Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 77

77. Chapter 77

After a gentle rite of passage, the group began to move to a magical silver mine called the Carorolia Vein. It took about two days, but for Walm, who was accustomed to marching, it was just like a nostalgic excursion. The Highserk soldiers who had already joined the garrison of the Carorolia Vein, made that nostalgic feeling stronger.

If outside forces were invited to the conflict between the lords of the Archipelago, a criticism couldn’t be escaped. In that respect, ironically, Highserk soldiers would be the right people. Since the empire ostensibly had been destroyed, the wandering former Highserk Empire soldiers were put in the mercenary unit, and dispatched like that.

It was unclear whether the wisdom from the Dalimarx family was spot on, but given the achievement of the Highserk Empire, which had shocked and overwhelmed international affairs, it could be said as good wisdom.

Walm who had been lost in the sea of thoughts, when the whole unit became sluggish, his consciousness was returned to the reality.

The physical strength of each soldier and others varied widely, and due to the unfamiliar handling of spears and fatigue due to their weight during the march, the formation seemed to be delayed.

In the first place, when it came to carrying a spear, supporting it with your shoulders while moving should be the basic among the basics. For the soldiers who were familiar with it, they would naturally adjust the angle of the spear even if the interval got narrowed, but unfamiliar soldiers would hit the spear against each other, ending with spears colliding with each other.

In fact, a spear was approaching Walm. He grabbed the wandering spear tip, and decided to be more careful.

“Don’t lose your grip too much. It may hit a person. Better to hold it with more angle.”

“Y-yes! I’m sorry.”

The young soldier obediently changed the angle of the spear, but over time it gradually collapsed.

Well, if you kept a spear on your shoulder for a long time, your shoulder might swell.

If you carried a spear on your back for a long time, your skin might become stiff due to repeated stimuli. You might be able to automatically stretch the magical barrier, which was made from mana, but it would be a ridiculous thing to ask from a boy.

An idea about holding the spear in the boy’s place came to mind for a moment, but it would be better to rely on others as little as possible on the battlefield, so Walm didn’t do that. In the battle, it was out of the question to leave your most loved thing to others. Even the three idiots often said that on a battlefield, you could let go of your lover’s hand anytime, but you should never let go of your weapon.

“It’s coming down again. If your shoulder hurts, put a piece of cloth on the friction point. It’ll help you maintain the position a little better.”

Walm always had a piece of cloth ready. After all, it had many uses. It could be used to prevent the sound of iron rubbing against each other, and also wrap food. But the greatest advantage of having it anytime was that it could be used as bandages when he himself or his companions got injured.

“Sorry, but I don’t have it.”

The boy shyly said.

When Walm left the countryside, he was taught about that by his uncle, who had experience in military service, but for someone who had no one to get advice from, of course, the boy wouldn’t have the knowledge.

Walm removed a piece of cloth from his magic bag.

“I’ll give you, so use it.”

“T-thank you very much. Hm? There’s something inside?”

It was unclear whether he was obedient or unable to tolerate the pain any longer, but the boy didn’t hesitate to accept it. The bags handed over were packed with beans.

“It’s dried beans. It’s a hassle to take out the contents. Eat with your friend.”

“Thank you very much!!”

“I’m sorry for troubling you, we even got some beans. Thank you.”

When the boys looked at each other, they tried to eat the beans with one hand, but they couldn’t bring them to their mouths well.

The other boy couldn’t carry the beans to his mouth because his other hand was holding the spear. As for the boy who was given directly by Walm, he stretched his hand to bring the beans to his mouth, but as he needed to match the walking speed with the rest, the weight of his spear made him lose his balance. It was like a comedy act.

Walm almost smile, but he held it up and said,

“Hey, the beans will fall. I’ll bring the spear for you guys.”

“No, we can’t trouble you any further.”

“I don’t want to be hit with a spear because you’re so desperate to eat beans.”

During the march, Walm put the halberd in the magic bag, and was empty except for the longsword that hung on his waist.

When Walm reached out for the boy, two spears were timidly presented. He clenched the spears and look down at them. Both were mass-produced products made in the same length. A simple straight spear, and the tip was reinforced with an iron plate so that it wouldn’t be cut off by a sword that easily.

It was hard material that would be fine even if swung with full force. And even if used to hit an enemy soldier from above the helmet, it would still give an impact on the head. Before Walm used the halberd, he often used a similar spear. It was damaged in a battle and discarded, but it truly was a spear that was easy to use even for hitting, piercing, or slashing. But even two iron spears, were lighter than the Walm’s halberd.

The boys seemed to have finished eating the beans while Walm was playing with the spear that awakened a distant memory. They were tilting a wooden water bottle now, but anything barely came out. It seemed that the contents had run out.

It would be troublesome to fall down due to dehydration before the war.

Walm sighed inwardly.

Since it turned like this, he couldn’t help but get involved.

“I’ll fill the contents, so give me the water bottle.”

The boy tilted his head at Walm’s low-voiced request, but obediently obeyed.

“Your body is still underdeveloped, you have less blood than adults. This time, it can’t be helped, but be more careful about distributing water to your body. You can’t always get drinking water.”

Walm’s former squad, including him, had two magic-user with water attributes and wasn’t troubled with water for drinking, but the other squads were struggling to secure water.

Sure they were always on the front line and had the chance for plundering goods, but because of the water, they were given a preferential treatment of supplies over other squads. However, when forming a position, it was kind of interesting because the position was replaced with a squad that had a magic-user with earth attributes.

After handing over the spear and receiving the water bottle, Walm consumed his mana and filled the water bottle. Unlike fire and wind, his water attribute was low in compatibility, even producing water for drink taking quite an amount of mana that was always not worth considering the amount he produced.

The bottle was filled to the limit, and pushed back to the boys.

“Don’t talk about it.”

Walm’s intention was conveyed without fail. The boy repeatedly nodded with just his neck. Walm reluctantly accepted his role as a water dispenser before bedtime and during meals, but he just consumed his energy during the march. If all the soldiers in the line were asking for water, Walm would be exhausted due to his inefficient water magic.

Looking at the tip of the spear that was swaying in front of him, he felt it was worth the effort, as it was no longer approaching him again, resulting in him being able to continue the march with peace of mind.

The twin moons were looking into the horizon and the night was about to come. The march reduced the soldiers’ physical strength, and no one seemed to be in high spirits.

Walm chose a sleeping place in the back area of what was supposed to be a camp. He took a one-handed battle axe out of the magic bag and cut down a short tree. It contained a lot of water than normal, but it was a trivial problem for Walm, who specialized in fire magic.

Turned the blade of the battle ax over and dig a hole in the ground with the sharpest edge. A dent tended to retain heat better than the flat ground and also served as a windbreak. The ground seemed to contain a small amount of water, but Walm quickly manifested fire to the vertically divided firewood he had stacked.

After several tens of seconds, the water disappeared, and when the firewood had finally ignited, the blue flame extended from the hollow. Walm put the rest of the firewood beside the bonfire. This way, moisture would go away naturally without using more fire magic.

A while later, Walm turned to firewood as he took off his armor. The fire was about to break in the middle of the night. He was wondering if he needed a little more wood and looking if there was another short tree, but a pair of soldiers were approaching.

“May I have some of your time?”

Walm blatantly had a reluctant expression on his face, but the boys braved themselves and kept approaching him. Perhaps it was because the sun had set, the surrounding was getting dark and the visibility was getting worse.

“It’s not enough for a thank you, but here’s some firewood.”

Since they were marching on a unit-by-units, collecting firewood was a competition. It seemed that the two boys were busy collecting before approaching Walm. Considering the effort, it might be better to obediently receive a gift called firewood.

“Firewood is more than welcome. Well, sit down.”

The boy soldiers sat around the fire.

“We apologize for the inconvenience during the march.”

“The dried beans, were delicious.”

“Don’t worry. I was too, saved in the past.”

Walm was also helped by the Squad Commander, the Three Idiots, and other squad members during his rookie era when he didn’t know right or left.

“Oh, right. I haven’t given my name. I’m Kuwen.”

A boy with short hair introduced himself. He looked like the energetic type.

“It’s Kalim”

Kalim had brown hair with some curls. Hearing his lazy way of speaking, made Walm feel that he might be a carefree person.

“I’m Walm”

After introducing himself, Walm prepared meals.

“I’m going to have a hotpot, how about it eating together? Do you have anything on hand?”

The boys took out beans, dried potatoes, and brilliantly colored mushrooms.

“Can it, be eaten…?”

It wasn’t a joke. Walm didn’t know. Also, if your stomach got angry during the march, you could be left behind.

The boys explained to Walm, who looked at the mushrooms suspiciously.

“It’s thick and delicious.”

“It looks poisonous, but I ate it in the village. It’s fine.”

In this world, sure there was a difference in the level, but some had Poison Resistance skills just that they were unaware of it.

Walm didn’t mean to doubt the boys’ behavior, but he was reluctant. The problem was that it would be put in the pot.

Should I ask them not to put those things in?

— Albeit scared of what the boys would put in the pot, Walm decided to trust his stomach and prepared for the worst.

Salt, cabbage, and sausage meat were taken out from the magic bag. When Walm begins to fill the pot with water, the two boys naturally started to prepare for cooking.

Cut the ingredients into small pieces with a dagger, stuck two Y-shaped branches to the ground, and passed a relatively straight branch over it. The preparation was completed much faster than doing it alone.

“The magic-user who shot the fireball during the training was, Walm-san, right?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

There, Walm guessed, that the boy must be the one who had fallen during the training, but once he tried to recall the memory, he was sure that it was the boy who was now sitting in front of him.

“Kuwen, you fell down at that time, right?”

The brown-haired boy told so as to tease.

“It can’t be helped. I’ve never seen magic, moreover, it exploded nearby.”

“Well, to be honest, I was about to fall too.”

The two continue to have a friendly conversation. Occasionally Walm joined, but the story was mostly about the two boys. Most of what Walm said was regarding the questions they had about the battlefield.

From the two, Walm felt that in addition to the heightened feelings for the first actual battle, there was the indescribable anxiety.

“It’s boiled”

“Yes, it’s boiled.”

“It’s time to enjoy the meal.”

The pot heated by the bonfire was finally boiled and the diffused smell stimulated the nasal cavity. Steam could be seen from the soup scooped up by the ladle.

After everyone got their portion, Walm ate the soup. There was still a suspicion of poisonous mushrooms, but the umami was well dissolved in the soup, and the mushrooms themselves were thick and satisfying to eat.

The other ingredients’ flavor was enriched. The cabbage and beans were also soaked in flavor. When the sausage meat got bit by the teeth, the meat juice overflowed after a slight elasticity.

Put the provided hard-baked bread into the soup, it was delicious. The boys had a strong appetite. Kuwen was struggling with the residual heat of the large number of ingredients thrown into his mouth, perhaps because he had sensitive tongue. As for Kalim, he continued to eat at a constant speed.

How long has it been since I have a meal with someone else like this?

Walm silently tasted the soup while being soaked in a sentimental atmosphere.

The conversation continued after the meal, but the two who consumed a lot of physical strength were drowsy. Walm took out the stone he put in the bonfire with a wooden stick and wrapped it in the cloth given during the march before giving it back to the boy.

