Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 42 Part 1

41. In the meantime, This is bad (Part 1)

The harvest festival in Tiez’ home country had finally begun. The harvest festival in would be held for three consecutive days. First, the ceremony will be held in the hall on the first day. After that, the used tools would be carried to each surrounding village to celebrate for this year’s good harvest and pray for next year’s good harvest.

The villages would hold a one-day harvest festival on the day of the prayer. Then, on the final day, all the villages would be visited once again, and the tools used for praying would be collected and burned to end the festival. During that time, the town would be noisy day and night.

The ceremony to be held on the first day has already ended, and the city was crowded with street stall and entertainment. But, the number of usual street stalls had decreased sharply, and the number of stalls offering ready-made products were increasing.

Of course, there were also stalls where you can play. Ring toss, knife throwing, smashing hard fruits, dog racing and knights’ swordsmanship performance. Even if there was a difference in civilization, the intention to enjoy the festival was no different. That was why it would be a loss if I were to not enjoy it too. 

I decided to look around with Illias and Wolfe. Lacra would be free on the day of the harvest festival. More than anything she might do something that would get in the way of the festival. And, since there weren’t many monotonous jobs, the higher up thought that it would be better to leave her alone. It seemed she received some pocket money, so that she wouldn’t come back to the church in her spare time. That was why Lacra was enjoying this festival alone now.

Maybe Lacra will come search for me when she run out of pocket money, if so, I have to enjoy the festival until then. but …

“What have you been reading since a while ago?”

“It seems that they managed to search any information from Archbishop Ukka’s memory. I got a copy of the record. The rest is some wanted poster.”

Currently, there were many visitors coming to Tiez. Merchants who came to open the store at the harvest festival, adventurers and people from neighboring countries who came to enjoy the festival. 

With so many new faces, the gatekeeper will not be perfect at doing their job like usual. If Larheit were to try recapturing the book, he might take some action during the events. In fact, after reading the record of Archbishop Ukka’s memory, it seems that Larheit like to act within shot interval. He made frequent contacts with Archbishop Ukka and was constantly trying to get new information.

Obviously, Larhet is not the type who like to wait for long, and so it can be said that he is preparing for the next step right now, or he might’ve already taken his next step.

Other than that, the paper that I received was prepared after considering some possibilities. It’s a wanted poster for an adventurer who seems to be notorious in Mejis and neighboring countries.

Since Larheit was defeated by Archbishop Ukka once, his fighting ability might be not that very high. Not that I wanted to look down on Archbishop Ukka, just that I made this assumption based on what Lacra told me.

Archbishop Ukka is good at utilizing his technique, but compared to other archbishops, he doesn’t seem that talented. Even Lacra by all mean is superior in terms of strength in actual battles.

In other words, even if Larheit’s ability is actually much higher that what he showed, perhaps it’s only around Lacra. But that much power is more than enough for someone like him, who like to use his head rather than fighting.

Larheit is currently using other than his real body. In other words, his fighting power has dropped considerably, and so he might not act directly. In that case, he would use other people. If that’s the case, the next thing I need to think about is what kind of people he chose to use.

The assassins of Mejis have already been checked by the people of Yugura Religion. It will be difficult for him to pull out new personnel from there. In the first place, it is unlikely that a brain-type guy prefers to use a method that has been broken once. Of course, it is possible he uses the same tactic again, but considering the idea, the trouble he needs to do to get the assassin of Mejis who would work for him, the idea might be excluded from the options.

So, what about using the assassin who work in place other than Mejis? Well, this is also unlikely. That’s because they’ve been told that there are people in neighboring countries who may utilize the assassin without permission. And that those people may be the Demon Lord’s lapdog, who’re good at Brainwashing-type of Magic and trying to cause trouble between nations.

If it’s just a piece of advice from some neighboring country, they probably ignore it, but the one who said it, is Mejis. The country with the headquarter of Yugura Religion, which has many worshipers in each country. Any country that has Yugura’s believer will be more or less wary of the dangers.

For that reason, it is narrowed down to adventurers or some villains out there who are likely to be the pawns of Larheit. However, even if it’s a villain, it is not enough to send just a normal bandit.

He might prefer an assassin who has experience in actual battles. But if he wants to give some surprise attack, he will probably choose an adventurer, especially the strong one. But I don’t think a real straightforward adventurer will follow a shady man like Larheit.

There is a possibility that he might use brainwashing magic to get pawn, but there is a magic seal stone installed at the gate of Tiez, and if those kinds of people were to enter the country straight, the brainwashing magic will be broken. He entered here once, so he must know that. In other words, he can only use rewards like money or status to manipulate other people. So, he may use the infamous adventurer. That’s why I received the wanted poster of those people that need to aware of when they come to here.

“Well, sure there are some infamous guys in every world huh.”

“There are many adventurers. Some may be promoted as heroes by the country, while others are chased by the country and become criminals.”

What was written in the wanted poster was the appearance of the person and what kind of infamy he had. Although not wanted by the country, many were banned from the adventurer’s guild because they were regarded as dangerous. For example, those who had killed many humans due to their thirst of blood, those who had fought with other adventurer for profits and caused great damage, and those who have blackmailed the client and killed other adventurer for the rewards.

It could be said that as far as what Larheit knew, three strong men were in Tiez, Archbishop Ukka, who defeated him, Pope Euparo, and Lacra. And he might have recognized Illias who was escorting me that day. In that case, he might think that most people who only notorious but had no ability would be useless.

Of course, there might be some brain-type adventurers like Larheit too, so he might use that kind of people too, but for now he might put that kind of people as candidates to be used as pawn.

“Oh, this adventurer looks dangerous. A bloodthirsty combat enthusiast who uses a sword that’s much bigger than her height. She lost her ego and attacked other adventurers. Most of them were killed or injured, including the adventurers who tried to stop her….. Wait, why leave this kind of people alone?”

It’s easy to imagine that the extermination of such a people who can’t be reasoned is fierce. It will put more strain on the adventurer’s mind than going into the war. However, what she did was not just a simple rampage where she lost her mind. It can be said that she was aware of what she did. Which means, she’s just a lunatic who went out of control.

I would like to think that such an uncontrollable lunatic will not be the one Larheit sent here, but it can be said that there is a possibility I will see her in the future.

“Her name is Girista, a woman with fiery red short hair and a large claw tattoo on her right eye. She has a large sword with a blade like a tooth. She――”

No way….. A woman with a look that similar to what described in the wanted poster… I saw her at a glance in sight. She had a fiery red short hair, a large claw tattoo on her right eye, and was carrying a large sword with a blade like a tooth.

If this is Japan, I might think that she’s just a cosplayer and laughed a little. but in here, it’s not a place where I could just laugh when I see someone like that. Seriously, just right after I mentioned her, why she must in front of me? Give me a break please.

“What happened? Why are you suddenly stoppe―― “

It seems that Illias also noticed. By all means, the way the woman looks matched this Girista who is written in the wanted poster. She’s walking around in crowded place on the festival day in the daytime.

―― Let’s calm down, I need to calm down. Certainly, it’s undeniable that the woman may just come as a tourist even if she is Girista. She might not a pawn sent by Larheit, she might just a crimina ―― oh this is bad.

As soon as our eyes met, she smiled. Well, we were staring at her, of course she would notice us. And so, Girista, who was looking around the stalls, walked to us. 

“Illias, isn’t it bad if she were to rampage here? Where do you think is good?”

“If possible, it’s preferable to go outside the castle gate, but… the square should have had a space for the knight’s performances.”

“We can’t leave her alone, right?”

“Of course. Fortunately, she’s emanating her killing intent here. If we move, she’ll follow us for sure.”

We should move to a place with as few people as possible. Illias only has one body. There is a limit to the number of things that can be done at the same time.

“Alright, Wolfe. Carry me. Aim for the square and move along the roof.”


Well, it’s been a while since I’m carried on a woman’s shoulder.

Wolfe jumped and reached the roof. Illias hadn’t moved yet with the intention of delaying Girista by one step.

What is Girista doing now――eh? 

Girista grabbed the sword on her back and made a stance. She wasn’t approaching us yet. She was laughing while kept seeing at me. 

Her attack can reach from this distance, right ―― ah, no way!



With a shout, Girista swung the big sword in the middle of the main street. A huge collision sound echoed. The impact blew away the people who were on the side of Girista. But they weren’t slashed, the sword was stopped by Illias’s sword. Illias might have noticed, that by rushing in without hesitation, she can bounce off the people around her, and so the worst results could be prevented.

“Not hesitate to aim for innocent people huh, How dare you! Heretic!”

“Butー, you guys are the one who tried to escape, rightー? Dear knight who protects the peopleー?”

Girista then swung down another blow. Vibration was transmitted to the surroundings with a loud sound again. With the shock of the second blow, the people around them finally understood the danger of the situation and began to make noise.

“Everyone, get away from here! If you get involved, you’ll die instantly!”

The surrounding people ran away with Illias’ voice. A mass panic had occurred. 

Well, there’s no choice, we need to get people around here to keep a distance after all.

The people Illias pushed away also understand the current situation and were beginning to leave. However, those who were blown away by the impact of the first blow were late to escape. Although they were far from the big swords, they were scattered around. And so Illias couldn’t move yet. If she were to move, the one who couldn’t move immediately would be in the range of the big sword.

“Shisho, what should we do?!”

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 2

Finally something will happen in the next ch.

42-1. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 2)

“You’re a blacksmith, right? Why don’t you recommend him the weapon you made…”

“The wooden sword suits him better. He understands his own strength and have a weapon that suits him. What I can do is just to lend him a tool for maintaining it.”

“I’m glad you compliment me, but honestly even swinging this wooden sword tires me.”

“Train that much, even if you don’t have the talent, if you keep moving your arm, you can swing it easily.”

Well, perhaps I really have to train to some extent. 

Anyway, Illias and Toruido went to the workshop in the back. Immediately the sound of hitting with a hammer began to echo.

Should I train a bit now――No, no, I have to look over Wolfe’s weapons. 

Wolfe was looking around, searching for various weapons. She tried to swing a few of them to check the weight and power.

“Don’t hit other weapons or shelves, okay?”

“Yes, Shishoー!”

Weapons are not my specialty. In my personal prejudice, I even think that bare hands look best on her. However, perhaps that is because every time Wolfe was fighting, I always saw her bare handed.

The difference in skill against the assassin from Mejis was overwhelming, we only succeed in subjugating them because of the good strategy. Wolfe would surely have lost if she had an unfamiliar weapon in her hand. So, the overall potential of her fighting with bare hands, which also easier for her to use her Mana, may be higher than using weapon.

But, Wolfe wants a weapon. If I say that bare hands are better, she will be disheartened. No, wait… That’s right, there’s that weapon….

I took out the parchment from my bosom and immediately started drawing the thing I imagined.

“Seriously, unlike a sword, the scabbard has a rather soft core. Please don’t use it like a normal weapon.”

“But it comes in handy when I want to hold back my strength. So, I have to use it when the time needs it.”

How could she lie as naturally she breathed? She blew off the torso of a huge man with a scabbard, didn’t she?

“If you insist on doing that, I’ll make a separate scabbard next time. Unintended use will only damage the tool you know. Well, so, how about you, white-haired girl. Did you find a good weapon?”

“No yet, I don’t know which one is better.”

“Well, looking at your body, it’s easy for you to adapt to any weapon, but worse, you won’t find any perfect weapon for you. You won’t find a weapon that makes your heart feels, ‘This is it’.”

“Urk… Shishoー, please choose for me. I’m fine with anything you choose.”

Wolfe begged for help with a troubled face. 

Hmm, the weapon will decide her style. I’d like to say that she should decide for herself, but this time I want to spoil Wolfe so….

“Well… Toruido-san, I have something to ask, could you please take a look at this?”

After Toruido-san checked the parchment, he distorted his eyebrows a little and began to growl.

“I see, that’s how you fight, huh. It sounds interesting, but… the output power will be not that good with this design. So…”

Toruido-san picked up the pen and added some drawing to the design. Apparently, the blood of the craftsman had boiled, and so, whether the other persons were young or old, he will consult with them to make the weapon better. He seemed to be so enthusiastic with developing a new weapon.

“By the way, how much will it cost?”

“It’s the first time for me to make a weapon with such a mechanism, so I’m not sure whether it will really work or not. So, I’m going to get the material cost and the labor cost for it…. other cost is not needed since this will be my first time making this, that’s it.”

The amount written on the parchment was quite a price. It was higher than the ready-made weapons lined up on the selves. However, with the current amount of money I had, it was not an amount that couldn’t be paid.

“Okay, then I’ll leave it on you.”

“Decided right away huh, aren’t you being loved?”

“… Shishoー, is it really okay?”

Wolfe looked at me with a worried face. It seemed that she thought the price was too high. 

Well, she is learning the importance of money properly, isn’t she?

“If I can’t pay it, I’ll not accept the deal.”

“Then it’s decided. Alright, now, I need to measure your body size. Follow me.”


“By the way, how long does it take?”

“I’m usually free since the harvest festival will start soon, I can start from today. So, I’ll finish it tomorrow dusk.”

And the next day, Wolfe was equipped with the finished weapon. Looking at the completed weapon, Illias nodded as if she approved.

“I see, it’s a gauntlet, huh?”

A gauntlet, or, to put it plainly, a combination of the back of the arm and the armor. The gauntlet was only a few kilograms of iron and perfect for hitting others with it equipped. In fact, in Western history, there were gauntlet techniques, and so there were people who used gauntlets as weapons.

Gauntlets made for Wolfe were weapons, but it can also be used as armor. A plate that combines multiple metals was stretched to the limit that did not interfere with the range of motion of the elbow. By combining the hardness and flexibility of a metal, the impact on the arm when it used for protection would be minimized. Also, since the layer contained rare metals that made it easier for her to inject Mana, the gauntlet could receive the benefits of strengthening using Mana too.

Sure, it was not as strong as a shield for defense, but it was easier to use for parrying attacks. The fist part also had a structure that protects the fist from impact, but no metals were used on the palm side as to keep the dexterity of the hand. At first a metal ring was supposed to be placed around the thumb, which normally vulnerable to attack when holding a sword, but it was removed because it was regarded as unnecessary because Wolfe would mainly only use her fist. Instead of that, a cloth that easy for Mana to flow was placed so that she could use that ‘Clapping’ technique even if she were to wear the gauntlets.

