Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 313

313. Confession

『”Today’s Kenran-Seimei Joint School Festival is over. All visitors, please be careful on your way home. I repeat. Today’s Kenran-Seimei Joint School Festival is over.”』

An announcement was made, and the visitors quickly walked to the gate.

All of them were smiling. It seemed that they had a lot of fun. Certainly, considering how big ​​this school was, it surpassed the famous theme park, and even though it was such a school festival, Kenran students were still full of vitality. There was a rumor that by just looking at surroundings, the energy would come back. They must have been satisfied because they were boys from Seimei.

I actually tried the food of others classes’ stores, and all of them were delicious, from the orthodox ones to the ones I had never eaten.

As expected, this was because the school had many students and also respected students’ creativity, that many kinds of stores and events could be seen, but…

What were they thinking when they decided to serve food made with a tarantula at the school festival? Also, that “Experience! A cancer removal surgery!”, do they think that people, who had no surgical experience, wanted to try it? Well, it was done under the supervision of an active doctor, and it was well-received by the TV reporter, and that high level of VR technology took time to be covered by the Tv station… Money! Yeah, it must rack a lot of money!

However, even compared to those events, the butler cafe of both was a success. It could be said that anything that stimulates people’s greed was popular, no matter how simple it might be.

And now, at the butler cafe, the girls were busy cleaning up and processing the first day’s sales.

And today’s butlers were sitting in their seats, requesting the girls to massage them or bring them some drink.

“Haaaff, I worked hard today. Hurry up and bring me some juice.”

“I’d like a massage, please. I allow you to touch me with your bare hands.”

“Potato chips and chocolate”

“Rib steak. Medium rare. Please”

Butlers with big attitudes. Well, it was true that because of these guys, the store could be opened, but steak? However, the girls spoiled such boys by saying that it couldn’t be helped.

… Wait, we even serve steak?

“Sorry to make you wait, here. We didn’t have any rib meat so I used tofu instead.”

“Wha-! If there’s no meat, you should go buy it!”

“No, no, the tofu steak is also delicious, you know? So please try it first. Look, you can enjoy it with this special sauce.”

“I won’t forgive you if it doesn’t suit my taste! Oh, it’s delicious.”


…Seems like the girls are treating the boys in a slightly different way than usual? Or it’s just my imagination?

As I was pondering such questions, it seemed that the counting of the sales had ended, and everyone gathered.

“Umm… Thank you for your hard work on the first day. Then, I’ll announce the sales for the first day.”

“Wait, there must be something more important than that!”


A member of the festival committees said so and tried to announce the sales, but the boys hung up on it.

“The number of nominations! The number, of nominations! I did my best today! I’m sure that the number of nominations for me is number one!”

“Must be me――”

“The number one is Hatano-kun. After him, it’s nothing much different from each other. Thank you for your hard work. Then, next, it’s time to announce today’s sales.”


The boys fell silent for a moment.

Right, I must be correct, the way the girls treat the boys starting to change……

Anyway, after this, it’s time to go “there” huh…

I glance at Shino-san, but her expression didn’t change at all, it was as usual.

There’s something I want to ask, but I guess, I should ask after going to the meeting place.

Then, when the member of the festival committee gave the signal for the end, everyone got ready to go home and went their own way home.

I also carried my luggage and went out, but when I left the gymnasium, I turned my feet to the place I was told.

Looked up at the sky while walking. The darkened night sky made me realize that the seasons were changing and winter was approaching. Then, I looked back at what has happened so far.

For sure if I hadn’t remembered my previous life, I wouldn’t be here now. I probably went to Seimei and dominated the first graders, and would have gone all the way to win over the upperclassmen as well…

Compared to such life, how peaceful the current situation is.

But, I feel like I’m working more than I thought, though? Strange…

Is it the effect of working hard in my previous life? I feel restless unless I do something.

When I was thinking about such a thing, I arrived at the place I was told. Since there was already a figure, they must have followed me. I fasten up my pace a little.

“Sorry did I make you all wait?”

” ” ” ” ” “Not at all!” ” ” ” ” “

At the meeting place. It wasn’t just Shino-san, but also Yuzuka-san, Minori-san, Yachigusa-san, and Maizumi-san who sent me a letter. Then there was Mishima-san too.

I wondered why everyone chose the same place at the same time, but asked me separately. Well, it seemed that it was unexpected for them as well. After all, all of them had not a good expression for a girl on their faces. They were frowning so much.

“……Hey, everyone, I have some plan with Kohaku-kun, so could you all go home?”

“I can’t, I’ll be fast. So, give him to me first today.”

“No, I’m the first.”

“Why does everyone know this place! Please go home!”

“Hauh, hauff”

“Why are you getting in my way! Go somewhere else!”

“Because Shino is getting in my way!”

“This day has already turned into a bad day, so I’ll send Kohaku-san home.”

“Minori-san, please don’t move a single steーp!”

“Hauh, hauff”

They were bickering with each other. It was a very rare sight because usually, they were all on good terms. Meanwhile, Mishima-san was the only one who quietly walked toward me. Apparently, the others were busy fighting and didn’t notice it.

Then, when she reached in front of me, she took a deep breath and said,

“Haufffff… Hatano-kun, please date me on the premise of marriage!!!”

Hearing that loud voice, the others who were busy arguing finally realized the situation, and had stunned expressions.

……I see. Perhaps everyone has the same idea as Mishima-san…

No, more than that, has this day finally come?

…Wait, wait a minute, getting married!? I thought that dating in high school was supposed to be more, for fun?! C-Calm down, Mishima-san!

“I’m a little more unattractive than the other girls, but I’ll be a woman who earns a lot of money in the future, I’ll do my best, and I’ll definitely make Hatano-kun happy! Please go out with me!”

This is serious… What should I do…

” ” ” ” “Wait a minute!!!” ” ” ” “

……When I was wondering what to answer, Shino-san and the others who had been arguing came rushing over.

“I-I’ll make you happy too! Even now, I have a lot of assets. Surely, I will definitely not make you suffer in the future! Please date me on the premise of marriage!”

