Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 21

21. Chapter 21

It will take a few days before I can officially accept the request that’s available in the guild.

I thanked Berce-san once again, then we left and went down to the first floor of the guild.

On the first floor, Laila, who was waiting for us, rushed to us.

“Kaito-kun, how was it? I mean the result of the secondary exam!”

“It went well. And yeah, I got the member card, the proof of being an adventurer.”

“Oooh, so fast! Hmm? And You….??”

Laila’s gaze is directed at Leafa.

Leafa has removed the hood she was wearing, so Laila can see the animal ears on her head.

“I’m Leafa Urgal. I was taking the exam with him …”

“Oh, that hooded kid! I’m Laila, nice to meet you!”

“Ni-nice to meet you too.”

Laila stared at Leafa, who replied slowly.

“Hmm, so cute!!”

“Ah, Hmm?….Thank, thank you?”

Leafa was taken aback by the energetic Laila.

Then, Leafa turned to me as if she’s asking for help, so I decided to explain about her to Laila.

“There were a few things that happened between us, And now, I team up with Leafa.”

“I see. Well, it’s quite common to work in a team,,, and I think it’s a good thing, because you could help each other.”

Laila, who said so, was seeing me and Leafa happily.

…Is she happy to have more friends in the guild?

“Then, today’s dinner at the inn is a treat from me.”

“Eh? Really? A treat?? …”

“I asked Merck-san to make a big feast for today. If you didn’t pass the exam, I planned to use it to cheer you up.”

I, I’m glad that I passed the exam and be an adventurer.

After all, I didn’t have to eat Merck-san’s delicious rice while feeling down and sinking.

Maybe Leafa can’t understand what we’re talking about, she suddenly says….

“What is this ‘dinner at the inn’?”

“Well, I’m having dinner cooked at the inn where I and Laila are staying. If it’s not a nuisance, would you like come too? I think it’s okay to add one more person.”

“… If that’s the case, Okay.”

Leafa nodded enthusiastically.

Then, Schiff, who had been silent on my feet until now, suddenly spoke.



“As an adventurer, why don’t you equip yourself better? You can’t look good with the shabby clothes you have now. At least, let’s find clothes that will look good when I transformed as a hat.”

Ah, that’s right, we talked about that at the ruins of Orochi.

Well, it’s true that my appearance right now is not suitable as an adventurer.

None of the guild members are dressed like me, no one wearing a leather belt with knives while wearing a robe or coat.

Sure, it’ll costs a little money, but since I become an adventurer and I can earn money from now on, I wonder if it’s okay to spend a little.

“Then, let’s find a good one?”


Schiff nodded happily. Then, he turned his gaze back to Laila.

“I’ll look around at the weapon shop with Schiff, so you can go to the inn first.”

“Alright. What about Leafa?”


Leafa glanced at me.

“I also want to have a spare knife, so I’ll go with the Kaito.”

“I see.. then, I’ll go back first and tell Merck-san about this.”

After being separated from Laila in the guild, we move to a store that sells weapons and armor that Laila had previously told us… according to my memories.

The location was not far from the guild, it was a five-minute walk, a large brick building.

It’s a shop that sells dangerous goods such as sword. I step inside with Leafa while being a little nervous.


“What a spectacular sight”

“Kyu …!”

Looking inside the store, I, Schiff, and Lime let out a voice of admiration.

There are many weapons and armor, from swords, spears, clubs, knives, shields, body armor. From heavy-looking stuff to light-looking stuff. There are also battle clothes in it. It looks like there is a wide selection of items.

I saw a man in his fifties with a sleepy face sit at the counter.

When the man noticed Lime on my shoulder and Schiff on my feet, he made an annoying look on his face.

“A tamer, huh? Don’t let your familiar do whatever it wants.”

“O, okay.”

Well, I know they won’t make a fuss, but I still nods at the man’s word.

Then, when I tried to look at the weapons lined up in the store with Leafa,, suddenly, Lime slid down from my shoulder toward my right arm.

“Hmm? What’s wrong, Lime?”

“Kyu, Kyu —!”

“It seems Lime want to say something?”

When I shook my body and tilted my head to Lime who was trying to convey something, Schiff jumped from my feet onto my shoulder.

“Kaito. take the weapon near your hand.”

“Hmm? I, I understand.”

After getting permission from a man who seems to be the owner, I hold the sword with my left hand.

Then, Lime started to stare at the sword.

After about ten seconds, Lime looked up to me.

“It seems that Lime want to use your Mana.”

“Well, it will not make any noise, right?”


“Lime said, ‘don’t worry’.”

Well, I’m interested in what Lime going to do, so I allow Lime to suck up my Mana.

At the moment when Mana flowed from my body to Lime’s body, Lime’s silver body transformed into the same sword that I hold with my left hand and fit in my right hand.

“Did you just copy the weapon?!”

“Oh, so Lime can imitate the shape of the weapon that Lime has seen once? Doesn’t this widen the range of strategy you could have in a combat?”

In Schiff’s words, Lime transformed into a familiar spear.

A spear with a sharp blade attached to the tip of a long handle…. When I was surprised while comparing the spear in front of me with the spear that Lime was transformed into, Leafa with round eyes like me pointed to Lime.

“Kaito. Is that really a slime? I thought about this in when you had a battle, but your familiars so strange.”

“I’m aware that we might be strange, but it’s because of the power that Kaito have?”


“Then, the one who’s strange … is Kaito?”

Wait, why she came into that conclusion?

Even if you tilt your head so cute like that….. but, it’s not like what you think!!


“Hmm? What’s wrong?”

Lime, who has returned from the spear to its original form, was turning in one direction and pointing to something.

Looking in that direction, there was an iron water bottle.

…Perhaps it is for adventurers, it also comes with a belt so that it can be hung from the waist.

Anyway, I pick it up.

“Kyu! Kyu-!”

“Kaito, Lime apparently wants you to open the bottle.”

“Hmm? I understand.”

When I opened it, Lime jumped into the water bottle.

Lime, who let its whole body enter the water bottle, pulled out its head and screamed happily.

“Kyu ♪”

“Lime looks so happy….. so cute.”

“Slime tends to prefer dark, narrow spaces. If Lime is in it, it may not gather much attention.”

I was surprised at first, but as Schiff said, if I put lime in a water bottle, it may not be noticed by others.

Fortunately, the price for it is not so high so I decided to buy it.

“Now, what’s left is just my clothes, huh?”

While holding a water bottle, I continued to look for clothes that’s suitable for me as an adventurer.

Leafa, who came to look for a knife, said, “Knives are disposable, I can buy them right away.”, and she somehow help me searching for clothes.

“Kaito, what about this?”

“What!?…. That is!?”

Perhaps Leafa found something good, suddenly she made a quick noise and showed me a large size clothes.

I wondered what it was, but when I looked at it — I stopped breathing for a moment.

It is… It’s a black coat.

What’s more, there are a lot of straps and buttons that I don’t know what it’s use for, on it.

It’s a really cool coat that tickles the man’s heart.

I’m sure it would match the hat (Transformed Schiff), but I don’t have the courage to wear it.

“That, I’ll buy it next time.”

“I see… I thought it was cool though…”

For now, let’s prioritize functional aspect of the clothes over its appearance, okay?

Oh, right….

I remember the movie I watched a long time ago.

It is a movie where the protagonist who skillfully manipulates the whip and overcomes the approaching danger with his knowledge and wit.

The protagonist wears a shirt, a navy-blue jacket, and trousers that emphasize ease of movement.

I decided! I’ll go with that…! After all, it looks so cool!!

Then, I proceed to take the clothes I have in mind side by side and show them to Schiff.

“I’m going with this…! Schiff, what do you think?!”

“Kaito, isn’t it okay with the one chosen by Leafa?”


“Ah, no, no! I mean, your choice isn’t bad at all! It’s not bad, but…”

Seeing the black coat chosen by Leafa, and Schiff who keep muttering something regretfully, I wanted to cry so bad.

In the end, what I bought at the store today was a self-defense knife, a water bottle, and a set of adventurer’s clothes and… a black coat.

The price was high, but I don’t regret it.

…I don’t regret it, but I haven’t put on the black coat yet.

Rather, I might not wear it at all because I’m too embarrassed to wear it.

Author’s note : This is a ch about Lime in the water bottle… Well, in a sense, Lime’s ability is kind of overpowered/broken.

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 20

20. Chapter 20

“Your…Older Sister?”


“… But, why you need to fight?”

After a brief silence, Leafa hesitated but opened her mouth.

“My sister is in the Demon King’s army.”


“What the…!”

“She’s using her power of the monster to make a lot of people suffer……. I want to stop her. If I do my job as a Hero, I’ll have more opportunities to get involved with the Demon King’s army, and I’m sure I can meet my sister that way.”

So, she’s trying to handle her power to stop her sister, huh?

I understand her reason now, but I’ve never thought that the Demon King’s army is involved to this….

But well, I can understand why she is trying to take advantage of her position as a Hero.

“Your sister also has the power of the monster?”

“….. Yeah, and she’s handling it much better than I am. I’m sure that by now, she’s strong enough to be an executive in the Demon King’s army.”

“Executive !?”

Wait a minute… Orochi must have been a monster that was an executive in the Demon King’s army, right?

If so, does it mean that Leafa’s sister is as strong as Orochi?

“I want to stop my sister. I need to master the power of the monsters and get stronger. But….. I can’t do it alone. I know, I’m so hopeless. I can’t be stronger just by myself like my sister. I’m sorry.”

“To do it alone is just……”

She muttered so and became silent while standing down.

When I heard her story and was wondering what to do, Schiff turned around.

“Kaito, this is just my personal opinion but, I’m against it.”


“……Tell me your thought in detail.”

“First of all, we have no advantage in competing with the Demon King’s army. And, your Pure Mana may be targeted too. Moreover, the Demon King’s army is consisted of a powerful monster or demon. I’m sure of it. So, it’s too dangerous ….. but―――”

Schiff stopped his word and was swinging his tail from side to side while looking up at me.

“I’ll leave it to your decision.”


“Are you sure it’s okay for me to decide?”

