Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 120

120. Chapter 120

A dark, dull glossy door was pressed by Walm’s palm. At the same moment, the coldness peculiar to metal was pleasantly transmitted to the hot fingertips. Moving his feet, which were hot due to non-stop movement, Walm entered the familiar safe room.

After leaving the golem and gargoyle exhibition floors behind, not that he even wanted to see them in the first place, Walm finally reached the safe room on the 25th floor. The journey from the 21st to the 25th floor was anything but smooth. Although he still had reserves of strength, he was forced to lift the restriction he imposed on himself of not using any skills or magic, which he had done well up to the 20th floor in this dive.

With a listless look, Walm gazed around the room. The parties that were resting in the safe room were incomparably fewer than before, as befits a floor called the breaking point of the mid-rank. Including Walm, there were only four parties. Adding in the people he passed along the way, and those resting on the ground, the total number would surely jump, but even then, there was a sort of dividing line, a boundary between the mid-rank and high-rank, in the safe room.

Three days had passed since he dived into the labyrinth. Despite Walm regaining his sharp senses, fatigue couldn’t be stopped from accumulating. So he distanced himself from the temporary occupants, and slumped on the cold ground. His stomach screamed with hungry, while his half-open eyelids protested for abandoning his screaming stomach.

Walm weighed the problems, trying to figure out which of them should be prioritized. It was him exaggerating the problems, but really, the content was silly. After all, the only difference in solving it was either to eat after sleeping or to sleep after eating.

Walm was forced to make a decision alone, but his train of thought was forced to stop due to the approach of an outsider. Using his knees for support, he stood up quietly. Before entering the safe room, he put the new lover, the mace that had completed the hard work, into the magic bag, and the old lover, the halberd, was once again in Walm’s hands.

Letting the halberd touch the ground to assert itself, Walm kept his eyes on the visitors without opening his mouth. The approaching adventurer didn’t stop. The development of muscles and bones cultivated through actual battles could be seen even above the equipment. Without looking at the face and paying attention only to the demeanor, the adventurer was probably about in his twenties. Of course, the deeply carved wrinkles and gray hair and beard spoke eloquently of his age.

The equipment was well polished, but countless fine scratches were visible, even if that wasn’t intentional. From the degree of rubbing on the joints, the history of battles, especially the length of experience diving the labyrinth, was conveyed. His arm was naturally placed far from the sword at his waist, tacitly indicating no hostility.

“You really are diving alone, huh? Even an average party that can reach here may get swallowed up by the labyrinth if they ever mess up.”

Flattery first. Not a bad choice to begin a conversation, but Walm couldn’t remember the adventurer’s face. And unfortunately, the sleep-deprived Walm didn’t have enough patience to engage in useless probing.

“Have we met somewhere before?”

“Ah, how rude of me. It’s the first time we’ve met. Recently, there’s a man who keeps diving the labyrinth alone, which is rare, and it’s become a hot topic in the tavern. This rumor crossed my mind when I saw you. And, I couldn’t help myself from giving my greeting.”

“Adventurers sure love rumors.”

“Well, it’s an unreliable business after all. Interacting and exchanging information is essential for adventurers. It can’t be helped, you know.”

Walm sensed that he was being treated with great caution, but at the same time, he also felt that the adventurer was more sincere than other adventurers who only looked at him from a distance.

The adventurer’s way of speaking was soft, perhaps because of his age. In any case, it made Walm reluctant to drive the adventurer away in a rude way, and decided to do it carefully.

“As you can see, no good information will come out of me.”

“How cold. Well, it may not be worth anything, but I’m rooting for you. I mean, as a labyrinth explorer, I want to see how far you can dive alone.”

The middle-aged man who sensed the intention of Walm’s words, obediently beat a retreat. Even if he was an adventurer, Walm wouldn’t simply hate him, as long as he was a good person.

“I’m not a big deal, not worthy enough to receive such words, but… well, thank you. I pray for your endeavor too.”

Walm, finished with his formalities, saw off the man who was about to leave, but the man suddenly stopped.

The adventurer turned back around and made a face as if he had forgotten something, he said,

“Oh, right. I forgot to ask you your name. Let me give mine first, my name is Fausto.”


“Walm, is it? Although my memory has been getting worse with age, I’ll do my best to remember your name. Hopefully, we’ll meet again in the labyrinth.”

Looked satisfied this time, Faust retreated to his companions. Only he approached Walm, the other four of his parties only watched from a distance. How considerate of them.

It was an unexpected event before the break, but Walm didn’t feel uncomfortable. Resting his back against the wall, he began to enjoy the coldness of the ground again. The demon mask on his waist vibrated slightly. The meaning of the vibration wasn’t alerting Walm. Apparently, the mask had taken a liking to the middle-aged adventurer.

“Seriously… Do you tremble at anyone you like?”

As Walm jokingly scolded the flirtatious mask, it began to vibrate at high speed in anger. His lower back itched as if a cicada had just crawled out of the ground and clung to his waist.

“I’m just joking. Stop it. My bad. Sorry.”

After repeated apologies, the demon mask’s anger finally subsided. Although the event happened inside the cloak, if the exchange was witnessed, surely, Walm would look like someone who had challenged the labyrinth for too long, so that he was suffering from a mental disorder.

With a small smile on his face, Walm decided to surrender to his fatigue. After all, what he could eat now were only cold black bread and dried meat. Something that the taste wouldn’t change even after some time had passed.

Walm’s magic bag had only the capacity of one and a half to two large backpacks and that sometimes troubled him. What a luxurious problem.

In addition to the necessary supplies and goods that had accumulated since the Highserk era, the consumables and food in the labyrinth took up more than half of the space. If the things collected in the labyrinth were added to it, even after subtracting the consumables, it would be hard to say that the remaining capacity would be enough.

Therefore, Walm decided to return to the surface to replenish the consumables and sell the goods from the labyrinth.

After jumping into the black hole in the transfer room, Walm went to the room that was on the way to the waiting area. It was a cleaning room where orc meat was usually processed. After washing the goods of dirt, he entered the waiting area.

Perhaps because he had dived all the way to the breaking point of the mid-rank, the crowd felt really lively. Apart from that, Walm went to the reception, as usual, avoiding the people as much as he could.

“Welcome back. You’ve been diving for a long time this time. How deep did you dive?”

Lisi, who was going about her daily duties at the reception, interrupted her work to greet Walm.

Walm returned the tally he had taken out, and replied,

“Twenty-five floors.”

“That’s, indeed quite deep. Then, next is the 26th floor. On this floor, only monsters that are difficult to attack with slashing and slamming attacks will appear. Walm-san, can you use magic?”

Fortunately, Walm possessed a high affinity for two attributes, fire and wind, and in many battles, it had proven to be effective.

“I can use wind and fire magic”

“With these two types of attacks, it can’t be said that there’s a lack of countermeasures. If you can’t use any, I would’ve done my best to stop you from going deeper on your own. But, it seems, you can still go alone.”

Lisi said this with a face that said, “Even if I tell you to stop, you won’t listen.”. That might be the case, but it wasn’t enough to completely stop Lisi from giving Walm advice to increase his survival rate.

After hearing some information from Lisi about the next floor, Walm said honestly,

“I’m sorry. Seems I’ve increased your work again.”

“Well, it’s the first time that someone from this ordinary reception has been able to dive to the 25th floor alone. As long as when it’s in my working time, I’ll do my best to support such a person. Well, to be honest, I hope you’ll register as an adventurer in the guild. In this case, you’ll contribute to the evaluation of the guild and also to me too. This is the most desirable scenario, but I can’t force it on you.”

Lisi jokingly muttered such displeasure.

Grateful and embarrassed at the same time, Walm’s thoughts wandered and found the existence of the bracelet he’d picked up in the labyrinth.

“I can’t give such a contribution, but last time, you said you wanted a tribute, right?”

Walm fumbled around in his waist bag and took out a silver bracelet.

“Tribute? Can’t you say it bette… umm, what’s that?”

“I got it from the labyrinth. Even though the design is the crimson grass flower that only blooms in the labyrinth, it’s too cute to be worn by a man. Even if I sell it, I’m sure it’ll only be worth a few silver coins. I’d be happy if Lisi, who’s taken care of me on more than a few occasions, received it.”

Walm quietly placed the bracelet on the reception table and motioned for Lisi to take it.

Lisi, who was holding her head in confusion, quickly changed her expression and uttered,

“Fufu, fu, I’ve never thought that the first person to actually bring me a tribute would be Walm-san….. even if you give me a tribute, I can only support you from here when I’m working, you know?”

“I know, but that’s fine. That alone helps me enough.”

“If that’s the case, I’ll gladly receive it. Even if you ask me to return it later, I won’t give it back, okay?”

“I’ll try my best not to.”

Lisi grabbed the bracelet and lowered her gaze to it, stroking it before putting it away.

With that, one task was completed. Deftly, Walm left the reception. It wasn’t a bar counter after all. Lingering here for long wouldn’t only get in the other people’s way but also disturb their business. In the worst case, being labeled as a person under surveillance after getting kicked out would be the result… That wouldn’t be funny. Really, it wouldn’t.

The next task for today would be to visit an equipment shop. Walm must use the earned coins to buy the necessary items to challenge the 26th floor, which was known for being a mid-rank killer.

After crossing the stone-paved passage, the bright sky gave its warm greeting. Walm narrowed his eyes at the glare. As he was embraced by the hot sun, he remembered that the last time he was on the surface, it was the twin moons that hugged him goodbye.

“Seems, my body has got too used to the labyrinth.”

Somehow, Walm could sympathize with the mole that had crawled out of the dark earth. Like them, surely all the people who returned from the labyrinth during the day had to frown because of the difference in light intensity. Of course, this was no exception for Walm.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 119

119. Chapter 119

Walm was modestly engaged in slaughtering monsters with his halberd, only up to the 20th floor. From the 21st floor, his fighting style clearly changed significantly. The wall was scorched by the flames, which manifested by mana, and the remains, called the claw marks of agony, could be seen on the floor. The halberd, which could be called an extension of the hand, was pushed into the now had been reduced in the capacity magic bag.

If it was like the monster up to now, the blade would have scattered pieces of flesh into the surroundings like a slaughterhouse, and the fresh blood that spurted out would have stained the wall artistically. Now there were only rocks and sand remained. That, of course, should be the case. The monsters that Walm dealt with had no flesh and blood. They were monsters that in some cases, would be created by humans to serve as walking shields on the battlefield. Golem, that was the name. It was a strong monster with a core, a magic stone that was present in its body and could store natural mana. On the battlefield, its uses were very diverse, depending on the types.

“Really? I’m too old to play with sand you know…”

The type of golem Walm faced was extremely simple. It had no armor on its back and was thick only on its front and arms. On a battlefield, such a weak golem would either be bypassed or destroyed by attacking its weak point. This time, however, the dance floor was a confined space in a labyrinth. A place where a golem could show off its dance moves.

If three friendly golems approached in a row when in a passage, it was equivalent to facing a moving wall. Sure Walm could 《Strike》 to cut off a thick strong arm, but a half-hearted offense would only lead to a painful counterattack. After all, the Golem, which put resources only for its front armor, was light despite its large size. The healthy Walm wouldn’t like to be beaten by thorny arms, nor that he liked to be hugged and rubbed down by them either.

In this case, retreat would be the only option, but at that moment Walm, who was in a passageway, had already been surrounded once from the front and back with walls of golems and was about to be trapped. So far he had dived more than 20 floors without using magic, but he concluded that it was a good time to use it.

Walm shot a fireball at the row of golems in front of him, their shoulders scraping each other as well as the inner wall but didn’t stop walking.

The fireball, accompanied by writhing heat, shook the air as it struck the target, the golem in the center, demonstrating the power of the mana it contained. Flames danced from the passage from which there was no escape, and hot air and flames raged there. Fortunately, for Walm, who had an excellent aptitude for fire attribute, a flame of this magnitude was no different than a light summer breeze.

The head of the golem that received a direct hit scattered, losing the core magic stone. Like a building that had lost its pillars, the collapse spread down throughout the body.

Walm expected the aftermath to spread to the left and right golems, only to realize that it was nothing but a dream. Some parts were scorched with flames sticking to them, but they didn’t seem to lose any of their functionality and kept moving without extinguishing it first.

On the contrary, the golem crossed its arms to protect its head while closing the distance. At this point, Walm had given up on destroying the head together with the thick arm. He fired his next pitch at the giant leg stomping on the floor. Although the golem had legs like pillars that support its giant body, not all joints were covered with a thick layer of sand.

