Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 44 Part 2

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44-2. In the meantime, No one knows who’s gonna win (Part 2)

————— MC POV —————

The battle between Lacra, and Ecdoic is like a battle between a spear, and a shield. Lacra defends herself with a barrier against Ecdoic, who freely manipulates, and slams his long chains. It’s a chain onslaught that constantly attacks from all directions, but it cannot break through the barrier.

“Sorry butー, why don’t we just stop? I don’t want to kill people you know…”

“I’m the son of a Demon. That’s reason enough to fight you, priest!”

“Even if you say so, aren’t you human? Right?”


As Ecdoic went into a frenzy of rage, his attacks were getting more intense. Perhaps because each of Lacra’s words were poking at Ecdoic’s nerves. 

Is she doing this on purpose?

But, as expected, compatibility is important. Ranged attacks that cannot be avoided. The power of each blow easily scrapes the ground. If the opponent is an average person, that person will be minced meat in an instant. If Ecdoic’s opponent is Wolfe, I’m sure she would have already been defeated by now.

“Umm, Shosho-sama! This person doesn’t listen to meー!”

“Well, just give him the fight that he wants…”

“But, up until now, I only ever fight Monsters or Demons, you know!? I can’t control my strength, you know!?”

“Wha-, Bastard!”

Ecdoic chains formed a shape in the air. 

It was a giant axe that was big enough to even split a house.

“Get crushed, and die!”

“Really, it’s dangerous, you know!”

As the Axe swung down, Lacra broke the barrier, and held her hand towards the axe. The Axe stopped just before it hit. 

There was a barrier around the axe.

“For a dangerous weapon like this, you just need to do this!”

As Lacra turned her wrist back, countless lines with equal gaps were formed in the barrier. 

And she closed her palm.

Then, the barrier becomes innumerable blocked, sliding on each other’s surface, and falling apart in the air. It was as if she was doing a cut in three magic tricks in a transparent box without giving any explanation about it.

Lacra created a barrier to block the movement of the object, and further divided the barrier, and even the object. The giant axe was made by entwining innumerable chains, and it was cut into innumerable pieces.

The barrier broke, and many broken chains fell on the ground. 

Well, if you use it for living things, most of them will die for sure.

If there is a drawback, it’s the timing to set it up. Even though the barrier that you use to protect yourself can be made in an instant, there’s a time lag in activating, and operating the barrier from a long distance. Also, it’s difficult to catch the opponent, if the opponent movements are faster. But, this is not the case, if the other party has a lofty pride, or a huge body. Still, it’s a technique that has a high probability of killing the opponent, if you meet them for the first time. It’s really is a shame that she used it only to neutralize Ecdoic’s weapon.

“Now, just give up already. Your weapon is broken!”

“Broken? Really?”

The chains in Ecdoic’s hands started to move, entwining the scattered chains around him. Then, as it touched the broken chains, the broken chains became a liquid form, for just a moment, and returned to the shape of the chains again. Not only that, the number of chains, was obviously increasing. 

The total number of chains is now more than enough to fill a house… Are those chains also something out of ordinary like Girista’s magic sword?

“Well, too bad.”

“This chain is my anger, my grudge! An infinite chain that can’t never be crushed! Never!”

A wavy-like attack, attacked Lacra again. But in an instant, she made barriers to protect herself, and concentrated on defense once again.

“Uh, Shosho-sama! Please do something about it! If you can, please replace me!”

“If I get any closer, I’ll die!”

“Then give me a hint! Anything is fine!”

Lacra sees Ecdoic as a person, a human, and she has decided not to kill people. She’s reluctant to even hurt him. Even if she’s about to get murdered.

It’s so priest-like, but does she even have a way to incapacitate him ―― wait, she said that she was trained to battle against demons, so perhaps, all her skills are deadly? If all the magic used by Lacra is first-class, its power is definitely beyond normal. There is a risk of killing Ecdoic no matter which one she uses. That’s why she’s reluctant to attack.

“If you can’t defeat him with your current attack, defeat him with another attack!”

“Eeeh!!? …Illias-san!”

“Don’t rely on others!”

“What should I do then!?”

The chains covered Lacra’s barrier. It scraped the ground, and completely wrapped her in all directions.

“Exhaust your mana, and crush them to death!”

“Woaaah! It’s moving! It looks like a centipede, Hiii!”

…… Okay, let’s leave that alone. If Illias becomes free, first she should help Wolfe, and if she still has strength left, let’s ask her to do something about it.

It’s the same state as the previous time, if you cancel the barrier, you’ll be attacked by an instant death attack. If you use magic right after you cancel your barrier, you may be able to do something else. If you use magic from inside the barrier, you will be in danger, and if you are late in using your magic after canceling the barrier, you will definitely die.

“Ah, it’s not an insect. I’m not scared! Take this!”

The chains were blown off, and the scraps were fluttering around. I could feel a gust of wind. 

I guess, she just used Wind Magic, but… she did it without hesitation.

“Even though you said it was impossible at that time…”

“At that time, it was a real insect! If I blow off the insects, the body fluids will come at me, you know!”

“For the reason? Really?”

But now, Lacra can move again. 

Once again, the chains were being regenerated.

“You think it’s the end!? Over, over, and over again! I will remind you the depths of my anger!”

“I understand enough! Hmm what should I do… Oh, that’s right.”

Lacra used Magic. 

A strange haze can be seen around her feet.


“I don’t want toooo!”

Lacra jumped. 

Lacra, who should have low physical strength, jumped far above.

” Aerial magic!? I won’t let you escape!”

The chains immediately extended into the air, and attacked Lacra. 

But she jumped many times in the air, avoiding the onslaught of chains. 

So niceー, that, what convenient Magic.

Anyway, perhaps she has noticed the advice I gave her, as to why she shouldn’t use barriers. 

When I sensed her intentions, Lacra was completely surrounded right above Ecdoic.

“Now, there’s no place for you to escape!”

“There is still a place!”

Lacra once again used Wind Magic to create an escape route in the sky, and Aerial Magic to escape far above. However, the connected chains immediately chased after her, and kept growing longer and longer.

“It’s no use!”

“No, this is enough.”

The moment the chains extending directly below, touched Lacra, it was blocked by the barrier. 

Lacra landed on the barrier.

“A barrier again!? Stop protecting yourself, and fight!”

“I don’t want to! And this barrier doesn’t protect me.”

“What ―― “

Ecdoic noticed the current situation. 

The barrier that Lacra stretched, didn’t surround Lacra. It surrounded Ecdoic, and also covered the stretched chains.

“Do you intend to lock me in with this!? No matter how strong you are, I’ll keep attacking you, until your mana is exhausted―― “

“Your chains, it has the effect of sucking lots of Mana? The mass is much heavier than usual, isn’t it?”

Horizontal lines appeared one after another in the vertically long barrier. 

It utilizes the same technique as the one used before to cut off the chains that turned into an axe earlier.

“No matter how much I cut your chains, you can regenerate it by passing your Mana through your hands. But that also means, the chains that are not in contact with you, are just normal chains, isn’t it?”

The vertically elongated chain was continuously being sliced. 

Then, the barriers with the chain inside were canceled.


“Sure it takes a few seconds for you to regenerate the chains, but it’s also easy for me to drop these large number of chains on you in a few seconds!”

“La, Lacra-Saaaaaallff!”

It couldn’t be avoided. And a decent defense wouldn’t be possible with shortened chains. 

The large number of chains rained down from the sky, swallowing Ecdoic.

“In the end, it was only you who knew the depths of your thoughts … Shosho-sama! I did exactly what you said!”

“For the most part, but isn’t he dead yet?”

“… Se-self-destruction is okay! It’s not entirely my fault!”

Lacra’s showing off?

So, it not that she has a priest-like mindset to not kill humans, it’s just that she doesn’t want to get her hands dirty… Oi, return my feelings!

Ecdoic was buried in chains, he’s probably either fainted or is dead. Suddenly, the chains were shrinking at a fast pace. All that remained were chains of appropriate length, and the figure of Ecdoic who collapsed, and showed no signs of movement

It seems, she has won safely.

How about the others? 

I turned my point of view to Illias. At the same time, Girista’s arms blew off. 

Apparently, it’s the same there.

I turned my gaze toward Wolfe, but there wasn’t any particular development. However, there was a change in the surroundings. In other words, it would soon be the time for ‘that’.

“Hah, what a bunch of useless people! Trash! There’s no other choice then, I’ll defeat the rest by myself. Playtime is over! You damn beast!”

Black flames encroach Parshuro’s arms.

It seems, an external factor could turn his switch on. Any condition might be acceptable. But when a big change occurs in the surroundings, he’ll change his mood. And this time, his mood has switched, because of the defeat of Ecdoic, and Girista was heavily injured.

What about Wolfe―― yeah, not bad. It seems that she’s getting ready. 

Wolfe hair was gradually increasing its luminescence. The Mana inside her body was actively moving, and overflowing from the outside. 

With this, she should be able to use “that” technique at a good enough level. 

But, we’re still in at fifty-fifty situation.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 44 Part 1

From this ch onward, it’ll be all edited (09/25/2022)

Translator : Kinokura
Editor : Alany

44-1. In the meantime, No one knows who’s gonna win (Part 1)

————— MC POV —————

I can’t remember when my feelings for the world faded. But it’s not that I can’t remember, it’s because it happened such a long time ago. I’m sure there was no such thing.

The value of the world was broken, as it was scraped little by little. No, the value hasn’t changed. What has changed was the way I value the world.

There are times when I wanted to see the beautiful scenery again. 

There are times when I wanted to eat a delicious meal again. 

There are times when I wanted to meet nice people again. 

I know the value of the world.

No, to be exact, I understand it.

So, why does it look like the value has faded?

Is it because I knew the ugliness of the world? 

Is it because I have tasted the horror of the world? 

Is it because I have entrusted myself to the darkness of the world? 


If that’s the case, I wouldn’t be able to recognize the good things anymore.

I’m sure it’s much simpler than that. 

It’s just that changing sides between the Light and the dark, Justice and Evil, I’ve had enough of it.

Some are blessed more than others… some are unhappy, some are better… some are inferior, and so on. Combine it with various circumstances… the changes that may happen by time or situation… grasp it, understand it, and utilize it. Do it again and again, then, eventually you’ll grow tired.

Raising your spirit, keeping that tension, and becoming stubborn about it…

Suddenly I lost the energy to do it all. 

That’s why I want to live like this, an easy-going life, if it’s easy, I can understand it pleasantly. 

That’s why, please don’t to trample on a such trivial wish of mine. 

…I just want to live safely.

I just want to choose a moderate life… act moderately, be impressed moderately, and be satisfied moderately. 

If you say that you want to get in the way, even on such a simple wish――

————— Illias POV —————

There are several squares in Tiez. The largest square is the central square, but other squares also have a history of being relaxing places, and loved by the people. This square is a place that should have been crowded with the harvest festival offerings. But now it’s quiet.

Immediately after this location was designated, an announcement of no activities was made, and carried out. False reasons were given as an explanation to the people, and the people in the surrounding houses were also evacuated. No one was present in the square.

Knights were waiting at some distance. 

Perhaps, they’re stationed there, just in case the worst could happened. But they’ll move only if we died.

There are three people here: Wolfe, Lacra, and me. Pope Euparo could not rush to this place. First of all, we must rescue him.

“It’s the promised time! If you’re here, why don’t you show up now!”

“Aーra, ara ara. Aren’t the people on your side not here as what we instructed?”

