Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 293

293. Knowledge of a butler

“Let’s see…”

The event at our school festival was decided to be a butler cafe.

And since I got heated up with that flow, I also had to do my best.

I was pretty embarrassed when I calmed down thinking about what I had just said, but I couldn’t put back what I had said.

So, when the homeroom was over, I went straight to the library and got a book.


It’s said that this book was written hundreds of years ago, but it seems to be a great book that has been published all the time even to the present day.

…Alright, let’s check the contents immediately.

I wonder, how did the old professional butler feel when doing his job here?

Opened the first page… There was only one line on that first page.

『Be patient. And the road will be opened.』

… I see, it’s a deep word. This may have some serious meaning…  perhaps similar to a saying in the previous world, something like “Perseverance prevails.”… I guess?

In other words, even if you feel pain, if you endure and do your best, you will succeed. Must be such teaching. Judging from this, I think that the work of a butler, must be very difficult.

Perhaps the author had a hard time? And he endured and became a first-class butler.

Now, now, I can’t help but have a little more respect for this person

I continued reading.

……Apparently, this book was written in a diary format, and as I read it, it was written in a way that made it easier for the reader to feel the author’s emotions.

Also apparently, the author had no intention of becoming a butler at first, but he borrowed money since he wasted it too much on extravagance and so decided to serve as a butler to stay alive.

In the first half, it was clear that he still couldn’t accept the situation.

『”I can not forgive! They should be thankful to me for spending their money! Then bow their heads to me! But, they want me to pay back the loan with the interest!? I can not forgive!”』

…… Yeah, he seems like a dangerous person no matter what I think. It’s really surprising that such a person has made a name for himself in history.

The author was thus put into a butler’s training school for debt. From this point on, the author’s arrogant attitude weakened, and his feelings leaked.

Apparently, there were other people who received butler education together with the author, but unlike the author, they were said to be of the butler’s family and had many conflicts with the author.

『”Why, why should I do this… why, why is this happening to me… It’s a woman’s thing to work…”』

I see… this sentence clearly indicates that even a person who may become a good person later will not be able to heal his core immediately.

I continued reading while thinking that the author would get better soon, but without that happening, he graduated from the school.

For the time being, it seemed that he had become able to do his job, albeit poorly, but it could be understood through the book that his core was still rotten.

『”That woman, I can’t forgive her. How dare she gave me an order…”』

It was the impression of the first day the author served someone as a butler.

Well… I’m looking forward to seeing how he will change.

I continued reading the book, which I enjoyed more than I expected. At first, I thought the contents would be something like a how-to or a guide to developing your personality to be a butler, so I was disappointed, but in a good way.

『”Today, I was ordered again and again. It’s humiliation. But, somehow I…”』

Oh, has the change of consciousness finally happened? I see… loyalty was born inside him while serving. Must be.

『”I was accused of being late at work today… it was quite…”』

『”I have overflowed the tea brewed specially for the head of the family. I was kicked in her ass……. But, Why…?”』

『”I was introduced to the young lady’s friend. When I bowed to a stranger, my heart… it got hot.”』


Isn’t the author going in a different direction than I’m thinking?

With such a question, I read further.

『”I’m gradually getting used to this work. Today, I received a compliment from my master.”』

Oh, a big development?

『”But, I’m not happy at all. I don’t need such kind eyes. Look at me like a livestock, look down on me more. Moreee…!”』


『”… But, I finally understand. Rather than being constantly abused, the cold eyes that are directed by occasional mistakes, are more exciting. I’ll do my job perfectly from tomorrow, and if I can’t stand it, I’ll just need to make a mistake…… Then, I’ll be… looked… with those frigid eyes… I’m looking forward to it.”』



I turned the pages, recognizing that the fun I had felt earlier… had disappeared.

Pushed myself to finish reading the book, and closed it.

Then, I muttered unconsciously.

“It’s not the butler’s knowledge, it’s the way to be an M…” [TN: Masochist]

…… Anyway, let’s recommend this to Fukushima tomorrow. Maybe it’ll be helpful for him.

I’ll also introduce it to Seimei’s Student Council President, Shirogane.

This is equality.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 292

292. Homeroom for school festival 2

It felt like the air in the classroom was tense because the bully had said something crazy.


Fukushima, who was swallowed by the air, swallowed his spit and sweated cold.

“What’s wrong, Fukushima-kun? Since you are trying to reach out to the existence with much history, you have the determination to fulfill the expectation, right?”

“Eh… umm…”

“Don’t say that you actually… don’t know anything about it, no way!? At least, you’re investigating the origin of the butler and the history, right?”

“H-history!? That… I…”

Shino-san was cornering Fukushima without moving or changing her expression.

Thanks to that, Fukushima looked at me with tearful eyes. He was asking for help. But unfortunately, Fukushima said it was his proposal, so I let it pass by.

…What? Don’t look over here.

“Hmmm? You didn’t look it up? At all? And you’re trying to do a butler cafe? Oh my, isn’t it strange? Maybe you’re underestimating what a butler is?”

Shino-san looked at Fukushima with wide-open eyes. Her brilliantly shining eyes seemed to look like someone who found tasty prey.

Fukushima-kun was trembling.

“Fukushima-kun? Say something. If you don’t say something, the talk won’t go on.”

“I-I’m sorry. I-I haven’t checked it …”

Shino-san sighed at Fukushima, even though he did his best to say an apology.

“… But as Shino-chan said, maybe we don’t have enough understanding about a butler.”

“Yes, you’re right… Certainly, there are only a few Kings in history who had butlers.”

“Wellー, most of the Kings had harems.”

“Isn’t it because a butler is a profession that requires a lot of skills? It seems like you can’t become one just because you want to.”

The girls in the class were also trying to join the conversation.