“I won’t lose to other girls! I won’t lose to Toukain in terms of assets, and I won’t lose to others in terms of my love for you! Please go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

“Right now, I am nothing, but I will definitely become a champion in the Super Arts and earn a lot of money. I promise you that. So, Please go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

“Miu… Miu’s body can’t be compared to others, but Miu will definitely become a first-class actress! It may be hard to believe… but please believe me, and go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

“Eh, ah, um, I love you! I love you very much! Please go out with me on the premise of marriage!”

And one after another confessed to me as if they didn’t want to lose to Mishima-san.

……why does everyone put in ‘on the premise of marriage’? what to do? how should I answer?

I looked up at the darkened sky.

If I answer YES here, I’ll definitely get married to them. Well, I feel that they said it knowing all that. Prepared for that.

But, at this young age, am I gonna married to six girls? Even though polygamy is allowed, it must be difficult to maintain it.

……but, but, I do like them… To be honest, I like them. I’m sure of it. But, I haven’t thought about marriage at this point.




But, yeah, can’t be like this forever, right?


I made up my mind.

“Okay, so please take care of me from now on too.”

Said so with a smile on my face, and, I bowed my head.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 312

This ch is from Shino Toukain POV

312. Shino’s strategy

Shino Toukain approached Kohaku Hatano with a very natural smile.

It was as if she just met him by chance.

“Ah, what a coincidence. Are you in the middle of doing some errands for the student council right now?”

“Yeah, well, it’s just to patrol around. Shino-san, are you taking a break?”

“Yes, but it’s a shame that I have to go back soon. I just got my stomach full and now wandering around to get some fresh air.”

Naturally having ordinary small talk. Such an encounter that could have happened anywhere, but of course, this wasn’t a coincidence. Shino had obtained information about the student council in advance and knew Kohaku’s schedule, so she scheduled her break time to coincide with the time he left the class. And of course, it wasn’t a coincidence that Shino now appeared in front of Kohaku.

She had been following Kohaku since he left class. Shino also confirmed that Kohaku had received letters from the others. She also had an idea of ​​what her classmates had done, but decided to not get in the way, and approached him at the last minute of her break time.

In other words, most of the conversation was a lie.

“Oh, it’s time to go back. If only I met you earlier, we could go around longer.”

“Really, it’s unfortunate.”

Shino dropped her shoulders in disappointment. This time, the truth was mixed in the words, but she cocked back tears for her purpose.

Why did Shino act like this? Well, it was for the same reason as other girls.

“Aーh, I want to talk more, but I really have to go now…”

“I see. Well, see you later.”

“Yup… Ah! Kohaku-kun!”

Saying that, the moment Kohaku was about to leave, Shino shouted as if she remembered. This was an action to leave a better impression.


“Could I request one thing?”

“? Okay.”

“Thank you… Umm, you see…”

Seemingly hesitant, Shino continued her words.

“After today’s culture festival is over, there is a place I want you to go.”

“That’s fine, but where should I go?”

“Thank you. It’s a bit far… You know the 3rd class building, right? A little bit further than it, there is quite an open space. Around there, there is a big tree. I want you to go to that big tree.”

“Okay. Then, after today’s festival end, let’s go together.”

“That’s no good”

“Ah… okay…”

Shino refused Kohaku’s proposal with a straight face.

Then Shino said that Kohaku must not tell anyone and come there unnoticed.

After politely said so, the two parted ways.


Shino waved at Kohaku once again as she was leaving, and started walking to return to class.

On the way, Shino wondered why people were looking at her, and touched her face to see if there was something on her face. She then found herself walking with a big smile on her face.

Immediately, she changed her expression to normal. 

That smile appeared unconsciously because things progressed as planned more than she thought.

Shino planned to confess to Kohaku today. From the time both entered school to the summer vacation trip, they should have grown closer. Shino thought that at the very least, Kohaku didn’t seem to hate her.

What made Shino decide to do that was the definitely successful confession spot at the school festival! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was a message from God telling her to confess.

But she had rivals. Rivals who had deepened their relationship in the same way and who had obtained information on the confession spot too! Well, one of the rivals had work to do and couldn’t come. Really, too bad. When that rival came home from work, that rival’s crush would be in her palm.



Shino couldn’t help but let out a “happy” voice.

As it would be difficult to predict the other rivals’ behavior if left alone. So, Shino decided to focus her actions from now.

When Shino was chatting with the rival girls, she casually put out an information magazine to check on trends and talk about popular sweets shops. And she showed everyone the special feature 『How to confess with a high success rate』 that was written in the magazine.

All of them didn’t mention that special feature, but their eyes clearly looked like the eyes of a wild beast that had found its prey.

And what was in the special feature was that 『Confession should be done on the last day of the event』 and 『The method of summoning the man should not be verbal, but should be by letter or email』

And today, just as we expected, they contacted Kohaku by letter. And the content would be 『I want you to come to “this place” on the last day』

Sorry all, but that article was all lie.

Such a convenient article couldn’t be featured at a perfect time… No, saying that a complete lie isn’t right. In fact, the atmosphere on the last day of the event is the best. And if you use a letter, or email, you can review the word before giving it to him, so the chance of success increases. Well, unfortunately, that article is in the hands of Toukain.

After all, the publisher is under our group!

Well, trends are something you could create.

Shino nodded aggreging with what she felt.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 311

311. Another Show

『”Huff! As expected, this I, need you.”』

『”Fufufu, is that so? But what should I do… I don’t need you.”』

『”That can’t be! D-don’t throw me away!”』

『”Don’t say it in a bad way like that……Well, if you swear a lifelong loyalty to me, I will allow you to stay by my side.”』


『”Yes, then, I shall ask you to pledge allegiance now……”』

『”What should I do? Give as much money as I can. Or do you want me to make you the prime minister?”』

『”I don’t want that kind of thing. Just lick my feet as a token of loyalty.”』

『”What! But, I am, this country’sー”』

『”Fufufu, even if you say that, your body is already on all fours and your tongue is sticking out, you know?”』

A play was being performed on the stage by the members of the drama club.

This play seemed to be a major work in this world, and if I were to compare it to those in my previous life, perhaps it was something on the same level as Shakespeare?

Anyway, the story was about the rising of a boy who was born as a slave’s child, but the way of talking of the main character, that boy, was extremely brutal.

Well, that in itself wasn’t that bad, but what I couldn’t understand, was that the genre of this story was classified as pure love.