Girista and Parshuro appeared. 

I can’t see him, and or Ecdoic.

“What, so you ignored my instructions huh? You damn trash. Is it okay to say that you changed it?”

“Pope Euparo has been touring the villages outside since this morning. It’s not a situation where he could physically come. If you give such instructions, you need to know that much.”

“Ara, is that so? Parshuroー, it seems our unpreparedness has been noticed.”

“Maybe it’s because you made the plan without thinking in the first place! Idiot! So, to put it the other way around, Pope Euparo is now outside without any security.”

“Well, maybe I can go, and kill the Pope when this is all over?”

“Don’t steal others prey, stupid! But well, my other prey seems to have come, so let’s enjoy it.”

“Where is Shishoー?!”

Wolfe answered Parshuro in the form of anger, but he wasn’t frightened by it.

“I’m sorry, I couldn’t hold myself back, since he kept staring at me with such good eyes. See, can’t you smell his blood?”

Girista pointed at her big sword. 

I can’t be swallowed by anger. Certainly, there is traces of fresh blood on it, but there only a minuscule amount. I don’t think it’s a fatal injury, and also, it may not be even his blood in the first place.

But Wolfe probably knew from the smell that the blood belonged to him. Thankfully, Lacra suppressed her who was trying to jump in.

“Aaa, stop it, Wolfe-chan! Don’t fall for such a cheap provocation!”

“That’s right, Wolfe, calm down.”

“――!? Shishoー!!”

He appeared. 

So, he’s safe? I’m glad. There is a bandage on his shoulder, but other than that, there seems to be no particular abnormality. He doesn’t seem to be restrained either.

I breathed out in relief. 

However, I couldn’t turn my eyes away from the fact that, Ecdoic, who has been giving off a strong murderous intent since earlier, was behind him.

“Ecdoic! Why did you release the restraint!? Are you stupid!? There is no merit in freeing him, you know?”

“Hear this. What you want here is a battle with them right, you don’t want to get an excused that they didn’t get serious, because of the hostages wasn’t present, right? Anyway, if he tries to escape from this place, we can just kill him at that time.”

“That’s right, I really want to enjoy this battle to death with Illias, so I don’t want such an excuse coming from her.”

“If you run away, Parshuro, you can burn him with your flames. I’m sure you can kill him in one shot, and even if someone block it for him, that person can die as well.”

“I don’t care if your prey gets burned you know? Stupid! That’s why I’d like you to look quietly.”

“Yeah, I was going to do that from the beginning.”

He’s still in a dangerous position. If he tries to escape, or even moves from that position, he’ll become a target, and the risk of him dying will increase. But, seeing the situation, it would seem that he’s able to get around.

“I’ve set up a barrier around here so no one can enter from the outside. With that, no one will get in our way.”

Ecdoic lifted his arms up, and swung them down. Then, a large number of chains slipped off his arm, and spread throughout ground.

“Then, Lacra Salf, killer of my father! Let me have you die in honor of my father!”

“… Wait, Ecdoic-san, I’ve never murdered human before, you know?”

It seems Lacra can’t read the atmosphere of the situation at all, no, perhaps, she doesn’t want to accept what he’s saying without knowing the truth.

“Lacra, it seems that he was raised by one of the demons you had killed in the past.”

“Oh my! Really?! Ah, that’s why I feel this unpleasant feeling that’s peculiar to a non-human being, coming from Ecdoic-san.”

Raised by a demon… Is that possible? But if so, it explained his grudge against Lacra, as she was active in hunting demons. So, he got the information about the enemies to that extent, huh? 

“That’s right, the Great Demon, Begragyudo, who you defeated on that fateful day, was my father! My father was defeated by someone like you, a priest who’s completely incompetent in all aspects, other than in battle, such a humiliating defeat, a disgrace to his honor. I will regain his honor by defeating you!”

“Aren’t you being mean!?”

Certainly, if I think that my father’s enemy was Lacra… I think, I can understand his feelings. I can’t help but feel a little sympathetic, when I think that his situation is similar to mine in that prospect.

“Ehmmー, I’d like to ask you another question, is that okay?”


“What kind of demon was that Great Demon, Begragyudo? I’m embarrassed to say this but, all of the Demons that I’ve killed, ‘they’re all the same’ “ 

“… I decided, I’ll kill you as miserably as I can!”


What was good provocation. If she did that on purpose, she’s good at it. But it seems she’s just natural at saying such things. 

Ecdoic’s expression was getting grimmer.

“Ecdoic, burn, and roast that nonchalant idiot!”


He seems to be in the same usual condition. Even though we’re in a situation like this… I’m a little nervous, but I’ve to regain my spirit.

At that moment, Ecdoic attacked Lacra. The chains on the ground jumped at Lacra, as if it has a will of its own. However, the barrier stretched by Lacra prevented the chain from attacking her.

At the same time, Girista and Parshuro also started to move. 

She’s the type that’s good at  wide range attacks, I need to avoid fighting in a place that’s nearby to others. This means, I need to jump in first before Girista moves!

“Aren’t you violent, today? I’m so happy!”

“I’m sorry to say this when you’re happy, but I’m not playing around!”

The spark of fire of the battle was finally been lit.

————— MC POV —————

Illias, and Girista, Wolfe, and Parshuro, and Lacra, and Ecdoic. 

I knew that Pope Euparo couldn’t come, so this development was within my expectations.

I can only believe in Illias. I don’t know to what are the extents to Lacra’s ability are, and I’ve never seen Ecdoic’s fighting style either, so I can only hope to pray.

The problem is, Wolfe. The strength of Parshuro is real, and he’s superior than the assassins from Mejis that came to Tiez before. She definitely can’t win in a straightforward manner. She needs to wait for Illias to join in, or use some tricks to her advantage.

Even though Wolfe is on the attack, Parshuro is easily handling the attacks, while occasionally checking on her status. However, Wolfe is trained to fight against opponents that are superior to her, due to that influence, she tends not to aim for big moves, but to gradually increase the speed of her small attacks, and only to aim for a one-shot reversal, when she’s cornered, and only really in need to do that.

Parshuro, on the other hand, at first, he’ll wait. Then he’ll turn to attack after a certain point. It is a style where you match your opponent, the difference in power is obvious.

This battle will end on how far Wolfe can show her potential. She ‘has been training’ for this. I’ll just wait, and only to give her some form of advice, when an unforeseen situation comes.

————— Illias POV —————

“Then! I’ll let my sword cut, and eat you!”

Girista released the power of her magic sword immediately after having a few clashes with my sword. 

A large sword that opens, and closes like the mouth of a beast. Even if you avoid the attack, it’s still eating the Mana of the surroundings.

The amount of Mana that can be scrapped at one time is less than 10%, but still, it’s a bad idea to fight for long. That’s what I normally will think, but I can’t just rush the fight.

During the clashes we had before, Girista occasionally showed an opening. But, I mustn’t attack that opening, after all, it was a trap. She has the strength to wield a big sword, but behind her crazy behavior, I can feel meticulousness. She created a gap as if showing it off on purpose, and if I attacked there, for sure, she would return it.

She’s not the hasty type, but an endurance type that consumes the opponent, if you don’t attack. But of course, if you don’t attack, you can’t win, and there’s also Wolfe to worry about.

Then, what should I do is to make a new opening without piercing the one she prepared, and attack from there. Let’s move around Girista, and keep her in check for a while.

“That sword is quite large, but more than that, what separates it from a normal sword is the weight. It must be much heavier than iron.”

“Yeah, it’s veryー heavy.”

“Of course, right. You won’t even be able to lift it unless you raise your arms strength with Mana. And also, to balance yourself, you need to take a step every time you want to swing it.”

“What’s wrong with thー?!”

Girista’s body was shrinking.

The ground around her was sand instead of soil.

“It’s a kind of Earth Magic. Can you take a step on the sand with that sort of weight?”

“You’re cunning, huh?”

“It’s called making an opening with a trick, that’s all!”

Girista tried to swing her sword. She wielded her sword and took a step, but as she was already stuck in the sand beforehand, she lost her balance. Then, she forcibly thrust the big sword into the ground to rebuild her balance. 

With this, the sword is sealed. I’ll not giving her the chance to pull it out. 

I jumped in, and swung down my sword.

“Got you!”

“That’s my line!”

Suddenly the sword wriggled violently. And the big sword twisted at a right angle, and opened. The magic sword changed its appearance from the state where it was thrust against the ground, to the shape where both jaws were spread as if it was waiting for me. 

While giving the strong impression like scissors, in fact, it also had the flexibility to twist freely, and could freely attack the opponent. That was the true identity of the magic sword.

I couldn’t stop my momentum.

The magic sword had already regained its sturdiness, and was moving to close its jaw.

“I’m sorry but…”

“Too bad”

” ――!?”

The movement of the magic sword stop abruptly. 

I was safe. It was unexpected that the sword would suddenly become soft. I was prepared to receive some damage. But nonetheless it was her failure to re-harden it.

I took of my sword from the scabbard, and used the scabbard like a stick to stop the movement of Girista’s sword. 

The steel scabbard gradually distorted. 

Well… It seems, I’ll get scolded by Toruido again.

I looked at Girista. 

It’s the first time she made an impatient expression. 

I already knew the movements the magic sword would make, when it changes its form to soft, to the time it needed it take to fully regain its sturdiness.

“This ――”

“Too late!”


In a flash, Girista’s arms flew in the air.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 43 Part 2

43-2. In the Meantime, Please show me (Part 2)

I was able to get some relief by understanding the purpose and thoughts of Ecdoic, the last person of their team. 

The way he talks, his grudge towards Lacra, and the fact that he doesn’t talk with his teammates.

I was able to see some aspects of Girista and Parshuro other than their combat capability. 

These guys are a lot crazy compared to normal people with common sense. The more you know, the more noticeable the abnormality is.

But to be able to know something means you can understand it. Then there is no change in what I need to do. It’s just a little dangerous, but there’s nothing wrong with it.

“… Ara, you can make that kind of face too huh?”

“――If you feel uncomfortable, why don’t you be more aware of yourself? You see, when the side effect of my old works started to kicked in, I’ll naturally become similar to the other parties I’m with.”

“That’s not the case, I like those eyes you know?”

“Yeah, ‘I guess so’ “

“What a creepy kid. Shit, now I understand why Laheit wants to kill you so bad.”

The other party had started to respond to the change on me. 

Now that the mark has been left, let’s have them aim for ‘You’.

“Well, can’t you guys stop telling me such a dangerous word. You see, ‘I’ am just a weak person. Very weak, that you guys can kill without any effort, you know?”

————-ILLIAS POV————-

He’s been kidnapped, even though His Majesty assigned me as his escort. He was captured by a third enemy who suddenly appeared, no, he was about to be killed. But, that person’s hand suddenly stopped, after he saw Lacra broke the barrier.

Lacra said she had run out of money and was looking for him, but a fuss occurred and she smelled something unpleasant in where she was heading to. When she headed in a hurry, she witnessed the knights who were trying to reach the place of the noise, but couldn’t approach. From that, she noticed the existence of the barrier, so she tried to detect and destroy it.

With the appearance of Lacra, the last guy, Ecdoic, turned a tremendous amount of murderous intent toward Lacra. At that time, I thought that the situation would become even more dangerous, but many knights began to gather at the scene. Perhaps those three saw that the situation had become unfavorable for them, they fled with him.