Well, I think it’s good to aim for a real butler. It’s good to have the spirit to do your best, but yeah, it’s impossible to get these crazy boys to be real butlers. I was thinking about getting rid of the etiquette and tea-making techniques, and just focusing on giving some sort of service to please the girls. I mean, as long as a man dresses as a butler, customers will come. But, Shino-san, is unexpectedly, a butler maniac, so I guess just that much won’t do…

While I was thinking such, Shino-san seemed to be also thinking about something while tapping the desk with her finger.

“Okay, I understand … Fukushima-kun.”

“Eh? W-what is it…”

“Have you ever been to this school library?”

“N-no? But…”

“Then go today and take a quick look at the history of the butler.”


“Make a report of what you have investigated by tomorrow and submit it to――”

“Shino, you can’t be such a bully.”


At the moment when Shino-san tried to say something terrifying, Yuzuka-san, who had come behind her with dead eyes, swung her arm around Shino-san’s neck with a smooth movement and tightened it tightly. And she quickly caught Shino-san’s consciousness, and brought it back to reality.

As for Fukushima and the boys who saw the scene were shocked. Of course, I was shocked too.

However, the girls didn’t seem to have the same reaction as the boys. On the contrary, they looked impressed. And Minori-san had a face saying she would do the same if her seat was near Shino-san’s.

Do girls in this class always think that they would be dead if they aren’t careful? Does this class always a part of hell? Since when…?

Yuzuka-san, who slowly lowered Shino-san’s face to the desk, smiled without letting her hands away.

“Ah, I think the butler’s cafe is a good idea. If the boy treats the customers well, it’ll be definitely a success!”


As Yuzuka-san recommended the proposal for a butler café, she made a very cute gesture.

Scary… how could her expression change so quickly!

But, the other girls didn’t seem to care about it at all and began to agree with the statement.

“That’s right, I think so too! I mean, I want to come as a customer and be treated well!”

“Yeah, me too!”

“Miu too! Miu too!”

“But, I have one concern.”

“What is it?”

A natural question flew to Yuzuka-san, who made another cute gesture by touching her index finger to the cheek.

“According to a source, it seems, Seimei High may also have a butler cafe.”

“Good, let’s go!”

“That’s right, we need to give a visit and check for a “research”.”

“Can I make a reservation now?”

“Well… I wonder how much should I pay to take the butler home?”

“You, you should go to the police with me after this.”

“Ah… no, no, I don’t mean to say that… I’m just kidding, hahaha”


Yuzuka-san cleared her throat so as to not let the talk go even further astray.

“If they really do, we’ll have fierce competition for customers. We may not be able to rank in the top ranks either.”

Everyone was convinced that the words must be true.

“Furthermore, I think that everyone in Seimei will probably do it properly. There is also a point that we’ll be compared to each other. If our is clearly inferior, we’ll just be a laughing stock.”

Yuzuka-san continued to say.

“One more, they have a brand called Seimei. They’re regarded as sacred since only boys go to that school. So, if those sacred beings do a butler café, it’ll be a big topic for sure.”

What Yuzuka-san said was correct. But her words tickled my pride.

There’s no choice…

I stood up quietly and told Yuzuka-san.


“It’s true that the other side has a long history and is well known. But I, am in this class… The winner of the King of Boys. Which is still, a hot topic right now. We’re not necessarily in a bad position.”

The girl in the classroom screamed.


And Yuzuka-san, who received my words, smiled and said,

“That’s right. That’s why, let’s definitely win!”


At that moment, the students in my class shout a battle cry all at once. It was a moment when the hearts of class 1-1’s students were united toward the school festival.

The only problem was that I was the one who proposed this idea to Seimei and also the boys in my class.

I hope no one would find out that I was the one who proposed the butler cafe to Seimei. I mean, I didn’t do anything wrong! I just tried to help my friend… yeah, it’s not my fault…

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 291

291. Homeroom for school festival

After the exam, the tense classroom softened and returned to the same calm atmosphere as before. And today, using the homeroom, discussions about what to do for the school festival were about to begin. It seemed that the motivation of the boys hadn’t diminished since I talked with Fukushima and others before. I could feel their motivation for this discussion.

“Then today’s agenda is, about school festival events. So, the committee should come forward and proceed.”

Saying so, Sumita-sensei, the teacher in charge, stepped down to the back. The girl of the committee came out.

“Well, then I’d like to decide what our class will do first. If you have any opinion, raise your hand.”

As if waiting for that word, all the boys except me raised their hands immediately.

It’s great that everyone is motivated, but couldn’t you decide who will announce it beforehand?

The boys were staring at each other, almost like they wanted to say “I’m the leader!”. As a result, all the boys were in a situation where they were having a glaring contest. Thanks to that, the committee girl was confused.

“Ummm…. Seems like, all the boys are really motivated… Umm, then, Fukushima-kun.”


Some clicking tongue sounds could be heard.

Fukushima stood up with a smug laugh.

“Hah… I propose a butler cafe”

The classroom buzzed with Fukushima’s proposal.

“Butler’s cafe? Is it definitely a café where you dress as a butler and welcome customers?” 

“Yeh, that’s right. Let me correct you, the butler cafe I propose is not like those fake, but a real thing. The butler will be the boys here!”

Fukushima made an enormous appeal by spreading both hands. The classroom that was buzzing with the proposal became even more noisy.

“That means the boys of our class will treat others as a butler, right?”

“Yeah. This for sure, will gather a lot of people!”

“Maybe our class will be in the top ranking of the school festival …”

“Even if that’s not the case, there is no doubt about sales!”

Everyone’s reaction was good. Fukushima received a good feeling and laughed with satisfaction before continuing his words.

“It’s a great proposal, right!? Of course, it’s my idea after all! Hahaha…”

No, it’s not.

I turned my gaze at Fukushima, which pointed to himself with his thumb.

Well, that’s fine…

But, unlike me who thought so, other boys weren’t kind enough to forgive it.

“Wait a minute, Fukushima. The proposal may not have been yours.”

“That’s right, don’t be so shameless.”

“Really… can’t you be a little bit modest in your actions?”


The other boys were swearing at Fukushima one after another.