“Well, I’ve given you a lot of advice, but even so, if you choose to fight, I and Lime will do our best to support you. To be honest, no matter what your decision is, as long as I’m together with you, I’m sure it’s going to be interesting.”

——— Should I help Leafa?

Maybe if I choose to help her, I might have to stay in this kingdom as a companion to the Hero of this Kingdom.

However, if I decline her request…… she may be heading to where Shishihara-san is right now.

If that happens, a new road may be become available to me… but it may also be a fighting road.

Well, if either way I need to fight in the end, I guess accepting her request for help right now is better.

And anyway, at present, only I can suppress the power of the monster within her. If no one, but me can help her….

“Leafa, what should I do?”

I should help her.

This may be the “mission” given to me in this world.

She raised her face and turned her wide-eyed eyes toward me.

“… Really? is it okay? What about the Hero in the neighboring kingdom? Isn’t she your friend?”

“She’s probably… okay.”

Shishihara-san, I’m sorry.

From what I heard, she has a wonderful magical talent, and she seems to be fine for some reason, so I will help her, if she’s in trouble.

“Anyway, you’re trying this hard for your family, right? If so, I’ll help you.”

“Yeah… really, thank you.”

Leafa, who looked down again and wiped her eyes with her sleeves, smiled for the first time here.

“Then, we’re a combi from now on.”


“Adventurers often form teams. Heroes also often asks the people they trust to be their companions. That’s why, we’re a combi.”

Hmm, what is this… somehow, I can’t really put this feeling in words.

When I thought so, Schiff jumped on my shoulder.

“Then, does this mean that Kaito will remain in this guild?”

“Yeah, I guess so?”

“Then, you need to talk to Berce-san now. After all this is a matter that’s involving a Hero. You should first talk to him who can make the right decisions so that this would not lead to another problem.”

“Okay, then let’s go right away.”

“I will go too.”

I went to the room where I had an interview with Berce-san once again, but this time with Leafa.

I was wondering if he wasn’t there anymore, but I can see a female employee who guided us before, standing tiredly in front of the door…… I guess he’s still in the room.

I talked to her and she guided us to the room where Berce-san is.

“——— So, you come, huh?”

In the room, Berce-san, who was closing his eyes with his arms folded, was sitting in a chair.

He slowly opened his eyes when he noticed us.

“I just confirmed at the castle that you were a real hero. I didn’t think you were taking the exam with your identity hidden. Moreover, I was surprised that you were already had your eyes… on Kaito.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t want any special treatment so…..”

“Well, I guess so. You probably wanted to practice and learn how to handle your power through requests that’s available in this guild.”

Leafa apologized apologetically.

She probably couldn’t stand being passed only because she’s a Hero.

“I will stay here to help her.”

“Are you sure? You won’t be able to go to where the hero, who came from the same world as you, is right now though… And, helping Leafa doing her job as a hero can put you in a dangerous situation.”

“That’s fine now. I mean … she seemed to need my help more than anyone else.”

“This is what you decided yourself, right?”

I nodded to Berce-san’s words.

From the beginning, I’m just a person who has no purpose in this world.

And to now, someone said that there is something only I can do.

If there is a good reason for me to stay here, there is no choice but to do it.

“And, I’m finally getting used to living here, so I’m reluctant to leave right away.”

“… Hahaha, I guess so.”

Berce-san, who had a stern look, relaxed his shoulders and laughed.

“I’ll tell them that you’re going to stay here and work with the Hero of Hendil Kingdom. There may be some trouble that might happen because of this, but you can’t complain about that either.”

“I’m sorry for the trouble…”

“No, don’t worry. After all, you’re in a position where you choose to cooperate with the Hero who represent this Kingdom. As a resident of this Kingdom, I should welcome you with a warm smile.”

Now, when I heard it again, it sound amazing, but… I still can’t get the feeling.

“Well, well, I should tell you about this later, but I’ll say it now.”

“What is it?”

He turned over the documents at hand, took out a document with two letters and handed it to me and Leafa.

I studied the letters of this Kingdom, so when I saw sentences that I could barely read…

“Pass, Notification?”

“Adventurer, Pass Notification? This… Maybe this is…”

“Kaito Arihara, and Leafa Urgal. I accept both of you to work as this guild adventurers start from today. I and the members of the guild, welcome you two.”

It was a proof of me passing the exam.

It took me about 10 seconds to finally realized that I have become an adventurer.

Schiff called out to me, who was so stunned by joy and surprise, with more joy than I did.

There were many things happened today.

I just came to take the exam to become an adventurer, but I got the information about the whereabouts of Shishihara-san, and I had decided to cooperate with the Hero of this kingdom to find out her sister.

The next thing I need to do is to help Leafa who is trying to be stronger for her sister.

And the first step for that is, to become stronger while working as an adventurer.

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 19

19. Chapter 19

Leafa, She’s the “Hero” of Hendil Kingdom, where I am now.


I was surprised and convinced by the shocking fact that Leafa said.

She knew my name faster than anyone else because she was chosen as a hero and was listening to the story about me from the Hero of the neighboring country directly from the kingdom….. Shishihara-san and her were looking for me.

However, I was still upset.

Well, it would be impossible for anyone to stay calm here. Even Schiff is stuck in the unexpected words.

“Wait here. I’ll be back soon after finishing the second exam.”

‘I also have something to talk with the Guild Master’, added Leafa, who left the room with a female guild employee whose behavior was suspicious.

I, who was still dumbfounded, sit back in the seat where I used to be and held my head.

I was in daze for a while. Then, I let Schiff know about the conversation I had with Berce-san.

“What the hell is that…”

“Kyu …”

“Haha, Lime, it’s okay. I’m just a little confused now.”

As if to comfort me, who is still holding my head, Lime rubs my body. And, I give a weak smile to Lime.

“But in a way, it’s a good news.”

“Which one?”

“The true identity of Leafa.”

“Her true identity? You mean the fact that she is a ‘Hero’?”

Schiff shakes his head to my question.

“From the beginning, I felt that she was different. Maybe, it’s mixed?”

“Mixed? What do you mean?”

“A human who is mixed with the power of monster. I don’t know if she was born with it or not… The violent side that she showed during the test was that the urge as a monster during the battle.”

“….. I thought she was a Beastman.”

“Well, it’s easy to be misunderstood, because she looks completely like a Beastman.”

So, Leafa is a human with the power of a monster rather than a beast?

It’s not that weird because this is a different world, but it’s still strange.

“Is it rare for people in this world to have the power of monster mixed in them?”

“I don’t know, but I think it’s rare. After all, the body has the power of monster that conflict with humans nature. So, I don’t think it’s a normal thing in here.”

If so, is that the reason why she was hiding her face?

She’s not a beast, but a human with the power of the monster…. she can easily be misunderstood as a ‘Beastman?’ or a ‘Demon?’ by other people.

“——— As expected, the familiar found out about it?”


Hearing her voice, my body and Shifu’s body trembled.

After the interview, somehow Leafa had come close to us before we knew it. She stood in front of the table and looked down at us.

“Is it over?”

“Yeah. I also revealed to the Guild Master that I was a hero.”

“… How was his reaction?”

“He was surprised. He was even more surprised when I talked about other things too.”

…What on earth did you talk about?

It.. it’s not related to me, right? 

But, from the flow up until now, it feels like she talked about me.

“So, can you tell me the story properly?”

“Before that, tell me how much you know about me.”

Leafa sits facing me. And, I honestly tell her what I know.

“I think you’re not a Beastman, but a human with the power of a monster. Other than that, I only know that you are a Hero.”

“… As you say, I am a human being with the power of the monster by nature.”

“By nature… Was one of your parents some kind of monster?”

Leafa reacts to Schiff’s words.

“My parents are ordinary people. Maybe because there was a monster in the bloodline of my ancestor, somehow I inherited a characteristic of a monster.”

“Hmm, does it mean that blood of a monster has been inherited across generations? In other words, it’s a half-human half-monster?”

“Call me as you like”

Surprisingly, she doesn’t seem to be very interested in herself.

“Did you know my name because you were chosen as a Hero?”

“Yeah. When I was summoned to the castle and told that I had the potential to become a Hero, I heard that a Hero summoned in a neighboring country came from another world. At the same time, I heard that there is someone who got involved in the summoning and summoned too.”

Did the kingdom where Shishihara-san is right now also put effort into finding me?

Then, Schiff asked Leafa about something he was wondering since a while ago.

“Why are you looking for Kaito?”

“…I heard that a hero from another world is growing abnormally in less than three days after being summoned. And I just guessed that the other person from another world might be blown here, since this is a neighboring kingdom of Philgen Kingdom… So, I thought I’d look for that person too while I try to reach my goal.”

‘Well, I didn’t expect to find that person in here’, added Leafa while looking at me.

Ah, so she wasn’t looking for me from the beginning?…So, searching for me was just a bonus for her?

If so, why was she taking the guild exam? If she’s a hero of the kingdom, and I think she can join anytime without taking the exam.

When asked so, she distorts her mouth as if it’s something a little hard to say.

“I’m immature as a warrior… I told the Queen to keep secret about me until I gained a certain amount of experience and ability. And I thought that, in a guild with a lot of talented people, I could learn how to handle my power…”

“To fix the violent and wild fighting style that you used on today’s fight with Rick-san?”

Leafa nods a little.

From my point of view, The fight with Rick was a wild fight with some rational decision she made during the battle.

However, once she went on the offensive, she kept attacking him as if something that’s holding her came off.

“I don’t know if it’s because I still lack of experience, but during a battle… I can’t control the power of the monster inside me. My body moves on it’s own… And I can’t think other than defeating my opponent.”

She can’t control her power.

This girl has the qualities of a Hero, but she’s not fully understand how to handle it?

…… So I guess, the people from the castle are just gonna watch over her growth?

“But when you were nearby, the power of the monster inside me became surprisingly quiet.”



Is it because of the Pure Mana inside my body?

Although it is a Mana that is disliked by animals but preferred by monster, does it also work on Leafa?

“With you near me, I can fight without being controlled by my instincts.”

“Well, uh, ummm”

“And, you can do your mission as a Hero too..”

“…..Wait a minute.”