It seems that they bought Magic Sealing Stone, so we couldn’t follow them with Detection Magic. And, the situation became like this…

Ecdoic left behind saying, “Those people got in our way, I’ll contact you later.” So, he’s probably kept alive as a hostage, but …

“Illias isn’t bad. It can’t be helped because there were a lot of people there. Ah, even if you include Shosho-sama it’s not enough, No, he’s more of a burden than a help.”

“Lacra, no badmouthing Shishoー!”

Wolfe hasn’t even once sat down since earlier. She has been wandering around, back and forth, for some time, expressing her feelings of anger and anxiety.

“Uhuu, I’m sorry. Anyway, why that man with chains saw me with such a murderous intent? I don’t think I did something bad to him… hmm…”

Certainly, the atmosphere that came from Ecdoic, he was clearly someone who is working behind the scene. I don’t think he had made any contact with Lacra, who is active on the front line.

“They’re villains, maybe you’ve captured the people involved with him or something like that?”

“I’ve never had a battle with another human other than when I was in training. Well, for sure, I got rid a lot of monsters and demons.”

“But anyway, we’re saved that Lacra appeared there. That man named Ecdoic was definitely about to kill him. His grudge towards you made changed the situation, and the knights who came not long after, forced them to retreat while still keeping him alive.”

“I’m glad I saved Shosho-sama’s life, but to be honest, I’m not that pleased …”

That murderous intent from Ecdoic was strong. Perhaps he wants to get rid of Lacra on his own. The same is true for Girista. She was obsessed with fighting me. It’s highly possible that she wants a rematch.

“But I’m worried. They didn’t look like decent people who you could talk to… Even if the possibility of Shosho-sama still alive is high, is he safe?”

I don’t know. They are a bunch of people that don’t mind in involving and using unrelated people in the city. Will they treat him as a hostage normally? They’re calmly enough to cut off your limbs so that you can’t escape. 

An unpleasant imagination came in my mind and my hands gripped stronger. 

If he wakes up early, he may be able to get around…

“Illias-sama! A letter like this is on the lookout of the gate!”

It was one of the sentinels who jumped in. 

There is always a sentinel at the gate. If they were to get in touch, there was a good chance that they’re lurking around nearby. But, seeing the situation, it can be judged that there has been no progress on their search.

I received the letter and opened it.

『”When the date changes, we will wait for three people, Lacra Salf, Illias Ratzel, and Euparo Rosaleo, at the open space on the west side. Only the white-haired demi-human is allowed to accompany. If I feel any other sign around, I’ll kill the hostage immediately.”』

Ecdoic was the one who nominated Lacra, and Girista was the one who nominated me. Is it okay to think of Pope Euparo was nominated by Pashuro or is it because of Laheit’s instructions? But, regarding the text saying only Wolfe is allowed to accompany… I’m sure it’s Parshuro. He’s basically telling her to come if she wants to settle it all.

“There is no problem with us, but Pope Euoparo …”

I’ve already told His Majesty that he was captured. His Majesty ordered us three to wait in the same place. As it was judged they might want a rematch, so it’s a measure for that. And that judgement is correct. But Pope Euparo is not here. On the contrary, he is not in this city. He has gone out to transport the harvest festival tools to each village. Even if I ride the fastest horse from now, explain the situation and rush back here, it’s unlikely that we’ll be in time.

“Get the fastest horse here, but there no other choice than letting Lady Ratzel and the one mentioned, to go by themselves.”

“Your Majesty!”

Your Majesty appeared. His expression wasn’t calm. 

It’s not that surprising as he is a valuable resource and also a friend to His Majesty. Knowing that, I …

“Put off your regrets and remorse. It must have been folded in for them to confirm his safety. They are not the only ones who can move by any means.”

With that said, His Majesty directed the actions we should take.

“Lady Ratzel, now that you have to fight, it’s your responsibility to go. Also, I’d like to ask Lacra, a member of Yugura religion, for her assistance. The opponents are humans, but they’re dirtier than demons.”

“Yes, I understand. I will do my best to help secure Shosho-sama safely.”

Lacra is already ready to fight. Immediately decided to fight for him. I can’t keep regretting it like this. I must do my best to save him.

“Wolfe, you stay behind. It’s probably Pashuro who allowed you to go, but he is strong. In terms of his skill alone, he’s beyond Girista.”

“No, Wolfe will go too!”


“If Illias is told to not go, will you not go?”

“…The opponent is strong, I’m not confident that I can protect you, Wolfe.”

“You don’t have to protect me. We’re going to protect Shishoー. That’s it!”

It’s an eye full of determination. I’ve never been able to persuade anyone who has this kind of eye in the past. It’s no exaggeration to say that he is everything for Wolfe. He gave Wolfe the present and the future. She is determined to fight not only for him, but for Wolfe herself. I can’t stop it. If she stayed behind, there is no way to make her not regret it.

“The opponent is not someone you can win in a straightforward manner. You must look for a way to win with whatever means.”


“That’s the same for Lady Ratzel. Even if you can win in a straightforward manner in the battle, you need to think of how to save him. If the knight’s pride interferes, be prepared to throw it away.”

“… I understand! This time I’ll put his rescue as the number one priority.”

I couldn’t protect him as a knight. It’s not the time to think about pride. Above all, I have to think about saving him…… But there’s something I’m more concerned about.

At that time, while he was talking to Dokora, he began to have a similar atmosphere as him. If he was in contact with those madmen and tried to understand them, how much would he be dyed by their color? I hope this would end safely while he’s still calm.

After checking the equipment, we headed to the designated place.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 43 Part 1

43-1. In the Meantime, Please show me (Part 1)

I regained consciousness because I felt pain from my whole body.

… Ah, this nostalgic feeling. It’s been a peaceful day without muscle pain these days, but now I have to check what’s going on.

I opened my eyes. Apparently I was being rolled indoors. It was a dim, dusty and dirty room with almost no outside light. It was not like where someone lives… Probably a vacant house. Mejis’s assassin that came to Tiez also used the house that became vacant after the owner died.

My body is… tightly restrained by ropes, not chains. My arms and legs can’t move. 

Finally, my memory became clear. 

When I thought that the battle had finally enter the last moment, my whole body was squeezed with a chain by a man who appeared suddenly.

What did Girista say, Ecdo――right, Ecdoic. I dropped the wanted list when I got caught, so I couldn’t make sure if he’s in the list too. Well, I can’t do anything since I’m tied up, right? But just by the vibe, he was the most dangerous one from the three. Given that, what a miracle it is to be alive now, right?

When the third person appeared, I would have died by now if that person decided to harmed me. I mean, even though I fainted, I don’t think that person lifted the restraint. So, after I fainted, I’m sure there was some kind of exchange happened, but I guess it’s safe to say that the three escaped from Illias and Wolfe… I don’t want to think that they lost.

I’d like to try to escape, but I’m restrained. I tried to, but the best I could do is just flipping my body. My mouth isn’t closed, so I might be able to call for help if I shout out… but let’s not do that now. There is a high possibility that they are in the range where the voice can be heard.

Then, the three people I mentioned earlier opened the door and came in.

“Aーra, I wonder if you’re awake? Even though I thought of taking one arm to wake you up, too bad.”

“Isn’t there a woman in this world who gently wakes me up?”

“Kid! Even though you’re being caught, how can you still act that calm! You’ve a lot of guts huh.”

“Even though I’m being caught, If I’m allowed to ask questions, I want to ask something. but wasn’t Raheit telling you to kill me?”

“Yeah, that’s why I’ll kill you for sure. Don’t worry.”

“The reason is simple, to use you.”

Ecdoic opened his mouth. But Both Girista and Parshuro were surprised with a face saying, “What? so he can talk?”.

“I’m surprised, so you can speak normally?”

“You’ve surprised me to the point I wanted to kill you! Seriously, what a rare thing.”

“I’m only going to talk when I think it’s necessary. I don’t have a plan to get along with madmen like you. Well, so “Earthling”, as what Girista said, the request we received from Laheit was to obliterate you. But other than that, he said that we’re are free to choose our target.”

“… Is it a hostage?”

Since Earthling is rare, it can be seen that I have some value as hostages, though they are reluctant. That being said, I am grateful for the existence of Ecdoic. It’ll be tiring to talk only with just Girista and Parshuro.

“Yes. Girista has agreed to take you hostage to settle some score with Illias Ratzel. And Pashuro, he wanted to use you to lure Pope Euparo.”

“Is it Ecdoic? So, what about you?”

“Kill Lacra Salf. Let me use you for that.”

Never did I thought, it’s because of Lacra, seriously, what did you do to him? The only boring reason I can think now, is something to do with her airhead.

“I understand the purpose of Girista and Parshuro, but I want to know the reason why you want to kill Lacra. If it’s okay with you, can you tell me?”

“She’s my father’s enemy.”

Well, on the contrary, you make me more confused. She doesn’t look like a human who kills people. Of course, she has the ability. But will that Lacra choose the option of murder in order to survive? ……Wait, there is one.

“Are you raised by a Demon?”

” ――As expected of someone Laheit wary of. I was a baby sacrificed to my father in a village. My father, who was literally a demon, took the path of raising a baby rather than eating it. Just because he wants to see the village who gave me to him, destroyed by me.”

I see, what a demonic idea, no wait, it’s a Demon. However, even though he was raised by such a Demon, he is faithfully taking a revenge for it. Also, it seems that his mouth is quite light, can I find out a little more?

I feel like Ecdoic is a person who prioritize his own goals more than anything. Those who are here are the type of people who have the same interests rather than following Laheit. In that case, this is not a psychological warfare with Laheit, but an exchange with the three people in front of me. The word that I need to say to them――

“It doesn’t look like you were raised with love, so is it because you want to recover the honor?”

“That’s right. My dad never loved me as a human being. Still, he was far better than the one who offered a pitiful baby like me to him. I’m still alive because I was trained by him. But my esteemed father was killed by an inexperienced priest, Lacra Salf. She hurt my father’s honor, he was disgraced both by humans and even by the other demons.”

“So that’s why I was kidnapped, huh? Because you wanted to defeat Lacra in a straightforward manner, as I could be the reason for the fight.”

“At that time Lacra Salf appeared by destroying the barrier. I wanted to settle at that time, but other extras were in the way. That’s why we’re here now. Rejoice ‘Earthling’, be a bait to lure them, I’ll keep you alive until I kill them.”

“I’m really grateful to the point I almost shed tears.”

I could roughly understand the flow of what happened while I was fainting. 

Immediately after I fainted, Lacra broke through the barrier and broke into it, and then many knights who heard the noise, gathered and appeared there. After that, the three of them started to escape, and they had escaped successfully and hid in a vacant house.

“Don’t worry, I’ll kill you for sure. What kind of death do you want? Slashed to death? Bitten to death? Or Ascended on the bed?”

“Ah, the last one please.”

If you are told to choose, you will choose the last one. I’m a man after all.

By the way, if the way of being killed is decided, it’s okay to say that I’ll be safe until it happens.

“… Pu, Ahahahahahaha! Hey, aren’t you an honest child?”

“Kid! You’re really honest huh! But well, as long as there’s a hope for that to happen, I guess that’s fine.”

“By the way, Ecdoic, we don’t need to kill this kid right now, right? But, to ensure that he’ll not escape, is it okay if I cut his legs?”

A big sword was thrusted in front of me. The writhing surface was really biotic,

…No, please stop it.

“I’m a fragile creature. If my legs are cut, I will die in a moment.”

“Don’t worry, even though I look like this, I’m very good at hemostatic magic.”