The people of this must even in past, must be crazy.

However, as a story for a play, it was interesting, and everyone was absorbed in watching it without saying a word.

The stage changed and the characters played by Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san were talking to the main character.

『”Y-you want us to betray our sister?!!”』

『”No, no, I just want you both to prove, your love for me.”』


『”Can you do it?”』



The main character was smilling, and Yachigusa-san, who was standing next to the main character, shook her body after hearing the next words.

『”I want you to find out Lady Middin’s secret.”』


『”What? I won’t ask you to do anything wrong. So, rest assured.”』

Both Yachigusa-san and Maizumi-san were the characters who were in love with the main character, and their role would be taking advantage of the enemy’s weakness for the main character’s sake and making them falsely accused.

The two performed well. Really well… but I felt unpleasant seeing them getting played by someone else.

Even if it was in the play.

…Lately, I’ve been hanging out with them a lot, so maybe, I started to develop the desire to monopolize them?

…I see. This kind of thought is something that comes to mind no matter how old you are huh?

I remembered the memories of my previous life and thought that I had grown up mentally. But, it seems that I still haven’t matured enough to be regarded as a wise person, I guess?

…No, rather, it may be because I have memories of my previous life that I’m obsessed with monopolizing things.

That must be it…

I was watching the play while thinking about such things.

“Hatano-san, how was the play? Did I do well?”

“Fufumph. I did good, right?”


After the play ended, the two immediately found me and came to hear my impressions.

However, the two gave me a dubious look at my slow reaction.


“Are you okay?”

Certainly, both of them performed well in this large crowd. However, because I saw them getting played by another human being, I didn’t feel like giving them any praise honestly.

I put my hands around the waists of the two people who were looking at me worriedly and pulled them towards me.



Then bring my face closer to them. The two of them were completely stiff, not knowing what had suddenly happened.

I whispered in the ears of those two.

“I think you both did good acting… But, no matter what kind of role you get in a play, can’t you not get flustered by another man?’”

“!! But the one who acted the man was a girl…”

“T-that’s right…”

I whispered even more to the two who were trying to argue even though they were blushing.

“Hoo… making an excuse huh? Even though, you both were so honest with that person.”



Then, I received a promise from the two that they wouldn’t follow another man.

……Yeah, after all, I’m still young here!

COUGH!!, that’s right, Hatano-san.”


“Please read this later.”

Saying that, Yachigusa-san handed me a piece of paper.

I didn’t know why, but today, I got a lot of notes.

“Then we will help the class from now on!”

“See you later!”

Saying that, I saw the two off.

Then I felt something strange in my chest.

I wondered what it was, and when I touched it, there was another memo inside the chest pocket.

…I got it directly from Yachigusa-san, so this memo must be from Maizumi-san.

Hmm… should I read the memos I received while eating lunch?

Thinking so while moving out of the gymnasium, I was called out.

“Yoo-hoo, Kohaku-kun.”

It was Shino-san, with a smile on her face.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 310

310. Vice-President is taking a break

After parting with Mishima-san, I continued to look around, and naturally, I was called out again.

However, unlike the previous two gyaru girls, there weren’t many people who seemed to have a promising future, so I declined without any particular trouble.

……As expected, this patrol is a mistake in the first place. I mean, letting a man go around by himself. No matter how excellent I am, it’s still possible that I’ll just wander around following girls here and there, you know?


It was getting louder and louder in the distance. I wondered if there was a problem, so I went to see what was going on, and there, I saw Tamachi-kun wearing a butler uniform and holding a chocolate banana in his hand, and Vice-President Hibiya holding cotton candy.

Seems, they’re enjoying the school festival too huh…



Yep, seems they’re having fun.

When I was staring absentmindedly, the two also seemed to have noticed me, as our eyes met. As expected, I didn’t think it would be a good idea to ignore them when our eyes were perfectly aligned, so I raised my hand and approached them.

Then, the surrounding girls took out their smartphones, snapped photos, and uttered,

“It’s a precious moment!”

It suddenly became unnecessarily noisy.

As far as what I understand, this should be within the permissible range, and since it’s a festival, I don’t intend to be bothered by it, but if the two people in front of me feel uncomfortable, I may have to do something.

Thinking that, I asked the two about their feelings, and surprisingly, they didn’t change their expressions.

No, that wasn’t true… Vice President Hibiya had a genuinely disgusted expression on his face, but since he saw my face, it probably wasn’t caused by the actions of the girls around him, but by me.

…..Doesn’t this mean, his hatred towards me is greater than that towards girls?

I decided to stop thinking about it.

“Are you two taking a break?”

I gave the nicest smile I could make.

At that moment,

“B-bishounen!!” [TN: Pretty boy]

And, the shutter sound got louder.

“Yes. There are just many things at Kenran School Festival. It’s so much fun”

Tamachi-kun, who smiled back at me, replied so. His smile made people around us shout,


…Can’t they try to suppress their own desires a little better?

“Hmph, you seem to have a relaxed attitude. Let me tell you, this time we will beat you. Is it okay for you to take a long break in a place like this?”

Vice-President Hibiya provoking so.

The reaction of the surroundings was

“T-tsundere!! Thanks for your service!!”

…Aren’t they okay with anything?

I started to question their fetishes.

“Isn’t that the same for you?”

“Unfortunately, there are many other excellent boys in our school. But for yours, others than you are trash.”

I compared the boys from both schools in my head.

“You’re right!”

“…You, can’t you trust your comrades a little more?”

Vice-President Hibiya said so with an amazed expression.

I don’t want to hear it from someone who abused their own Student Council President!

“Anyway, it seems that both of you, are having fun, and as a member of Kenran Student Council, I’m happy that you’re feeling so.”

“…Certainly. If we rejected this joint cultural festival, we wouldn’t have been able to experience such a wide variety of things. In the sense of experiencing a new culture, it could have been called a perfect opportunity.”

…So, he’s agreeing with me?

“He said it turned out to be a good festival.”

Perhaps, feeling my doubts, Tamachi-kun told me so in a small voice.

Indeed, Vice-President Hibiya has become a lot more of a better person than when I first met him. Guess, this is for the better.

“Then I’ll go now. Have fun and enjoy yourselves, both of you.”

