not conscious――…)

Frederica almost lost hope again, but she looked at them and rethought again.

Neither Carrs nor Ignacio was conscious. But surely an intention to kill {Orobas} could be seen in their eyes.

――The leftover Mana Frederica had.

She decided how to use it.

” ‘The Sword of Water, Be the Courage for the Young Princess. The Spear of Ice, Be the Hope for the Warrior’――”

Frederica remembered the chant of a technique that she learned from her guild friends.

“――’HyouSuiRaSou’!!!!!!” [TN: the kanji, ‘氷水螺装’, roughly it means, Equip Spiral Ice and Water]

A swirling water rapier was formed in Ignacio’s hand, and a swirling ice spear was formed in Carrs’ hand.

Finally, {Orobas} noticed the presence behind it. The demon-like murderous intentions behind… It was as if the assassins who had prepared to took the live of their target.

“[Yo, you, b,b,both――!]”

At the same time {Orobas} turned back, Carrs and Ignacio stepped on the ground.

{Orobas} grew new arms from its whole body. But the two kept going forward without stopping.

―― But, a black drop…

….came out in the verge of death.

The《Sub-source Colors》Mana that was sleeping inside Carrs and Ignacio came out, and those colors….  lit at the tip of the ice spear and water rapier.

It was the Mana turned the things it touched into dust.

The two thrusts from water sword and Ice spear, turned the arms which grew from {Orobas} whole body, into dust, pierced its skin, flesh, and bones.

“[I, — !!?]”

The jet-black thrust penetrated {Orobas}’s head and chest.

Frederica took a few seconds to understand what happened in front of her.

“It’s Black Mana… the Mana of Destruction!!”

Normally, handling Mana were learned in the order,

《Three Main-source Colors 》→ 《Four Sub-source Colors》

There was no rule that it must be that way, it was just a matter of difficulty. 

Manipulating the 《Sub-source Colors》Mana was much more difficult than the 《Three Main-source Colors 》. In particular, the difficulty level of Black Mana was high due to its ferocious nature. It was not something that Non-Magicians can handle.

However, the two broke that common sense. The Mana that was sleeping within them corresponding to their emotion who want to destroy and kill the enemy. And unconsciously drawn out at the edge of death.

Frederica knew that Carrs and Ignacio were both unmistakable geniuses, or else something like this would not happen.

“Wow… these two, they will become remarkable figure if they learn Magic!”

It was a water rapier that pierced {Orobas}’s head.

It was an ice spear that pierced {Orobas}’s heart.

{Orobas} collapsed on the spot with a miasma and died.

“Did it die? ―― we won!!!”

Frederica ran to Carrs and Ignacio.

But before she reached them, they fell on their head.

“Carrs! Ignacio!”

“What should I do, what should I do!”

Frederica remembered her《Four Sub-source Colors》

White Mana――The Mana of Regeneration.

“I’m not good at handling it, but I need to do it now!”

Frederica illuminated the two with White Mana.

{Orobas} ―――― Defeated

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 23

This ch is from Shura POV (It’s form third person POV, so yeah I’m using past-tense for this one)

23. Shura vs Troll


“[―――――――― umph!!!!!]”

The forest was flattened due to the collapse of {Troll}.

The fist of a giant and the fist of a petite girl collided.

Powerful fists covered with Red Mana exploded with each other, causing bright red sparks to scatter in the sky.

The girl offset all the slamming with punches and kicks.


The girl, Shura, ran to the {Troll} while raising dust, jumped and made a flying kick to its leg. But, {Troll} gathered Red Mana to its legs to offset her attack, and as a counter, it swung up its right leg to blow Shura off.

“――As expected”

Shura gained one conviction.

She corrected her posture in the air and landed with both legs.

“If you’re just a normal {Troll}, you can’t control Mana so skillfuly like that. Hey, how long are you going to pretend you can’t speak? ―― ‘Human Demon’ “

{Troll} Scratched his cheek.

“[You’re sharp. To notice that I’m a ‘Human Demon’.]”

A neutral high-pitched voice.

Faced with {Troll}’s calm demeanor that didn’t match its appearance, Shura found it creepy.