The fireball that hit near the heel fully demonstrated its effectiveness. Like an exploding landmine, one of the golem’s legs was enveloped in a fierce flame.

Leaning forward, the golem dug its claws into the wall, trying to resist the fall. Unfortunately, it wasn’t a definitive solution. After all, it had been ripped apart from its knees down. That much wouldn’t be enough to support its weight.

If they were human, others would probably try to protect a comrade with such injuries or even retreat, but unfortunately, they were nothing more than artificial monsters who only accepted simple orders.

The golem which was in a state of madness, couldn’t keep up with its comrade and was left behind. This time, Walm opted for a physical solution to deal with it. As expected, he wasn’t crazy enough to have a wrestling match with an opponent who weighed more than him.

Gripping hard the handle of the mace, its weight was conveyed. Walm began to run while pulling it to the back. Unlike the halberd, it was a weapon with a short range of one or two steps. So, he needed to close the distance.

In order to catch Walm, the fingers that were clenched were opened. Other than the claws, he could be scratched by the thorns on its arm. And if it took full advantage of its physical strength, Walm might become ground meat instead of chopped meat.

Rapidly tilted the stance without hesitating and kicked off the ground. While going around to the left side, Walm handled the protruding arm, an unprotected right arm stretched out toward him.

As expected, ‘there weren’t many people who couldn’t cut the Sahuagin on the cutting board’.

Walm 《Strike》the elbow with the mace. In addition to being clad in mana, the mace was good for striking. Really, a suitable combination to destroy the elbow.

“Better stop resisting”

The golem didn’t listen to Walm’s advice and swung its broken right arm around as if to ward off bugs. The cracked and shattered elbow couldn’t keep up with that sudden extreme movement, and the arm shot far into the ceiling as if it was released by a jet propeller. If this flew towards Walm, he would have been stunned. Fortunately, the pathetic arm only wanted to leave a brand-new scratch on the ceiling.

Holding a mace, Walm wrapped around the golem’s torso and hit its right knee from the side. It tried to support itself with its right arm, only to stretch out nothing. The golem, which had reached the limit of its posture control, fell to the floor.

It tried to stand back with its remaining arm, but the mace was quicker to smash its head off. Without even having time to check the whereabouts of the ejected head as well as its arm, a shadow covered Walm.

The last golem, which had lost one leg due to the fireball, caught up and tried to attack. Walm, who left the position quickly, escaped the heavy press. From far away, it would be nothing different from debris on the ground, but it could still move and had not yet malfunctioned. Without giving time, Walm jumped on its back and slammed down his mace like slamming a stake to the ground.

The back of the golem’s head squashed greatly. Even so, it didn’t start collapsing and tried to stroke its head with unnatural movements like a rusty machine. Twisting the mace while it was still biting into the head was enough to stop the resistance. And so, the golem’s body turned into soil.

Walm began to descend listlessly on the foothold that had turned into a small sandbox, but the trekking pole (mace) caught something.

“What is it?”

Digging the greyish-yellow sandbox with the tip of the mace, Walm found something with a luster. When he picked it up, the sand that had covered it fell down, revealing the item.

“A bracelet?”

It wasn’t something special. Just a silver bracelet with a crimson grass motif. It wasn’t impossible to wear it, but it was too cute for his style. If he saw a male comrade-in-arms with such a bracelet, he would be worried about something unwanted trying to get open his backdoor.

Even if I bring it to a pawn shop, probably it’ll get me a drink… ah…

“…Isn’t it just right for a tribute?”

Too expensive will only confuse her after all…

Walm touched it a few times and checked the quality, before putting it in the magic bag. He would have liked to appreciate it for a little while longer, but it wasn’t possible. After all, the monsters in the labyrinth were really enthusiastic about their work. Fit for being a soldier, if only they were humans.

Looking at the approaching monsters, Walm said,

“Dog-shaped gargoyle, and mud golem? After playing with the sand, guess next is time to play with rocks and mud.”

With faint hopes for having a fun time, Walm gazed at the rocks and mud he would be playing with. As expected, no one answered the soliloquy. Despite having gotten used to such a lonely fact, Walm welcomed the new guests.

The chilly cold air and the stagnation typical of enclosed spaces could be felt in the room. And in such a dim room, Giesel, one of the rulers of the underworld, received reports from his underlings.

“Combining the information of the target, he seems to have no fixed place to sleep and moves from one cheap hotel to another. And mostly sleeps in the labyrinth. He also doesn’t seem to have a particular favorite restaurant either. Lastly, no report of him entering a bar or red-light district.”

Giesel tapped his fingers on the desk. There were many eyes hidden that he had sent throughout the city. He included people that no one would notice as someone who would collect information, ranging from someone inside brothels, bars, inns, shops, and even inside the guild. Even so, the information he received wasn’t enough for him to grasp the actions of a single wanderer.

“In other words, most of the time, he cages himself in the labyrinth, and his movements on the surface are unsteady, is that it?”

Hearing Giesel’s flabbergasted voice, the underling hurried to fill in the loopholes.

“I’m very sorry. He mostly stays in the labyrinth overnight, and we can’t continue the monitoring while he’s there.”

Kicking an underling out should be easy, but Giesel had to admit that there was a point in his underling’s words, albeit reluctantly. Unlike on the surface, people didn’t like crowding inside the labyrinth. Even if personnel to monitor was arranged, the deeper the target dived in, the more necessary it was for the personnel to fight monsters, and the more likely it was to be noticed by the target.

“How deep he had dived now?”

“Up to the 25th floor, alone.”

“Disgusting… Really, what a freak… So, he’s an extremely socially unsociable person and the kind of person who can get by on their own, is he?… If he can sleep safely in a labyrinth, means, he’s also an extremely cautious person. It’s already difficult to identify his behavioral patterns, and he’s that type huh? Aiming for scratching his neck in an inn or poisoning him at a bar will also be hard too.”

Giesel knew that no matter how strong a person was, when it was time to satisfy the three main needs, vigilance would drop and a vulnerable moment would come. He had dealt with countless targets to come to this conclusion. And from his experience, someone who didn’t get caught up in such essential needs was, troublesome.

Even if Giesel couldn’t fully grasp the man’s identity, based on the armor alone, there was no doubt that he was a soldier of a ruined country, the Highserk Empire. From the information he got, although the Highserk Empire was destroyed at the end of the war, there were still local communities that survived. Those who escaped from it or those who were wandering alone, were mostly criminals, hated people, and greedy people who wanted wealth and fame. However, Giesel’s target, the Highserk soldier, didn’t seem to be the case.

“In the first place, there’s no need for him to throw himself into the labyrinth alone… He’s either extremely uncooperative or inflexible and obstinate. And he has no interest in women or alcohol, which are common traits of soldiers. On the other hand, even though he’s a disciplined person, he recklessly keeps challenging the labyrinth alone. But, he doesn’t seem to be a stupid fellow either…… Perhaps, is he searching for a suitable place to kill himself?”

Connecting the few pieces of information, Giesel tried to guess the exact type of person the target might be. In fact, there were a few cases of people visiting the labyrinth in search of a place to die. It tended to be common among aristocrats who lost their homes and territories, broken knights, and soldiers in despair.

Giesel was lost in thought for a moment, but his consciousness returned to reality when he heard a voice from the darkness.

“Either he’s a “seeker”, or a “pessimist”. Whatever he is, there’s no doubt that the destruction of his homeland has influenced the principles of his action. A hasty attack on that kind of person is a bad move. Use my force.” [TN: Seeker in here is a seeker after one’s way]

“Are you sure, old man?”

“I’m about done collecting bodies. My force isn’t busy now. Besides, not getting that good body in this situation, would be a shame… Even though the “pointy” and “blockhead” are cowards, it’s fact that they’re difficult opponents.”

Gathering materials that would be a delicate seasoning to finish the revenge, was important after all.

The old man, who raised Giesel, was also a dedicated revenger. Although, the depth of it and the tenacity for it were incomparable to Giesel’s.

Giesel, who wasn’t so picky about how to take revenge, ordered his subordinates to deliver information. In short, the man should die. No matter how, as long as the man’s heart was put to stop and let rot away. That much should be more than enough loyalty to show to his foolish younger brother.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 118

118. Chapter 118 – Trimagitack

Walking through the stone pavement passages, which had deteriorated through time and battles, the stone materials flanked off the walls and ceilings clearly impeded walking. Walm carefully avoided debris and looked for a place to put his feet, but there was no way to avoid small pieces like pebbles. The pebbles cracked with a sound that came from the half-boots. No one would even notice it if it were in the hustle and bustle of the surface. Here, in the labyrinth, it was different, especially from the 16th floor, which was considered by many as the beginning of the mid-rank floors.

If some party was engaged in a battle or busily dismantling monsters, one could detect it by hearing and smelling. Nevertheless, it was extremely quiet here. This was because the challengers were thoroughly silent, so as not to give away their existence by making noise. After all, they wanted to avoid surprise attacks and make a preemptive strike whenever possible. So, it was important to know how to detect the opponent’s movements and quickly move to attack.

“To keep moving here, so brave huh?”

The answer Walm received was, the sound of crushed pebbles and air leaking out of the gap.

A long, slender tongue reminiscent of a reptile was extended from the mouth, which was adorned with sharp “fangs”. Despite walking on two legs and having the same number of limbs as a human, its shape didn’t resemble a human’s. Tus alone was enough for Walm to grasp the identity of the brave attacker.

It was a group of lizardmen, a monster with the intelligence to manipulate weapons skillfully enough to not be underestimated. Its eyes, which looked emotionless, stared at Walm.

Grabbing the handle, Walm raised his halberd and welcomed the guest.

Without a whistle to announce the start, the battle began abruptly. Three lizardmen charged toward Walm. The vanguard lizardman was carrying an old round shield and a dirty saber, followed by one with a spear and another with a mace.

Walm shook his body left and right so that his aim couldn’t be read. With his halberd raised on the upper left, he leaped toward the lizard, which approached in a straight line without being unconcerned. The lizardman tried to defend itself with a round shield against the halberd approaching from above, but the shield with insufficient durability was shattered without being able to prevent the attack.

The broken pieces of wood and the leaking blood from the cut elbow were coloring the air. Despite the injuries, its cold eyes still locked on Walm. Clearly, its fighting spirit hadn’t yet weakened. On the contrary, it had prepared the saber for a counterattack.

Seeing the saber being raised with the left hand, Walm pulled back while turning the handle with his palm. When the claw-shaped branch blade of the halberd caught the raised hand, he slid it along the blade. In this way, he cut off half of the lizardman’s remaining wrist.

The lizardman, having lost both hands, opened its mouth and tried to pierce Walm with the remaining weapon, the fang. Unfortunately, Walm had foreseen this futile struggle and so he quickly slashed the halberd from the bottom up, slashing the head from the lower jaw.

The exchange of blows with the lizardman who had taken the lead ended, and the two remaining lizardmen went to attack Walm.

Walm avoided the spear thrust by moving his upper body. And did the same with the following thrust. Then, he kicked the ground and escaped the mace that was about to bore into his torso.

The spear-wielding lizardman tried to catch Walm, but it was blocked by the body of a compatriot mace-wielding lizardman, who had stepped in due to the short distance of the mace, and thus failed to reach him.

To prevent Walm from going around as he pleased, the lizardman with mace tried to hit him with its tails, which were thicker than its arms, but he had already experienced this in the defense line around Danndurg Castle.

“All is the same, when in trouble, it’ll wag its tail or bite.”

Walm saw off the tail that would have hit the side of the head in front of him.

On the other hand, having to move its tail made the lizardman’s movements even easier to read. The lizardman, which hesitatingly exposed its back to the Walm, dropped its head to the ground without long.

The last lizardman, having lost an obstacle and a brethren at the same time, dared not hesitate to thrust the spear. Walm accepted the invitation and thrust with his halberd. After the halberd and the spear passed, he turned the handle, so that the lizardman’s head got in between the spearhead and the axe blade. Just like that, the head was severed.

When the rolling head came to rest, silence fell again in the labyrinth.

Walm immediately looked at the surroundings, but the only change was that the floor was artistically dyed with fresh blood and three lizards.

After seeing the art, Walm picked up the saber and checked the quality.

“It’s not bad… At least it’s made from iron.”

It was hard to say that it was of good quality, but if it was resharpened it could be used as a weapon, or it could be melted and made into another weapon. If he were to complain to the predecessor owner, the lizardman, it would be that the saber didn’t have a scabbard.