It was a gauntlet that versatile to use. You could even do rock-paper-scissors and use chopsticks while wearing it. 

In overall the gauntlet was an equipment that specially made for fighting.

“Wolfe’s power for attacking and dash are high, but it put a lot of burden on her body whenever she fights in a close quarter. If the enemies could use barrier like Lacra, she will not be able to hit them seriously with her bare hands. So, it’s a weapon designed with that in mind.”

There was also a particularly large protector around the fist, for good reason. 

By the way, I had Toruido-san prepared iron shoes with similar design.

“I wanted to order a customize armor to protect my body if possible, but I think it’s enough to use the already made one.”


Wolfe was curious about new weapons. She tried to move her fingers and lightly hitting her fists against each other.

“Hey, before you try other else with the weapon, see this.”

Toruido-san said so and handed a bunch of parchment to Wolfe.

“What is…this?”

“It’s a manual about the mechanism that I thought about with him. There are various ways to use this gauntlet. Please read it carefully.”


After reading it for a while, a test run of the gauntlet was conducted at the barracks. The results were good. Well, it was still a little too complicated for Wolfe to use it perfectly for a while though.

That night, Wolfe took a bath shortly after dinner and stayed in her room. I was anxious and listened what she did from outside the room, but apparently, she was humming while caring for the equipment. 

Well, I’m glad she seems to like it a lot.

“Shosho-sama! Please buy something good for me too!”

“Shut up, I bought you a good beer from the ‘Dog’s Bone’ already!”

Naturally, Lacra’s reaction was what I expected. 

Thankfully I got a good beer from Gozz. Even so, this girl, huh… 

By the way, since I brought some beer the other day, I was drinking it with the others. Because of that, they were a little energetic than usual.

“I like something that remains in shapeー! Ah, how about a ring? I want a ring that fits on my ring fingerー… GLANCE

“If it’s a collar and chain to tie it to you at your workplace, I don’t mind making a special order for it.”

“Aren’t you so mean?! Please make it a necklace at least!”

“Lacra, calm down. Gifts are meant to convey our gratitude in the first place. But Lacra, you always been in his care, right?”

“That may be the case, but, but! I’m sure Shosho-sama will buy it for me!”

“No way. I’ve spent a fair amount of money in the first place, so I don’t have any money for you!”

“Then! Once you saved more money, you will?!”

“I can’t give you a gift as long as I don’t feel any gratitude!”

“Isn’t it okay to count it as a welcome gift or friendship fee?!”

“Rather, I want you to go out soon. Ah, if it’s as a fee for cutting the relationship we have, I’ll think about it.”

“Uwaaaaa! Illiasssss-san! Shosho-sama is so cold towards me!”

I don’t like this drunken person anymore. Even though the only thing that came out on my mind about what would make me happy was beer, now I regret that I really bought it for her. 

Alright, let’s make this girl drink more, with that I’m sure she’ll out faster.

“Well, it’s not difficult to make him feel gratitude to us you know. Ah, by the way, isn’t that means you’ll give me a gift according to your theory? I always welcome gifts, you know? Nah, I mean, give me one now. “

“Ahh, both of you always drunk so fast!”

The nights for the drunk adults were over. At the same time, Wolfe was sleeping peacefully, hugging the gauntlet, without worrying about such a hustle and bustle.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 1

41-1. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 1)

The appearance of the city had changed considerably. Soon the harvest festival and preparations for it began to take place among the people of the city. A harvest festival to pray for the safety of the harvest. There were many villagers who come to buy tools for the festival because they were held at the same time not only in the main town but also in the surrounding villages.

The people of Yugura Church were busy. After all, they need to organize and manage all the harvest festivals held in each village. However, the burden of for me had not really increased. But, since Maya-san, who usually teach Wolfe, was busy, Wolfe had a lot of free time.

Marito, as the King of Tiez, also preparing for the harvest festival, and so He decided to stop the learning about another world for a while. And Lacra brought a lot of tools to Illias’s house as she was forced to work. For example, creating tools for festivals. Well, it was only some parts that usually take time to make. 

And so, I left the house and walking around the city as to not to disturb her.

“Still, that girl… how could she asked for a souvenir… well, I should give a reward for doing her best.”

“That’s right. By the way, you seem to have a lot of free time.”

“Marito and Maya-san are busy. Same with Ban-san. Also, I can’t just stay in ‘Dog’s bones’ from daytime. Of course, I’m free.”

“There is a word called, ‘Training’.”

“Hey, Wolfe, I’ll buy you something since you always working hard.”


Illias’s said ‘Oi…!’, but I let her voice go in one ear and out the other, and proceeded to stroke Wolfe’s head. If I were to buy souvenirs for Lacra, I would feel not good if I didn’t buy something for Wolfe too.

“The only things in Wolfe’s room are the clothes that Saira made, and the books borrowed from Maya. It’s not bad to increase my personal belongings.”

“Didn’t you say that you don’t want to have a lot of personal belongings in my house?”

“Well, it’s my principle and anyway, I still have more things in my room than Wolfe.”

The things in my room were mostly a lot of parchment and pens. There was a few clothes, but the rest was a chest, my ‘partner’, and a sculpture knife that I bought secretly. I changed the level of my ‘partner’, which was a wooden stick, to a wooden sword, and used the knife to make the dice for the game of life. Well, to be honest, it was not that much.

“Anyway, she also has to remember that the feeling of being spoiled. If it’s Wolfe, I’ll listen to most of what she wants.”

“Is it just my feeling that there is a big difference between how you treat me, Lacra and Wolfe?”

“Well, it’s true that there is a big difference. You see, I need to teach Wolfe a lot. It’s not just about how to live and how to be prepared for anything. Also, she needs to know how to rely on someone else and the feeling of being spoiled. Even if Wolfe will not need of that in the future, some people may rely on Wolfe and want to be spoiled by her. If she doesn’t know the feelings, at that time, she’ll only feel annoyed or troubled. “

Ordinary children were spoiled by their parents, selfish, recognized, rejected, spoiled, scolded, laughed, shed tears, while they were growing up. Then, as they experienced it and grasped that emotions, they prepared themselves for their future.

But Wolfe didn’t have enough experiences for all of that. There were many times when there she didn’t understand what she feels or what other feels, and the way she talk and deal with others was not good enough. She could learn her own weakness from Maya, Illias, and the great people of the Ragdo corps.

But the way they live their life always straightforward and disciplined, they wouldn’t spoil themselves, which meant that they would not spoil Wolfe. In truth, Wolfe was a diligent and obedient girl. But she would be like them if she only knew how to be obedient.

What I wanted for Wolfe was, for her to have various emotions and for her to grow on the ‘correct way’. By the way, Illias lived her younger days in a normal family, but her life was too biased from there. That was why I tried to make her get along with Saira who also a girl of the same age, and apparently it went well.

“If that’s the case, isn’t Lacra the right person for her to learn that?”

“If Wolfe hangs out too much with her, she will likely imitate her. I’ll be troubled if she becomes like her. That’s why, it’s good for Wolfe to keep some distance with her and use her as a bad example.”

I wanted Wolfe to grow up freely, but I didn’t want to have a disciple with a personality like Lacra. 

Still, I can’t help but to want to spoil her. I mean, if she looks at Lacra, she must know the dire consequences of being spoiled too much, right? Everything going to be okay, right? Right?

“In a sense, shouldn’t you use yourself as a bad example too?”

“Don’t put a people who just good at living his live like me and bad people like her in a same group. Anyway, Wolfe, now, tell me what you want.”

“Well, hmm….. alright, I decided!”

With this, I will also know more about Wolfe. I can tell who is strongly influenced her right now by what Wolfe wants.

“I want a weapon!”

“So, it’s your influence huh, Illias!”


“Wolfe want a weapon like what Shisho has.”

“Oh, it’s me…”

Well, she’s been only active on using her Mana release for a while. And, if she were going to fight, it may be good for her to have a decent weapon.

However, the wooden sword like mine, is probably not enough for Wolfe. If she were channeling a lot of Mana to the weapon…. such destructive power will enough to destroy it. Of course, I can’t give it to her.

“By the way, I’m sure Wolfe tried various weapons while training with the Ragdo corps, but what kind of weapon do you like?”

“…..I do not really know.”

“That’s because she used all weapons generally in the basic level.”

Hmmm, I heard that Wolfe is a versatile type, but is it to that extent? She can fight close range with fist, and she can use most of weapons too. Well, it’s good to learn all about it, but in other words, the versatile type in battle is not good at her level. If she were to grow up to the Illias level, there is no loss in remembering various things, but it is better to narrow down to one for now.

“Let’s go see the weapon shop first. When you look at the real thing, you may find what you want. If not, you can ask the opinion of an expert.”

“Oh, right. I haven’t visited recently. And, I wanted to repair the scabbard soon. Alright, let me guide you.”

I was guided to a store on the outskirts of the city. The distinct taste of an expert made the people of modern Japan excited.

“Toruido, are you there?” [TN: in the raw it’s written, トールイド, Which can be a lot of different names, I’m having trouble to decide which name is good, but I decided to just literally changed to Alphabet, this name might change…]

Illias went inside. Then, when I followed her inside, my mouth opened by itself. 

I could see a large number of weapons, most of them swords and spears, but there were even mallets, knives and something like sickle and chain. There was dust on the shelves, but all the weapons on display seemed to be in good condition and looked brand new.

While I was looking around, an old man in his seventies wearing rags appears from the back of the store. 

Wow, it’s ‘that’. The old man who looks unreliable, but in fact, a super-skilled blacksmith.

“Oo, Ratzell’s daughter, huh? I just started to think why I hadn’t seen you recently. So, did the sword finally break?”

“Unfortunately, the sword made by Toruido is too durable. So, today I’m thinking of asking only for repairing the scabbard.”

“Show me how it looks… You! Youuu?! The scabbard is not a weapon, you know?!”

Oh, he’s a real deal. Until now, no one has ever mentioned that Illias defeated her opponent using the scabbard. In Japan, the sword scabbard is also used as a weapon sometime, but it doesn’t seem to be the same in here, at least the one who made the sword for Illias doesn’t have that intention.

“Well, Sometimes I get attacked when I try to pull it out. That’s why I have more opportunities to use it with the scabbard intact.”

“The damage is too much. It won’t be back to the normal state if I just fix it!… Hmm? You bring companions?”

“Yeah, I’m want to pick a weapon that suits her too today. She is Wolfe. Wolfe, he is Toruido.”

“I’m Wolfe, thank you.”

“Hoo, a demi-human huh? ――  she has a great amount of Mana. Even though she lacks experience and training… isn’t she just like you? Compared to that, that young lad. He’s so weak that it’s not strange if he were to suddenly die tomorrow.”

“I’m confident about being weak.”

“Well, aren’t you a determined person huh. By the way, would you also choose a weapon?”

“No, I’m good enough with this.”

That said, I showed my wooden sword. 

As long as I have this ‘partner’ of mine, I don’t need a weapon.

“No, you should buy a weapon because it’s important. Even if it’s cheap, the quality of the weapon here is good.”

“This weapon fits my height so it’s more than enough.”

“Hmm. It’s true that your body doesn’t seem to be able to handle the weapons that I made easily. I have an oil used to care for wooden parts of the weapon, you may be interested to use it.”

“Seriously? Thank you for that.”

Even though it’s just a wooden sword, it still needs maintenance. I couldn’t find anything like varnish in the market, and I was even thinking about having Ban-san to help me search for it. Wait for a bit longer, ‘partner’, I’ll give you a present called, shine!

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 40 Part 2

40-2. In the meantime, I’ll teach you {Part 2}

◇ (MC POV)

Somehow Illias’s distance with me become closer lately. It’s as if she makes half a step closer.

This starts after the incident with Grandpa Kara. Maybe she’s trying some kind of new approach… Well, I think it’s good to be aggressive.

More than that I need to worry about Wolfe. Recently, I felt like I haven’t been able to do something like a master. The foul technique I showed her earlier is to warn her that ‘there is someone out there who uses such means’, but it is not good to be imitated.

Compared to the beginning, she has come to express her opinions, and she start to be mischief with some of her opponents……. Let’s forget about that life game. Anyway, I think it’s necessary for her to learn something for the time being? Well, what should I do…

“That’s why Wolfe. Sometimes I want to do something like a master, but is there anything you want me to do?”

Since I was kind of free at home. I wanted to make time for Wolfe, so I decided to listen to Wolfe’s wishes Perhaps she would give a good idea for me.

“I don’t have any, but I have something I want to know from Shishoー!”

“Hoho, good spirit. Say it.”

“I want to know how to plot against someone!”


Ah, yeah. Illias, don’t stare at me like that. Maybe it’s about time for me to get used to it. 

I couldn’t stand the eyes that were expecting so much from me. So, I decided to give a moderate lecture to Wolfe.

“Well, it’s not all about plotting, but I’ll teach you in various battles. Illias, Lacra, sit across from me. And Wolfe, sit next to me.”

Four people sat at the current desk. Aside from Illias, who always tried to stay close, Lacra joined for fun… Alright.

“Wolfe, look at them properly. As for you two….”

I handed over the pen and paper to both of them.

“Write one number you like, from 1 to 9. After you write it, put it on the back side. After that, I’ll guess the answer by doing some questions and answers with you.”

“Can you do that?”

“Hmm, I’m not easy to get caught you know, Shosho-sama!”

Then they finished writing the numbers and turned the paper down. The numbers in this world were slightly different, but the basic usage remained the same. It had a simple shape and was easy to write.

“Then it’s a question and answer now, but I don’t need it. Illias is one and Lacra is seven.”

They turned the paper over. And, the numbers were as what I just said.

“You didn’t ask a question though?!”

“The word ‘guess’ that I said just now was not a trap in the first place. Actually, I was looking at the hands of you both to find out which number each of you were writing. If you both wrote the numbers in small letter or with similar writing styles, I was thinking of narrowing it down with some questions and answers, but you both wrote numbers in big letter and so it was easy for me to guess. “

“No way, so you weren’t lying…”

“You need to make your opponent aware of something else. It’s a quick way to make your opponent become careless. If you can launch an attack that’s different from what your opponent expected during the battle, you could land a damage for sure. But if you could make them even more confused about what you gonna do and distracted by their own thought, your attack will give more damage. Don’t you think so?”