To be honest, it’s not that surprising. She’s an adventurer, this kind of thing might be good for her sadistic hobby. However, I can’t stand seeing my legs being cut off. My heart would break. 

The other two don’t seem to try to stop her. This is no good… It can’t be help, I better feel other pain as long as all of my limbs could stay intact.

I forcibly tilted my body and collapsed toward the big sword. The big sword didn’t bite me, but my body got caught in the fangs of the big sword and so my shoulder was injured. 

It hurts so much, the fangs are sharper than I expected. Far from my thin skin, my meat may have been scrapped a little. 

Blood spilled from my shoulders, wetting my clothes and dripping on the ground.

“Ara ara, what are you doing?”

“Uarrgh, it hurts… I mean, if you’re so good at hemostatic magic, I wanted you to show it first. Who know if it’s just a lie.”

“Aren’t you a worrywart? If it’s just that much injury, just like this ――Ara”

Girista seemed to have used some magic on my shoulders, but no change appeared on my wounds. Blood still coming out.

I’m glad I tried this.

“Trash! Why can’t you use it? It’s not like you.”

“I have little amount of Mana because of my constitution. I haven’t been able to obtain benefits such as recovery magic that raises healing power. I was able to prove it before I died of blood loss.”

” ――Girista, this guy doesn’t have much power. I checked the clothes, but what I found only the wooden sword there. He can’t release the restraint by himself. The current restraint is more than enough.”

“Too bad, I thought he would cry with a good voice, don’t you think so?”

Haha, scary, so scary… I’m so scared that I can’t stop sweating. Because if these people say they’ll do it, they’ll definitely do it without hesitation.

Even the gangsters and the mafia would do that if needed, but amongst them there is people who did that crazy thing just as an entertainment.

It’s impossible to escape and there is little that can be done now. But it’s not zero. I’m sure Illias and the others are doing something right now. So, in the meantime, I’ll do as much as I can.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 2

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42-2. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 2)

Wolfe was worried about the situation and called out to me.  

It’s difficult for Illias to fight when there are people around. But, can they all be evacuated?

Those who were blown away by the sudden shock gradually got up and started to evacuate. However, some of them were on the ground and not able to move normally due to the damage.

Should I instruct those who are evacuating to take those left behind? No, now my body is my top priority. Even if instruct them, no one will follow the instructions.

“… Wolfe, Let’s move back”


“There’s so much noise already, other knights should be rushing in soon. Let’s buy time until then.”


We jumped off the roof and approached Illias. 

After a few times pushing each other sword, Illias and the woman stopped. 

…This woman competing with Illias’s strength???

“Idiot! Why you haven’t run away!?”

“Araー, did you come to see meー? I amー Happyー!”

“Well, you started a crazy fight since daytime… Girista? Is it?”

“Yesー! That’s right, I’m Girista-chanー! It seems, you know meー?”

Even though she’s still competing sword with Illias, it looks like she still has room to spare. Illias isn’t defeated, but it seems she can’t move as she wishes. Illias’s feet are sunk into the ground. 

From the sword pressure… no, even from that roaring sound before, it seems that it’s heavy. 

Well, for the time being, I need Wolfe to drop me off.

“It seems Laheit sent a dangerous person this time.”

“Aーra, arara, what are you talking about huhー?”

“You don’t have to hide it. The other day, Laheit ‘had declared war’.”

“Ara, is that so? I haven’t heard about itー. It seems Laheit is also a meanieー”

“It’s a lie, you damn stupid! To get caught in such a trap, what a blunder.”

Suddenly an angry voice came from behind Girista. 

An adventurer-like man who looked strong was standing behind her. His whole body was covered with a black inner, and light armor was worn over it. 

Is it the same weapon as Wolfe?

The man was wearing gauntlets in the shape of a black dragon.

“Ahhaー, he deceived meー? Soー meanー”

“Do you think that coward (Laheit) dares to do that? You fool!! But, you made such a good opportunity. Let me praise you for it.”

Right when I thought that he talked like a rude man, his expression switched to a good young adult man. 

I don’t think it’s an emotional instability or something like that.

“I’m sorry Pa-chanー”

“Don’t stretch it strangely, or I’ll sew your mouth! Seriously, just call me Pashuro already.”

Certainly there was such a name on the list… Pashuro, a disciple of “Fist Saint” Gradona and a candidate for the successor of that title, but he was excommunicated for killing many of his fellow disciples. 

After that, he earns living as an adventurer and a bodyguard.

Although his ability is certain, he has killed his friends and clients many times based on his mood, and has been active as a resident of the dark side. Which means, he’s not a good guy. So, a madman who is moving around based on mood, people who’re incompatible with me… what a bunch of troublesome guys that Laheit sent to me.

Anyway, the enemy’s reinforcements have arrived, where are ours??

“Wellーwellー, it’s useless to wait for the arrival of other knightsー.”


“I have a barrier that make people away set around hereー. Let the one who leave from inside, refuse the one who want to come, something like thatー.”

I checked the surroundings. 

It was too quiet even though we made so much noise. I couldn’t even hear the voices of the people who had panicked and fled. 

So, is there no choice but to do something with the current situation just with three of us?

Currently, there are five immobile ordinary people around a radius of 10 meters between Illias and Girista. Girista’s weapons looks extraordinarily heavy, at a level that of Illias’s. She might be equal to or better than the undead state Guido who we fought before. And Illias doesn’t seem want Girista to swing her big sword too much as the ordinary people at the distance where they will get hurt by the impact of the collision. If we stall too long, Pashuro may start moving.

“Illias, make a distance!”

“I can’t, if I let this girl here free, there is a danger to those aroun―― “

“It’s not ‘take a distance’, but ‘make a distance’! “

” ―― Ah, I see!”

Illias bounced off Girista’s sword. 

With this, Girista is now able to swing the big sword again.

But ――

“For now, move away from here!”

Illias’s kick blew Gilista away. Girista instantly made one roll in the air, piercing the ground with a large sword with the movement like what Grandpa Kara showed before, and killing the momentum.

“It hurtsー, to kick a woman’s belly, what a terrible knightー.”

“Well, my bad, but I don’t have to kick you anymore!”

This time Illias slashed her sword at Girista. The ordinary people were not in the range of impact generated by the two. Finally, Illias could fight properly. However, Girista was firmly parrying Illias’s attack. 

Her level is at least more than the assassin who we fought before, perhaps around the level of the bandit leader, Dokora.

“Ara, I don’t like this. Youー are stronger than meー.”

It seemed that Illias has an advantage in terms of brute strength. Although Girista had been parrying Illias’s attacks, she couldn’t counterattack. However ――

“Oi, Kid! Don’t you forget my existence! You don’t think that two-on-one is cowardly, right?”

From behind Girista, Pashuro hit Illias with his gauntlet. Illias blocked the attack but was pushed back. Girista filled the gap immediately.

“Of course, don’t forget me tooー”

“That’s my line!”

Wolfe kicked Girista. Gilista was blown back again. This time, she seemed completely surprised and was slammed into the ground.

“Ara, ara ara, a cute puppy suddenly popped out, huhー?”

Girista got up slowly. She looked like a zombie, yet it felt like she still had room to spare.

“Pashuro, I’m not good at taking care of animals, can I leave it to you?”

“Don’t choose your prey on your own! You Bastard! Well, it’s not good enough but, okay.”

Girista aimed at Illias and Pashuro aimed at Wolfe. 

I’m not worry about Illias but Wolfe is worrisome. I think she should waste his time and try to not be defeated rather than try to win, and wait for Illias to join.

“Wolfe, I’m not telling you not to win, but refrain from doing reckless attacks. Measure your opponent’s ability correctly.”


Pashuro parried Wolfe’s rushing blow with his gauntlet. With the collision as a signal, Illias and Girista began to swing their swords again. Illias upped Gilista with power and speed in the same way as before.

“It seems I can’t win with a normal slash, so how about this?”

Girista took a half step down while pulling her sword. But Illias immediately tried to close the distance.

“Got you!”

Suddenly the big sword broke up. The sword opened as if a crocodile had opened its mouth. Illias stopped suddenly and flied backwards. The saw-shaped sword attacking from above and below, made a violent noise.

” ―― A kind of magic sword?”

“Yeah, this sword is said to have been used by the demonsー. it loves drinking blood, eating meat and chewing bones into small pieces.”

Girista’s sword wriggles like a living thing. And opened its huge mouth again.

“Come! Come! Come! Come on! Let’s dance and eat that knight who looks very delicious!”

Girista wielded a big sword that keep biting. The sword was closing and opening at completely random time. 

If you were to close by swinging it down from top to bottom, it will be a slash from diagonally above left or right.

If you were to open it by swinging it up from diagonally below, it will switch to a slash that attacks the legs and head at the same time. 

If you were in between, you would be crushed, and even if you tried to avoid it, the swing and movement of the sword was completely irregular and difficult to avoid. 

If you were to attack it, all patterns will be carried out at the same time. 

Of course, as the sword changed its shape irregularly, it should be difficult to defend yourself too. However, Girista dodged the blade returned by Illias without problem. 

Girista was well aware of the irregular movements of the sword.

“It’s a troublesome weapon. It’s hard to handle and it keeps eating human’s Mana.“

“Yeah, this child’s bite also eats up the Mana of the surroundings. Even if the attack doesn’t hit anything.”

What a hell, if that’s true, Illias’s magical and physical strength is being reduced at a considerable speed just by fighting like that. It’s not clear from Illias’s expression about how much magical power was taken away. But, I guess, at least about 10% is taken away… What about Wolfe? Is she okay?

I shifted my sight to Wolfe.

“Bastard! You’re just a small fry, what a bummer! I admit you have a high amount of Mana, but other than that, you’re still too young.”

Wolfe was evading and defending Pashuro’s attacks, even though he kept attacking at fast rate. 

Their difference in skill is like when Wolfe was sparring with the knight from Ragdo corps. Fortunately, Pashuro isn’t really serious yet. But, she can’t counterattack. I hope Illias will break through the situation while I’m watching over her.

“I’m tired of it, I’ll die of boredom if I keep fighting this damn small fry!”

Suddenly the movement accelerated and Pashuro’s fist was swung down. Wolfe defended it in a hurry, but cannot kill its power completely. She was blown off and slammed against the wall.


However, Wolfe immediately kicked the wall and jumped into Pashuro.

“By the way, Girista is a magic sword user, you don’t think that I, who is her partner, just a normal gauntlet use, right? Get burn you damn beasts!”

Pershro’s arms were wrapped in black flames. The moment the fire fist reached Wolfe, Wolfe bounced right beside him. Wolfe changed the trajectory of her rush by releasing Mana. Had she didn’t do that, the game would have been decided. From the fist a huge black flame was out, it reached the wall and burned the wall black.

“The stone wall is burning…!?”

“The flame produced by this gauntlet burns things, but it’s actually not a real flame. It’s a Mana that has the property of burning the target’s Mana!”

Thank you for a polite explanation. But, this is bad. In short, it’s a Mana that burns Mana. The flame ignites the Mana that Wolfe released to avoid it, and it burns all of it at once.

If Wolfe, who has a mass of Mana, is hit directly… It’ll be horrifying. It might be possible to stop the flame right at the moment of ignition, as she can just stop putting out Mana, but it is like blowing off the flame with a bucket of oil. On wrong move, and you cannot avoid a big flame.