“I’m happy. That you’re the type who uses physical attack. It’s been a while since I could hit others head-on like this…!”

“[I’m happy too. After all, it’s fun to collide fists with fists.] “

While saying so, {Troll} created a ball of earth at the tip of his mouth.

The Mana of Creation.

“F**king liar…….!”

Shura pulled out the cane from her back and dashed forward at full speed.

The earth bullet was released.

While dodging it, Shura passed under {Troll} through the gap between its legs, jumped up and hit its back with the cane.

――No response.

{Troll} grew a spear of soil from the ground and extended it toward Shura who was floating in the air.

Shura kicked the tip of the spear to destroy it and used the side of the spear as a foothold to go down. And she landed on the ground. 

At that moment, {Troll} stomped with its right foot.

Shura crossed her arms to catch the attack.

{Troll} whole weight was put into that foot. Shura clenched her teeth, released Red Mana and repelled its legs.  She then took a distance while it was out of balance.

“……That is…”

Shura noticed that the green hair that had grown on {Troll}’s right foot was gone. Its hair had disappeared, and its bare skin was exposed. Certainly, before the battle, Shura wasn’t attacking that part.

Once again, {Troll} used earth magic to make bullets from the soil.

While dodging it, Shura observed the part where the hair was gone.

――The amount of body hair was gradually decreasing.

“So that’s it. Your body hair, you use it as a substitute for <Rolling Bottle>. I see.”

<Rolling Bottle>.

It was a bottled liquid sold in the market. If you drink it, you can make up for the lost Mana.

There are various ingredients for <Rolling Bottle>, and the effect differs depending on the ingredient. One of the materials is, {Troll}’s green body hair.

“[ <Rolling Bottle>…? This? Do you call it that way?] “

“Are you for real… so, all hair on your body is a lump of Mana――”

Shura put her cane on her back and put her hand on her waist.

“It can’t be helped …!”

A strange air started emanating from Shura.

At that moment, {Troll} started to fear the creature much smaller than itself. {Troll} stepped back two steps.

“I’ll pluck off all that hair.”

Shura put on her《Sub-source Colors》―― White Mana.

“Coloring, ‘White’――Regeneration Technique, ‘Snow Lamp’.”

Wearing white armor, Shura kicked the ground. The kicked ground rose up.

{Troll} couldn’t follow Shura’s movements with its eyes, and when it noticed, its cheek had been hit.


“If you don’t put more Mana, you’ll die?”

Shura’s high-speed attacks with increased speed.

She ran around the whole body of {Troll} while attacking it in the order,

The back of the head → neck → back → waist → back of the knee → heel.

After being hit in the heel, {Troll} slipped, and fell onto its back.

All the hair on its lower body disappeared. 

Shura’s movement was much faster and stronger.

‘Snow Lamp’.

Shura was a White Magician. 

Shura used that Regeneration Technique on herself and prepared for the impact of the attack that would damage her own body. She moved with everything she had.

Jumping to the point of breaking her own legs.

Even making a fist that might breaks her own arms.

Immediately after the pain, the parts that was broken regenerated. Naturally, considering the damage to her own body, she reduced the Red Mana that was worn on the whole body to the limit at the moment of attack, and concentrated on one point.

The downside was that the technique drained the White Mana, so there was a time limit and ―― an unavoidable pain.

“This, is … !!!”

Pain filled Shura’s thoughts. Still, she held her fist.

Shura planned to give another attack, so she aimed to land on the fallen {Troll}.

“[I came up with a good idea. I should wear armor too …] “


Just before Shura hit the forehead, a helmet from soil equipped on {Troll}’s head. It was clay soil, so the impact of Shura’s attack was scattered.


Shura kicked the soil and as if dancing in the air, she retreated to a position where she could see the whole body of {Troll}.

{Troll} created an armor with Green Mana and covered its whole body with it.

“[It doesn’t hurt anymore]”

“Are you going to imitate me? It’s not enough to stop my attack! “

Shura disappeared, she made an elbow attack in {Troll}’s belly. But there was no reaction. 

Since {Troll} wore armor, its movement was slowed down. 

In exchange for defense. {Troll} abandoned its speed.