“Ah, I see.”

However, even if I succeeded in making Illias make some extra observations, my attack would not reach her. Which means, this strategy is no good if there is too much difference in strength. After all, it’s a means to makes your opponent distracted in a battle, but it also requires the minimum power to defeat the opponent. Well, of course, I’ll never do that!

“The rest is to take away the judgment of the other person. It’s good to make them angry with provocation or acting, and makes them feel that you’re superior, but I personally recommend convincing them. People stop thinking, when their train of thought being disturbed or when they’re done thinking. However, the difficulty of disturbing varies depending on the opponent.”

There are different types of conviction. Convince the opponent that you have read their behavior. Convince the opponent that your actions were always correct. And many else. Anyway, the latter is particularly effective. After all, it is the information (Oppoent’s behavior) that your brain trusted the most, get affected.

“It’s difficult to use these means to people you just met. Because you don’t know how to convince them. Therefore, by getting as much information as possible in advance and understanding the other person’s way of thinking, the success rate will go up. “


“The only thing you need to be careful is that you must not sympathize your opponent even if you understand their way of thinking. Because you will start to hesitate to plot against someone you sympathize with.”

“The main point is good. But is it a good thing to tell Wolfe…?”

“It might be difficult for her to use it because she still doesn’t have enough rooms to observe, but I think it’s worth knowing that her opponent may be observing her that way.”

Malicious people also have different level of danger. However, if you are a person who spreads malicious intent, you can often take appropriate measures such as keeping a distance. Still, no one is as troublesome as someone who understands this and still trying to come at you with malicious intent. 

Well, it’s also not good to be too vigilant. After all, you will fall into misanthropy.

“If possible, I want to have eyes that can see through lies, like Maya and Lacra. After all, I can somehow deal with most of the opponents if I can do that.”

“Shosho-sama slips through every time and being mean to me though.”

“It’s troublesome, but it’s fun to plot against you.”

“Please don’t enjoy it, okay?!”

Well, it’s time to conclude all of this.

“Wolfe, the method of plotting the opponent does not succeed so many times. Once you have made thorough preparations and succeeded, of course you’ll feel satisfied. However, the power acquired by training like Illias and Lacra will last forever. I’m not saying you shouldn’t plot against someone at all, but while you’re polishing yourself, please do it well. The strength you got from that alone will give you a lot of choice in a battle. Especially Wolfe is talented. Don’t waste your talent, okay?”


Alright, the lesson that aren’t good, with this should have been put together in a good way.

“Oh right, since we’re at this, do you want to hear the story about the strategy of the world-famous general in my world, the Earth? “

“It sounds interesting.”

“I’m going to get sleepy…”

“I’m not singing a lullaby for you. Anyway, first of all… I guess it should be about ‘The three kingdoms’ .”

“Shisho, please!”

If it’s a story of this world, someone else will surely tell Wolfe. However, only one person can tell the story of the Earth to Wolfe. There should be much to learn for Wolfe. So, let’s talk about various things. I’ll talk to the extent that she thinks I was a good master, when she stands alone someday.

Anyway, I was speechless about Lacra already. She fell asleep in the middle of the story and started disturbing me with her sleep-talking.

“You can’t do that?!”

◇ (Someone else POV)

A tavern in Mejis, a place full of adventurers. Today, they were celebrating the success of monster hunting, drinking alcohol and making noise. The noisy adventurers interrupted each other’s desks and began to get entangled. However, no one sees, hears, or perceives a certain table as if it did not exist.

“As usual, the barrier like this convenient. But, the difficulty is that you can’t order anything.”

A woman who spoke loosely, she looked lightly dressed with some exposure, but what was more eye-catching was the huge saw-shaped sword that stood behind the chair. Randomly attached blades, like rows of fangs peeking through a crocodile with a closed mouth, had red-black rust in places.

“Even if they could see us, no one would come to pick up an order for someone who brought in such a weapon, idiot! Here, some dried meat.”

It was a man with a tight body who gave dried meat to the woman. The whole body was covered with something like black rubber tights, and on top of that was an armor that protects the vital part. The gauntlets on both of his arms had a unique shape, it shaped like the head of a black dragon.

“Wellー, It’s better than nothing, I guessー? Thank you Par-chan!”

“Stop calling me Par-chan or I’ll blow you away, Girista! At least say with a little more attachment.”


“Put something in your mouth and stop talking, You piece of shit! Here, it’s a sake so that you don’t choke on food.”

The other man, sitting in a chair, stared at the roof of the bar endlessly. A large number of chains were wrapped around the loose arm so that the skin cannot be seen.

“Girista, Parshero, Ecdoig, aren’t all of you will standing out too much if you don’t make a barrier like this?” [TN: In the Raw, their name, ‘ギリスタ’ = Girista、’パーシュロ’ = Parshero、’エクドイク’ = Ecdoig’, I can’t come up with a better translataion for their name than this (><)]

Ecdoig, Parshero, Girista

A boy wearing a hood appeared. He was about ten years old, but his appearance was no different from that of an adult.

“Oh, are you perhaps, Larheit? So cute!”

“My original body has been sealed by the people of Yugura. I transferred only the soul to another body by applying possession and necromancy, but that also got caught. For the time being, it seems that with this body, I’m not standing out that much.”

“It’s a masterpiece. I’m laughing and dying right now, idiot! Here, can you sit in a chair?”

“Thank you. Well, it’s a dangerous request, of course, that’s the reason I gather all of you guys, the adventurers who usually do relatively dangerous work.”

“It’s dangerous huhー. Is it something like killing the Popeー?”

“It’s a little regrettable, but it’s not that. The one I want you to kill is the man who recently appeared on the side of the Pope. I think you could kill the man very easily, but the escort is troublesome. It’s a knight who enters the top five in term of strength in Tiez.”

With that said, Larheit spread two sheets of parchment on the desk. It shown a portrait of a man from Earth and Illias Ratzell.

“Hoー, She’s a girlー, but strong huhー! Same with me thenー!”

“The top five in Tiez means we need to go to Tiez huh? You piece of shit! By when should we kill him?”

“Please do as soon as possible. Oh yeah, Pope Euparo is also staying at Tiez right now. You can kill him when you’re done.”

“Reallyー?! I guess I should do my best thenー!”

A woman called Girista stood up and pulled the sword behind her from the floor. The moment she lifted the sword, her feet began to squeak. It was probably because the weight of the sword was heavier than it looks. Her foot area was too much of a burden on the floor.

“It seems that this person and I don’t go well with each other, and so I’ll leave him to someone with pure violence like you all.”

“You can’t do it yourself, so you’re pushing it to us? You piece of garbage! Well, we received this request. So, leave it to us.”

“Yes, please.”

Larheit in the form of a boy laughed. The smile was the same as when he was in his original body. It was weird and felt like he faking it.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 40 Part 1

Okay, I’ll try to pump this series this month, Maybe I’ll split almost every ch from now on, since it’s easier for me to work on…. and I think I could release more often if I do that….

40-1. In the meantime, I’ll teach you (Part 1)


His Majesty, Wolfe, he, and I are in one of the guest rooms in the castle. His Majesty was reading the paper he brought in, it was about the culture of another world.

He and Wolfe sit across the table and play a board game that the knights usually played in their break time. He said he was interested in playing it, which was similar to the game in his world called ‘chess’. I just taught them the rules, but they been doing it for several rounds in a row.

“By the way, Marito, in the end, what will Pope Euparo do?”

“It seems that he will stay in this kingdom for a while. There will be a harvest festival hosted by Yugura soon, right? It seems that he will participate in it.”

“Well, he came with a decent number of people. I’m sure there’s a story about the Pope coming to Tiez all over the city. If he goes back without doing anything, it’ll be suspicious. I’m sure he’s going to do that from the beginning.”

“It seems that the Pope and the Archbishop will rent an inn in the church. Well, I guess Maya will have a hard time.”

“I’m sure Maya knew this from the beginning. That’s why she kicked out Lacra.”

I was impressed that even though they were both doing their own work, they could exchange different chats quite often. However, although the board cannot be seen from where I was standing, I felt that the game was moving at a fairly fast pace.

“That’s right. I heard that Archbishop Ukka has no memory of being in contact with Larheit due to the influence of brainwashing magic, but can’t you salvage―― get it out with Magic that interferes with deep memory?”

“There is a Magic to read memories and it may be worth trying. But, I hear that Magic is quite burdensome to the target. They said it feels like a torture.”

“Archbishop Ukka is obliged to do that in this case. If they persuade him, I’m sure he will give in.”

“Wait a minute, is there any information you want to get to go that far?”

Involuntarily interrupt the content of the story. I remembered Archbishop Ukka’s apology came from the bottom of his heart. 

Is it necessary to give him a pain close to torture?

“Well, Archbishop Ukka was the one who had the most contact with Larheit. He was the only one who could have any information about him.”

“Just such wishful thinking…”

“If we keep doing nothing, we’ll fall behind and the only one who will have a hard time later is not only one person you know. Anyway, please let me know if he can remember even a trivial exchange. The weight of being asked by an ordinary people and the King is different after all.”

“I understand. I’ll try to find a way to explore his memory while reducing the burden.”

His appearance had changed slightly since he encountered Larheit. The attitude toward us remains the same, but I could see the sadness in the facial expressions when he didn’t speak. He discovered Larheit’s plan not only once but twice. So, couldn’t he be a little more relaxed?

“Wolfe, isn’t there no way out from this?”

“Well, yes. So, it’s Wolfe’s win!”

“Did I lose again? You’re really strong.”

“Aren’t you keep losing? How many battles and how many wins already?”

“Ten battles and ten losses.”


The board game was also used for training wisdom, and of course, the smarter the person, the stronger that person would be. Wolfe was also a hard worker, but considering his clever trick he did, I didn’t think he lost so much …

“Did you handicap yourself?”

“No, I’m doing my best. I’m just continuing to lose.”

“Really―― “

Perhaps Wolfe had more talent than expected in the board game. I mean, Wolfe had just started playing the game, and the conditions should be the same for each other.

“Then Wolfe, give up your seat to Illias. Illias, let’s play one game.”

“O, okay.”

I sat in place of Wolfe and rearranged the pieces. I had often played the board game with Grandpa Kara. 

I’m not that strong, but I’m not going to lose to my opponent who just play for a few games.

“By the way, Illias, were you angry when Pope Euproa said I was a coward? Sir Ragdo told me that.”

He spoke right to the point from the start. 

As soon as I made a move, he returned quickly. There was almost no hesitation in the choice he made…

“Uh, that’s…… yeah.”

“Well, he had apologized and told the reason why. And anyway, the other person is the top of Yugura Religion. You can’t intimidate him with one or two remarks.”

“But you’re not a coward. You had taken the lead in fighting bandits, and when the book almost stolen too.”

“That’s because the person who protects me are strong. I wouldn’t normally take that risky move other else.”

I’m glad to hear that. But that’s a different story. He is certainly producing results. I mean, don’t he feel annoyed if other people said he accomplished it because he was a coward?

“You don’t have to be very humble. You’re producing results. That’s why I appreciate your ability. I’m sure even Your Majesty thought so.”

“My ability huh? Let me tell you this, but Marito and you are evaluating different things.”

“What does it mean?”

With that said, he stopped playing, picked up the parchment and pen beside him, and started writing something. And hand it over to His Majesty who was looking from behind. Then he started playing again.

“Hmmmm, I see.”

“But, couldn’t Illias understand it even if you explained it by mouth? Well, well, you make me feel troubled now.”

To sum it simply, the way he plays was very straightforward. It was just like an amateur learning how to move a piece and attacking when he could. He was not thinking about the arrangement of the pieces at all.

“Are you being serious right now?”

“Yeah, Well, it’s hard for me to express it in this kind of way. I can’t read dozens of moves ahead you know.”

“But you are ―― “

Suddenly, a sound echoed outside the room. It was a high-pitched sound. His Majesty went out and called out to the guards.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing important, just the armor that was displayed suddenly collapsed… Perhaps the base is unstable …”

Apparently, it was nothing important. 

By the way, the game will come to an end soon.


My brain stopped for a moment when I saw the board. No matter how I looked at it, I was being pushed.

How did this happen?

“Did you do something with the board when we heard the sound?”

“Did anyone see it?….. Wolfe, you don’t have to raise your hand.”

“Aren’t you cheating!!”

“I want you to think about who you use, at all.”

His Majesty burned the parchment he was given with Magic. 

Ah, I see, so that’s what it means. He gave instructions to Your Majesty with parchment and made him make a noise. I don’t know how Your Majesty do it, but it’s possible. And so, as an escort, I would be vigilant to it and in that moment when I turned my eyes away, he operated the piece.

“In short, this is my way of doing it. If I were to do it under the same conditions, I’ll definitely lose. I mean, Illias’s strength is 100 wins out of 100 battles. If I were to do it with my way, when I feel like I want to win, I could win, but only once. it doesn’t work twice, and so it’s not worth being praised.”

Certainly, since now I know he did replace the pieces, I will naturally be wary whenever I play with him again. That is not all. I will keep wary along the game that he might do some dirty trick again.

“Marito and Pope Euparo understand this and recognized me, that despite my lack of power, I had done well.”

“For me, your unusual way of thinking is especially important, you know.”

“Thank you for that. But please don’t imitate my way too much, you might get scolded by Sir Ragdo. Please keep your righteous way as a king.”

“Of course.”


He showed his ability in front of me. He showed to me that the means he took were not right and so his ability was not worth to be evaluated.

“Don’t make such a difficult face. I’m aware that it’s a terrible way to win but I did it because the opponent is my enemy, so it’s kind of fair right? I mean, even Illias, when you feel that it’s something necessary to do to win the duel, even though it’s dirty means, you’re still happy to be praised for your win, right? “

“That’s… that’s right.”

“But, my spirit to win by any means, you could praise it. And I’ll be more than happy just to receive your praise.”

I understood what he meant… he wanted to say, ‘Don’t overestimate me, I don’t have that kind of ability, still, it’s okay to appreciate my efforts to achieve results.’

“I understand what you wanted to say, but the result you got was something the knights couldn’t do. And that ability of yours, what was the factor?”

