VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 4

4. Viral

“How did it end up like this…”

I muttered unintentionally when I saw the number of viewers waiting for stream at a level where there would be no problem even if I called myself the top VTuber.

I didn’t know how many times I had repeated the same word.

◇ Turn back the time a little ◇

After the case of forgetting to end my stream, I called Suzuki-san to apologize.

It was entirely my responsibility for exposing my ugly side of myself to the world, even though it was triggered by a PC malfunction.

I would not complain even if she were to say that I should take a break for a while, rather I was prepared to correct my inner ‘Oji’ during that period, and I even prepared to not drink my favorite water (STZERO), which had become one with my blood, anymore. [TN: ‘Oji’ means old man, but in this context, it means ’pervert man’, because in japan sometime, old man = people with bad behavior.]


“Ah, I definitely want you to never forget to end your stream again. But it’s okay to drink alcohol.”


What Suzuki-san said was the exact opposite of what I expected.

“Eh? Why are you fine with that? You know what I did right?! It’s a big accident at the level of character change?! It was like Mahatam Gandi has suddenly become the champion of bloody street fights!!”

“No, it was Yuki-san after all, so the higher ups in the company had already assumed this might happen…”


What those people talking about me? It’s true that many Live-On VTubers are said to have a crazy personality as a whole, and Live-On company often said as a hangout place for ‘dangerous’ people, but they really will just let big incident pass like this?

“I mean, wasn’t Yuki-san like that at the time of the interview? Don’t you remember?”

“Ah! What do you mean?! What did I do in the interview ?!”

“Well, don’t you really remember? You left a too strong impact at that time, and even now I feel uncomfortable with Yuki-san, who are like this…”

Even though it’s been about 3 months since the interview?!

“I mean, didn’t you aim for this moment? You pretend to be ‘Seiso’ all this time, so that the gap in your character feel more impactful? I completely thought so you know.”


“But for me, Yuki-san is a mess like Yujiro Han** and Heihachi E.” [TN: Yujiro Hanma from Grappler Baki and Edajima Heihaichi from Sakigake!! Otokojuku]


I didn’t remember what I was doing because of the tension at that time, but what I was doing in such an important situation…Aahh!!!

But with this, I know the reason why I passed the interview.

The guys at Live-On, who interviewed me must thought that I was a super-class dangerous person and found it interesting, so they decided to accept me, yeah, definitely that’s the case!!!

“Well, well, I can’t believe a land mine like me got accepted…”

“You see, at that time they were troubled too you know? But to be a VTuber on Live-On,《Someone who could shine》is the recruitment standard. And it can be felt from Yuki-san.”

“I think I’m more like muddy water that has stagnated. I can’t shine.”

“Not at all, you’re shining right now. The character Kokorone Awayuki has become the focus of attention. Certainly, there were a few negative comments because it had too much impact, but it’s not at the level of a total backlash.”

Certainly, I was surprised at that fact too.

Actually, after that, I tried to do ego searching while feeling terrified, but even though there were a lot of remarks, surprisingly only few that could be taken as slander. Rather, most of them thought that it was fun and were hoping for the next stream.

“That means, many people are paying attention to, interested in, and attracted to Yuki-san, no matter how you are.”

“Is… that so?”

“Otherwise, they won’t wait for the next stream. Well, I’ll watch all of Yuki-san’s stream from now on, so if I think you almost crossed the line, I’ll stop it. So一 why don’t you try break free from the shell once? “

“Break free from the shell …”

“I’m sure the results won’t be bad. Rather, you’ve come to a point where you can’t go back anymore, you know? If you go back to pretend to be ‘Seiso’ again in your next stream, you’ll feel heaven-piercing discomfort.”


It hurts right on the spot….

In the end, Suzuki-san said that she would return to work and so the call was over.


Within a minute of hanging up, the ringtone for the next call started ringing again.

It was… Hikari-chan.

Urkk… this is so awkward.

But I can’t just not answer it right…

Alright, I need to prepare my resolve.


“Ah! Awayuki-chan, good morning! And congratulations! It’s really become a viral! It’s no.1 in the world! No.1 in the world! I don’t know that the usual Awayuki-chan is such a fun person! Somehow, it makes me got excited too!”

“Ah, ahahaha …”

Hikari-chan cheerfully congratulates me with her usual voice.

That was probably not a new way of insulting, but a truly words that came from the bottom of her heart. I understood it because I had been with her since the debut.

The usual Hikari-chan was almost the same as when she was streaming. Always bright and positive.

Hmm? Isn’t this my antonym that is second to none if it’s both sides?

“Ah, also, there was one thing I was curious about!”

“What is it?”

“You see, I just saw the clipped video that was cut from your stream because I was curious.”

“Yeah yeah”

As expected, it was clipped. lol

“I was curious about the word “Dochashiko” that Awayuki-chan said when watching Hikari’s stream, so I asked the manager!”


“Then, my manager told me that it means, Hikari is really attractive!”

Oi! Hikari-chan’s manager! What in the world are you doinggg?!!

You’re definitely said it on purpose, right?!! You were definitely grinning when you were telling her, right?!!

“Seriously! You made me embarrassed! Fuhehe…  Let’s collab again okay, bye bye!”

Hikari-chan ended the call with a storm in my heart.

Well, of course, I was heartbroken about the fact that my true nature was being known to other VTubers.

After that, chats and calls arrived from the other VTubers from the same company ‘Live-On’, such as Chami-chan. Regardless of whether they were senpai or not, what everyone said in common was that it was fun and happy to see what my true self.