When she tries to throw words to me who is in trouble because I don’t know how to answer, Schiff cut in between our conversation.

Schiff, The black cat, is glaring at Leafa, with vigilance.

“It’s true that the high-purity Mana inside Kaito feel comfortable for us as a Monster. So I guess it’s also possible to calm the power of the monster inside you…. But that alone is not enough to ask Kaito for help.”


Leafa is upset by Schiff, who speaks in a harsh tone.

“You heard the conversation between the Guild Master and Kaito, right? I heard from the Kaito later that it should have been about moving Kaito to the neighboring kingdom where the other hero is now. Immediately after the exchange, for you to ask Kaito for help regardless of his will…… It means that you had a reason if you insist on getting Kaito’ help.”


“Don’t think that you can use my Lord as you like without saying anything. If you want to gain our trust, tell us everything. Otherwise, we will consider you an enemy.”


When I noticed, even Lime slipped in between me and Leafa, swaying and threatening her using his body.

From my point of view, the intimidating appearance of both Schiff and Lime with their small bodies was cute rather than scary, but it seemed that Leafa who is facing this way think different.

“… It’s true that I want to learn how to handle my strength… but, the fact about me being a Hero… it doesn’t really matter for me.”

Leafa muttered so.

What does she mean by ‘it doesn’t matter to her’?

Isn’t the fact that she’s a ‘Hero’ so important to her?

“I’m looking for my twin sister… My older sister, who disappeared two years ago.”

Leafa hesitated but she said so.

I wondered how much that words means to her, her expression looked like she’s desperately suppressing the emotions that spring from within.

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 18

It’s been a long time for this series… I’ve forgot the way I translated it….
So this start from this ch, it might seems different?
Anyway, here we go…

18. Chapter 18

Hero Summoning….

It was the one that brought me and her into this world.

While listening quietly to Berce-san’s words about it, I had a feeling that my situation would change.

“Philgen Kingdom summoned not the people who lived in the kingdom, but the people who came from another world. Naturally, there was a fuss … but there was another fuss.”

“…and that is?”

“There is another hero who came from another world. It seems that he was transferred to another place because he was separated during the summoning. So the hero and the Philgen Kingdom are looking for that person.”

A Hero is looking for me.

Recognizing that fact, I decided to ask Berce-san once.

“The Hero’s name, is it Shishihara-san… I mean Chisato Shishihara?”

In my words, Berce-san folded his arms and put his back on the wall.

“Well, the Hero’s name has not been announced yet…. yeah, I’m sure of it. But, who ever thought that the destination that the Hero that summoned was The Ruins of Orochi… As far as what I know about you, you must be came from a world unrelated to magic and sword, right? “


“It must be hard for you. Even though the number of people that you can rely on is limited, You’ve been doing your best to this day.”

Hearing the gentle voice of Berce-san, my tears is overflowing.

It was painful, but I can’t cry here.

Because I have to listen to the rest of the story.

“Please continue.”

“Okay…. The Hero that came from another world had a tremendous amount of magical talent. That’s unparalleled in history.”

“Shishihara-san is…?”

I can’t imagine the figure of that Shishihara-san casting some Magic.

No, it’s no wonder that Schiff said that as long as you were selected as the Hero, you must had considerable talent.

“The people of the Philgen Kingdom who saw it wondered if the one summoned together would have at least equal or greater power.”


What? Somehow something went wrong with the flow of the story?

“Because different worlds are unknown to us. It’s not strange to think so.”

“Maybe, is that the reason why my name spread from a neighboring country to a guild?”

“Yeah. The people of the Philgen Kingdom set out to search for a boy named “Kaito Arihara” who was separated during the summoning, and they also announced the look of the person.”

“I see…”

Without knowing anything about it, now, I’m in a situation where my name is known in the neighboring country.

To me, who is trying my best to smile, Berce-san says, “It’s not over yet.”

“Well, as long as you are here, they couldn’t find you in the Philgen Kingdom. So, those who were dazzled by the huge rewards and those who aimed to be in the party with the Hero called, they started to called them self “Kaito Arihara”.”

“… Ah, that’s why she confirmed my name…”

And now, I knew why Leafa called me “real.”

Never did I thought that some people impersonated as me…..

“Well, fortunately you were found in this guild, so I’ll tell about you to the Philgen Kingdom later.”

“Aa! Thank you! Even though I’ve been lying to you up until now…”

“It’s too early to rejoice. They’ll be wondering if you’re the real one or not, so you might need to write words or something that the Hero in Philgen Kingdom can understand.”

“Do I need to do it now?”

“If possible, yes.”

Berce-san showed a blank sheet of paper on the table.

Hmm.. Is it okay if the content is something like the fact that I came to this world or should it about school?

I picked up the paper and pen that was presented in front of me and wrote the letters in Japanese.

Then, Berce-san looked into my hand. Maybe he was interested.

“Is that the character of your world?”


“Hmm, it’s a character that doesn’t apply to any region in here. The character seems hard to understand. The lines are messed up.”

Is he talking about ‘Kanji’?

However, I had been really indebted to Berce-san.

If I tell Shishihara-san that now in Philgen Kingdom about my safety…. Could I continue to work as an adventurer in here and repay Berce-sam?

With that in mind, when I hand over the completed letter to Berce-san, an idea comes to my mind.

“Perhaps, will I need to fight as a Hero in Philgen Kingdom from now on?”

“No, I know you don’t have the strength of a Hero, so I guess they won’t force you. Unless, you choose to fight for your friends.”

To fight, huh?

Well, I had the option of working in this guild instead of going to Philgen Kingdom.

Sure, I want to confirm Shishihara-san’s safety in Philgen Kingdomn, but to be honest, if you ask me whether I want to go to a place where there are more of my fake… that’s a bit…

“Well, there was a fuss that the other Heroes from the other countries who thought you might be not in Philgen Kingdom searched around to make you a servant, but that’ll finally over.”

“What? The other heroes plan do that?… What if I were found?”

“If they decided that you had the power to fight, they would make you as their companion.”

Never did I thought that even the other Heroes also searched for me.

Perhaps trying to reassure me that had a subtle expression, Berce-san laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry anymore, because even in here, only a handful people in the guilds know you. And, Your story hasn’t been passed on to the people of the Hendil Kingdom either.”

If so, it would be safe right?…. but suddenly I remembered the first time I came to the guild.

Then, isn’t it strange that Leafa knew my name at that point? At that time, it must have been only about three days since I was summoned.

…… Is she know about it by chance?

“Let’s end the story here. I also have to work as an interviewer, so I can’t keep the next one waiting too long.”

“Oh, right. I understand …. Thank you very much for this.”

I bowed deeply to Berce-san and left as it was.

The female staff member who was waiting near the door guided me again, and when I returned to the waiting room, Schiff and Lime greeted me.

“Kaito, How was it?”

“It’s fine. Even though my whereabout in this guild got known, but everything might be okay.”

“What?! I’m curious about the details of the story, but let’s continue it slowly later!”

Then, Schiff swayed his tail happily and Lime climbed up my shoulder.

When I smiled at them, I noticed that Leafa, who was called by a female employee, was approaching me.

“Oh, Leafa. I’m the real deal, finally could yo—“

“Ehmm, can you listen to me… please?”

“Hm? Okay, no problem.”

I wonder what happened….

Even though she was the one who said that, she made a confused face. Then, she touched her hood.

“First of all, I’m sorry. I heard your conversation with the Guild Master.” [TN: I think I translated it as Guild Chief before, if so… well, I think this one is more fit, so yeah..]

“You heard? Ehh?? You heard it?”

It was more than three rooms away from this room.

Definitely, an ordinary person can’t hear it.

“My ears are better than humans”

I think of her apologetic face is like that of a little dog. And from her words, it seems that she’s not a normal human being.

Wait, why did she tell me that story in the first place?

It’s not really a problem for me, if she want to apologize, it should be to the Guild Master.

“You, who are you?”

Schiff was a little cautious.

On the contrary, I saw Leafa’s reaction while being afraid of the sharp voice from Schiff that even I have never heard.

“… Mysteriously, I feel calm beside you.”


She suddenly said something unrelated, but nevertheless continue to speaks.

“Anger, sadness, impatience… It was gone. I can return to myself before I was trapped in anger.”


“I can’t stay calm when fighting, so… just maybe…. if it’s with you… I could be myself.”

With that said, she took off the hood she had been wearing.

What was exposed was the ruby-like red eyes that were visible from inside the hood, and the slightly quirky black hair that stretched to the shoulders…… And, the dog-like ears that grew on the head.

With that neat face, I was stared by her. At the same time I was fascinated and… upset.

“I am a Hero.”


Not only me and Schiff, but also the female staff member who was near the door leaked a stunned voice.

“A Hero chosen by Hendil Kingdom. Leafa Urgal” [TN: So in the raw it is ‘リーファ・ウルガル’, it can also be translated as Leafa Wulgaru, but I think Urgal is better]

“….!? …..!?”

Leafa turned her begging eyes toward me, who keep quiet because it was too much shock for me.

“Kaito, Please help me”

……..She said so.

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 17

17. Chapter 17

Leafa, a black girl who has left the place leaving only a mystery about her.

She was talking about the real thing or something like that, and it worried me, but no matter how much I thought about it on the spot, I couldn’t get an answer.

“More than I expected, you were able to fight quite well huh, Kaito-kun.”

At the bar table, which was run in the guild, Laila-san, who looked a little excited, said that.

Fran-san, who was with her earlier, went somewhere because he had something else to do, but Laila-san, who was normally free, she planned to stay here until the time when my second exam started.

By the way, regarding the results of the first examination, No. 4 and No. 5…. only me and Leafa were posted on the bulletin board as the candidates who passed.

“To tell the truth, when I ran away from Orochi because I relied too much on the Physical Strengthening Magic, my body was tattered after that.”

“Eh? So it wasn’t the wound that Orochi did to you…”

Well, I were seriously injured, so it can’t be helped if she would mistake it for an injury caused by being attacked by Orochi.

“Umm… If you were attacked by Orochi, it wouldn’t be strange if your body splitted into five parts. So, in the end it’s not a bad end, but… If you didn’t come, the Kaito might have been dead for sure.”

