Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 46

46. Talk with the other groups 2

“The things I found difficult, is that correct?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Thank you very much, then let me introduce myself. My name is Nana Soga. After attending a co-ed elementary school in the special ward, I was transferred to a girls’ middle school.”


I’m sure, in both elementary and middle school classes, there are three girls and one boy.

Four people, including men and women, form a group. That means, the same female-male ratio. Shouldn’t be a problem for her to continue to co-ed middle school, right?

“…May I ask, why?”

“Yes. When I went to middle school, there is a re-examination… At that time, my family situation wasn’t very good. So, I wasn’t accepted to a co-ed middle school. Until then, I thought I was on the side of the chosen ones. But I found out that it wasn’t the case, and I finally understood how difficult it is to be chosen.”

Soga-san spoke briskly, but sometimes her face contorted with bitterness.

Perhaps those days flashed in her mind.

Yeah, right… re-examination is tough. But, it’s clear what’s the priority…

So, it’s all probably because of her parent’ situation…

“The fact that you are in this school means that you managed to overcome that?”

“That’s right. Three years of middle school… I was so depressed. In that desperation, I set this as one of my goals in life.”

Some of the other girls nodded at Soga-san’s words.

Even if entering co-ed high school wasn’t their goal in life like Soga-san, this must have been that important for them…

To the point where they would do their best to go back to the side of being chosen. Or in a sense, they re-evaluate the chosen sides.

Still, they didn’t rot and climbed the cliff once again… Good.

“Hearing the story. So, you learned for the first time how difficult it is to be chosen. But, instead of giving up, you used that as a source for keep trying.”

“Yes. When I was depressed, my friend told me that was the same for them. So, I realized that it wasn’t only me. With their encouragement, I slowly thought that everything wasn’t too late to be changed. So, I tried my best.”

“I see. That’s really amazing.”

Another girl then opened her mouth saying,

“It’s the same with the entrance exam for this school, the selection criteria weren’t made public at all.”

As if to answer, another girl spoke,

“If they announce it, it’ll only be used as countermeasures. Also, because of this, even the ones usually on the chosen side, feel uneasy.”

Come to think of it, Yuuko didn’t pass the exam either. I don’t think Yuuko is inferior to them in terms of intelligence.

If it wasn’t favoritism, it was a conclusion based on a calm judgment of Yuuko’s abilities, right?

So, what are exactly the selection criteria?

“By the way, Soga-san, if you have to give one reason why you weren’t selected for a co-ed middle school, what would you think of?”

I was curious and asked.

“Only one? Then… because my parent isn’t part of “Kazoku”?”

“Umm, “Kazoku”?”

“My mother works at a bank.”


I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Do other people know what it means?

Ah, it seems that one person understood. I asked Soga-san a question.

“Hey, perhaps, are your parent working at a “Zaibatsu” bank?”

“That’s right. That’s why I wasn’t accepted.”

After the “Kazoku”, came the “Zaibatsu”.

…Judging from the flow of the story, is it a feud between factions?

“Sorry, but I’m not interested in that sort of thing, so I don’t know much about it. Are you at a disadvantage if you work for a Zaibatsu bank?”

“I don’t think there is any obvious disadvantage. However, people living in Special Ward Osaka and Tokyo tend to dislike government intervention. In the area around Central Station, a lot of people living there are part of the Kazoku. So, if you’re not part of it, it’s easy to get outcasted.”

“Kazoku”… it’s the nobility of Japan. In the original world, it was gone already. But here, the nobility system still remains huh?

Still, I’ve never heard of a nobleman living in the special ward. Has it become a mere formality?

As I delved deeper into my memory, it seemed that people of the “Kazoku” had a lot of land in the countryside and lived there.

…So, in short, they’re just a local landlord. But from Soga-san’s words, they seem to have some power even within the special ward.

In the original world, there were a lot of politicians and directors of NPOs who were former “Kazoku” there.

And, in this world, where they’re not completely gone, it wouldn’t be strange to have more power… right.

“The current government seems to have few parliamentarians from the Kazoku……”

“Lately, the central government and the local government of the central area are quite fussing over the Special Ward Ordinance, right?”

The talk between the girls was indeed quite informative.

They must be interested in it because it was related to their future and their parents’ progress.

Non-noble members of parliament were called the “General”.

And, members of the National Diet were elected evenly from each region.

The “Kazoku” living in the countryside must have sent their people as members.

Of course, the ones in the special ward too. And also called the “Noble”.

And the bank that Soga-san’s mother worked for was neither one of them, but belonged to the “Zaibatsu”. Basically, the businessmen who had businesses that managed to last for generations, in short, the “Conglomerate”. Although they had a long history, as a standing position, it was below the Noble, about the same as the General, but sometimes, seen as one step below the General.

“…It’s complicated, isn’t it?”

There were no more words I could say other than that.

My family moved from the countryside, and none of those.

Originally, the social standing should be at the bottom in the Special Ward, but thanks to me, that’s not the case.

Otherwise, Mom might be put in the do-nothing spot, bullied, dismissed, moved to a different Special Ward, and even kicked out of the Special Ward even though she hasn’t caused any problems. But, because of me, a boy in her family, the one who would get in trouble if that happens, will be the one who hired her.

Probably, if I make a fuss about my mother’s unfair dismissal on SNS, the higher-up in her company may get fired by the shareholders.

So, I don’t need to worry about Mom being mistreated. But, as expected, even one boy is so much different from having zero in the family.

For that reason, Mom may be burdened with hardships that I don’t know about.

That aside, I casually asked them about what they found “difficult”, only to get a very serious story… it’s quite unexpected, to be honest…

“So, has anyone else had a hard time?”

“Yes. I’m called, Yuna Okabe. This spring, I was finally able to move into a public housing in the special ward, but I’ve had a hard time with my shopping and moving my luggage…”

I don’t know what you’re talking about either.

Someone, give me more information.

“So, you’re living in a housing complex?”


“That’s how it is in housing complexes, isn’t it?”

“It’s hard, isn’t it?”

The girls were excited just by talking about a housing complex. How unexpected.

When I asked about it, I learned that the distribution network for transporting goods that ran underground covered a considerable part of the road, including the main roads and residential areas, but it seemed that it wasn’t all of them.

Okabe-san’s mother worked as a clerk in the Special Ward, and seemed to have been commuting from outside all the time.

As Okabe-san passed the exam to go into Itsuki High School, her family got permission to live in the Special Ward.

They had a financial problem, so they decided to move into a public housing complex where unspecialized workers usually lived, because it was cheap compared to other areas in the Special Ward. There was a reason why it was cheap. It was inconvenient.

“You lived outside the special ward until then, right? Compared to before, how is it?”

I was curious about that.

“The place where I used to live was pretty dirty. Trashes were everywhere, the road in front of my house was congested all year round, the exhaust gas was terrible, and it was noisy, so it wasn’t a good place.”

Is it like living in a place near the industrial area of Tokyo in the original world?

“So, a lot of traffic jams, huh? After all, everyone has a car.”

“Yes. I think everyone there has one, although mostly, it’s a small car.”

Now that I think about it, here, even if you don’t have a car, you won’t feel inconvenienced.

You can go shopping empty-handed if you want to. It’s really amazing.

You can use buses, trains, or unmanned taxis at a low cost.

In the first place, the special ward isn’t that large, so there’s no problem even if you do not have a car.

But, as expected, the outside is different huh.

Seems everyone has a car and travels by car most of the time. So, congested roads aren’t that strange.

And in a place with a high concentration of people, it must be difficult to socialize with neighbors, and also problems with bad odors and noise…

“Which is easier to live in, before or now?”

“Of course, it’s now. Shopping and transportation are inconvenient, but to be able to live in such a nice place, even if I sell my soul to the devil, I want to keep living here.”

Apparently, the outside of the Special Ward wasn’t such a good place for her.

And when I looked around, everyone was nodding, perhaps feeling the same way.

Anyway, through this exchange, I learned a lot about them.

Really, I was glad that I could hear about many things directly from their mouth.

In the end, I enjoyed talking with them until the last minute in the common room.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 45

45. Talk with the other groups 1

At my raised voice, all the conversations in the class disappeared… not to mention, everyone looked at me in an instant.

This is a lot of attention…

But I can’t be scared here.

I was nervous, but I had an experience receiving this much attention in the original world.

It was when I appeared on the big stage at a judo tournament.

There should be more of this in the future. How can you be so nervous just by the size of the class?! Get a grip!

After scolding myself, I took a deep breath.

“Everyone, thank you for the self-introductions last time. It took me a while, but I’ve finally read them all.”

For a moment, the classroom was noisy.

I could faintly hear “He really read it?” here and there, so it wasn’t a bad reaction.