Saying so, I parted with them. When I checked the time, it was almost time for the play that Maizumi-san and Yachigusa-san, the drama club duo, had told me to come and see.

I decided to hurry to the gymnasium where the play would be performed.

Apparently, they were given roles that would appear a lot, even though they were first-year students, so they were quite enthusiastic.

…..Huff, so nostalgic

I remembered the time when Yachigusa-san was worried about the role of a magical girl.

This time, the play seems to be a love story between two people of different social statuses, but they didn’t tell me about their roles. I know they’ve worked hard and practiced for this. Getting results that match your efforts is really great.

I don’t know if their efforts will always bear fruit, but there’s no doubt that their efforts will help them to reach the star.

When I thought about such a thing, I felt that my existence, which was only aiming for money and status, was disgusting, so I decided to throw this thought in the trash can.

…Wait a minute, I haven’t neglected to improve myself for getting more money and better social status, so it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m also a hard worker. Mean, my efforts should be rewarded. Right?

Yeah, that should be the case!

I concluded that and stepped into the gymnasium where the play would be performed.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 309

309. Flirty girls

“Then, Hatano-kun, please patrol from the east club building.”

After parting with Minori-san, I went to the Student Council Room as planned and received instructions from President Sanada.

“Okay. Then I’ll go.”


“? Yes?”

“Well, umm… many girls are getting carried away with the atmosphere of the festival. I’m sure, many will try to invite you. Please act accordingly.”


“I mean, every year there are cases where several boys are swept away by the atmosphere and… well, yeah, be careful…”

“I see”

So, you mean, be careful with flirty girls, right? President, aren’t you a worrywart? Do you think I’m going to get caught in some random pick-up? Seriously… You know I’m not that cheap of a guy.

“President…don’t worry, my type is those who have promising future. I won’t be easily caught by those who just want to play around”

I said with a smile so that the Sanada student council president would be relieved.

“Is that so? Then, it should be fine… right?”

“Then, I’ll go!”

President would be relieved if she know my type, right?

After saying that, I walked out of the room.

“Wait, what would you do if the girls who’re picking up on you have a promising future…”

….Hmm? Well, I’ll think about it when it happens! I don’t need to think about such a thing right now!


“Hey, you. Cutie, let’s play together!”

“Hey, wait a moment, please! You were on TV, weren’t you? Meeting you here right now, means it’s destiny!”

As soon as I came out of the room, I was approached by gyaru girls.

Usually, the police would come to help deal with persistent girls, but they wouldn’t come at the school festival.

And it would be annoying if people thought I was weak against a push. So, I decided to make a resolute attitude here.

“Sorry. No one can shake my heart unless she’s a woman with high education, high income, and good personality.”

And, I tried to stop them with a finishing move. Nice smile.

“I seeー, then we’re perfect!”


“That’s right, we’re the perfect candidate! I mean, we’re from Touto University. And you know that that school’s reputation is good, so you can say that our future is guaranteed. Moreover, our personality is exceptional!”


After being told that, I looked at the two gyaru girls again. This time, more properly.

The appearance of those two girls was very good, among the high ones according to the standards of girls in this world. Or rather, my strike zone was something that could be found here and there in this world. To be honest, there were many. Too many.

But even so, I wasn’t stupid enough to swallow these two’s words raw.

I laughed lightly and told the two,

“Do you think I’ll just believe those words? You must show things that can back up your words…”

“Look, our student ID cards.”

When I looked at the student ID cards that were handed out after saying that, on both were certainly written, “Touto University”.

“… Well, it might be a forgery, a fake.”

“Eeeeー then see this. This is the school’s website with a forum that only students can enter. You need a student ID number to log in, you know.”

“I see…”

…Then, it must be true that these two are students of Touto University. It’s said as the best school in the world. Moreover, they look like extroverts. I think it’ll be easy for them to get a job in a good place. They both have a promising future. Should I give them a chance?

When such an idea popped into my head, a loud voice called out to me.

“Aーh! I’ve been waiting for you! What are you doing?!”


“Hurry up! Let’s go!”


I was pulled by the hand, and in no time, I got pulled away from the two gyaru girls.


“Umm… Mishima-san?”

“Hatano-kun, that’s not good! You can’t let yourself caught by a pickup!”

Mishima-san, who dragged me along, said while breathing heavily.

“Hatano-kun is kind, and easily trusts other people. But! There are a lot of cruel people in this world! If those girls earlier managed to bring you home, after… they’ve done “this and that” to you, they may throw you right away! Or perhaps get sold away!”

“Hmm…? I’m sorry.”

I sincerely apologized. The reputational damage to those two gyaru girls was a bit odd. It hurt my heart for some reason. And if I argued with Mishima-san poorly, it would only make her more unnecessarily angry.

A man who could read the atmosphere like me, of course, wouldn’t say anything superfluous in such a situation.

“Please be more careful… Hatano-kun, you really worried me.”

The hand that was grabbed when Mishima-san pulled me away was tightly grasped.

“Ah… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s fine.”

Then we both stared at our connected hands.

For a while, we were stuck in that position.

“Ah! I have something to do!”

“I see……”

I tried to let go of Mishima-san’s hand, thinking that it was somewhat regrettable. However, the hand was still held by Mishima-san. She just wouldn’t let it go.


“…Hatano-kun. After today’s cultural festival is over, there’s a place I want you to go!”

“Where do you want me to go?”

“I’ll let you know the location later. What do you think?!”

Mishima-san looked desperate. As if being sucked by that momentum, I nodded.

“Thank you! Then see you later!”

Mishima said so and ran off. Not long after, she turned around once and waved her hand.

I waved my hand, thinking about what she just said.

Seriously, where the hell do you want me to go?

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 308

308. Seimei Butler Cafe

“President, a new order is coming. 1 mixed sandwich, 2 beef curry, 1 iced coffee, and 2 orange juice.”

“An order is coming. 2 omelette rice, and 2 iced tea.”

“Order is coming. 4 omelette rice. 2 hot coffee, and 2 iced coffee.”

“New order. 2 omelette rice.”

Saying so, the butlers of Seimei Butler Cafe left the order sheet in the kitchen.

As butlers, they properly served the girls who came as their customers.