If that happened, I’ll look stupid as I died because of my own fault…

“But if you can pass the first exam, it could be said that you’ve already passed all the test.”

“Is that so?”

“You know that the second exam is an interview, right? That’s when your character and aptitude will be judged, but I think Kaito-kun has no problem on that part at all.”

I was secretly nervous when I heard that it was an interview, but the words of encouragement made me feel a little less nervous.

“What question did they asked to Laila-san?”

“Me? Hmm… My name, what did I want to do as an adventurer….. Well, the question itself wasn’t that difficult? Oh, but it depends on the person in charge of the interview. You see, Rick-san seems to be asked a lot of ridiculous questions.”

“That person?”

He was a strong person.

At least, I can’t win even if he fight while doing a handstand.

While I was recalling the battle with him, Schiff (Black Cat), calls out to Laila-san.

“How strong is he really?”

“He’s strong enough to be in the top five. If you limit it to swordsmanship, he might be the strongest.”

Schiff noded to Laila-san’s words.

“… Kaito, if it’s you passed all the exam and became an adventurer, it might be good to ask him to teach you about sword.”

“Hmm… will he accept my request?”

“You don’t know if you don’t try to ask him first. It’s also a good idea to make a request without hoping too much.”

That’s true… Well, let’s just try it.

But… before that, I have to pass the second exam though.

『To the examinee no.4, Leafa Wulgaru, and examinee no.5, Kaito Arihara, who passed the primary examination today. The preparation for the second exam is ready―――』

Perhaps the time had passed while I was talking, I heard a voice calling my name from the receptionist.

“Kaito, let’s go”

“Oh, then Laila-san. I’ll go because I was called.”

“Yeah, do your best.”

While waving my hand to her, I headed to the reception with Schiff (Black cat), and Lime, who was sleeping because of the previous test.

When I confirmed my name at the reception, I was instructed to go to the waiting room where I was first guided, so when I moved to the waiting room as I was told…



Leafa was already sitting in a chair in the waiting room and had finished the reception before I knew it.

She was still wearing the hood, but when she look at me, somehow she looked relieved.

“….Hmm, I want to ask about why you said that I’m the real…”

When I tried to talk to her to ask the continuation of that topic, the door I had just entered opened, and a woman who seemed to be a guild employee came in from the outside.

“Oh, have you finished your preparation already? It’s a little early, but the guild is ready, so let’s start the interview.”


“…..I’m always ready.”

Well, it was impossible to ask Leafa at that moment.

“Then, first … Kaito Arihara. You will be interviewed first, so please follow me. Oh, familiars cannot participate, so please have them wait in this room.”

Hmm? So I’m first?

Neither Schiff nor Lime could attend the interview, so I had them wait in the room and I was taken by a female staff member to the room for the interview.

“Come in.”

In front of the door of the room, I tried to take a deep breath again and calm myself down, but, the female staff member opened the door and urged me to enter.

….Oh, it’s different from the interview I expected.

When I entered the room thinking so,

“Yo, you did your best.”

“Huh? Berce-san?”

There were chairs and a long wooden table.

And Berce-san, the head of this guild, sat on one of the chairs, with a gentle smile.

“For now, just take a seat.”

“I, I understand.”

I never thought that the guild chief himself was the interviewer, so I sat down in a chair in a daze.

“First of all, congratulations on passing the primary exam.”

“Tha-thank you very much.”

“I heard that you had a good fight against Rick. He was also complimenting you.”

The compliment made me embarrassed.

It was really different from the interview I had in mind. No, it was my mistake to think the interview of my original world.

“This time around, I had to interview you myself. Oh, you don’t need to be so tense. You just have to answer the questions I’m about to ask.”

“I, I understand.”

Berce-san, who smiled bitterly at me, who still looked stiff, started the interview with a soft tone.

“First of all… Ah, that’s right …”

The content of the question was so simple.

It wasn’t difficult to answer what I wanted to do as an adventurer, what I thought about this kingdom, and it was mostly a question that was not hard to answer, but some of it like, ‘What is your favorite food?’, was actually quite hard for me to answer.

“Yeah, that’s all for the interview.”

“… Hmm? Just like that?”

“It sounds simple, but each and every one of these questions makes a lot of sense. Overall, I can measure your personality and your suitability for an adventurer.”

……So, is it like a psychological test?

I didn’t know the standard in this world, so I worried that I might given a strange answer.

….Anyway, does this mean that my interview is over?

“Originally, it ends here … but I have another question just for you.”


“Kaito, answer the questions I’m about to ask honestly.”

“I.. I understand…”

The interview should have ended, but Berce-san was giving off a more tense atmosphere.

i fixed my posture and gulped.

“Your name is Kaito Arihara. Is that correct?”

“Hmm? That’s … that’s right?”

“Is it really true? It’s not a pseudonym?”

“Ye-yes. It’s an important name I got from my parents.”

Why were he questioning about my name?

Sure, I gave Leafa a pseudonym, but the name Kaito Arihara was definitely my name.

When I answered that without any doubt, Berce-san held down his forehead and said, “I see…”, in a low voice.

“To tell the truth, I had a premonition.”

“What is it?”

“A mere boy cannot enter the ruins of Orochi, which is bounded by magic tools. If it is not a malfunction of the magic tools, So it sound like you’re not entering the ruins by yourself from the beginning. So, it’s natural to think that you was at the ruin from the beginning.”


…So, my lie has been exposed to Berce and his friends!?

Sure, I’d some circumstances that I can’t casually speak to others. But, it was true that I deceived him.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you or anything like that. Rather, I just want to understand your situation better.”

“My circumstances?”

I tilted my head to Berce-san who smiled gently.

“Kaito-kun. Do you know about The Hero Summoning?”

“Ye-yeah, I was taught about it the other day.”

I remembered it well because it might have something to do with us.

Certainly, the hero of the kingdom we has been selected by now, but the name has not been revealed.

“The Hero Summoning took place in this Kingdom and the Philgen Kingdom a while ago, and two heroes were chosen. I have not been informed about the hero here, but the Information about the hero of the Philgen Kingdom was disclosed to some extent due to some circumstances.”


I was not so stupid that I can’t tell anything after he talked that much.

Hero Summoning, and my name….. No, not just my name, but the reason why he wanted to confirm my name…


Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 16

I plan to release two ch today, but never did I thought this ch cost me quite a long of time to edit….
So I’ll release the next one tomorrow (TT)…..

16. Chapter 16

“Hey, what does it mean?.. So, You’re not Jacob? That person just called you ‘Kaito’, right?”

When I responded to Laila’s cheers, Leafa realized that my name I gave to her was a pseudonym.

Leafa was depressed until a while ago, but her voice from behind me sound so cold and she also grabbed my shoulders quite strong.

“Hey, if you guys have a fight, both of you will be disqualified on the spot.”

Rick, who was a little frustrated, scorned me, who had a stiff face, and Leafa.

Perhaps Leafa doesn’t want to be disqualified here, she tokk a deep breath and gently released her hand from my shoulder.

“Later… I will definitely get an explanation from you later.”

A cold voice whispered in my ear, and my heart stopped for a moment.

No, no, no… will I die after this?

Will I be stabbed with a knife like the one she just used?

“Kaito, calm down. Eventually, you’ll getting caught someday, it just that you got caught now. Now, focus on the exam.”

“Ah… that’s right. I understand.”

I calmed down again and stepped toward Rick-san, while feeling the presence of Lime in my right hand.

Rick-san squinted at Schiff, who turned into a hat, and Lime, who turned into a rod.

“I’ve been an adventurer for a long time, but it’s my first time seeing a tamer like you.”

“…..Are there any tamers other than me in the guild?”

“Well, let’s start the test right away. Come! Come at me anytime!”

Rick beckoned and provoked me.

From my observation of his movements so far, Rick-san will tried to grasp the situation first.

If he found some movement that he need to be careful, he will then change the way he fight, but if not, like the first three people, the mock battle will end without him have to change the way he fight.

“… Schiff, Lime … let’s show him the results of the training.”

“Yeah, leave the support to me”


Then the Support Magic, “Physical strengthening”, was applied to my whole body by Schiff.

My body was full of power and my senses also sharpened.

I took a deep breath so that I wouldn’t be swallowed by the exited feeling that overflowed within me, and I glared at Rick, who was in front of my eyes….. Then, I stepped on the ground and jumped forward.


I jumped to Rick-san, who turned around and lowered his hips and held his wooden sword, he shook off the rod (Lime) with a full swing.

The wind pressure caused sand smoke to rise from the ground, but there was no other responed than that.

“Hey, is it really a support magic by a familiar? It’s too effective….. Are you the rumored one? The one who escaped from Orochi?”

“Kaito, behind!!”

At the same time as I heard Schiff’s voice, I swung the rod (Lime) around, but Rick-san lowered himself, dodged it, and sneaked into my bosom at once.

So. involuntarily I prepared for an attack to come, but Rick-san’s wooden sword handle lightly pushed my shoulder and I fall down.

“Unlike No. 4, you have no real battle experience, but…. interesting.”


“I want to see your power a little more”

Rick swung his wooden sword and took a stance where the tip of his sword pointing at me.
[TL: Imagine the stance in Kendo]

…I understood one thing just by earlier…

Sure, I have been physically strengthened, so I was physically stronger than Rick-san, but other than that, the difference was like between heaven and earth.

“Didn’t I said already? The guild is like a den of monsters, right?”

“That’s true…. That’s why, I have to try with all my might.”

“Yeah, yeah, as expected of my lord…!”

“Lime! A rod is too long! Change into a shorter weapon!”


The rod at my hand transformed into the same shape as Rick’s wooden sword.

… Sure, I don’t know how to handle a sword, but it should be easier to handle than a rod which restricted my movement, right?

“Let’s go!”

Rick and MC

This time, I didn’t jump out at once and tried to approach while checking Rick-san’s movement.

I wondered if Rick-san was going to greet me just like that…. he took the sword that I swung as if he wanted to slam me down with his wooden sword.

“He stopped it!”

“If so, I just need to put more strength, Aaaaa!!”