“I understand how everyone feels. And so, I thought that I would like to know more about all of you… not just by sentence in the paper, but by words from the mouth. A direct conversation.”

I couldn’t continue from there. My voice was drowned out as the classroom roared with “Woooo!”.

Somehow it reminded me of an idol concert.

I tried to raise my voice again, but gave up when I saw the girls slowly coming, without stopping.

The other classmates, who were outside the classroom, wondered what happened and joined them. Thus, the classroom was in an uproar.

Let’s wait for them to calm down first.

When I looked around, I found Atsushi in the corner of the classroom.

My bad. Really.

Anyway, I brought this up for a reason.

Going out to the central station shortened the distance between me and my group members.

As the friendship deepened, it became possible to speak naturally in the classroom.

I was relieved to have someone I could talk to normally in high school. So, my opinion about this group system was a good one.

In the original world, there was a time when I went to a festival. There, I played the scooping fish game. When I tried to scoop the goldfish in the tank, I was fascinated by the goldfish swimming inside, and couldn’t use the scoop well.

At that time, my brother told me, “Don’t look at the whole tank.”

And that was the thought I had about this group system. It was to narrow down the boy’s focus so that he wouldn’t be lost.

However, this system also had its drawbacks. This was especially noticeable in this high school where there were only a few boys.

The girls outside the group had to keep their fingers in their mouths when a boy talked with his group members happily.

In long term, this would increase their stress level.

The more friendly I talked to the group members, the more I got along with them, and the more the frustration of the other girls piled up.

And that was not my intention.

Then what should I do? I just needed to make the opportunity to talk to them. That was the answer that came to my mind.

But, I realized something after I went out with my group to the central station.

If a boy created an opportunity to get to know them, they would take advantage of it. No matter what the reason.

However, as expected, doing so all at once could lead to a negative result.

And even I wouldn’t be able to handle a severe effect, and it might cause trouble for Atsushi, my only male friend.

So, I was thinking of taking the time and going step by step.

I had plenty of time after all. I was vaguely thinking that it would be nice if I could get to know everyone before the summer vacation.

However, given the current state of affairs, it wouldn’t be a problem to advance the plan a little. At least that was what I thought.

Because I felt that the longer that I put this matter off, the deeper the riff between my group members and the other girls.

Thus, I started the plan to deepen friendships with my classmates.

Specifically, from today onwards, I decided to talk with each group in the common room that the student could use. To be honest, this wasn’t my idea.

Personally, I thought it would be nice to have a few people talk in the classroom after school, but after a girl came to me and said, “How about doing by group?”, and before I answered, another girl said, “I’m going to reserve a common room”, before running out. Really fast.

It reminded me of a ninja I saw in a movie.

After that, a fierce rock-paper-scissors game was about to begin, so I intervened, saying “Let’s start from group 1” and calmed them down.

“Even if it’s by group, it’s not compulsory. I don’t want you to misunderstand that. If you have any urgent things to do on the day, or if you don’t want to talk to me, you don’t have to join.”

I told them so, but to be honest, I thought that even people with plans would cancel them and force themselves to join. Well, that would be their problem.

After school, I went to the reserved common room.

There were a few of them and anyone could use this place if they applied.

It was a plain room with only one table inside. Each person would need to take a folding chair. When they were done, they would need to clean it before returning the key.

In front of me, a group of five people was sitting side by side.

Why does it feel as if I’m gonna do a group interview?

“Hmm, can you sit more relaxed? Like, let’s form a circle.”

When I told them so, they sat down around the table. And I was made to sit in the birthday seat.

Guess it’s time to show my skill, “blowing the fire out in one breath”?…Anyway, who will be the first?

“…I’m the leader, Akemi Yoshimura. T-thank you fow…”

Yoshimura-san stuttered.

Hearing that, I thought that I should take the lead and make them relax. Actually, I was nervous too.

“Well… the reason I created this opportunity was that… I wanted to deepen my friendship with everyone as soon as possible.”

After much thought. I tried to speak as friendly as possible.

For some reason, I felt calmer when I knew that there were people who were more nervous than I was. I could even see their faces, even their eyes if I wanted to.

The five of them seemed very nervous, but from what I knew, they all lived in a Special Ward. So, it was quite unexpected.

“Since I went to an all-girls school up till now, I actually don’t have a lot of experience talking to boys…”

Yoshimura-san muttered embarrassedly.


…Right, not all girls living in the special ward can attend the co-ed school.

Elementary and middle schools decide the number of female students according to the number of male students enrolled, so those who fail are inevitably sent to all-girls schools.

“…Well. you can talk about anything freely… Even if I said so, I don’t think you know what to talk about, right…? Hmm… is there anything you find difficult? Life, studies, exercise, hobbies. It doesn’t matter even if it’s about a relationship, or if it’s just about clearing a game. If you have one, you can say it.”

Perhaps my suggestion was surprising, they all tilted their heads. But, one of them quickly raised her hand.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 44

TN : In Japan, from 29 April to 3 – 6 May (depending on the year), are national holidays, since it usually lasts about 1 week, it’s known as “Golden Week”

44. A visitor in the next Golden Week

Mom came home at night. As always.

I understood that she had a difficult job, but I would like her to come back a little earlier for her health.

“Aki-chan, Take-chan, could you both spare me time?”

Unusually, Mom called me.

Usually, unless there was something very special, we communicated with each other through messages.

This was because it took less time and putting words in messages was easier for both. So, it had been a long time since Mom called me like this.

“What is it, Mom?”

“It’s about the next GW. I got a message from your Grandma, that she would come over here.”

“Eh? Grandmother?”

As I searched the memory, one person came to mind. In short, Grandma was an old lady with a pretty wild vibe.

“Oh, how rare. I wonder how long since I last saw her…”

“I’m sure it’s been five years. The last time she came was when Take-chan was ten years old.”

Mom and Sis were having fun.

On the other hand, I forcibly corrected my frowning face into a smile.

“Take-chan, you don’t have to be so cautious.”

Mom noticed my forced smile and said so.

Anyway, that wasn’t what bugged me.

What a wild person…

The image of Grandma in my memory was unlike any other woman I had seen in this world.

It seemed that I actually had met her in person when I was ten years old. And her appearance was firmly imprinted in my memory.

Then, Mom showed me some pictures of Grandma.

“Grandma… by any chance, is she doing a long-distance delivery?”

A tanned face with a gigantic truck in the background. The truck behind was the so-called “Decoration Truck”. [TN: Also called, “Dekotora”]

“That’s right. It looks like there will be a delivery nearby. Besides, the company is closed in Golden Week, so it looks like there won’t be any plans for a while. That’s why she contacted me saying that she would stop by. Well, it’s Golden Week after all.”

Mom said so carefreely.

“I see…”

This… what an ordeal…

I held my chest.

Memory… after all, could be said as a tricky thing.

This body had been planted with a sense of dislike towards Grandma, and naturally, my breathing became shallow and my heart beat faster.

Grandma, called “Satoko Souya”, lived in a rural area in Nagano Prefecture, and her job was truck driver, transporting goods all over Japan.

Mom started living in Special Ward Tokyo not long after she gave birth to me.

In short, only Sis had some memories of living in Nagano.

When a male baby was born, there would be a high risk of kidnapping. And if the child got taken abroad, it would be hard to track.

Therefore, the best option was to do everything to live in a Special Ward as soon as possible.

Also, rumors about the birth of a boy spread quickly in rural areas, so it would be hard to raise him secretly.

For safety reasons, I had never visited Grandma’s house in Nagano.

Sis went to visit there a few times during the summer vacation of elementary school, but I had always stayed at home during any holiday. Well, considering the rarity of boys, it just couldn’t be helped.

Then Mom brought her younger sister, Minayo Souya, to live together after she established a footing in the Special Ward Tokyo.

Since they would live together, it seemed that Mom and Aunt Minayo shared the rent of this house.

Yes, this mansion was still a rented house. This family would fall apart after I became an adult after all. There was no point in buying a house.

That aside, I was thinking about what to do…

“Mom, Take-kun is frightened… as expected.”

“I wonder if it’s a trauma from the last time.”

The owner of this body had an introverted personality. Even if this body had no problem with the motor nerves, it had no exercise experience.

On the other hand, Grandma was the type that put her hands before her mouth. Even her legs would move faster than her mouth. In short, the personalities just didn’t match.

Grandma began to train her ten-year-old grandson saying that it was a parent’s duty to make her child presentable in public.

So, while Grandma was training her grandson, the real “Taketo Souya”, while saying “This level should be easy for you”, he thought that “Hell is better than this!”, and thus it became a trauma.

According to my memory, even though Mom understood the situation, she didn’t say anything.

Did Mom do it on purpose?

Anyway, I was trying to come up with some excuses for now.