In this world without disposable body warmers, Walm kept his body temperature by putting warm stones in his pocket. A nice partner who would accompany him spending the night. Such a thing worked really well before bedtime.

The two boys, who put the warm stone covered with a cloth on their abdomen, let go of their consciousness as if they fainted.

Walm also wore a cloak while entrusting himself to the heat of the warm stone. Slowly, he shrunk his limbs in the cloak.

Snores were rising everywhere in the camp.

It felt like a lie that they were going to the battlefield.

Exhaling a frosty breath while being watched by the fire. Then the night went on. After a long time, the sleep that had become completely worse after serving in the military chose to lurk in the shadows, and as it was, the consciousness slowly faded.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 76

76. Chapter 76

Residents of the Dalimarx territory, including Kopetsk city, were obliged to participate in group military training once a month. As the result, group operations remained at a higher level than Walm had envisioned.

“It’s more decent than I expected.”

A group of 100 people moved forward with a drum and the commander’s shout. They turned around and pushed their spears all at once. Based on the formation, this group could be counted as one unit.

It was good enough for a war-unaware soldier who had just been summoned. After all, they would be soon or later painted with human vomit and gastric juice. It reminded Walm of his first battle, a sour and bitter memory. He didn’t think of anything when he first stabbed an enemy soldier. Just that, not long after, the feeling of twisting people’s viscera through his spear, which resulted in the death of the enemy soldiers, rushed back to his mind and never left since then.

“Prepare the fireeee!”

Walm, who was on the sidelines, was shouted for work. Walm manipulated his mana, concentrated it on his palm, and embodied the fireball.

“Don’t hit the people”

Another regular soldier put pressure on Walm.

“I won’t”

“Ready, Shoot!!”

In response to the commander’s words, the fireball landed next to a small group. Of course, Walm had no intention of hitting. If he did that, it would be the start of his lonely battle with the people here.

By raising the “fireworks”, it was the start of the next training, the battle virgins’ eyes were nailed to Walm. To diminish their fear of magic, he was told to launch fireworks and entertain the group.

The blast that hit the eardrum and the hot air that rushed to the skin deprived the soldiers of their concentration. There was nothing wrong with their reaction, but due to the disorder of their legs and spear tip, the accompanying regular soldiers sent a fierce scolding and fist.

Since he would be operating separately from the infantry as a magic user, it wasn’t necessary for him to participate in that play. Walm was truly relieved. In his eyes, this was just like an amusement park, only fun. And Walm, was one of the welcoming employees.

Distracted by the blue flame, a young soldier, wasn’t an exaggeration to say that he was still a boy, stumbled. The regular soldier grabbed his chest and raised him up, then slapped him from the left and right.

“If you fall on the battlefield, you’re only waiting for death. Do you want to be crushed by hundreds of soles and have a pathetic death!? If you fail, the people around you will die! If you want to die, die alone!!! Keep your concentration!!”

“I-I’m very sorry!”

The young soldier with a swollen face raised his voice and returned to the formation. Walm once again shot a fireball at the location closest to the young soldiers.

The ground was dug up, the soil fell apart from the sky, and hot air fueled the group. The young soldier clenched his teeth and endured without falling. Rather, other soldiers who let their guard down thinking that the fireball wouldn’t land in close proximity were falling down one by one.

“It’s like bowling.”

The regular soldier spread his anger as the blood rushed to his brain.

The regular soldier looked as if he was about to die of indignation before the battle with the Meisenav family.

Seeing it, Walm murmured.

“Poor you”

The regular soldier was so desperate. The more the people collapsed in the training, the more they put their own lives at stake. Still, Walm didn’t feel sorry for the people who continued to train in a rush.

In a training, even if you failed at something, you would only be scolded harshly, but if you made a mistake on the battlefield, it might lead to your death. As an honor of the regular soldier desperately trying to attach claws and sharp horns to the flock of sheep, Walm offered to entertain him by shooting more blue fireworks without hesitation.

Kuwen, was born as the fourth son of a farmer. He had been living together with his parents for 15 years.

The parents’ house was a typical farmer, and if they filled their stomachs and paid taxes, they wouldn’t have any extra money left. His clothes and shoes were his older brothers’ clothes, but of course, those clothes were used while engaging in farm work, so they would deteriorate over time faster and were almost worn out completely due to repeated repairs.

Even if he had such complains, he was grateful to his parents for raising him and his brothers for taking care of him. Still. Kuwen wasn’t satisfied with the status quo in the family.

As time went by, the land of his parents would be inherited by the eldest son and the second son. It was just a tradition. Kuwen didn’t mean to complain there either.

There were few roads left for Kuwen as the fourth son. One would be to stay at the parents’ house as support. But, his brothers wouldn’t be unmarried for the rest of their lives. If they got a daughter-in-law and a child, Kuwen’s shoulders would become even narrower. He wouldn’t have any saying in the family.

The other would be the option to join a pioneer group that kept trying to open up the land of the Demon Territory and transform it into an area where people could live. To be clear, it would be a path of penance. Surviving the competition for survival with sporadic monsters, cutting trees, digging roots, and removing weeds and pebbles. Such would continue endlessly.

Even if he did that, it might not end with him having a successful life. There was no guarantee that the land would grow well, and although the size might be small, the cost of stationing adventurers and regular soldiers, and the funds for reclamation were debts to the former lord and must be repaid.

A powerful monster could destroy the pioneer team. His third brother had repeatedly told Kuwen about his hardships. The thing that gave hope to the troubled Kuwen was the war between the Dalimarx family and the Meizenav family.

A war. Of course, there would be a time when you must take someone’s life and someone might do the same to you. Still, this was the only way to break through the status quo. People with similar circumstances in the village and Kuwen responded to the draft. Given a copper plate instead of a promissory note, Kuwen was already a member of the military force, and the excuse of being a farmer wouldn’t work anymore.

Prewar trainings began abruptly. Kuwen was fortunate to line up with his friend of the same village, Kalim. In the village, Kalim was known as a my-pace and sloppy person. The hair was always left as it was without making it neat, before going out of the house.

Kuwen kept his pace. He was confident in his strength due to his experience in farming, but his arm holding the spear was screaming. Still, it wasn’t something he couldn’t do.

“We’ll somehow get used to this.”

Kuwen proudly said. His brown-haired friend agreed.


After that, he managed to change direction and pushed the spear with a shout. The spear cut through the sky and a wind noise remained in his ears. It was overwhelming. He had trained to swing a spear with more than a dozen people in a village, but a hundred people? Of course, it felt different.

Kuwen felt that his existence had become slightly powerful. He was in a good mood and tried to step out of his foot, but suddenly the ground exploded. The roaring sound shook the eardrum and the hot air stimulated the skin.

Kuwen couldn’t understand what happened.

The regular soldier leading the group raised his voice.

“Concentrate, don’t disturb the line!”

Kuwen realized that even the pillars of fire rising high were part of the training. He didn’t think that the training would be to this extent, but as his concentrated thoughts become distracted, he started to think more extra things.

Kuwen’s field of vision was reversed as his foot caught in a small dent. When he found out he had fallen, He heard Kalim speak unusually fast.

“Kuwen, stand up.”

His heart started to beat like a storm. Calming the confused brain, he picked up a training spear. The instructor approached fast from a gap in the group before he got up and completely grabbed his chest.

“Bastard, what are you doing?!”

When he noticed, a pain ran on both cheeks. Kuwen was unable to return from the crucible of turmoil, but the shout of the regular soldier was like a villain, ran through his eardrum and broke his leftover concentration.

“If you fall on the battlefield, you’re only waiting for death. Do you want to be crushed by hundreds of soles and have a pathetic death!? If you fail, the people around you will die! If you want to die, die alone!!! Keep your concentration!!”

“I-I’m very sorry!”

Even the heated atmosphere in the surrounding, felt cold.

“Are you OK?”

Worrying as a friend, Kuwen was asked.

Kuwen clenched his teeth and showed his determination.

“I won’t fail anymore”

Once again, the ground was scooped out by an explosion, and the soil that had been blown up in the sky poured down. It wasn’t something to be proud of, but he might have been underestimating the training too much.

Feeling the heat on his skin, Kuwen, who had regained his concentration, was shocked again. It was the same fireball as the first time, but it landed closer than before.

This time, four or five friends fell in a row. The angry regular soldier rushed and kindly gave his fist to them.

Kuwen turned his eyes to the magic-user who had scattered the blue flames. The armor on his body wasn’t those from the Archipelago. Kuwen glared at the former Highserk soldiers who recently had been talked about.

Despite the distance, Kuwen had a line of sight with the magic-user. He had golden eyes, or supposedly so, but it felt strangely dark and muddy.

Feeling a chill run through his spine, Kuwen looked away from the man. The man shot fireballs one after another and kept landing around the group. The optimistic atmosphere had now disappeared.

Then several people made mistakes, and each time the fist of a regular soldier had its fun and the number of people with swelled faces increased. Then the training ended with a sense of tension. Throw the now free limbs to the ground and opened the mouth asking for water like a dog.

Even training made his body run out of energy. Wondering what would happen in the real battle, Kuwen trembled.

“Let’s do our best”

The carefree friend said as usual. Thinking that he couldn’t show a weak behavior to Kalim, Kuwen replied with a tightened stomach.


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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 75

75. Chapter 75

A month had passed since Walm refused to drink alcohol, in the meantime, he devoted himself to training to restore his dull body.

As the rising sun was rising, he stretched the magical barrier and repeated the 《Strike》stance, then he ran through the outer edge of the city. The body without alcohol felt heavy, and it wasn’t easy to regain the movement before he dived into the muddy sea of alcohol.

Once finished the morning routine, he heated the well water with fire magic, and started to pour the warm water from the head. Sure, he had gotten used to cold water, but now since he started to regain his senses, he would of course choose warm water.

After bathing in the water, he opened the door of Gangut’s store, which had changed in his mind from a bar to a restaurant. Early in the day, the hustle and bustle of the night had calmed down like a lie.

“Good morning, Gangut-san”

“You always come to eat every day huh. Let me remind you, this place, is a bar.”

Gangut, complaining, set the pot on fire and was preparing food. This was also because Walm, who had been drinking from morning till night, no longer dropped money as often as before.

The dish offered today was a pie, potato, and bean soup, where cod and salmon were having a good time together. It didn’t take long for all of them to disappear and integrated with Walm’s body as calories. After finishing the meal, Gangut called him.

“It’s a bit savage to say this as a job fits you the most, but there is a place where you can get hired and pay well.”


It was hard for Walm to believe that such a strange job was out there, but at the same time, he was excited.

“It’s a battlefield. Lord Edgar is gathering soldiers. He has come all the way to the bar to recruit soldiers. Experienced military men and magic users are given preferential treatment.”

Hearing that, Walm was convinced. If it was a “social space” called a battlefield, no one would care much about your appearance and clothes. In that respect, Walm, who had military experience and magic, could be said met the recruitment criteria and could be put on the scene immediately.

“War, huh… who is the opponent?”

Obviously, it was a well-known fact that the “Three Big Countries” hadn’t had an external armed conflict for more than a few decades. First of all, the countries where war could be launched were limited. The risk would be too high, such as if the war between the Three Big Countries that had been reigning as hegemons, were to happen, other countries would be in one or another way got involved too, and it could be said that it would be the final war of humankind in motion.