I knew it’s impossible to win with a frontal attack.

Still, I had to show him my qualifications to became an adventurer.

For that reason, I needed to push myself a little.


I hit the sword he held in one hand once again, but this time I tried to hit it with all my might.

But, Rick-san didn’t catch my attack with his sword, and avoided it lightly….. But! with my free left hand, I tried to chop him.

“What!? With bare hands?”

“Hmm! Hmmph!!”

“Oh, ooooh!?”

Because it was a wooden sword, and the Physical Strengthening casted over my body, it didn’t hurt at all!!!

Surprisingly, Even though Rick-san used his sword to prevent my chop, I succeeded in pushing him back with my raw strength.

While continuously putting strength in my hand, I tried to hit him with the sword on my right hand.

“Oh! It’s mostly just a push with brute force, but not bad, it was kind of a good tactic…!”

“Hands and swords!! It’s a dual wielding!!”

“You! Are you actually an airhead!?”

Despite his funny reaction, I did not let go my attack.

Rick-san was getting excited to my brute force push that seemed unusual.

“Haha, it’s a weird way of fighting! But, it’s getting more interesting!!”

“Kaito, what’s that technique!?”

“Knifehand Strike!”

….Another name of it is ‘Chop’.

For an amateur like me trying to use a pro wrestling technique was too dangerous for me and my opponent.

The technique that the professional used was done after the solid training and skills that they have cultivated… so I should not try to imitate it without training beforehand…

But, I can do one of it too.

“Keep attacking, Kaito! Don’t stop!!”

“I can’t stop yet!”

Rick-san kept using his wooden sword to parry the hit from my sword (Lime) which that has no fixed shape.

…..Looking at the battles of others, I know that I can’t compete with him using frontal attack.

“…. What a ridiculous power! It seems that the story of you escaping from Orochi is not just a lie!!”



Crack, and my sword that struck the wooden sword causing a slight crack on it.

It was clear that an adventurer called ‘Rick’ has excellent sword skills, after all the wooden sword could kept its original shape for a long lime, even though it have been hit so many times.

…However, as long as there are cracks…

“Lime! Thorns!!”


From the protruding sword, a number of thorns grew to the direction of Rick-san.

“Oi, are you serious!?”

Rick-san decided that the wooden sword alone couldn’t prevent me, so he jumped back and took a distance….but it’s still in the range!!

I pulled back the sword and pushed it out as I stepped forward.


“Flame Enchant!!”

A flame wraps around the sword, and its blade stretched at high speed.

Rick-san avoided the approaching thrust by turning around, but his expression looked like he had fun.

“So, it’s a slime that transforms into a weapon and a shape shifter that could cast Support Magic? Sure, it has a lot of applicability… But! It’s still not enough!!”

“It’s still not enough huh…”

There was no direct hit yet.

But… seeing the distance… it’s time for us to perform our tricks.

I pulled back Lime and gave instructions to Schiff and Lime while I was extinguishing the flames.

“Lime, gauntlet! Schiff, Lightning Enchant!!”


“Leave it to me!!”

In response to my voice, Lime, who sucked up my magical power, transformed from a sword into a silver gauntlet that covered my right arm.

Then, Schiff cast a Lightning Enchant to it, and a golden lightning rushed from the fist.

If I could hit him with it, it will definitely exert tremendous power, but I can’t reach Rick-san with just a fist.

That was why I conveyed to Lime, “Form of the strongest being that I fear most”.

“….Lime, can you do it?”


I didn’t understand the words.

However, feeling that my word had been affirmed, I squeezed the fist that emitting the lighting…. and released it as much as I could.

At the moment, Lime sucked up a lot of magical power from me and transformed its body greatly.

Three silver tentacles extended from my fist, and those tips were transformed into dragon-like heads, then while covered in lightning, it attacked Rick-san.

“!! That is…!!”

“Eat this! “Orochi”!!”

An absolute predator, “Three-necked Orochi”, that we encountered at that ruin.

It was a monster that easier to imagine for Lime that lived in that ruin.

“” Kyuoo “”

Two heads attacked Rick-san from left and right, and one head tried to attack him from the front.

In addition, since the lightning was scattered around each of it, it should be difficult for him to dodge all of it.

Seeing that, Rick-san squeezed his unbroken expression, but he still greeted the attack with his wooden sword that has a crack on it.

“Haha, it’s ridiculous!”

However, as expected a normal wooden sword cannot prevented all of it.

One of the heads broke the wooden sword in half.

When the other two were about to attack Rick-san directly, but I stopped Lime.

“Lime, it ’s enough!!”

When Rick-san, who was astonished and smiled a little, began to emit purple Mana from his right hand, Lime deformed and returned from the Orochi form.

“So, you’re about to make me use my Magic, huh? If I count together with No. 4, it seems that the new recruit is not all bad.”

Rick-san, who has erased the purple Mana, shifted his gaze to me who is out of breath.

On the verge of stopping the ‘Orochi’, Rick-san was trying to use some Magic, so maybe he could have managed to do something with it himself without me stopping halfway.

But for me to used a lot of Mana just to break a wooden sword….. It seems the adventurers of the guild are really all monsters.

As I was slowly adjusting my breathing, Rick-san walked up to me and tapped my shoulder.

“This is the end of the mock combat. I was surprised at the last one.”

“…..I’m sorry…”

“You don’t need to apologize, anyway it was a good fight. Kaito Arihara.”

That’s right, Rick-san, who said my name, turned to the other test takers.

“This concludes the primary exam. Don’t forget to check the results of the primary exam as they will be posted in the guild. The secondary exam will also be held in the afternoon, so be careful not to go back home immediately.”

Rick-san made that statement and left the place while stretching himself.

Finally, when I realized that the mock combat with Rick-san was over, I was so relieved that I lay down on the spot.

I was not injured….. But still, somehow I’m very tired.

“You did it, Kaito.”


“Schiff and Lime too, Thank you for your work. Aaa-, I’m really tired.”

I closed my eyes and rested my body while thanking Schiff and Lime who have returned to their original form.

However, I was glad that the special move went well.

…A technique that imitates the terrifying monster, ‘Orochi’.

It was a technique that possible because Lime knew the existence of Orochi well, but how should I named it?

“Okay, let’s call that technique, ‘Slime Fighting Style, Lightning Orochi Attack’.

“Let’s think about the name of that technique carefully later! Still, to came up with that technique during the battle… As expected of my Lord!!”

…It’s okay to decide the name of the technique now though, so why?

When I was thinking about the warm sunlight, I noticed that someone was looking into me while blocking the sunlight.

I wondered who it was, and when I opened my eyes, there was a girl, Leafa, who covered in a hood, staring into my face.


I completely forgot that the name I gave her was just a pseudonym!!

I twisted myself and tried to escape, but before that, Leafa pressed my shoulders with a force that I couldn’t think came from a girl.

“You’re strong.”

“…It, it’s not only my own power. It’s combined with the power of my familiars, Schiff and Lime too.”


I replied her with my shaking voice, Leafa narrowed her red eyes behind the hood.

“What’s your real name?”

“… Um, You see …”

“You’re not gonna lie anymore, right?”

Her red eyes, somehow it made me scared.

Even Schiff and Lime also trembled when they saw it.

“I told you a fake name. I apologize for that, but…”

“I’m aware that I was suspicious, so I’ll talk about myself. Is that okay?”

Did she realized that herself…?

If so, all of this may be not my bad in a sense.

As Schiff said, one day I was going to be exposed.

With this, I can be sure that she muttered my name might be not just a mistake…. And above all, I don’t have to call myself Jacob.

“… Kaito. My name is Kaito Arihara.”


Surprisingly, her eyes were wide open and the grip in my shoulder was loosened a little.

“I see, then you are the real ” Kaito Arihara”…”

“… Real? what do you mean by it?”


When I tried to pursue Leafa who spoke that words, Laila, who was watching the game from outside the training ground, shook her hand and ran up to us.

When Leafa saw her, she turned her back on me then she stood up silently and went somewhere.


“I don’t have time right now, so let’s talk after the second exam.”

She said so, while ignoring my voice and walking away.

“Kaito. For real, who is she?”

“… I don’t know too…”

She was saying that I was real or something I didn’t understand.

… I don’t think I can judge her completely just from her words, and it seems that there are still many mysteries about her.


Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 15

This ch is from Laila POV

15. Chapter 15

[Laila POV]

When I saw a boy called Kaito Arihara, who was one year younger than me…… Honestly, it seemed strange.

It was not because I disgusted by him, it just that I had the feeling….. that he came from a different place than where we are.

In fact, he probably came from a distant place.

He was not familiar with the letter used in here, neither about adventurers nor guilds. 

He was more rural than me, who came from the countryside, but I think he was a normal child, except the fact that he has a talking shape shifter and a slime that incorporates Mithril as his familiars.

And when I felt that my situation when I first came here almost the same as Kaito-kun’s situation, I wanted to help him.

Like the people in the guild who helped me at that time, this time I wanted to help those who need a guide.

“Laila? did you hear what I just said?”

“What? Ah, yeah, what was it again?”

Huft, please listen to the story properly.”

Fran said so while being amazed at me.

We were now watching the exams taking place today to select new adventurers from the audience seats that were built around the training ground.

“This time the examiner is Rick? Laila, maybe… it might be tough for Kaito.”

“Rick-san huh. Well, that person is strict.”

Currently, the examiner Rick was fighting against the third person already, this time was a young spearman.

『”Hah! Take this!”』


Rick-san didn’t even use his wooden sword against the attack of a young man wielding a spear with all his might.

The young man’s facial expression gradually turned pale because Rick-san could read all of his attack and stopped his attack easily using his bare hand.

Rank gold.

In the four stage of the adventurer rank, it was the second from the top rank.

The Rank Gold adventurers will be able to take on important missions and high-risk subjugation missions. So their abilities were not average.

Even if Rik-san was not serious, it was still a tough test that can never be passed by just using your sheer strength.

“…….enough. You can stop.”

When he said so to the young man who was out of breath and kneeling, he shifted his gaze to the next candidate.

So far, three out of five test takers couldn’t even hit Rick-san.