“Ah! That’s right! I’ve plans to go out with my friends for GW!”

“When Grandma arrives, let’s all go out somewhere together.”

Mom saw through my lies.

Damn it.

The next day, when I arrived at school, Toono-san and Hashigami-san were already in class.

Since there was still time, I stood by the window. As expected, both of them naturally came to my left and right.

Maybe the date last time was the reason, but in the past few days, their guard had also been refined.

“Souya-kun, have you done the homework?”

“The math…? Well, yeah, but I’m not all.”

I left the difficult question without an answer. So, I couldn’t say that I did all.

“Would you like me to show you mine?”

Hashigami-san suggested that, but I shook my head.

“No. Showing more than what your real ability is to the teacher, will only make your life difficult.”

I mean, I don’t want to be expected to be good at studying…

“Is that so? Anyway, if there’s anything you don’t understand, I don’t mind teaching you.”

“Thank you. I’ll be in your care when such a crisis comes.”

Yep, I’m glad that we went out together.

I can feel that we’re getting along pretty well since then.

“By the way, you can ask me too.”

I didn’t mean to be rude but Toono-san, who looked like a gyaru, was surprisingly good at studying.

“Then, what about studying together next time?”

“Good idea. Whose place will it be?”

When the two were excited, I heard something.


“…… What? Have a problem?”

Said Toono-san while raising her eyebrows.

Recently, even though the distance between me and the members of the group had narrowed, the atmosphere between them and the other girls in the class wasn’t good.

Especially the eyes of girls who came from Special Ward were painfully sharp. And Toono-san sensed it sensitively.

Well, I understood Toono-san’s feelings. Even if they didn’t say it was malicious, but the gaze was directed at her with negative emotions.


“Yeah, I know.”

Everyone in the class knew that we got along so well that we joked with each other.

Raising that many negative emotions at this time of year, wasn’t my intention.

In particular, I didn’t mean to create a rift between students living in the Special Ward and students living outside the Special Ward.

Well, I understood that some distance might be created, but for it to be this big already and happened at a fast pace, was unexpected.

I thought it would be better to do it after I get used to school a little more but, seems like it’s better to advance the plan…

“Everyone, listen!”

I raised my voice.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 43

43. Cousin’s homework

After hearing the story of the Goddess, I was convinced.

That, after all, there were fights over men in the past.

Well, it was something in the past. Stealing from someone else might be common at that time.

But as expected, if the male fertility rate were to drop sharply, any communities would easily be wiped out if they kept that way of life.

So… what about these modern times?

Suppose someone writes on SNS, “It seems that more men will not be born.”

Gradually, various speculations will fly around, and there’ll always be those who say, “The country won’t do anything.”

And usually, their voices are the ones that get louder. Then, their words would change like, “I can’t let these guys run the country.”

If that happens, men may get treated like trophies again.

Women with extreme desires may rush to get, or even kidnap men with all their might, saying, “Why do I need to follow what the country says? F*ck them.”

In short, the presence of men can be a factor in regime change.

What should you do to prevent it? Easy. That’s, to educate the people so that they do not, and wouldn’t think like that.

By tightening the punishment for doing something to a man.

By not letting your desires show and forcing yourself to hold them up.

They were taught to restrain themselves in many aspects.

Parents must have educated their children like that for decades.

Without realizing that it has distorted the society…

『”Well, the women can vent their desires, albeit moderately.”』

…Visiting the special ward is free, and MSA (Male Service Activity) is also being implemented as a national policy. They definitely can vent some of their desires, to some extent…

Only I, who came from another world, feel that there’s something strange with this society. Most of them must have thought of the current society as the correct one…

“There are few men, so it can’t be helped huh…?”

『”I think that’s the identity of the discomfort you are feeling.”』

“…. I see. I guess, I can somehow understand it now.”

The unreasonably severe measures that they get if they do something bad to man, might be to protect their own power structure rather than to protect the man…

I looked up at the sky.

So, what should I do…?

The light radiating from the sun felt so dazzling to my eyes.

On the way home, I happened to see Moe-chan, so we walked side by side to home.

“How is it? Do you have a problem with your study?”

I chose a non-intrusive conversation.

Or rather, that was all that came to my mind.

Really, not having a common topic was really painful.

“It’s a little… hard.”

To my surprise, I got such an answer.

I thought she would answer that she was fine.

“Is that so? Shall I teach you?”

As expected, even I should be able to understand elementary school studies… I should be… right?

I got no reply from Moe-chan.

Rather than giving me a hating look, it seemed to me that she was refraining, as if she was having trouble choosing what to say.

“Well, it’s important to try doing it yourself, but when you’re having trouble in understanding something, it’s better to ask someone. You may discover something new that’ll help you.”

I might have talked like I was someone great, but I didn’t say something wrong. I just stated facts based on my experiences.

My life had always been full of things I didn’t understand, so I kept asking people.

On the contrary, when I tried to interpret it myself, in most cases, it led to a bad result. After all, humans had their own good points.

Some people might be good at moving their bodies, and some might be good at using their heads.

“Yes… T-then, may I ask your help?”

“Of course.”

I thought that it would be nice if we could have a little common topic with this, but I was───

“──so shallow-minded.”

“Taketo Onii-chan, you don’t have to force yourself.”

“Yeah, you’re right. This is so frustrating…”

Why I couldn’t understand the content of elementary school students?

Elementary school students these days are so difficult huh… I mean───

──what is “Area Diagram”?”

“It’s to explain a calculation of something in a way of calculating an area of square or rectangle, or similar. In this case, it’s better to use a square. The height is the number of people, and the width is the price of things. Then, the area is the total amount of things you bought.”

“I see…”

What’s this? Is this important?

Also, it’s me who is supposed to teach her. Why am I the one being taught by Moe-chan, an elementary school student?

Ugh… my dignity… f*ck it, let’s ask Sis.

“Wait here, I’ll go to Sis’ room.”

After saying that, I went to my sister’s room with the prints.

“Take-kun? Is this… Moe-chan’s?”

“Yes. I just don’t understand it very well.”


“Hm? Sis, do you not understand it either?”

“No, I understand. But, that’s not the problem. This, is what you are supposed to learn at the co-ed school.”

“… I don’t think I’ve learned it though?”

“I mean, when you are a student in a girls’ elementary school and want to go co-ed middle school, you must take a POS (Proficiency of Skill) test. And from what I’ve heard, something like this will come out in that test.”

“Wait, Moe-chan is attending a girls’ elementary school right now, right?”

“Yeah, normally she should go straight to a girls’ middle school, and shouldn’t have to study for something that may come out in a POS test.”

“Then, is she perhaps aiming for co-ed middle school?”

“No matter how much she tries, it’ll be still hard, way too hard for her to get in. I was able to go to the same co-ed elementary school as you, because Take-kun was there. Generally, they’ll decide based on the child’s background, such as the parent’s job. Anyway, once you enrolled in a girls’ elementary school, mostly you would continue to girls’ middle school.”

In another way, according to Sis, even if a girl enrolled in a co-ed elementary school, it didn’t mean that the girl would continue to a co-ed middle school.

Because the middle school had a higher standard in selecting the girls than the elementary school.

Up to now, very few cases of girls’ elementary school students were able to get into a co-ed middle school.

“If there is a reason for you to continue in a co-ed middle school, it’s because your parent’s work and the surrounding circumstances have changed a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“The parent got promoted, or gave birth to a boy, or something like that. Only such a great reason that will make it possible.”

“Mmm, I see. Then, perhaps, Minayo-san will soon get promoted?”

“I wonder if that’s true… Even if that’s the case, is it a great promotion? That’s enough to make her daughter be sent to a co-ed middle school? I mean, in this day and age, will that even happen?”

It must be quite difficult for girls to get into a co-ed middle school. If not, why did she need to start making such preparations at this time of this year? Is there any other reason…?

“Well, that aside, can you teach me this?”

“Okay, first, you draw a rectangle……”

The way Sis taught me… to be honest. It was hard to understand.

In the end, while teaching Moe-chan, I asked Yuuko to teach me.

The evening after finishing Moe-chan’s homework. To express my gratitude, I called Yuuko.

Then, I asked about acceleration, which I didn’t understand in today’s class.

『”Acceleration, is it? First of all, it is difficult to think of it in the same way as Velocity… Trying to make sense of it, you need to understand differential… Ah, that’s right. Think about the relationship between instantaneous velocity and the force applied to it……”』

Even though the ESY (Extremely Smart Yuuko) did her best in breaking down the difficult explanation so that I could understand it, I was still having a hard time understanding it.

『’……now you’re more interested in why that’s the case, right? Well, I think it’s more important than memorizing formulas. But, you’ll trouble yourself, if you think about the meaning of every single thing during the test, so I think it’s better to separate your mind in trying to understand it and trying to solve it as schoolwork.”』

“If I do that, I’ll be fine… right?”