Well, when I think about it now, I may have been somewhere away from everyone by hiding my true self.

Aah, somehow when I’m thinking about various things like this, I feel like I could live freely whatever I want.

◇ Back to the present ◇

“Alright, let’s do it…”

PUSH! (Sound of opening a pull tab)

I don’t know what to think about it anymore, so I decided to not give damn anymore… whatever!

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 3

3. Become a legend

“………. Umm”

I woke up from sleep when the bright sunlight from the scorching sun on a sunny morning came into my room.

“Urrgh… Ewrgg……..”

Oh no, I’m about to vomit. It’s always fun when I’m drinking Strong Zero, but I always get the worst hangover in the next morning.

Well, I can’t stop drinking though.

It’s almost every day for me to see hell in the morning. My body already accustomed to it. it’s already a routine.

It’ll be more poisonous to my body to change it now… yeah, I’m sure of it.

If I ever do this when I’m streaming, I’m sure the comments would be filled with “What?”.

Well, I don’t think I’ll ever do that, I’ve never drank alcohol in stream because I’m trying to look pure and neat during the stream.


When I was thinking of getting up to go and get some water to drink, my smartphone started ringing early in the morning.

Apparently, it was an incoming call from my manager, Suzuki-san.

Suzuki-san, a young female manager among the staff who works at Live-On and will turn 24 years old this year.

She had risen to the position of manager because of her straightforward personality that solves problems head-on. She was said as a success person in the career she chose.

I had always been taken care of by her. So that I can concentrate on my streaming activities. I could never forget the favor I received from her in my whole life.

I heard from her that she volunteered to be my manager herself.

So, I asked her me why she volunteered.

「”Well, I thought if Yuki-san became serious, you couldn’t keep up with your activities without me.”」

I was told something that I didn’t really understand. Suzuki-san, her appearance and attitude were like someone who like doing sport, so I wonder if the words she said was something that someone who like to do activities indoors could understand.

“Aa aa”

“Aah! Yuki-san! I’m glad you finally picked up my call!”

Hmm? What’s wrong? 

Unlike me, who answered the phone with a dull voice, Suzuki-san could understand my situation just by listening to my voice.

She somewhat sounds a bit in rush.

“Umm, what exactlyー”

“Szzz! Be quiet! It’s no good if personal information is leaked, so please don’t say any word if you can. And please accept what I’m about to say from now on and be as calm as possible.”


Suzuki-san who forcibly cut my words said so.

Personal information…?

My drowsiness got blown away at once when I heard an apparently dangerous word.

Eh…?! maybe I’m doing something ridiculous without my knowledge?

“Alright, please listen calmy, okay?…… Please end the stream.”

Please end the stream

Please end the stream

Please end the stream

The same words looped in my head.

Forgetting to end the stream… In the worst case, it might lead to the leakage of personal information, so it was regarded as one of the most important things that VTuber should be careful about.

And in fact, another bad thing that was hidden within this. And fortunately… or unfortunately, since I had spent so much time streaming as a VTuber, I knew the answer.

Right, even if personal information was not leaked, if VTubers ever forgot to turn their stream off, in most cases the viewer will be able to see the ‘real self’ behind the avatar.

A VTuber who role-playing an avatar, a character. There were extremely few opportunities to show the true self of the person behind the avatar to the viewer.

In other words, exposing that rare side to the viewer………

It will be used by viewers to tease the VTuber.


There was some malfunction with my PC when I was about to end the stream yesterday, right?

I tried to open the stream screen on my PC again with the overflowing cold sweat.

Then there……


: Morning! Are you seeing this?

: The Strong drinking stream was good

: It was a stream that makes me felt something new, it transcended the gap moe because there was too much gap than usual!!

: It wasn’t light snow anymore, it felt like a complete snowstorm www

: Alright, let’s be Hikari-chan’s mom and ‘Mas***bate’ while watching her archive

: A woman who compared her gen mate’s ASMR with STZERO

: Right at this moment, I’m definitely watching the birth of the legend

: Definitely a historic stream in the VTuber world

: Why are there so many VTubers who call themselves ‘Seiso’ are actually ‘dangerous’?

: I burst into laughter. I can’t hate you if you show me something that doesn’t feel fake, hahaha

: I want to drink STZERO together with you

“What’s thisssssssss???? Ahhhhhhhhh!!!”

I screamed so hard unintentionally.

Comments that flow at a speed that couldn’t be followed by my eyes despite such a morning.

And above all, the number of viewers far exceeded the average so far.

Now that I look closely, the number of subscribers, which was just a little, is almost the same as my viewer… no, it seems that it will exceed it because it is increasing at a tremendous speed.

Ahhhh, this is bad, I’m getting a headache.


: Congratulations on the number one trend in the world

: A woman who took over the world just by drinking STZERO in front of her computer

“No. 1 in the world ?!”

In a hurry, I looked at the trend ranking of the SNS “Katattaa”, which used by the most people in Japan.

I couldn’t believe it, but the name “Kokorone Awayuki” was the number one trend in the world, not just in Japan, and “Forgot to end” is in the trend.

Ah…………….. I’m done………………..

“Well, well, Yuki-san. When I saw you at the interview, I thought that you would ‘explode’ someday, but I never thought it because you forgot to end your stream. What a surprise. Anyway, I’ll do my best to support you from now on too. Let’s do our best! “

Most of Suzuki-san’s words didn’t come to my mind.

Aaaah, I’m feeling sick because of the hangover already, and now you want me to swallow that much information? My head can’t handle it.