“It’s Count Meisenav. He hasn’t been on good terms with the Lord of neighboring land, ruled by the Dalimarx Family, but it seems that the relationship has deteriorated at once since the magical silver mine on the demon territory was found and captured. Looks like the war between them is about to start soon.”

“As expected of being the owner of a bar, you sure know a lot.”

“I won’t make the food free even if you flatter me… I thought you’d jump in immediately, but you don’t look so enthusiastic.”

“Because, I got tired of war.”

Walm looked back on the days since he was drafted. Although he got payments that couldn’t be compared with local income, the welfare environment was poor. He slept together with the corpse, and danced in the deadly land every day to the point even he lost a sense of time, since he must be ready every time, even when sleeping. It was a lively workplace where people and monsters were killed as many as you could, regardless of morning or night.

“That’s a heavy story you have. Walm, you’re probably from Highserk, right? A lot of your friends are there. Isn’t it perfect for a reunion?”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t know a lot of things huh”

Gangut told Walm as if teasing him.

“For a year, going back and forth between your bar and my bed. Of course, I don’t know what’s been happening.”

“Thanks for your patronage, it was a good revenue. Should I dance as a thank you?”

“Stop it. My eyes will get hurt again.”

Who would like to see middle-aged dances? Not Walm. Especially if such had the potential to disturb the now calmed eyes.

“Well, let’s get back to the main story. The border area is said to be a buffer zone with the biggest Demon Territory, but in reality, one of the remnants of the Highserk Empire got the control of the area there, and has been holding the line against the Demon Territory since. Highserk people, who seem to be having difficulty mining and managing the magical silver mine alone, and Edgar, who wanted the underground resources, have decided to mine together.”

It was surprising that the remnants of the Highserk Empire were expanding there. After all, while watching the fall of the capital, Walm saw a considerable number of defeated soldiers.

Even when he fled to Kopetsk, the border city of the archipelago, Walm saw a decent number of the same kinds as him. However, most have come to terms with reality and found a new line of work, and the remaining few have fallen into prostitutes, beggars, slaves, and drunkards. Walm had been so corrupt until the other day that he had no right, nor the intention either, to blame them.

“So, some of the survivors were trying to rebuild at the border huh…”

“Do you feel like participating now?”

Walm went to think silently.

No decent job, and money would be needed to get a cure. And a battlefield should be a profitable place. Walm understood it.

Until now, there was a convenient reason called “patriotism”, he went to war for the homeland, but if he accepted the recruitment, it would mean that he participated in the war, just for money.

“You’re thinking it so much, how unexpected. I thought you were the type that kills people for fun. I mean, you beat a drunk adventurer to half-dead after all.”

“Really, what do you think I am?”

Certainly, Walm crushed the adventurer’s face with his elbows, shook the viscera with his palms, and was on the verge of slashing the man with 《Strike》. But that was a reflexive defense, and it wasn’t until the man pulled out his sword.

Gangut just raised his shoulder lightly and refused to answer.

Walm sighed. There was no choice. He could have chosen a profession that had nothing to do with war if he had a normal eye, but now there was an urgent need for money. The only way to make the most of the expertise he had acquired was to work on a battlefield. There is no purpose to declare it sublime, and the reality was that he had to jump into war for money. This was no different from the adventurers he had a prejudice for, or mercenaries.

Helping the former compatriots to regain their footing, and even though they would be from a different Front, to be able to stand side by side with another Highserk soldier, perhaps would be able to console his brain which couldn’t stop mocking himself for this past year. Albeit, it might be a disproportionate idea for his sense which had been drowning in alcohol.

“I’ll participate”

Even with a lot of messy and silly excuses, he was impressed with himself who lacked integrity and chose to participate.

“I see. Then, I’ll buy good meat for dinner so that you won’t have any regrets. Do you want some liquors too?”

“Thank you, but no. I’m afraid I won’t stop drinking until morning.”

Walm was amazed at Gangut, who made it sound as if it was the last dinner he would have. Still, he couldn’t help but think that the connection made in foreign lands wasn’t so bad, in fact, it was quite comfortable.

People who responded to the draft were gathered on a farm in the suburbs of the city. A number of ordinary soldiers, but most of them were militias, which were most likely the second and third sons of farmers who didn’t have the land to take over like Walm, and those who had trouble eating also participated.

Although they were enthusiastic about learning some martial art of spear, unlike the regular soldiers, their bodies were thin and the loose atmosphere made them feel like battle virgins.

Many had a young appearance that could only be described as a boy. Some bring their own armor, but most were rented dust-covered armor and spears found in the warehouse. The crowded reception line was long enough to feel like an eternity. Occasionally, a dull sound echoed from a distance.

While working hard to observe the people around him for killing time, finally the turn came.

It was a man who was supposed to be an old regular soldier who was handling the people. The man who ran his gaze from Walm’s feet to his head murmured.

“I think you have military experience.”

“Yeah, I was attending the service until recently.”

“Are you from Highserk?”

“That’s right”

Besides Walm, many Highserk people had run away from the homeland. Among them, some participated in the war to get food. The soldiers who had experienced combat looks were eye-catching, especially since they were mixed with ordinary people.

“More than half of them are inexperienced people. Still, even if they are strangers, we welcome them.”

It was about half flattery and half real intention. Even if Walm was on the side of the regular soldier, he would expect more soldiers from other countries than those amateur peoples of his own.

“What about magic and skills?”

“I can use fire, wind, and water attributes, but I can only use fire and wind in actual battles. And a skill… 《Strike》.”

The healing magician told him to refrain from using 《Demon Fire》. It now had become a skill that shouldn’t be used unless the situation forced it to. If used in a place where the operation wasn’t well known, a large number of soldiers would be involved. If most of them were regular experienced soldiers, it might not end that bad. But he would just burn his allies if he were mixed with militias who were mostly battle virgins.

“Three attributes and 《Strike》 huh. I’m not being skeptical, but I must confirm it.”

The soldier summoned a young soldier who might have been a subordinate.

“Heard him? Please check it.”

Rushed by a young soldier, Walm was taken to a vacant lot on the nearby farm. The surrounding area was filled with embankments, and like Walm, those who were taken out of the crowd were showing off their practical skills.

“Shoot magic over there. You only need to show the fire attribute.”

Traces of destruction were left on the designated embankments. The earth had been scooped out by various magic. Walm glared that the dull sound heard in the distance, thinking that the people in the magical test shot must be having fun.

It seemed that Walm was expected to use only fire attribute magic because it had more power in general. Fire magic was the most suitable power for creating a block, stopping an assault, and even a breakthrough

Walm refined his mana and aimed at the designated target. The user of the earth attribute magic politely formed a humanoid figure of a group of five with earth. When the blue fireball embodied at the tip of the hand landed, it scattered blue flames with hot air. The blast exploded the five soil masses. At the point of impact, it was as if the blue flame saying it had not enough.

“This is, amazing”

The young soldier said with excitement. Walm saw the swaying blue flame and exhaled a little. The former battlefield flashed in his mind as he saw the burning mass of soil.

“Are you okay?”

“Next is 《Strike》 “

The nimble magic-user recreated a humanoid figure with earth in front of Walm.

Stroked it with his hand and tapped it lightly. Not only did it was hard, but the hardness was close to that of a human, and was suitable for showing the cutting.

After removing the leather cover that covered the tip of the halberd, not long after Walm was in the opposite direction.

In the case of the human body, the soil mass that was cut off from the waist to the shoulder lost support and was pulled by the weight, returning to the ground.

“It’s enough”

The soldier, who raised his hand as if to surrender, took out the decorated silver plate from his bosom and presented it to Walm.

“What? Is this money?”

Walm glared at a kind of original coin that was coined as a currency in the territory. The palm-sized silver plate was bulky and didn’t look easy to use. A soldier laughed at Walm, who suspiciously distorted his face.

“I thought you were an experienced mercenary, but you don’t know it huh. It’s a silver plate that promises a reward. It’s worth it even if you melt it, but if you offer to exchange it after the war, you can get gold coins. There are several types available. However, the silver plate shows the highest treatment and compensation among the applicants. Let me tell you, but most of the mercenaries are getting copper plates, you know.”

For the time being, Walm felt fortunate to be highly evaluated. He then noticed something. That this might be their way to prevent those who might run away before the war with full advance payment.

“What if the Dalimarx family is destroyed in the war?”

“Don’t be so imprudent. It’s a battle over a magical silver mine. No matter how greedy the Meisenav family is, we won’t be destroyed. Maintaining the mine and buffer zones at the same time will only sound like a trouble for them. And if they dare to burn the urban area, most of the Central Region, which like to be a bystander, will have no choice but to move.”

Couldn’t understand the soldier’s explanation, the embarrassed Walm asked the soldier.

“So, the Meisenav family won’t burn rural and urban areas?”

The soldier opened his eyes. It was as if Walm was a monster or something scary.

“This is why the northern countries are said to be crazy about war… The only battlefield is around the magic silver mine that was recently claimed from the Demon Territory.”

Walm doubted his ears. The mission this time was purely to occupy the target, not to attack the rural and urban areas that could be the source of troops and supplies, or the source of the plan. It just sounded strange.

“Haha, I see”

Wonderful, really, wonderful. Wars in the Archipelago sounded more peaceful and intelligent. There was no defense battle where he would be required to bet his life even in sleep, no annihilation battle for the military and civilians, and no total war for the destruction of the nation. Walm was relieved of how easy the war would be.

Didn’t mean to be despicable, but if what he would do was just kill people with gold as a purpose like him, he could feel a little less guilty, and it wouldn’t worsen his muddy conscience. Of course, there might be exceptions, but no distinction could be made. Walm could only treat others as equally as possible.

“It’s a good country”

Walm leaked words from the bottom of his heart.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 74

74. Chapter 74

“You’re back? It seems like you’re okay now.”

Walm decided to change and made a big difference, but realistically, there were only a few places he could go. For the time being, he had abandoned the option of staying in his room from the morning.

“Thanks to you. I want water.”

Walm didn’t feel it when his brain was paralyzed by alcohol, but now he felt very thirsty.

“Water? Which one?”

Gangut expanded Walm’s drinking options without hesitation. It might be a natural suggestion, considering what he thought of Walm as a person in this past year.

What kind of person do you think I am?

“Just, water”

This time, in Walm’s words, the owner of the bar rounded his eyes as if he had witnessed a Wraith.

“Just water…? Are you still sick?”

Hearing Walm, who didn’t choose the alcoholic drink, Gangut couldn’t help but worry about him and had no choice but crack a joke.

“I’m going to stop drinking”

Walm managed to smile with a completely stiff facial muscle. Still, it was more appropriate that the expressionless cramped face.

“That’s, a serious illness.”

With a shocked face, Gangut extended his hand and disappeared into the kitchen. Not long after, he came back with a porcelain container. Transferred the content to a wooden cup, and Walm moistened his throat.

“Can I have some food?”

“It seems you don’t want just a side dish this time.”

Gangut went into the kitchen again. Back with dishes on the tray after enough time. Thick slices of bread, soup with turnips and beans, pickled shredded cabbage, and some intestines stuffed with meat made by crushing sheep meat. As for the seasoning, it was simply salt.