Although there is a difference in ability, the opponent has a deadly flame. Wolfe is at a disadvantage no matter how you look at it. if I break into the battle, I’ll just be a burden. I mean, I won’t ignite the flames as I’ve almost none of Mana, but the surrounding air and soil will normally burn, right? In the first place, I can’t do hand-in-hand combat.

All I can do now is to understand Girista and Pashuro even a little and find a way to breakthrough. However, they’re not rational. They’re trying to slaughter us with absurd violence. This kind of match, I’m not sure whether just ‘Understanding’ it will be enough.

But, this is not the time to complaint. I should do what I can. Damn, the chains around my body are heavy.

…… the chains are heavy? No, wait, why there are chains on my body?


Suddenly, I felt intense pressure on my whole body and my body started to float. It was so sudden that I couldn’t swallow the situation immediately. 

What happened? I need to grasp the current situation.

―― Now my body is tightened with chains. And I’m being hung from the roof of the building. 

I looked up. There was a man muttering while staring at the sky above. Chains extending from both arms bound me.

One adult, his movement was restricted. The man’s arms were wrapped with chains and no one could look into his bare skin.


“You still here!?”

“Of course right. I mean, I or Pashuro wouldn’t even put up any barrier. Anyway, what a good job, Ecdoic.”

I was careless. I was too conscious of their strengths, so I didn’t think much about their number. 

Both Girista and Pashuro are more than sufficient threats. So, I misunderstood that their appearance was the end.

Chains on my body tightened as if it was a living thing.

“Ugh, Argh..”

This is bad, my consciousness is fading… If they are here by Laheit’s command, the purpose must be the book, or someone that can decipher it. So, if I were to faint here, my chance to wake up ever again is slim…….

By the time I thought about it, it was after I had completely lost consciousness.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 1

42-1. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 1)

The harvest festival in Tiez’ home country had finally begun. The harvest festival in would be held for three consecutive days. First, the ceremony will be held in the hall on the first day. After that, the used tools would be carried to each surrounding village to celebrate for this year’s good harvest and pray for next year’s good harvest.

The villages would hold a one-day harvest festival on the day of the prayer. Then, on the final day, all the villages would be visited once again, and the tools used for praying would be collected and burned to end the festival. During that time, the town would be noisy day and night.

The ceremony to be held on the first day has already ended, and the city was crowded with street stall and entertainment. But, the number of usual street stalls had decreased sharply, and the number of stalls offering ready-made products were increasing.

Of course, there were also stalls where you can play. Ring toss, knife throwing, smashing hard fruits, dog racing and knights’ swordsmanship performance. Even if there was a difference in civilization, the intention to enjoy the festival was no different. That was why it would be a loss if I were to not enjoy it too. 

I decided to look around with Illias and Wolfe. Lacra would be free on the day of the harvest festival. More than anything she might do something that would get in the way of the festival. And, since there weren’t many monotonous jobs, the higher up thought that it would be better to leave her alone. It seemed she received some pocket money, so that she wouldn’t come back to the church in her spare time. That was why Lacra was enjoying this festival alone now.

Maybe Lacra will come search for me when she run out of pocket money, if so, I have to enjoy the festival until then. but …

“What have you been reading since a while ago?”

“It seems that they managed to search any information from Archbishop Ukka’s memory. I got a copy of the record. The rest is some wanted poster.”

Currently, there were many visitors coming to Tiez. Merchants who came to open the store at the harvest festival, adventurers and people from neighboring countries who came to enjoy the festival. 

With so many new faces, the gatekeeper will not be perfect at doing their job like usual. If Larheit were to try recapturing the book, he might take some action during the events. In fact, after reading the record of Archbishop Ukka’s memory, it seems that Larheit like to act within shot interval. He made frequent contacts with Archbishop Ukka and was constantly trying to get new information.

Obviously, Larhet is not the type who like to wait for long, and so it can be said that he is preparing for the next step right now, or he might’ve already taken his next step.

Other than that, the paper that I received was prepared after considering some possibilities. It’s a wanted poster for an adventurer who seems to be notorious in Mejis and neighboring countries.

Since Larheit was defeated by Archbishop Ukka once, his fighting ability might be not that very high. Not that I wanted to look down on Archbishop Ukka, just that I made this assumption based on what Lacra told me.

Archbishop Ukka is good at utilizing his technique, but compared to other archbishops, he doesn’t seem that talented. Even Lacra by all mean is superior in terms of strength in actual battles.

In other words, even if Larheit’s ability is actually much higher that what he showed, perhaps it’s only around Lacra. But that much power is more than enough for someone like him, who like to use his head rather than fighting.

Larheit is currently using other than his real body. In other words, his fighting power has dropped considerably, and so he might not act directly. In that case, he would use other people. If that’s the case, the next thing I need to think about is what kind of people he chose to use.

The assassins of Mejis have already been checked by the people of Yugura Religion. It will be difficult for him to pull out new personnel from there. In the first place, it is unlikely that a brain-type guy prefers to use a method that has been broken once. Of course, it is possible he uses the same tactic again, but considering the idea, the trouble he needs to do to get the assassin of Mejis who would work for him, the idea might be excluded from the options.

So, what about using the assassin who work in place other than Mejis? Well, this is also unlikely. That’s because they’ve been told that there are people in neighboring countries who may utilize the assassin without permission. And that those people may be the Demon Lord’s lapdog, who’re good at Brainwashing-type of Magic and trying to cause trouble between nations.

If it’s just a piece of advice from some neighboring country, they probably ignore it, but the one who said it, is Mejis. The country with the headquarter of Yugura Religion, which has many worshipers in each country. Any country that has Yugura’s believer will be more or less wary of the dangers.

For that reason, it is narrowed down to adventurers or some villains out there who are likely to be the pawns of Larheit. However, even if it’s a villain, it is not enough to send just a normal bandit.

He might prefer an assassin who has experience in actual battles. But if he wants to give some surprise attack, he will probably choose an adventurer, especially the strong one. But I don’t think a real straightforward adventurer will follow a shady man like Larheit.

There is a possibility that he might use brainwashing magic to get pawn, but there is a magic seal stone installed at the gate of Tiez, and if those kinds of people were to enter the country straight, the brainwashing magic will be broken. He entered here once, so he must know that. In other words, he can only use rewards like money or status to manipulate other people. So, he may use the infamous adventurer. That’s why I received the wanted poster of those people that need to aware of when they come to here.

“Well, sure there are some infamous guys in every world huh.”

“There are many adventurers. Some may be promoted as heroes by the country, while others are chased by the country and become criminals.”

What was written in the wanted poster was the appearance of the person and what kind of infamy he had. Although not wanted by the country, many were banned from the adventurer’s guild because they were regarded as dangerous. For example, those who had killed many humans due to their thirst of blood, those who had fought with other adventurer for profits and caused great damage, and those who have blackmailed the client and killed other adventurer for the rewards.

It could be said that as far as what Larheit knew, three strong men were in Tiez, Archbishop Ukka, who defeated him, Pope Euparo, and Lacra. And he might have recognized Illias who was escorting me that day. In that case, he might think that most people who only notorious but had no ability would be useless.

Of course, there might be some brain-type adventurers like Larheit too, so he might use that kind of people too, but for now he might put that kind of people as candidates to be used as pawn.

“Oh, this adventurer looks dangerous. A bloodthirsty combat enthusiast who uses a sword that’s much bigger than her height. She lost her ego and attacked other adventurers. Most of them were killed or injured, including the adventurers who tried to stop her….. Wait, why leave this kind of people alone?”

It’s easy to imagine that the extermination of such a people who can’t be reasoned is fierce. It will put more strain on the adventurer’s mind than going into the war. However, what she did was not just a simple rampage where she lost her mind. It can be said that she was aware of what she did. Which means, she’s just a lunatic who went out of control.

I would like to think that such an uncontrollable lunatic will not be the one Larheit sent here, but it can be said that there is a possibility I will see her in the future.

“Her name is Girista, a woman with fiery red short hair and a large claw tattoo on her right eye. She has a large sword with a blade like a tooth. She――”

No way….. A woman with a look that similar to what described in the wanted poster… I saw her at a glance in sight. She had a fiery red short hair, a large claw tattoo on her right eye, and was carrying a large sword with a blade like a tooth.

If this is Japan, I might think that she’s just a cosplayer and laughed a little. but in here, it’s not a place where I could just laugh when I see someone like that. Seriously, just right after I mentioned her, why she must in front of me? Give me a break please.

“What happened? Why are you suddenly stoppe―― “

It seems that Illias also noticed. By all means, the way the woman looks matched this Girista who is written in the wanted poster. She’s walking around in crowded place on the festival day in the daytime.

―― Let’s calm down, I need to calm down. Certainly, it’s undeniable that the woman may just come as a tourist even if she is Girista. She might not a pawn sent by Larheit, she might just a crimina ―― oh this is bad.

As soon as our eyes met, she smiled. Well, we were staring at her, of course she would notice us. And so, Girista, who was looking around the stalls, walked to us. 

“Illias, isn’t it bad if she were to rampage here? Where do you think is good?”

“If possible, it’s preferable to go outside the castle gate, but… the square should have had a space for the knight’s performances.”

“We can’t leave her alone, right?”

“Of course. Fortunately, she’s emanating her killing intent here. If we move, she’ll follow us for sure.”

We should move to a place with as few people as possible. Illias only has one body. There is a limit to the number of things that can be done at the same time.

“Alright, Wolfe. Carry me. Aim for the square and move along the roof.”


Well, it’s been a while since I’m carried on a woman’s shoulder.

Wolfe jumped and reached the roof. Illias hadn’t moved yet with the intention of delaying Girista by one step.

What is Girista doing now――eh? 

Girista grabbed the sword on her back and made a stance. She wasn’t approaching us yet. She was laughing while kept seeing at me. 

Her attack can reach from this distance, right ―― ah, no way!



With a shout, Girista swung the big sword in the middle of the main street. A huge collision sound echoed. The impact blew away the people who were on the side of Girista. But they weren’t slashed, the sword was stopped by Illias’s sword. Illias might have noticed, that by rushing in without hesitation, she can bounce off the people around her, and so the worst results could be prevented.

“Not hesitate to aim for innocent people huh, How dare you! Heretic!”

“Butー, you guys are the one who tried to escape, rightー? Dear knight who protects the peopleー?”

Girista then swung down another blow. Vibration was transmitted to the surroundings with a loud sound again. With the shock of the second blow, the people around them finally understood the danger of the situation and began to make noise.

“Everyone, get away from here! If you get involved, you’ll die instantly!”

The surrounding people ran away with Illias’ voice. A mass panic had occurred. 

Well, there’s no choice, we need to get people around here to keep a distance after all.

The people Illias pushed away also understand the current situation and were beginning to leave. However, those who were blown away by the impact of the first blow were late to escape. Although they were far from the big swords, they were scattered around. And so Illias couldn’t move yet. If she were to move, the one who couldn’t move immediately would be in the range of the big sword.

“Shisho, what should we do?!”

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 2

Finally something will happen in the next ch.

41-2. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 2)

“You’re a blacksmith, right? Why don’t you recommend him the weapon you made…”

“The wooden sword suits him better. He understands his own strength and have a weapon that suits him. What I can do is just to lend him a tool for maintaining it.”

“I’m glad you compliment me, but honestly even swinging this wooden sword tires me.”

“Train that much, even if you don’t have the talent, if you keep moving your arm, you can swing it easily.”

Well, perhaps I really have to train to some extent. 