Subaru thought that it was something wonderful. The boys’ manner of serving customers, not even the slightest bit of complaints or fears towards women either, was appropriate to call them “the butlers”.

Their sincerity in the given duties couldn’t be compared to that of the other butler cafe.

Their growth is wonderful, but how come, not a single person helping out in the kitchen after seeing the number of orders…?

Do they not have a human heart?

Seeing the order that came in at once, Subaru thought about such a thing

However, the orders that come in wouldn’t decrease unless they were handled.

So, Subaru saw the orders placed and quickly began work.

Seimei’s butler cafe also had a set length of stay. Therefore, it was absolutely unacceptable for the food to be delayed. So, Subaru prepared himself.

Alright!! Let’s do it!

First, he prepared glass and cups. Took out orange juice from the refrigerator and pour it into the glasses. Then put a tea bag into each cup and pour hot water into the cups, and wait for a while. In the meantime, he put a cup in the coffee maker and pressed the switch. Repeated a few times. Put in a few blocks of ice for some. And the drink was completed. Rang the bell and let the butlers carry it.

Next, was the food. Unlike drinks, this would cost time. However, even this too, Subaru cut time as much trouble as possible.

First, he narrowed down the menu of meals as much as possible. And he made was thought as effortless as possible. For sandwiches, he just needed to cut the ingredients for the filling into pieces, and for the curry, since it was made in advance, he just needed to use the warming machine.

‘Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’… While preparing for the school festival, Subaru reaffirmed that the words of the renowned intellectual person were indeed wise.

By the way, on the menu, the product names were “Seimei High’s Special Mixed Sandwich” and “Student Council President’s Leftover Tasty Homemade Curry”.

The name of the product, sounded very delicious. Surely many girls would think so.

To be honest, Subaru himself didn’t know what was special about the sandwiches, and as for the curry? He couldn’t make the curry in time if he didn’t make the curry the day before.

However, it was what people called marketing. Just by changing the name of the product, it gave a premium feel. All for increasing the chance to sell the product.

Anyway, Subaru quickly prepared a sandwich and put curry on two plates.

It didn’t take three minutes.

Subaru then rang the bell again to inform the butlers that the food was ready.

Immediately, Subaru started working on the remaining omelette rice. This would cost a lot of time and effort compared to the previous dishes. Subaru wanted to get rid of the menu, but the others said “Omelette rice is a menu that can’t be separated from the butler’s café!” or “It’s a must!”. But, this menu would cost time and effort a lot more than other menus.

Then, with that excuse, the request to increase the number of foods was brilliantly ignored. This was an essential skill for boys in this world. To ignore the things that you really didn’t want to do.

In the end, it was decided that the egg of the omelette rice should be soft and fluffy, covered with demi-glace sauce. And at the end, letters would be written with ketchup.

The ketchup part would be the role of the butlers, and that it was ok for the rice to be prepared in advance, but not the eggs. Moreover, they said that the egg must be soft but firm, so that it could be split easily and beautifully. It seemed that was a popular thing on the recent TV program.

To be honest, when Subaru heard this, he forgot that he was the Student Council President and wanted to hit everyone on the spot, but didn’t do it. Still, thanks to… no, because of the other’s persistent request, Subaru had to practice making this omelet after returning home.

Damn you all…!!

Subaru took the egg and took a deep breath. And he put his broken heart aside for now and concentrated on cooking.


“… K-Kohaku-san. Why is he in the kitchen by himself?”

“Minori-san, that’s because the other boys don’t want to get their hands dirty.”


Minori-san and I secretly peek into Seimei’s kitchen from the back, but Minori-san couldn’t help but make a stupid face after hearing the backstory.

“Wow! He’s using three frying pans at once!”

“Is he actually a professional?”

“I mean, look, he’s cooking with a technique, “Heart of Clear Water”.” [TN: Yu-Gi-Oh! card]

“… is that even a technique in cooking?”

What I saw was President Shirogane handling orders with terrifying speed. After putting several frying pans on the fire, he naturally cracked an egg with one hand, pouring the eggs in. Then he quickly made an omelet, put it on the prepared rice, and as he split it, soft and fluffy eggs could be seen.

“I-it looks delicious…”

“He really can do anything huh…”

No wonder, those Seimei’s boys dared to make an unreasonable decision.

After finishing the order in no time, President Shirogane muttered.

“Life is hard…”

And a new order came.

“… I think, I just heard a sad muttering.”

“He sounds like a middle-aged person who is tired of living…”

Come to think of it, I often saw people with eyes like him at the company in my previous life… Were they equipped with “Heart of Clear Water” too?

“Alright, we cannot lose either. I will do my best too!”

“I’ll do my best too.”


Perhaps inspired by President Shirogane, Minori-san was in high spirits.

“Well, that aside…”


For some reason, Minori-san suddenly got embarrassed.

“Umm, please read this later.”

Minori-san said that and handed me something similar to what Yuzuka-san gave me earlier.

“Then, I’ll go to help others now.”

After saying that, Minori-san left.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 307

307. A break

“Well then, my lady, please have a nice day.”

Saying that to the customer who nominated me, I bowed as a finishing.

I had already served several and sent them off like this.

“Yeah, I had a great time.”

After saying that, she put her hand on my cheek to lift my head up and stroked it.

…Hmm, hello? The way you touch it is strange, you know?

“But I’m sorry. I have an important job ahead of me. I know you still want to spend time with me, but I’m sorry you can’t.”

“That’s… really disappointing.”

“Fufufu, you say cute things sometimes.”

She smoothly lowered her hand that was stroking my cheek and rubbed my chest area with her index finger.

… Hello? This is starting to cross the line, you know?

“I’m sorry, customer, more than that…”

Female staff came saying so.

When the customer heard that, she took a distance from me in an instant.

And, she gave a bewitching smile.

“Ara, that’s disappointing. Then, see you soon.”

“Yes, I’ll always be waiting for you.”

After saying that and seeing off the girl who was leaving, the female staff who was watching it asked me in a low voice.

“That person was so nervous at the reception that she couldn’t even speak, you know… Hatano-kun, what the hell did you do to her?”

“I just gave a polite butler service”

“…her personality has changed so much in this short time.”

Yeah, right? It’s really strange.