Walm steadily carried the food to his mouth, and chewed it before sending it to his stomach. It had been a while since he had a proper meal. His stomach began a painful protest against a non-alcohol visitor. Even so, Walm, who had finished eating, drank a sip or two of water.

Gangut was on the side like a waiter.

“It’s so empty in the morning”

“Of course. You’re the only customer who came to drink from the morning.”

“Hey, Gangut-san”

“What happened? You’re giving me creeps.”

Gangut squinted and looked suspiciously at Walm.

“Is there a job that makes money?”

In this foreign city, Walm had very few acquaintances. Among them, it was only this bar owner who he could consult to.

“Are you really asking me…? Well, umm… At the time of the Great Outbreak, there was an increase in soldiers due to the need for strengthening the border, but now the people in the buffer zone are suppressing it. A while ago, there was this rumor about adding personnel for the magical silver mine, which was a hot topic, but there is no recruitment of workers. I guess it leaves you, adventurer?”

“I hate adventurers”

Walm said it bluntly. There were no good memories of adventurers in Walm. The adventurers who became the only acquaintances after dancing together in the deadly line were also decaying at Dandurg Castle.

“You should keep it moderate. Most of the shops are run by adventurers. I’m also a former adventurer, you know?”

Walm didn’t know that Gangut was a former adventurer.

“I’m sorry… Is there anything else?”

“Well, there is. But not a decent job.”

Gangut slowly ran his gaze from Walm’s toes to head.

Although Walm tried to fix his facial expression, his beard was “growing so lively”, and his hair was just cut by Walm himself. Although he was aware of it, it was surprising for him that he was looked at with so suspicious face.

“You’re so caring of your customers huh”

Walm jokingly raised a voice of protest.

Immediately Gangut stopped his mouth from opening. Didn’t mean that he accepted the protest, he just seemed to be thinking about something.

“…You, have really changed huh. Well, if I know some nice job, I’ll introduce you. For time being, I’ll bring you more food, so think it slowly.”

Among the Archipelago Countries, Viscount Edgar de Dalimarx, the head of the Dalimarx Family who kept the border with the Demon Territory, as well as the collapsed Highserk Empire, his angry voice echoed in the room.

“Don’t joke with me! First letter and already an ultimatum? From the beginning, they’ve never felt like negotiating with me!”

Edgar’s anger, which threw an open envelope on his desk, never subsided. The content was to blame the Dalimarx Family and one of the remnants of the former Highserk Empire, who joined to scrape off the Demon Territory, as unjust and urge to transfer the right of the land they reclaimed.

“It’s the responsibility of the human race to scrape off the Demon Territory. And you tell me, that what I’m doing is unjust? Isn’t it the land where the Meisenav Family’s forces have challenged in the past and failed? We’ve already made a camp there and even the digging has started”

There was a river extending from the Demon Territory in the Meisenav territory, and sand-like finely divided magical silver could be collected from that river. The origin was said to be a magical silver mine located upstream, and it was the reason the Meisenav Family was eager to capture that part of the Demon Territory. Even so, it was blocked by powerful monsters and they decided to rout.

It was the Great Outbreak that struck humankind that changed the situation. A year ago, when the mastermind, the ruined Ferrius, changed the habitat of those monsters, while the remnants of Highserk soldiers did their best to hold down mine, Edgar proposed to dig the magical silver together…

Some people in the house were dazzled by the magical silver, and many wanted to eliminate the Highserk soldiers and operated the mine alone, but Edgar shut down those opinions.

Despite losing most of the territory, the spirit of Highserk soldiers who kept the former southern border, Highserk Southern Front, from the brink was indeed unusual. Even though they were only about on a scale of 1,500 people, there was a risk of suffering enormous damage to whoever dared to attack them.

After some twists and turns, Edgar funded the troops and managed to reach the Mithril mine with the unsung neighbor. It was unforgivable that now when the time to taste the fruit of labor came, an unrelated force wanted to take it.

Neither Dalimarx nor Highserk took over the past expedition route. They arrived at the magic silver mine in their own way. Completely, it was an excessive allegation.

There had been a lot of harassment since ancient times, but direct combat had been always refrained. But this letter, was an ultimatum, for sure it was sent while soldiers were gathered to be ready at any time.

From ancient times, all ages and countries, were crazy about magical silver that could produce enormous profits.

In order to maintain the mine, it was necessary to maintain a powerful military force as well as the provision of the miner. It was true that surplus treasures would ruin you, and some did an obvious act of aggression. Although they hung down their head and begged for mercy, it wouldn’t change the clear choice of Lord Edgar.

“They’ve already gathered soldiers, and the scale is well over 6,000.”

“It seems, they’ve also hired mercenaries and two well-known adventurers.”

Edgar confirmed the current situation in the report of his vassals. The Meisenav Family was superior in both territory size and title. The number of soldiers that the Dalimarx Family could prepare was only about 2,500, even if all were summoned.

The good news was that the Highserk side responded that it would send 500 people as volunteers to defend the mine. Highserk couldn’t send any more soldiers as they need to devote most of their forces to maintain the line of defense with their former territory which had turned into the Demon Territory.

“It seems opening the battlefield is the only choice.”

Whether a war or forced submission happened, the movement of people in the Central Region had always been sluggish, unless some development like robbery or revolt in urban areas happened. Most of the battle was over the sovereignty of the land, and instigated by Families like the Meisenav Family which endeavor for money and contribution. Edgar didn’t hope for the Central Region to turn into a place where arbitration by money happened everywhere.

“Lord, we should definitely refuse!”

“Count Meisenav is afraid of getting overtaken by us financially, since we got the magic silver mine. That’s why they’re taking this ridiculous move.”

If Edgar rode Meisenav Family’s suggestion and showed an obedient attitude, he might still get a profit of about 10%. However, in that case, the recovery of the large amount of initial investment invested would become uncertain, and the co-administrator of the mine, Highserk soldiers would definitely resist.

The Northern Countries were once considered second-class nations, but they were different when it came to war. Edgar experienced the strength of Highserk soldiers throughout the year. If he turned them into an enemy, he would lose more or the same than the number of soldiers, and there would be not enough people in the containment role for the Demon Territory.

If he showed weakness, he would be abandoned by the vassals. He wasn’t as pacifist as letting go of the magical silver mine that he hard-working got.

Edgar, who set his teeth, stood up quietly, but declared his anger without hiding any.

“It’s a war!! Start summoning soldiers. Don’t spare any money. Let the greedy Meisenav Family see the result of their action with their own eyes.”

“Let’s do it!!”

“I’ll discipline the greedy Meisenav with my sword.”

After receiving a reliable response from his vassals, Edgar once again resolved himself. The Great Outbreak had shown him the calm, but he still didn’t know the disturbance caused by it.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 73

73. Chapter 73

Walm was in a corner of the bar from the morning and was drinking alcohol. Until he was intoxicated, he filled his stomach with alcohol and ate barely enough to keep himself alive.

It had already been repeated every day for a year. The mind and body slowly rot since then. While he was drinking, he obscured reality, self-loathed himself, and colored the abominable memories of his homeland in a muddy color. Walm’s target for salvation wasn’t a bystander such as God, but only liquor and cigarettes that would keep his consciousness stunned.

Liquor bottles were lined up on the table. He suddenly wondered how many he had emptied. He felt uncomfortable as his eyebrows knitted and his eyelids were shaking, but instead of stopping, it turned into pain.

“Uh, urrgghh, aAHH”

Eventually, he suffered from burning pain in both eyes.

“a, AHH, my eyes, aAHH”

The edge of the desk that was being squeezed squeaked, and the breath went violently. The unbearable pain that the eyeballs felt was as if a heated five-inch nail coming in, and the severe pain awakened the memory of the past. The same pain as something that had been experienced in the past. It was in the memory of the abominable event at Dandurg Castle. The tragedy of the “Great Outbreak” that had been being kept deep inside the brain rushed into mind.

“Hoi, are you okay?”

Because it was still morning, there was no sign of other guests, and Gangut, the owner who rushed out of the kitchen, called out.

“No, problem”

Walm tried to act tough, but Gangut denied it.

“No matter how I look at it, you don’t seem okay. Do your eyes hurt?”

Gangut looked into Walm’s eyes, and sighed. The pupils reflected in the glass were narrowed vertically like what Walm had seen on the battlefield of the past, and swayed freely like its own living thing.

“Y-you should go to the church’s treatment center right now and see a healing magician.”

Gangut told Walm in a sorry tone. It had been a year since Walm had been with him, but Walm could see that Gangut took good care of him, and this time too, it was a piece of advice said with good intention.

“Ye, ah, I understand. Where is, the place?”

Walm’s range of activity had been small for the past year, he had only traveled to a small rental room for spending the night, a general store for buying daily necessities, and a bar for drinking alcohol. He didn’t know the location of the clinic.

“It’s on the main street. You can see it when you head to the center of the city. It’s a building with a noticeable blue stained glass.”

“Thank, you”

Stepped forward in a fluctuating field of view. The aged floor creaked slightly.

“Are you okay going alone?”

“I’m not a kid. I can go to a hospi… a treatment center alone.”

Walm made a long joke, and when he smiled lightly, the owner’s face cramped. Perhaps he looked scary from the owner’s perspective.

When Walm pushed the door open, the annoying but dazzling sun welcomed him. He wondered when was the last time he walked on the main street in the daytime, he tried to search in his memories, but nothing was found.

The eyeball rejected the dazzling sun, as if he had become a vampire. Passersby were avoiding the undead-like footsteps of Walm. Seeing the people being so considerate with the sick, Walm laughed at himself.

“Haha, so, far”

The road he needed to pass, which was less than a kilometer, felt like the Great Wall of China. Occasionally, he leaned himself on the fence of private houses while calming his turbulent breathing.

As the bar owner Gangut said, the treatment center was easy to distinguish even from a distance. The building was based on white, and blue stained glass was used abundantly to let in the sunlight.

It was a building that normally Walm wouldn’t even approach, unless there was intermittent eye pain like right now. There were unrelated graveyards and statues of those who failed to fight their wounds.

Dived through the fancy gates and pushed the doors of the building.

Stained glass was stretched around the dome shape ceiling. If someone came to purely just appreciating the building, some would let out an amazed voice by now. However, the current Walm felt that it was nothing more than a lighting fixture with an unsightly light.

A young woman was sitting over the counter. She must be the receptionist. Surely, better than a dirty middle-aged man for the eyes.

“What happened?”

The lady at the reception asked Walm.

“My eyes hurt”

Walm dragged his leg and turned his eyes to the woman.

“Hii, ah…”

The receptionist took a breath.

“E-eyes, is it. Wait, I’ll check the schedule now.”

The receptionist girl disappeared into the back.

Walm sat deep in a chair and rested his back. The pain increased without any sign of getting better.

“Fuu, huu, huff”

Disorder breathing. Walm hurriedly stopped trying to reach for the flask on his waist. He was trying not to rely on the alcohol that he had relied on until now. He understood that alcohol wasn’t a real panacea.

“Please, go there.”

While receiving the eyes of the receptionist on his back, Walm stepped into the guided room.

Old books, bottled specimens, herbs, and liquids of unknown use were lined up in the room. In the meantime, the healing magician was sitting.

“Sit there. Your eyes, seem like it’s burning.”

Walm sat down in the chair pointed to and replied.