Even if the attack couldn’t hit Rick-san, it might be a different story if they had enough “Qualities” to at least made Rick-san fluster… but unfortunately they must be dropped at the first test.

“So, only the one wearing hood and Kaito left?”

Kaito-kun, who was probably told by Schiff to keep an eye on him, and a mysterious person who was observing Rick’s battle next to him.

From the line of the body, that person might be a girl who was not so old like me, but she has a strange atmosphere surrounding her.

Even the one who belong to the guild, did not know the information of the participants, so no one really knew who that person was.

“Oh, it seems that the kid wearing hood will go.”

After Fran said so, I looked toward the training ground, and I saw the mysterious person with a knife walked in front of Rick-san.

As expected the person still wearing the black cloak, so it seemed that she will fight without taking it off.

She made a low stance and one of her hand was on the ground. In the next moment, she went to Rick-san while trying to slash him.


“That person is not average.”

The knife was flowing smoothly and pointed exactly at Rick-san’s vital spot.

Rick-san responded to all of them, but his expression was more serious than before.

『”The speed and accuracy are perfect. What a talent.』

『”…! Damn!!”』

The dull sound of a wooden sword pairing the iron knife echoed in the training ground.

The fight of the two were already faster, even more, each attack of that person was heavier than the previous test takers.


“Wow, what a loud shout.”

“And that person, the way she fight is like a wild beast.”

A roar that seemed to be came out from the instinct and a beast-like movement.

It were definitely a fight that like when a beast lost its composure, but still… she was strong.


Perhaps the mysterious person realized that it wasn’t possible to just slash normally, she jumped far back and put her hand in her pocket, then she took out three knives and threw them at Rick-san.

At that time, her eyes that were hidden behind the hood glowed red.

Then, as soon as she landed….. she disappeared as if she jumped into the shadow of her own feet.

“She disappeared….?”

Fran, who was next to me, muttered so in shock.

And I was surprised and unable to speak, the shadow of Rick-san’s feet shimmered, and she appeared there in an instant.

Short-range movement using the Shadow.

She tried to slash Rick-san’s unprotected back using knife.

But, the moment the tip of the knife hits directly…..

『”Not that fast”』


The knife slashed the air as Rick-san lowered his body.

She tried to chase after him while revealing her upset, but before that Rick-san tripped her leg and she lost her posture.

And the tip of a wooden sword pointed to her who was about to get up immediately.

Although she looked at Rick-san with a regrettable look, on the other hand, Rick-san has a satisfied face.

『”Enough. No. 4, I understand your power. You seems to be accustomed to the actual battle, but you leaves it to your anger too much.”』


『”I don’t know if it’s because of your nature or not, but it’s definitely a drawback to you.”』


She stood up without grasping Rick-san’s hand and returned to Kaito-kun without saying anything.

Kaito-kun was listening to Schiff, who was in a black cat state, while tilting his head.

“So she passed”

“That’s right. Huft, it seems that a talented child is likely to come in.”

That knife’ slash and throw.

I wonder whether she was an assassin or something like that? In the first place, it was definitely not a movement that normal human can do.

I was also wondering why she hid her face, but when she became an adventurer, someday I’ll know.

“That Magic just now, was it a Magic to move to the shadow in your sight?”

“Although the range is limited, it seems to be easy to use. And….. maybe she still hide something else.”

I agreed with Fran’s words.

At least she wouldn’t showed all her cards.

“The way she fight is like the real beast.”

She have technique.

She have experience.

However, she clearly lost her composure in the crucial battle.

In fact, even after the battle with Rick was over, she went to Kaito-kun side while she was still breathing roughly……

“Hmmm? What?”

When she returned to Kaito-kun side, she regained her composure in instant.

She should have been still lost on her emotions, but she has returned to her sanity as if nothing had happened. Even she herself surprised by that.

Then her gaze was directed at Kaito-kun, who was nervously talking to Schiff next to him.

『”It’s the last. No.5, are you ready? “』


And, it was finally the test time for Kaito-kun.

Well, if I thought about it again, it might be difficult to pass Rick’s exam.

When I saw him calming down with a small deep breath before heading to Rick-san, somehow I felt nervous too.

“Does Laila know the way Kaito fight? Will he be okay?”

“Ah, hmmm, that’s…”


I diverted my gaze awkwardly at Fran’s words.

Well, I helped with his training.

Sure, I helped him, but I didn’t really know how powerful he is.

“I knew only a little about how Kaito-kun fight because I was asked to help with his training a few times….. Well, I found some free time and went to see him. But every time I went to see him, either he was stuck with muscle pain in his whole body or he was running around the city.”

“Muscle pain on whole body……”

“You see, I also forced Nito-chan, who can use healing magic, and bring her to his place? But the timing always bad.”

The most shocking thing was when I saw Kaito-kun, who was cursed by Schiff and was crying and went crazy in the city.

The sight of Kaito-kun was getting his face wet with tears as Schiff that didn’t look cute like usual, swearing and taunting him was not that strange for the past few days.

“Anyway, all I know is that Kaito-kun is a tamer who fights together with his familiars and has been working hard for the last two weeks.”

“If so, we have to see his fight.”

I nodded to Fran and saw Kaito-kun.

After Schiff confirmed that he had calmed down, Schiff jumped off the ground and turned into a hat.

Kaito-kun, who grabbed the spinning hat, reached for the Mithril slime, Lime, on his shoulder when he touched it, he shook his arm as if pulling something out.

Then, the body of the silver slime, Lime, stretched and contracted, turning into a club about two meters long.

“….. Hey. You just said that Kite fights together with familiars….. But, hmmm, in my eyes, it looks like Kaito himself is the one who will fights.”

“Well, hmmm…”

Aside from the Schiff…. Lime has become like a weapon!?

Wait, maybe because it was Mithril slime, so its body must be as strong as or stronger than Mithril, so it was a perfect weapon!? But still, Kaito-kun, you were going to wield it yourself!?

I stood up on the spot, raised my voice to Kaito-kun, and said words of support in order to ran from Fran’s gaze.

“Ka, Kaito-kun! Good luck!!”

When I cheered on him, he laughed happily as if my voice had reached him and then he returned my cheers by waving his hand.

It was a genuine support from me. Rick-san was glaring at me, but I didn’t care about that.

The fact that he was waving his hand to me, somehow it made me happy, but….


『”….… !?”』

The mysterious person grabbed Kaito’s shoulders from behind, and his expression stiffened.

MC, Leafa, and Laila

Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 14

Another one or two more, tomorrow

14. Chapter 14

I’ve done a lot for this day, for the exam.

As a tamer, I learned how to handle Schiff and Lime, and my body forcibly adapted the physical strengthening by Support Magic.

Aldo I can write a few letters of this world now, but I managed to at least have the minimum knowledge of this world and this exam.

So, it should be fine. My preparation should be enough.

I sit at the table in a room that looked like a waiting room in the guild, and waited earnestly, while staring at the hands that I have folded to relieve my nervousness.

On the table I was on, Schiff (Black cat) and Lime, were looking into my expression.

“Examinee number 5, huh…”

I looked at the emblem that was given to me when I was guided to this room.

It seemed to be a symbol to identify the person who is taking the exam, but this reminded me my original world.

“Kaito. To me, you seems like you’re not used to this kind of thing.”

“Well, I’m still too young to get used to this…”

“Is that so? Hmmm, it’s something that I don’t understand because I’m still new to human culture …”


Even though Schiff has a human-like personality, he was in fact a monster.

He seemed to have been taught words and letters by someone who became his friend, but he was not as accustomed to the culture and customs of this world as I am.

Well, all we have to do was to help each other.

“But even though it’s an exam, the examinee number is surprisingly few.”

“Well, it seems that they do it once a month.”

The people in the room were the one who will take the exam.

It seemed that the test was conducted quite often, once a month, so the participants were few. There were only about four people in the room.

Maybe because it was before the test, everyone was nervous.

Therefore, I also have a quiet conversation with Schiff, who is in a black cat state.


“Are you cheering me up? Thank you.”

Lime tapped my hand, while moving up and down.

When I was relieved by the cool feeling, the door of the room behind was opened.

The eyes of the four people in the room, including myself, were directed at the person who came in.

I was wondering if he was an examiner, but the one who came in was a dubious person in a black robe.

“Kaito, that person is …”


That person was the one who suddenly asked for my name when I first came to the guild.

And if I didn’t mishear what that person said, that person was a mysterious person who knew my name. I told Schiff about this too.

Anyway, now Schiff and Lime began to watch out for the mysterious person.


Was that person looking for a place to sit?

The mysterious person who looked around me wandered around, and when that person found me, for some reason after saying ‘Ah!’, that person approached me.

I was getting more nervous, but despite that, the mysterious person approached me and stopped near me.

“Can I sit in front of you?”

“Well, please…”

….Schiff, please scold me later for not refusing here.

A mysterious person sitting face-to-face…… The girl in the hood looked a little surprised when she sees her own hand.


“…..What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. I was just surprised that I’m calm.”

…..What do you mean?

While being confused by a little incomprehensible word that she said, she opened her mouth after a few seconds of silence.

“…..Jacob. Did you come for the exam?”


“……It’s your name, right? Isn’t it?”

…….Shit, I’ve done it.

By the way, I gave this person a sparkling pseudonym called ‘Jacob Rising’!

When I asked Schiff for help, he shook his little body and endured his laughter.

Apparently, I got stuck in my pseudonym.

If I weren’t the one involved, I would have been laughing, but now I can’t laugh at all.

“Ah, yeah, that’s right. What’s your name?”

“Oh right, I didn’t introduce myself before. I’m sorry.”

Realizing that she wasn’t introduced herself before, she bowed a little.

“My name is Leafa. By the way, my number is number four.”

Although she introduced herself, she didn’t remove the hood that completely covers her head.

I decided to ask why she was here, while wondering if it was also a reason that she hide her face.

“If you’re here…. do you also applied to the exam to become an adventurer?”

“I don’t really want to be, but I think adventurers are more convenient when looking for friends and companions, so I applied.”

“Are you looking for a companion?”

“Yeah, more over someone I can trust.”