“Umm… so, whose ide――”

” ” ” “Me!” ” ” “


All the boys claimed that it was their suggestion. Thanks to that, the committee girl was in trouble.

“Anyway, it’s a butler’s café, right?”

When the committee girl asked again, there was an atmosphere in the class that said it was the best choice.

“Then, our class will do a but――”


And the moment it was about to be decided on a butler cafe, such a word rushed in.

“… Toukain-san? What is it?”

“Please wait a minute…”

Shino-san put her elbows on the desk and held her face with her hands. She had a serious eye, but overall, she looked so relaxed.

“Toukain!? What’s your problem! Do you have any complaint about this proposal of mine!?”

It seemed that Shino-san’s relaxed attitude was offensive to Fukushima.

Huff, this guy… can’t you stop saying that it’s your idea?

Shino-san looked cold at Fukushima.

What a rare sight. I had never thought such a sweet girl could make such a look to a boy.

“W-what is it…?”

Fukushima fluttered.

Shino-san then opened her mouth.

“I think the proposal itself is good. I think that sales can be expected, and I think that the slogan of a boy’s butler will have a great effect. If it goes well, I think that we can aim for the first place in the school festival ranking.”

“T-that’s right. If so, what’s the problem?”

“It’s just a story if everything goes well.”


“A male butler is a very unique existence from a historical point of view. Of course, if a boy, not a girl, is the butler, the expectations of customers will inevitably rise high.”

“Isn’t it, good news?”

The boy who didn’t understand what was wrong with Shino-san’s words asked.

“Sure… but what if it doesn’t meet expectations?”

“That is……”

“In that case, all the expectations up to that point will turn into disappointment. That’s when you’ll end up exposing a pitiful appearance at the upcoming school festival, which attracts a lot of attention. The word butler, has that much meaning. My house only hires maids and chefs, but we don’t hire a male butler because a wannabe butler will only lower my family status.”

… What to do huh, Fukushima… Shino-san is a real butler maniac…

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 290

290. End of Summer Holiday

When I was spending time helping the Student Council, the summer holiday was over in no time.

The first day after the summer vacation was half-day school, perhaps it was so everyone wouldn’t suddenly feel like the summer holiday had ended yet.

“Good morning”

I opened the classroom door. And what jumped into my eyes were the girls who were sticking to the desk and moving the pencils vigorously.

“I can’t lose, I can’t lose, I can’t lose…”

“I will never fall in class. I won’t give up…!”

“… I wish the scores of other than me is bellow mine. Just one person is fine!” 

Somehow, they were working hard in moving their pencils while muttering so.

But, hmm…? Do we have a test today?

I sat down so as not to disturb the girls who were studying desperately while tilting their heads.

“Hmph… Hatano, it’s been a long time.”

Soon after I got on my seat, Fukushima and other boys surrounded me.

Perhaps they enjoyed their summer vacation very much, they looked very energetic.

“Yo, good morning. All the girls are studying, but do we have a test later?”

“Not us”

“Yep, we are not. According to the information, only the girls will have a test. No one told anything to us since we won’t be involved, only the girls got told by the teacher.”

“I mean, the school only half a day today. It seems, the girls will do the test after that.”

“Seems to be an annual event, and it’ll affect the class changes.”

Answers were returned one after another. Surprisingly, the guys had information about this. Really, I was surprised.

A class change huh… sure this will increase the rate of students going to a good university, but for sure this school used this in a meticulous way. Probably because the school festival is coming up, they want the students to not slacking off.

“Ah, right. Hatano… I heard you stayed in the same place for a few days with the girls!”


“Really, I’m still amazed at your shameless behavior! Please don’t forget that we must live proudly as a man!”

“Huh….? live… proudly?”

…… Were the boys in my class always like this? Perhaps there’s something that these guys think of the girls interacting with Seimei’s boys?

In fact, it seems that the exchange meeting has been going on without a hitch. In the beginning, those boys in Seimei seemed to be wary of various things, but as they got used to it, they gradually began to act more considerate to the girls.

Perhaps this is a phenomenon peculiar to Seimei’s boys. Since the students there are all boys, they are accustomed to an environment where they didn’t get much attention. Even though they have high pride, their personality isn’t that bad……. Is it okay to say that most of them are naive? Well…

“Alright! It’s time for a school festival.”


“Once the summer vacation is over, preparations for the school festival will begin!”

“…That’s right.”

“Since the girls are busy! We should think about what to do on our own.”

“Well… that’s right.”

The boys were wondering if they could help with the preparation, but as expected it wasn’t that simple.

Perhaps… they want to help because it would be an event attracting a lot of attention? It must be so.

“Hmph, here’s our chance to remind those Seimei’s boys of our abilities.”

“Yeah… if we rank high, even a stupid guy will be able to recognize the difference in our abilities.”

“Kukuku… I’m looking forward to their dumbfounded face from now on …”

Well, seems the reason is even more stupid. All in their heads are their appearance, laughing loudly over Seimei’s boys.

It’s true that the school festival will announce the top rank, but at this school where many high-level students are enrolled, why are these guys so confident that they’ll be at the top?

I mean, if you look only at the abilities of the boys, Seimei’s boys are overwhelmingly superior. Are they really that blind to the surroundings?

But, well, since they’re showing such motivation. I won’t say anything that’ll discourage them.

Even I, don’t want to lose to anyone either, especially if I’ve decided to give my all.

Alright, let’s fan the fire.

“Hey, cute boy over there”

“C-cute boy? W-what;s wrong with you, Hatano…?”

“You see, I caught some juicy information. It seems that Seimei may do a butler’s cafe.”

President Shirogane told me that he would put the proposal I gave to him during the summer vacation on the agenda, and as a result, it was considered to be an effective event to be ranked high. Of course, it hadn’t been decided yet, but it seemed to be strongly considered.



“Good, it seems they want to have a fight with us huh. Alright, I’ll let you know which one is the better man.”

“I see… It’s going to be flooded with customers because the girls can have a great time with us.”