Walm put his wrist into the magic bag and pulled out a cloth, getting goosebumps from the sensation that he couldn’t get used to even after using it many times. Anyway, he always carried extra cloth material, because there were many uses for it. Then he turned the saber over, wrapped it in the cloth, tied it up, and put it in the magic bag.

Next, he picked up the mace. The handle was about the length of the shoulder to the wrist, and the shape of the mace head had five radial flanges. Its destructive power was one step less than that of the round-headed mace, but it was distinguished by greater striking power and lighter weight.

“This one is… quite good.”

While carrying the halberd on his shoulder, Walm tested how comfortable it was to swing the mace with his free hand. A hit with such a mace could reach the abdomen even through armor, which meant it could make the opponent spit out stomach acid and oxygen, and also slowed down its actions momentarily. It was a familiar weapon used on the battlefield. If poor swords collided head-on, the blade would flake off and could result in the death of the wilder.

After checking out the feel and quality of the mace, Walm held the halberd with his arm and wrapped it in a cloth.

At that moment, he faintly heard pebbles on the ground being rubbed.

As expected, Walm reacted very sharply. He jumped away and prepared his stance

A blade and long tail filled the rapidly expanding field of vision.

The creature that surprised Walm was a lamia, a monster whose upper body looked like a female human and the lower body was that of a snake. It must’ve been waiting in the rubble for an opportunity. And when it saw an opening, it threw away its camouflage and screeched as if it wanted to shatter glass.

Deftly, the lamia tried to slit Walm’s throat with the short swords in both hands.

Walm had let go of the halberd and the lamia was already close enough. If he used one of his cards, he would have been in control. But he decided to use the mace.

The blow with the mace on the right wrist was remarkably effective. Like a broken onion, the fingers were cracked, and the short sword flew away as it lost its grip.

The remaining short sword aimed horizontally at Walm’s neck.

Walm quickly rolled up and slid forward to avoid the blow, colliding with the lamia without losing momentum. Although it was a female, by human standards it corresponded to a large, muscular woman. In addition, the center of gravity of the body was on the lower body. Therefore, the upper body was only slightly bent backwards after the impact.

The right arm, which had lost its function, stretched to catch Walm. Even if he wanted a handshake, he didn’t. So he rejected it with a palm strike. At the same time, the tail came at him from the side, but he avoided it by dodging to the other side

The lamia tried to slash Walm with a twist of the torso, but he was faster in slamming his mace.

The mace, which took most of its weight in a lump of metal called a flanged head, brought the destruction to the level Walm wanted. The blow struck between the nose and eyebrows, crushing the nasal bones and eye sockets. While shaking the brain, the blow took away two of the five senses. Among the persistent monsters, the lamia was said to have the life force of a snake. And such a monster had temporarily revealed its defenseless appearance.

Unfortunately, Walm, who survived the war and had long since lost the soul of benevolence and animal welfare, was merciless.

The mace arced and picked up the head of the collapsing Lamia. A reddish-brown bloom of viscous liquid and bone splinters was in the air. It happened in an instant before it turned into brand new stains on walls and ceilings.

“Right, it’s not bad after all”

Walm rotated the mace around his wrist, hitting the air. Even with this rough handling, there was no chipping or deformation.

Walm, who usually used a halberd, was by no means cheating. In a labyrinth where violence was supreme, who could object to simple and quick problem-solving with a mace? At least Walm didn’t.

Walm, pushing aside the door of the safe room on 20th floor, which was considered the entrance to the middle-rank floors, was fed up with the curious looks directed at him every time someone saw him.

With the exception of Walm, most parties here consisted of five members, and even parties of four were rare. In such a situation, it was inevitable that Walm, who continued to dive alone, would look like an oddball. Still, it wasn’t pleasant to be regarded as a weirdo.

It would be even stranger, however, if a mind plagued by fatigue, lack of sleep, and tension felt comfortable in such a situation. The “critique session”, with every single gaze directed at Walm, finally came to an end when he moved his muddy eyes.

Walm sat down and leaned his back against the wall. The cold floors and walls cooled his heated body.

Then, Walm took the food out of the magic bag in his cloak and began to eat while hiding it. In any case, it was bad manners, but it was a relief that this wasn’t a restaurant that cared about etiquette.

Bit cheaply salted orc meat and the hard-baked black bread, and chewed them repeatedly before swallowing it down, so that it lasted a long time. Drank water in between, but the overwrought caused by diving the labyrinth for a long time didn’t recover.

Walm once again glanced around the room with only his eyes. Five or six parties were resting at a distance, and among them were those who were relatively relaxed, busily exchanging information and carrying on conversations. Armor covered their bodies without any gaps, and their weapons were also varied. They couldn’t be compared with the inferior equipment of those who dived mainly on the low-rank floors. Considering the number of people and the equipment they wore, it reminded Walm of the pre-battle he had experienced in the past.

Kneeling down on one knee and holding a weapon in his hand, Walm kept falling asleep for a short moment repeatedly. Even if he couldn’t sleep well, at least he let his body rest. It was a habit he had picked up in his military life. Several parties repeatedly entered and exited, but fortunately, no one approached Walm.

When the door opened for the fifth or sixth time and a party entered the safe room, the demon mask that was put in the waist bag started to move. Walm wasn’t happy with it, but he was able to vaguely understand what the mask meant from the frequency and sound of the vibration.

The way the mask vibrated meant that it was showing interest. How rare.

Walm slightly opened his heavy eyelids and saw a four-person party. In the labyrinth, adventurers weren’t that rare, but the adventurer at the lead of this party was, well, colorful. To put it badly, the color of the equipment wasn’t gentle to the eyes. The armor had a peculiar sheen of mithril, and the longsword that hung at the hip was set with a tricolor gemstone and silver works. The hair was bright green, and the eyes were red and blue. In short, a very greedy fellow.

If all the party members who followed were like that, it would be like a circus troupe running around providing free entertainment and Walm would have laughed. One of the adventurers following from behind, however, had a robust appearance that thoroughly blanked out anything unnecessary. It reminded Walm of minimalism, but perhaps it was a warrior monk in training. The other two appeared to be an archer and a rod-wielder. Given their demeanor and equipment, Walm pondered their formation.

…I guess, two front guards and two rear guards.

Then, the eyes of the colorful adventurer and Walm met. Even in a labyrinth that could hardly be called bright, the light in the eyes of the adventurer didn’t disappear and possessed a depth that would captivate anyone.

What a complete opposite to Walm’s dark and muddy eyes.

Such a gaze encounter was broken off by the adventurer. The party continued their way, walking to the next floor

There, Walm suddenly noticed. The party members showed no signs of fatigue, and they didn’t even have dirt on them. To reach this point, Walm who had dived in, was well aware of how many monsters they had to face, and how much flesh and blood flew around. Even the word “extraordinary abilities.”, would be too cliché to give to them.


“No break huh?”

In the end, the four-person party stepped into the next floor without resting, as if they were going for another walk.

After a brief silence, the adventurers began to speak in a voice that was half amazed, half envious.

“Yeah, right, the “Trimagitack” doesn’t need a break.”

“It’s like they’re going to another low-rank floor, isn’t it? Well, no wonder, they’re expected to be the next conquerors.”

“Their party is still four people, right?  I don’t mind being a porter. Just invite me to the party, please…”

“Haha, you’re kidding. You won’t even be able to properly play the role of a porter for a party like that. Besides, that party has a magic bag. Why do they need to go out of their way to get a porter?”

“Even if they need one, I’m sure only those who had managed to dive into the 30th floor and above will be selected. But well, those guys have strong combat habits and need to be fixed if join a party.”


Even Walm, who had only recently visited the Labyrinth City, knew the name of the party. The one they said to be closest to becoming the conqueror, and originated from the Belgana, the Labyrinth City. For them, it would be difficult to look as if they were struggling to reach here. Still, even those people who were carrying the expectations of the Labyrinth City hadn’t yet reached the deepest floor.

The miraculous treasure lay deep in the labyrinth. Even Walm’s fingertips hadn’t yet been within the reach. If he wanted to get this miracle, the corpses he piled up so far wouldn’t suffice. Since they weren’t enough, there was no choice but to pile up more. As quickly as possible.

Walm naturally put strength into his hand that held the halberd. And after repeating slow breathing and calming his rising heartbeat and frustration, he fell into a light sleep again.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 117

117. Chapter 117

Returning to the surface, Walm was forced to bring back gifts from the ‘evil sanctuary’. Usually, the labyrinth challengers who returned from the 15th floor were covered with what was called a stench. Especially someone like Walm, who had spent a long time on the 11th to 15th floors, couldn’t quite escape from it.

The undead, even after being subjugated, didn’t want to separate from Walm easily, leaving a part of their vile dark brown, putrid, decaying flesh to cling to Walm like a curse. Of course, its smell wasn’t pleasant for any normal person.

The reactions of those who came in contact with Walm were varied.

Some blatantly changed their course, others grasped the situation and held their noses, and even among them, there were those who turned their eyes toward him pityingly.

In the first place, the labyrinth challengers had enough trouble keeping themselves clean, so they usually came back with a slightly unpleasant odor, but those who came back from the 15th floor were a special case.

“They, are treating me as if I’m a walking filth.”

Feeling uncomfortable, Walm intended to return the tally at the reception and purify himself in a cheap lodging somewhere.

Luckily, it was just about time for the sun to get replaced by the twin moon. The congestion time was over, so the reception was very quiet.

Although the waiting area had the aspect of an all-night area, as expected, human behavior wasn’t something that could be changed so easily. Even here, early morning and evening were as crowded as the sale days at a shop or government office on weekdays in the previous world. Outside those hours, not so much.

Along with a foul stench, Walm walked into the waiting area and made his way to the reception. There, a female receptionist, who had become one of the few acquaintances in the Labyrinth City, was doing her work in her usual manner.

Whether his presence was noticed, or whether the stench emanating from him was too strong, the female receptionist, staring at the ledger tied with a string, greeted Walm with her bland expression, but then gave him a faint smile before opening her mouth to say,

“Welcome back. It seems you’ve managed to return safely from the undead floors.”

It was as if someone was telling Walm of the unpleasant odor emanating from him in a roundabout way. Really, it felt like an ambush at the right time.

Being told directly to his face by a woman, Walm wasn’t an insensitive person who couldn’t care less, but he wasn’t shameless enough to raise his voice up to her.

“Well, as you can see.”

Suppressing his inner turmoil, Walm lowered his eyes to his arms and clothes. He was truly disgusted by the stench that had permeated him.

On the undead floors, Walm was careful enough to only bathe as little as possible in the putrid juice and smelly blood. Only in the fight against the Bone Collector, he couldn’t do that well. The blood and flesh of the undead wolves that came ferociously at him, fell on his arms.

“Please don’t worry about it. It’s not that unusual. Besides, Walm-san is one of those with less ‘damage’. Those with extreme ‘damage’, were covered with it not only on the head but all over the body.”

For Walm, who had experienced the labyrinth himself, the very idea of it made him nauseous. A foul odor strong enough to sting the eyes. Washing with water wouldn’t immediately eliminate the smell. At least he wasn’t like those poor victims.

“Guess, I’m a lucky guy. But well, after I return the tally, I’ll borrow a bucket from the inn and wash myself. As expected, I don’t feel like resting like this at all.”

“In this labyrinth management area, there’s also a facility where you can bathe. You’ve to pay to use it, but everyone uses it to clean the dirt they got in the labyrinth and also, to process orcs for meat.”

The first day after Walm returned from the labyrinth, he was concerned about the door near the transfer room, but he didn’t go so far as to look inside. Not even a little peek. Among the reproachful gazes that he felt in the waiting area, there was also some with the implication that he was an ignorant mercenary who spared no money to wash himself and shamelessly came into the waiting area, bringing the stench with him.

“… Seems I still have a lot to learn. Sorry, and thank you for always supporting me.”

“Even though I’m an employee of the guild who supports adventurers, I’m also part of the management of the labyrinth. Even if you aren’t an adventurer, I’ll help you as long as I don’t have to take my money out.”

“I’m grateful to you for that, really. If it’s you… I don’t mind buying you something.”

“My name is Lisi. Look, it’s written on my name tag, you know. Fufufu, but well, if you’re so grateful, it wouldn’t be bad to get some kind of ‘tribute’.”

Said Lisi in a joking tone.

However, Walm quickly shifted his eyes to his coin bag. There wasn’t enough to afford another medicine for his eyes, which were threatening to rot, but the recent hunt in the labyrinth was quite fruitful. Also, the information that he had received from Lisi was also valuable to him, as he only had a few sources to get information here.

… right, giving her some money as a reward won’t hurt. It’s the very least I can do.

With these thoughts, Walm moved his hand to his coin bag.