“Ah. That’s right, Hatano-kun, it’s almost time for your work as a member of the Student Council, right? I’ll get your name out of the billboards. Well, have a break now, and don’t forget to have lunch before coming back.”

“Ah, right. thank you.”

“Well, it’s a little disappointing for those who are coming to the store at this time.”

“Well, I’m grateful that you think so. But, I’m sorry.”

After saying that, I went back to the back to take a break.

“Thank you for your hard work. Would you like to have a sandwich or something?”

“I’ll take it. Thank you.”

When I returned to the back, Seikagu-san called out to me with a gentle smile.

However, contrary to that gentle smile, her hands were moving at high speed, handling orders one after another.

While I was amazed at how skillful she was, she came to me, bringing a beautifully plated BLT sandwich (Bacon, Lettuce, and Tomato) and a cup of black tea.

“Here it is”

“……Thank you”

I took a bite of the sandwich that was served.

Crispy lettuce, fresh tomatoes, and the thick and juicy bacon, all of them were delicious.

No matter what I thought about it, I couldn’t help but think that the quality exceeded the level of food that you usually could find at a school festival.

Well, in a way, my classmates who could provide this level of cooking without difficulty were amazing.

“How is it?”

“Very delicious”

“I’m glad if you think so…”

Seikagu-san said so and smiled.

“Umm, what about your work as the butler?”

“Hmmー. I haven’t met anyone who is that arrogant, so I think it’s going smooth so far.”

“Well, that’s… you might end up in trouble with the police if you’re trying to cross the line, so…”

“I see”

“Rather than that. Kohaku-kun, you should never let your alert go…”


Why is it… Even though she’s smiling, her eyes aren’t really smiling at all… scary

“Yuzuka-chan! Come back to work noーw!”

“Ah, I’m sorーry. Then Kohaku-kun, I need to go.”

“Yeah, thanks for the sandwich.”

“You’re welcome”

When Seikagu-san was about to go back to work, she immediately stopped and came back here.

“What’s wrong?”

“Well, umm… there is something I forgot to mention. I want you to come here after today’s school festival is over.”

Seikagu-san said so and handed me a folded memo.

“Is there something there?”

“Well, it’s a secret for now. Then, see you.”

“Okay. Do your best.”

When I tried to open the memo that was handed to me.

“Oh, Kohaku-san, are you taking a break?”

“Yeah, Minori-san, are you going to work now?”

“Yes, until now I was helping my club, so from now on, I’m going to help here.”

“From now on, I have to look around for the student council work.”

“Student Council’s work is it, do your best! Come to think of it, when I came back here, I saw how popular the butler cafe was. Not only ours but Seimei’s too.”

“I guess so.”

I mean, it’s the most prestigious boy’s only high school in the country. The brand power is clearly different from the normal one. In addition, the number of butlers who can handle customers is incomparable to ours. Just a simple how many customers you can serve per hour, we’re at disadvantages.

That’s why I’m starting to get exhausted like this…

But, wait a minute, now that I think about it, is it okay to leave the kitchen to only President Shirogane?…. Alright, let’s go take a look.

It was set to be easy to look at each other’s kitchen area. So, it should be easy to look at what’s going on there, on Seimei’s side.

“I’ll see what’s going on over there.”

“Ah, then I’ll accompany you.” 

In this way, Minori-san and I decided to scout the kitchen area of Seimei’s butler cafe.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 306

This ch is a POV from a girl (the first customer of class 1-1 butler cafe), called Kana Tozawa

306. An experience

And finally, the girl prepared herself for a suicide attack as she went into the dangerous place.

On the first day of the school festival, Kana Tozawa, a 2nd-year student of Kenran High School, went into one of the most popular food stalls in this school festival, waiting in a heartbeat for the butler she nominated.

The reason why Kana arrived at the butler cafe before anyone else was because of the cooperation of everyone in her class. She needed to… she must bring back solid information in return. To be honest, she hesitated about which butler cafe she should pick, Kenran or Seimei, but just as she had declared to everyone in the class, she chose the butler café of class 1-1.

She didn’t deny that there was a desire to see the “King of Boys” up close behind her reason. That was also why a normal high school girl, dared to dig deep into her wallet and paid a large sum of 1500 jenny, just to nominate him. Since it was only the money for nominating the butler, she must dig her wallet deeper for the food and drinks, as they would be charged separately.

But still, she couldn’t get rid of all her anxiety. She remembered the things she had read in a book that if this happened, the one who felt it would often get a bad response rather than a good one. She might have just stepped on a dangerous landmine, basically, it might just be a scam. But, she heard nothing but good rumors about Kohaku Hatano, but it was also one of her worries. After all, it felt like another made-up rumor.

…It’s okay. Yeh, it’s okay. Even if it’s a scam, it’s not that expensive if I think of it as a study fee….. No, it’s still expensive.

No, that’s not true. It’s not expensive, not expensive… with this, I’m one step closer to being an adult.

Kana felt that she just chose to receive a painful blow without shield, but she told herself so to mitigate the damage.

“My lady, Welcome back “


While Kana was persuading herself, Kohaku Hatano, whom she chose, had come close. She was so focused that she replied with a strange noise. Even though this might be an encounter that would lead both to the path of love… really, what a blunder.


Kana cleared her throat and replied to Kohaku Hadano, who had come to pick her up.

“Yeah, I’m huewe…”

And bit her tongue… what another blunder.

“Ahem, it seems the air is too dry. Anyway, please escort me.”

“I’m really sorry. Understood, I’ll tell the person in charge of the air conditioning.”

“Yes, please.”

Yes! Nice save! Me.

Kana made a fist pump in her mind. With this, the impression of her should have changed from an airhead senpai to an elegant senpai who was a little weak to dryness.

Quietly, she looked at Kohaku’s expression, but Kohaku just looked at Kana with a soft smile, and a gentle gaze. Noticing it, she thought…

…Hafu, hafu, I like you.


……Hah! What did I just think!! No, I’m not an easy girl who falls in love just by being smiled!!

Kohaku called out to Kana when she was having a conflict in her heart.

“My lady, if you don’t mind, no, please let me bring your luggage.”

“Huh? My luggage?”

“Yes. As a butler, I couldn’t overlook the burden placed on my lady, even if it’s just a little. So, would you please give me the honor of carrying your luggage?”