Fukushima and the other boys had begun discussions with the information I have given.

Really, where does their self-confidence come from?

…But, well, if our class decided to do the butler’s cafe, I’ll discipline your attitude toward customers.

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 289

289. School Festival Preparation

These past few days, I had been coming to school to help the Student Council prepare for the school festival.

… Huff, why the student council has so many works? Sure, if you can do this much work, you will have a sense of responsibility and independence, as well as the ability to make decisions that you will need when you enter society.

Still, what are the teachers doing…? I mean, you can say, some of the work is what should be done by teachers, not students…

I couldn’t help but think about such a thing in front of a large amount of equipment used at the school festival last year.

…If this is this school’s way of doing things, it can’t be helped. No matter how much I don’t want to work, I’m the type of man who will do the job I accepted.

Well… it’s a paradise compared to the work at the company in my previous life.

The one on the shift before me disappeared without giving any instruction and I couldn’t find any documents to continue at all…


Yeah, I can’t compare that with this, this is way better… If you’re trying to drive me nuts, this isn’t enough.

I silently checked the equipment I could confirm on paper.

“I think there is a fair amount. Please take care of that sideー.”


“Then I’ll be on this side.”

Working with me was Ashiya-senpai, one of the Vice Presidents. She seemed accustomed to doing this kind of work.

“The Student Council really has a lot of work even though on summer vacation.”

“Well, our school festival is one of the highlights of school events.”

“Is it that big?”

“It’s that big. Our schools will rank what the students will put out in the festival. Of course, everyone will do their best to aim for the top.”

“Rank? Is it decided by sales?”

“Sales is also an indicator, but besides that, the quality of what you put out, the number of students active in it, and many more. Seems like the school always give the score in a way the students do not know.”

“I seeー. Is there anything good if you get the top rank?”

“Of course, there is”

Ashiya-senpai kept speaking without resting her hands.

“Because the top-ranked groups are those who can produce quality works, it would be advantageous to raise the confidential score to get a recommendation to the university. In addition, tickets for free food in the cafeteria will be distributed according to the ranking.”

“I see, I see……”

The cafeteria at this school has a wide range of food from cheap to high-class, it would be nice for the student with a strong appetite. Many girls in this world are quite a glutton, I’m sure they’ll do their best to get it.

“In additionー, the media will come, so there will be a chance for commercialization and debut as a businesswoman.”

“I see…”

It’s incomparable to the school festival in my previous life. The scale here is at the national level. Of course, everyone will work hard for this. Otherwise, you’ll just embarrass yourself if you made something bad. I mean, it’ll be on TV, right? The more wonderful other things there are, the more pitiful you will be.

“That’s why the Student Council who support this festival must also eliminate mistakes, so yeah, there will be more work for us.”

Right… If I’m not mistaken, the Student Council also prepares documents to be sent to government offices in order to obtain various permits.

“And this time it’s a joint with Seimei High, so we have to ask for a security company. If something happens to them…”

Ashiya-senpai shook her face as if she didn’t want to think about it.

“We have to do many preparations in order to proceed with the school festival without delay, so let’s do our best.”


I smiled back to Ashiya-senpai, who smiled at me.

As I had one question, I asked her.


“What is itー?”

“Not all the rankings will be announced, right?”

“Yeahー. Only the top ranks.”

I see… wouldn’t those Seimei boys get hurt if theirs aren’t at the top? They’re so prideful after all.

According to President Shirogane, the main events of their school festival so far are exhibitions. As expected, no matter how many boys hold that, it’ll be hard to get a high ranking.

Perhaps, almost impossible.

After all, the students at this school are not that sweet.

“Did the members of Seimei’s Student Council know this?”


Ashiya-senpai answered after putting her finger on her lips and thinking for a moment.

“Hmmー, we haven’t told that yet. The meetings haven’t gotten to such detailed things so far. Also, it hasn’t been decided whether those of Seimei’s will be included.”

“I see”

If you do not include them, they will also be angry… So troublesome.

Alright, let’s leak the information. I mean, they’ll know it eventually, nothing hurts with knowing earlier. Also, it seems that they are arguing about what kind of event to make, so it will be a good judgment material.

I guess, their high pride will react sensitively and ask to be included…

Well, those guys from Seimei are very cohesive, so if they aim for the first place, something good will be seen at the festival…

With that in mind, Butler Café will definitely gather a lot of sales, and attract a lot of customers, right? Yep, it was a wonderful proposal. As expected of me!!

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 288

Most of this ch is from Shinichi Hibiya POV (3rd Person)

288. A short break time

“Shirogane, What happened? You’ve been touching your smartphone since a while ago… something urgent?”

“Ah, no, it’s nothing. I just got a call from a friend.”


“Yeah, but don’t worry because it’s not an urgent matter.”

“I see.”

The members of the Seimei High’s Student Council, were relaxing at an affordable cafe to take a break after finishing the meeting for the joint cultural festival with Kenran High School.

They became the attention, and even if it was uncomfortable, they couldn’t help but just ignore it.

After all, Seimei High was filled with exactly what many people would regard as the elite boys as only a handful of boys could enroll. Of course, from the perspective of women in this world, it would be unavoidable for their eyes to swim around them. The boys used to be frustrated by this kind of gaze, but now that they knew there were more frustrating things in the world, they could now treat these unscrupulous gazes like a breeze, even Shinichi.

Shinichi’s cousin said, “Young lord, lately you’ve become kinderー” but he gave her a flick on her forehead, saying that he was always kind.

“Hmm… It’s worth considering…”

The Student Council President, Shirogane, was looking at his smartphone for a while, then he muttered so, before putting it in his pocket.

“So, President, what should we do?”

“What is it? I mean Kanda, please make the question clear.”

“President, you know what I mean!? It’s about the cultural festival! Cultural festival! If we let the traditional Seimei High’s cultural festival go this route, it will be destroyed!”

Kanda said so passionately, but Shirogane didn’t care about it at all. After taking a sip of coffee slowly, he responded to Kanda’s words as if to remind him.