“Just kidding, don’t take the coin bag out. Do you think I would be happy to be handed over a coin? Look, I’m not that poor.”

Lisi shook her head in amazement.

Seeing her reaction, Walm deliberately frowned his face and replied,

“As you can see, I lead a simple life. Being fashionable has nothing to do with me, so…”

“I know, I can see it.”

Without any way to resist her quick reply, Walm was forced to surrender.

In Belgana, a city with a labyrinth, the walls that surrounded the city had a special meaning. The castle walls, repaired and strengthened with each change of the ruler, told everyone who visited how strong it was, because it was still standing after many battles. Of course, order and security were ensured by soldiers, corresponding to the size.

In the center of the city lay the greatest labyrinth of the Galmud Archipelago, which promised endless riches, albeit atop countless untold tragedies and joys of brave challengers.

Living within the walls meant a kind of social status. Nevertheless, not everyone who lived within the walls was a successful person. Many were living in a group in a small room while repairing worn-out equipment every now and then, and every day, they continued to venture into the labyrinths without any guarantees. That was the majority.

In a way, they were the products of this labyrinth city. Workers of sorts. So naturally, many spent their days, side by side with danger, and on the days when they were lucky enough to get results, they went to the tavern or bar, ate and drank something nice, and talked about their hopes for the unseen tomorrow.

And in the midst of these crowds, an adventurer party was having a serious discussion.

“After coming here, finally, we managed to dive so deep in one fell swoop. As expected, I must have woken up my hidden talent.”

“Hah? What kind of nonsense are you talking about? I’m sure it’s just because you were lucky to find a good thing that had not gotten swallowed up and equipped it. That must be it.”

“But… That means that if only I had better equipment, we could’ve gone deeper, right?”

“And you call that being cocky. I mean, you were so eager to fight and ended up covering your head with ghoul juice like an idiot, weren’t you?”

“But, because of that, we were able to reduce their number early. So, was I in the wrong? Even the old veteran and the scary mercenary also smeared themselves with that foul liquid.”

“That guy isn’t like you. Can’t you tell by how he moves? He’s definitely not a normal human. Someone normal like you, may split your head for being too cocky, got it?”

With a drink in one hand, the disagreement between the two people from the same hometown was tossed back and forth.

Peyrouse, the party leader, took on the role of coordinator as usual.

“Leake, you’ve got a point. There’s nothing wrong with reducing the number of enemies as fast as you can, but what Donna is saying is that you need to work out a plan before jumping to them. That’s to avoid unnecessary risk.”

The carefree Leake groaned, acknowledging what Peyrouse said.

On the other hand, Donna nodded triumphantly. Even though these two often clashed, they somehow got along well in battle. If that were the case every time, Peyrouse’s work would have been reduced many times over, but he had given up halfway through because such a hope was too great to fulfill.

Didn’t want to have a hard time alone, Peyrouse cast a sidelong glance at Matthio, who was sitting at the same table, but Matthio was busy stuffing his mouth with a wheat dish mixed with minced meat and sour fruit. He wrapped a fork around the flour dish formed into noodles and swallowed it, but perhaps it was too much, the noodles got stuck in his throat, so he hurried to get water.

“Matthio, the pasta won’t run away. Calm down.”

“Oi, Matthio, you’re being too greedy. Do you really plan to eat it all yourself, huh?”

“You, only when eating, it’s as if you got possessed by a wraith. Don’t you know some manner, huh?”

Leake and Donna put the argument on the back burner while blaming Matthio. According to Peyrouse, their behaviors weren’t much different.

“You can order more, you know. Matthio, you really are a glutton, aren’t you? But well, to make your body even bigger, I guess, you’ve to eat a lot.”

Despite his age, Matthio had a larger body than Peyrouse. He was blessed with physical strength, and along with his good ability to wield a spear, he proved to be a great help in conquering the undead floors.

“Two plates of minced orc pasta and additional broiled orc!”

When Peyrouse shouted out so, he received a hoarse reply from the kitchen.

It wasn’t long before the table was filled with new plates.

Peyrouse was four years older than the three. He actually wanted to run away from the rural area alone, but the three pleaded with him, so he ended up running away with them. Then, because of his age, he was unceremoniously appointed leader. That was also because he had always behaved excellently in the labyrinth. Thanks to him, the party functioned good enough, even though the number of alcohol and cigarettes increased. No, it could be said that the party had been doing well under his leadership.

“Get some water”

“tch, don’t take mine.”

“I wannna eat fish too sometimes.”

“Orc meat is cheap, so just put up with it.”

In the Galmud Archipelago, which could be called a maritime country, fishing was flourishing, so fish was cheap, but in Belgana, the inexhaustible supply of orc meat had caused a phenomenon.

In fact, Peyrouse had gotten sick of three meals of orc meat, but it was cheap and a good enough source of vitality, so he had to keep eating it to save some living expenses.

“Come to think of it, it’s not a fish, but some armed merchant ship killed a medium-sized Kraken.”

“Such a ship could kill a medium-sized Kraken? They must have excellent sea magicians on board.”

“Kraken? I wanna try it.”

“I can’t afford to buy something so damn expensive. If you want to eat that badly, the best I can do is to get you salted herring.”

Peyrouse brought Matthio, who’d almost sunk into the dream world full of unattainable ingredients, back to reality.

Matthio then tried to continue eating, but was stopped by the voice from the side.

“Oi oi, what happened? Haven’t seen you for a while, and now, your equipment has become so splendid.”

It was a man from a mid-rank adventurer party that had managed to conquer the 20th floor. The man’s party was one that Peyrouse’s party had been interacting with since they started diving into Belgana’s labyrinth.

“It’s because we’re now able to dive all the way to the 13th floor.”

Leake proudly showed the new equipment he had obtained on the thirteenth floor. According to Peyrouse, it was a shield and spear made of several disgusting bones mixed with dark slime. The black color, which came from dark slime, meant that it had the strength of steel, but the lightness of bone, making it an excellent weapon.

“No way, the shield and spear of the Bone Collector!?”

There was no doubt that even mid-rank adventurers were surprised by these items. The Bone Collector was a monster called an irregular that even Peyrouse knew about because of its danger. In terms of danger, it was comparable to monsters from the latter half of the 20th floor to the 30th floor. Even a mid-rank adventurer could die in front of such an opponent.

“So, where did you steal it from?”

The owner, Leake, raised his voice in protest against the mid-rank adventurer who jokingly said so.

“Your joke isn’t funny. I didn’t steal it. It was lying on the ground.”

“Hahaha, the Bone Collector fell by itself, you say? No way, it can’t be… Wait, if it’s now, well, I guess it’s not impossible.”

The mid-ranked adventurer, trying to laugh it off, lowered his voice as if he had an idea. In fact, he remembered something. Lately, the number of abandoned corpses on the low-rank to middle-rank floors had increased. Judging from the traces of the battle, no unknown monster was to blame either. Moreover, even monsters that were valuable as materials were left alone.

“It’s common for parties passing through the low-rank floors to leave the monsters unattended, and go straight to the hunting grounds. But lately, many corpses have been left in places other than hunting grounds. It’s as if there’s someone who came just looking for a battle.”

“Ah, there was a mercenary who dived into the labyrinth alone and passed by without even dismantling the orcs.”

“If I remember correctly, I never saw that person dismantle any monsters that he killed.”

Just as Leake and Donna said, the mercenary who’d recently appeared didn’t seem to bring any monster materials with him back. That was why Peyrouse suspected that the untouched Bone Collector’s remains were also the work of the mercenary.

Hearing rumors being talked by Peyrouse and the mid-rank adventurer, the rumor-loving adventurers who had been drinking at the tavern gathered around them one by one, and began exchanging information about this and that. It was as if they all felt, that it was time for shady stories and off-topic chats.

So, another adventurer joined the conversation.

“You guys are having an interesting conversation. Let me join. So, did you really see him diving alone?”

It was a man named Fausto. He was the leader of a rare party that managed to get beyond the 30th floor. Even after passing middle age, he was still active. In short, he was an expert who was still diving into labyrinths day by day, and also wouldn’t mind giving advice to mid-rank and low-rank parties.

“I watched his battles with orcs and ghouls, but with only a halberd on his hand, it took him less than five seconds to cut a group of orcs to pieces.”

Peyrouse recalled the battle he had seen in the labyrinth. The mercenary he had seen was unbelievably fast and accurate in every blow, and although he was using a halberd which wasn’t suited for close range, it didn’t matter. Any monster in sight would be sent lifeless to the ground.

“Only a halberd, huh? That’s amazing.”

Fausto let out words of admiration.

The mid-rank adventurer, hearing this then said in a teasing tone.

“Even Fausto-san, who can dive beyond the 30th floor, can do the same thing, right? Well, it’s a story from Peyrouse’s party, so isn’t it better to take it with a grain of salt?”

Leake and Donna puffed out their cheeks at the words of the mid-level adventurer and tried to complain. But, Peyrouse calmed down the two angry ones and listened to the conversation of the adventurers puzzling over the identity of the mercenary, who was said to have dived into the labyrinth alone.

“Someone from the Forest Alliance? Or a trainee from the Republic?”

“From the story, he doesn’t seem to be a warrior monk though? I mean, he’s using halberd, right?”

“Might be a soldier from somewhere then…”

“Either way, diving in alone means that he has a reason or he’s just a weirdo. Or maybe, he’s just a battle maniac?”

“Who knows? Wait… if I remember correctly, I think one of the northern countries has a similar type of armor that he wears.”

“Well, whoever he is. As long as he doesn’t disturb our work, it’s fine. Rather, he’s been helping us get rid of some riddance. Better hope that he stays alive for a long time. Let’s toast for it.“


In the end, the gathered adventurers drank only a toast without getting an answer about the ‘mysterious’ mercenary.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 116

116. Chapter 116

Wedged between the armored sole and the ground, the skull creaked under the pressure and threatened to crack. As Walm shifted his weight, it finally hit its limit and shattered, scattering dirty-white fragments across the floor. Without paying attention to his feet, he squinted as he saw something crawling in the darkness. It was a skeleton that had lost its lower body and one of its arms. With its only remaining arm, it tried to walk toward Walm.

The skeleton wasn’t originally crawling on the ground. It was roaming with three others of the same kind. Those four skeletons met Walm and launched an assault on him, only to meet his anger. Three were destroyed and the last one was now approaching in such a pathetic state.

The bare phalanges caught the half-boots, but at the same time, the bottom part of the halberd pierced the skull and finished it completely.

“This floor sure takes a lot of time.”

According to the information Walm had received from the receptionist, there were only undead monsters on the 11th to 15th floors, creatures that had often been made enemies on the battlefield. After all, on battlefields, where life and death coexist, there was no shortage of corpses, and every time they were mishandled, they would always appear not long after.

The skeletons that Walm had smashed until just now would still be able to move, even if the cervical spine was severed, as long as the skull was safe. And even if part of the skull was damaged, in many cases, that wasn’t enough to forcibly stop them from moving.

Walm’s solution was simple. He’d crush the skull with the axe blade of the halberd, or incapacitate the limbs before delivering a final blow. Sure, it was a lot of work, but it didn’t take that long. Really, the problem wasn’t that.

“As expected, they all were drawn to me…”

Walm had experienced the fact that once a battle began in the labyrinth, monsters would gather around him, to the point that he was sick of them.

Up to the 10th floor, the population of labyrinth challengers was large, and so, monsters scattered for them, but after the 10th floor, the ratio was reversed. It wasn’t that there was nothing sweet to bring back, but it was simply because of the increasing degree of danger, so citizens, who only wanted to get their daily meals and only had a certain amount of confidence in their fighting skills, wouldn’t risk themselves, leaving only adventurers and labyrinth explorers from other countries.

Anyway, not long after the breaking of the bones, a strong putrid smell irritated the nostrils, and perhaps the sound of the broken bones was the reason that “they” emerged from the darkness one by one.

“Ghouls again?”

Ghoul… was a corpse whose skin was partially melted and decayed, and under which a dark brown color slowly appeared. And up to the middle of the face was rotten.

Such monsters with hollow eyeholes without eyelids faced Walm. As they stained the labyrinth with putrid juice, three of them ran toward Walm, stretching out their swollen arms as if thirsting for the living. Normally one would expect an undead to move slowly, but they were more agile than they looked.

The temporal region of the ghoul, which was literally jumping into Walm, was cut in half by a quick horizontal slash using a halberd. And just like that, it crashed into the wall of the labyrinth as it spun wildly.

Without hesitation, Walm thrust the halberd into the next approaching ghoul with a slight delay. A simple thrust without much power put in.