The problem is, I’ve always had trouble separating something with a mindset of “this is this, that is that”, my mind always tried to make sense of everything…

『”Hmm… if you’re okay with it, I can teach you as much as you want. Just that it’s impossible during class.”』

I mean, I can’t just rely on you every time I got stuck in studying, especially when I’m in class, right?

“Well, in that case, I’ve to do it myself….. Ah, come to think of it, I’m having a problem dividing fractions. How should I think about that?”

『”Dividing fractions… First, the meaning of division is how many parts of the number you divide by. I wonder if drawing a tape diagram will help you understand it better. Actually, It’ll be better to make you understand the concept of integers first, but the idea of the tape diagram isn’t that difficult.”』

“Hmmm, is that so…?”

When I asked about 2÷1/3 as an example, I was sent a picture of a long rectangle divided into six equal parts.

In each block, it was written 1/3.

Hmmm. Right. I can’t use this in every calculation. It’ll be taking too much time…

“I see… I’ll take classes while trying to not get stuck in strange places for too long as much as I can.”

That should be better for my mental stability, right?

『”Well, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always ask me.”』

“Thank you. I’ll try to do it myself first, but if that still won’t do, then I’ll be your care. Again, thank you for today. See you. Bye.”

Saying so, I hung up the phone.

Then, I tried to draw a tape diagram of 1/2 ÷ 1/3 by myself, but I couldn’t do it well.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 42

42. An old tale

It was about late April.

Three weeks since I started high school.

It would be nice if I was only having a good time for the whole three weeks… but the reality was, one problem occurred.

“…I really can’t understand the class.”

The specs of this body seem to be extremely high, and the knowledge up to middle school is firmly in my head.

In other words, I shouldn’t fall behind in my studies…

“…No matter how good a car is, if you’re not good at driving it, it’s useless huh?”

“Souya-kun, what’s wrong?”

Said Atsushi, whose seat was beside me.

Anyway, what the teacher was saying, I couldn’t understand it.

I stumbled at the beginning and thought it would get better as time passed, but now, zero, nothing. Not a single thing had stuck in my brain.

“Hey, Atsushi. What’s the difference between velocity and acceleration?”

It was a physics class, but I had been struggling with the fundamentals.

“Distance divided by time is velocity, and distance divided by time squared is acceleration.”

In whispering voices, Atsushi told me in a simple way.

“I see, thank you.”

“You’re welcome. If there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always ask me.”

In the last three weeks, I had grown quite attached to Atsushi.

… So, what’s the difference between velocity and acceleration? I still don’t understand even after his explanation.

For some reason, this reminds me of when I was in elementary school and got stuck in dividing fractions.

I mean, why is 2 divided by 1/3 equaling 6?

Why does dividing by 1/3 make a number larger than the original? In the end, I didn’t understand even after the class.

It was like I suddenly opened the hell gate. Scary.

Even when I asked the teacher afterward, he said, “Inverse it and then multiply,” but that wasn’t what I wanted to know at that time.

“Ah, perhaps, this is the time when the famous phrase ‘You work your brain, you lose’ applies. I see…”

In the end, the class ended without me understanding any of the essential parts of velocity and acceleration.

『“…So you came here to complain about class? Ah, this strawberry daifuku is delicious.”』 [TN: Daifuku is a small round mochi (glutinous rice cake) stuffed with sweet things, in this case, it’s strawberry and red bean paste]

“Of course. I saw it at the convenience store, and it was 220 yen including tax. Just saying. So, which one, Oi Ocha (strong green tea) or collagen matcha?”

『”Hmm, I’ll have Oi Ocha.”』

“Oi, Ocha here it is.”

Saying so, I handed over a plastic bottle.

Last time, the Goddess asked for fruit, but the convenience store didn’t sell fresh fruit.

Therefore, I searched for some sweets that had something like fruit inside and found strawberry daifuku. So I bought it.

“It’s not really a complain but, I feel like I can’t fully demonstrate the specs of this body.”

Even though I’ve a good brain now, I feel like I’m just wasting such a treasure.

『”I thought you had a laid-back personality, but I see, you’re the type that is surprisingly concerned about such a thing. Well, I don’t think you should worry about it too much.”』

“Including me, everyone who isn’t good at studying, is just like that. Thinking mundane things more than necessary.”

Those who are good at it won’t have many doubts, right?

『”If you knew, you shouldn’t care.”』

“Well, that’s true… Anyway, I’ll talk about why I came here today.”

『”Hm? Didn’t you come here to complain? 』

“Of course not!… Well, it’s not only that.”

『“So, you have a problem. Sure. I will help you hit it away from your mind.”』

For some reason, the Goddess started imitating shadowboxing.

“The other day, I went out with a member of my high school group. At that time, something unexpected happened… But, that’s not the point, what concerned me the most was, I felt that women held themselves in front of men too much.“

『”I see. Well, considering the situation of the world, it can’t be helped. Also, I think that everyone, in general, has considerable mental strength since they’ve been forced to endure every time.”』

“Hmm… At least I want the women involved with me to be happy. And I’m going to make an effort to do that.”

『”I think it’s a good thing.”』

“But, a thought came to my mind. What if perhaps I don’t even understand the fundamental of this world good enough?”

After taking science classes several times, such a thought came to my mind.

Anyone who was convinced that “this society is like this” and accepted it, could live in it without questioning.

But anyone who kept questioning every small thing, would have trouble living in it.

At this moment, I didn’t even know what I was stumbling over in this society.

『”The fundamental, is it?”』

“The common sense I have isn’t the common sense of this world. That’s why I feel uncomfortable and convinced that this society is distorted. I don’t think it’s good for women to hold themselves. But, I don’t know how this society came to be, how it was in the past, and how it changed. That’s why I’ve come to think that I haven’t fundamentally understood the general way of thinking in this world.”

I mean, what kind of history has women and men in this world carved in the first place? I feel like I need to know such important things to understand better…

『”…If the place changes, common sense will also change… But well, let’s talk about the history of men and women in this country that I know. It’s just a simple and short story.”』

“That’s just what I wanted to hear!”

『”When I was born, it was a terrible famine. I think I said that before. At that time, men were forced to live a much more miserable life than they are now. It was an era in which armed women reign over. It wasn’t a war over men, but men were one of the important war trophies.”』

“Well, I can imagine that there was such a time.”

『“What is taken by force is usually going to be taken by a stronger force. So anytime they made men’s emancipation as the reason, gathering soldiers wasn’t that hard. It can be said that it was an era of repetitive exploitation and liberation of men. Under such circumstances, there was a power that held power for a relatively long time. In Japan, the nobility reigned at that time. Well, even now, it still exists. Even after successfully manipulating the people and seizing power for a long time. It can be said that the house was able to survive by distributing ‘wealth’ to the people.”』

“And men were included in that ‘wealth’?”

『”Of course. But, as time passed, it slowly changed. Now, in this modern era, it gets well governed. Well, the natural disaster is also the reason.”』

The Goddess pointed to the sun.

“Suddenly, male babies were no longer born…”

If there were one in a dozen or one in a hundred, society would have been doing well, but if it were one in several hundred or one in a thousand like it is now, a war over men will only lead the world to end for real…

The Goddess nodded and continued the story.

『“Then the nobles gave up their power. So upright, isn’t it? They gave up control of the country and switched to joint rule with the government. After about 40 years, the male birth rate began to return, but by that time, a new ruling system had already been well established.”』

“Could it be, it’s the society of today?”

『”That’s right. That’s why those who rule Japan now fear that the government will be overthrown.”』

So, even here, Japan’s history has been carved by war. The only big difference would be the abdication of power by the nobility.

Well, the nobility gave up power because the male fertility rate plummeted…

“… I see…”

『”This is the answer to the first question. The country has done everything to educate women to be humble and to force men to be patient. So that such a day wouldn’t come.”』

All so that there won’t be a chance of the current government getting overthrown.

So, common sense now has been implanted over many years for that purpose huh…

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 41

This is the start of Arc 2

41. Somewhere inside a traditional room

At the end of April when cherry blossom petals were fluttering.

In Karasuma street of Kyoto, passers-by sometimes pinched the cherry blossom petals in their hair with their fingers and looked up, saying, “Haaaa, they bloomed well this year too.”

The cherry blossom trees lining the avenue expressed the fragility of life as it dried up.

Those flower petals fell down everywhere, even to the roofed mud wall surrounding a mansion with a large garden.

It was impossible to see inside the wall from the street.

Even if it were possible, no one would attempt it.

After all, it was the residence of the family that ruled Kyoto. That was why, anyone would pass it quickly. It was for their own good.

Inside the mansion, two women were sitting facing each other.