“O-okay. Umm… I’ll let you carry my luggage.”

“Thank you. My Lady. It’s such an honor.”

Saying that, Kohaku politely accepted the luggage.

“Then, I would guide you to your seat.”



While following Kohaku, Kana thought,

This is… so much fun!

She felt as if she had become a young lady of a noble family. Moreover, a young lady with a personal handsome butler.

Generally speaking, she grew up in a quite wealthy family, but even so, she had never been called “My lady” by a man, and she had never been treated like this by a man too.

She couldn’t stop being excited, thinking about many more first experiences that she would get.

“Here it is. My lady, please have a seat.”

The seat Kana was guided to was a soft-looking sofa and a chic table.

When she sat on the sofa, it firmly supported her body, and its softness seemed to ease her tension.

“My lady, what would you like to drink?”

Kohaku got down on his knees, and then handed Kana the menu.

“Hmm. What should I have…”

From the outside, Kana looked like she was having trouble choosing from the menu, but inside her heart, she was screaming.


T-the King of Boys kneels down for me! Letting me feel like his real master… what a good butler!!! Excellent!!

By this time, the high nomination fee had disappeared from Kana’s mind.

“Then, I shall have this recommended tea and cake set.”


“Make it two, please.”


“Yeah, you should take a break too. B-beside me.”

Kana remembered the system she heard at the entrance.

It should be OK to have tea together!!

Fortunately, the price of the set was the same as that of a very common café. But, for some reason, there was also tea with a price of 10,000 jenny, but she decided not to see it.

“M-my lady……”


When Kohaku heard Kana’s words, he took kana’s hand and wrapped it gently with both hands.

W-what happened!! Why so suddenly…

Kana’s heart was in a messed state.

“I am deeply touched by your special consideration. Thank you, my lady.”

“I-I see.”

“Then I shall prepare it immediately. Please wait for a while.”

Saying that, Kohaku left.

And Kana, who remained behind, had her eyes chased after Kohaku’s back, while holding her wrapped hand to her chest.

……Hah! No, no, no. I was about to ask for an additional order of that 10,000 jenny tea.

I mean, it can’t be helped, right?! If he were so happy with a normal cake set, how would he react if it was more expensive?!! I want to see it!!!

What a terrible butler to make his master feel this way…

Come to think of it, what kind of person are the other butlers in here?

Until now, Kana had no time to worry about her surroundings, but since Kohaku left the scene, she regained her composure and observed the other butlers.

Fortunately, there was one who was serving customers nearby, so she took a quick look.

“This is the menu. By the way, I want to eat this!”

“O-Okay. Then, please.”

“How many?”

“How… many?”

“Yeah. If you order two, I’ll sit beside you to eat it. I’ll also let you feed me!”

“Umm… then two.”

“Okay. Please wait!”

After saying that, the butler bowed his head and left.

Kana thought.

Ara, not that excellent as him but, what a friendly butler.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 305

305. First Customer

『”From now on, Kenran High School and Seimei High School will hold a joint school festival. To all visitors, please enjoy your time and have a nice day.”』

It’s finally started. Thinking back on it now, it was a lot of fun during the preparations… No, the real thing starts from now…Why am I already looking back on the past when it’s just started?

Yuri Mishima, who was in charge of the receptionist of class 1-1’s butler cafe, slapped her cheeks in order to regain her spirit.

“What’s wrong Mishima-san? Did you suddenly become a masochist? I mean, it’s okay, just that please explore it after this all over”

“No, no, I don’t think so. Even if that’s the case, I would restrain it and prioritize this event… Well, I’m just trying to get myself back on track.”

“I see…”

The girl, who was in charge of the reception together with Yuri, laughed elegantly.

Perhaps because there were many students in this school, there were also many girls who were a little strange.

Class 1-1’s butler cafe had a different structure than a normal cafe. Several people were in charge of the reception for the explanation.

Well, it could of course be the case in some normal coffee shops.

Just that, the ladies were enthusiastic about this and brought a wide selection of expensive coffee beans and tea leaves. The level of ingredients was very high compared to an ordinary cafe.

“Ara, a customer is coming already. Is she looking here or there?”

“There are rumors that many customers will come, so I think she’s already decided which one to go first…”

“Yes, but when you see something rare like this in front of you, you still get troubled.”

Well, that’s true.

Yuri agreed.

“Ara, as expected, it looks like she’s decided. She’s coming this way.”

Looking at the lady again, she walked towards class 1-1’s butler café with a determined expression.

Thus, the memorable first customer came to the receptionist.

“Young lady, welcome to our butler cafe. Are you alone?”

“Yes. I’m alone.”

“Then, let me explain the system of our butler cafe.”


“Yes, we have adopted a slightly different system.”

“I-I see…”

It can’t be helped, our butler café is different from a normal butler cafe. after all

“First of all, your seat time will be fifteen minutes. The food and drink will be brought by the butler in charge.”

“Hum, hum.”

“As for the butler in charge, you can choose by paying the nomination fee separately.”


“If, by any chance, you appoint a butler, the butler will stand by in the customer’s seat, and if the customer wishes, the customer can talk to them and ask them to give some services. Of course, it’s limited to common sense… Also, just because the butler has been nominated by you, doesn’t mean he’ll be on your side for fifteen minutes. If the butler is nominated by another customer, he might need to go to the other customer’s seat too. Please of your understanding if that happens.”

“By the way, how much is the nomination fee?”

“Here it is.”

Yuri handed over the price list.

The price list showed the faces of the butlers and the prices.

Yup, in our butler café, customers could choose their favorite butler.

While Yuri was explaining this, customers were coming in one after another, and other receptionists were busy explaining the system.

“…Excuse me”

“Have you decided?”

“No, before that, I have a few questions…”

“May I hear it?”

“It’s kind of expensive for only this one person?”

…That’s right. All had a uniform price of 500 jenny, except for one person. And this one person was, of course, Kohaku Hatano. His price was 1,500 jenny. three times that of other boys. 1500 jenny for just fifteen minutes. It was a painful amount for an ordinary high school girl, but if this wasn’t the case, the nomination would be so unbalanced.

With a smile on her face, Yuri said clearly.

“There’s nothing wrong with the price.”