The ghoul’s throat was skewered, still, it didn’t stop moving forward. However, now all Walm had to do was hold the halberd on his waist and take a stance, then, it would naturally and irrevocably go into the axe blade, cutting itself.

The ghoul was letting out grunts and spitting out a foul stench. But, as expected it didn’t stop. Even its crooked teeth were still carving for Walm’s blood, trying to shred his flesh.

“You want me so bad huh?”

Walm twisted the handle of the halberd, rotating the axe blade that had penetrated the ghoul’s neck, twisting off its head.

Pulling back the outstretched halberd, he briefly repositioned it and took aim at the last ghoul.

The tip that entered from under the jaw violently closed the open, filthy mouth, breaking off the upper and lower teeth. It pierced the hard palate and reached the brain, just as Walm had intended.

Now, only an entire weight of the lifeless ghoul hung on the spearhead of the halberd. And when Walm knocked over the halberd, it slipped out of the blade that had bitten into it and quietly fell silently to the ground.

Fortunately, Walm wasn’t bathed in putrid liquid, no, it didn’t even reach his body at all, but there was nothing he could do to stop the smell from spreading.

But unfortunately, the halberd he had been using to fight had some of that filthy liquid on it, and it felt like it had been thoroughly contaminated. Every time Walm swung the halberd back and forth a few times, reddish-brown liquid flew around.

The undead floors were unpopular, perhaps because of their danger, as well as the stench and creepiness of the monsters.

Walm was alone, and he only used the halberd to kill the ghoul. If he was in a party and some members used blunt weapons or magic to fight, he would inevitably be bathed in smelly blood, and ghouls defeated by the allies might also spread foul fluids to him.

Good or bad, Walm’s sense of smell was dulling down. If he didn’t keep his alertness, he might get distracted by the smell. It might be fine here, but by the time he reached the safe room on the end of the 15th floor or was back to the surface, he would have a hard time completely avoiding the silent frustration that the labyrinth challengers would give him.

The deeper Walm advanced, the more corpses piled up. Occasionally, traces of battle remained, and although adventurers and Walm passed each other, there was no interference. They merely glanced at each other before moving away from each other as a matter of course. After all, that was supposed to be the etiquette in the labyrinth.

Through the same unchanging passageway, Walm entered a large room, of which there should be only a few in the labyrinth. By Walm’s rule of thumb, this was usually a gathering place for monsters, with coins and old weapons scattered about, but this time was different.

“Is this all of them for today’s welcome party?”

Two ghouls and two undead wolves, even though their blood shouldn’t be circulating properly anymore, stood there with a foul stench and a voice leaking out.

In the middle of them stood a monster that seemed to be the leader of this group.

“?? What kind of monster is that?”

The unidentified monster was also undead, and there was no doubt that it belonged to the species of skeletons, but its shape was alien to Walm’s eyes. It had horns wrapped around its human head. And its left arm was a rib-like shield with a wolf’s skull at the tip. Its right hand was shaped like a lance made by three intertwined spines. The lower half of its body was also unfathomably thick for a skeleton that couldn’t be said a weak point anymore. Above all, the color of the bones was strongly reminiscent of the bone weapons he’d seen in the equipment shop, and also of the Greenhorn’s weapon.

As he looked at it, Walm searched his memory, and the explanation of the undead floors he received from the female receptionist came to mind.

He remembered she had said that sometimes a rare species might appear. Sure it had a low appearance rate, but the rare monster was strong enough to make a party that should have no problem reaching the 15th floor, rather choose to escape than fight it.

” ‘Bone Collector’ huh?”

Walm, who mentioned the name of a rare species that was a mixture of multiple skeletons and dark slimes, tried to turn back the way he had come, but he was too late. Without any warning, the five charged toward Walm at the same time, as if they had colluded beforehand. Even the four which were supposed to be normal species were remarkably faster than usual.

Abandoning the option of routing, the gears of his brain were switched to fight mode. Walm didn’t have the guts to save his cards against an unknown opponent. In order to overturn the numerical disadvantage, the first move was more important than anything else, and more firepower than just a normal attack would be a better move. So he shot the mana that he had kneaded in an instant and sent the manifested fireball toward the undead.

The flame, which fully demonstrated its effectiveness, shook the air and scorched the surroundings.

Not only that, but the two ghouls, unable to dodge, scattered their entire bodies in explosive flames, turning them into torches that lit up the room. Still, it wasn’t what Walm wanted.

The two undead wolves and the Bone Collector managed to slip through the explosive flames with their leg strength.

“They’re fast”

Unlike the bone collector who was positioned in front, the two undead wolves changed their position from side to back, as if they wanted to check the blind spot and disperse the concentration. It was amazing that so much intelligence came from a head that had been reduced to bone and hollowed out. Really, how could they think of such movements?

In any case, Walm wasn’t so stupid as to just sit and wait in front of the approaching crisis.

Looking at the development on the left and right, the chance of easily defeating each one of them had increased. Of course, it would be the Bone Collector’s job to prevent it, but still, Walm possessed the ability to do it.

The speed of the undead wolf on one side, which hind legs should have been scorched as it passed through the explosive flames, was slowing down.

As Walm kicked the ground sideways and gained acceleration from wind attribute magic, he closed the gap in one fell swoop. The undead wolf seemed to have sensed that it might be the end for them and quickly turned around on the spot, but the axe blade of the halberd crushed the skull faster before it could dodge.

Without even having time to get drunk with a sense of accomplishment, Walm drew a half-turn with his body using his left foot as the pivoting.

At the same time, the Bone Collector had already thrust the black lance toward him.

Reading the trajectory approaching his chest, Walm pushed the handle of the halberd up and deflected the trajectory upward.

Just like that, the bone lance passed through the side of his head.

Quickly Walm bent down and tried to get past the Bone Collector’s left flank. But, its shield-like left arm was thrust out trying to block. Even so, it wasn’t fast enough to catch him. It should be the case.


However, the wolf’s skull, which Walm thought to be nothing more than just a bad shield ornament, opened its jaws and tried to bite off his shoulder.

Trying to get some distance, Walm jumped backward, but was pursued by a lance. Quickly thrusting the halberd as if to oppose it, the hardened bone spear and the halberd clashed and continued to repel each other.

But it didn’t last long.

While continuing the exchange of offense and defense, the undead wolf aimed at Walm’s ankle.

“You’re in the way.”

Walm pushed back the Bone Collector along with the lance, and immediately pulled his halberd back, prepared the halberd around his torso, pouring mana and swinging it up. The undead wolf that was scooped up by his 《Strike》 was cut from the tip of the nose, and the corpse slid vigorously on the floor. The unstoppable 《Strike》 also slashed the lance that Bone Collector slammed overhead.

Quickly, Walm flipped his wrists back and slammed his halberd as if chopping wood.


The Bone Collector tried to defend with the rib-like shield, but the shield was cut through. The axe blade of the halberd bit into the right shoulder and came out from the left hip. The upper body slid down, and the lower body fell after a short delay.

Walm checked the body of the Bone Collector with his numb fingers. What he felt wasn’t that of bone, but something as hard as iron armor. If it wasn’t for 《Strike》, he wouldn’t have been able to cut the Bone Collector so cleanly.

In fact, the Bone Collector attempted a final resistance with the rib-like shield, but Walm knocked down his halberd with a skill. That was why he won the match. Otherwise, a different ending might have happened there.

“I was forced to use magic, and even skill…”

Although the Bone Collector was clearly a monster on a different level compared to the rest of those on this floor, the consumption of mana on the 13th floor was a miscalculation even for Walm. Truly, a painful reality that he must accept.

Walm, who shifted from unnecessary thought, crouched down to rummage around and found a faint glow reflecting the light of the luminous moss in the soot-black bone fragments. He then moved the fragments away with a dagger.

“A large gold coin? At the very least, I’m able to avoid a complete loss.”

Sure, Walm had enough gold coins to feed a few people for a year, still, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief for getting something out of killing the troublesome Bone Collector.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 115

115. Chapter 115

In a room shrouded in darkness, not letting any sunlight in, in the center of that closed room, a man sitting low in a leather chair looked down at a woman crawling on the floor. The woman’s red hair was dull and damaged, but there were no visible injuries on her body. Even so, the woman’s complexion was paler than that of a sick person, as if about to collapse at any moment.

It was clear that the cause was the man in front of her. The woman was terrified of him from the bottom of her heart, trembling like a child after having a nightmare. On the other hand, the man was enjoying himself, holding a cigar in his mouth in a way as if nothing was in his sight.

The fragrance spread along with the exhaled purple smoke. As the room filled with such fragrance, the man finally shifted his gaze to the woman and slowly opened his mouth.

“I’ve received information from a prostitute who has an employee of an equipment shop as a regular. Seems like a man came to sell a large number of weapons there. And his characteristics match your information. He must be the guy who killed my younger brother…”

The man smoked the cigar again and paused for a while before continuing his words.

“Giusto wasn’t that stupid, but sure, he was a hot-tempered guy. Besides that, he also didn’t have much power to boast. Really, a stupid younger brother of mine. But in this f*cking shitty world, blood ties are unbreakable. You know that too, right? Lycka.”

Lycka, a woman who had come here from the magical silver mine in a rush, nodded her head many times to the man’s words, which sounded as if a master scolding a bad pupil.

“Seems like he managed to teach his subordinates well. I’m not a demon, so as this is the first time, I’ll forgive you… In order to repay the favor for getting you out of the brothel, you even brought the report of my enemies back like this. Really courageous, aren’t you? That should be it, otherwise, I’d have given you to the poor people for free, or fed you to the rats in the underground waterways.”

Lycka knew that the man in front of him, Giesel, wasn’t just spouting a mere threat. In order to climb to the top of the underworld, especially in Belgana, the Labyrinth City, which had a large slum that spread outside the gate, the man had used every kind of evil means.

“Just as you said, seems like he’s not your average guy. After all, he managed to kill Digor just by himself. Also has a skill that works in a wide range, to the point where it was enough to give Dalimarx, who was outnumbered, a victory… But, in the end, he’s breathing air, shedding blood, like other humans, right? That younger brother of mine, his way was wrong. Sure, using power to deal with that guy in a straightforward manner, was excellent. Simple, yet has an immediate effect… Instant result if done correctly. Such a way isn’t without risk after all.”

Assault, threats, murder, the list went on and on, by such evil means the man had buried any enemies into the ground. Lycka was also complicit in some of them. Sending the fingers of the family, burning the skin to make them spit out information, and even peeling off the skin and sticking it on the street as examples, still, all of those were among the cute methods. Otherwise, in the underworld of the city with a light called the labyrinth, where myriad malice wriggling in the dark, Giesel wouldn’t be able to stand at the top of the dark side of such a place.

“Inns, bars, places that he goes in and out frequently… hobbies, tastes, goals, anything’s fine. Gather information as much as you can. This is the first step, the start.”

Although Giesel was good at violence, he wasn’t the best. In Labyrinth City, where people and things were the most diverse even within the archipelago, except for the main island, information was still the most important thing. For that reason, he used not only violence but also a carrot-and-stick approach, and had many associate members and collaborators. From former prostitutes like Lycka, to active prostitutes, servants of nobles, and even guild staff, his information network was wide. Aristocrats who struggled for power in the Labyrinth City, even the underworld of other countries would find value in Giesel and thus formed a cooperative relationship with him.

Of course, Giesel wasn’t the only one who was feared by not only Lycka but also those who were living in the dark side of this city. The old man covered in a robe who stood behind Giesel and was looking up at Lycka, was also feared.

“Once your honor gets tainted, it sticks with you forever. You need to shake it off completely, Giesel.”

“Yeah, I know. Old man, you’ve told me that, over and over again.”

The owner of a dead tree-like old body, with only bones and skin standing out, was the one who picked up Giesel and Giusto when they were young, scavenging for garbage in the slum, and taught them how to scheme and use violence until they became rulers of the underworld. As far as Lycka knew, he was a ‘monster’ who had been lurking in the slum for more than fifty years, sometimes committing grisly incidents and massacres. Despite his decaying body, for some reason, his eyes, only his eyes, were sparkling and didn’t look as if they had lost any vitality.

“Now, go. It’s time to work!”

Right after Giesel’s shout, his minions left the room all at once.

In that way, malice nurtured by the dirty and muddy side of the Labyrinth City was about to creep on one man.

Walm, who had restored his energy, threw himself into the labyrinth earnestly. The 1st to 5th floors which he inspected carefully the day before were passed in fast since he didn’t need to suppress his movement speed, and so he advanced all the way to the 6th floor.