“Yeah, it hurts, as if, about, to melt.”

“I see, let me check.”

The leaning healing magician looked into his eyes. The skin with slacks and wrinkles was according to age. The healing magician squeezed out the words with a slightly quivering voice.

“No way, is this the evil eye? What did you do? Really.”

There was no need to hide it now. So, Walm answered honestly.

“During the war, I lost both eyes. And the eyes of the Ogre Lord were transplanted.”

“The eyes of the Ogre Lord? What a ridiculous story”

The stunned healing magician, who suddenly went silent as if she had lost her words, began to ponder.

“First of all, it’s impossible to be alive. Does it really compatible?… I still can’t believe these bloodshot eyes, the mana and fresh blood that flow out of them are compatible. You should’ve died on a day of rejection. But for your body to get used to it…”

The healing magician sneaked into the sea of ​​thought and never returned.

Walm, who was tired of waiting, sought a conclusion.

“So, could you cure it?”

“Me? Curing it? It’s, impossible.”

Expected to get a long answer, but the healing magician declared in short that treatment would be impossible for her. A second opinion might be needed, but unfortunately, there were no other healing magicians.

Walm looked at the healing magician, revealing his distrust.

“Ca-calm down. I mean, my skill can’t do it. What happened to the healing magician who transplanted those evil eyes?”

The healing magician, who transplanted the eyes, was dead in Dandurg Castle. She was no longer in the world, she crossed the other side once she was invited to the Netherworld. That was all Walm knew.

“She, died in the war.”

That was more than enough words. Feeling disheartened, the healing magician sighed a little.

“War, is it? I want to meet a healing magician who managed to transplant the evil eye, but she already left this world, huh?”

The healing magician made a hand prayer.

“If that person here, the symptoms could be suppressed, and maybe an adjustment to even perfectly fit those eyes to you could be achieved…”

“So, there’s no other way to do it huh.”

“I don’t want you to jump to the conclusion in a hurry… Let me tell you, I’ve healed many people to the extent that many called me a veteran.”

It seemed that the healing magician wanted to oppose Walm’s words of acceptance which mixed with self-ridicule.

“…Let me ask. How much money do you have?”

Even in this world, no one could live without money. Walm understood that. So, when he left Dandurg Castle and Highserk Empire’s territory, he recovered supplies and valuables from those who no longer needed them. Walm took a bag full of coins from the magic bag and spread it on his desk.

“Surprisingly, I’ve quite some.”

After counting gold coins and magic silver coins, the healing magician left her seat and opened the tightly locked shelves. Only suspicious items were packed inside, and there was a bottle of liquid that looked so muddy like a poisonous swamp and even an ointment that gave off a luster in seven colors

“Umm, where did I put it… Ah, this is it.”

The healing magician took out a bottle filled with red liquid.

“What is that?”

“It’s an eye medicine. It won’t neutralize Hydra’s poison, but it can neutralize most poisons and heal even minor defects. It’s a genuine product with the approval of The Great Forest Alliance.”

“How much?”

“About this much.”

The healing Magician took an amount of money that Walm could use to drink for about 20 years. In one go, that many coins were taken.

“It’s a joke, right?”

“I don’t want to take advantage of you. In fact, I’m giving away a discounted price, since I feel bad for you, a person with the problematic evil eye who the healing magician responsible for it had died. In other cities, this coin bag would be taken too…”

“…Trust me. It’ll get rid of the pain.”

The healing magician divided it into small bottles and instilled the liquid into Walm’s eyes. The burning pain that plagued Walm faded out like a lie.

“To be honest, I was skeptical.”

It might be a side effect, but the muddy sea of thoughts also cleared, albeit a bit.

“It’s a drug made by an elf. Of course, it works like a wonder. The problem is that this isn’t a 100% cure for it.”

“This world, isn’t it so convenient…”

“Once a week, you will have to use this eye medicine. This much will last for about a year, but if your symptoms worsen, it will be even shorter. Consuming too much mana will put a strain on your eyes. Please refrain from using it.”

“How much?”

“… Since you asked, it seems you have some need for it. I don’t know if you’re a mercenary or an adventurer, but the high-ranking magic and skill can worsen the condition. There may be a time when you using it is unavoidable, but, Be prepared when you use it too much.”

“Yeah, I’ll keep that in mind.”

Walm, who became a defeated soldier and fell into the life of a drunkard, had no need of a wide-range attack such as 《Demon Fire》. Using such a big attack here, would turn many citizens to dust. No benefit he would gain for doing it.

“Is there any other way to heal it completely?”

“The Great Forest Alliance of the Three Big Countries may have more effective medicines, but the ones in that country are extremely low in distribution. You won’t be able to get them in this city. But—”

“What’s wrong?”

“There are miraculous items known as the Three Hidden Treasures of Healing. All defects and diseases can be cured, but even the royal family and the great aristocrats cannot get it. The “Crimson Grass” appeared inside the deep layer of a labyrinth in the Labyrinth City. An “Elixir” made by the elf from refining the world tree sap. A miracle drug called “Water of Life” whose producer and origin are unknown. All of them are supreme items that are effective against all diseases and heal even defects. All of them are hard to get. Asking for it would be pointless.”

“I see”

All sounded like a mythical item that only appeared in a story Walm had ever read.

In reality, maintaining the present situation would be the best, but one year’s worth of eye medicine already consumed most of the money. If Walm didn’t get something equivalent to eye medicine, the light would be lost again from his eyes.

“Let me give you another piece of advice as a healing magician. I also like alcohol, but you’re just overkill. Your body odor is the alcohol itself. Please keep it moderate.”

“Rest assured, my time for drinking has gone now. Thank you for the examination.”

Walm left the room with a small laugh. The receptionist was watching him from a long distance. When he bowed a little, the receptionist replied with a cramped smile.

“Please take good care of yourself”

Ironically, he could see the surroundings now after being hit by the reality that he had an incurable disease. He could see a bluish light shining through the stained glass into the room.

The fog in his cloudy consciousness was blown away by the medicine. After losing his homeland, he lived a self-deprecating life. More than enough. There was no doubt that this would be the last opportunity. Now, he needed to think seriously about how he should live in the future.

It was really ironic. What moved Walm, who was drowned in alcohol and cigarettes, wasn’t the pleasant things such as love, friendship, and homeland, but the unbearable pain of the evil eye.

As usual, he felt nauseating with his frivolousness.

The sun shone brightly outside, and people were everywhere on the streets.

“It’s so bright.”

It was safe to say that Walm was good at doing his assigned duties and jobs due to his original personality and military life. Even if it was a difficult task, he could bring himself to concentrate on it.

On the other hand, when told to live freely, Walm would feel like he just got crippled. Now, he had to abandon his decadent life and move forward even if he didn’t like it.

Looking at one spot, an old memorial monument stood out.

It was a statue of a soldier and a demon piercing each other, praising a soldier who was once killed in the attempt of the archipelago’s shaving of the Demon Territory.

Schistostega was growing in clusters, probably because the statue hadn’t been maintained for a while.

Walm took out the flask, and shook it to check the contents. When he opened the lid, a thick liquor smells drifted into the air, irritating his nasal passages.

“To an unnamed ancestor, it’s my offering.”

The contents were dripping into the silent statue. It was a farewell to show a kind of determination. That, alcohol wouldn’t be needed for a while.

After sprinkling all of the contents, Walm quietly started walking.

TN: Schistostega, also called luminous moss, is known for its glowing appearance in darkness.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 72

72. Chapter 72

Walm grabbed the sword in a haziness. But he knew that, in front of him, an enemy with a shimmering blade was screaming unbearably. His body reacted to a nostalgic sight as if trying to correct itself. Trampling the body of the enemy, who broke the fighting stance, he wanted to put an end to the shacking arms.

The tip of the sword tasted a human skin after a long time, tore the flesh, and was welcomed by overflowing fresh blood. A few centimeters more, blood would spurt out of the artery. It had experienced enough with the people of Liberitoa, Myard, and Ferrius.

“A, Aーah?”

But Walm stopped.

Wa…ar, yes, war… war

Sudden discomfort rushed to him. The words of the bar owner were lingering too much in his mind. It forcefully mobilized the blurry brain, which was heavy and didn’t want to move.


What was it… ah, “be more social”, huh…

A promise must be kept. Especially since the liquor that was offered, had filled the stomach. But, an enemy soldier was aiming for life. Enemy soldiers must be killed, couldn’t be overlooked. Giving too much pity would only lead to being the “old self”, and it would only hurt more to live in this world.

“Something, is wrong”

Something cloudy and invisible trying to cling to his mind. While turning the entwined brain, he arrived at the true nature of the sense of incongruity. Although it was a vague memory due to alcohol, Walm continued to fight on the battlefield as a soldier of the Highserk Empire. As a result, his comrades, family, neighbors, and nation… he lost everything he wanted to protect.

“eah… ‘ight. that’s, right. I, have, lost.”

Walm’s reason, who had escaped to alcohol, slowly returned to reality. The brain revived a memory he didn’t want to recall.

“Hu, ha, aha, ha​​… pa, thetic.”

The men who saw Walm’s bitter laugh made a noise. His brain, which was full of alcohol, was screaming.

“Please. Stop. We were stupid. Forgive us.”

“I will never do such a stupid thing again. I swear to God.”

God, huh…

Walm believed that if there was a God, that fucking bastard must hate him.

Trying to clear the cloudy mind, Walm squinted his eyes and carefully observed the man under his eyes.

“No, not these guys”

The fact that the war had been over.

The fact that he wasn’t a soldier anymore.

It struck him.

Yeah… I’m just, a pathetic defeated soldier, who failed to die…

Then, what are these guys?… Why is he pulling out a sword?

He turned the questions that came up to the adventurer who crawled under his eyes.

“Something, is wrong… You, pulled out a sword. Must be, Enemy, right?”

Walm stabbed something like a breastplate with the tip of his sword and urged the adventurer to answer.

Squeaking the teeth, the adventurer began to respond.

“I-it, it, it was just a fake threat. I-I wasn’t serious. I-I picked a fight but was ignored, so the blood rushed to my head.”

“Fight? A-ah, a fight, huh. Sometimes, you threaten others, by pulling out your sword, huh.”

On the battlefield, once you pulled out the sword and directed it to someone, it wouldn’t end until one died. That was the absolute practice in a crazy struggle.

“Forgive me, I’ll pay for bothering you, please don’t kill me.”

The adventurer spoke as fast as the mouth allowed. Walm turned his eyes to the fellow adventurers with a stunned face. He couldn’t feel the spirit of the soldiers who bore the prestige of the country, nor the bare instinct for survival. It was really just a bunch of stupid people who asked for a quarrel.

The bloody eyes subsided, and the alcohol began to dominate the brain again. In a word, it was a turn off.

Walm, who was pulled back to reality, received the money offered.

“Hah, don’t, get, involved, with me anymore.”

Put the sword in the magic bag, picked up the flask thrown on the side of the road, and checked the contents. It was unknown to Walm whether the contents were spilled or he drank it all until empty.

“Wait, I changed my mind”

The adventurers’ necks awkwardly moved the head at Walm, as if they were rusty metal dolls.

“You guys, got some drink?”

“A, aaa, yes, we have. Take as much as you like.”