“I won.”

Shura was convinced.  

However, that conviction was soon changed by the growth of thorns from the attacked soil mass.

“Soil blade?!”

An automatic counterattack system was set at the moment of being attacked, that moved the soil around the attacked area with a Blue Mana, gathered it, grew thorns, and counterattacked. Since {Troll} didn’t to gather the soil from scratch, the speed of that counterattack was beyond the level at which Shura could react.

Shura was attacked by a thorn on her flank. However, the wounds recovered instantly with White Mana. She landed right in front of {Troll}.

“[Repeating this is a pain. It doesn’t completely prevent your attack. It consumes a lot of Mana … but,]”

{Troll} knew that Shura’s White Mana, was about to run out.

“I’m the one who will run out of Mana first, is it?”

“[That’s right. Why don’t we slow down the pace once? At this rate, you will lose] “

Shura sneered at {Troll}’s suggestion and put out her tongue.

Beh―― I don’t want to.”

Shura wore white mana over her whole body and charged forward.

Her right fist exploded on {Troll}’s belly. Thorns made from soil bounced off at the same time. 

Shura didn’t stop even if the thorns pierced her shoulder or thighs and kept hitting repeatedly.

“[Stop your meaningless…]”

“Uuuuuuuuuuuuu Oooooooooooooo!!!!”

Hit, kick, hit, kick.

Each time, the counterattacks of the thorns hurt her body.

The place that Shura protected was the brain and heart. Other than that, she didn’t care, after all it would heal soon.

(It hurts ―― hurts, hurts, hurts, hurts, huuurrrrttts!!!!)

Even so, Shura still continued to attack. All of it was for one chance ――

{Troll} was fighting back by collecting the soil around the attacked part, but the time for {Troll} to lose its armor would come if she kept attacking the same area continuously. 

She bet on that one chance.

That was why Shura didn’t pause. She was aiming for a momentary gap…

“[So persistent …!]”

The armor started peeling off.

{Troll}’s hair disappeared, and the chance that Shura was aiming for came. Its bosom had no more soil obstruction.


“Here it is, Aaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!”

Shura tried to accumulate all of her Mana on one point but,

“It’s a, lie right? Why now ――!”

The white armor became dust.

―― The limit of her Mana had come.

{Troll} slapped Shura who had stopped in the air. Her back struck against a large tree outside the flattened area and she was spitting up blood. The wound would not heal anymore.

“[Huh… huft…! It was dangerous. It was unexpected for you to last this long. But I could see the result. Your Mana is exhausted as I expected. I still have a little Mana left. This battle, is my ――] “

“It’s ‘me’ who loses――But it’s ‘Our’ Win! “

“My Mana is only as much as dust now. Yours is almost gone. But there’s one more person…… left with full mana.”

Shura pointed to the shining sun.

“[Bluffing, is an unsightly act]”

“Five seconds left.”

{Troll} swung its fist down…

Shura made a big leap with the last little Red Mana on her feet and felt the heat of the sun directly on her neck.

“[Stop struggling….]”.

{Troll} glared at Shura.

” ―― It’s the ‘Time limit’.”

At that moment, the brown-haired Shura disappeared.


Next up was a girl with golden hair.

The girl pulled out her cane and made the black jewels at the end shine.

“[The appearance has changed …? ―― Well, it doesn’t matter!!!] “

{Troll} pulled his left arm back, preparing to attack.

The blonde magician didn’t show any impatience and indifferently looked down at {Troll}.

” ―― ‘Fireball’ “

A mass of crimson was formed behind the blonde magician, Ash.

The mass of flame, it was bigger than {Troll}’s fist.

But, that was not the end.

Black Mana was coming out from the cane.

“Coloring, ‘Black’ ―― Black Flame Magic Technique, ‘Roiro Homura’ ” [TN: The kanji use for Black in here is actually Black for lacquering, and the kanji for roiro is the Black lacquer, so the technique if were to roughly put it in English, ‘Jet-Black Flame’]

The mass of flame covered in Black Mana.

{Troll} who had launched its hand, tried to withdraw it in front of a foreign Mana, but it was too late.