“It won’t be destroyed. The things our school will put out at the festival are still, mainly exhibition.”

“It takes time to make it! On top of that, if you understand the scope of what those people of Kenran would do, the burden on the students will be too great.”

“No, that’s okay. Unfortunately, the Seimei’s school festival has become too barren like a ghost town, lifeless and nothing exciting. And that cultural festival exhibition that hasn’t changed for the last decade or so, finally gets the chance to change.”

Shirogane was right. The word tradition might sound good, but it also meant that nothing had changed after all. The cultural festival of Seime High was remarkable, with the same theme, “History of Seimei High School” for the first year, “Introduction of the achievements of graduates” for the second year, and “Prospects after graduation” for the third year. A repetition of that, every time.

…I see, I’ve never cared so much about it before, but now that I think about it, there is no progress in our school. Sure, it’s important to keep the tradition, but if we keep doing this, our school will just be stagnant.

“In fact, we have a long preparation period for the school festival, but most of the classes are ready before using all of them. That leaves a lot of time for deadlines…”


“And the scale of Kenran High’s school festival is indeed extraordinary. Participating in it will give us a lot of experience, and that experience should be useful to us. For the future of Seimei. So, I want you to be more open-minded.”

Shirogane said so and put his hand on Kanda’s shoulder and smiled.


“Kanda, as an assistant, can you help me?”

“I-I’ll help… Isn’t it natural? I’m your assistant…”

Kanda said so in a small voice after turning his face away from Shirogane. He didn’t look like someone who had just strongly opposed it.

Shinichi couldn’t help but be impressed with Shirogane’s mind-grasping technique.

After all, this man is amazing.

With the persuasion of Shirogane, Kanda had a calm look as if he had been possessed, and now he was talking with another first-year, Tamachi.

Hibiya looked at Shirogane, and saw Shirogane was touching his smartphone once again, perhaps to give his response, but it ended immediately.

“It looks like you’re convinced of something.”

“Yeah, he is a straightforward guy. I believed that if we talk, he’ll understand.”

There was a warm smile on Shirogane’s face.

“… Shirogane”

“What is it?”

“I’m sorry…”

“Why so sudden?”

Hibiya apologized for being late. However, it seemed that Shirogane had no idea what he apologized for.

“For losing the King of Boys… I couldn’t afford to lose as a representative of Seimei High… But as you know, I was defeated. I’ve tainted Seimei’s name.”

“… Hmmm”

“To be honest, it’s a big blunder of me.”

“Hibiya, you’re misunderstanding something.”


“You have done more than enough in a tournament of that size. You should be praised, not rebuked. It’s a pity that you didn’t get number one, but at that point, it already has nothing to do with Seimei’s value. The important thing is that you had try your best to reach the top. Even so, if you still can’t get the top… “


“It just means that the other person was amazing. You should have revenge, the next time you have the chance.”

The words made Shinichi feel lighter. He was going to take responsibility for the defeat, but instead, got told that the result of doing his best wasn’t vain. He was a little happy to be recognized.

“I see……”

“Yeah, don’t worry too much…”

Hibiya and Shinichi laughed and drank coffee.

… But, what would have happened if Shirogane was in that battle instead of me?

Shinichi asked Shirogane because of that interest.

“Shirogane, what would you do in that fight if you were me?”

“Well, first, you and I have different perceptions of Hatano-kun… Hibiya, you thought that he was the biggest obstacle, right?”

Hibiya nodded obediently to the words. Certainly, there were other people to watch out for, but he thought Kohaku was the most dangerous one.

“So, if I were you who was trying to get rid of him first. First, I would figure out the positions of all the participants, and then team up with at least two groups. Then, with them, I would rush into Hatano-kun’s territory. Even if his companions were great, he would just run out of hands. And it should result in his defeat.”


“No matter how great a person he is, if you defeat him before he can do anything, it’ll give you a better chance for you to win the rest. Except for the biggest obstacles, it thought it should be an easy match for you.”

“… Kukuku”

“What’s wrong?”

“No, nothing”

Shinichi just thought that Shirogane was indeed amazing. He didn’t even think of joining hands with other teams in that battle after all.

It seems, I still have a long way to go.


The sound of the smartphone sounds.

When I picked it up, there was a message from President Shirogane.

『”I’m worried that the first year is too easy, and will be deceived by a bad woman (; ‘Д`)”』

I thought a little and replied,

『”Well, that would be a good experience for them, right?”』

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Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 287

287. Suggestion

Unlike the previous meeting I joined, this time it went very smoothly and ended calmly. Thanks to that, I was able to come home early.

Today, it was hot outside, but now that the air conditioner had done its job, I was relaxing in the living room, watching TV with Maria.

On TV, it was a news program that was usually broadcasted from noon to evening. Right now, popular shops were introduced. Food that seemed to be delicious was certainly reflected on the screen.

I didn’t know if all of it could be imitated, but I was watching while thinking that some of these might be put out at our school festival.

When such a gourmet program was over and it changed to the next one.

『Hot! Butler cafe!』

That was written in the title that appeared.

I twisted my neck while eating the ice cream that Maria gave me.

“A butler cafe?”

“Kohaku-sama didn’t know about it? About five years ago, it became a hot topic and since then, often featured on TV.”

“I see. Well, it must be popular… Although, it seems difficult to get workers.”

Being a butler, the concept must be like a maid in my previous world, which to serve customers. No man in here with a big enough heart to allow such a thing.

Basically, a butler in this world could be said as a phantom existence.

The royal family in history had only been confirmed to have butlers when they had so much authority. As of now, it probably had become an extinct profession. According to the books I read, their appearance was the same as those in my previous life, they weren’t wearing the now standard skirt but trousers.

Even in the Toukain and Seikagu Household, I hadn’t confirmed a butler to exist, so I didn’t know how rare they must be if they existed in this world.

…Oh, right, in my previous life, the real butler and maid, are considered professional professions where you have to attend a specialized school overseas.