And smiled at each other before starting a discussion…

“It seems like the head of the Ogasawara family is in a good mood.”

A graceful and elegant woman in her late forties bowed her head.

“I welcome you for coming all the way here, Hoshouin. I thought you were busy.”

The woman looked like she was in her thirties at a glance, but she was in her sixties.

“Thank you very much for your kindness. It’s not been settled yet, just that I have something to talk to you about. Could I have some of your precious time?”

The woman named Hoshouin, never ceased to smile.

“Is it a good story? As you know, I can’t stand a nonsense story.”

A woman called Ogasawara was sitting on a higher level and keeping her weight on the armrest while slowly putting down her smoking pipe.

She pretended not to be interested in what Hoshouin wanted to talk about.

After a brief silence, Hoshouin smiled.

“Well, what do you think? The detailed story is… ah, the weather is nice today.”

Hoshouin looked out into the garden through an opening in the paper sliding door.

“You don’t need to start with small talk. Speak to the point. I shall give you my time.”

Hoshouin nodded and began to speak.

“Not long ago, the ‘pheasant’ that ran away to Tokyo, came to show her face.”

“Pheasant?…. Ah, that traitor of the family. What’s about her?”

There was a branch of the Hoshouin family that moved to Tokyo.

But the ties with that house had already separated. The circular about it had been spread around.

“Yes… In short, she asked for us to support a project ‘Special Ward Neo’.”

“ ‘Special Ward Neo’? What’s that? Is it something complicated? If so, I don’t want to hear it.”

“I don’t know the details, but… in short, it’s a plan to create a Special Ward in Kyoto, so she asked for approval.”

Hoshouin said so with a blank expression.

“Wait a minute. There’s one already, Special Ward Osaka. We don’t need another one, more so, that nearby. Does she think that I will let her do as she wants?”

Saying that, Ogasawara slammed the tip of the smoke pipe into the ash bowl as if she wasn’t interested.

Truth was, she felt a strong dissatisfaction as Hoshouin seemed to be always in control of the story.

“Well, well, she said we’ll need it… So, how about reading more about it first?”

Saying that, Hoshouin slipped the document she had in her pocket to Ogasawara.

“Hmmmp… well, I’ll read it later.”

It was a paper folded in three.

“If this succeeds, she would like to be pardoned.”

“Oi oi, that’s….. It’s not that I want to be a bad person. But she threw the family away herself, so isn’t it natural to spread a circular?”


Hoshouin, of course, was still smiling.



Silence filled the room.

“…… Alright, this story is over. Let’s ‘play’ for a while.”


With the sound, a woman kowtowed in the corridor.

“Bring me some.”


Saying so, the woman bowed her head and left.

“Ah, did you get some new ones?”

“Exactly. This time, it’s really good”

“Oh my, how unusual.”

As Hoshouin leaned back slightly to straighten her posture, footsteps could be heard from the hallway.

And, six young men entered.

Their ages ranged from late teens to mid-twenties.

All of them were wearing thin yukata made from silk.

It was clear that nothing was underneath.

“Come, come”

Two men went to Ogasawara’s side. And, her hand slipped into the yukata.

“Since the main government got moved to Tokyo, the chance to have this kind of ‘delicacy’ has decreased.”

Two men were on the side of Hoshouin.

“As you said. It’s sad… But well, thank you for the ‘meal’.”

The remaining men kneel in front of each of them.

“The era has changed, but… occasionally, don’t you feel like wanting to give those politicians a surprise?”

“Well, I’ll think about it… Now, now, let’s enjoy the feast.”

Thus, two women’s sweet voices echoed through the room.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 40.5

TN: I’ll post another one in a few hours.

This is made by the Author, so any info is not a speculation.

40.5. Glossary 1

Protagonist of the original world (unnamed)

Since elementary school, he had always been thinking about how he could have a normal love affair because he was conscious that he had an appearance that was “the opposite of handsome”.

The answer he came up with was, “If I become an athlete, won’t I be popular?”

Of course, if he could become a national-level athlete, that might have been possible, but he chose martial arts, karate and judo, rather than other sports.

His efforts paid off, and his body became a rugged one suitable for martial arts. But as the result, he was further from being popular.

Not only he had a stern face, but now he also had thick arms and neck, and a big pumped-up body, as if he had become a gangster. So, he didn’t get the chance to have many conversations with women other than business-like conversations.

When he was a middle school student, his dream was to ride his bicycle home with a girl on the back and go on a karaoke date on a holiday, but not only it didn’t happen, the other person would get defensive just by normal chatting.

Furthermore, it was decided that he would go to a boys’ high school.

When he was shedding tears, the Goddess called out to him.

Although he felt that the Goddess’s story was suspicious, he decided to exchange lives, saying, “Even if there are some disadvantages, I’ll overcome it with my guts!”, and accepted the proposal of the goddess.

After that, the person who used this body changed lives with someone from a parallel world.

Thus, this body had a new owner.

Then, he (new) joined Wandervogel club in high school and continued to work as a mountaineer.

According to the Goddess, “He enjoyed his life to the fullest, and ended it with satisfaction.”. and also, She said he was a virgin all his life.

The Souya family

Taketo Souya

School : Itsuki High School (1st year).

A handsome boy who had lived for 15 years in a world with an unbalanced gender ratio.

Because of his good-looking appearance, he was harassed by a large number of people, and was sold by the members of the group he was when in middle school 1st and 2nd year.

Thanks to the extra care of the group members he had when in his last year of middle school, he recovered to the point where he could talk normally with only those three girls.

But, when he heard the news that he had to go to a co-ed high school, he became mentally unstable, worse than before.

The Goddess feared that his spirit would collapse, so She resorted to the last resort means of exchanging lives with a person from a parallel world.

The person who exchanged life with him, was happy that finally a chance to lead a popular life had come, but was shocked to learn of a world where the male-female ratio was so broken.

Although he (MC) felt suspicious about the Goddess who didn’t tell anything important, “he” decided to live as Taketo Souya in this world.

As he learned more about this world, “…so, the only man who understands the feelings of those who aren’t popular… is me?”, was the thought that came to his mind.

Overlaying “women who aren’t popular” and his “former self”, he felt a sense of affinity with them.

And started to think, “I want to at least make the women around me happy.”

So he started to think about how to get closer to women, and invited the group members who were good to “him” when in middle school to go on a date.

After worrying about how to repay the kindness received from them, he thought of giving them a “free hug ticket”.

On the other hand, in high school, he first decided to make friends with girls who came from outside the Special Ward, and from there, he made a plan to get near to those girls and gradually became friends with the whole class. He selected four girls from their self-introductions.

Then he went on a date with the four members of the group in the area around Central Station.

After this good date, his desire to make the girls around him happy increased even more. In order to make it happen, he renewed his determination, saying, “Let’s be popular!”

Now, he’s readying himself to make his hope comes true.

Satomi Souya

A programmer who’s developing the distribution systems at a company called “Sengoku Techno Solutions”.

Day and night, she’s working hard to build efficient transportation routes for supplies using the underground distribution network.

She lived in her parent’s house which was in the countryside of Nagano, but decided to live in Special Ward Tokyo after giving birth to Taketo.

Always busy with work, she had trouble with not being able to go home early.

Especially when her son was depressed, she couldn’t help but worried about him every day and so, she bought reference books.

But, he had calmed down since entering high school. Seeing that, she finally felt relieved.

But, she remembered about what was written in the book, “boys enter a rebellious stage around the age of 15,”

Once again, she’s living in worry about her son.

Aki Souya

School : OOO Girls’ High School (3rd year)

She went to co-ed elementary and middle school, but then went to a girls’ high school.

Now, she is studying hard for the university entrance exam.

She has already given up on a co-ed university. And now, she’s hoping for a women’s university in a Special Ward, since that is the very best she could get at this point.

She is the type that cared about her younger brother and watched over him from the shadows.

Taketo’s recent friendship with their cousin has threatened her identity as a sibling.

Minayo Souya

Taketo’s aunt, also, Satomi’s younger sister.

Although considered smart, she was no match for her older sister.

After coming to Special Ward Tokyo, she had been living in the same house as her older sister, but in separate living spaces, so she rarely met face-to-face with Taketo.

She worked as a local civil servant in the Public Relations Bureau of the government until recently, as a secondee request had been issued ordering her to move from the Public Relations Bureau to the Central Office of the government. On her first day in the new place, she was asked to work on a job related to the secret project “Special Ward Neo”.

She has two daughters, Moe and Saki.

Moe Souya

School : Seiin Girls’ Elementary School (6th grade)

She lives in the same house as the Taketo’s family. However, since the living space is different, she haven’t seen him much in the house so far.

Unlike Taketo and Aki, she couldn’t go to a co-ed elementary school.