“[What?! That Mana is ――] “

“You bullied my sister… I won’t forgive you!!!”

{Troll}’s fist collided with the black ball which looked like a black-colored sun from {Troll}’s eyes.


The part that touched the Black Mana immediately becomes dust.

‘Roiro Homura’ released by Ash was a three-color Fire Magic Technique that combined three different Mana. Its power far exceeds the power of normal two-color Fire Magic Technique.

Still, if there was Mana left in {Troll}, it might make an armor to defend against it or avoid it. But {Troll} already couldn’t afford to block or dodge it. {Troll} was too exhausted in the battle with Shura.

“[In a place like this, I…! {Corpse Emperor}-sama, please… my corpse ――!!!] “

―― It was absolutely inevitable. The Black Flame ruthlessly burned {Troll} from the chest up.

Ash fell from the sky into the ground and her hips hit the ground hard.

Numbing pain ran all over her body.

“Uhu… my sister’s an idiot. I, am not good at handling Red Mana… I couldn’t land passively if dropped from such a height…”

Ash shed tears while rubbing her hips.

Ash couldn’t move from the spot for a while due to back pain.

{Troll} ―― Defeated.

Taikutsu-girai no Fuuin Jutsushi ch 22

2 chapter with this style… do you you its better?

Yeah, I this is is better… I’ll change the old ch slowly to this style….

22. A New Sealing Technique

A talisman with a pentagonal character stamp on it.

When I touch that talisman, my Mana gets disturbed and absorbed.

――Mana Sealing.

The conditions required for sealing something are “knowing the other party’s name”, “putting a character stamp on the other party”, and “the other party’s Mana is lower than yours”.

However, these conditions are necessary to seal a creature as a whole or an object.

Then, what if I divide the target into smaller pieces?

Something like the soul?

Or only the body?

Or the Mana?

If the target is narrowed down, the conditions required for sealing may be reduced accordingly, right?

But my Mana is unconditionally disturbed and absorbed. Perhaps there are no requirements to seal the Mana. 

If I were to mention one, perhaps the other person must touch the pentagonal character stamp. Ah, also, only those that do not have Mana can be marked.

So, dominate and seal the target’s Mana…

What is different from normal sealing is the ratio of Mana that is being put in.

Sealing Technique is a technique that is activated by putting Yellow Mana on the opponent. However, in reality, there is Mana that can be put in other than Yellow Mana. It’s Blue Mana, the Mana of Operation.

The Mana of operation is the Mana that manipulates Mana. And this Mana Sealing manipulates (absorbs) the opponent’s Mana and seals it with Yellow Mana. I guess, the theory would be something like this.

If so, I need to increase the ratio of Blue Mana compared to normal sealing. Perhaps, the ratio should be half and half?

I draw a pentagonal character stamp on the stones nearby with a brush. Then I pour the Yellow Mana from my right hand and Blue Mana from my left hand.

The first time, I failed.

The mark disappeared because it’s not correct. Next, I adjusted the ratio to 6 : 4 for blue and yellow.

The second time I failed. 

Next, blue and yellow are 4 : 6.

Third time, success. The character stamp glowed red. 

I touch it as a test, but only a small amount of Mana is being absorbed. If only this much, it’s not useful in battle.

Is the image I usually used when circulating Mana bad? 

I always imagine that the other person’s whole body is being tied up with a thread of Mana, but maybe it is not necessary to be the whole body?

A new image huh, hmm…

A hollow thread of Mana that flows from the character stamp. The tip of the thread should look like a needle. When the opponent is pierced with the needle, the opponent’s Mana is sucked and will flow inside the hollow thread into the character stamp.

――Alright, let’s go with this image.

I write a pentagonal character stamp on the stone and concentrate.

Thread ―― Needle ―― Absorb ―― Seal

The character stamp glowed red. 

I touch it as a test, and my Mana gets sucked at a speed that is not comparable to the previous one.

A great success. 

It took me only 15 minutes for this.

“Ignacio, Carrs. Lend me your weapon.”

Ignacio and Carrs, who were watching the sea, with a confused look entrusted me their weapons… a rapier and a long spear.