“Uu …….. Uurrg……..”

Ah……… this is bad …

“☆ (The sound is too dirty, please imagine it yourself) ☆”

Somehow, I managed to press the end button while vomiting.

By the way, not to mention forgetting to end the stream, this unprecedented way to end the stream had become a legend under the name of “Vomitting-style end stream”.

How did it end up like this?

VTuber Nandaga Haishin Kiriwasuretara Densetsu ni Natteta ch 2

Since I just saw some other group already doing this (I checked last week and no one doing this yet at that time), I’m not going to continue this… So this series will end as just a teaser, I’ll post all the ch I’ve tl-ed

2. Forgot to end 2


I returned to the desk where I did the streaming, and poured the chilled ‘strong zero’ into your body.

Well, I didn’t know whether I kept drinking because it tasted delicious or not. I had reached the point where I couldn’t end the day without it…

Originally, I wasn’t so strong in alcohol, so I started to feel sick right after I took a gulp.

Well, it’s cheap and you can get drunk right away! As expected, STZERO is the best!

[TN: I’ll use STZero from now on, this is based on the illustration in the LN]

Ahh, this is good, I’m feeling a lot better now.

The feeling of the inner power within me being released every time I drink it, it’s irresistible.

“Seriously, it’s irresistible. With just one can, I feel like I don’t mind working for an absurd amount of wage to build an underground empire. Ah, Ka*ji-kun drank beer, so don’t they have STZERO?” [TN: it’s Kaiji-kun from a manga titled Kaiji, he’s in debt, in the anime season 2, he’s worked to build the underground empire, there’s a time when he drink beer]

As I started to speak something that might come out from someone with an IQ 3, there was no sign of Awayuki who usually spoke in the tone of a young lady.

A 350ml canned beer that I could continue to drink non-stop, it became empty in a blink of an eye.

However, I was not satisfied yet.

So, I brought another can with me from the refrigerator.

And …

“Uhyaaa! As expected, the sound of a long can being opened is the best!”

Awayuki holding beer

Yes, it was a long can, a devilish thing for someone who wanted to drink liquor so much. [TN: the long can is 500 ml]

Well, the woman (me) shouted in a flashy manner. In truth, the woman (me) was a ‘Seiso’ VTuber who usually spoke in the tone of a young lady. [TN: ‘Seiso’ is basically pure, innocent, clean…]

“Alright! It’s time to watch my gen mate’s stream!”

Soon after, I felt good, so I proceeded to watch the archive of the stream my gen mate, Matsuriya Hikari, did on the day.

In truth, I hadn’t met Hiakri-chan in person yet, but she was always so kind to me from the beginning of my debut even though I couldn’t stand out when I did a stream like hers. She was a really nice girl, an angel, I loved her!

A 16-year-old avatar with a bright face that was quite petite but had big breasts and bright brown hair. And above all, the contents of the stream that she did matched that full of vitality appearance.

She often picked up comments, and her activities as a VTuber was well received, and she was said as the centerpiece of the third generation.

I have collaborated with her several times, but somehow, I feel that she is a child who embodies pure innocence, she makes me feel like I want to become her mother (Straight face).

“I’m going to be a mom!”

I had a habit to talk to myself when I got drunk, Or rather, the words that came to my mind came out of my mouth as it was, ignoring all the filters in my head.

Since I was a shy person, I rarely drank alcohol with anyone, so even though it had never been a problem, I should be careful.

Well, anyway, I can’t stop drinking strong zero! Seriously, I can’t stop!

“Gyahahahahahahaha !!!”

I kept laughing without care while watching the archive.

The content of the stream was playing game, and the game she was playing was a game where you could feel the madness of the creator as the sausages stuck in the fork and the sausages fight against each other.

Rather, since the game was just like that, there were many vulgar humors in the player names.

“卍ル武社亜wwwwwwwwwww it’s no longer related to sausages wwwwwwww” [TN: 卍ル武社亜 it’s ‘Manjirubushaa’, which roughly mean, ‘sq**rting’, and ‘w’ is like hahaha or ‘lol’ used in Japan]

Since I got drunk, no matter how vulgar it was, if I found it interesting, I would laugh.

And, what made it even more interesting was that Hikari-chan, didn’t have much knowledge of such vulgar things, so she often read it as it was, except for the one that she could clearly understand.

She completely provoking the pervert.

“Huh! Why are you ‘dochashiko’… Hikari-chan’s mom (me) who is seeing your stream right now really feel ‘dochashiko’ you know?” [TN: I’ll put an explanation below, since it’s quite long]

With a lot of laugh along the stream, it finally ended. 

As expected, Hikari-chan’s stream is~… the best!

Yeah, she’s amazing. I can see why she became popular, and there is no reason not to be so.

Compared to that, I …

“… It’s time, so watch Chami-chan’s stream and go to bed.”

Around 2:00 am, I became keenly aware of the reality and became sad, so I decided to watch the archive of another gen mate, Yanagase Chami, stream.

Chami-chan, she chose a slightly different direction from other streamers, mainly focused on various ASMR.

A very selfish Onee-san with blonde short hair and blue-eyes. Her ASMR was good.

Her low-pitched and weak-feeling voice could make you relax. There was no stream that was more suitable for sleep than hers,

It seems like she did an ear cleaning ASMR today. There is no doubt that I will fall asleep in the middle of the video.

“Aah yeah, the addictiveness of this stream is dangerous, it’s equal with STZERO.”