…… I have a lot of questions in my mind, but I don’t want to accidentally touch the topic that I shouldn’t and makes her angry.

For me, she was still someone I need to be careful to.

“Are you a tamer? It looks like you’re carrying a monster.”

“Ah, Yeah, that’s right.”

“Are you good being a support? What can your familiars do? It seemed like you were talking with them before.”

…She asked a lot.

When I saw Schiff and Lime, they got confused as she asked questions so quick.

I also have a lot I wanted to ask.

Like… Why did you know my name? Sure, I may need to reveal my name when I asked her that, but the girl in front of me can be an important source of information for me.


“Everyone taking the exam! Now that the preparation are finished, please gather at the training ground behind the guild!!”

The moment I tried to ask, the door of the room was opened, and a woman who seemed to be a guild employee uttered a voice leading us to the training ground behind the guild.

“It’s time. Let’s go. Jacob.”


Aside from calling Jacob, for some reason I ended up going to the training ground with her in a natural way.

…… No, no, I should concentrate on the exam first.

The first test was the practical skill.

It was time to show the results of these two weeks.

We headed to the training ground behind the guild to take the first exam.

In front of the five test takers, including me and Leafa, was a blonde man with an impressive sharp eye.

The belt on the waist of the man was equipped with a sword in a scabbard, and it can be seen at a glance that he was an adventurer of the guild.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Rick, who is in charge of overseeing this exam. I’ll be rigorously judging this time.”

A man who stared at us lining in a row….. Rick-san, squints to observe each of us.

The people who took the exam who heard his name have a surprised expression.

“Rick? That ‘Rick Casing’?”

“Isn’t he a gold-ranked adventurer …!”

“Rumor said that the screening standards become strict is…..”

Rick moved his eyebrows to the words of three people other than me and Leafa.

The three people, who were upset, turned pale and shut up as Rick-san was clearly in a bad mood.

“… First of all, I don’t treat anyone here specially. Whether it’s a guild chief’s recommendation, a minister’s connection, or a well-known warrior, the results of this exam alone will determine your abilities. Rather, today, the compliments and achievements you have received to date will be meaningless in front of me. “

I can see some people who seemed to be confused by Rick’s words.

I was confused too, but when I think about it again, it was a good situation for me, who has no achievements in this world.

“The most important thing in a guild is, “Trust”. A single big mistake can affect the entire guild….. no, the place you belong to. So, to prevent that from happening, I need to carefully select new members of the guild.”

He made such a statement and picked up the wooden sword prepared in advance at the training ground.

He shook the sword while making a noise, ‘SWOOSH’, and turned his gaze again to stare at us.

“This test method this time is a mock combat with me. Use all means to prove that you could be an adventurer.”

Everyone other than me and Leafa who heard that it was a mock combat, made a rustle.

Seeing them, Rick continued to say something like putting a nail in the coffin.

“Of course, I’ll hold myself and I won’t attack back … but if you think you can’t do it, you should prepare for the next opportunity, because it’ll be just a waste of time.”

” ” “…….” ” “

“Well, we will start the mock battle in the order of application, but before that…… is there anyone who has a question?”


Then, Leafa raised her hand high that can’t be imagined it came from a suspicious person.

Rick, who had a surprisingly rounded eye, allowed her to speak.

“What is it, No. 4”

“What should I do to prove my ability?”

“You just have to show your ability as an adventurer, or show your future potential. Well, it’s just my way.”

“Hmm …”

Have an appropriate ability and future potential, huh?

…… Should I ask for confirmation too?

While thinking that, at the end of Leafa’s question, I also raise my hand,

“Next is, No.5 huh, What is it?”

“Yes. But does the fight with familiars also counted as a way to fight?”

“Of course. I’m not a demon that I force a Tamer to fight without familiars.”

Seeing Schiff at my feet and Lime on my shoulders, Rick said so.

The line of sight seemed to look all over me, but I didn’t feel anything malicious.

“… No more questions? Well, now, I’ll give time for you to prepare before I start the mock combat. Think a strategy, or prepare your weapons, or whatever. I’ll take the challenge from the first person that ready.”

An exam to became an adventurer.

It seemed simpler than I expected, but there were many things you can do to prove yourself, and also the screening standards were high.

I was sure it wouldn’t be so straightforward and easy as I thought, so I tried to talk with Schiff again and devised a strategy.


Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 13

Next ch soon

13. Chapter 13

I had to train and study to take the exam to become an adventurer.

At that time, Schiff suggested me to keep a diary so that I could look back on what happened on the day.

Anyway, Schiff said that his friend had a habit of saying, “The records of what I experienced every day will encourage me to be better”.

So I said, “I can’t write the letters of this world” but Schiff smiled at me and said, “For now, it’s okay to write with the letters of your world. That diary is just for you.”.

Hmmm, that’s true.

I was convinced by him, so I bought a cheap notebook and pen at a place like a general store near the guild, and since that day I decided to write down what I learned and experienced on that day in my diary…

Day 1

Today, I went to the guild to applied for an exam to become an adventurer.
Before that, it turned out that my Mana has a high purity, it’s high enough to be called Pure Mana, but for now, I don’t need to talk about it deeply.
Well, in the first place, I don’t know much about the Pure Mana.

For the application, I had Laila write for me. Then, they said that I was able to take the exam two weeks later, so I first asked Laila and her companions, Kiel-san and Fran-san, about what the adventurer’s exam would look like

First, the adventurer’s exam was divided into two stages, the first will be a practical exam and the second will be an interview to examine the personality aspect.
To became an adventurer, I wondered why do you need to be interviewed… but Laila says that the guild was an organization built on the trust of the people of the kingdom who was the client. It seems that the adventurer who carries out the request must be a credible person or you will not be able to receive it.

Somehow, it reminded me of an interview practice for college entrance exams …
Maybe I was a little surprised to got this kind feeling in a different world.

Tomorrow, Laila will tell me and Schiff more about mana.

Day 2

Tofay, I was, taught about magic, but, my body, hurts so much, so I’ll, write more, tomorrow

Day 3

My muscle pain has gone a little, so I could write a diary.
First of all, one thing I can say was that the physical strengthening by the Support Magic that strengthened by my Pure Mana was too amazing.
The whole body wasn’t as tattered as when I ran away from Orochi, but the moment released my physical strengthening after moving around for an hour, my body suffered an unprecedented pain.

Schiff who saw me thrown head over heels and struck by muscle pain. He fiercely said, “You have to get used to it! You’ll keep doing it until it doesn’t make you feel pain!”.
My familiar, he was Sparta.
Although he praises me a lot, he was very strict.
However, I’m so sad with myself for getting happy just by that and trying to live up his expectations… Really I’m just an easy guy…..

Today I was learning how to write the letters of this world. And also Laila showed me her magic.
Laila seemed to be able use Wind Magic, and it seemed that she carried the unconscious me using that.
But, it was a secret that I was really envious of the her Mana that seemed to be much easier to use than my Pure Mana.

Day 4

Muscle pain

But, need to keep doing it

Day 5

I, don’t have, strength, to write

Day 6

Healing magic was great!!
Today Laila brought someone who can use a Healing Magic from the guild!!
Her name is Nito-san, and she healed me who was suffering from muscle pain due to physical strengthening, in an instant!!
Healing magic was an amazing Magic that can heal any wound.
This will make you feel tireless, so there is no doubt that if it exist in my world, it will cause a lot of trouble!!

With her around, I’m not afraid of muscle pain anymore!!
Today, I was able to move a lot with physical strengthening without feeling fear of muscle pain.
Maybe, I should have try a professional wrestling technique!

Day 7

I was, scolded by Schiff, for getting carried away

Day 8

I understood it now.
I was lacking muscle.
That was why I got muscle pain and collapsed quickly.

Then, I just need to train it more, right?

Alright, let’s ask Schiff to stop praising me.
From now on, I’ll ask Schiff to say something harsh and ask him to discipline me.

Day 9

It was hard

Day 10

No more

Day 11

Day 12

Today, Schiff suddenly stopped the training.
He said that humans will be mentally destroyed if the extreme conditions continue.
Schiff said that my eyes were seriously dead.
What did he mean? So scary…

I’m relieved that I don’t have to be cursed by Schiff anymore, but to tell the truth, I felt like just a bit more and I could’ve awaken something within me.
Well, For the time being, I feel like I’m need to improve my basic physical strength by completing the morning training.

Day 13

After completing all the training today, I decided to study.
Laila was out on request, so for some reason I decided to ask Mai-san to teach me various things in the guild today.

First, about the guild and adventurer profession.
A guild was an organization that receives requests from the kingdom and the people who live in its territory.
And adventurers were those who belong to the guild and carry out the requests.
There were many different requests. From a simple request like helping the people to the dangerous requests such as demon extermination.

Since Laila and her companions were talented adventurers, it seemed that they were mainly undertaking the extermination of highly rewarded monsters.
It seemed that adventurers also have a hierarchy… or rather, a standard for receiving requests, but I was told that I don’t have to worry about it now because this was something I should remember after becoming an adventurer.

So, for now, I was taught the basic knowledge of this kingdom.
And Mai-san was really in trouble because she didn’t know much about it… I’m sorry…

Day 14

Today, I also have a study session with Mai-san.
Rather, this time she set up a room to taught me.
But, when I think about it now, am I not just being isolated…!?

Today, I was taught about the ritual of the Hero Summoning, which each kingdom did.
As I heard from Schiff at the ruins, there seemed to be an annoying guy called the Demon King now, and it seemed that multiple kingdoms did a Hero Summoning ritual to summon those from their own country who have the quality of a Hero, to confront the demon king .
Maybe… Shishihara-san and me were involved in it by accident.
Worst of all, perhaps the country that accidentally summoned us would have thought that the Hero would be chosen from someone live within its own territory.
We could just blame them, but what happened to us was just an unfortunate accident.
It seemed that the Hendil Kingdom and Philgen Kingdom have succeeded in the Hero Summoning ritual, but the names of the hero chosen for both kingdoms have not been revealed.