It’s not about being strong. And if it’s not because he’s wise, how could he win?

“My way of living is good, that’s all.”

“Your way of living… is good huh. I see.”

Certainly, if you say so, it will be strangely convincing. There is no sword, no magic, no knowledge. Still, I understand the current situation and get around well. The lack of power is a method that I have cultivated through my efforts and did not choose. He is an expert on that path.

“If you want to know how coward I am… You see, I was going to advise Marito that Illias’s escort wouldn’t be needed because I’d suffocating If I were to be watched by you day and night, but now I begged him not to remove you as my escort since the case of Larheit is still going on. At the same time, I want to get rid of the threat as soon as possible… I’m a coward, right? “

“Hmm, maybe that’s right. No, wait, you’re suffocating?”

“I think so, I mean, I’m being watched for a whole day since the moment I changed clothes in the morning.”

You’re not a maiden, and I don’t care about it.

Anyway, the fact that His Majesty and Pope Euparo correctly understood and evaluated such aspects of him seemed to be a little ahead of me, somehow it made me slightly frustrated.

Grandpa Kara said that He envied others just as I envied him. But, if he was too far ahead, his gaze might not reach us anymore.

Fortunately, it was me who was entrusted with his escort. And the escort would continue until the case with Larheit ended. By then, I would like to raise my reputation in his eyes.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 39

I might speed up for this series, when I finally have more free time…
Maybe next month?…

From this ch, Lord Ragdo -> Sir Ragdo

39. In the meantime, Finally my burden being lifted

Pope Euparo had finally arrived. 

When someone came to Japan it called, ‘来日(Rainichi)’, but now if it would be something like, ‘来ターイズ(Raitiez)’, but since it was hard to say, I cancelled to use that word. [TN: Rainichi mean, arrival in japan or visit to japan]

Of course, the people involved in the book were forced to convene. That was because I had to prove that I could read the ‘book’. 

I don’t want to go, I don’t want those people to remember my face, but if I don’t go, it’ll just causes trouble to the other party, so it can’t be helped, I guess?

By the way, Lacra was not called. I had a general idea of ​​the situation. Both Marito and Sir Ragdo were waiting in the guest room with Illias as a guard, and although I couldn’t see it, Anbu-kun, a total of five people, including me. [TN: ‘Anbu-kun’ is the one who protecting Marito from the shadow, since knowing the name is bad, the MC call him, ‘Anbu-kun’, which Anbu could mean, the dark side]

After waiting for a while, three men and one woman came in. I could tell one from his personality. That person was definitely Pope Euparo himself.

Pope Euparo was said to be in his sixties, but more than that he looked like a kind person. The man next to him was wearing the archbishop’s necklace, just like Maya-san. He had a little beard that somehow felt charming and probably was Archbishop Ukka. The other two, I didn’t know anything about them, so I waited until they introduced themself.

And self-introduction began. The two people mentioned above were as what I expected. The last man was the Pope’s escort who was the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis, Yokusu. Although he seemed to be in his thirties, in addition of that youthful, the aura surrounding him was like Sir Ragdo’s.

The only woman was Lyrissa, a calm beauty and the caretaker of the Pope.

[TN: The name is written ‘リリサ’, which could be Lilyssa, Lilyza, Lilisa, Lilytha, Liliza, Lyrissa, but I think Lyrissa is the good one, so yeah…]

“Then since all of us already introduced our self. Let’s start talking.”

“First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the incident that happened because of my blunder.”

First of all, Pope Euparo apologized for the incident. He also made Archbishop Ukka bow his head and apologized for causing trouble to the country.

Marito had fully forgiving it. Archbishop Ukka was targeted by a malicious Larheit. Sure, Larheit was at fault. However, because Archbishop Ukka was used, he sent in an airhead like Lacra, and the result was that the existence of ‘it’ came to the surface.

Yokusu didn’t say a word from beginning to end, but Lyrissa added some supplementary explanations after Pope Euparo’s words.

After the apology, Marito took out the book and returned it to Pope Euparo.

“From my side, only I, Sir Ragdo, and he who can read the text are the ones who actually read and confirmed the contents of the book. The story about the contents was talked to two of Sir Ragdo’s knights, one of them is her. And from your side. Only that priest.”

“I heard that in the report. Also, I heard that you are a traveler from another world.”

Pope Euparo’s eyes turned to me. Maya also had eyes that seemed like she could look through people, but it was not comparable to now. When he looked at me, I get the illusion that my whole body was naked… It’s embarrassing, seriously.

“I’m sorry, could I hold your hand? I can feel how the person has lived by directly feeling the fluctuation of the Mana flowing in the person’s body. I want to directly confirm with this hand what kind of person you are, since you came from Another world.”

“Yes, it doesn’t matter. Please.”

Reached out my hand, Pope Euparo squeezed it gently. The hands were not only warm. Something like heat seemed to come around my whole body through my hands.

” ―― I see, now I understand. You’re a coward. You’re afraid of everything and trying to understand the existence around you to prepare for anything that may come. The place called ‘Earth’, at there, it’s so easy to encounter malicious people, right?”

“… Yes, you’re right.”

Apparently, the ability was real. Rather, it seemed that his title as the Pope was not just for show.

“But because of that cowardness, I was able to discover the ‘disease’ that lives in our country. I am deeply grateful for that. I will do whatever I can to thank you.”

“I just hope that you don’t blame me for reading the book. And, the fact that I didn’t return to it to Mejis right away. Also, if you could, please visit the grave of the one who died in this incident. Without his death, I wouldn’t make my move too.”

“Sure, I promise. Ah, I’m sorry for suddenly calling you a coward, I was rude.”

“It’s a fact, so don’t worry.”

The Pope was an upright man more than I expected. I even felt guilty about being more vigilant than necessary. And I felt bad about the facts that I need to tell him about ‘that’.

“Oh, right. Archbishop Ukka was also active in the battle with Larheit. Thank you for your hard work.”

“Don’t thank me. I just got rid of my blunder and end it.”

Archbishop Ukka looked away with a nasty look. Even so, on the Mejis side, the action he took led him to be called as the MVP in battle with Larheit.

“Ukka-sama was always worried when we were on the way to Tiez.”

“Lyrisisa! Don’t say anything unnecessary!”

“Ara, I’m sorry.”

After bowing with a gesture that she hadn’t reflected on, Lyrissa smiled at me…..Hmm?

“You said your name is Lyrissa-san, right? Did I meet you somewhere before?”

“No, this is the first time I’ve come to Tiez, so this is the first time I’ve met you.”

“That’s right. I’m sorry to ask you a strange question.”

…… Is it necessary to try ‘that’ for the time being? 

I picked up the book and Pope Euparo resumed the story.

“By the way, you told me about the contents of this book when we talked through the crystal. You also said that there are facts that can only be told directly. Could you tell me more about that?”

“Yes, just before that… can I do something to let my grudge of what you said to me earlier?”

“Hmm? That’s okay, but … do you have that kind of ability too?”

“It’s a similar thing. It’s one of the few special skills … Well, it’s not something special, but since we’re going to do this, could the others join us too?”

Archbishop Ukka leaning his head. Lyrissa laughed. Yokusu with no particular reaction.

“It’s a way to measure how confident you are. First, continue to repeat what I say, start from the Pope. Please say <I am Pope Euparo> ” [TN: Why I put <>? Just to make it easier to read.]

” <I am Pope Euparo>, like this?”

“Yes, thank you. I think it’s hard to understand what it means… Next is Archbishop Ukka’ turn. Please say <I am Pope Euparo.> “

” <’I, I am Pope Euparo> “

“Next, <I am Archbishop Ukka.> “

” <I am Archbishop of Ukka> …… the first words confused me for a moment.”

“That’s true, but I think somehow I can see that you could say your name and your position smoothly even with an immediate command. I could measure your confidence in the truth by interweaving truth and falsehood. Something like that.”

“I see. It’s not that I don’t understand what you mean completely.”

“Next is Yokusu-san. Please say <I am Pope Euparo> “

” <I am Pope Euparo> “

“Next is <I am Archbishop Ukka> “

” <I am Archbishop of Ukka> “

“Finally, <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

” <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

Yokusu almost said all of the words in the same tone. Well, since I explained the procedures, he didn’t feel the need to rush.

“As expected of the leader of the Knights, it’s hard to read you…well, lastly is Lyrissa-san.”

“Alright, I’m ready.”

” <I am Pope Euparo> “

” <I am Pope Euparo> “

“Next is, <I am Archbishop Ukka> “

” <I am Archbishop Ukka> “

“Next, <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

” <I am Yokusu, the leader of the Order of the Holy Knights of Mejis.> “

“Finally, <I am Larheit> “


The surrounding air becomes tense in an instant. It was Illias and Yokusu who immediately pulled out the sword. Pope Euparo and Archbishop Ukka were also at a distance from Lyrissa.

The person in question did not break her smile, but her mouth was not moving.

“Can’t you say that? Of course, right? Pope Euparo and Archbishop Ukka could see through lies, which means they can see through the truth.”

“… When did you notice it?”

Lyrissa… no, Larheit’s smile turned into something more spooky, more artificial.

“I wasn’t sure. I was just careful when I heard that Archbishop Ukka had hunted you down and heard that you committed suicide, just in case, I thought that someone like you wouldn’t give up my life so easily like that. You knew the contents of the book, but you didn’t know the details. When you heard that there was a further secret in it, I thought that you might come in contact with me because you wanted to know it. I’m always more careful to the person I meet for the first time, at least to a certain level amount of carefulness.”

“That alone is a weak reason to realize that I’m lurking as Lyrissa. Certainly, as long as you talk about the details of the book at this meeting, there is a possibility that I might appear. Just a possibility… but you, without hesitation, doubted Lyrissa… me. I want to know the reason for that. “

“Oh, I said I have a few special skills, right? You see, I’m good at measuring the sense of distance between people. I was measuring the sense of distance within us in advance while listening to the conversation and I found a sense of discomfort in you.”

“Discomfort, huh? I believed that these three were completely recognize me as Lyrissa.”

“When you made fun of Archbishop Ukka, you smiled over here, right? That made me feel the distance was closer than what was seen.”

“Aren’t that mean I’m just a good person?”

“The sense of distance chosen by the Pope was not too familiar and not hostile. I also took actions to measure this. Archbishop Ukka also had some tension with me. It’s not uncommon for subordinates to follow the boss, right? But the caretaker, who should understand the boss, even though the boss is treating the other person carefully, act so friendly to that person… Isn’t it unnatural?”

“… I see, it seems that I had a kind of satisfaction that I’m able to meet you in person, without knowing it I made an aggressive attitude toward you… is it?”

“And I asked you, right? Did we meet somewhere before? But, the way you reply to that, it was a phrase where someone trying to deceive the other person without telling a lie. So, I decided to confirm it.”

Needless to say, this was the method I used when I was talking with Maya and Lacra. For the priests who could see through the lie, I felt a sense of familiarity just by using the enumeration of truths by choosing the words to sway.

“No, it’s wonderful. The stone is a Chikyu person.”

“You Bas***d! What happened to Lyrissa?!”

“Oh, Ukka-sama, don’t you understand? This body is definitely Lyrissa’s body. The knife that scraped my neck at that time was a one times use, but it had the Mana to tear off the body and soul. That’s why I was allowed to escape only with the soul. However, this ritual requires preparing the destination of the soul in advance, and it can’t be used many times, such as not being able to place multiple souls in a same body. But, let me tell you, I have already prepared the next destination, so there is no need to forcibly hurt this body. “

What a useful magic, if you can’t escape physically, you can escape with your soul alone. Certainly, it would be possible to escape after death without being ruled by necromancy.

However, it needs a lot of courage to be able to throw away your body without hesitation like that.

“The magic that interferes with the soul is Forbidden. How could you do it?”

“I wanted to hear a little more if possible, but it seems impossible anymore. But I could see you with my own eyes. Should I be satisfied with the harvest this time?”

Larheit’s amusing eyes were staring at us. 

Could you please stop that eyes? Your eyes, it’s like saying, ‘I’ve found my riva’… I’m just an ordinary person, you know.

“I’m sorry to say this, but let’s meet again.”

Then Larheit spilled blood from his mouth and collapsed. Archbishop Ukka immediately rushed to see what’s going on.

“It seems that he put a blade-shaped magic stone in her mouth. We have to take care of her in a hurry!”

Then Archbishop Ukka left the room to contact the Yugura’s people who were waiting outside. Soon after, other priests rushed into the room and took Lyrissa’s body.

“I’m sorry to be conspired not only once but twice… I’m sorry, King of Tiez!”

Pope Euparo bowed deeply to Marito. He brought the thieves to the king of the diplomatic kingdom. So, of course he had to apologize.

“I’m just saying that Larheit was cunning. Now I’m more worried about her body and mind.”

“Thank you for your concern, I appreciate your kindness very much.”

After that, just in case, we checked those who were there and those who were waiting outside. It was only a few hours later that the door was seated again.

“I don’t think he evacuated to a nearby place. Just in case, I told the one who guarding the place where the corpse was sealed in Mejis about this.”

Well, if he can get his body back, of course he would do that. That said, I wouldn’t imitate it so briefly. However, the possibility of impersonating someone in Yugura church again cannot be denied. For the time being, it seemed that they would be busy with measures against Larheit.

What an annoying guy. It was as if he’s the boss of a crime syndicate. Well, I don’t want to meet someone like that.

Marito cleaned the place for the meeting and now we returned to the main topic, the book.

“Then I’d like to resume the talk… If possible, Pope Euparo, I’d like to tell to only you first and let you examine it. And from my side, Only the people who know about this will stay. Lady Ratzel, I’ll ask you to leave.”


Marito first kicked Illias out of the room. Seeing the situation, Pope Euparo also sent Archbishop Ukka, Yokusu, out of the room.

“From here on, he will be the one who explain. Please.”

“Okay―― I’ll explain while opening this book first.”

I opened the book so that Pope Euparo could see it and explain roughly what I had deciphered. Pope Euparo reaffirmed that I was really reading the book.

“That’s the content of the book. This is as what I have already said when you contacted me before.”

“There seems to be no doubt about the contents of the book. Certainly, if someone were to follow your decipherment, that person will be able to use more advanced necromancy. The story that the Demon Lord will be resurrected has become more credible. Isn’t it? “

“Yes, the problem is the last page.”