Immediately an urge to sleep came and I fell asleep in no time.


Without noticing the smartphone that kept ringing loudly, I went to slumber……


  1. For the one who is still wondering why ‘w’? the word came from the kanji ‘笑’ which means laugh, and in romaji it’s ‘Warau’. Then from ‘warau’ they took only the first letter, which is ‘w’. And people like to use not only one ‘w’ but a few, like this ‘wwwwww’, which looks like grass. This leads to ‘草’, which means grass, and in romaji it’s ‘Kusa’, that also stand for ‘hahaha’ or ‘lol’.
  2. ‘Dochashiko’ is actually a word come from a word ‘shikoshiko’ that mean ‘FA*’ or ‘Hand**b’, but as the time goes it spread to BL lover girls. They used it when they see a scene or picture that hot and erotic enough to be used as ‘material’ when they ‘Mas***bate’.  This way of use spread further to girls who like manga and anime in general, so it’s not limited to BL lover girls anymore. Later, the word spread to young girl, but word derived to be ‘Shikoi’ and the meaning change further, and so it used by them with the meaning of ‘it makes my heart beats or excited’.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 133

133. Lively School

The school was livelier more than usual. The girl students were somewhat restless, and when they had free time, they took out her smartphone and played with it. The boys looked at such girls said, “Such a disgraceful” and “Why don’t they calm down a little more?”. When the girls hear such a boy’s words, they immediately put away their smartphones, but when they moved away, they took them out again and start playing with them.

The reason why girls were so restless was that the lottery results for school visits to Seimei Boys’ High School would be announced. After discussing for a few times to proceed with the school visit event, the schedule was decided and so, a special page was made on the school homepage. They girls started applying, and information spread among the students very fast, and in the end most of the Kenran High students applied for the event. 

The winners of the event would be announced today. However, it would be only the first batch, so the student who might fall was told to not be so discouraged and wait patiently for the second and third batch announcement……. Well, if the first batch were to do something wrong, there wouldn’t be any more.

This event not just a mere school tour, they student would need to participate in classes to deepen the relationship between school, but in addition to this, there would be a special time prepared for the student from each school to understand each other more. Perhaps Seimei High’s staff wanted the boys to be a little more accustomed to girls in case for their future. However, at the same time, perhaps they also didn’t want to lose the brand image of the school. That might be also the reason why the school decided to do a joint cultural festival.

And I would participate in this event as a member of the Student Council.

….. I wonder why though. I haven’t had a very good relationship with the Seimei High Student Council Vice President. Is this an unsaid command given to me, to tell the students over there, “Don’t you dare make light of Kenran!”, is it? But, the Student Council President will accompany me, so I think she would get angry if I really said that.

It seems that the fact that I participate in the event is also one of the reasons why the event becomes popular, and the girls thought that it would be the chance for them to enter the school full of boys with their school idol, and if they were to miss this chance, they would regret it forever, as there might not be another event like this in the future.

I also heard that there are quite a few posts on the back bulletin board of Kenran High School saying that some people would give a lot of money as an exchange for the prize. Well, as expected of Kenran High who most of the people came from wealthy families. It’s a pretty bad idea to solve it with money. But! Unfortunately! The school don’t allow you to give up the prize, and so it’s impossible to participate even if you pay for it! However, I feel that the girls wrote that because they just don’t want to give up…… I feel a little sorry for them.

I feel sorry for the girls who can’t attend the event, but I feel sorry for myself. Even though I mean, I don’t want to go there in particular, also the other boys keep looking at me with eyes saying ‘What?! so you will participate?! even though you refused our request?!’, and some more I feel that I will be cursed by the students over there…….. Somehow, all of this makes me sad.

What is more worrisome than those around me is Serina Maisumi, a girl who passed in front of my desk and came back and glanced at me but passed by again without saying anything. Maybe she has something to say, but for some reason she decided not to say….

“… Maisumi-san, What’s wrong?”

“A, Araaa, did you notice it? I thought I was spending it as usual …”

…… Of course! I could even feel your aura!

Maisumi continued to talk.

“Well, Umm, I think you know that I’m in the drama club… right?”


“This time in the drama club ―― “

“Hey! Wait! Stop!”


Maisumi-san who was trying to talk about something, suddenly pushed by Yachigusa-san who appeared from the side.

Then, Yachigusa-san smiled and talked to me.

“Hatano-san, are you free now? May I talk to you for a while now?”

“Eh, ah, yeah”

“You see, actually, soon, there will be a stage play that will be played by only the first year students in the drama club. It’s a play for children, so the kindergarten children nearby will be invited to the play. But if you are a student here, you can watch it, so by all means, I want Hatano-san to come and watch it.”

“Aaah! I was thinking of saying it! Why you must say it first! Whyyy!”

Maisumi-san who came back protests against Yachigusa-san with tears, but Yachigusa-san looked away with her face saying ‘it is not my fault.’

“Hmmph! Not my fault!”


It looked like they were not on good terms.

I remember they’re on good terms with each other though? Perhaps they’re quarreling about something?

“Well, what are the roles that both of you will play?”

“Fufufu! Miu is the protagonist. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m the narrator. Well, it’s no exaggeration to say that I’m the protagonist in the shadow.”

“It’s an exaggeration!”

“That’s not the case!”

Is it really okay to have Maisumi-san who speak in a mixed language of ‘young lady’ to narrate the story? But, a play for children huh… is it something like Momotaro? [TN: ‘Momotaro’ is a popular folklore in Japan]

“What is the play?”