Well, I don’t think it matters here.

Either way, the concept of trying to get a man to work in this world would be the path of penance.

“It seems that it’s easy to get employees.”

“Lie! Is there a man out there with such a working spirit?!”

That’s unbelievable! Maybe, the hourly wage is so high?!!

“No, they’re not men.”


“The employees are women”

“…..What about men?”

“Such a fantastic place exists?”

I see… In other words, is it a butler cosplay coffee shop? Well, if they can do it well, I guess the customers will be happy regardless of whether the butler is a man or a woman?

“It became a hot topic, so it must be that popular, right?”

“That’s… right. After being covered on TV, it usually became popular.”

“I see…”

“But, only for a while. it’ll become less popular after that.”

Maria looked at the TV while saying so.

“Did the food taste bad? Or was it a rip-off?”

“The food? If I must say, it’s one of many places where you can find delicious food. The prices are like a normal restaurant, it’s reasonable.”

“Hmm… But if you add the butler as the plus point, it should be still popular for quite a while right…”

While licking the ice cream, I asked such a question.

I mean, being swayed by a man, even though in reality a woman, it’s still a good place to relax while also getting such a service, right?



“The feeling of emptiness is… amazing …”

Somehow, the usually expressionless Maria, had a bitter face.

“Because of the pain of reality, girls are going there to be healed, being swayed by a gentle butler.”


“But the butler is of the same sex. When you’re hit by that fact, you’ll suddenly feel cold as if you have a hole in your heart … Frankly, it would only make girls want to die.”

Maria looked sad.

I couldn’t say anything and somehow had a cold sweat.


“Hmm? Does that mean it will be popular if a real man does it?”

“Of course. I think it’ll be popular. There are reports saying that even just placing a man at the reception desk of a company, the impression improved. Isn’t it even more so if he’s a butler?”

“By the way, how about a butler with a slightly arrogant attitude?”

“I think they’re charming in their own way.”

“… What about the one looks frail?”

“I want to keep an eye on him and make sure nothing bad happens.”

“………… What about a gentle butler?”

“The best”

…… In other words, it’ll be fine as long as it’s a man?

I summarized the story I heard from Maria, and after thinking a little, I picked up my smartphone and sent a message to a certain person.

『Do you have time now?』

After a while, I got a reply.

『Hey, hey, thank you for today (o^-‘)b!! I’m free now. What happened? I also accept consultations such as having a problem with your stomach!』

A really frank reply.

I can’t believe that person will reply like this…

With that in mind, I gave a suggestion.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 286

286. Meeting again

Well, President Shirogane is a good person. Is there anyone in the same age group who has such common sense other than him?

This is why, even though he’s a hard-working person, his stomach has a lot of problems.

Because, the more common sense you have here, especially when the people in the surroundings are like them, of course, you’ll have a hard time. Good luck.

As for Kanda-kun, even though he has been quiet at the first meeting, he is now much noisier than before, well, I know the reason but, more than him, it’s really fortunate that Vice President Hibiya is calmer than before.

Perhaps, Vice President Hibiya finally got salvation, and the relationship fostered with me by having fun together in the King of Boys, made him realize the meaning of friendship? If that’s the case, perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing to appear on that show. I wonder what that muscle idiot and the king wannabe doing. I’m a little worried.

Anyway, I guided the members of Seimei’s Student Council.

And, the meeting to prepare for the school festival started.

A cultural festival in a joint with Seimei High School. No matter how carefully it was prepared, it would never be enough.

According to the story, the Seimei school festivals were inviting only the student’s families, and it seemed that the events were mostly exhibitions of some arts and showing results of the research by the students. It was a very proper student-like school festival, but I couldn’t feel it interesting at all.

…Really, do you all find it interesting?

” ―― Well, Seimei’s school festival is always something like this. Now, I would like to know what your school has done so far.”

“Thank you very much. Then, let me tell you about what our school festival looks like. As far as I heard from President Shirogane, it’s very different from ours, so I want us to decide the next step after I’m done telling ours.”

President Shirogane, who has finished the explanation, made a serious face. In response, President Sanada began talking.

Both of them were excellent, so the meeting went smoothly without going sideways. What a very meaningful time.

“One characteristic of Kenran’s school festival is its size. Not only the number of current students and the big area to use, but also the number of events.”

“Certainly… honestly, it’s a little ridiculous to compare the scale to our school. So What exactly are the events?”

Vice President Hibiya frankly asked so. His doubts were justified. I didn’t know what kind of things would be offered at the school festival, even though I was in Kenran high school since I was still in the first year.

…Well, in a typical high school… a coffee shop, a simple haunted house, a resting place, and something similar, I guess?

“Hmm. In terms of food and drink, coffee shops, Western food, Chinese food, Japanese food. In addition, there are also various food stalls. Also, there are donut shops, Japanese-style sweets shops, and bakeries. Ah, not to forget, there is some rare delicacy too. There are still more, but these stores are regular and joined every year.”

Too many! Don’t you think the students at our school have too much vitality!? See, those students from Seimei have a cramped face just by listening to it. Oi, Are you guys, okay?

“I-is that so. There are so many…”

“Yeah… what exactly is this rare delicacy?”

“Please be assured. It uses ingredients that can be eaten… Well, for example, Karasumi and sea cucumber.” [TN: Karasumi, is salted dried mullet roe]

“Huff… it’s pretty common, isn’t it?”

Tamachi-kun, our school is an ordinary high school. Do you think there’ll be poison in the food?

“Yes, most stores are common.”


“The troublesome thing is those who wrote those illogical ingredients for the dishes they will put out when they submitted the document to join the festival.”


“Their idea is that their taste is absolute. Speaking of delicacies, they think that any ingredient can be used.”

Somehow, President Sanada looked like she had bitten a bitter worm …


“It’s annoying that those stores put out a dish that can be eaten normally!”

“W-what kind of ingredients they used…?”

Tamachi-kun asked terrifyingly.

“For examples, snakes, scorpions, and insects.”