I opened the last page. There was written something that had nothing to do about the title of the book. It was just a brief scribble.

“It doesn’t look very important, though.”

“What is written here is a sentence that says, ‘The above is the summary of the survey results.’ And the last word, here is the name of the author of the book.”

“Is… is it the one who created the Resuscitation Magic and also The Demon Lords…?!”

“The author’s name is, ‘Nariya Yugura’, and Nariya Yugura… is the name of the Hero who destroyed the Demon Lords and became the foundation of Yugura religion.”

Pope Euparo had no words. 

Well of course everyone who hear it will lose their words.

The name of the hero who destroyed the Demon Lords and saved the world matched the name of the existence who devised the Resuscitation Magic that created the Demon Lord.

Pope Euparo remained silent for a while and then opened his mouth heavily.

“You, what do you think? About Yugura, the Hero, is said to create the Demon Lord?”

“I think the possibility is about 30%.”

“… Could you tell me the basis for it?”

“First of all, the person who wrote this book is an earthling. There is an earthling here, but what about my Mana?”

“――Your Mana is very low. It will be equal to or less than a child.”

“Yes. There is no concept of Magic on the ‘Earth’. Even Mana has not been discovered. The characters in this book are about 100 years old, even if there is a difference in the flow of time between the worlds. It came only 100 years ago. Even on the ‘Earth’ there was no Magic at that time too. However, there may be a possibility of individual differences in Mana, but even so, this person named Nariya Yugura, I don’t think he had a lot of Mana. If such a person is asked if he can defeat the Demon Lord, he will definitely tilt his head. “

Even if Nariya Yugura is from a temple or shrine-raised occult who seemed to possess Mana. Could his mana be compared to the talented people in this world? If there is such a person in the history of the past, it is not strange that such a person is found in the present age too.

“Sure, you’re not suitable for combat, but maybe the author of this book is difference, don’t you think so?”

“No, the people in this world are very strong. They are accustomed to strengthening their bodies with Mana and fighting. Even that alone, the difference is like between heaven and earth. I don’t think He’d grown enough to be called a Hero.”

“What do you mean?”

“Yugura, The Hero who defeated the Demon Lords, was not the real name of the Hero. I think that the inhabitants of this world who had a relationship with the author of this book, Nariya Yugura, just using name to hide the real name.”

That is the best theory. Nariya Yugura, an Earthling, devised Resuscitation Magic and created the Demon Lords. And his acquaintance used his name, Yugura, and defeated the Demon Lords. That is more likely what really happened.

I can imagine many details that might happening, but somehow, I feel some ‘regret’…

“But it is very likely that the real Hero has some kind of ‘causality’ with the one who created the Demon Lords, so I thought that I should only talk to the Pope about this situation and let him make a judgment.”

“What a ridiculous fact I just heard… what should I do…”

Pope Euparo worried. Of course, after all it was pointed out that Yugura, who saved the world and left behind the teachings, or his acquaintance, was the one who created the greatest contraindications.

It was a troublesome fact for the top of religions that advocate the teachings of Yugura.

Marito put his hand on the shoulder of Pope Euparo.

“I, as the King of Tiez will not spread this. Rather, I can’t. Yugura has the highest proportion of believers in Tiez. I can’t cause any extra confusion. So, discuss it with someone you can trust, carefully.”

“… Yeah, Maybe I should take it home and talk to others.”

In this way, a difficult problem that seemed to make a hole in the stomach of Pope Euparo, who was a hard worker, was forcefully poured on him. On the other hand, I was relieved to be able to tell the secret.

However, after he said that he would bring the case back to Mejis, he might say, ‘I should keep it secret. Those who know about this, I must properly deal with them!’ when he reached there. That kind of development was not impossible, after all, no matter how Pope Euparo was a man of virtue, the people around him might not be the same.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 38

From this ch the way I TL-ing this will be different from before…
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38. In the meantime, It’s not good to overdo something

A sudden visitor who appeared after breakfast. Saira, the waitress of the ‘Dog’s Bone’. she appeared with a large baggage on her back and was out of breath.

“Good morning, brother!”

“Oh, it’s you Saira…”

“Ah, so you came?”

While having a rough breathing, Saira looked at the surroundings with interest. Well, if you were called to the house of someone that you admire, of course you will get excited.

“It’s a lot of luggage, huh. What is that?”

“Oh, today I got the clothes for Illias that you had requested for a long time.”

“for, me?”

Illias’s clothes were requested when Wolfe’s clothes were made, but it was difficult for Saira to complete clothes that were satisfactory for Illias. Rather than saying, it seemed that the motivation for creating the clothes was too high. She was repeatedly remaking it.

In the meantime, I had some clothes for Wolfe prepared too. Still, for a made-to-order product, it was rather cheap.

“I went to her home to hear the progress the other day, but it was a big deal. I invited her to bring it with me.”

“Is that so…? that’s why it’s so much like this?”

“No, it’s not even 10%”


“I brought carefully selected clothes made for Illias!”

“That’s why. I can’t accept all of them, so try them on now and choose one.”

“O, okay.”

And they headed to Illias’s room. 

Then, Lacra muttered while drinking tea.

“So, there is such a cute tailor in here… I also want plain clothes, Shosho-sama.”

“I see… do your best then. I’ll think about discount negotiations.”

“Wolfe too, wolfie want some too.”

“Alright, I also think that Wolfe has to add a little more of personal belongings. Say what you want. I’ll buy what I can buy.”


“Soー meanー!”

Lacra was dressed the same every day. Although it was work clothes, a loose robe could be used as plain clothes too… Isn’t that all right, priest?

Incidentally, it has the advantage of saving you the trouble of choosing clothes. In a sense, that was a sad reason.

Speaking of that, Wolfe was similar, but in fact, I asked Saira to make some new clothes in addition to the same clothes for Wolfie. It was quick to make a new one for Wolfe, but it took some time when it came to Illias.

Saira was still in training. Lacra, who has a good style and also beautiful, will get one or two outfits if she cooperated with her as a model, but… I didn’t want to make that easy for Lacra… Let’s do something on Saira.


It seemed that one of the clothes brought in in large quantities has been decided, so Illias and Saira came down… Yeah… who are you?

“Illias, beautifulー”

“Well, well!”

Most of Illias’s plain clothes were like men’s, but the clothes that Saira brought were completely feminine. And it was my second time I saw her wearing a skirt.

However, it was far from the normal image of Illias, who usually wears armor and looks like a gorilla. The fluffy cardigan also gives a soft impression.

“doesn’t it… look strange on me?”

“I think it’s good to the point I can’t think of you as a knight.”

“Is it a compliment?”

“Yeah. The impression you give is quite different from usual, but such clothes look good too.”

“I see, thank you.”

“Then, why don’t you go out while wearing it?”


“You see, by actually putting on the clothes and seeing let Saira observe you while wearing it, it’ll be easier for her to make a new one for you next time. So for Saira’s sake, I think that you should wear it for a whole day today.”

“Wait, wait, I have been entrusted to be your escort by His Majesty.”

While Illias was complaining. Then, a new visitor came over there… I’ve been waiting.

“Hey, kid, are you ther… huh? who is this beautiful woman?”

“Gra-grandpa Kara!?”

“I’m not planning to go out, but I could guess that you’re going to complain, so I’ve called for an alternative escort.”


“FaHaHa! Isn’t it good? Illias. Sometimes, even if you dress like your mother, you won’t be punished.”

“Or Illias, even though I’m just going to stay home for today, you’re not going to say that you’re dissatisfied with Grandpa Kara as a substitute, right? If you say that, I’ll call Lord Ragdo.”

“Stop it! You’re definitely not going to do that!”

Thus, partly because of the earnest persuasion, Illias and Saira would go around the city together. So, it would be two people around the same age going out around the city. I was sure it would work well considering each other’s personalities.


“Kid, this is hard on me …”

“Wolfe, don’t be so wary of Grandpa Kara …”

“Shosho-sama, I also wanted to go play.”

The relationship between Grandpa Kara and Wolfe must be adjusted. As for Lacra… I didn’t care about her.

It seemed that it’s finally time to release the secretly prepared items.

“It would be boring to stay still in the house. So, I prepared a little sideshow.”

————————————– <ILLIAS POV>

Tour the city with Saira. Saira knew not only the market, but also the stores that I wouldn’t normally go to, such as clothing stores and shoe stores. I didn’t think there was such a difference in the range of activities even though they were around the same age.

Even so, I‘m worried about the eyes around me, they won’t think something is strange about me right? …wait, it shouldn’t be strange to be mistaken for someone else in this figure. There will be no choice but put up with this.

If I think that this is for Saira, I’m sure I can put up with all of this.

“Hmm, I was able to go around where I wanted to go! Now, I have a lot of inspiration about what to create! So, Lady Illias, why don’t we take a break?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

We sat on the chaise lounge in the square and take a break. 

Seriously, his strange ability to act is a problem. Can’t he use it to makes himself a better person?

Unlike Wolfe, he doesn’t like studying or training, he always runs away from it. That’s why he still relied on Maya’s possession.

But, since I became his escort. Should I try to lead him to have a better life? But if it’s too strict for him, since he is clever, I’m sure he could escape somehow. So, I really to do that… there are many challenges ahead.

I sighed.

“Ah, hmm.. Lady Illias, are you bored?”

“Oh, I’m sorry, it’s not that. The sigh is for him. He often escaped from training or didn’t show up at all, but he spared his time to do something like this.”

“Brother often came to see me… I’m sure there are many other things that he does on the side!”

But, I’m curious about the various things… still, he is not targeting her right? No, wait… Saira is a pretty town girl, and his response towards her feels relatively gentle.

But isn’t it sad if she likes him? I mean, he doesn’t seem to have so much interest in her, so it must be a sad story if that’s the case.

“The other day, Mr.Van… well, he introduced me to a famous merchant in this city and asked me to send clothes to the Black Wolf tribe which the same tribe as Wolfe-chan!”

The Black Wolves could be seen here and there in the city. They wore something that felt like the clothes that Wolfe wear, and it seemed that it was made by Saira too.

“The clothes for Wolfe were good. Maybe the clothes for the Black Wolf were also good?”

“Yes! Everyone in the Black Wolf tribe liked it so much that I received a thank-you gift!”

Saira said so and showed the necklace that she was wearing. It was a simple necklace with a shiny ore on it.

“That’s great. They aren’t familiar with the city yet. I’m sure the negotiations with them may be in a state of robbing them.”

“And then! I was allowed to be a disciple of Mr. Van’s clothing store after acknowledging my achievements!”

I was listening to Saira’s story. She usually worked as a waitress in the ‘Dog’s bones’ and made clothes by herself on holidays. And in the future, she wanted to set up a store, so she learned what she needed for that.

However, when a craftsman took a disciple, the disciple would be the one who continue the shop. So, no one accepted Saira, who only wanted to learn, as she would become a business enemy in the future.

But she was making great strides towards her goals. People of the same age as me, were certainly on the path of their choice.

“Saira, you’re amazing.”


“I’ve been training since I was a kid to be a knight like my father. I’ve learned swordsmanship and I’ve become a knight, but I’ve been stagnant since then. But Saira is steadily moving forward. I respect you as someone of the same age.”

“That’s not the case! Illias’s strength is comparable to one of the top five in Tiez! Now, you’re still young, but your ability is recognized, I’m sure you’ll be the leader of the Knights in the future!”

“Embarrassingly, since I became a knight, I’ve only been training and escorting. It’s only recently that I’ve been able to get an achievement, but that’s not only with my personal strength.”

“If you said like that, Brother also gave me the opportunity! Isn’t we’re the same then?!”

Is that so? He only gave Saira the opportunity, other than that Saira seized it with her own ability. In my case, it was achieved with the cooperation of various people.

I feel that Saira could have made it faster because he was there. It’s different from me who couldn’t have done it without him.

“Mmm, that face is saying, ‘It’s different’… well, the speed of progress may be different, but the strength that Illias have is real! you can’t deny the result of your own effort, it’s wrong!… And even I’ve made a progress to my goal, but I still have a lot of thing to learn, with my skill no, I’m not enough yet! If Illias was so demeaning, wouldn’t I be even worse?!”

“That was… Ah, right. it was bad. I forgot that excessive humility was said to make the other person uncomfortable.”

“Yes, at least I know and respect Illias’s strength!”

It’s rare for someone to recognize me from the front like this. After all, He doesn’t say that kind of thing, and although I’d been acknowledged by the members of the Ragdo corps, they rarely said it in front of me.

In comparison, Saira is straightforward when conveying her thoughts. I feel a little embarrassed, but it’s not that bad. Apparently, I’m vulnerable of being flattered, I need to be careful from now on.

But, I think it’s okay to feel like this, once in a while.

“… I see. Then, it means we respect each other.”

“That’s right!”

“If so, we are equal. So, please stop calling me like that. Call me Illias without any honorific, Saira.”

“Huh? no, that’s …”

“Why? do you want to say that you are different from me?”

“Uh, that way of speak, it’s like how brother speak…”

Ah, speaking of which, I’ve never speaks like this. I’m sure, he was the one who influenced me. I’ll blame him. But, this kind of speaking without too much reservation and hesitation is not that bad too, huh.

“Maybe that’s the case, but it’s something that rarely for me to say. Well, let me use it for now. Anyway, Saira, your tone is starting to break.”

“That’s, hmm… then… Illias… is this okay?”

“Yeah, I hope we continue to get along with each other.”

” ―― Yeah, I’m not that reliable, but please get along with me from now on too!”

It was not until this year that I made friends with another woman who was also around the same age as me. A person who has a different path but was striving with dreams and continued to hone herself. In that respect, we might be similar.

“I want to go shopping with Wolfe next time!”

“Well, that child should be happy too.”

Saira talking with Illias

Wolfe was also beginning to get used to the city. I was sure that she would be able to have a close relationship with that child someday.

There was nothing I had never tried to improve my strength before. But, What I am lacking now will be revealed by taking a step toward the unknown like this.

Did he understand this and send me out? if so, I must thank him immediately after I got home. But, I’ll be embarrassed because there’ll be another people around us… Let’s thank him the next time we’re alone.