When I asked the two people who still arguing, they immediately turned to me and said the title with a big smile.

“Magical Girl Magical Kyarun!”

…… Magical? Hmm? Magical?! What the heck is that?

When I saw the smiles of the two girls in front of me, I couldn’t speak out. 

… Seriously, what kind of play is it …?

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 132

132. Miu and Serina’s club activities

Miu Yachigusa joined the drama club. Miu wasn’t so interested in theatrical performances and acting itself, but she joined the club because she thought it would be interesting. Also because her good friend, the gorgeous lady who got influenced by the drama, said that she would join the club. However, after Miu joined and tried to act, she found that acting was ‘deep’, and she thought that if she were to become good at acting, she could do the female gestures that men like without any discomfort……. More than that, she found that club activities itself were fun. 

Miu and the gorgeous lady, Serina, belonged to the first drama club. The reason why it called the first was that the club room of the first drama club was close to their school building. 

Even today, in the first drama club, the members were sweating and working hard doing their club activities.

“Attention! all the first year students, gatherー!“

All the first-year students who were called out looked at each other with a face saying ‘What is it?’, but since it was the director’s command, they immediately gathered.

“Alright, everyone is here. What a good childrenー”

“Director, proceed with the talk already!”

The director of the first drama club was the host of a children’s tv program, and… seems to be aiming to be an ‘Onee-san who sing’ on the tv program, and so she treats the members as if they were toddlers. Well, her attitude of working hard toward her dreams was respected by other members. However, since her height was about 185 cm or more, some of them felt intimidated. Therefore, all the members think that it was impossible, but saying that in front of her was regarded as a taboo. Such director was urged by the assistant director standing side by side to start talking.

“Then, umm, the first drama club invites children from a nearby kindergarten to a stage play every year…. but it’s usually done only by first year students.”

“In other words, all of you are the only performers in the stage play. We help behind the scenes, but you are the protagonists of the stage.”

The faces of the first year students changed from astonished to a joyful one. After all, even though they hadn’t been half a year since they joined the club, but they got to stand on the stage. 

Sure, it might be just a stage play for children, but if you perform well here, you could expect more chance to be casted in the future.

“It’s a play for children, but we’ll hand out leaflets, so students here can see it. If you want to call friends, you can call them…. So, don’t act badly just because it’s for children.”

When the assistant director said so, tension ran on the face of the first year students. Meanwhile, a question was raised in a voice that did not seem to be nervous at all.

“Is the theme decided?… really?”

“It’s decided. This is the playー.”

The director took out a banner with both hands. Because of her height, even the students who was standing behind could clearly see it.

“The play will be this,  ‘Magical Girl Magical Kyarun’ , a heroine show that is very popular with children.”

At the moment, the eyes of the first year students gathered in one girl. A person who seemed to say Kyarun everyday….. Miu Yachigusa, who gathered a lot of eyes, leaned her neck and looked back at the girls who mysteriously look at her.


Everyone who was there thought. “Huh, she just pretending that she doesn’t know anything about this, but in her heart, she is so happy that she most probably will be casted as the leading role.”

Miu thought. “I don’t know why, but I feel like I may be the leading role of this play.” However, if she it out loud, there would be quarrel, so she tried to be humble here.

Everyone except the gorgeous lady who was tilting her head thinking whether ‘Kyarun’ had some kind of meaning or not, understood the meaning of Miu’s humbly act.

But, one thing for sure, Miu was perfect for the word ‘Kyarun’, and also that she was the one with the best acting skill among the first year students…..  that what why everyone thought, “If that so, then I need to get the other role!”.

And so, a sense of competition with grew within the first year students.

“… I’m feeling motivated.”

“Fufufu, what a perfect chance for me.”

Looking at the other first year students who got motivated., Miu tighten herself. After all, the cast had not been decided yet. 

Miu thought that there was a high possibility that someone would take the main protagonist role if she took it easy. That was why she need to appeal herself as much as she could. 

Miu also thought that if her hard working figure got to be seen by Kohaku, the distance with Kohaku might be shortened a little… and if it didn’t work, she might get Kohaku to comfort her by pretending to be sad… anyway, she had to give a good impression to Kohaku. 

Miu clenched her fist tightly and got excited. First of all, she must memorize the script that was handed over!

Maisumi Serina read the script that was handed over. The flow of the play was the same as a general heroine show. The heroine, a magical girl with her catchphrase ‘Kyaru~n’ would defeat the evil organization. It was a story where the good punishing the evil. 

Serina thought for a while, made a pose with a quick movement…


…And said the catchphrase.

Serina tried to change the pose many times and performed different patterns. The other first year students who were watching her were surprised and inspired by the fact that some people did not give up on the main protagonist role, and so they put their energy into practicing to aim for the heroine role without giving up.

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 44

44. Pure Temptation

Visiting the house of a girl… it was like a dream come true event for every high school boy out there, and definitely not something that happened frequently. However, this happened to me, in reality. It made thinking that perhaps I was in heaven all along.

I was happy to be where I was now, but that was because I had not realized yet how exhausting it was to actually play with a child.

“──Forwardー! Sajoー!”

“Huff… huff…..”

“Horsey! Faster!”


Out of breath, I couldn’t even give a proper answer. Yet, the 5 years old girl sitting on my back, as I was on all fours, raised her arm and slapped on my back energetically. Since we were in a child’s room, it wasn’t all that big in size. However, running around in circles like I had been doing for a while now, it felt like I had just finished going around the world.

“H-hey, are you okay…?”