Anyway, Illias and Toruido went to the workshop in the back. Immediately the sound of hitting with a hammer began to echo.

Should I train a bit now――No, no, I have to look over Wolfe’s weapons. 

Wolfe was looking around, searching for various weapons. She tried to swing a few of them to check the weight and power.

“Don’t hit other weapons or shelves, okay?”

“Yes, Shishoー!”

Weapons are not my specialty. In my personal prejudice, I even think that bare hands look best on her. However, perhaps that is because every time Wolfe was fighting, I always saw her bare handed.

The difference in skill against the assassin from Mejis was overwhelming, we only succeed in subjugating them because of the good strategy. Wolfe would surely have lost if she had an unfamiliar weapon in her hand. So, the overall potential of her fighting with bare hands, which also easier for her to use her Mana, may be higher than using weapon.

But, Wolfe wants a weapon. If I say that bare hands are better, she will be disheartened. No, wait… That’s right, there’s that weapon….

I took out the parchment from my bosom and immediately started drawing the thing I imagined.

“Seriously, unlike a sword, the scabbard has a rather soft core. Please don’t use it like a normal weapon.”

“But it comes in handy when I want to hold back my strength. So, I have to use it when the time needs it.”

How could she lie as naturally she breathed? She blew off the torso of a huge man with a scabbard, didn’t she?

“If you insist on doing that, I’ll make a separate scabbard next time. Unintended use will only damage the tool you know. Well, so, how about you, white-haired girl. Did you find a good weapon?”

“No yet, I don’t know which one is better.”

“Well, looking at your body, it’s easy for you to adapt to any weapon, but worse, you won’t find any perfect weapon for you. You won’t find a weapon that makes your heart feels, ‘This is it’.”

“Urk… Shishoー, please choose for me. I’m fine with anything you choose.”

Wolfe begged for help with a troubled face. 

Hmm, the weapon will decide her style. I’d like to say that she should decide for herself, but this time I want to spoil Wolfe so….

“Well… Toruido-san, I have something to ask, could you please take a look at this?”

After Toruido-san checked the parchment, he distorted his eyebrows a little and began to growl.

“I see, that’s how you fight, huh. It sounds interesting, but… the output power will be not that good with this design. So…”

Toruido-san picked up the pen and added some drawing to the design. Apparently, the blood of the craftsman had boiled, and so, whether the other persons were young or old, he will consult with them to make the weapon better. He seemed to be so enthusiastic with developing a new weapon.

“By the way, how much will it cost?”

“It’s the first time for me to make a weapon with such a mechanism, so I’m not sure whether it will really work or not. So, I’m going to get the material cost and the labor cost for it…. other cost is not needed since this will be my first time making this, that’s it.”

The amount written on the parchment was quite a price. It was higher than the ready-made weapons lined up on the selves. However, with the current amount of money I had, it was not an amount that couldn’t be paid.

“Okay, then I’ll leave it on you.”

“Decided right away huh, aren’t you being loved?”

“… Shishoー, is it really okay?”

Wolfe looked at me with a worried face. It seemed that she thought the price was too high. 

Well, she is learning the importance of money properly, isn’t she?

“If I can’t pay it, I’ll not accept the deal.”

“Then it’s decided. Alright, now, I need to measure your body size. Follow me.”


“By the way, how long does it take?”

“I’m usually free since the harvest festival will start soon, I can start from today. So, I’ll finish it tomorrow dusk.”

And the next day, Wolfe was equipped with the finished weapon. Looking at the completed weapon, Illias nodded as if she approved.

“I see, it’s a gauntlet, huh?”

A gauntlet, or, to put it plainly, a combination of the back of the arm and the armor. The gauntlet was only a few kilograms of iron and perfect for hitting others with it equipped. In fact, in Western history, there were gauntlet techniques, and so there were people who used gauntlets as weapons.

Gauntlets made for Wolfe were weapons, but it can also be used as armor. A plate that combines multiple metals was stretched to the limit that did not interfere with the range of motion of the elbow. By combining the hardness and flexibility of a metal, the impact on the arm when it used for protection would be minimized. Also, since the layer contained rare metals that made it easier for her to inject Mana, the gauntlet could receive the benefits of strengthening using Mana too.

Sure, it was not as strong as a shield for defense, but it was easier to use for parrying attacks. The fist part also had a structure that protects the fist from impact, but no metals were used on the palm side as to keep the dexterity of the hand. At first a metal ring was supposed to be placed around the thumb, which normally vulnerable to attack when holding a sword, but it was removed because it was regarded as unnecessary because Wolfe would mainly only use her fist. Instead of that, a cloth that easy for Mana to flow was placed so that she could use that ‘Clapping’ technique even if she were to wear the gauntlets.

It was a gauntlet that versatile to use. You could even do rock-paper-scissors and use chopsticks while wearing it. 

In overall the gauntlet was an equipment that specially made for fighting.

“Wolfe’s power for attacking and dash are high, but it put a lot of burden on her body whenever she fights in a close quarter. If the enemies could use barrier like Lacra, she will not be able to hit them seriously with her bare hands. So, it’s a weapon designed with that in mind.”

There was also a particularly large protector around the fist, for good reason. 

By the way, I had Toruido-san prepared iron shoes with similar design.

“I wanted to order a customize armor to protect my body if possible, but I think it’s enough to use the already made one.”


Wolfe was curious about new weapons. She tried to move her fingers and lightly hitting her fists against each other.

“Hey, before you try other else with the weapon, see this.”

Toruido-san said so and handed a bunch of parchment to Wolfe.

“What is…this?”

“It’s a manual about the mechanism that I thought about with him. There are various ways to use this gauntlet. Please read it carefully.”


After reading it for a while, a test run of the gauntlet was conducted at the barracks. The results were good. Well, it was still a little too complicated for Wolfe to use it perfectly for a while though.

That night, Wolfe took a bath shortly after dinner and stayed in her room. I was anxious and listened what she did from outside the room, but apparently, she was humming while caring for the equipment. 

Well, I’m glad she seems to like it a lot.

“Shosho-sama! Please buy something good for me too!”

“Shut up, I bought you a good beer from the ‘Dog’s Bone’ already!”

Naturally, Lacra’s reaction was what I expected. 

Thankfully I got a good beer from Gozz. Even so, this girl, huh… 

By the way, since I brought some beer the other day, I was drinking it with the others. Because of that, they were a little energetic than usual.

“I like something that remains in shapeー! Ah, how about a ring? I want a ring that fits on my ring fingerー… GLANCE

“If it’s a collar and chain to tie it to you at your workplace, I don’t mind making a special order for it.”

“Aren’t you so mean?! Please make it a necklace at least!”

“Lacra, calm down. Gifts are meant to convey our gratitude in the first place. But Lacra, you always been in his care, right?”

“That may be the case, but, but! I’m sure Shosho-sama will buy it for me!”

“No way. I’ve spent a fair amount of money in the first place, so I don’t have any money for you!”

“Then! Once you saved more money, you will?!”

“I can’t give you a gift as long as I don’t feel any gratitude!”

“Isn’t it okay to count it as a welcome gift or friendship fee?!”

“Rather, I want you to go out soon. Ah, if it’s as a fee for cutting the relationship we have, I’ll think about it.”

“Uwaaaaa! Illiasssss-san! Shosho-sama is so cold towards me!”

I don’t like this drunken person anymore. Even though the only thing that came out on my mind about what would make me happy was beer, now I regret that I really bought it for her. 

Alright, let’s make this girl drink more, with that I’m sure she’ll out faster.

“Well, it’s not difficult to make him feel gratitude to us you know. Ah, by the way, isn’t that means you’ll give me a gift according to your theory? I always welcome gifts, you know? Nah, I mean, give me one now. “

“Ahh, both of you always drunk so fast!”

The nights for the drunk adults were over. At the same time, Wolfe was sleeping peacefully, hugging the gauntlet, without worrying about such a hustle and bustle.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 1

41-1. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 1)

The appearance of the city had changed considerably. Soon the harvest festival and preparations for it began to take place among the people of the city. A harvest festival to pray for the safety of the harvest. There were many villagers who come to buy tools for the festival because they were held at the same time not only in the main town but also in the surrounding villages.

The people of Yugura Church were busy. After all, they need to organize and manage all the harvest festivals held in each village. However, the burden of for me had not really increased. But, since Maya-san, who usually teach Wolfe, was busy, Wolfe had a lot of free time.

Marito, as the King of Tiez, also preparing for the harvest festival, and so He decided to stop the learning about another world for a while. And Lacra brought a lot of tools to Illias’s house as she was forced to work. For example, creating tools for festivals. Well, it was only some parts that usually take time to make. 

And so, I left the house and walking around the city as to not to disturb her.

“Still, that girl… how could she asked for a souvenir… well, I should give a reward for doing her best.”

“That’s right. By the way, you seem to have a lot of free time.”

“Marito and Maya-san are busy. Same with Ban-san. Also, I can’t just stay in ‘Dog’s bones’ from daytime. Of course, I’m free.”

“There is a word called, ‘Training’.”

“Hey, Wolfe, I’ll buy you something since you always working hard.”


Illias’s said ‘Oi…!’, but I let her voice go in one ear and out the other, and proceeded to stroke Wolfe’s head. If I were to buy souvenirs for Lacra, I would feel not good if I didn’t buy something for Wolfe too.

“The only things in Wolfe’s room are the clothes that Saira made, and the books borrowed from Maya. It’s not bad to increase my personal belongings.”

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want to have a lot of personal belongings in my house?”

“Well, it’s my principle and anyway, I still have more things in my room than Wolfe.”

The things in my room were mostly a lot of parchment and pens. There was a few clothes, but the rest was a chest, my ‘partner’, and a sculpture knife that I bought secretly. I changed the level of my ‘partner’, which was a wooden stick, to a wooden sword, and used the knife to make the dice for the game of life. Well, to be honest, it was not that much.

“Anyway, she also has to remember that the feeling of being spoiled. If it’s Wolfe, I’ll listen to most of what she wants.”

“Is it just my feeling that there is a big difference between how you treat me, Lacra and Wolfe?”

“Well, it’s true that there is a big difference. You see, I need to teach Wolfe a lot. It’s not just about how to live and how to be prepared for anything. Also, she needs to know how to rely on someone else and the feeling of being spoiled. Even if Wolfe will not need of that in the future, some people may rely on Wolfe and want to be spoiled by her. If she doesn’t know the feelings, at that time, she’ll only feel annoyed or troubled. “

Ordinary children were spoiled by their parents, selfish, recognized, rejected, spoiled, scolded, laughed, shed tears, while they were growing up. Then, as they experienced it and grasped that emotions, they prepared themselves for their future.

But Wolfe didn’t have enough experiences for all of that. There were many times when there she didn’t understand what she feels or what other feels, and the way she talk and deal with others was not good enough. She could learn her own weakness from Maya, Illias, and the great people of the Ragdo corps.

But the way they live their life always straightforward and disciplined, they wouldn’t spoil themselves, which meant that they would not spoil Wolfe. In truth, Wolfe was a diligent and obedient girl. But she would be like them if she only knew how to be obedient.

What I wanted for Wolfe was, for her to have various emotions and for her to grow on the ‘correct way’. By the way, Illias lived her younger days in a normal family, but her life was too biased from there. That was why I tried to make her get along with Saira who also a girl of the same age, and apparently it went well.

“If that’s the case, isn’t Lacra the right person for her to learn that?”