I returned the rapier and the blade of the long spear with a pentagonal character stamp. The rapier’s blade was slender, so I failed a couple of times.

Ignacio and Carrs tilt their heads at the inscription on their weapons.

“General. What is this?”

“It’s a character stamp that seals Mana. When it is pressed against the opponent, the Mana will be extracted from the opponent and sealed in the weapon. Even your normal attack that would normally be repelled with Mana, as long as that character stamp is attached to it, the opponent’s Mana will be scraped, and they will still receive damage. Even you who can’t use Mana can hurt them.”

“W, wow, that’s amazing …!”

“Hoooー! This is amazing! Then… hey, young lady, can we also participate?”

Shura and Frederica, who were on the lookout, return to the shade of the rock.

“Well, if so, I can count you as a force. Red, Blue and Green hair, you guys move in a trio. Three of you will be counted as one force.”


the ‘Ashura’ sisters,



and Frederica.

There are actually three Magicians and two Non-Magicians.

As for the Non-Magicians, they have weapons with a pentagonal character stamp

…With this, I guess we’ve finally reached a position that is not bad to called as a platoon.

“Alright, we somehow managed to prepare…”

When I tried to raise my hips,

Right at that moment,

BOOM!… The earth shook.

An earthquake?

――But, the sun’s light was cut off.

The rocky place where we are… No, the entire sandy shore, it is covered in the shadow of a humanoid figure.

I look up and become speechless.

A green giant with its arms and legs stretched out.

“Oi, oi, oiii?!”

A hard to dodge attack.

But, we didn’t get crushed by the giant.

――Because a small body kicked the giant’s belly.

“I told you not to look down on me!!”

{Troll} falls back to the ground and the forest is being crushed…

We go out from the shade of the rock.

Shura lands on the rock. Her small back looks extremely reliable.

“Leave this to me. You must kill or seal that bone guy!”

“Naturally, I’ll do my best ――let’s go! “


“I understand!”


Talismans containing a lion spear and <Lutta>

Dozens of pebbles with pentagonal character stamp.

And… two trump cards.

I carry only what I need and put the rest in a drawstring bag and leave it in the shade of a rock.

When we jumped out, Shura made a fist with her right hand and covered it with Red Mana.


While avoiding {Troll} we aim for the settlement.

Some small fry are in the way, trying to attack us.

I keep moving forward while killing them with my bare hands.

When we made a big detour around the forest, we came to a place with a flower field.

A place where flowers of various colors bloom. ‘That’ was there.

A monster that grows human arms from its whole body ――{Orobas}

” [O, Ohhh. It‘s, been a while …] “

Like a gatekeeper, he tried to stop us.

When I put a talisman between my fingers, Carrs stopped me.

“General, keep going. These guys, we’ll deal with them.”

“It would be better for all of us to work together to defeat this guy and then go to settlement together.”

When I say so, Frederica denies it.

“No, it is dangerous to leave the {Corpse Emperor} unchecked. Whether you defeat this monster or the giant you mentioned earlier, if the {Corpse Emperor} comes, the corpse might be reused, and the situation may return to the beginning.”

“……I see. If someone doesn’t stop him, the others will be brought back to life huh…Alright.”

I put the talisman back in my pants pocket.

“Goodbye, general! When this battle is over, we’ll have a campfire on the island!”

“You are… not nervous at all huh… Well, it’s nothing bad!”

Carrs and Ignacio pull out their weapons.

I leave them and start running.

“He can use wind magic! Be careful! “

I pass through the flower field and head for the settlement.

{Orobas} did not even look at me. It just let me go.

All I have to do now is go straight.

It’s about 20 minutes of running to the settlement.

The {Corpse Emperor}, ‘Reyes Rou Ampleur’…..

The old man sealed him,

But, he was probably resurrected due to the old man’s death.

In its heyday, the {Corpse Emperor} was a monster that could finally be sealed with two sealers ――

At times like this, it is normal for humans to be frightened, trembled, and shrunk.

But what happened? Ever since I jumped out to help Frederica ―― I couldn’t stop this noise in my chest. It keeps beating wildly.

There is a part of me that is enjoying this situation and this development.

Some Illustration of vol.1