“P-perfectly fine…”

“You don’t have to force yourself like that…”


At first, I was happy that she was so friendly to me. That was why I wanted her to rely on me, while asking Natsukawa for advice, and tried my best to respond to her requests with all of my strength even if it was just a small request, I thought she would eventually get tired playing with me, but…


『”Hm? Ah, you shouldn’t run like that, it’s dangeroug…”』

A child’s mood couldn’t be more unstable. On just a whim, they would come charging at you. In the beginning, I was just joking around with ‘Oh, you’re so strong’, but with that said, she judged that being rough like jumping to me was totally fine.

“I-I give up…”


Horsey fell to the ground. Perhaps Natsukawa’s dear younger sister felt like she was going down using a lift and found it fun, she burst out laughing. They said that a child had infinite endurance, but I felt like it was me who used up all of my stamina.

“Excuse me… are you always playing around so hard like this…?”

“No, we play house at best…”

“Umm, Hey, Airi-san?”





“I-I didn’t teach her that!”

For the first time ever, a young girl called me disgusting.

That hurts even more than hearing it from any girl my age… What a shock. So, being told like that by a pure girl like her is this hard huh? This is the first time I feel discouraged so bad like this.

“I’m tiredー”

“I’m the one tired you know.”




Urkk…She sure is enjoying herself. Ah, hey, don’t pull my hair! Aahh, don’t kneel on my back, it huuurrrttts, Auuh, that spot, nice, keep going…!

“Hey, you really don’t have to force…”

“I don’t think that’s the problem right now…”

“Ahh, jeez…”

Airi-chan let my hair go, but she was still riding on my back. I could feel her body sticking to me, perhaps she was mimicking me. From an outsider’s perspective, this kind of distance might be a total out.

I saw Natsukawa panicking while saying something, but I really couldn’t bother with that right now… You get it, right? The feeling of suddenly doing some exercise after months of nothing.

Suddenly, my back felt lighter. Guess Natsukawa picked up Airi-chan. I would never have imagined I could lay down at the floor of a girl’s house.



The dear younger sister was lifted from my back and ended up carried by Natsukawa. Compared to her energetic attitude from before, she was now really calm, and just looked at me with a relaxed expression.

Well, well, she definitely thinks that she didn’t do anything wrong… right?

I got my breathing under control, while still laying on the ground, I looked on the side and observed the two sisters.


“W-What is it?”

“… Nothing, it’s just fresh seeing you with that kind of expression.”

“m!…. D-Don’t look!”

Since I never had much contact with Natsukawa’s family, I always felt like she was an only-child. That was why, seeing Natsukawa making an elder sister-like face like that, I couldn’t help but admire… and at the same time, I felt something new has awaken within me.

“──Are you satisfied now?”


“You were worrying about something, right? I could tell it clearly you know.”


In the end, I couldn’t hear her true words from her mouth, but it was probably something along to what Ashida said.

Well, as long as Natsukawa is feeling better, that’s all that matters…

“…..N-Not yet.”


Not yet? I feel like I already used up most of my stamina though… So even after introducing me to Airi-chan, she’s still not feeling better? I’m pretty sure Airi-chan will remember me even after today though.

“───N-Not yet. There’s still some things I want to ask you…”

“…..Huh? something to ask me?”

Huh? There’s something she want to ask? Wasn’t the goal of today just to have Airi-chan remember me? So, it’s not only that?

“Hmm, for example?”


While embracing Airi-chan from behind, Natsukawa started thinking. Airi-chan herself looked up at Natsukawa with a ‘You’re not going to let go?’ expression.

She really energetic huh? Even though she said that she was tired not long ago. Well, it’s true that she barely used her stamina though.

After waiting for a bit, Natsukawa seemed to have made up her mind, and threw the first question at me.

“──A-afternoon! Where do you usually go on lunch break?!”

“Ehhh…? Hmm, I eat on a bench in the courtyard, or if it looks like there’s an open seat in the cafeteria, I’ll eat there.”

“W-With who?!”


When I returned a sniffy voice with some fake crying, Natsukawa muttered ‘I see…’ in a really low voice.

Perhaps she didn’t hear about this from Ashida…? I’m sure Ashida told her though…

Right when I was wondering why Natsukawa suddenly asked me that, she gave me a ‘There’s still more, prepare yourself!’ expression….. Alright, bring it on!

“W-Why are you eating all on your own? You can just eat together with everyone else, right?”

“Hm?… Oh, that’s true.”

It might sound like a delicate topic, but there’s no sad reason for it. Why did I even start eating all on my own…? It wasn’t necessarily because I didn’t have any friends. Well, in the beginning… I just wanted to distance myself from Natsukawa, thinking about stuff, alone. I was basically on a search to find myself. Even now, I eat lunch on my own. Before, I always (forcefully) ate together with Natsukawa after all. Eating together with someone now after all that is probably too much for ask.

“You know, when Aizawa got back together with her ex-boyfriend, somehow I ended up like that. Ah, but, today I ate lunch with the people from the Discipline Committee. I was with Shinomiya-senpai, Inatomi-senpai, and… Hmm, what was her name again…”

“Eh…? S-Shinomiya-senpai? You did?”

“Ah, hm, Yeah?”

She stared at me in disbelief.

Wait, she saw me being called over by Shinomiya-senpai, right…? Also, was there anything weird about it…? P-Perhaps, she’s thinking, ‘Someone normal like you has nothing to do with them’, or something like that?!

“W-Why? What kind of relationship do you two have?”