“If Wolfe hangs out too much with her, she will likely imitate her. I’ll be troubled if she becomes like her. That’s why, it’s good for Wolfe to keep some distance with her and use her as a bad example.”

I wanted Wolfe to grow up freely, but I didn’t want to have a disciple with a personality like Lacra. 

Still, I can’t help but to want to spoil her. I mean, if she looks at Lacra, she must know the dire consequences of being spoiled too much, right? Everything going to be okay, right? Right?

“In a sense, shouldn’t you use yourself as a bad example too?”

“Don’t put a people who just good at living his live like me and bad people like her in a same group. Anyway, Wolfe, now, tell me what you want.”

“Well, hmm….. alright, I decided!”

With this, I will also know more about Wolfe. I can tell who is strongly influenced her right now by what Wolfe wants.

“I want a weapon!”

“So, it’s your influence huh, Illias!”


“Wolfe want a weapon like what Shisho has.”

“Oh, it’s me…”

Well, she’s been only active on using her Mana release for a while. And, if she were going to fight, it may be good for her to have a decent weapon.

However, the wooden sword like mine, is probably not enough for Wolfe. If she were channeling a lot of Mana to the weapon…. such destructive power will enough to destroy it. Of course, I can’t give it to her.

“By the way, I’m sure Wolfe tried various weapons while training with the Ragdo corps, but what kind of weapon do you like?”

“…..I do not really know.”

“That’s because she used all weapons generally in the basic level.”

Hmmm, I heard that Wolfe is a versatile type, but is it to that extent? She can fight close range with fist, and she can use most of weapons too. Well, it’s good to learn all about it, but in other words, the versatile type in battle is not good at her level. If she were to grow up to the Illias level, there is no loss in remembering various things, but it is better to narrow down to one for now.

“Let’s go see the weapon shop first. When you look at the real thing, you may find what you want. If not, you can ask the opinion of an expert.”

“Oh, right. I haven’t visited recently. And, I wanted to repair the scabbard soon. Alright, let me guide you.”

I was guided to a store on the outskirts of the city. The distinct taste of an expert made the people of modern Japan excited.

“Toruido, are you there?” [TN: in the raw it’s written, トールイド, Which can be a lot of different names, I’m having trouble to decide which name is good, but I decided to just literally changed to Alphabet, this name might change…]

Illias went inside. Then, when I followed her inside, my mouth opened by itself. 

I could see a large number of weapons, most of them swords and spears, but there were even mallets, knives and something like sickle and chain. There was dust on the shelves, but all the weapons on display seemed to be in good condition and looked brand new.

While I was looking around, an old man in his seventies wearing rags appears from the back of the store. 

Wow, it’s ‘that’. The old man who looks unreliable, but in fact, a super-skilled blacksmith.

“Oo, Ratzell’s daughter, huh? I just started to think why I hadn’t seen you recently. So, did the sword finally break?”

“Unfortunately, the sword made by Toruido is too durable. So, today I’m thinking of asking only for repairing the scabbard.”

“Show me how it looks… You! Youuu?! The scabbard is not a weapon, you know?!”

Oh, he’s a real deal. Until now, no one has ever mentioned that Illias defeated her opponent using the scabbard. In Japan, the sword scabbard is also used as a weapon sometime, but it doesn’t seem to be the same in here, at least the one who made the sword for Illias doesn’t have that intention.

“Well, Sometimes I get attacked when I try to pull it out. That’s why I have more opportunities to use it with the scabbard intact.”

“The damage is too much. It won’t be back to the normal state if I just fix it!… Hmm? You bring companions?”

“Yeah, I’m want to pick a weapon that suits her too today. She is Wolfe. Wolfe, he is Toruido.”

“I’m Wolfe, thank you.”

“Hoo, a demi-human huh? ――  she has a great amount of Mana. Even though she lacks experience and training… isn’t she just like you? Compared to that, that young lad. He’s so weak that it’s not strange if he were to suddenly die tomorrow.”

“I’m confident about being weak.”

“Well, aren’t you a determined person huh. By the way, would you also choose a weapon?”

“No, I’m good enough with this.”

That said, I showed my wooden sword. 

As long as I have this ‘partner’ of mine, I don’t need a weapon.

“No, you should buy a weapon because it’s important. Even if it’s cheap, the quality of the weapon here is good.”

“This weapon fits my height so it’s more than enough.”

“Hmm. It’s true that your body doesn’t seem to be able to handle the weapons that I made easily. I have an oil used to care for wooden parts of the weapon, you may be interested to use it.”

“Seriously? Thank you for that.”

Even though it’s just a wooden sword, it still needs maintenance. I couldn’t find anything like varnish in the market, and I was even thinking about having Ban-san to help me search for it. Wait for a bit longer, ‘partner’, I’ll give you a present called, shine!

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 40 Part 2

40-2. In the meantime, I’ll teach you {Part 2}

◇ (MC POV)

Somehow Illias’s distance with me become closer lately. It’s as if she makes half a step closer.

This starts after the incident with Grandpa Kara. Maybe she’s trying some kind of new approach… Well, I think it’s good to be aggressive.

More than that I need to worry about Wolfe. Recently, I felt like I haven’t been able to do something like a master. The foul technique I showed her earlier is to warn her that ‘there is someone out there who uses such means’, but it is not good to be imitated.

Compared to the beginning, she has come to express her opinions, and she start to be mischief with some of her opponents……. Let’s forget about that life game. Anyway, I think it’s necessary for her to learn something for the time being? Well, what should I do…

“That’s why Wolfe. Sometimes I want to do something like a master, but is there anything you want me to do?”

Since I was kind of free at home. I wanted to make time for Wolfe, so I decided to listen to Wolfe’s wishes Perhaps she would give a good idea for me.

“I don’t have any, but I have something I want to know from Shishoー!”

“Hoho, good spirit. Say it.”

“I want to know how to plot against someone!”


Ah, yeah. Illias, don’t stare at me like that. Maybe it’s about time for me to get used to it. 

I couldn’t stand the eyes that were expecting so much from me. So, I decided to give a moderate lecture to Wolfe.

“Well, it’s not all about plotting, but I’ll teach you in various battles. Illias, Lacra, sit across from me. And Wolfe, sit next to me.”

Four people sat at the current desk. Aside from Illias, who always tried to stay close, Lacra joined for fun… Alright.

“Wolfe, look at them properly. As for you two….”

I handed over the pen and paper to both of them.

“Write one number you like, from 1 to 9. After you write it, put it on the back side. After that, I’ll guess the answer by doing some questions and answers with you.”

“Can you do that?”

“Hmm, I’m not easy to get caught you know, Shosho-sama!”

Then they finished writing the numbers and turned the paper down. The numbers in this world were slightly different, but the basic usage remained the same. It had a simple shape and was easy to write.

“Then it’s a question and answer now, but I don’t need it. Illias is one and Lacra is seven.”

They turned the paper over. And, the numbers were as what I just said.

“You didn’t ask a question though?!”

“The word ‘guess’ that I said just now was not a trap in the first place. Actually, I was looking at the hands of you both to find out which number each of you were writing. If you both wrote the numbers in small letter or with similar writing styles, I was thinking of narrowing it down with some questions and answers, but you both wrote numbers in big letter and so it was easy for me to guess. “

“No way, so you weren’t lying…”

“You need to make your opponent aware of something else. It’s a quick way to make your opponent become careless. If you can launch an attack that’s different from what your opponent expected during the battle, you could land a damage for sure. But if you could make them even more confused about what you gonna do and distracted by their own thought, your attack will give more damage. Don’t you think so?”

“Ah, I see.”

However, even if I succeeded in making Illias make some extra observations, my attack would not reach her. Which means, this strategy is no good if there is too much difference in strength. After all, it’s a means to makes your opponent distracted in a battle, but it also requires the minimum power to defeat the opponent. Well, of course, I’ll never do that!

“The rest is to take away the judgment of the other person. It’s good to make them angry with provocation or acting, and makes them feel that you’re superior, but I personally recommend convincing them. People stop thinking, when their train of thought being disturbed or when they’re done thinking. However, the difficulty of disturbing varies depending on the opponent.”

There are different types of conviction. Convince the opponent that you have read their behavior. Convince the opponent that your actions were always correct. And many else. Anyway, the latter is particularly effective. After all, it is the information (Oppoent’s behavior) that your brain trusted the most, get affected.

“It’s difficult to use these means to people you just met. Because you don’t know how to convince them. Therefore, by getting as much information as possible in advance and understanding the other person’s way of thinking, the success rate will go up. “


“The only thing you need to be careful is that you must not sympathize your opponent even if you understand their way of thinking. Because you will start to hesitate to plot against someone you sympathize with.”

“The main point is good. But is it a good thing to tell Wolfe…?”

“It might be difficult for her to use it because she still doesn’t have enough rooms to observe, but I think it’s worth knowing that her opponent may be observing her that way.”

Malicious people also have different level of danger. However, if you are a person who spreads malicious intent, you can often take appropriate measures such as keeping a distance. Still, no one is as troublesome as someone who understands this and still trying to come at you with malicious intent. 

Well, it’s also not good to be too vigilant. After all, you will fall into misanthropy.

“If possible, I want to have eyes that can see through lies, like Maya and Lacra. After all, I can somehow deal with most of the opponents if I can do that.”

“Shosho-sama slips through every time and being mean to me though.”

“It’s troublesome, but it’s fun to plot against you.”

“Please don’t enjoy it, okay?!”

Well, it’s time to conclude all of this.

“Wolfe, the method of plotting the opponent does not succeed so many times. Once you have made thorough preparations and succeeded, of course you’ll feel satisfied. However, the power acquired by training like Illias and Lacra will last forever. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plot against someone at all, but while you’re polishing yourself, please do it well. The strength you got from that alone will give you a lot of choice in a battle. Especially Wolfe is talented. Don’t waste your talent, okay?”


Alright, the lesson that aren’t good, with this should have been put together in a good way.

“Oh right, since we’re at this, do you want to hear the story about the strategy of the world-famous general in my world, the Earth? “

“It sounds interesting.”

“I’m going to get sleepy…”

“I’m not singing a lullaby for you. Anyway, first of all… I guess it should be about ‘The three kingdoms’ .”

“Shisho, please!”

If it’s a story of this world, someone else will surely tell Wolfe. However, only one person can tell the story of the Earth to Wolfe. There should be much to learn for Wolfe. So, let’s talk about various things. I’ll talk to the extent that she thinks I was a good master, when she stands alone someday.

Anyway, I was speechless about Lacra already. She fell asleep in the middle of the story and started disturbing me with her sleep-talking.

“You can’t do that?!”

◇ (Someone else POV)

A tavern in Mejis, a place full of adventurers. Today, they were celebrating the success of monster hunting, drinking alcohol and making noise. The noisy adventurers interrupted each other’s desks and began to get entangled. However, no one sees, hears, or perceives a certain table as if it did not exist.

“As usual, the barrier like this convenient. But, the difficulty is that you can’t order anything.”

A woman who spoke loosely, she looked lightly dressed with some exposure, but what was more eye-catching was the huge saw-shaped sword that stood behind the chair. Randomly attached blades, like rows of fangs peeking through a crocodile with a closed mouth, had red-black rust in places.

“Even if they could see us, no one would come to pick up an order for someone who brought in such a weapon, idiot! Here, some dried meat.”

It was a man with a tight body who gave dried meat to the woman. The whole body was covered with something like black rubber tights, and on top of that was an armor that protects the vital part. The gauntlets on both of his arms had a unique shape, it shaped like the head of a black dragon.