Satisfied with the collected liquor bottles and the new flask, Walm returned home without looking at the adventurer again. A liquor bottle was brought directly to the mouth and the contents were poured, slowly mixing with the distilled liquor and wine in his stomach.

“Fu, uuuuhhh”

The throat was burning and the stomach welcomed the new alcohol. Blood pulsated. Thoughts that were about to become clear, became cloudy again. But this was fine, Walm didn’t need to work his brain again for today. His consciousness was only for alcohol.

There was no taste. However, if the body and mind were dominated by the feeling of drunkenness, it was more than enough. That was all Walm needed.

A soldier’s scream.

A compatriot, who had been chewed together with his armor by sharp teeth, weakly hit the monster’s body with a broken sword.

A militia, who volunteered to protect his family, exposed his viscera to the atmosphere while muttering the names of his wife and child.

Citizens seeking asylum were slaughtered in turn in a castle with no escape.

A monster approached from behind the infant. Walm shouted with all his might.


Right, it was useless. Everything was useless. Walm understood that clearly. After all, it was all over. The clock hands would never turn in reverse. Still, he couldn’t help screaming.

He couldn’t reach his comrades, the adventurers who once were his enemy, and those who seek salvation.

He couldn’t live up to the wish of the weak girl who showed her determination on the battlefield.

He couldn’t fulfill the promises he had made.

All he could do, was only stand by.

Hell… Perhaps it might sound cheap. Still, it was a word that would really fit this. The hell that should have been ended, was still going on in Walm.

From the mouth of the family who once saw him off when he was dispatched with a good luck, a curse word was spun with a groaning voice, and the bloody arms spread out to the fullest asking for a hug. He felt as if they were trying to celebrate his return, but also hungry for his living flesh. One thing that was certain, was that Walm smashed his parents’ skulls from under the chins.

The feeling that he could never forget, was like a curse.

The corrupt memories were rapidly breaking down. The muddy world slowly cleared.

When Walm opened his eyes, it was a dirty, muddy-looking room.

“Morning? It’s morning again, huh”

There was no furniture in the room other than the built-in shelves and beds. The armor that once shared the battlefield was now lonely covered with dust in one corner of the room, and the mask was hung from a window.

Walm tried to put the mask in the magic bag, but for some reason, he couldn’t put it in. Vibrated, again and again, it also refused to get dust with his armor. Feeling loss, he decided to hang it on a window with a panoramic view of the outside. Only by then, the mask stopped vibrating.

The mask trembled a little as the sun rose.

There was no day when Walm didn’t have a nightmare. Even if he woke up, the memory never disappeared. It had been a year, but he still remembered it as if it were yesterday.

The bed was littered with liquor bottles that had been abandoned, and the room was dominated by alcohol from the turned-over bottles.

Walm hated early morning. Despite the stomach packed with so much alcohol, just a short sleep completely awakened his body. He wasn’t sure whether to be happy with having a body with good metabolism or not. After all, if he got sober, the memories would be revived even if he didn’t like it.

The determination to move forward was never made, and the holes in the heart were never filled.

Going crazy with alcohol and cigarettes, he spent days as if waiting for time to erase his memory. To heal his hearts.

Goods and coins plundered from the corpses and abandoned supplies supported Walm’s laziness. The former owners who would have wanted to live, their wishes couldn’t be realized even after they gave such a reward.

Knowing that, Walm was self-loathing his useless self, which enjoyed the days of rotting. This lifestyle might continue until his death. There was no other choice in Walm. Other than slowly letting himself decay in this small room. There was no other salvation for him.

“Ah, uh, Uurrgghhh”

Sudden memory revival.

Walm quickly opened up the sealed liquor bottle with his quivering hands, and poured it into his oral cavity all at once. Alcohol ran around the body, paralyzing the brain. Even if you could pretend to be a crazy person with alcohol, didn’t mean you were completely crazy. Walm understood that. But nothing more he could’ve done.

“Ha… HAHA, ha”

Nothing was interesting or funny. But a laugh echoed in the room. A dry laugh. As if just trying to warm up the facial nerve.

Like it or not, another day to live started.

Looked outside. Somehow, the cloudless blue sky felt ominous.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 71

This is the start of Arc 2

71. Chapter 71

A year had passed since the man entered the bar. His carelessly stretched hair was tied, and his beard was unmaintained, making it difficult to infer his age.

Gangut, the owner of the bar, had seen various human beings for many years. An adventurer who seemed to have jumped out of a hero tale, to a waste of humanity that couldn’t be helped. If someone wanted to evaluate a person, he should be one of the best people to ask.

Smoked cigarettes and drank alcohol from morning till night. However, the man didn’t have a conversation with other guests, and even if he was invited by an amateur or an experienced prostitute, he refused. He always gulped alcohol with all his might, and the appearance of inhaling purple smoke into his lungs, was as if he wanted to die, but it seemed that his real purpose was to lose his sanity.

There was no doubt that the man had money. Gangut had made dozens of complaints about the man’s health, but he had never received a decent response, only vague remarks.

Even now, in the corner of the store, which had become a vip seat for the man, the man looked down and drank distilled liquor as if it was water. Originally, it should be taken in small quantities or mixed with something. While his throat was screaming as the liquid passed through, with a cigarette in the other hand, he was looking at the ceiling with his empty eyes.

Gangut’s store wasn’t a high-class store that aristocrats and powerful people would visit. It was for sure a popular store, where day laborers, citizens who wanted to enjoy temporary luxury once in a while, and adventurers who relied on their own skills to jump over between demon territories and battlefields, would gather. Naturally, there were no paintings or “skylights” on the ceiling that cost money. If there were any, only the stains of cigarettes and the remnants of the food thrown out by a fight.

Gangut occasionally scolded the man, for just consuming liquor and cigarettes. It had been a scene that had been on repeat for the past year, but today it was different. Even in a group of adventurers who got drunk, usually, there would be at least one person who would take of the drunkards, and that person was approaching the man.

“Why are you always drinking alone? Wanna join us?”

“Stop, and leave”

The man said without turning around.

“Drinking alone would make the liquor taste unpleasant.”

“Not, that bad.”

“… Is the liquor you drink without working every day delicious?”

“eah, that’s, right.”

At first, it was just a tease to a man who was immersed alone in a bar, but the adventurer’s anger swelled in the “don’t care” attitude of the man. Seeing the scene, Gangut held his head.

“You, you’re mocking me, aren’t you!?”

“I, am, not.”

Gangut, was a B-rank adventurer. He survived for half a lifetime in a place with the most labyrinths in the Archipelago, and was able to leave the labyrinth city and set up a store on the border of Kopetsk City. Given a myriad of adventurers scattered around for a new venture after retiring, his store could definitely be categorized as a success.

In the life of passing through the deadly line many times, it was inevitable that the intuition to feel the crisis became keen. It hadn’t changed even now after he retired and became the owner of a bar. And so, Gangut set out a rescue boat. He got out of the counter and cut in between the man and the adventurer.

“Don’t make a fuss in my store. I’ll serve you a glass of beer. So, Be quiet.”

“If Gangut-san says so… I understand.”

The adventurer returned to the seat, not trying to hide the unyielding attitude. Those who would quickly pick a fight and get blood in their heads couldn’t all be called bad guys. It was just how most of the adventurers would be, Gangut himself was an adventurer, so he could understand.


The man vaguely said so.

Gangut had no intention of saving the man. He thought of the man as a guest, and he only sent a rescue boat to the poor adventurer. But. even now, the stupid adventurer didn’t try to hide the anger, and just carefreely drank the beer. Really, a stupid adventurer.

“It’s nothing much. I’m much more grateful to have someone who patronized my store for one whole year. But, can’t you behave a little more social?”

“eah, you’re right… since, I’m indebted, to you. I’ll, try.”

The man’s eyes looked up, though they were supposed to be golden, they looked terribly muddy. 

At the moment, although Gangut had become weaker, his body sensed danger and made a stance.

“!… I’m glad I heard a good reply.”

Occasionally, the man’s muddy eyes could freeze the spine of a skilled adventurer, Gangut. The man was usually a good guest who paid for the drink and drank quietly, but for Gangut, who knew what he looked like before, he was a man who was hard to predict what he would do if stimulated in the wrong way.

None of the customers, who saw the first time the man visiting the store, whether they were afraid of him or not, they wouldn’t look down or tried to mess with him. Gangut still vividly remembered the first time the man visited his store. With a rich dead odor that seemed to stick forever, countless scratches on the armor, and the shacky muddy eyes, the man came. Gangut had a hard time to even letting out a word for him.

Gangut was sensitive to rumors. Since his store was a bar where people with various backgrounds would gather, various information came to his ear, regardless of the accuracy.

Considering the time when the man came, it was about the time of people talking about how “Flame Emperor Dragon” and “Great Ourbreak” had caused Ferrius and Highserk to collapse.

Based on the timing, Gangut concluded that the man must be a defeated soldier who survived the war between Highserk and The Four Country and also the Great Outbreak. He must be from one of the collapsed countries that decided to move to the Archipelago. In fact, to varying degrees, there were many drifters from the perished Highserk Empire.

It had been almost a year since Gangut was asked to introduce a place to rest and a general store. He was pushed into a corner of the store as if he were a dangerous drug dealer. While he was trying his best to hide his fear, he introduced the man to someplace. 

Now, the man’s dead odor was fading, and his fearful eyes were hiding behind the muddy color.

And yet. The stupid adventurer was trying to provoke the owner of the eyes and get into a fight. Gangut wasn’t interested in who would win or lose. Of course, if it ended with just a simple quarrel, that would be good―― but, if that muddy eye was awakened in the store, even giving a piece of advice and a glass of beer was a lot cheaper. Still, Gangut couldn’t help but resent the bad behavior of the adventurer.

“Here. Thanks, for the drink.”

The man politely greeted and walked out of the store after giving Gangut the money.

“Watch out for your steps. And, have a nice night.”

“Ya, ah”

The man who fluttered out of the store took out the flask from his waist bag and started drinking again. 

Gangut looked back at the approaching footsteps and sighed. The adventurers also tried to leave the store with a slight delay, as if they wanted to follow the man. It wasn’t just a coincidence.

“It’s outside the store… I wouldn’t stop you.”

Being read, the adventurers stopped for a moment.

“Fighting may be a part of the bar experience. Still, never use weapons. Hear me, just fight normally.”

The adventurers smiled stupidly, pushed through the saloon doors, and headed out of the store. The man’s residence was close to the insecure slum. It wasn’t a popular area.

“Stupid guys”

Gangut didn’t plan to stop them. Since they weren’t children, the owner of the bar wasn’t so caring about what might happen outside. Still, he prayed that the fragile-looking man had mercy and self-control.

The adventurer couldn’t get rid of the sour taste since this morning. Normally, an ordinary adventurer wouldn’t chase fights. But, the timing was bad. That’s all. This morning, a member of the party was seriously injured. Brawling wasn’t something strange for adventurers, so long as their life wasn’t taken. The adventurer drank so much to distract from it and called out to a lonely man.

Being looked down on wasn’t an option for an adventurer. If that happened, the adventurer won’t let it pass by. In addition to being a credit-related job, there might be a chance of being belittled and targeted by other adventurers.