“Eh? We just met in the cafeteria by chance──Hmm? relationship? My relationship with her is, hmm…..I’m sure we’re just senior and junior. Ah, she’s a friend of Sis as well.”

“I-I see…”




H-hello? What is this awkward atmosphere about? Why’d you suddenly go all quiet, Natsukawa-san! Questions! Next Question Please! I don’t have the strong mentality to deal with this silence!

As I was thinking about what to do, Natsukawa looked up with an expression like she wanted to say something. Right as she opened her mouth, I focused on my hearing.

“W-What about us…?”


“Can’t you just… eat together with us, like ‘before’ ?”

“That’s, as I said be───Well, you know.”

I feel like I said it before when she visited my home, but───I gave up on trying to continue that. Those words I said back then… were pretty much said in the romantic sense. But, I don’t think that this is what Natsukawa wanted to hear.

It’s not about between a boy and a girl in a ‘romantic’ sense, nor in a sense of ‘friendship’. What she means is we──we’re a ‘group’. Including Ashida, Natsukawa is probably wanted to ask, ‘Weren’t we a group, who were always together, talking and having fun?’.

At the very least, I’m being included in her group. Well, I’m really happy to have such a beautiful girl like Natsukawa in my group, and an energetic and talkative girl like Ashida isn’t bad either. But from a boy’s point of view, it might be hard to completely take away the romantic aspect of that. I’m sure that being with them would guarantee an enjoyable and fun high school life though. At the very least, I, who had ‘cut everything away’, since I gave up and stopped hoping for anything, it would surely be doable. I think. Maybe. Probably. Surely. Probably not.

When I was keeping my distance, something changed. In fact, through losing the nuisance called ‘Wataru Sajou’, Natsukawa got new friends. Once I’m with her, someone else will stay away. With I’m being near her, there’s a possibility that she cannot spend the youth she deserved.

In that sense, although it’s painfully difficult for me to accept, perhaps ot’s not bad to just support Sasaki’s feelings for Natsukawa instead. That guy is pretty handsome after all.

Well, I don’t like it though.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 131

This Ch is from Miu Yachigusa POV

131. A girl named Miu Yachigusa

Women in this world were working hard every day.

Studying, exercising, learning about cosmetic and maintaining style for beauty. Behind all of it, there only one reason, that was the desire to be popular with men. Although the reality was that men thinks they were not working hard enough to be their lovers. And so, the women were working hard every day.

And… Miu Yachigusa, who was a first-year student at Kenran High, was no exception. Her parents had good relationships with each other, which was rare in this world. Therefore, when she was young, she hoped that she could build a family like her parents when she grew up. 

When she thought about how to achieve that dream, a boy who lived around her neighborhood and also a childhood friend of her, as they were playing together quite often because of the connection between parents, naturally came to mind.

So, she confessed. As a kindergarten child, she proposed to him. It could have been a cute confession of a kindergarten kid, or it could have been said as marking the boy and let him know that he was bound to be with her.

As a childhood friend, her confession would have been remembered as a cute event to be remembered. However…

“Ewww, no way. Miu doesn’t match me. Do you ever heard the words, ‘Know you own place’?”

What came back was a word of refusal. In this world, boys were generally more precocious than girls. As a young man, he had already begun to grow into a man fitting to be in this world.

Miu cried. she cried a lot. And she clung to her mother. The mother was surprised seeing her daughter crying and so, she told Miu after asking in detail what had happened.

“Miu, that’s natural. This world is not a sweet world where you can get married just by being a childhood friend.”

“Uh, uh…?”

“Beauty, charm, intellect, education… and above all, the ability to know the tastes of the other person. You need all of these!”

Hearing her mother’s words, young Miu was shocked. It was as if she had received a violent electric current.

“But it’s not always possible to get man’s heart even with that much effort. Some time, it may be an unrewarding effort.”


“Yes! You only get the chance to get love if you make an effort that you know it may not be always rewarded!”


“Yes, this mom of yours got the love of your dad that way. See mom’s body, it’s like an hourglass. There’s not much fat!”


Miu looks at her mother who said so. Certainly, her mother had a slender figure and thought she was cooler than the mothers of other children in her kindergarten. 

However, when Miu looked carefully at her mother, Somehow, she felt sad for some reason.

“…Miu, don’t look sad at my chest.”

“I-I’m not sad.”

“Don’t lie! Miu! I’ll punish you with playing your cheeks as I please.”

“Hmmm! Stowh! Stowph!”

“Eh? What’s this skin, it feels so good to touch? Elastic and smooth! Aah! Take this!”


And now …

“I’m home”

Miu said so and entered the house. However, no reply was returned. The reason was that her parents went on a trip. 

Miu remembered her mother said, “Maybe you could have a brother.”, when she left for the trip.

“Hmm, Alright, Let’s make food to eat for the time being and take a bath after that.”

With that said, Miu did the housework quickly. 

After doing what she had to do, she finally had free time. So, Miu took a book from the bag she used to go to school, laid down on her bed and began to read the book. The book was a fashion magazine targeting teens. On the cover it was written, ‘Ten ways to make boys all over you’.

Miu read the magazine seriously, and when she finished reading everything, she made a troubled face. She summarized the information in the magazine in her head.

 1. Praise at any rate

 2. Listen to his selfishness

 3. Don’t be stingy

 4. Be neat, clean, and organized

 5. Don’t wear thick makeup, it’s strictly prohibited

 6. Improve yourself for the future

 7. Talk to him every day

 8. Don’t miss even the smallest changes of him

 9. When you get to know each other well, try to pull back a little

 10. Make him think that you are special

Miu tried to apply the information to her current situation and thought about it.