The floor up to now was called the surface layer even among the lower floors, and it was nothing more than a place where even commoners who were after meat, fur, rare coins, and any kind of equipment could dive in and conquer. Even a novice adventurer would ridicule those floors as a playground for kids.

On the 6th floor, not only goblins but also multiple orcs appeared. Although mixed, they might appear in a group of 4. It was too much for the common people, who depended on the difference in numbers to obtain resources. And so, the bustle one could find below the 5th floor was lost in instant. On the other hand, any monsters that Walm met were full of vitality and annoyed the hell out of him.

Not only monsters, but also the number of battles, and in every battle, he must think of how to reduce the numbers as they were closing in distance. Even if Walm had no trouble killing them, since he was always surrounded by a group, his equipment might get damaged and if careless, his body might even get hurt, he must fight without any skill after all, so as to not get exhausted fast. Also, for that reason, it was essential to reduce the number of enemies by killing them with one blow after another.

Anyway, turning the monsters into nutrients for the labyrinth, Walm dived deeper. It was on the 9th floor that there was a clear difference.

“Now you start to take advantage of civilization huh?”

Until then, Walm had only witnessed primitive equipment, but here came Orcs armed with metal. Based on the progress, it made a lot of sense. Still, the swords and spears were so rusty that anyone could tell that they were on the verge of breaking, but they were definitely made of iron.

That meant, blood would overflow if it got into the gaps of the armor, and if it got into a vital point, it would cause serious injury.

The jump in difficulty also happened on the 4th floor. So Walm concluded that the floor before the floor with a transfer room was about one level tougher compared to the monsters up until then.

Three orcs rushed in, two spear-wielding orcs leading the way, and the remaining one following the two was wielding a mace.

As if to reply to the enthusiastic greeting, Walm also ran at them.

One of the spears came in a slam, and the remaining one was a thrust. The movement speed was fast, but Walm, who saw the trajectory early, quickly tilted his body. He caught the sound of the spear hitting the ground that failed to catch him, and caught the other spear that was approaching in front of him with his halberd.


The spear thrust by the second orc was deflected overhead, and just like that, together with the arm, it flew into the air. Walm inserted the spear tip of the halberd into the orc’s body. Ripping through the flesh, smashing through the ribs, to finally reaching the heart. Felling it, Walm immediately twisted his hand and pulled it out. The orc spat out death agony and blood, before finally dying.

“Such a busy day!”

From the side, the other spear-wielding orc swung the spear horizontally as if to take revenge. Along with that, the last orc slammed a mace from the front.

Walm sunk his lower body while twisting his upper body. The mace grazed his face, and the sweeping spear passed over his head.

No time should be given to let the orcs regroup.

Gripping the ground with the soles of his shoes, Walm stabbed the mace-wielding orc. The spear tip entered from under the chin, accurately severing the orc’s artery, and the blood spurted out and colored the ground.

“The rest is only you”

After being threatened from behind, the last orc still, which didn’t fall into the threat, boldly held the spear in a thrust stance and rushed towards Walm.

Utilizing the twisting momentum, the halberd drawn out horizontally cut off half of the spear and one of the orc’s hands.

The orc then tried to utilize nothing but a wooden stick with the other remaining arm, but stepping further meant letting itself go into Walm’s attack range. So, the halberd gladly welcomed the prey, and the claw-like blade of the halberd cut off the neck, reaping its life. The orc staggered a few steps closer, but in spite of the efforts, it fell down to the ground.

“Not only sword and mace, but also spear? What’s next?”

Facing these kinds of weapons meant that, losing too much energy to exert physical strength and lack of concentration could lead even Walm to death. He had been trying to preserve his mana to save energy, so he didn’t use any magic or skills. Even so, he was forced to use them. This reality that he was having a hard time getting through the low-rank floors alone, more so without using any of them, hit him hard.

“……No, you can’t falter, you can’t stop. Remember, what did you come to the labyrinth for…”

Walm realized that the labyrinth was also a battlefield. Just that, it was a different kind from the battlefield he knew very well as a soldier.

Once again, he must pass through the deadly ground. And in that kind of place, there were no shortcuts.

There was no choice but to pile up the corpses one by one, while vomiting blood, while the spirit kept weathering down.

But, such was how Walm had survived in this world up to now. So, he didn’t need to change his way here.

After putting the blunt weapon, a memento from the orc, into the magic bag, Walm quietly continued his exploration of the labyrinth.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 114

114. Chapter 114

In a room with a group of goblins, the leading goblin, which throat was torn open with the halberd, was still trying to approach Walm while spitting blood. It was like a drowning man clutching at a straw. What a futile struggle

The other two also rushed at Walm. They all really had a lot of guts. Those he met outside the labyrinth weren’t like that.

Walm loosened his stance, swinging his arms down and moving his upper body as he pulled his legs back. The goblin’s arms encompassed the space Walm had just been in. He rotated his hips and struck the side of the goblin’s head with the lower part of his halberd

As the feeling of shattered bones transmitted over, Walm glanced at the goblin rolling backwards, not even moving, and immediately turned his attention to the other two goblins.

Walm swung the halberd up from the lower left as if to pick it up. One of the goblins was cut in half from waist to shoulders and fell helplessly to the ground.

The last goblin swung a club around, but it didn’t even graze Walm, who used the fresh corpse as a shield. Then he struck the head with his halberd, knocking it to the ground.

“To get such a welcome at the first room, you’re so enthusiastic about doing your job huh? What a troublesome fella.”

Walm descended to the fifth floor and received an enthusiastic welcome in the first small room. After dancing with three goblins, he looked down the passages. There were three forks, but he didn’t know which one to take yet. It wasn’t that he lost the desire to explore. There were just too many. Too many footprints, undigested flesh, and blood. Besides, voices echoed everywhere.

“This floor, must be the low-rank hunting ground.”

Many of the commoners who dived into the labyrinth and those who were new to the dungeon were probably staying on this 5th floor to earn daily money. After all, there would be not only umami, sweet, bitter, and unpleasantness to taste, but also different flavors to taste starting from this floor. There was no doubt that monsters other than goblins, who were regarded as having a worse taste than vomit, would come out and perhaps even drop something useful.

For the time being, Walm tried to seek out the quietest passage, but after a short time, he perceived footsteps amidst the noise. Walm focused on the further front and realized the true identity of the thing waiting in the small room and gave its name.


Not only did it have a pig’s face, but it was a monster with a distended belly and height the size of a human. The orc growled at Walm, who entered the room, and hid its vital points with a club as it walked toward him. Walm lowered his back and waited. It seemed that the orc wanted to hit him with the mace, taking advantage of the weight difference.

Walm, changing his stance from a thrust to a slam, took a small step forward and slammed the halberd as soon as the orc was in range. It was a blow without 《Strike》, but it still severed the upper arm of the orc, which had risen to protect itself, and cut off part of its head. The body, which had lost control, slid inward following inertia.

Then, Walm carefully observed the corpse that sat neatly at his feet. Apart from the devastating hostility, it was no different from any normal orcs he saw outside. He had learned from his subordinates and fellow countrymen in the past that orc meat tasted delicious, but he had never tasted it, let alone had the urge to dismantle it. Never.

Roughly thinking about the procedure, it should be enough to just drain the blood and dispose of the internal organs. That much, should be able to let the meat be eaten.

Walm hesitated whether or not to dismantle it, but remembered that his purpose was to treat his eyes. In order to find the rumored cure, it was necessary to dive deep, and even maintaining the status quo required a large amount of money. The slower he progressed, the more money he would need. Besides, the hard work of dismantling the orcs in the lower levels, such a struggle, would only slow him down. He might not make it in time.

So, Walm tried to leave the room, leaving the corpse behind. But as soon as he took a step forward, he was stopped by a voice from the back. It was a party that had come into this small room during the battle with the orc. He ignored them, thinking maybe they would wait until the battle was over, but he couldn’t help but react when he was stopped.

“You’re not going to dismantle it? It’ll be swallowed by the labyrinth, you know?”

Looking at the members, Walm realized that it was that party with the greenhorn adventurer. Since when he passed them? He didn’t know.

“Yeah, I don’t need it now”

“Then, can I have it?”

Asked the adventurer holding a black bone. What a straightforward attitude.

“You, as always huh…”

“Shut your mouth, can’t you? You idiot.”

That was probably not the consensus of the party. The Bone Greenhorn was kicked in the shins, poked, and stomped on the feet. Truly, a wonderful collaboration. Even if they did it on purpose, it was much funnier than a story from a drunkard in the tavern.

Walm shook off the blood clinging to his halberd and faced them properly.

“We must’ve bothered you, right? We’re sorry.”

“Oi, you too, apologize quickly.”

“I’m sorry, I was tempted by a demon, I couldn’t control myself, please forgive me.”

Walm raised the corners of his mouth slightly at the people who stepped back apologetically.

“You can have it. Do whatever you want.”

Perhaps the words that Walm muttered were so surprising that they all froze with a look of utter astonishment.

“Oh, ah, umm, thank you very much.”

An adventurer who seemed to be the leader, who returned to reality faster than others, thanked Walm.


After Walm left the room, the party began dismantling the orc.

Glancing behind, he saw the spear bearer and sword bearer staring at each passage.

They’re good at using numbers…

Walm was convinced that it was a good move of using party members. And at the same time realized that although he would be going to challenge the labyrinth every day from now on, he had relaxed on day one.

Not good. I must be more vigilant…

Walm thought that if he couldn’t be as vigilant as before, he could have his flesh and soul taken away in the labyrinth. So, he increased his vigilance even more and went through the passage.

After crossing paths with several parties and fighting less than ten battles with monsters, Walm arrived at a strange large square. In a space where even 100 people could keep their distance, many people were sitting down and resting. It must be what they called the ’transfer room’, which was said to exist every five floors, also known as the ‘safe room’.

A similar passage extended on the opposite of the one which Walm passed.

Must be leading to the stairs to go down deeper…

Looking around the safe room, Walm spotted a door from which no one was coming out. He opened the door to confirm.

The black hole Walm had jumped into on the ground was enshrined in the center. It seemed to be the hole that would send anyone back to the surface.

In addition to the female receptionist’s suggestion, he had finished his initial inspection of the labyrinth. He was reluctant to dive into the black hole again, but there was no reason to stay.

With a small sigh, Walm jumped into the hole and entrusted himself to the jet-black.

Like before, the darkened field of vision cleared after a short time. But this time, Walm was welcomed by a guard. He had returned to the surface.

Passing the guard, Walm climbed up the slope and continued down the corridor. Several junctions and rooms of unknown purposes followed, but he continued straight ahead without making any detours.

The crowd of people gradually increased until Walm finally reached the waiting area. He immediately went to the female receptionist who gave him advice.

“So, it seems you are able to return safely. Welcome back.”

The female receptionist welcomed Walm with a carefree smile.

“Thanks to you. Your advice, was very helpful.”

“Thank you for being modest, but it must have sounded like an annoying nag.”

“My knowledge about labyrinths is scarce. I’m honestly grateful.”

“Fufu, to hear you say that, it makes me happy.”

After returning the tally and receiving the security deposit, Walm left the labyrinth. He had deepened his knowledge of the labyrinth and completed his initial inspection. The rest was just buying supplies for the next dive.

By the time the sun began to set, Walm had finished purchasing the necessary supplies and sought out the cheap inn favored by novice adventurers to rest.

The room was separated by an ultra-thin partition board, and it was a room where one adult could put luggage and lie down. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that it had only depth but not width. The snoring of the neighbors and the laughter of drunk adventurers penetrated through the cracks of the partition.

Walm closed his eyelids to soothe his aching eyes. He had finally arrived here, even if he hadn’t gotten what he wanted. This, was only the beginning after all. From now on, he must dive through the black hole, and go deeper and deeper. The depth where countless challengers were defeated and dreamed of reaching and conquering in order to gain fame. There, might lay his aim. Both physically and mentally must be prepared, neither being weak nor being spoiled would be allowed.

Suppressing his excited self, whether his mind and body wanted it or not, Walm slowly forced his consciousness to be swallowed by the darkness.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 113

113. Chapter 113

Without long, the darkened field of vision, dark enough to lose one’s sense of balance, cleared up. Luckily, Walm’s feet grasped firmly on the unknown ground. He was welcomed by the unknown area where it was hard to say that the visibility was good, but on the ground, walls, and ceiling grew clumps of luminous moss that illuminated the surrounding.