“Wellー, It’s better than nothing, I guessー? Thank you Pa-chan!”

“Stop calling me Pa-chan or I’ll blow you away, Girista! At least say with a little more attachment.”


“Put something in your mouth and stop talking, You piece of shit! Here, it’s a sake so that you don’t choke on food.”

The other man, sitting in a chair, stared at the roof of the bar endlessly. A large number of chains were wrapped around the loose arm so that the skin cannot be seen.

“Girista, Pashuro, Ecdoic, aren’t all of you will standing out too much if you don’t make a barrier like this?” [TN: In the Raw, their name, ‘ギリスタ’ = Girista、’パーシュロ’ = Pashuro、’エクドイク’ = Ecdoic’, I can’t come up with a better translation for their name than this]

Ecdoig, Parshero, Girista

A boy wearing a hood appeared. He was about ten years old, but his appearance was no different from that of an adult.

“Oh, are you perhaps, Larheit? So cute!”

“My original body has been sealed by the people of Yugura. I transferred only the soul to another body by applying possession and necromancy, but that also got caught. For the time being, it seems that with this body, I’m not standing out that much.”

“It’s a masterpiece. I’m laughing and dying right now, idiot! Here, can you sit in a chair?”

“Thank you. Well, it’s a dangerous request, of course, that’s the reason I gather all of you guys, the adventurers who usually do relatively dangerous work.”

“It’s dangerous huhー. Is it something like killing the Popeー?”

“It’s a little regrettable, but it’s not that. The one I want you to kill is the man who recently appeared on the side of the Pope. I think you could kill the man very easily, but the escort is troublesome. It’s a knight who enters the top five in term of strength in Tiez.”

With that said, Larheit spread two sheets of parchment on the desk. It shown a portrait of a man from Earth and Illias Ratzell.

“Hoー, She’s a girlー, but strong huhー! Same with me thenー!”

“The top five in Tiez means we need to go to Tiez huh? You piece of shit! By when should we kill him?”

“Please do as soon as possible. Oh yeah, Pope Euparo is also staying at Tiez right now. You can kill him when you’re done.”

“Reallyー?! I guess I should do my best thenー!”

A woman called Girista stood up and pulled the sword behind her from the floor. The moment she lifted the sword, her feet began to squeak. It was probably because the weight of the sword was heavier than it looks. Her foot area was too much of a burden on the floor.

“It seems that this person and I don’t go well with each other, and so I’ll leave him to someone with pure violence like you all.”

“You can’t do it yourself, so you’re pushing it to us? You piece of garbage! Well, we received this request. So, leave it to us.”

“Yes, please.”

Larheit in the form of a boy laughed. The smile was the same as when he was in his original body. It was weird and felt like he faking it.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 40 Part 1

Okay, I’ll try to pump this series this month, Maybe I’ll split almost every ch from now on, since it’s easier for me to work on…. and I think I could release more often if I do that….

40-1. In the meantime, I’ll teach you (Part 1)


His Majesty, Wolfe, he, and I are in one of the guest rooms in the castle. His Majesty was reading the paper he brought in, it was about the culture of another world.

He and Wolfe sit across the table and play a board game that the knights usually played in their break time. He said he was interested in playing it, which was similar to the game in his world called ‘chess’. I just taught them the rules, but they been doing it for several rounds in a row.

“By the way, Marito, in the end, what will Pope Euparo do?”

“It seems that he will stay in this kingdom for a while. There will be a harvest festival hosted by Yugura soon, right? It seems that he will participate in it.”

“Well, he came with a decent number of people. I’m sure there’s a story about the Pope coming to Tiez all over the city. If he goes back without doing anything, it’ll be suspicious. I’m sure he’s going to do that from the beginning.”

“It seems that the Pope and the Archbishop will rent an inn in the church. Well, I guess Maya will have a hard time.”

“I’m sure Maya knew this from the beginning. That’s why she kicked out Lacra.”

I was impressed that even though they were both doing their own work, they could exchange different chats quite often. However, although the board cannot be seen from where I was standing, I felt that the game was moving at a fairly fast pace.

“That’s right. I heard that Archbishop Ukka has no memory of being in contact with Larheit due to the influence of brainwashing magic, but can’t you salvage―― get it out with Magic that interferes with deep memory?”

“There is a Magic to read memories and it may be worth trying. But, I hear that Magic is quite burdensome to the target. They said it feels like a torture.”

“Archbishop Ukka is obliged to do that in this case. If they persuade him, I’m sure he will give in.”

“Wait a minute, is there any information you want to get to go that far?”

Involuntarily interrupt the content of the story. I remembered Archbishop Ukka’s apology came from the bottom of his heart. 

Is it necessary to give him a pain close to torture?

“Well, Archbishop Ukka was the one who had the most contact with Larheit. He was the only one who could have any information about him.”

“Just such wishful thinking…”

“If we keep doing nothing, we’ll fall behind and the only one who will have a hard time later is not only one person you know. Anyway, please let me know if he can remember even a trivial exchange. The weight of being asked by an ordinary people and the King is different after all.”

“I understand. I’ll try to find a way to explore his memory while reducing the burden.”

His appearance had changed slightly since he encountered Larheit. The attitude toward us remains the same, but I could see the sadness in the facial expressions when he didn’t speak. He discovered Larheit’s plan not only once but twice. So, couldn’t he be a little more relaxed?

“Wolfe, isn’t there no way out from this?”

“Well, yes. So, it’s Wolfe’s win!”

“Did I lose again? You’re really strong.”

“Aren’t you keep losing? How many battles and how many wins already?”

“Ten battles and ten losses.”


The board game was also used for training wisdom, and of course, the smarter the person, the stronger that person would be. Wolfe was also a hard worker, but considering his clever trick he did, I didn’t think he lost so much …

“Did you handicap yourself?”

“No, I’m doing my best. I’m just continuing to lose.”

“Really―― “

Perhaps Wolfe had more talent than expected in the board game. I mean, Wolfe had just started playing the game, and the conditions should be the same for each other.

“Then Wolfe, give up your seat to Illias. Illias, let’s play one game.”

“O, okay.”

I sat in place of Wolfe and rearranged the pieces. I had often played the board game with Grandpa Kara. 

I’m not that strong, but I’m not going to lose to my opponent who just play for a few games.

“By the way, Illias, were you angry when Pope Euproa said I was a coward? Sir Ragdo told me that.”

He spoke right to the point from the start. 

As soon as I made a move, he returned quickly. There was almost no hesitation in the choice he made…

“Uh, that’s…… yeah.”

“Well, he had apologized and told the reason why. And anyway, the other person is the top of Yugura Religion. You can’t intimidate him with one or two remarks.”

“But you’re not a coward. You had taken the lead in fighting bandits, and when the book almost stolen too.”

“That’s because the person who protects me are strong. I wouldn’t normally take that risky move other else.”

I’m glad to hear that. But that’s a different story. He is certainly producing results. I mean, don’t he feel annoyed if other people said he accomplished it because he was a coward?

“You don’t have to be very humble. You’re producing results. That’s why I appreciate your ability. I’m sure even Your Majesty thought so.”

“My ability huh? Let me tell you this, but Marito and you are evaluating different things.”

“What does it mean?”

With that said, he stopped playing, picked up the parchment and pen beside him, and started writing something. And hand it over to His Majesty who was looking from behind. Then he started playing again.

“Hmmmm, I see.”

“But, couldn’t Illias understand it even if you explained it by mouth? Well, well, you make me feel troubled now.”

To sum it simply, the way he plays was very straightforward. It was just like an amateur learning how to move a piece and attacking when he could. He was not thinking about the arrangement of the pieces at all.

“Are you being serious right now?”

“Yeah, Well, it’s hard for me to express it in this kind of way. I can’t read dozens of moves ahead you know.”

“But you are ―― “

Suddenly, a sound echoed outside the room. It was a high-pitched sound. His Majesty went out and called out to the guards.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing important, just the armor that was displayed suddenly collapsed… Perhaps the base is unstable …”

Apparently, it was nothing important. 

By the way, the game will come to an end soon.


My brain stopped for a moment when I saw the board. No matter how I looked at it, I was being pushed.

How did this happen?

“Did you do something with the board when we heard the sound?”

“Did anyone see it?….. Wolfe, you don’t have to raise your hand.”

“Aren’t you cheating!!”

“I want you to think about who you use, at all.”

His Majesty burned the parchment he was given with Magic. 

Ah, I see, so that’s what it means. He gave instructions to Your Majesty with parchment and made him make a noise. I don’t know how Your Majesty do it, but it’s possible. And so, as an escort, I would be vigilant to it and in that moment when I turned my eyes away, he operated the piece.

“In short, this is my way of doing it. If I were to do it under the same conditions, I’ll definitely lose. I mean, Illias’s strength is 100 wins out of 100 battles. If I were to do it with my way, when I feel like I want to win, I could win, but only once. it doesn’t work twice, and so it’s not worth being praised.”

Certainly, since now I know he did replace the pieces, I will naturally be wary whenever I play with him again. That is not all. I will keep wary along the game that he might do some dirty trick again.

“Marito and Pope Euparo understand this and recognized me, that despite my lack of power, I had done well.”

“For me, your unusual way of thinking is especially important, you know.”

“Thank you for that. But please don’t imitate my way too much, you might get scolded by Sir Ragdo. Please keep your righteous way as a king.”

“Of course.”


He showed his ability in front of me. He showed to me that the means he took were not right and so his ability was not worth to be evaluated.

“Don’t make such a difficult face. I’m aware that it’s a terrible way to win but I did it because the opponent is my enemy, so it’s kind of fair right? I mean, even Illias, when you feel that it’s something necessary to do to win the duel, even though it’s dirty means, you’re still happy to be praised for your win, right? “

“That’s… that’s right.”

“But, my spirit to win by any means, you could praise it. And I’ll be more than happy just to receive your praise.”

I understood what he meant… he wanted to say, ‘Don’t overestimate me, I don’t have that kind of ability, still, it’s okay to appreciate my efforts to achieve results.’

“I understand what you wanted to say, but the result you got was something the knights couldn’t do. And that ability of yours, what was the factor?”

It’s not about being strong. And if it’s not because he’s wise, how could he win?

“My way of living is good, that’s all.”

“Your way of living… is good huh. I see.”

Certainly, if you say so, it will be strangely convincing. There is no sword, no magic, no knowledge. Still, I understand the current situation and get around well. The lack of power is a method that I have cultivated through my efforts and did not choose. He is an expert on that path.

“If you want to know how coward I am… You see, I was going to advise Marito that Illias’s escort wouldn’t be needed because I’d suffocating If I were to be watched by you day and night, but now I begged him not to remove you as my escort since the case of Larheit is still going on. At the same time, I want to get rid of the threat as soon as possible… I’m a coward, right? “

“Hmm, maybe that’s right. No, wait, you’re suffocating?”

“I think so, I mean, I’m being watched for a whole day since the moment I changed clothes in the morning.”

You’re not a maiden, and I don’t care about it.

Anyway, the fact that His Majesty and Pope Euparo correctly understood and evaluated such aspects of him seemed to be a little ahead of me, somehow it made me slightly frustrated.

Grandpa Kara said that He envied others just as I envied him. But, if he was too far ahead, his gaze might not reach us anymore.

Fortunately, it was me who was entrusted with his escort. And the escort would continue until the case with Larheit ended. By then, I would like to raise my reputation in his eyes.