Hearing that, the customer muttered, “Nothing wrong with the price…” and lowered her gaze to the price list again.

After a few seconds, she looked up determinedly and said,

“I nominate Kohaku Hatano!!”

“Thank you very much.”

Yuri said so and lowered her head.


The receptionist counter was getting noisy.

Even when I was preparing for my turn in the back of the stall, I could hear the hustle and bustle that was happening at the entrance.

“Well, I wonder who will be the first to be chosen?”

With a smirk, Fukushima said something like that. Then, of course, other guys followed.

“Well, there’s a possibility that it’s me――――”

『”A nomination for Butler Hatano has arrived. Please prepare.”』

“Well, the order isn’t a big deal.”

“Yeah, not at all. Competing for the turn is stupid.”

“Rather, the real star always comes later.”

…These guys, as usual, so easy to change their minds huh.

Anyway, is the customer’s pocket okay? I mean, it’s not a small amount.

……Well, since you’ve decided to pay a high fee for getting food in a cafe, I want you to be as satisfied as possible.

Then, I checked my appearance in front of the mirror for the last time.


In a high spirit, I went out to welcome the customer.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 304

304. Conflict 2

When I was trembling in shame at the words of both parties, Fukushima and the other boys from my class, who seemed as if they felt good about the reaction of the Seimei’s boys, continued to say whatever they wanted, one after another.

“Hah? What’s wrong? Are you that scared of that guy?”

“I’m disappointed. Really. You see. I sent Hatano to buy my lunch the other day.”

“I’ve asked him to do my homework instead!”

“I made him record my favorite TV program instead!”

That guy, that guy, and that guy, all of them told a story that made me, Kohaku Hatano, look like their lackey. At this point, I could only look at those people who sang a series of amazing lies with a straight face.

Looking at me, the girl who was closest to me gently stroked my head to comfort me. That pitiful gaze was painful.

“That’s… a lie. That devil can’t be…”

“That demon who sent many people to the health room with just a dodgeball, he can’t be that low…”

“The guy who made the first-grade boys have a war in a short period of time and disturb the school peace…”

Stop it. Don’t add in my bad reputation. Also, it was a coincidence that I sent “that guy” to the infirmary. I don’t even have a memory of doing a rebellion.

…… Look, the girl who was stroking my head with a gentle smile, just looked at me with a shocked face! As if she has been betrayed!

Oiii! My classmates, say something! Ah, don’t tell a lie again!

However, it seemed that my trivial wish wasn’t answered. Fukushima and the other boys from my class spoke only as if they were on the side of the Seimei’s boys.

“… What did he do at your school? Really.”

“Seriously devil”

“Yeah, must be a demon.”

“Is this the reason why he came back early? Doesn’t he know the word “friendship”? Is his head okay?”

And many more, they kept saying such things.

……Prepare yourself. Don’t think that I’ll ever forgive you easily.

“…Well, perhaps Hatano he wanted to let off some steam sicne he couldn’t be arrogant here in Kenran. A-anyway! What I mean is…!”

Fukushima cleared his throat, as if to change the atmosphere.


And with a serious face, he said,

“The best man in Kenran is this I, Fukushima!”

However, the boys of class 1-1, who had a reputation for not putting others first, weren’t silent.

“Don’t make me laugh. The best man is this I!”

“No, it’s me!”

“Fufufu, why do you all want to hide the fact? It’s this I who have been evaluated as the best!”

“… So, who is on the top?”

The Seimei’s boys showed confused faces as they claimed to be the best.

The girls around me have an atmosphere of that someone who found an interesting show. But there was no more time.

…It can’t be helped, seems I need to control this turmoil.

I approached Fukushima and the other boys from my class who were fighting for the best. The Seimei’s boys changed their complexion as they noticed me.

Quickly I put my hand around the neck of the boy who was closest to me, tightened it tightly, and dragged him a few steps behind. Repeated a few times. Only then, the boys from my class noticed my existence.

“Who! The one who dares to get in the way of this I, the best man…”

“Really! Who’re yo…”

“So troubleso…”

When the boys saw me, they stopped their resistance instantly. Then, after their consciousness got brought back by the girls from my class, they looked at each other and nodded.

“Yo, Hatano. You’re late. I’m ready, you know? Ah, don’t worry, there’s no problem.”

“Yeah, we’ve been interacting with the students of Seimei High whose store is next to ours. Of course, there are no problems.”

“Everything is OK. There is no problem at all. Please forgive me if you found any.”

The Seimei’s boys looked at me with a scared expression.

“Hou… friendship, yeah right.”

“Y-yeah. There’s no problem. No problem at all.”

“I’m sure I heard you’re talking about the best man?”

“Of course, it’s about you. The King! Banzai!”

I turned my cold eyes to Fukushima and the other boys from my class who made an apology while dripping sweat.

“By the way, I’ve been given permission by the Student Council President to impose physical sanctions if something goes wrong.”

” ” ” ” !!!!!! ” ” ” “

“Well, who’s first…”

I looked at each person’s facial expressions.

Their facial expressions… they were already in despair.

…Strange. They shouldn’t have been so scared of me…

“It’s about time. Go to the given position.”

When I was thinking about my impression for a moment, I heard a quiet but dignified voice.


The Seimei’s boys, who were watching anxiously, had a breath of relief at the appearance of their Student Council President.

“Hmm? Ah, Hatano-kun. Let’s do our best for each other.”

President Shirogane said so and extended his hand. It was a very “smart” greeting.

“Ah, yeah. Let’s do our best. I’m looking forward, to your cafe.”

“Yeah. Well then, see you later”

President Shirogane said so and went back with the Seimei’s boys.

“Well then…”

When I turned to Fukushima and others again, they shook their bodies.

“As President Shirogane said, it’s already time. So, show me your repentance with good work.”

“O-of course!”

“Everyone will skip a beat seeing me in a butler uniform!”

“Leave it to me!”

“Good, then, let’s get in place.”

Fukushima and the other boys who heard my words, went to the position with a sharp movement.

Alright, lastly…

When I turned my body toward the girls around me, I bowed with a movement reminiscent of a butler.

“Excuse me for the commotion. My lady, it would open soon. If you have time, we would be more than happy to welcome you to the store.”

Then, I smiled.

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