‘Traces of the Gods interfering with the world’, ‘The playground of the Gods’, and ‘The world outside of reason’, were the exaggerated names that Walm had learned when investigating the labyrinth. He couldn’t even laugh at those who gave such names. Even for Walm, who was accustomed to a different world with some different principles, this place was just too different.

That being said, Walm was neither a scholar nor a researcher who was itching to unravel the mysteries of the world nor who would not be satisfied to simply pass over them without trying to unravel them. Above all, worrying about the mystery of the labyrinth more than necessary would only slow him down. He had already experienced a world where different laws and principles applied, so he was open-minded enough not to get confused at every single moment like this.

Breathed repeatedly to calm the excitement.

After his body regained its mobility, Walm listened to the footsteps of those who had gone before him. It shouldn’t have been long since the preceding adventurers had jumped into the black hole, but he couldn’t see them. He lowered his hips and searched around his feet, but there was no brand new trace to be seen.

Considering the information, Walm got his brain into gears.

“Are the start points separated?”

Otherwise, the labyrinth challengers sent in one after another will create a traffic jam.

I wonder how big this place is...

Considering the amount of supplies that commoners without military service or war experience could carry on their backs, and considering the fact they could return from the low-rank floors, it should be possible to traverse in a day at the longest, or less than half a day at the shortest. At least, that was what Walm thought.

Also, considering the equipment of the adventurer party with the greenhorn, even Walm alone should be able to deal with the enemy in this area. Although Walm was never complacent about his own combat abilities, he understood very well how far he could push himself because of his long combat experience.

Walm readied his halberd and started walking down the passage.

The ceiling was unusually high, and the passage was wide enough for two wagons to easily pass through. The passage led to a small room, from which several new passages appeared. After choosing one of them, there was the same passage and the same small room. After repeating this procedure several times, Walm could roughly grasp the structure of this low-rank floor.

Basically, it resembled a grid pattern. The lines were passages, the intersections were small rooms, and some paths were cut off and became dead ends. The ground was mixed with pebbles and fallen luminous moss, and also, weeds which seemed to be struggling to survive.

Again, Walm left the small room and walked through the passage. This time, however, he noticed a shadow approaching from the front. The pattering sound of footsteps was somewhat silly, it didn’t fit the atmosphere of the labyrinth, and on the contrary, it was even eerier. So when Walm braced himself, the figure of the shadow emerged.


The appearance of a familiar monster didn’t change even in the labyrinth. It was a humanoid monster, about the height of a child, and had canine teeth more developed than those of humans. Its ears were smaller and more pointed than a human’s, and its skin was still pimply and green. Among low-ranking monsters, it was smart enough to run away if it was put in a disadvantageous situation. It was supposed to be.

However, the goblin that saw Walm rushed towards him, perhaps feeling the domination by powerful individuals and different species. The goblin’s state was similar to a frenzied state under the Great Outbreak.

Walm, who had lowered his hips, thrust his halberd at the goblin which lunged at him. The tip of the spear part of the halberd bit in and the goblin’s head danced freely in the air, before bouncing around on the floor several times.

Without relaxing, Walm vigilantly searched for signs of the surroundings, but there were no further attacks.

“Well, yeah, it’s just one goblin.”

Walm, who had loosened his stance, approached the corpse. Just to be sure, he poked at its heart, but there was no reaction. It was a bare-handed goblin, wearing nothing and not even possessing a weapon. Then he examined the damaged head, which was also no different from what he knew.

“Did it attack because I got close to a certain distance? Or just that it was wandering around?… I guess both.”

After finishing his investigation, Walm tried to leave the place, but a new sign was approaching. Must be a monster lured by the sounds of battle.

Must be another goblin

――Walm hesitated whether to intercept or not, but chose to flee. He wasn’t crazy enough to get pleasure in killing naked goblins.

It wasn’t even an edible monster, and even if the corpses could be pulverized and turned into fertilizer, it wasn’t enough to make him actively hunt for it.

Walm quickly left the place while suppressing the sound of his footsteps.

After crossing a few passages and small rooms, he stopped and looked for signs. There didn’t seem any pursuit as he had feared.

Even after that, Walm, who continued his exploration by mowing down the weak spots of the few unfortunate goblins he encountered, arrived at a room different from the one he had been used to, and found something.


The stairs were wide open, as if telling him to go down.

Walm probed the floor and railings with his halberd and poked around, but there was no change. So, he obediently descended the stairs.

Footsteps echoed, but no other sounds were mixed. After going down about 100 steps, he arrived at a room he had grown tired of seeing.

“If it’s like this, there’s no choice than walking around again to look for stairs.”

Lightly hit the shoulder with the handle of the halberd as saying so.

Walm remembered the information he got. He was told that the deeper one went down, the tougher the enemy would become.

And sure enough, as if to confirm it, a goblin appeared in front of Walm, who had braced himself, but this time, with a club in its hand.

“You learned how to use a club huh.”

Walm said admiringly. It was really a great growth after all.

Holding the club high in the air, the goblin approached.

Walm stuck his halberd in respect of its bravery. The sharply extended halberd point decapitates the goblin’s neck just as before.

The club that the goblin was holding in its hand made a crunching noise and fell to the floor. So pathetic.

Walm picked up the club and swung it several times. Better quality than he expected. Even with the physical strength of a goblin, if hit repeatedly, it might be possible to crush a melon or even a human head.

Stowed the first memento into his magic bag. If it became a waste of space, it could be used as fuel for a bonfire.

After that, Walm casually cut down the goblins that stand in his way. To put it bluntly, it wasn’t hard enough to even called it a fight. He killed about seven goblins and dived further down.

Walm braced himself to see what kind of monster he would meet after the descent this time.

Walking through, it wasn’t just a single footstep that could be heard from the passage.

“Pressing by numbers huh? Certainly not a bad idea.”

Two goblins swung their clubs and rushed in. As if giving proof that he had gotten used to decapitating goblins, Walm unleashed his halberd like before to kill one.

The other goblin rushed over without flinching at the death of its partner. For some reason, it was too obsessed with Walm. He retracted the halberd and swung it to the approaching goblin’s neck, smashing through its spinal cord. With most of the neck severed, the goblin simply continued to spasm, staining the floor with the blood spurting from its arteries.

Walm moved forward as if nothing happened.

Perhaps because it was the floor where multiple goblins attacked at once, the sound of battle accompanied by roars resounded out of nowhere.

It must be a party that came to hunt in the low-rank floors. Walm hadn’t encountered any yet, but he learned at the tavern that Orcs and Silver Wolves were popular on the low-rank floors. The reason was that, Orcs were good for meat, and silver wolf pelts could be sold for a good price. Although, it was impossible to reach the floor where the monsters they preyed on would appear, without killing the goblins that appeared on the way.

In principle, fighting together with more than five people was prohibited. It wasn’t something the guild liked to set rules for, but it was established based on the major principles written on the stone tablets that were excavated when the labyrinth was discovered, also by the result of testing sacrifice. Something always happened when more than five people went together. Although the details were unknown, it was said that the parties that broke that rule had never returned to the surface.

It was also stated in the rules that were given by the receptionist for Walm to read. Basically, it wasn’t recommended to get close to any fighting party. In short, nothing good would come out of breaking the rules. So, Walm decided to move away from the sounds of battle.

Right when Walm crossed the dim passage and stepped into a small room, he found something strange on the ground.

At the end of his gaze lay a goblin that had been defeated by the challenger before him. It wasn’t much different from the goblins that Walm had been playing with until then, just that, it was as if half of its body had melted into the labyrinth and was about to be fully swallowed.

“Is it the labyrinth’s self-cleaning action? It’s like digestion.”

It wasn’t just monsters. Abandoned weapons, armor, and even human corpses would be swallowed up by the labyrinth. It wasn’t certain if dying in a labyrinth would take even the souls, but this spectacle had a certain amount of persuasive power for it.

Feeling an indescribable eerie atmosphere, Walm slipped past the liquefied corpses and hurried ahead.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 112

112. Chapter 112 – First step into the Labyrinth

Crossing the cobblestones, Walm passed through the unlocked door. An atrium and a line of arches made of white marble welcomed him.

A light flickered in his field of vision, making him notice the brightness even though he was supposed to be indoors. Looking up, his muddy eyes found that the ceiling window was alternately fitted with colorless transparent glass and colorful stained glass. What a clever way of capturing the natural light from outside.

“Speaking of labyrinths, I’ve an image of a dirty place but..”

Looking at the pillars, at noon it seemed to be daylighting, and at night it seemed to switch to magic stones or luminous moss lanterns as the lighting. The lantern hanging had a design that didn’t impair the overall design.

Even though it was a splendid creation, Walm couldn’t keep admiring it forever and so he proceeded to the next step.

The wave of people who used to move in the same direction had scattered, and there were even small groups standing still with their backs leaning against the pillars. Walm also occupied one of them, observing the current.

According to the information that Walm obtained at the tavern, the owner of the Great Labyrinth of Belgana was the Marquis Borgia family, but most of the operation was entrusted to the adventurer’s guild, which was deemed to be good at managing labyrinths and had a lot of management know-how.

In fact, the door with the sign 「ADVENTURER’S GUILD BELGANA BRANCH」 attracted the most people.

Also, it seemed that there were multiple entrances to the labyrinth, and the exact number hadn’t been revealed. In order to avoid waiting in line, there were various entrances for nobles and respectable guests from other countries, and Walm was told with an envious tone that only high-ranking adventurers were allowed to use them.

Furthermore, it seemed that there was even a special salon set up for those in power and high-ranking adventurers, functioning as a meeting place to gain connections and employment.

The adventurers who’re dressing up like nobles must have been influenced by that special gathering…

After finishing his observation, Walm lifted his hips off the pillar he was leaning on and started walking. Although adventurers had some privileges, those who came to challenge the labyrinth weren’t all adventurers and powerful people. Commoners dreaming of getting rich quickly were also active on the low-rank floor. And, Walm was also going there to check it out. He already set that as his first aim.

Although the farm tools such as hatchets and hoes were wrapped in a cloth to avoid letting out the sharp part, Walm didn’t overlook those. The owners, who seemed to be commoners, walked forward with tense faces. Walm quietly followed after them, and stepped deeper and deeper into the building.

“…… I see.”

The destination seemed to be the entrance of the labyrinth, which was probably for the common people. The more getting deeper, the more the elegance was dropping down. Probably, it was the oldest area of this building that had undergone repeated extensions and renovations. Compared to the entrance, the damage progressed as getting deeper, scraping out the elegant design. Even so, compared to the fortress of the Highserk Empire where soldiers got food, clothing, and shelter, it was still in a much better condition.

As they keep walking, they finally arrived in a room that should be okay called a large square with a high ceiling. It was probably used for breaks and meetings.

There were shops for weapons and consumable items, and there were even vendors selling snacks. There were many desks and chairs with different designs, and there were even those that were originally of high quality. What a really easy thing to guess. Those must have been old items sold in another waiting area.

“Listen carefully, if you’re targeted, run away and lure it to the spear holder.”

“I’ve got a new backpack. Now I can stuff meat and whatever more.”

“Haha, even though you won’t even use half of it, you bought such a big one huh.”

“Oi, there’s sauce on your clothes.”

“I know. It’s on purpose. When I’m hungry, I’ll lick it.”


The waiting area was really full of “dignified and graceful” people. In this “elegant” atmosphere, Walm might be able to dance without any trouble.

At what seemed to be the reception area, the adventurer’s guild staff and the challengers to the labyrinth exchanged money for a badge of proof in form of a tally.

Walm went to the receptionist when it was about time the line of people was running out.

“I want to enter the labyrinth.”

Walm, who didn’t know what the correct thing was, made the first move in a straightforward manner without relying on poor tricks.

“Ummー, aren’t you in the wrong place?”

While hiding the turmoil in his heart caused by the unexpected response from the female receptionist, Walm answered the question with a question.

“Isn’t this, the entrance to the labyrinth?”

“Well, it’s the entrance, but this, is an entrance for novice adventurers and citizens, you know? You don’t seem just a novice……”

“But I’m not an adventurer.”

“Ah, are you a mercenary? I thought you were an adventurer who came here from another city. In that case, you should register as an adventurer onc――”

“No, I don’t need it”

“Eh, ummー, it’s easier to get information about diving into the labyrinth if you belong to the adventurer’s guild, and it’s also recommended for joining a party and gathering friends. If you don’t have a criminal record, you can use the bulletin board, and also ask the guild to introduce you to other adventurers. I’m sorry but, are you alone?”

“… Yes, I’m alone.”

Walm couldn’t object to the words of the receptionist which sounded like “You don’t have any friends, do you?”.