I separated with Saira. She went home, saying that she had a job at ‘Dog’s Bone’ at night. As the number of employees has increased, it meant that Saira could have more time to work hard on the path she wanted to take, but, as expected living expenses were not easy to make.

From now on, I will do my best to look after her too. I should be able to support her just as she supported me.

However, what happened to the large amount of clothes left by Saira? she said that she made it for me and would like me to wear it. It seems to take up a lot of space. It’s uncomfortable to put it in a drawer with chainmail.

Let’s asks him to buy a new one when he’s free. It’s decided.

It has been late when I got home, so I thought that it’s a good idea to go to ‘Dog’s Bone’ to have dinner.

“I’m back now, everyo–“

What I saw there was a battlefield where many corpses rolled.

————————————– <MC POV>

Well, it all started with the desire to get along with Wolfe by inviting Grandpa Kara to illias’ house. The chance for them to meet was only when they were training. So, I thought that the relationship wouldn’t improve forever, that was why I prepared something that we could play with.

Spreading on the desk was a board game that was familiar on the Earth. It was something that, the only way to move was with the dice, also you needed to earn money, and aimed for the goal through various events.

It was ‘The Game of Life’. The stiffness that raised the rank of my partner from a wooden stick to a wooden sword was also concentrated in this game.

There were many turning points on a huge map, and there were 100 types of cards that can be drawn in the event space. Furthermore, item cards that interfered with the opponent would be implemented, expanding the range of strategies.

It was a large-scale game with a wide range of upbringing, with this world standard where you could become a king from a local farmer.

Regarding the first lap, there was an explanation of the rules, and although it was stagnant, they were able to understand the fun of the game and were happy. But then, a girl named, Lacra, said something unnecessary.

“Since it’s a game, why don’t you give a punishment to the one in last?”

Wolfe immediately showed her support, and Grandpa Kara couldn’t strongly oppose it, and so additional rules were adopted. The first place will punish the bottom.

However, I didn’t think that a decent punishment game would be played if Wolfe were in the 1st place and Grandpa Kara in 4th place, or if Lacra were in 1st place and me in 4th place.

Therefore, before the game started, I decided to have them declared the content of the punishment game to be given to the 4th place if each of them became the 1st place.

In this case, the punishment game issued by Wolfe might fall on me, her master, and so Lacra said that a heavy punishment game would not occur. But Wolfe didn’t have any mercy, and Lacra too.

When I first heard about Wolfe’s punishment game, I doubted my ears. I even regretted that my education might be wrong after all. However, considering it was a pure punishment, I was convinced that it was certainly something that came out from Wolfe.

In a sense, Wolfe was confident that I would be able to avoid fourth place. Lacra was quite annoying, she thought that anyone was fine because it was a punishment that others than her need to do.

As a result, everyone was motivated. What was unpleasant was the introduction of items that interfered with the opponent.

This caused everyone to dragged each other down. Lacra was always aiming for me, and Wolfe was always aiming for Grandpa Kara. The two men were evenly divided while reading the atmosphere at that time.

And the result was mostly… First place, Wolfe, who was the strongest in this game. After all, the feeling of being able to control the dice rolls was almost like cheating.

The second place was me, the creator, which has the widest range of strategies because all the data was in mind. It was also important that I kept keeping the 2nd and 3rd place so as not to earn hate form others.

The third place was Grandpa Kara, an ordinary player. 

And, Lacra… she self-destructed on the gambling course every time.

The punishment I put out were at best, ‘play the next game in an air chair’ or ‘become the number one chair in the next game’, so there wasn’t much damage.

However, the damage at the time of the first place taken by Wolfe was severe, and Lacra was suffering from the damage. Every time she put out terrible punishment… One example was ‘eat a charcoal’.

Lacra was in a terrible situation. Even so, the unforgiving Wolfe finally made Grandpa Kara a prey to the punishment.

Wolfe was pleased to see the dying Grandpa Kara, but there was a time when Lacra’s gambling course was right on the spot. And at that time, Wolfe was half dead after being hit by the worst punishment.

I thought that it would be the last game, but at the very end, the three people colluded and declared the same punishment. I was standing around to defend the 2nd and 3rd place so as not to earn hate like usual, but me, as the creator, also as the one who survived without a punishment, at the last minute, it was brought to 1 vs 3 and finally was defeated.

The damage of the punishment that the other three players have received so far has accumulated and finally went down. Thus, The Game of Life with no one to survive from the punishment has come to an end.

Oooh, I didn’t think I had a chance to know the taste of charcoal…. <SOBBING SOUND>

“What are you all doing …”

There, Illias returned home, and everyone was scolded.

However, from this day, it seemed that the relationship between Wolfe and Grandpa Kara has improved, albeit slightly. The Game of Life was politely sealed as it became a trauma for Wolfe and Lacra.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 37 Part 2

Finally I can update for this… a lot happened with me in RL, so yeah I made some announcement about it on my homepage…
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Anyway, here is the ch!!!

37-2. In the meantime, it’s wide (Part 2)

“Sorry to suddenly changing the topic, but for someone with your age, it’s not strange to already have your own family. So, what about matchmaking?”

“Why you suddenly bringing this topic? But well, that’s also applied for you too, Marito.”

Hmm… Considering the necessity of succession, he’s in a position that he must be hurried more than anyone else.

“Yeah, people around me always tell me that, but I don’t have a woman who I like right now.”

“What about matchmaking? Are you doing it?”

“Occasionally I go out to dinner and talk to some aristocratic daughters. Well, I haven’t even encountered ‘the one’ for me.”

“By the way, polygamy was allowed on the Earth when the background was about the same within here, but in modern times, polygamy is illegal in almost all countries. What about here?”

“Polygamy is not illegal in here. It is necessary for the king to marry multiple wives in order to secure his bloodline. I am also told by the people around me to prepare at least three wives. Some people with high aristocratic status, they have multiple wives. But most people, they only married to one person.”

Even one person is hard enough, but he need to get at least three, that’s just too much for him. Even for me, I only know a few of women in here, it can be counted with both hands.

“By the way, does Marito have a half-brother or sister?”

“Yeah, my dad had three wives and I was the first prince. The other two wives of him have only daughter. So, I have about four sisters.”

“If that’s the case, I don’t think there’s gonna be a dispute as to who will be the successor.”

“That’s right. Believing that I’m the only son he had, my dad simply gave up the throne and retired. Even though I think everyone could succeed him regardless of gender. So yeah, there was almost no problem.”

The first prince is excellent, and the other successors are women. Of course, he could have become a king with little opposition from the people around him.

“I haven’t seen one yet, but have they married yet?”

“Yeah, my father and his queens all live far away on the castle grounds. My sisters left the country to marry their favorite partner or become an adventurer.”

“Oi oi, so they chose to become an adventurer?”

“Even though there was a time when they think about political marriage, but there was no good choice, most of the kingdom, either the king is already too old or the prince is too young, so it was not the right time. So the result is like what I said.”

Considering the general customs of the royal family, his family is exceptionally forgiving. Maybe that’s also the reason why there is little trouble in his family. However, that means, there is not enough insurance in case something happens to Marito. It is understandable that the people around him are in hurry for a princess.

“Anyway, let’s get back to my question. Why don’t you join the dinner party too? You see, I’m almost at my limit for going to the dinner party alone.”

“Aristocratic daughters, huh? There must be a lot of polite girls among them.”

“If you see only their appearance, well that might be true. But most of them, either they have something bad in their mind or they’re too naive. Honestly when asked whether I can love them or not, it’s…..”

Well, probably the woman that gathered in such place, either they’re the girl who only want to make some connection with Marito, or the girl who is made to participate by the will of her parents.

And some who are like Lacra, that may appear for the meals or alcohol. So, no count for that type of girl.

“Well, if that’s true, I don’t think it’s a good way to search for a partner.”

“There are many beautiful girls, so I think your eyes will like the sight there.”

“I see.”

In that case, it may be okay if I go just to get some acquaintances. And some more, if I only look on their appearance, they might have a potential to heal my heart.

“But Your Majesty, he prefers older people to younger ones, so it might be difficult.”

“What? Is that so?”

Suddenly Illias interrupted our conversation. I was stunned for a moment, but I returned to myself.

“Illias, you scared me. Anyway, don’t instill a misunderstanding in Marito.”

“…Did I said something wrong? It’s the conclusion I came to after I saw you up until now.”

“Tell me about how you came into that conclusion.”

“Well, When I saw your attitude toward woman, I thought that older woman like Maya is your preference?”

“You see, she is older which mean my senior, so of course I will treat her properly. And if you asked me whether she’s in the range of my preference, well, she is… but, it doesn’t mean that I like older woman. After all, my range is wide.”

“What….did you… say…”

Illias made a surprised face.

Did she really think so?… And Marito, don’t you just laughing there with no sound like that.

“Well, the way you deal with the woman you are in contact with is just…”

“Wolfe is in a position where I decided to take care of her, so I’m not looking her that way. Lacra is beautiful, but her inside are terrible, so I treat her like that.”

“Me, what about me?”

“Because you are a brain-muscle, it’s close to how I treat Lacra… Ah! I like how you looks though.”

“Is, is that so?”

“In the first place, when I first took care of Wolfe, I talked about the fact that I couldn’t control myself if she happened to sneak in to my bed, right?”

The same was true when Syrah tailored Wolfe’s clothes.

After all, clothes with a lot of exposure makes me excited. Especially it’s me, who is used to seeing Illias in her armor. In that sense, it’s safe to be with Illias.

“… Ah, That’s right.”

“Well, don’t worry because I don’t look at you with dirty mind. And, I thought that you don’t want to be treated as a woman, right? I was even a little careful about that…. Only at the beginning though.”

“Only at the beginning, huh… what about now?”

“I think you’re a person who can do everything with brute force. But, I guess there is still recognition that you’re a woman in one corner of my consciousness.”


At the beginning, I heard about Illias’s circumstances and tried to avoid treating her as a woman.

This is true.

However, while I was watching the bandits and the forests being knocked down, I only got the impression that she was a gorilla.

Well, I can recognized her as a beautiful woman if I see her after completely erasing these memories.

By the way, how long has Marito been laughing like that?

“I see, I see… So, that’s why that even though Lady Ratzel is a woman, she doesn’t complain about her current position. That’s interesting.”

“You keep laughing like that, but I know you had some some motives behind that laugh. Let me guess, I think you want me to have a family here and keep me tied to Tiez, right?”

“Of course. Now that I know what the book is about, you have no reason to stay in here. But I personally want you to stay here. I’ll try to grant the wish of those who I want to stay in this kingdom.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave right away.”

“For now… but what happens after the conversation with Pope Euparo? Don’t you want to go to Mejis to find a way back to your original world?”

Well, I might go. There is a possibility that other books left by the earthlings are sleeping in Mejis. If that’s the case, there may be a way for me to return to my original world.

“I’m willing to help you find a way to return to your original world, but it’s you we’re talking about. If I don’t make some connection with you to some extent, you’re likely to disappear somewhere. But, The fact that I feel lonely when I’m at the dinner party is true. And, you don’t hate the thought of having a new encounters, right? So, isn’t it okay if you to go with me? “

“That’s right, that alone is not enough to make me go.”

“Seriously, what kind of woman that you might like if you don’t like aristocratic daughters? If you’re okay with Lady Ratzel, I would give you my blessing right now…”

“Your Majesty!?”

“Well, that’s not bad. But, let Illias continue as a knight.”

“Ah, That’s right, well well, I’m sorry.”

Illias’s goal is to become a knight like his father, and forcing her to leave from the top knights of the kingdom at this time is a terrible idea.

But Marito is unabashedly saying he wants me to stay. With his persistence, I don’t know what kind of woman he will try to force into me to keep me in check. However, there are also surrounding eyes, I can’t try to take a radical countermeasures too. That means, I have to think about a plan now.

“Yeah Marito, let’s set fair conditions on this matter.”

“Hmm? Let’s hear the story.”

“If you want me to have a family here, I’ll find you a candidate for your princess. That’s fair.”

“So, every time I recommend a woman to you, you recommend a woman to me?”

“Yeah, if I don’t set the rule like that, with the King’s financial power, there might be no end for me. You could just keep keep attacking me with random girls.”

If you want to be Marito’s wife, it means you want to become the queen. However, I’m just a normal person from different world. I’m sure it’s hard to gather a large number of women who want to be used to keep such a man like me in check.

Still, It’s not that I am not completely uninterested or not expecting it at all. If the number of candidates are limited, he have to identify the right woman for me. And I’m sure, Marito will do his best to analyze my tastes too.

“If I want to attack with numbers, you can attack back with numbers. In order to keep you in check, I have to find a woman who is suitable for you. And, you can meet the woman I really recommend. It’s also a game of which one has the better selection eye… I see, it’s a good idea.”

Given Marito’s personality, I’m sure he would like a change of pace in everyday life. By the way, he can use this game as an excuse to escape from the dinner party. “He promised me to find the right woman for me, I wait for it!”, or something like that.

In this way, a strange rule was created with Marito. We vowed to set detailed rules and not rely on tricks.

On the way home after leaving the castle, somehow Illias was in bad mood, she complained a lot.

“You… you get Your Majesty involved in a weird game.”

“This is for each other, also for the women involved in it.”

“No girls will be happy when they know that they just get involved in the game.”

“Don’t say that. If you keep like this, It might strange if in the future you were married to someone because of the royal order from Marito.”

“That… I can’t deny it… but….”

“It’s the same with the other women. They can’t stand being pushed by the pressure of a man like Martio, after all he is the king. If I want to introduce a girl to him, I should think about the his position. Anyway, I’m planning to find a person that Marito can agree with. So, I’m sure everything will be okay.”

Illias is not the only one. Even me, the way I want to walk get twisted by Marito’s wild action, which is convincing and deceptive at the same time. I’m sure I’ll regrets this in the future.

Marito is a wise king, but not a saint. For the sake of the country, he will do anything by all means.

“Yes, that’s right.”

“If Marito going to introduce a woman to me after considering my preference, I would love to meet her.”

“Considering your… I see… I’ve a simple question, but what kind of woman do you like?”

“Well, I usually like cute girls and beautiful girls, but I don’t really have a biased taste. There are various girls I’ve liked in the past, so I can’t say for sure.”