She understands that she’s able to live in the special ward thanks to Taketo and the result of his aunt Satomi’s efforts.

She’s a polite girl, and has a mature personality.

Saki Souya

School : Seiin Girls’ Elementary School (4th grade)

Like her older sister Moe, she understands her situation very well.

Although her innocence still remains, she does her best to imitate her older sister.

She’s quiet in front of Taketo, but when she smiles, her innocent side can be seen.

The group members when Taketo Souya was in 3rd year of junior high school

Makoto Tokioka

School : Ichinomiya Girls’ High School (1st year)

Class : 1-3

She usually goes with a ponytail hairstyle.

Above average in studies and exercise, and has a steady personality.

Ever since a child, she has often taken on the role of leader. She takes the lead in coordinating people very well.

Her dream for the future is to work in the government.

At the beginning of the 3rd year of middle school, she succeeded in releasing the caution that was in Taketo’s heart by slowly interacting with him.

It was notorious for a while, but it has calmed down due to the movement of the warrior.

She proposed to the other two group members, Yuuko and Rie, to attend Ichinomiya Girls’ High School, which is close to the boys’ high school that Taketo wanted to go to. Even after it was decided that Taketo would go to co-ed school, she decided to go there in order to gather information.

Yuuko Sasaki

School : Ichinomiya Girls’ High School (1st year)

Class : 1-5

She’s wearing glasses. And has intelligence that fit her intelligent appearance.

She has a reputation as an honor student at school, but he failed to enroll at Itsuki High School because of her ordinary family.

In the future, she plans to become a researcher or a doctor.

She can almost always immediately gives the answers that Taketo wants to know. Not only knowledgeable, but she’s also able to deduce the situation and lead to the optimal solution.

She could have gone to a girls’ high school with a high reputation, but decided to go to Ichinomiya Girls’ High School with the other two, Makoto and Rie.

Rie Etou

School : Ichinomiya Girls’ High School (1st year)

Class : 1-2

A short, energetic girl with a short haircut. In the group to which she belonged when in 3rd year of middle school, she was like a mascot.

Good at general exercise. In middle school, she was in the swimming club and won many awards.

In the final tournament she had in middle school, she missed the recommendation criteria for the other co-ed high school in the Special Ward Tokyo by 0.1 seconds.

Even so, there was a possibility that she would pass if she took the exam normally, but she decided to go to Ichinomiya Girls’ High School, together with Makoto and Yuuko.

She’s honest at heart, so she tends to say what she thinks.

The group members when Taketo Souya in Itsuki High School

Ayano Toono

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

She’s frank, and although she usually speaks politely, it’s still not enough to hide her frankness.

Her style is like a gyaru from Japan of the original world.

On a regular basis, she wears a chain with her self-made accessories hanging on the tip.

She has been interested in fashion and often visits Special Ward Tokyo since middle school.

She’s getting her pocket money by selling handmade accessories.

Tomomi Kikuie

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

Her parents’ house is in the countryside of Saitama. It takes her about two hours to go to school.

Wearing glasses, her appearance is like a class prez.

She’s a hard-working girl, and in the future, she wants to ease her mother’s life. This wish is her emotional support to keep pushing herself.

She can be strong-willed at times, but that’s a manifestation of her strong sense of responsibility.

Hinako Hashigami

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

On the outside, she looks like a Yamato Nadeshiko (An ideal beautiful woman based on Japanese standards), but on the inside, she’s an otaku (nerd).

Other than being knowledgeable about subcultures, she’s good with machines.

With long black hair and bangs, she’s the type that looks good in traditional Japanese clothes.

Her tone is mature, and her way of speaking is like a young lady.

When her inner nerd comes out, her tone and attitude change.

Yuu Aono

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

She enrolled at Itsuki High as a sports scholarship student.

Has a short haircut and a supple body. Other than that, she’s good at track and field and ball games.

She’s more active than she looks, such as having experience participating in betting sports.



The Goddess who exchanged the main character’s life with Taketo Souya’s life. When proposing the offer, she didn’t say all the facts to the MC. A Goddess with an unexpectedly smart side.

Her shrine is inside the forest.

Unable to bear watching Taketo who came to her shrine day by day with a depressed look, She decided to exchange his life with someone from another world.

She tried to appear in front of the original Taketo Souya who came worshiping her day by day, but he froze on the spot before fainting.

It was quite a shock for Her, so She decided to watch him quietly after that.

She’s known as the Goddess of Misfortune, because Her name came from a famine disaster hundreds of years ago, where many rice plants withered due to lack of water.

She is now acting as an adviser to MC.

In a way, she has a simple personality, such as being in a bad mood if being treated poorly, but would fix that mood when given an offering.

Atsushi Kunou

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

He was in Saiki Middle School, a different school from Taketo.

Slim and slightly short for a man.

He thinks like a normal man in this world, keeping some distance from women.

He met Taketo for the first time on the first day of high school.

He feels masculinity and dependability in Taketo’s attitude.

Since Taketo has been standing out in the class from the first day, he had less chance of being noticed, which is what he hoped for.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 40

40. My Resolution

After finishing my date, I came back home while summarizing that it was a really fun day.

“Take-kun, welcome back.”

“I’m home. Nee-san, here, it’s a souvenir.”

“Thank you. Wait, could this be… GOLUVA chocolate?”

Sis said so as she looked at the paper bag.

“Yep. There was a branch of it near the station. I thought that some sweets would be good for recharging your energy after study.”

I mean, I’ve already told you about today. You know it. So, how can I come back bringing nothing?

Sis clutched the paper bag with trembling hands.

What is it? Stomachache? So suddenly? No way, right…

“Thank you! I’ll cherish it and put it on display in my room!”

“Please eat it!”

It’s a joke, right? I mean, together with the paper bag?! Really?

Are you going to seriously display it like that?…… please no! Don’t do that!

“So, Take-kun, how was the central station? Scary?”

When I was lost in my thought, I was told that.

… if it was that “Taketo Souya”, he would never have thought of going to Central Station. But, not me.

Well, I know you are worried about me.

“Hmmm… There were more women than I thought. Or rather… Hmmm? I didn’t see any men…”

Wait… we didn’t walk very far, but were there any men? Did I miss them?

No matter how few men are in this special ward, I saw them occasionally around this area, so…

“Well, it’s a day off. Even if they have something to do, they can ask someone else to do it for them, so I don’t think any man will go out of their way outside, more so, to go there.”

“I see… but then what do normal men do on their days off?”

Maybe my question was strange, Sis was dumbfounded.

“Of course, study. I mean Take-kun, you’ve always been the same until recently.”

“Well, that’s true…”

Based on my memory, I often read books or study at home on my days off.

Basically, in this world, men were less likely to enjoy entertainment.

However, it wasn’t that surprising. It wasn’t that they were being stoic, just that there were too many things for women than men.

Women’s towns, even TV programs, magazines, and manga were mostly for women… women were the ones that run the economy after all.

Inevitably, only products that targeted women could be seen.

It would be nice if there was more entertainment for men…

When I thought about it, I remembered something.

In the original world, not long after I entered middle school, I developed inflammation in my shoulder from overdoing judo.

At first, I thought I pulled a muscle, so left it alone, but the pain became intense, so I went to a nearby orthopedic clinic.

And the nearest clinic was a clinic for women who came for cosmetic surgery. Anyway, I went in, and in the waiting room, there were only magazines for women.

I picked it up and flipped through it, but the contents weren’t interesting at all.

It made me question why anyone would read this.

Page after page featured trending nails and the latest outfits.

In the end, I flipped till the end quickly, put it back on the shelf, and decided to never touch that again.

Something similar also happened not long after.

It was when I went to the bank. I saw a booklet about asset management and picked it up, but I didn’t understand the contents at all.

…Right, people will have a hard time understanding things they aren’t interested in.

Men of this world don’t want to bother watching TV or magazines for women.

Even if they want to go outside. All they can see are things for women. And they’re not interested in those things.

In the end, all they can do is read their favorite books at home or study.

And they don’t complain about living in such an environment.

“Now that I think about it, everyone is so serious.”

No one has raised their voices, even though, I’m sure, some of them must be feeling the strictness of being a minority.

“Because, all men are thinking about the future.”

“The future, huh…”

It’s said that what you want to be in the future reflects the social conditions.

In the original world, many said, “I wanna be a doctor or I wanna be a minister.”

What about here?

“… So, what is the dream job of ordinary men?”

Would it be athletes, celebrities, or video commentators?

I think that steady occupations such as doctors and lawyers are still popular even here, but people will work harder the higher the dream is, right? So, what’s on the top…

“Hmm… men’s dream job for their future… If I remember correctly, civil servants top the list every year. Others than that, doctors, researchers, and lawyers.”

“Civil servants are at the top?”