The adventurer would forgive the man if he let being punched one or two times and apologized. In a thought circuit of a dull brain, there wasn’t enough reason to calm down the outburst of anger. The companions gave up at first, but now they were following to keep an eye on what would happen. If one of them was to go too far, they would have a reason to act as a stopper.

Shortly after, the adventurer caught up with the man. In the late-night like now, there were no figures on the road from the back alley to the slums. It was an unsafe area to the extent that stupid drunkards and vagrants were stripped of their belongings.

Even on the way home, the man was still pouring distilled liquor into his mouth, from a flask into his esophagus. The odor of rich alcohol irritated the adventurer’s nasal passages. The adventurer thought to be a better person than the crazy drinker and screamed at him.

“Oi! Bastard, what’s with your attitude?!”

The man replied lazily to the adventurer’s question.

“A, titude? I’m, always, like this.”

The man didn’t even look at the angry adventurer, and instead, he took out the second flask, and pour the liquid to fill his stomach. At that moment, the adventurer’s face was dyed red with anger and alcohol.

“If you’re too drunk, I’ll sober you up!!”

In anger beyond the boiling point, the adventurer kicked up the ground and jumped at the man. When the arm with the elbow folded was stretched, the fist would suck into the man’s chin. An adventurer who imagined a direct hit, didn’t get a satisfactory response.


The fist that should have felt human skin, could only feel the wind. At the moment, intense pain occurs in the abdomen, and the accumulated alcohol was exhaled together with gastric juice.

“Argh, uck, uuh”

The man didn’t seem interested in the adventurer who was bending to the front, and just kept tilting the flask. 

What had happened was simple. Just tilted his head to avoid the fist, and used the momentum of the adventurer to land an impact on the liver over the armor with his palm.

It wasn’t by chance. The adventurer who was accustomed to fighting realized that the man couldn’t be just a useless drinker. The counter he did couldn’t be done unless the angle, timing, and strength were aligned. The fact that the attack land on the liver, which was a vital point, and the ability to pass the attack through armor, made the adventurer feel like the man must be someone used to kill humans.

The man had great skill. It was hard to believe he was just a rotten man you could find in any bar. The adventurer knew that he was at disadvantage. Still, adventurers had pride. When looked down, it instead, stimulated the fighting spirit and anger.

“Fine, you’re asking this yourself!!”

The sourness left in the oral cavity was spit out together with spit, and the adventurer jumped into the man again. The adventurer put a feint on his face with the left hand, rearranging the legs, aiming at the man’s lower abdomen, and pulling out the right fist. But the man’s elbow was in the vision when the adventurer closed the gap. It banged the adventurer’s face.

The nose was broken and fresh blood dripped in the alley. In addition to dull pain, the adventurer’s nasal passages cause major bleeding, which makes it difficult to breathe only by mouth due to suffocation.

“Bas, taaaaarrrdd!!”

Even though they were facing each other, the focus of the man’s eyes wasn’t on the adventurer, as if saying that he wasn’t interested in the adventurer at all. It didn’t matter. Being an adventurer meant, you had some skill to back your life. It was a world where violence spoke louder. It was no exaggeration to say that an adventurer was a devotee of power.

But that was also the reason. Being treated as if a powerless person, a trash, was unacceptable. The man horribly still unwilling to let go of the flask and kept swallowing the contents. Contrary to the fierce adventurer, the fellow adventurers who were looking at the situation objectively felt chills on their spines. Because, they couldn’t predict what kind of action would the man take next.

“Stop it there. Let’s go back.”

“That’s enough”

“Stop that eye!! I’m telling you to stop. Don’t you understand?”

There was no reply and the man was busy tilting the contents of the flask. Something snapped in the adventurer.

“Stop looking down on me…”

The passionate adventurer put the hand around the waist and pulled the longsword out of the scabbard. Both monsters and people were equal in front of the sword, and the adventurer could stay alive thanks to it.

“Can you still look down on me now!! HAAH!?”

Fellow adventurers rushed to stop.

The adventurer didn’t plan to kill the man. Just wanted to see the rotten man’s terrified face.

“Calm down, your opponent is just a drunkard. A sword is too overkill.”

“Pulling out a sword in the city is too much”

“Shut up!! This is my pro―― “

The adventurer closed his mouth before he finished speaking. The viscera trembled, the nape was upright, and goosebumps run over the body as if to keep the sanity.

The air in the back alley, which should have been cold, felt hot.

“W-what. What is that?”

The mana that could be seen from a man who lacked emotions overflowed, and a strong sign of death was released. When noticed, a longsword that had been smeared with blood was held in the man’s hand. The experience as an adventurer screamed in the brain. The man wasn’t a false threat. As the eyes locked on the sticky blood, dismay was showing on the adventurer’s face.

The out-of-focus eyes caught the adventurer. Although it should be a pale golden iris, it looked terribly muddy. Not only that. The pupils were narrowed vertically like a monster.

There were a group of people that shouldn’t be touched. The adventurer noticed that the man was a person belonging to the group.

“A, ah, AAHHhh? War? Ah, yes, war. Enemy? Ah, yes, enemy.”

The man threw the flask, which he kept holding like a loved one and wouldn’t let go, to the ground. In a moment, the man’s body vanished into thin air. There was no doubt that the swaying blade which had mana kneaded into it was the skill, 《Strike》.

The adventurer reflexively stiffened and protected the vital points with the sword. Burning pain ran on the cheeks and hands. When the adventurer realized that the man would slash the dangerous-looking sword, the adventurer’s body fall down to the ground. 

Dead. The brain was screaming for such a danger, but the body didn’t react at all. It couldn’t. The torso was trampled, pushing out the air in the lungs.

“Hey, wait, stop. Stop.”

“Please. Don’t kill him!”

At the same time as the begging of the adventurer’s companions, the longsword was approaching the adventurer’s throat.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 70.5

This Glossary is up to what happened in arc 1, not just a list of character names, so it contains spoilers. The author didn’t write this, so you can just ignore this ch if you want.

I wrote this myself. So, there might be a mistake here and there. This is a pretty simple one, so it’s not detailed. Some may just the name. May update it in the future.

As for the status of the character, I based it on the implication of the last chapter that somewhat had any relation with that character. Also, as long as it hadn’t been confirmed in the WN, I’ll put “?” behind.

70.5 Chapter 70.5 – Glossary 1








Highserk Empire

Status : Alive
The Mc of the novel. Reincarnated in this new world as the 3rd son of a farmer family, and still remember his previous life. A member of Duwei Squad. After the battle in Sarajevo Fortress, he got the title “Knight” and assigned as the Escort Captain who should supervising Ayane and Maia. He then became a Wartime Battalion Commander in the defense of Dandurg Castle.
He has a cursed mask which can vibrate, the Demon Mask. And after he lost both of his eyes, the evil eyes of ogre lord were transplanted into him. So now also, Demon Eyes, which the side effect? of his vision is slightly lagged behind.
Attributes: Fire (High), Wind (High), Water (Very low)
Skill: 《Strike》,《Demon Fire》

Status : Dead?
The Squad Commander, in which Walm was belonged.
Skill: 《Strike》

Status : Dead?
Said to be a son of a merchant

Status : Dead?
A Magic User
Attributes: Fire and Water

Status : Dead?
The rookie of Duwei Squad

Status : Dead?
Another rookie of Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
One of the “three idiots” of the Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
One of the “three idiots” of the Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
One of the “three idiots” of the Duwei Squad

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander. The Platoon to which Duwei Squad belonged.

Status : Dead
A Battalion Commander. The Battalion to which Kozuru Platoon belonged.

Gerard Berger
Status : Dead?
A veteran called, “the war god” by Highserk people.

Status : Dead?
A Cavalry Battalion Commander.

Status : Alive?
A logistic officer.

Status : Alive?
A Company Commander. He then became a Wartime Brigade Commander in the defense of Dandurg Castle

Status : Alive?
A member of the Escort Unit under Walm. Said to have a Poison Resistance Skill.

Status : Alive?
A Platoon Commander. In the Dandurg Castle defense, he was under Walm and was then assigned as a Wartime Company Commander by Walm.

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander.

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander. In the Dandurg Castle defense, he was under Walm and was then assigned as a Wartime Company Commander by Walm.

Status : Dead
A Platoon Commander.

Liberitoa Trade Federation

Hugo Avans
Status : Alive
The Foreign Minister. The man who made a proposal of burning the forest.

Status : Alive
A Company Commander

Principality of Myard (Only Celta Territory)

Youth Myard
Status : Dead
A Grand Duke. The leader of Myard.

Rita Myard
Status : Alive
The daughter of Youth Myard. In a sense, she was once saved by Walm. She’s now the leader of Myard.

Status : Alive
The bodyguard of Rita Myard. He’s a veteran.

Status : Dead
An A-rank adventurer. The leader of his party. A sword user. He mainly use the wind magic 《Burst》
Attributes: Wind

Status : Dead
A member of Al’s party. She’s Al’s girlfriend. A bow user.
Skill: 《Strong Shoot》

Status : Dead?
A member of Al’s party. A great shield user.
Skill: 《Iron Wall》

Status : Alive
C-rank adventurer. A member of Al’s party. She has a feeling for Al. She’s one of the adventurers who lead the unit to burn the forest.
Attributes: Wind
Skill: 《Wind Fang》

Status : Alive
A member of Al’s party. He’s the scout of the party. He has a feeling for Leethia. He’s following Leethia.

Status : Alive?
Yogim’s wife. A former adventurer.
Skill: 《Super Strength》,《Iron Body》

Deborah’s husband. A former Kanoa soldier.
Status : Alive?
Skill: 《Intuition》

Status : Alive?
The son of Yogim and Deborah. He called his mother, “Mama”. A former Myard soldier.
Skill: 《Intuition》, 《Super Strength》

Ferrius Kingdom (Destroyed)

Winston Ferrius
Status : Dead
Killed in action by Walm

Balliston Ferrius
Status : Dead
The King of Ferrius Kingdom.

Status : Dead?
A Ferrius Soldier.

Status : Alive
A 10-man Commander.

Status : Alive?
Age : 21
A healing Magician. Ayane’s assistant ever since the Four Country Alliance attacked Highserk. She became Highserk Prisoner of War.

Craist Kingdom

Chester Craist
Status : Alive
The King of Craist Kingdom

Status : Alive
The Commander of the Order of Reharzen

Status : Alive
A Knight belonged to the Order of Reharzen
Skill: 《Iron Wall》

Sugimoto Ayane (in Japan) -> Ayane Sugimoto (in this world)
Status : Alive?
Age : 16
A transported person from Japan. One of the “Three Heroes”. Makoto and Yuuto’s childhood friend. She became Highserk Prisoner of War.

Izaki Makoto (in Japan) -> Makoto Izaki (in this world)
Status : Alive
Age : 16?
A transported person from Japan. One of the “Three Heroes”. Ayane and Yuuto’s childhood friend.
Attributes: All four element? It’s said that she has multiple attributes.

Asama Yuuto (in Japan) -> Yuuto Asama (in this world)
Status : Alive
Age : 16?
A transported person from Japan. One of the “Three Heroes”. Ayane and Makoto’s childhood friend.
Attributes: Holy
Skill: 《Holy Slash》



《Hard Shoot》

《Strong Shoot》

《Strong Throw》

《Iron Wall》

《Iron Body》

《Super Strength》


《Demon Fire》

《Wind Fang》

《Holy Slash》






《Fire Lance》



《Ice Lance》

《Ice Wall》


《Wind Blade》




《Earth Bullet》


《Earth Crack》


Undead (?)