“It looks like your range is really wide.”

“Of course, after all, you only know that you like the person after you met directly. So, yeah, I don’t want to forget about that encounter I had in the past with my own ideals.”

“I see, the answer is so you.”

Illias laughed as if she was amazed.

It’s easy to be conscious of her being a woman if she relax a little more like that, but let’s say that is also her personality.

“What about Illias? Is it someone who is a knight like your father?”

“It’s preferable if he is a knight. But, my feeling towards such person might be that of an aspiration. So, I don’t know if I can have a romance feeling if I meet such a person.”

“Rather, I’m sure you’ll point the sword to him.”

“What are you say….. wait, I might really do that.”

Regardless of gender, I want to continue to have this kind of relationship with Illias.

However, please no violence.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 37 Part 1

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37. In the meantime, It’s wide (Part 1)

While I was busy today, Maya-san gave me some time to set up a place for discussion at the church.

“Let’s start today’s agenda, ‘How to cure Lacra’s airhead’.”

“You want to cure something that’s similar to a natural disaster!?”


This discussion was started by adding Maya-san to the people who live in Illias’ house. However, since Wolfe was reading a book, it was actually a discussion within four people.

“Lacra was not a complete airhead, she has some good points too. So, I’ll do the usual things and analyze Lacra.”

“The usual thing? Is it understanding the other person?”

“That’s right. I’m going to close my eyes to the fact that she’s a ‘living catastrophe’ and try to understand her as an individual called, Lacra. Maya-san gave me some of her time because I want to hear an opinion from a Yugura Believer perspective.”

“I see, I understand.”

“For me, anything is fine as long as Shosho-sama feed me.”

“Lacra, do ‘seiza’ on the chair.”
[TN: Seiza is one-way of sitting in japan, It is the position where you folding your legs underneath your thighs, while resting the buttocks on the heels. (It painful to sit this way for a long time)]

So first, I asked about Lacra’s history.

Lacra Salph, 25 years old woman, and also single. She was picked up at an orphanage that run by Yugura in Mejis.

Lacra liked to interact with others, but when the relationship deepened to a certain extent, then the other person began to avoid her.

The specific reason was that since in the orphanage, Lacra caused some ‘incident’ that involved the people around her.

However, She was not ignored or bullied, and she grew up while always having a moderate friendship with the others.

After leaving the orphanage, she became a priest working at the cathedral, the sanctuary of Yugura Religion. The reason why she aimed to become a priest was that she was interested in it after being told that she had more qualities by the priests she met in the past.

However, she was not good at work that need one’s precision and was desperate every time it came to the office work, she was avoided by her colleagues, and her boss always angry at her, so she was devoted to practical training to escape from all of that. And so, She learned a lot of magic.

The first person to notice Lacra’s ability was Archbishop Ukka, who witnessed her training and noticed her talent, so he took her as his disciples. However, Archbishop Ukka was usually busy making connections with others and had little time to gave a direct guidance to Lacra.

『”If you could do all of this basics, everything will be okay”, or “You could do it already? okay, then this is next”, “I’m busy, I can’t afford to always watch your training… Oh right, please practice this too.”』

Under such a short guidance, Lacra honed her ability. And she left an excellent achievement that was out of the standard in her first demon extermination, and went up to the rack of priest at once.

Still, other things than that were not good, and so she continued to be a subordinate of Archbishop Ukka without being involved in work of other Archbishops.

“Archbishop Ukka excels in connections but lacks other talents. But he’s working hard to bring other part of him to the bare minimum level. It’s the result of that effort that he can be an Archbishop, even if most of his abilities are just average. “

“Just like Lacra, he is a person with talent in one area. But, unlike Lacra, he’s not an airhead.”

“Yeah, but when he get cocky, he’ll make a mistake. That part of him is similar to Lacra.”

Although he was a hard worker, he was a person who was easily get cocky…. Was it because he knew the taste of success so he developed that trait? But even Lacra who hasn’t even succeeded, already this bad….

“So Boy, could you analyze and understand Lacra?”

I looked at Lacra. Due to the seiza-style of sitting, her legs were numb and fall down to the ground.

“Well, well, this is just a hypothesis. Lacra is a type that can’t handle multiple things, but can concentrate on one thing to the limit.”

… Hmmm, It’s close to the things called Asperger’s syndrome in my original world. Although it’s a condition where the level of disability affects communication skills, Lacra’s interpersonal skills are not different from ordinary people. It’s more like ‘It’s similar but also not at the same time’.

But, her talent said to be special. And her life until this point was the result of making good use of it.

“You see, there are multiple processes when you do work. And Lacra tended to lose concentration when the process keep changing.”

When Lacra came to Illias’ house and I asked her to clean, she screamed several times. This happened during the work, but there was some interval between the screams.

It was a trouble that every time Lacra switch between work like sweeping the floor, cleaning the dust with a mop and giving some maintenace to the tools. However, she carried out each process well. I saw the room and it was cleaned very carefully.

In addition, it has been confirmed that at the “Dog’s bones”, she was so concentrated on the party that she cannot control her drinking.

“The teachings of Archbishop Ukka were also effective. Instead of letting her do multiple things at once, he wait until she mastered one thing before moving on to the next one. So Lacra learned all the magic in a short period of time, and, every magic ended in the high-level one.”

“Well, but isn’t it strange that she also excels in combat with that reasoning? You see, in actual battles, you have to take various actions, not just monotonous action, right?”

“That’s where you can see that Lacra is growing properly. Lacra continued her monotonous training and adapted her various skills to the same level as if it was her own limbs. Then for Lacra each step in a battle, it’s just like moving her own limbs. In other words, it can be said that she just concentrate on one thing, and that is the ‘battle’ itself. “

If the way she train was not good enough, Lacra would have caused a catastrophe even in the actual battle, since she would recognize that it was an action that need a combination of multiple processes. However, Lacra, who escaped from the devastation of office work experience, devoted herself only to training and mastered each step perfectly.

And Archbishop Ukka’s short guidance policy was also perfect for her. As a result, each step learned was combined to one action, and it became possible to concentrate the battle.

“Maybe, if she was asked to switch between attack and support each time during battle, Lacra will immediately self-destruct. And they probably didn’t instruct such a things. So Lacra who was able to concentrate on the battle more than other was able to produce results.”

“I see. So there’s a need to give her work based on that?”

“Yes, if you leave her to a one simple action endlessly, she should be able to move more efficiently than others.”

Maya-san was thinking for a while, then she brought a sewing tool as if she came up with something. The tools she brought was embroidery tools.

“If what the boy said is true, So I just need to let you focus on one thing, right? Lacra, try to do keep doing this for a while.”

After that, She handed the embroidery set to Lacra and showed the picture of the design…. Hmm, what building that have such an artistic design?

“Oh, it’s the cathedral! So I just need to make this, right?”

Lacra started to work immediately. From the stage of passing the needle through the thread, the surrounding tools were dropped to the ground a few times, but after starting the actual work, the work was done silently.

No, not only that, it eneded fast, it was to the level of ridiculous. It was slow at first, but then the thread was swimming on the cloth at the speed of sewing with a sewing machine. I mean, she was not even seen the drawings anymore. Soon after, the beautiful embroidery as designed was completed.

“I’m done!”

“…..I see, it’s amazing.”

“There is a drawback that you can not do normal work, but depending on how you use it, you can do the work of several people by yourself.”

However, It not that Lacra’ airhead was cured. It’s not a

“If this is the case, I think I can think of a job that can be left to Lacra.”

“Is that true!? Ah, but I wish I could always be fed by Shosho-sama like in my current life…”

….This girl was mentally corrupt. Not only she lacked in concentration, she also has a short-circuited brain and ‘I want to always live comfortable’ mentality.

Therefore, there was a time when she used the Charm Magic that even though she recognized it as something unpleasant but she still did that because it was easy, and she was also not giving any of her opinion when searching for books

…. This, This alone, I can’t always let it pass, especially in front of Wolfe.

“Illias, collect the rent and food money from today. I’ll pay for Wolfe. So, get rid of those who can’t pay.”

“Shosho-sama!? Won’t you pay for me too!? Aren’t we best buddies!?”

“Shut up, I won’t pay for your living expenses and rent even if we become a married couple!”

“You’re kidding me, right!? If we became a married couple, at least pay for my rent!”

Lacra was thus able to get a job again in the Yugura church. However, Maya-san refused to shelter Lacra, and in the end the airhead priest still stayed at Illias’ house.

I presume that Maya-san kicked out Lacra because she essentially felt that Lacra was mentally ill.


“I see, I felt something not good from Lacra from a long time ago, but that was true huh.”

In a break after learning about another world, I told Marito about Lacra’ history. Though it was thin, Marito may have felt the corrupt side of Lacra.

“I was worried that the words you gave her were a bit harsh. At first I thought it was the same as Lady Ratzel, maybe you were just on good terms with her, but somehow I felt that it was kind of shady.”

“Oh, that’s true… I’m sure it’s similar to me, but there was a slight difference in treatment…”

“Really? I wasn’t aware of that.”

When I was being told like that, I remembered that the way I speak to Lacra changed after I felt her ‘not good’ side.

I think I felt it instinctively, but when I thought about it again, it seemed that my sensor against other people was still working properly.

“Anyway, this place is good.”

I was always suffocating to be indoors, so I was taking a walk in the garden inside the castle. Not only the size but also the degree of maintenance was really wonderful, and I can feel that I was in some Western Countries.

“Right? It’s my garden that I proud of. That even an amateur could understand the craftsmanship.”

“Yeah, on Earth, it’s a lot like the large gardens of the Western…. West continent. I’ve seen some of the world’s most beautiful gardens, but this garden is not lose to them.”

“Right, Right? But by the way you said it, it sound like you can’t see a garden like this in your country?”

“Yeah, in Japan, there are many gardens that value its imperfectness rather than its gorgeousness. It makes you feel the satisfying but lacking beauty from the simpleness but imperfect scene in front of you.”

“So, it’s not that everything will be count as good as long as it’s gorgeous. I think it’s like pushing out that aspect so that even when the flowers don’t bloom, the garden is also look good.”

“That kind of thoughts is good enough. In fact, if you look at it with your own eyes, I’m sure, you will leak a voice of admiration too.”

After all, the goodness of a Japanese rock garden can only be conveyed by looking at it on the spot, rather than explaining it in words.

I had seen the scene of making a Japanese rock garden pattern in the media before, but I hope that I could remember it a little more better… Sure, I don’t think I can imitate it overnight, but I may have been able to convey how it looked like.

“There is another thing called, ‘Bonsai’, it was something like growing small trees in pots. Recreating outdoor trees in small pots is a very pleasurable thing to do in old age.”

“That’s interesting. Can you make it indoors?”

“I think it’s okay as long as the sunlight enters, but… In this world, Mana can be a source of nutrition and can be used as a substitute of it.”

“I see, it seems interesting to give your own Mana to grow plants. There are rare plants in the forest where the Black Wolf tribe lives. I wonder if I can get it for myself next time.”

“It would be difficult to grow it in a different environment. Ah, the trees that lived in the “Black Demon King’s Killer Mountain” were particularly beautiful. The trees that seemed to be made of crystal were especially glowed beautifully at night.”

“I’ve heard it in the folklore, but I’m reluctant to get it. It’s a mountain of death with no one to come back to life. If I send the knights just to pick it up, I’m sure my reputation as a King may decline.”

A mountain inhabited by a Slime that unilaterally preys on things with mana. So it could be said that to get the plants there equal to kill the person who go there…. Somehow I feel it’s something close to the five challenges of Princess Kaguya.

If you were a human without Mana, the threat will be reduced to some extent, but I didn’t want to be the one to go. So, only children that were qualified to do that in this world, but surely a King who forces them into a life-threatening adventure will not have a long life in his Kingdom.

“But, as I thought I want to see it at least once. It must have been wonderful, right!?”

“Yeah, it was the scenery of this world that I saw for the first time, but it was such a fantastic place that I could feel at a glance that it was definitely something could be found in a different world.”

Marito was deeply envious. And Illias who was quietly watching both of us who were excited about the story of plants. Everyone can tell the difference in the atmosphere around her and us at a glance.

“Illias, you looks bored.”

“Well, I know they’re having fun. I just don’t really sympathize to the topic.”

“Lady Ratzel doesn’t know how good the trees and nature are, but there are times when you loves flowers, right?”

“No, that’s… Ah, there was a time when I think that weapons were eye-catching and I can’t helped but fell love with it!”

After a while of silence, Marito looked sad when he looked at her face. Perhaps I also has a similar face.

“Right, each person has different taste…”

“That’s right …”


In front of Illias, who leaned her head, I kept in mind to teach Wolfe the beauty of nature.

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 36

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36. In the meantime, It’s raining

“Well, it’s morning!”

I wake up with the sound of the door opening loudly.

Of course, needless to say, I know Illias is coming into the room.

Rubbing my sleepy eyes, I get up and turn to my voice. It is Illias herself who is reflected in my view.

She should usually get up later than me and still look sleepy at this kind of time, but for some reason she seems to be full of energy today. By the way, She’s wearing full-body armor already instead of sleeping clothes.

“What do you want? It’s not even the time when the sky is bright. And I don’t think I asked for this…..”

“From today I will be in charge of your escort. I thought I had to check it from the time you woke up to get a good grasp of how I should escort you.”

Illias is unprecedentedly so confident. I feel the tension that is a reminiscent of high school students on the first day of their school trip.

“The attitude of understanding the behavior of the escort target is excellent, but is there anyone who suddenly change the wake-up time of the target?”


Hey, don’t just ‘Ah’ me…. Still, if I decide to sleep again from now on, it will be difficult to get up at my usual time.

“It can’t be helped. My eyes are half open and I don’t want to go to bed again. Sometimes I should get up early.”

Then, I get up slowly while checking my physical condition. Since the side effect of Maya’s possession, which is used to understand the language of this world, and the side effect that muscle pain is delayed due two days, it is necessary to check my physical condition while doing a light stretch like this. It’s a daily routine already.



Illias is looking at me while I’m stretching. I understand that you said that you would check my condition and situation, but could you please guess it faster?

“I want to change my clothes”

“I don’t mind, you know.”

“Get out!”

After that, I have my breakfast and take a tea break. There are three people in the living room except Lacra. Lacra is still sleeping soundly, probably because of her new bed.