When I thought it was too steady of an occupation, Sis explained it to me.

The term civil servant seemed to be used in a fairly broad sense, and it seemed to include teachers and police officers in addition to government officials.

If you put them all together like that… it’s not that strange that it’s number one. I guess?

In this world, many men wanted to become school teachers. And also, doctors.

Perhaps, it wasn’t only because many predecessor men had such occupations, but also because many were required in the field.

Being a civil servant meant having a stable future. Well, another reason might be that they didn’t want to be part of a private company or normal business.

In the original world, doctors and teachers were the dreams of children in developing countries.

This was because it was overwhelmingly demanded.

It could be said that there were very few children in developing countries who wanted to become game creators or an owner of a sweets shop.

Most of the time, a dream will come to people’s minds based on the environment.

So, what about men in this world?

Although they can go out freely, no one goes to areas like Central Station.

The entertainment around is mostly aimed at women.

There may be companies that offer products for men without regard to profitability, but that means, the options are limited.

Although it’s called freedom, it’s not free in an essential sense.

And being in that environment, “dreams” might not come into men’s brains.

It’s too late now, but I realize the things that were taken for granted in the original world aren’t here, it’s different here.

“For some reason, I think that being a man here isn’t all that sweet.”

“Well, I think the overwhelmingly small number is a tremendous handicap.”

Even Sis seemed to think so.

I went back to my room and sent a thank you message to Yuuko.

The reply came quickly. As expected, it seemed that she had been worried about me.

Since there was no point in hiding it, I told her that I had gone to the central station to interact with the high school group members.

I also talked about the involvement with the women of the General Associate Party.

After a while, she replied, “I’ll look into it as well.”

Then, I was strongly advised not to do anything too dangerous.

…Yep, I don’t regret intervening with the women of the General Associate Party to protect Kikuya.

I’m glad it was in the public eye, but right, let’s be careful from now on.

……in the end, I feel that both men and women are compelled to put up with this situation.

There may be no other way to keep society running smoothly.

…If men and women act according to their desires, a disaster-like situation may happen… But I don’t think that everything should be left as it is.

At the very least, I want to make the women around me happy.

Also, I want to change this environment in which men, including Atsushi, find it difficult to live ――

“――So that men can go out of the special ward with peace of mind… as expected, it’s still a long way. Let’s start with a small little step like making it so that men will have no worries when visiting shops or parks.”

If the consciousness of women changes, the consciousness of men will also change. It works on the reverse too.

I’m nothing more than a 15 years old boy, I can’t just change society anytime soon, but life is long.

And society can be changed gradually.

So, let’s do what I can do immediately.

What I can do immediately is…

…Gather friends, earn trust, and change this environment together.

That’s the first goal.

If so, what should I do first is…

” ―― Alright, let’s be popular!”

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 39.5

This ch is from Minayo Souya (Younger Sister of Taketo’s Mother) POV

39.5. Project – Special Ward Neo

A woman named, Minayo Souya, had intended to spend the rest of her life in the countryside of Nagano. [TN: Nagano to Tokyo, is about 4 hours by car, 1 hour 30 minutes by Shinkansen, roughly about 173 km]

To get a job early, save money early, and have a daughter. And then, she would spend her time calmly watching her daughter growing up.

Ever since she was a kid, she thought that would be her life.

Her mother was a long-haul truck driver and was never home.

So it could be said that she was raised by her older sister who was eight years older than her.

In retrospect, her older sister was precocious and a person with a strong sense of responsibility.

Her older sister took care of her without complaining.

When Minayo entered elementary school, her older sister started a part-time job at a transportation company through her mother’s connections, and ended up working there.

Soon her older sister was assigned more difficult tasks and thus self-taught herself programming.

Minayo once asked her why she did that.

But she laughed and said, “If you can control the movement of people and cargo with a machine, your work efficiency will increase dramatically.”

Minayo didn’t really know the meaning of those words, but she thought it was amazing.

As for Minayo herself, she didn’t even think about doing the same and started aiming for a government office job that her mother and older sister recommended.

Luckily, she was quite good at studying, better than most, so she thought it wouldn’t be that difficult to become a local government employee.

However, a turning point came to her.

Her older sister, who turned 24, announced that she would have a second child through artificial insemination. Since she had already given birth to one child, she was no longer being pointed at, but she seemed to want another daughter.

The following year, when Minayo was 17 years old, her older sister gave birth to a boy.

In those days, only 1 in 1,000 babies were born male.

And her older sister got that lucky ticket.

“Minayo, I’m going to Special Ward Tokyo.”

In such a rural area, it didn’t need a long time for a rumor of a baby boy being born to spread. At the same time, the chance of kidnapping happening increased exponentially.

So, her older sister decided that it would be better to raise her son in the Special Ward. Minayo, of course, agreed with that. Then, her older sister said:

“I will definitely welcome you, so you should get the qualification to live in the special ward.”

Minayo felt a degree of unreasonableness from that request.

After all, her goal was to become a local government employee in Nagano. But her older sister wanted her to become an official of the central government.

It was beyond her initial aim. But she replied:

” ――Okay.”

Remembering the favors Minayo had received from her older sister so far, she studied desperately.

The house where her older sister left was deserted, but she wasn’t lonely.

No, there was no time to feel lonely. She was that busy studying.

In the end, Minayo passed the exam, which was said to be a difficult one, and at the age of 22, she was able to get a job at the central government.

“I’ve prepared a big house, so we can live together. But, you also need to have children.”

That was right. In order to maintain the population, and to be considered a sensible adult, Minayo had to birth at least one child.

She prepared to have one as she was working in the central government and adapting to live in a Special Ward.

Then, at the ages of 24 and 26, she gave birth to a child. Both of them were female.

Fortunately, her two daughters— Moe and Saki, grew up quickly.

Taketo-kun, who was her older sister’s child, also grew up to be a good and obedient child.

Every day Minayo hoped that they all could live their days peacefully, but suddenly…

One day, she was told,

“Souya-san, there’s an order, that you would be seconded to the central office.”

“Cen-central office? Me?”

The Central Office was famous for its elite line-up of officials working in the Special Ward.

On the other hand, Minayo belonged to the Public Relations Bureau. Although it was part of the central government, it was a place where people working there were far away from being regarded as having a successful career.

A transfer…why? Why?

In the case of the central government, there might be a chance of being temporarily transferred to another department, such a person was called a “secondee”.

Someone from a Public Relations Bureau, moving to the Central Office, meant… her work, her daily life, everything would change.

This time, Minayo was told that she was seconded.

Being a “secondee”, meant, that she had to carry out work according to the instructions of the Central Office, leaving her affiliation with the Public Relations Office.

Then, Minayo went to the Central Office.

“I’ve been waiting, Minayo Souya-san.”

Reaching the new place, the person who greeted Minayo was the Chief, Chihiro Shino.

The Chief position in a central office full of elites, would mean that she must be an elite among the elites.

And such a person… smiled at Minayo, and even held out her hand.

Seriously, what kind of joke is this?

“Thank you very much for coming all the way to greet me, I will do my very best.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Then, let me say it straightforwardly, I want you to participate in a top-secret project.”

“A, top-secret project…?”

Isn’t it too much of a burden for mere public relations staff like me?

“Yes, I’m sure the other departments haven’t heard about this yet, but the Central Office is currently working on a project called the ‘Special Ward Neo’. In short, as you know, there are many problems with the system in this special ward. In order to solve the problems deemed as impossible to be resolved here, we are planning to create a new special ward.”

I see.

Both men and women are dissatisfied with the current system here.

Of course, no matter how perfect the system is, dissatisfaction won’t disappear.

But ignoring calls for reform and bettering the living place isn’t very commendable either.

“I guess, it is to build something that is not bound by the framework of the existing special ward system”

“I’m glad you understand. Right now, we’re temporarily calling it a ‘Special Ward Neo’, but I want to create an environment where men can live freely. In a place where anyone can enter after requesting permission, like here, in the end, men’s activities are limited to the areas around their homes, schools, and workplaces, won’t they?”


Since there are an overwhelming number of women, most men will shake their heads when asked to go to a crowded place.

Certainly, there are many places here that men can go to, but shouldn’t go to.

Like the area around Central Station. Any man who wants to put his foot in there is a weirdo. That’s for sure.

“Same can be said for romance. Ultimately, men place importance on the partner’s family background. Well, it can’t be helped. After all, it’s directly linked to their future.”

“I understand what you mean.”

Whether it was a commuting marriage or a cohabitation marriage, it often happened that a man with a weak partner in social standing became unhappy.

For example, if Minayo had married a man.

There would be a possibility that Chief Shino might get jealous and do something to throw her out of work for whatever reason.

If that happened, Minayo would be unemployed. And in that situation, would the man support her? Might be for a while, but not forever.