Ghoul (?)

Wraith (?)

Hornet Rabbit (?)

Goblin (E)

Goblin Rider (E)

Goblin Mage (?)

Kobold (D)

Silver Wolf (?)

Werewolf (?)

Orc (C)

Hellbat (?)

Scorpion (?)

Red Scorpion (?)

Bicorn (?)

Ogre (B)

High Ogre (A?)

Ogre Lord (S)

Lizardman (B)

Lamia (B)

Death Spider (?)

Poison Spider (?)

Orthrus (?)

Centipede (B-A)

Owlbear (?)

Troll (?)

Cyclops (?)

Death Condor (?)

Tyrant Worm (A)

Crawler (A)

Lake Dragon (?)

Flame Dragon Emperor (SS)


Liberitoa’s Black Water

Magic Bag

Magic Stones

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 70

70. Chapter 70 – Broken

When Walm woke up, nothing had changed in reality. The only thing that changed was the number of monsters under his eyes which was increasing rapidly.

“Hah, haha, is this the reality?”

Walm admitted that there were no living humans in Dandurg Castle.

Rotating dull thoughts hard. 

The military organization that gave orders to him had collapsed, and Walm must think about what should he do from now.

After beating his brains, forcing his mental to be somewhat repaired, Walm decided to return to his hometown. 

He collected the equipment he had taken off and pushed the preserved food seized from the supply storage into his mouth.

Preserved foods made from wheat, dried grapes, and oil deprived Walm of saliva and water. Poured in water, but this time the stomach screamed.

“Urg, ogh, uck”

Working hard to prevent gastric fluid from flowing out. The sour taste that spreads in his mouth was the worst taste he had tasted in a while. Walm, who put up with the urge to drink, left the room.

Walm ridiculed his own appearance of searching for halberds, short swords, armors, and coins from the corpse. After all, it wasn’t so much different from the monsters fishing for corpse meat. After collecting supplies, Walm climbed the roof of the castle tower while putting them in his magic bag.

The mountains were carved, the valleys were destroyed, and even the rivers were scraped off, creating a huge road. There was no doubt that it was the work of the Flame Emperor Dragon. At the same time, following that road, would lead him back to his homeland.

Encountering a large number of monsters along the way? It would have been a hesitant option, but it was a small matter for Walm today. It was more painful for him when he had nothing to do, after all when killing each other, there was no need to think of other extra stuff.

Even if he were to be killed, a lonely Highserk soldier wouldn’t be seen by anyone. It was a really easy-to-understand ending, a good ending for Walm, a defeated soldier. He descended from the temporary wall that he couldn’t and failed to protect, and looked back.

The old castle was dyed with red color and was about to decay due to repeated onslaught. As if showing the end of the Highserk Empire.

Unlike in the castle, there weren’t many monsters on the road. The monsters invited to the densely populated areas were scattered in those areas, and after slashing dozens of them every one or two hours, none could be seen anymore.

Ironically, the passage created by the Flame Emperor Dragon during its invasion shortened Walm’s travel time. The mountains and trees that should be detoured were equally overrun, the valleys were burned down, and even the rivers were dried out. It was a walking natural disaster that even changed the terrain.

After walking for half a day, Walm arrived at a small village, but the village had been swallowed up by the outbreak, only barely leaving small remnants of human activities.

All the houses had collapsed, the foundations were barely left, and there were no corpses or bloodstains left, let alone humans. Countless monster footprints told that it had been overrun by monsters.

In the next city, the buildings were left according to the scale, but monsters and human corpses could be seen even from a long distance. It seemed that the garrison and volunteers were the centers of resistance, but in the end, the fall was unavoidable.

“Even Kanoa is no good?”

Avoiding the collapsed city that wasn’t where he wanted to go, Walm continued his way home.

Unlike the battlefields up until now, the barriers on the border of the homeland, which deviated from the path of the Flame Emperor Dragon, had fierce resistance, and the walls and empty moats were filled with monster corpses.

A soldier who had a business with an orthrus was hugging each other as if they were reaching a deal. The two-head bit the arm and throat, and the soldier pierced the chest of the two-headed wolf with a longsword.

The collapsed fortified tower was filled with rubble along with the corpse of a cyclops, and the limbs of humans and monsters sadly went over the place. Walm would have ended this way if he wasn’t lucky. 

Crossed the border from the collapsed wall.

Both the barracks and the command post were overrun. Soldiers collapsed as if integrating with the walls of the collapsed barracks, and at the command post, there were a large number of monster corpses, and in the middle of it, there was a general with a large sword with a torn body, seemed to be killed in action.

After that, Walm continued to look for a checking station. There were monsters that liked corpse meat, but in the end, only new corpses of monsters were presented.

Walm built a bed on the half-destroyed observatory turret after clearing the surrounding monsters. Tied the cloak to the arrow shield or pillar of the turret to block the outside air and prevent the light from leaking.

At Dandurg Castle, he had borrowed several cloaks. Some of them were a little dirty with blood, but they were suitable for the current Walm.

No matter how much you lost your appetite, if you didn’t put food in your stomach, your physical strength and mana would decline. So, after taking out the small pot, Walm used fire magic to boil the water he poured, and stuffed beans, shredded dried fish, and salt.

The protest from the stomach increased with pain. Walm sipped the soup and chewed the fluffy black bread without caring about the taste.

After the belly had been satisfied, Walm suppressed nausea and tried to let go of consciousness. The twin moons began to fall from the sky in his repeated opened and closed eyes, and were finally expelled by the sun. Walm left his resting area after cleaning up his bed.

Ran at a speed that could be called a forced march. Killed all the monsters that came near as if they were bugs, but it never cleared his muddy heart.

The corpses of refugees were increasing on the highway. A soldier on the ground was beaked by countless birds, and the eyes of an infant staring at the void were squeezed out.

Didn’t have the energy to drive it away, and enough hands to mourn. Walm advanced his foot silently.

Walm, who didn’t even have time to maintain weapons, picked up the abandoned weapon and threw it away not long after, again and again. If the spear broke, he would wield a sword, and if the sword broke, he would wield a war hammer. 

As the sun went down, Walm climbed a large tree and spent the third night since he left Dandurg Castle.

There was only a short road left to go home. Walm ran out of breath on a road that remained vivid in his memory. His childhood memories revived in his mind.

The forest, where he played around with the bad boys and his brother in the neighborhood until sunset. The country road, he had trampled many times. The rocks and trees that he marked. And finally, the village. Walm felt that it was a short and long way. 

Seeing the village, the taste of the sweet and sour raspberry he ate with his brother came to mind.

Ran through the entrance of the village. The unrepaired fence remained the same as when Walm left the village.

Walm opened his mouth as he dived through the gates of his nostalgic home.

“……I’m back”

The family welcomed the return. 

Tears overflowed from Walm’s eyes without stopping.

“Sorry, for being late”

Walm didn’t say that he had the best family in the world. Still, they were the family he spent with until he was drafted.

Even though it wasn’t a wealthy house, on the day when the draft was decided, ever since Walm was born in this world, the treats he had never eaten were lined up on the table.

He stuffed them inside his stomach to the point where he was no longer hungry, and drank alcohol with his father and brother so much that he couldn’t remember vividly. When he thought about it now, he realized that he had never really talked so much with them before that day. It might have been influenced by the fact that Walm, who inherited the memories of the previous life, was feeling somewhere away.

Might be too late, but Walm regretted it. As his brother advised, he should have prioritized more time with his parents.

The parents turned their empty eyes toward Walm and reached out for a hug. With a half-open mouth, they dragged their torn body and approached Walm.

“I, have become stronger. I won’t lose to those soldiers and monsters. I’ve repelled a dragon species and even the “Three Heroes” of the Craist. But, my comrades, and my family… anything I didn’t want to lose, I couldn’t protect them. Not a single one.”

Walm accepted the hug. 

Their skin was terribly cold. The oral cavity with bloody vomit, filled his field of vision.

“Sorry, I’m sorry, my beloved mom and dad.”

A longsword was inserted from the lower jaw and so, a second death was given to the family. Walm crawled out of the house and spat out the contents of his stomach.

“uh, gahh, ahh, ah, achk, a…”

The nice neighbor, the strong-willed childhood friend, and the nervous village mayor welcomed Walm’s return.

Even the kind old man who taught Walm, who was about to be overwhelmed by anxiety before his draft, about the battlefield’s knowledge and his experiences, had joined the circle.

The entire village had turned into an undead den.

Out of breath, but sobbing didn’t stop. It couldn’t be. Walm clasped his hand on the ground. Sand overflowed through the gaps between fingers. Tears wet the eyes and distorted the vision. Couldn’t stand the muddy image, so looked up at the sky. Contrary to what was in mind, the sky was clear with no clouds. Just to say that heaven didn’t overlook the ugliness of stupid humanity ――

“garrhh, ah, aaaaAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!”

Walm roared and mana enveloped his body, spreading blue flames to the village with maximum firepower. His relatives and neighbors were all equally swallowed by blue flames. The fire turned the houses and the whole village into a living hell.

“What do you mean a “knight”? What do you mean “user of demon fire”? You’re just a stupid useless person who can’t save anyONE!!!”

Walm’s sobbing continued while spitting out the blue fire. For those who he couldn’t protect. For those who were in the space between the World and the Netherworld. Walm continued to offer the blue flames so that everyone wouldn’t get lost.

Walm didn’t know how long he had walked or how many days had passed. When he noticed, he found himself there.

A hill overlooking the most populous capital at the heart of the Highserk Empire.

The hill, loved by successive Emperors and the war god, Gerard, was filled with a few Highserk soldiers who somehow managed to reach here, but had lost their way. Walm joined in without speaking to anyone. At this point, his tear glands were finally dead.

No words were needed for those who gathered on the hill. Everyone was staring at the capital with the same feelings. The defeated soldiers who lost their place, it was the identity of those who gathered on the hill.

The country couldn’t be abandoned, but it couldn’t be protected, and it couldn’t completely die either.

The capital was swallowed by monsters, and the great buildings that Highserk citizens had built, their history, were burned down. The wall, which seemed to be impregnable, had collapsed due to an attack of non-human force. 

Once again, the transplanted eyes became hot and sharp pain rushed. But, nothing changed in his vision.

People were extinct, fields were full of monsters, and the country was crushed.

Sacrifice for the ideal. Peace by oppressing other countries. It was a repeated history.

Good and evil would change depending on the position, but since the situation had become like this, Walm no longer knew what he was fighting for.

Just that, today’s tragedy shouldn’t be wasted, and the lesson learned from this bloody event should mature the world. That was the only thing Walm wished for.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 69.5

This is another Map (Roughly)

69.5 Chapter 69.5

Map around the Highserk Empire at the time of the fall of Dandurg Castle

Map 4

After the Flame Emperor Dragon broke through Dandurg Castle, the line of defense, which was on the Myard’s border, collapsed. 

In addition to the front, some monsters attacked the First Army and Second Army from the rear and sides.

The Invasion Route of the Flame Emperor Dragon

Map 5

The Flame Emperor Dragon with other monsters hit the densely populated area of the Highserk Empire.

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