Illias looks at me when I take a break. She’s staring at me intensely.

“Well, Should we study at home all day today?”

“Yes, Shisho-“

“Wait, why don’t you go out?”

“Look out the window.”

It’s a little dark outside the window. Furthermore, the sound of rain is pleasant to my ears. I don’t want to go out for no reason on such a day.

“What’s wrong with it?”

“I don’t want to get wet, so I’m spending my time at home today.”

“Wolfe don’t want to get wet either.”

“You are hired by His Majesty, right? What do you need to rest just because of the rain!?”

“Marito just tells me to come on a free day. I get some wages, but it’s a commission system so I can take a break at any time.”

By the way, if the content of the story I told to him is good, I can get a small amount of money, and if he can use it for his new policies, I can get a reasonable idea fee. I’m grateful for it, but I don’t want to go there every day.

“If what you tell to His Majesty today could be incorporated into this Kingdom policy, people’s lives will improve a day sooner.”

“Then, if I go out in the rain and catch a cold for three days, the improvement will be delayed for two days. Marito also has a normal job. Anyway, if I forcibly increase the number of jobs, it will be just a burden for Marito.”

“Mmmm… But my first day of escort is inside the house for a whole day is just…..”

“You don’t need to be so tense like that. From now on, if you protected me with that kind of attitude every day, both of us will just get tired.”

“That’s right, but….”

Still, Illias doesn’t seem to be convinced. It’s not hard to understand the excitement of the knight’s life, which is usually disciplined.

However, it is a different story whether or not to take off one’s job. It is even better to make her give up and understand that this is also life.

“Shisho, Wolfe want to go to the Castle.”

“It’s raining today, so today’s training…..Right. Marito said to bring you there once in a while. So, should we go?”


“That’s it. We’re going out, Illias.”

“Ye, yeah!”

Wolfe has taken the trouble to read the air and tells me to go out for Illias’ sake. So, I can’t just ignore two people opinions.

You see, humans who want to live safely are vulnerable to the consequences of democracy.

After getting ready, Lacra got up at the timing of departure.

yawn, good morning everyone….”

“Alright, everyone run!”

“Wait a minute!?”

That’s how I arrived at Marito’s office. Marito was just free, partly because I came slowly.

“Hmm, a lot of people came today, huh. It was unexpected that even Lacra from Yugura Religion came.”

“Sorry, she was resisted so hard when I tried to tie her up.”

“Don’t leave me alone! Even so, it’s a fine office. The offices of the archbishops of Yugura Religion are all small and simple.”

“Yeah, I heard that before. It seems that the current Pope, Euparo, likes simplicity, and others are influenced by it. This room is the place used by successive kings, sure it feels wide, but I don’t have to renovate it narrowly either. “

“Still, it’s too small if there are six people inside.”

“It can’t be helped, there are five more, right?”

An invisible hand taps on my shoulder. By the way, I had to keep secret about that guy. It may be acceptable up to Illias, but it seems that I want to hide it from Lacra. So, I deliberately look around.

“Oh, by the way, Lord Ragdo who is always here, he’s not present today?”

“He was always there because the period you were in was a special time. He’s usually busy wandering around.”

“… Your Majesty Marito, is surprisingly quite relaxed when talking with Shosho-sama.”

“Because it’s one of the few friends I have. Unless it’s an official place, I will use this way of talking.”

I don’t mind that, but it’s confusing for those who hear that you can switch your way of talking from time to time. As for Lacra, I don’t feel like She’ll be able to understand it.

It can’t be helped to just chat lazily. The reason I came today is to show Illias a normal life. Let’s talk about the Earth’ culture to Marito.

“I remembered something because of the rain, but isn’t there a weather forecast in this world?”

“Weather forecast means reading the weather in advance and communicating it to others, right? Do you do that in that world? But, isn’t the weather unpredictable?”

“Sure, We can’t change the weather, but it has a prediction rate of around 80% just based from the movement of clouds. Well, you could predict it in various ways, so it could let the people prepare for the weather. Changes in temperature also could be predicted too.”

“Hmmmm. I thought that if you look at the rain clouds, you can be wary of the rain after that, but you can’t predict the weather of the day, but you can do that, huh. Certainly, if you understand the flow of that day weather, you can prepare for anything in advance. Sure, It is something convenient.”

“Artificial satellites…. Hmmm, it’s a method of installing an unmanned turret above the clouds, observing the flow of the clouds on the ground, and reading the weather ahead.”

“I’m not sure about the detail of the process, but if you can constantly monitor the movement of clouds from the sky, you can predict the weather to some extent.”

Voice communication is possible with the Secret Art of Yugura Religion. There are technologies like fax too, but they are still a long way in the future to be widespread enough.

However, considering Maya’s possession technique, it may be possible to use an alternative method using Magic. Anyway, it’s a system that can be fully translated in real time, this is not yet completed even in the earth.

“In Shosho-sama’ world, various things are possible, huh.”

“The number one factor is the absence of magic. It’s a level that hasn’t been completely denied but hasn’t been proven. That’s why people are developing civilization in that way.”

“A world without magic… it seems inconvenient.”

“As a result of somehow improving that inconvenience, you can do various things there.”

The drawback in this world is that although there is a paranormal phenomenon called Magic, each country is not actively researching it.

Civilization has evolved due to the development of war and medicine. However, due to the involvement of Magic, precise research has not progressed, and the existence of the Magic Sealing Stone has put a brake on its further development.

The frequency of wars is low, and the competitive spirit against other countries can’t be really seen. So, it is no wonder that civilization is slowly developing.

Yugura Religion’s use of Magic as a peculiar technique may be due to the awareness that the Demon King may reappear in the future.

“Oh, right. Since the number of visitors is increasing by three today. If you have any questions about civilizations in different worlds, just ask.”

I see, so there such a way to like this, huh? Sure, They may have questions from unexpected directions.

I see Illias, Wolfe and Lacra. The first person to raise her hand was Lacra.

“In “Dog’s Bone”, Shosho-sama has established a dish that uses salt, which is his favorite food. The cooking culture in that world, How it look like?”

“Well, there’s one big differences. In that world, you can fly anywhere in the world just in a day or two. Ingredients that you want to get, you can try to get if you want. Therefore, the customs of each country and foreign cultures have been added to make unique changes.”

“I see, is the ‘Earth’ unexpectedly small?”

“I don’t know how big this world is, but my hometown, Japan, is about 60th in size. But it’s still many times larger than the Tiez territory?”


“Over 200 countries, and population over 7 billion in total.”

“It’s so huge, but just in a day or two…”

“Hmm, how should I explain it….. Hundreds of people are on board and flying in the sky are flying day and night. Of course, there are also large ships that can carry more than 2,000 people. “

“Wow, that many!?”

No, no, the people here could run 20 km/h, and normal horses here are all at the horse racing level, the movement abilities of this world is also at a strange level. It goes without saying that this world and the earth at the same era, this world is more developed than the Earth.

“That’s why I feel that the food culture is progressing quickly because we can always use ingredients from other countries and we are focusing on further development together. Do you have any next questions?”


“Wolfe, what is it?”

“Is there something like Wolfe’s village at there?”

A very hard question came up. But it’s certainly something that Wolfe is worried about.

“First of all, there are no sub-humans at Earth. However, due to the influence of the difference in temperature and sunlight exposure depending on the region, the difference between the one with white and black skin is sparser than in this world. In the past, skin color discrimination was terrible. “

“How is it now?”

“It could be said equal, but it doesn’t mean that past customs have completely disappeared. We are currently struggling to correct it.”


“Yeah, it’s amazing. By the way, in terms of the degree of civilization development, there are some areas where there are villages similar to the Wolfe’s village. These tribes are doing well while preserving their culture.”

“What about the place where Shisho was born?”

“I’m from Japan. The population is about 100 million, and there are rural areas also urban areas. There is no racial discrimination, but there is moderate gender discrimination, age discrimination, job discrimination, etc. Instead, they vote for representatives from the people, who hold daily parliaments to discuss the future of the country.”

“I can’t really image that.”

You’re the King. The population is still growing, and few will be able to help you in the future.

“All the people have a lot of opportunities to get compulsory education from 6 years old for 9 years, then 3 years of self-choice, and then 4 years or even a few years. With that, you can aim for a certain position with effort and luck.”

“You’re not tied to the family business, huh.”

“Although there are some like that, but parents are less likely to decide on their children’s lives. For the detail explanation, let’s do it after Wolfe gains a little more knowledge of the country. So that Wolfe can do some comparation to understand it faster, okay?”


But, to be honest, I don’t want Wolfe to be poisoned by the common sense of the Earth. If she feel uncomfortable with the system in this world, it can be stressful for her to live.

“Lastly, I…. Hmm … what about the military force in your world?”

“Speaking straightforwardly, there is no such a monster like you at there. There may be people who are close in terms of skill, but as long as there is no means of strengthening with Mana, the physical ability of the people there is limited.”

“Sure, it’s going to be hard without Mana Enhancement. So if Tiez and your country fight, will our country overwhelm yours?”

“It’s a very special assumption because we don’t like wars…If the people on the Earth gets serious, we could make Marito surrender completely in three days. “

“What!? But in your story, isn’t your army can’t be compared to our Knights?”

“Yes, but there is something we can do. It’s still painful if the enemies at the Illias level, but we could annihilate ordinary knights. So, even if you keep winning alone, in the end that’s not enough to win the war, right?”

Illias may withstand tank bombardment, but the others are not the same Gorilla like her. Firearms might also effective, and it is difficult to deal if the battles within the city.

If so, we should just leave Illias alone and make a saturation attack and end the war like that.

“That is….”

“If you push the village or the kingdom to the battlefield as it is, It’ll be a race to break Marito’s heart or lose the people.”

“If the people are involved, as expected it’ll be hard.”

“But Japan is a pacifist. It try to have nothing but force to protect the country it self. I think other countries are more aggressive.”

It is difficult at this stage to allow the Japanese to invade other countries. Even if it’s the countries in the fantasy world, public opinion will be harsh.

“If you can go back and forth between your world and ours, that would be a big problem.”

“It’s just wishful thinking, My world tends not to like war. As long as you don’t launch a genocide on my world, we’ll be mild. Fortunately, with Maya’s possession, communication can be done easily.”

“I see, if you can communicate, you can ask someone to stand around between two countries like the relationship between Tiez and the Black Wolf’ village.”

I avoided a bad way to speak because it was in front of the king, but that’s right. Self-control will not be difficult if they are not barbarians and can communicate with each other.

Although there is cultural friction, The Earth has a history of experiencing wars. So, the objective opinion is, ‘there should be no problem’, right?

However, the situation changes depending on which country will be the bridge between two world. If it is Japan, it will be mild, but what will happen to other countries…..

“In summary, the strength of the individual in here is higher than the standard in my world. But, as a comprehensive force, I feel like my world is better.”

“I’m still a little unconvinced, but… if you say so, I guess it must be true then.”

“That’s because I’m just an average person there. Still, if I want to produce some achievements, I need to understand the high level of professional ability. Because there are experts in each field of crimes at my world. It’s that kind of world.”

“That is…. true.”

“Okay, since we talked about this, let me ask, what kind of a person are you?”

“I’m just an ordinary person living in the city. But sometime, I use my head a little.”

“Hmmm, it must be somewhere in uninhabited area.”

“Shut up.”

The viability of an individual can’t even be compared. Sure, we can win in the war, but everyone will get a mental trauma.

“Let’s stop the dangerous story around here. I’m a little interested in the mechanism of transferring pictures from the turret that came out in the weather story. I wonder if you can explain in detail as much as you can?”

“Hmm, is it better to explain from the binary system that Marito understood? Starting with a combination of one and zero…..”

With that feeling, I start talking in more detail. Around this point, explanations using figures have begun, and it is difficult to follow stories other than the intelligent Marito. But I have them to listen it quietly.

Lacra fell asleep, so I threw her out from the room.

I made them understand the mechanism of converting an image into a numerical value, sending it to the recipient side as an electric signal, and outputting it as an image again, and the story went on to the point where I said what the mechanism of the electric signal was. And before I noticed it, it was already a good time to go back.

It would have been only a few hours if I had prepared the materials to be presented in advance, but still it is difficult to be fully prepared because the number of questions increases each time.

On the way back, the rain had come to the extent that it made me want to question the significance of the coat that I was wearing.

“In the end, I just wasting my time in the safest place in this kingdom, what Illias think about your job right now?”

“That said, it was more like an observation than an escort… but I think I heard a valuable story. Now, I understand why His Majesty wants to hire you.”

“But, as Marito said, if I can come and go freely between my world and this world, I’m sure you will be exempted from your role as soon as possible.”

If you can call an expert and listen the detail, there is no longer a thing that the king likes from me, which is just an ordinary people in another world. Moreover, I will not be escorted by knights as it is now.

With that in mind, I would like to refrain from imagining the development of this world.

“But still, it could be said that you’re helping us right now. Even if that happens in the future, His Majesty will never forget to thank you.”

“…That’s right.”

yawn! I slept well! The story of Shosho-sama has the power to make someone sleep well!”

“I can’t take her to the castle anymore, or rather, she’s completely unemployed without being given a church job.”

“That’s right… If only the Pope came already, I can go back to Mejis and go back to monster hunting… but I don’t have enough traveling expenses anymore!”

Lacra seems to be excellent in battle. She’s a priest that also has a good track record. Others than that are terrible, so you can see that only her ability is considerable.

However, there is almost no damage caused by Monsters in Tiez territory. Even if there is, the knight who is resident in the village will do something about it.

As for her work as a priest… Right, she has the skill to get expelled from the church by the archbishop in this country. I think that if she have some talent, I can do some kind of mediation….

Should I ask her to use her combat skills as to become a training partner with the knights? However, it is difficult to get a salary from that. It is hard to say that she is so good that she can be called a combat adviser either.

As an instructor who teaches Yugura Religion techniques……. She should refrain from inadvertently leaking their secret techniques.

After all, there is no choice but to find a job that’s suitable even with Lacra’s airhead trait.

“Should I think about what kind of work that Lacra could do….. I guess, nothing?

“Shosho-sama, I don’t mind if you want to always feed me you know?”

“… Should I sell you?”