However, it wasn’t possible to enter a workplace higher than the central government anymore.

And it didn’t mean that the same thing wouldn’t happen at the new job.

That was why, men tend to choose women from families of status, power, and historical importance.

I mean, it can’t be helped.

Any man, and even woman, who doesn’t want to have a hard life for the rest of their life would never try so.

“My hope is, for men to have free love in the Special Ward Neo.”

“Free love… umm… is that even possible?”

“Yes, we’re going to carefully examine the women who can live in the Special Ward Neo. We’ll make sure that any woman who lives there, will always be a good partner for the man.”

In a space where women can’t freely enter from the outside, there will only be women who wouldn’t be an embarrassment to the man.

If so, men should have no problem choosing any woman as their partner.

It certainly makes sense.

But, is that really the best thing?

Within a fixed space like that, even if you’re told “Now, you can choose freely”, will you think of that as freedom? No, can you even call that freedom in the first place?

“…You are an experienced Public Relations staff. I believe you have visited more places and heard the opinions of many. So, I hope that you’ll use that to help us in developing the new special ward.”

It’s true that I’ve traveled inside and outside the special ward many times for public relations work.

Also, I lived outside the special ward for more than 20 years.

To get information for my work, I’ve interviewed people outside the special ward and sometimes even experienced the field.

But… is that enough?

“…Could I be of any help?”

“Yes. I’m looking forward to your performance, Souya-san. Let’s do our best together.”

“Yes, I will do my very best.”

“Let’s make the project ‘Special Ward Neo’ a success.”


Thus, Minayo joined the top-secret project of the Central Office.

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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 39

TN: This ch was so hard to translate… Anyway, please remember that this is just a fiction.

39. General Associate Party

While Kikuie-san and the four women were facing each other, I quietly took out my smartphone.

At Madam Sera’s shop, when Madam Sera mentioned the “General Associate Party”, I asked Yuuko about it.

And, as expected, by this time, Yuuko had replied.

Truly, as expected of Yuuko.

『I don’t really understand the situation, so I’ll explain briefly. Right now, the ones in the National Diet are The Noble, The Bureaucrat, and The General. The General Associate Party began as a subordinate organization when the number of members of The General began to increase in the political world. But now, they say it doesn’t really have much connection with them. Anyway, what happened?』

Yuuko seemed to be puzzled by my sudden question about the General Associate Party.

In the reply, difficult words were lined up.

I still didn’t quite understand the story with this explanation alone.

For me, a freshman in high school, things like politics were like an event in another world.

It would be strange if it could be understood with a short explanation.

Perhaps Yuuko thought so too, in the next message I got from her, it was written in a little more detail.

So, I read on.

What I understood from her message was that the ‘public elected members’ were called ‘The General’.

Those with the lineage of nobility (The Noble) and those who passed the civil service national exam and got the job of special service to be a member of the Diet (The Bureaucrat) weren’t included in this category.

Since all ordinary members were called The General naturally there were various groups and factions.

Therefore, there was no real definition that would make people say “So this is ‘The General’.” Because everyone other than nobles and bureaucrats was called so.

And the General Associate Party was a subsidiary organization under it.

According to Yuuko’s explanation, it didn’t seem to have anything to do with the current members of The General, so unlike when they were first formed, their ties were said to be weaker.

“To take a man around in an entertainment district like this. How shameless.”

“No, that’s not true!”

A war of words continued.

“To raise your voice immediately, really rude, so unrefined. I want to see your parent’s face, who raised someone like you.”

“Hah!? How can you come to that conclusion!”

Kikuie-san’s facial expression became stern.

Listening to the exchange, I understood that the four women were trying to anger Kikuie-san.

When I looked around, there were people wearing uniforms among the people who had gathered to see what had happened.

Two people in a unform…

If I remember right, that’s the uniform of the member of the Public Security Bureau…

Are they just going to watch us from afar, or…

“Clearly, you have a rebellious, problematic attitude, so I will keep this ID card. Well, it probably won’t be ever returned.”


Kikuie-san tried to attack a woman who was trying to put away her student ID card.

I grabbed Kikuie-san’s arm and stopped her. It was sudden, but I was on time.


Kikuie-san was surprised.


I pulled Kikuie-san to the back and showed my smartphone to the women.

“She is my companion. Please give her school ID back. Forcefully taking someone else’s thing is a crime.”

“This is a reasonable thing to do. End of story.”

Maybe the woman got impatient because I came out, and tried to finish the conversation.

“Then, I’ll press the button. It’s the one that sends a signal to the Public Safety Bureau. Also, let me say this, but the whole conversation has been recorded.”

“… You can press”

“Is that so? Do you think you’ll be justified in doing this? You’re so sure that there was no room for this to be just a misunderstanding? …Please return that student ID card. This is the second time I said this. I’m sure people around have heard these words. Right?”

When I asked so, some of the gathered women nodded.

“I see… then, I’ll press it for real. I’ll definitely report what I saw and heard. Fortunately, it seems that the security cameras are working properly, and there are many witnesses. This case won’t stop in just Public Security Bureau, surely, it’ll go to the police. I’m not in the wrong here, so I won’t back off.”

The woman then threw the student ID to Kikuie-san, said, “Let’s go,” and quickly left with the other three.

“Seriously, what’s her problem.”

Kikuie-san said so resentfully.

“I think they tried to get you all to get angry, to the point where you all will get kicked out legally.”

“Eh? Maybe, just now, if I didn’t get stopped…”

“Maybe someone from the Public Security Bureau, who was nearby, would come to restrain Kikuie-san because you tried to hurt others in an exaggerated way, or something like that…”

“…no way… why did she…”

Kikuie-san was trembling with her student ID card that had fallen under her feet.

“The General Associate Party loudly claims to protect the rights of men. It seems that their claims are being accepted, resulting in the special ward ordinance being rewritten one after another.”

“How do you know that?”

“Someone trustworthy told me.”

Yuuko deduced the situation from just my question and sent me additional useful info.

Once again, as expected of Yuuko!

I finished reading the messages while Kikuie-san was arguing, and at the same time, I sensed their intentions.

So, I hurriedly cut in and luckily, it was in time.

“The women of the General Associate Party think that, it’s their job to get rid of women who are likely to get along well with men.”


It was Yuuko’s words.

After telling an example of past activities and making a claim `From my personal interpretation’, that was what Yuuko told me.

One of them was to change the Special Ward Ordinance, with the excuse called “protect men.”

However, even if they said so, it contradicted with what they actually did. Yuuko thought so.

From there, Yuuko deduced that they wanted only women who were approved by the General Associate Party to be by any man’s side.

That in a way, it could be said that the General Associate Party wanted to treat men like their pets, even though they said they wanted to protect men’s rights.

Yuuko seemed to have arrived at this idea after carefully examining the claims and activities of the General Associate Party.

From the forceful contact just now, I didn’t have a good impression of them. And Yuuko was someone that could be trusted. So, I told the info that I got from her to the four girls in front of me.

“If you somehow get involved with any member of the General Associate Party, you absolutely must not hurt them. That seems to be what they’re aiming for after all. Even if your student ID is taken, you can legally get it back later, if you do nothing that can be deemed as problematic behavior. In any case, never try to use violence. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see me ever again.”

Sure enough, Yuuko knew much more than what she explained to me.

What she told me was probably only the tip of the iceberg.

“I understand. I’ll never do that.”

“Me too. I’ll keep your word in mind.”

“Yeah, Yuu too will always remember it.”

“I would never let it go the way that insignificant gang wants.”

“As expected of the member of my group. Now now, let’s continue the date.”

Such an unfortunate event in the middle of the date, but I feel that the current accident has strengthened our bond.

“However, if the Public Security Bureau, which is in charge of the security of the special ward, becomes an enemy, no matter how hard we try, there’ll be no chance of winning.”

“As expected, I don’t think that’ll happen. Probably, only a small part of them agrees with the idea of ​​the General Associate Party. If not, the situation inside the special ward would be much worse than now, and it would’ve been an even bigger problem.”

Like, maybe the public security bureau people who were around earlier wouldn’t be just two, but a few more people.

“I hope that’s the case.”

“Anyway, I’ve gathered a lot of attention, so let’s just continue.”

If everyone saw what just happened, you won’t get entangled with them again. At least for the rest of the day…

So, we all walked around the shopping mall that Kikuie-san visited frequently on the south side.

I got a lot of attention here and there, but I thoroughly enjoyed the window shopping.

We decided to go back home after that.

Ah, let’s say thank you to Yuuko when I get home.

There were some minor accidents, but today was a very enjoyable day. At least for me.

And I was able to get to know more about the girls in my group, albeit only a little.

Anyway, making friends with the girls in my class… The first step for that, was a great success.

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