“Other than that, insect eggs and hornworms.”

“T-that’s really something… but will people enter such a store?”

“Yes, they have a certain number of visitors, perhaps those visitors have seen something scarier. Moreover, those stores cooked those ingredients with great care, and somehow made it look so tasty.”

“I-I often hear about insect food these days…”

“That’s right… It’s as President Shirogane says.”



President Sanada tapped the desk.

“You don’t have to put out anything like that at the school festival! As the host, we have to eat those before giving permission, you know!”


“Ugh! I’m sorry for getting too passionate…”

Being a Student Council President is really hard, huh. I definitely don’t want to do it.

“Let’s return to the story. Besides these restaurants, there are drama plays, animations and movie screenings. There is a class that has created a maze. It has a reputation as being a masterpiece. The baseball club has a strike-out and home run competition. The soccer club has a PK showdown every year.”

“Hmm… It’s very different. It seems that it will take some time to get the best for both sides.”

Vice President Hibiya said so when he heard the story. And after thinking a little and he then spoke again.

“But when it comes to which one should be the base of the festival… it will be Kenran high school.”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

President Shirogane nodded to agree with Vice President Hibiya. The members of Kenran’s Student Council looked surprised to hear this. In fact, the issue could last long. Like how much should one side compromises, and many more.

It wasn’t a really big obstacle, and it wasn’t surprising that such remarks were made. But of course, some people weren’t convinced of it.

“What! Are you saying that we are going to change the cultural festival of the historical Seimei High School!? It would be a good idea for them to suit our event!”

President Shirogane calmly spoke to Kanda-kun, who stood up and spoke frustratingly.

“Of course, it’s okay to have a class that wants to exhibit some arts, but if we want to do it together, we have to make it more open than before, and I think, that’s what the school wants. And this is also the reason why they organized such a joint event.”

“In addition, the students have always said that they would like to try various things, not just the old-fashioned exhibition. This is a good opportunity. Because now, they’ll have more freedom since we’re going to do it with another high school that is doing various things. Also, it’s a good opportunity to learn from them. “

…Strange, I feel that Vice President Hibiya has grown too much as a human being. Is he a fake? A double?


Kanda, who was persuaded by the combination of the President and the Vice President, made such a defeated noise and sat down again.

In this way, the meeting went smoothly.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 285

This ch is from Subaru Shirogane POV (3rd Person)

285. At the school gate

Kohaku Hatano welcomed the member of Seimei’s Student Council with a smile.

A glittering smile.

It was so bright. It was like welcoming a close friend for the first time in a while.

Subaru couldn’t feel any negative feelings on Kohaku Hatano’s face.

On the other hand, Hibiya looked tired, Kanda showed anger, and Tamachi showed suspicious behavior.

“Even in this hot weather, everyone came to visit us. Thank you. We are preparing a cold drink in the Student Council room, so please follow me.”

“Oh, thank you. It must have been hard for Hatano-kun to be outside waiting for us in this hot weather.”

“Thank you very much for your concern, Seimei’s Student Council President, but don’t worry, it’s my job to guide you all smoothly.”

…… Isn’t he, a good boy?

Subaru felt so when he saw Kohaku Hatano who answered with a smile.

Looking back, I haven’t had many interactions with Hatano… I’ve heard people say something really bad, but I don’t know who they are unless I actually get involved.

Subaru hadn’t talked that much with Kohaku Hatano, so he couldn’t give an appropriate rating, but as of now, he didn’t have a bad impression of him.

“Hatano! I won’t be fooled!”


Oh right, Kanda got involved with Hatano. Was there any fake element in the story?

Hatano looks troubled as if he doesn’t know what he did wrong. Really, what happened to you, Kanda? I want you to return to the former calm Kanda.

“Kanda, don’t be rude. What the hell did he do to you, to be so angry like that?”

“President! Don’t believe this guy’s story. If there are ten stories coming out of his mouth, those ten are all lies!”

Are you dumb!? If there is such a lie, I’ll know it every time! I mean, it’s all 100% a lie! At least 10% must be a truth!


“W-what is it?”

Kanda still spoke to Kohaku Hatano in the same tone and momentum. And Kohaku Hatano looked troubled. 

I’m sorry for what the boy from my school did.

But, urgh… I’d like to take a rest in a cool room as soon as possible.

“You’ve dug your own grave”


“You’re preparing a drink… right?”

“Ah, em, yeah…? So…?”

I wonder what got caught by Kanda?

The expression on Kanda’s face was full of self-confidence, and even a faint smile was there. 

He looks pretty confident this time. As the Student Council President of Seimei High, I can’t overlook this! 

Thinking so, Subaru listened to every word and every word.

“You can’t do that kind of thing! Sure, it’s hot today. You’ll want a cold drink in this weather. That’s why, you’re ahead of our thoughts and working on that drink!”


“Maybe, it’s a laxative… you’ll then laugh at us, taking pictures, and threatening us while seeing us suffer?”

“No… that’s not…”

“Too bad. This much won’t work on me.”

False accusation! It’s clearly, a false accusation!! I’ve regretted hearing it seriously. I mean, what are you doing, Kanda! That can’t be true! We’re also part of the school event. If the students from our school have such a problem, it’ll be a big problem. Also, if that’s true, the girls’ reputations will go bad.

If you think about it for a moment, you’ll understand, really, I want you to be a little calm.

Even so, taking pictures while ridiculing and threatening, it’s just too much! Too cruel!

Kanda had smug face, but Kohaku Hatano, who had been accused, looked so in trouble because he didn’t know what to do, and Hibiya wasn’t even trying to hide his dismayed face. As for the other members… some of them, their face was saying, “No way, we’ll be poisoned?!”…


Urgh… my stomach…


“President! I’ve already spotted his tricks. You can rest assured!”

“Apologize to Hatano-kun”


Kanda looked as if he was betrayed, but Subaru wanted him to apologize for damaging his stomach.