The female receptionist who took control of the conversation continued to admonish Walm.

“There are many people who have experience in fighting by being a mercenary, but this is a labyrinth, and common sense outside doesn’t work. To put it bluntly, diving alone is suicide.”

In the Myard territory, Walm trampled the adventurers he met, although, at Dandurg Castle, his lack of power eventually drove them to their deaths. For Walm, who had survived alone, how could he accept any weak rationale to become an adventurer?

Memories of the past come back to his mind, and heat could be felt burning his eyes. Walm lowered his gaze and clenched his jaw to catch his breath.

There was an unbelievable silence in the busy waiting area.

Feeling that there might be some reason that couldn’t be helped, the serious-looking receptionist loosened up.

“It seems, there’s some kind of reason or obsession. Hufff, I don’t recommend it, but I can’t forcefully stop you either. Also, it’s not that there are zero cases like this…… it’s one small silver coin, and five copper coins. When you give this tally back, five copper coins will be given back to you. What’s your name?”

“It’s, Walm.”

The female receptionist who wrote Walm’s name in the management ledger then took a tally made of copper with a number engraved on it from under the counter, and presented it to him.

“This is a prohibited and important note. Can you read?”


“In the case of adventurers, there are also detailed seminars you know….. No, no, I’m not forcing you or anything, just saying.”

Walm looked through the stack of papers he received. The limit on the number of people and the structure within the hierarchy were written. He read it through, once again read carefully the points that interested him, and then returned it.

“Don’t push yourself too hard, and keep an eye on the overall situation on the low-rank floors. I think Walm-san, who seems to be used to fighting, will be able to come back safely. I sincerely wish for being able to meet with you again.”

With a troubled smile, the receptionist sent Walm off.

The professional receptionist must think of Walm as a nuisance. At least Walm thought so. Also, he felt guilty for spending her time and effort.

“Thank you, I’m sorry for being unreasonable.”

In response to Walm’s gratitude, the female receptionist opened her eyes wide. For looking so surprised, she must have thought of him as a rude person who couldn’t even say thank you.

“N-no, no, it’s my job, so don’t worry about it.”

Walm left the receptionist, who felt uncomfortable, and proceeded to the entrance of the labyrinth. Walm presented the tally he just received to the guard, and proceeded down a long hallway.

As going deeper, the footing material changed again. Stepping on it a few times to get the feel of it, Walm continued.

After a while, it turned into a downhill. The lanterns that stood extending from the floor were stuffed with luminous moss to illuminate the footing.

Walm felt a presence at the end of the passage that had become horizontal again. In the large room were guards, and a small group of familiar people. It was the adventurer party with the greenhorn adventurer he saw at the equipment shop. They seemed to exchange some kind of information in the center of the large room.

“Don’t let your guard down. Till when you wanna keep laughing?”

“Well, well, don’t get so worked up.”

“Today is the day. I will bring home, a whole orc.”

“Then, you can buy better armor.”

“Rather than that, it’s a weapon!”

“Bone is enough for you, right?”

The armor was the bare minimum and the weapon wasn’t so excellent. To put it bluntly, it was bad overall. Still, they looked so happy and had carefree smiles. Their eyes were shining with hope for the unseen tomorrow. The leader-like young man who noticed a gaze from behind nudged the young man in a good shape with his elbow.

“Anyway, let’s go faster, others are coming from behind.”

“Ah, right. Sorry.”

If I was born and raised in this land, I might have challenged the labyrinth with people from the same hometown, just like them…

Such thoughts crossed Walm’s mind, and he frowned as if just had eaten something bitter. He realized that it was nothing but a stupid delusion that would never happen. His eyes, also his hands were too muddy, stained and dirty to even have such a dream.

Walm, who had returned to reality, stared at the young adventurers’ backs.

“Hey, did you see? Isn’t he a mercenary from the shop? So scary.”

“Idiot, your voice is too loud.”

“Right. The bone should stay quiet.”

“Stop teasing him and let’s go.”

Thus, with one step they jumped into the labyrinth. And with that, the figure of the four disappeared.

A world of magic, a living mask, and even dragons. Walm didn’t mean to be surprised, but he just could never forget it. The “hole”, that appeared when his mouth and throat went dry.

“…Ha, haha, no way. More than anything, why it must be this unfunny joke? I thought I would go down to some sort of basement?”

Feigning composure, Walm stood on the edge and peered into the black hole.

There was pitch blackness where nothing could be seen through. It brought back memories of the world of the past. From the hole in front of him, he could feel a similarity to the hole that appeared on the last day as Takakura Raizou, a Japanese salaryman, and sucked him in.

“Who knows, perhaps after I jumped in, it’ll be that world……. Hah, stop that ridiculous delusion, can’t you?“

Walm didn’t have time to slowly organize his memories. Sensing the presence of a new group behind him, he made up his mind, kicked the ground with one of his legs up, and jumped in. The young adventurers jumped in without hesitation, and surely, he didn’t want to lose to them. Even though there might be some connection with his fate, he wasn’t that shameless of a man to be frightened here.

The world was dyed black and some touch could be felt. Really terrifying, as if being caressed by something invisible. Unfortunately, or not, Walm’s consciousness wasn’t cut, and the spreading darkness switched to dazzling light not long after.

Finally, Walm took the first step into the labyrinth.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 111

111. Chapter 111

An owner of an equipment shop was working hard to repair the goods he had just purchased.

After a while, he let go of the maintenance tools to the desk and sat down in a cozy chair to soothe his exhausted spirit.

“You seem unusually tired, what’s wrong? Did the customer just now do something?”

“No, that’s not the case. The materials used were all of the good quality. I was allowed to make a deal that wasn’t bad.”

“In spite of that, you look so exhausted….. but, that mercenary, he even had a magic bag, right? Did he take it from some noble or something? Ah… Owner, perhaps, those are all stolen goods?”

The employee clapped his hands as he said so in a joking tone. It was as if he wanted to say that ripping off a bloody mercenary would of course lead to exhaustion.

The shop owner denied the employee’s words while pressing his temples.

“Your customer service isn’t bad. You are also very attentive. That’s why I employed you, but that light mouth of yours is really a bad habit. You’re constantly inviting disaster you know.”

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I’ll try.”

Normally, the shop owner would preach politely, but the information he received from the items in front of him raised his temper and made his mouth speak harsher words than usual. After all, there were traces in a lot of products that said they had been engulfed in a raging fire. There were faint traces of burnt gloves and scorched skin oils, even though it was just on the sword.

The remaining weapons also looked well maintained, but the eyes of someone who had been dealing with weapons for many years, couldn’t be fooled. Wiped the leather grip and handle with a cloth soaked in chemicals, and burnt blood and grease, could be seen on them.

If they were collected from the ruins of a battlefield, the shop owner’s heart wouldn’t be so cloudy. But if they were collected after the mercenary himself had done the deal, just as the shop owner had imagined ―― more so, to pick out only the high-quality items. How many people had the mercenary burned to death in the whole world? The shop owner couldn’t guess.

In the quarter-century of opening the equipment shop, he had dealt with a number of blood-stained post-war weapons and things left by the deceased. His pride didn’t allow him to feel fear of a mere mercenary. Even so, that was why the experience he had cultivated made him feel the abnormalities of the mercenary even if he didn’t want to admit it.

“…Did they buy anything?”

Thinking that this matter shouldn’t be dragged on forever, the shop owner was trying to shift his mind by asking a question to the employee.

“Thin leather gloves. But, to dare diving into the labyrinth with a weapon made with orc’s bone… how to say it, those young adventurers are really brave. No, I guess, it just shows how promising they are.”

The employee’s voice was mixed with amazement and envy. Nothing strange. After all, anyone in this city seriously thought about challenging the labyrinth at least once in their life.

“There were a lot of people who die because they were forcing themselves. However, among those guys, there were some who can come back and immediately buy full-order armor, armor that would even make the guards outside feel envious. And those black-colored bones, are called investment. There are quite a lot of people who buy things at the shop where they got their first weapon.”

It was the reason why the shop owner sold bone weapons coated with dark slime with little profit. Not only good frequent customers could be cultivated, but the shop would be regarded as an excellent supplier.

“No way, even those “Trimagitack”?” [TN: It’s the best name I can come up with]

“Yeah… Hear me, I know it’s hard to believe, but that young adventure bought one of the black bones there, dived into the labyrinth, and came back. He’s definitely a special one. He’s still young. He may be able to be a conqueror of the labyrinth in the future… Hopefully, he’ll be able to reach that position.”

The one who conquered the labyrinth. It had a special meaning not only for the shop owner, but also for the residents of Belgana. It was a symbol of valor and wealth, and even among the “Three Big Countries”, no one dare to underestimate its fame. Unfortunately, in the past few decades, there had been no conquerors born from Belgana itself. Speaking of the most recent conquerors, they were the mainlander from the capital of the Galmud Archipelago, the blockhead from the Republic of Maylis who claimed to be the descendant of a demi-god, the lengthy (ear) from the Aleinard Forest Alliance, and the adventurer directly under the guild. That was why, Marquis Borgia had been pouring his heart and soul into creating a new conqueror from the citizens of the labyrinth city.

“As expected, he’s different from us. But, the “Conqueror’s Purveyor“ sure has a nice ring to it.”

“Hmmp… well, you’re right. It doesn’t sound bad. More importantly, go to the brothel in moderation, can’t you? You reek of perfume.”

The sweet smell had been tingling the shop owner’s nose since a while ago. And for the shop owner who was dealing with weapons and armor every day, it was an unpleasant smell.

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I’ll try.”

The closer it was to the center of the labyrinth city, the higher the prestige of the building materials used in the buildings. Occasionally, there were houses that were different in style from the surroundings and that gave a sense of gap in the era, but they were well maintained and the exterior walls were painted with brand new paint. In addition to equipment shops, restaurants, and inns, there were even blacksmiths and public baths. In short, it was crammed with all sorts of shops.

“Hmm… what a unique city.”

On the other hand, the people who were walking around looked so diverse. There was just no end in terms of occupation here.

The adventurer, which seemed to be the high-rank ones, were armed with equipment comparable to a knight and soldier. As for the low-rank ones, they were armed with clothes used by common people and farming tools. In terms of appearance, they were very different from the adventurers Walm had met in the past.

“Equipment isn’t everything, but…”

The adventurers, who jumped into the war between nations because of their love for their homeland and strong patriotism, who even after losing the war, tried to protect the residents from the different homeland, even if it meant throwing away their pride and lives, were strongly left an impact and stayed in Walm’s mind ever since.

At first, Walm met them on a different path and tried to kill each other, but their way of life was so dazzling for him, that he couldn’t help but respect some part of them, even though he was unwilling to admit it.

What about the adventurers Walm had been passed since a while ago?

For the greenhorn adventurers, no matter how they might look, Walm could understand them. Probably they emptied their wallet and used it all into buying anything they could to challenge the labyrinth. However, most of the mid-rank adventurers and above had red, yellow, and blue colors that hurt Walm’s eyes.

Sure, it might be for a practical reason, but, did you need to make it that flashy?

Even Walm couldn’t help but wonder about the necessity of it. More so when he could even smell perfume.

“……Right, sometimes, looks and pretentiousness are important. Sometimes, you could win with a bluff.”

That might be one of the reasons for the strange appearance.

One thing for sure, was that because they had achieved a certain amount of success that they could be roaming the streets like this.

And in a way, Walm might be seen as a terribly dirty and uninteresting human being.

“Well, either way, that’s not my style.”

Walm, who abandoned his thoughts just to escape from reality, pursued the adventurer’s back.

A scene of people gathered from all over the city, who made a living from fighting, could be seen. For Walm it was a familiar sight. It reminded him of military life.

At the end of the crowd, was the place Walm aiming for.

“This is huge”

Unlike the buildings that had been lined up, no useless gaps allowed, and the open space could even line a thousand soldiers. Stone pavement stretched straight in the center of such a place, and stone pillars with beautiful carvings lined up as if they ran parallel to each other. A huge building stood further behind. While maintaining its beauty with white as the base color, the building had a profound feeling and presence that would overwhelm visitors due to its size.

Based on its size, Walm tried to guess.

Must be the residence of Marquis Borgia…

However, as if ridiculing Walm who thought so, people, regardless of their appearance, gender, or age, proceeded without hesitation.

The decisive blow that made Walm feel completely ridiculed was the stone next to the open gate.


Such was engraved on the stone. And on the other stone,


Was engraved on it.

Surely, it was enough to affirm Walm that he didn’t go to the wrong place.

“Well… whatever happens, happens.”              

And so, Walm stepped forward.

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