Shishihara-san would have been summoned safely, but … is she, who is just an ordinary high school girl, will be okay?
I’m worried because she seemed like a careless girl …

Day 15

Today, instead of strengthening the body, I will practice with two more Support Magics that Schiff has, Flame Enchant and Lightning Enchant.
Laila was out on request, so I inevitably decided to do it only with me, Schiff and Lime.

It seemed that the Support Magic that gives attributes was basically not possible to cast on living flesh.
Well, it’s normal to think that if you catch fire or get an electric shock, you’ll get seriously injured, so when dealing with this Magic, you’ll have to apply it to you weapons and limes.
When I asked Lime, who was deformed into a stick and was burning, “Are you okay?”. Lime did not seem to feel any pain.
Mithril seemed to be a metal that has both hardness and resistance to Magic, so it was no exaggeration to say that Lime that eats it was a living Mithril…

Even now, I noticed that Lime was changed its appearance by sucking my Mana, but it seemed that Lime was able to transform at high speed by sucking my Mana.
…… Still, wouldn’t Lime transform into other weapons too?

Day 16

It was a little late, but today I paid Meruku, the rent? money, three bronze coins.
I thought over and over again but it was really cheap.
I felt bad to say this, but it was cheap enough to think it was a haunted place.
What’s more, when I though that I only got breakfast and dinner…..She even gave me lunch. it was really impossible to understand where she get the profit.
Maybe I’m the one who was favored the most.
That’s why I definitely have to be an adventurer and reward this favor.

For the time being, for the past few days, I used Lime that transformed into a club.
I felt like the main character of a kung-fu movie.
I wanted to swing around a three-section staff and a nunchaku, but I’m sure that it will just embarrass myself, so I didn’t do that.

Day 17

By the way, I haven’t done any actual battles…
So isn’t it impossible to pass the exam?
You see, it’s like having a car license test without ever getting in the car.

When I consulted with Schiff, he said, “You can do it! Believe me!”
And I really though that I could do it because he was cute when saying it.
Yeah, I can do it.

Day 18

The day before the exam.
Tomorrow is the exam day to become an adventurer.
It seems that it will be revealed what kind of format the practical test will be held on the day….. So what I can do now is to believe in myself.
Rather, Laila nonchalantly said, “If you fail, you should wait for the next exam!!”
Eh? I was surprised at the fact that you were allowed to take it again and over again.
If I knew this, I should have take it easy without rushing, but because I applied already, it can’t be helped.
I have no choice but to take the exam tomorrow.

Author’s Note : The diary format like this is convenient because the training part can be shortened.


Naguri Tamer no Isekai Seikatsu ch 12

12. Chapter 12

The next morning, I was awakened by Laila, who rushed into the room with a high tension. Then, after having a light breakfast, We visited the guild.

As expected, it’ll be bad if I wear the same clothes for two days in a row, so I decided to wear the clothes I bought while being guided by Laila yesterday.

“…..So, Kaito-kun wants to find out your aptitude of magic, is that correct?”


“I understand! I’ll prepare the Magic tools for it now, so please wait.”

I nods to the words of Mai-san, the woman I met in the guild yesterday.

She seems to be the receptionist of the guild today, so I asked her to check my Magic System.

“… I’m glad that I could find it out more easily than I expected.”

Magical aptitude seemed to be relatively easy to check and anyone could ask for it without any difficult procedures.

Well, maybe it’s also because Laila stand for me, who didn’t really know what to do.

“I wonder what kind of Magic System will it be?”

“Laila. Somehow, aren’t you looking forward to it more than I am?”

Laila is excited.

But, me? I’m rather nervous.

I have a feeling of looking forward to it too, but still, I’m nervous because it’s something that can affect my future.

“Kaito, You look so nervous, huh.”

“That’s, of course.”

I nod to Schiff, who is sitting on the reception table.

“For me, it doesn’t matter what kind of Magic System you have, because I and Lime just need to move instead of you.”


Lime on my shoulder screamed briefly to agree.

Still, I can’t helped wondering what will be the result. Maybe because it’s one of a man’s romance.

“Thank you for the waiting!”

Mai-san comes back in a half run.

Something like a blue crystal that is placed on a high-quality cloth is in her hand.

It looks like just a crystal, but it probably to detect the Magic System.

“If you pour your Mana into this crystal, you can check your Magic System.”

“So, I just need to let my Mana flow into it?”

“Yeah. When this crystal reacts to someone Mana, the light that represents the amount of Mana, the color that represents the Magic System, and the pattern inside the crystal that represents the details of the Magic System of the person, will appear. Knowing all that information, is what you need to check your Magic System.”

If it is only the color, it can be identified by just exerting your mana. But, it is possible to investigate more accurately by the amount of light and the pattern that will appear in the crystal.

According to Mai-san’s instructions, I just need to place my palm on the crystal and pour in my Mana.

Then, a bright light begins to be emitted from the crystal in less than ten seconds.

“… Yellow …..No, is it golden?”

The warm light that reminiscent me, a light bulb, is dyed in gold.

The crystal is full of glitter and particles, which are look like a snow globe.

Mai-san, who is seeing the shining crystal, tilted her head.

“Is it a Lightning Magic System? But, there is no lightning pattern peculiar to it, so what is it?”

“Even Main-san don’t know what it is?”

“That’s right. It’s a Magic System I’ve never seen, so I wonder if I have to look it up first.”

Is it a rare Magic System?

While thinking so, I looked at Laila, and I see that she was looking at the crystal with her eyes shining.

“It’s a beautiful light. And somehow, it feels warm.”

“I said it was colorless and transparent, but this is…”

My Mana seems to be rare even for the people around me.

The hustle and bustle of the guild becomes quieter.

When I, who had been attracting attention, tried to take my hand off the crystal, a large man came out from the back of the guild.

“…….What a Pure Mana that you have there.”

“Gu, guild Master!?”


The man who came out was Berce-san, a man who spoke immediately after I woke up from fainting two days ago.

He looks at the crystal with his eyes rounded as if he had seen something unusual.

“And more over it’s gold color, it’s something rare.”

“Do Guild Master know something about it?”

“Nah, this is the first time I’ve seen it.”

Berce-san nodded to Laila’s words and turned to me.

“Pure Mana refers to a high concentration of Mana. It is a Mana that is close to a no-attribute Magic System, but it can be said that it is the best Mana for a Tamer like you.”

“Is that because … that Mana is good to be given to the familiars?”

“Yeah. There is no mistake in that idea.”

I’m disappointed that I can’t control something like fire or thunder, but if my Mana can maximize the power of Schiff and Lime, it may not be so bad too.

“But Berce-dono. What does gold color mean? Is there a color distinction for the one who has Pure Mana?”

Schiff nodded as he was convinced, but he asked something that he concern to Berce-san.

“The purity of the Mana of the Pure Mana changes depending on the color. There are yellow, red, silver, gold, and silver, yellow is the lowest purity, and conversely, white silver is the highest. However, when it comes to While Silver, no one with who has that color appear very often. If it appear, most of the time it is not a normal human being, but a person who has lived since ancient times.”

“I see, that means, the Mana that Kaito has, is a Mana with a lot of of purity, right?”

Never did I thought, that my Mana is something like that……

There is a sense of superiority that my Mana is special, but I wonder if there are any disadvantages to having such Mana.

Because I don’t think it can be applied to anything else.

Moreover, this seems to be a very rare Mana, right?

“But having this kind of Mana is not all good.”

When I stare at my hand and think about that, I am surprised by Berce-san’s voice.

“In the past, there is a record that those who possessed Pure Mana were sacrificed to Monsters. Nowadays, although it is a bad custom that has perished, but some Monsters who know the “taste” of Pure Mana are still alive…… The Orochi you encountered is one of them.”

“I see, so that’s why The Orochi notice Kaito even from that far distance….. And I could see how obsessed that guy is toward Kaito.”

I remember Orochi’s eyes just before I fainted.

Was that aimed at my Mana?

It’s because of this Pure Mana that animals dislike me, but now, can I think that because of my Mana, I’m too much liked by Monsters?

“Well, you don’t have to be so scared. First, you rarely see such a powerful Monster. Rather, You’re unlikely to encounter it.”

“I, I see…”

I don’t want to encounter Monsters like Orochi again, so I’m relieved after hearing that words for the time being.

Then, I thought I’d talk to Mai-san about my next purpose coming here. But Berce-san is here, so maybe I should talk it to him.

“Berce-san, I’m thinking of taking the adventurer’s exam.”

When I said that, he opened his eyes.

I don’t know if He’s surprised at the answer now because I decided this in just two days. But I can’t pull back anymore.

“Have you really decided?”


“…..Well. If you choose that path, I won’t stop you. Mai-san, give him the exam documents.”


Mai-san, who nodded with a smile, presented a piece of paper and a black pen in front of me from the reception shelf.

“Then, Kaito-kun! Please fill in this document”

“Thank you…. Hmmm, first of all, my name …”


Everyone other than Schiff looks suspicious to me, who is just staring at the documents.

Right now, Schiff is holding his head with his front legs. Perhaps, even Schiff realized it too.

“What, what’s wrong? Kaito-kun, why you just staring at the documents……”

“… I’m sorry, but…. I can’t write.”

『 “…” 』

The entire guild becomes quiet.

After a few seconds, Laila, who move to my side, stole the pen from me, while laughing out loud.

“Hahahaha! Right, Kaito-kun was from a distant country! If so, it can’t be helped then! I’ll write it for you! That’s fine right, Mai-san!?”

“Huh!? Hmm… Guild Master…”

Mai-san asking for help, because she can’t judge it herself.

Berce-san was thinking about something with his hand on his chin, but he immediately replied to Mai-san.

“… Hmm? Well, since I’m present here, I guess, it’s okay.”

“Thank you very much.”

“Nah, but you should remember the letters from now on, to live here.”


I didn’t even think about it because up until now I could understand the language, but certainly I can’t understand the letters in this world.

I don’t know if it is the effect of the summoning that I could understand the words, but this problem should be solved immediately.

If Schiff know it, I’ll ask him to tech me little by little later.

However, even though there was an little accident, I was able to qualify for the exam to become an adventurer safely.

The scheduled test date is nineteen days later.

By then, I have to make an effort to clear the contents of the test, and know about how to use Schiff and Lime as my familiars.