“He… the members of Kenran’s Student Council who are always so kind to us, giving us a guide every time, won’t put such a thing in the drinks. Apologize for what you said. “


“Even if he doesn’t like us, even if he’s really like what you said, I can’t believe he is a short-tempered person who will do what you said in a place where so many people get together.”

“…That’s right, even if Hatano is a person with a character like rotten sewage, but there is no way he would do that.”

Hibiya! Why do you suddenly come in and have a passionate hate to Hatano too!

See, he has a troubled face.

However, Kanda apologized to Kohaku Hatano, perhaps because Hibiya’s words echoed in Kanda.

“I-I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry, Hatano-kun. Kanda said rude things. It’s my responsibility for Kanda’s behavior. I’m truly sorry.”

That said, Subaru bowed his head.

“No worries, I accept the apology. Please don’t worry anymore…”

Kohaku Hatano said so and smiled.

Subaru thought it couldn’t be helped if he was yelled at, but instead…

“Also, I know that President Subaru is a hard-working person. It must be hard to be their leader. Are your stomach okay now?”

To worry about my body… Isn’t he a really nice boy?

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 284

This ch is from Subaru Shirogane POV (3rd Person)

284. On the road to Kenran

“Uuu …”

Unconsciously, the hand was on the top of the stomach.

For the time being, the problem with the stomach had healed, and the man returned to work at the Student Council of Seimei High, Subaru Shirogane, as the Student Council President. But, now, he started to feel uncomfortable in his stomach again.

It had been a while since he returned to do his work in the Student Council, but while he wasn’t there, the Vice President, Hibiya, seemed to continue many things in meeting with the other members. Perhaps, because it had already underway, Hibiya held his own opinion and try to make a success of the event. Or perhaps, Hibiya didn’t want to ruin his reputation by saying something extra about the collaboration event with Kenran. 

Hibiya is an excellent person, so if he makes full use of his abilities, I think he can deal with any problems.

Well, when I’m in the room, he’s also among those who have many complaints, but with my disappearance, it seems he didn’t complain much. Perhaps, the feeling of being a leader got him? Well, anyway, it’s good that…

“Shirogane, are you okay? If you’re still not feeling well, you can just go back.”

“… No, it’s okay.”

It seems, Hibiya’s horizons have become wide enough to notice others. He’s an excellent person, but perhaps because of his background, he’d never show consideration enough to pay attention to the surroundings. His attitude was as if saying it was natural for other people to be considerate of him. And now he’s doing the opposite of it…

When Subaru realized the growth of Hibiya, there was something that comes to his mind. 

Considering this, it seems that the communication with that man from Kenran wasn’t all bad.

However, even if some people had finally grown up, some had regressed.

“President, let’s go fast. That crazy blockhead will be there, right? I’ll show him my improved self!”

It was Kanda, Subaru’s assistant in Student Council, who raised his voice. He was a first-year student who was accepted into the Student Council for his excellence. He had the charisma to keep things calm and take leadership in the whole first grade. 

He’s a charismatic person, but things developed in the wrong direction after he fought with Hatano. It was as if he wore a mask all this time, and Hatano peeled it off. There’s no trace of his charismatic figure.

This is also the cause of the current first graders being divided into groups. There seems to be a fierce battle to decide who will take the top spot in the first year.

……Honestly, I don’t care who it’ll be, as long as that person will be involved in school management and put things in order. For now, it’s just a small amount of fire, but if oil is thrown into it, it could lead to a big fire.

……urgh, my stomach hurts.

“Kanda-kun … Hatano-kun isn’t the main topic today. We have to properly talk about the cultural festival…”

“Hah…!? I know that. Stop reminding me about that.”

“I’m sorry …”

Kanda cut off Tamachi’s words.

Tamachi, was the assistant of the Vice President.

Both used to be good friends. And now they are in this state… I was planning to teach Kanda to be the Student Council President in the future, but seeing him now… It’s difficult for me to say I can leave it to him with confidence.

…… urgh… My stomach hurts.

“Kanda, Tamachi isn’t wrong. I think it’s not good to reply to him like that?”

“Vice President……”

I’m sure he’ll listen to his words… right?

Hibiya had always paid attention to Kanda, so perhaps, it was just a bit of advice to the beloved junior. But, now, Kanda was like a mad dog that would bite everyone. Even his beloved senior.

“Unlike Vice President, I won’t surrender myself to Hatano…!”

“… Sure, I lost that battle, but I didn’t mean to surrender to Hatano either.”


“The thing we’ll talk about soon, it’s about the school festival. And your attitude, it can make the other members feel uncomfortable. Restrain yourself.”

“tch… I understand.”

Kanda diverted his gaze, and…

“Tamachi, you didn’t say anything wrong, so you don’t have to apologize.”


“Huff… well, that kindness is also your good point.”

Hibiya gave a nice word to him.

Looking at it in this way, Hibiya’s growth is really remarkable. I can’t help but feel a little happy. Really, I couldn’t believe he grew up to that point while I was away.

The current Student Council of Seimei High still had its own problems, but perhaps because they had many meetings, their attitude toward girls had somewhat eased a little bit.

This might be good for the soon be held school festival.

Well, it could be said that this joint cultural festival had been proceeding well so far.

“Now, it’s about time we reach Kenran. Let’s stop this talk for now.”

“That’s right. Also, a member of Kenran’s Student Council always welcomes us at the school gate, so…”

Kenran High was large, so there was a possibility of getting lost if there was no guidance. Whether it was just a gesture of being considerate or not, it was nice that they gave a guide.

The school gate of Kenran High was finally within sight. 

Certainly, I can see someone standing in front of the gate…

…hm? It’s you? Really? There won’t be a fight, right?

“Ah, Welcome to Kenran High. And, Goーod Moーrning!”

“Oh, yeah, good morning”

“Huff…It’s you, huh?”


Kohaku Hatano, greeted us cheerfully.

Hibiya sighed and Kanda clenched his teeth.

…For the time being, I’ll remind them, not to forget to reply to the greeting.