Miu felt that only about half of it had been completed. However, since her target was not an ordinary boy, she thought that it was dangerous to swallow the information as it was. 

The boy that Miu like was not selfish, on the contrary, when she changed the color of her lipstick, the boy noticed it and praised her. Because he was such a person, Miu had a lot of rivals. 

I’m on a good term with him, but I’m sure there is a girl who is ahead of me.

When Miu heard that the gorgeous lady from the same club said she ever took a bath together with the boy at her trip destination, Miu felt so envious of her.


By the way, the gorgeous lady had a much more sensual body than Miu.



Miu fluttered around on the bed as she couldn’t control her emotions.

Miu thought that she had to do something before it was too late…

Isekai demo Bunan ni Ikitai Shoukougun ch 41 Part 2

Finally something will happen in the next ch.

42-1. In the meantime, My treasure (Part 2)

“You’re a blacksmith, right? Why don’t you recommend him the weapon you made…”

“The wooden sword suits him better. He understands his own strength and have a weapon that suits him. What I can do is just to lend him a tool for maintaining it.”

“I’m glad you compliment me, but honestly even swinging this wooden sword tires me.”

“Train that much, even if you don’t have the talent, if you keep moving your arm, you can swing it easily.”

Well, perhaps I really have to train to some extent. 

Anyway, Illias and Toruido went to the workshop in the back. Immediately the sound of hitting with a hammer began to echo.

Should I train a bit now――No, no, I have to look over Wolfe’s weapons. 

Wolfe was looking around, searching for various weapons. She tried to swing a few of them to check the weight and power.

“Don’t hit other weapons or shelves, okay?”

“Yes, Shishoー!”

Weapons are not my specialty. In my personal prejudice, I even think that bare hands look best on her. However, perhaps that is because every time Wolfe was fighting, I always saw her bare handed.

The difference in skill against the assassin from Mejis was overwhelming, we only succeed in subjugating them because of the good strategy. Wolfe would surely have lost if she had an unfamiliar weapon in her hand. So, the overall potential of her fighting with bare hands, which also easier for her to use her Mana, may be higher than using weapon.

But, Wolfe wants a weapon. If I say that bare hands are better, she will be disheartened. No, wait… That’s right, there’s that weapon….

I took out the parchment from my bosom and immediately started drawing the thing I imagined.

“Seriously, unlike a sword, the scabbard has a rather soft core. Please don’t use it like a normal weapon.”

“But it comes in handy when I want to hold back my strength. So, I have to use it when the time needs it.”

How could she lie as naturally she breathed? She blew off the torso of a huge man with a scabbard, didn’t she?

“If you insist on doing that, I’ll make a separate scabbard next time. Unintended use will only damage the tool you know. Well, so, how about you, white-haired girl. Did you find a good weapon?”

“No yet, I don’t know which one is better.”

“Well, looking at your body, it’s easy for you to adapt to any weapon, but worse, you won’t find any perfect weapon for you. You won’t find a weapon that makes your heart feels, ‘This is it’.”

“Urk… Shishoー, please choose for me. I’m fine with anything you choose.”

Wolfe begged for help with a troubled face. 

Hmm, the weapon will decide her style. I’d like to say that she should decide for herself, but this time I want to spoil Wolfe so….

“Well… Toruido-san, I have something to ask, could you please take a look at this?”

After Toruido-san checked the parchment, he distorted his eyebrows a little and began to growl.

“I see, that’s how you fight, huh. It sounds interesting, but… the output power will be not that good with this design. So…”

Toruido-san picked up the pen and added some drawing to the design. Apparently, the blood of the craftsman had boiled, and so, whether the other persons were young or old, he will consult with them to make the weapon better. He seemed to be so enthusiastic with developing a new weapon.

“By the way, how much will it cost?”

“It’s the first time for me to make a weapon with such a mechanism, so I’m not sure whether it will really work or not. So, I’m going to get the material cost and the labor cost for it…. other cost is not needed since this will be my first time making this, that’s it.”

The amount written on the parchment was quite a price. It was higher than the ready-made weapons lined up on the selves. However, with the current amount of money I had, it was not an amount that couldn’t be paid.

“Okay, then I’ll leave it on you.”

“Decided right away huh, aren’t you being loved?”

“… Shishoー, is it really okay?”

Wolfe looked at me with a worried face. It seemed that she thought the price was too high. 

Well, she is learning the importance of money properly, isn’t she?

“If I can’t pay it, I’ll not accept the deal.”

“Then it’s decided. Alright, now, I need to measure your body size. Follow me.”


“By the way, how long does it take?”

“I’m usually free since the harvest festival will start soon, I can start from today. So, I’ll finish it tomorrow dusk.”

And the next day, Wolfe was equipped with the finished weapon. Looking at the completed weapon, Illias nodded as if she approved.

“I see, it’s a gauntlet, huh?”

A gauntlet, or, to put it plainly, a combination of the back of the arm and the armor. The gauntlet was only a few kilograms of iron and perfect for hitting others with it equipped. In fact, in Western history, there were gauntlet techniques, and so there were people who used gauntlets as weapons.

Gauntlets made for Wolfe were weapons, but it can also be used as armor. A plate that combines multiple metals was stretched to the limit that did not interfere with the range of motion of the elbow. By combining the hardness and flexibility of a metal, the impact on the arm when it used for protection would be minimized. Also, since the layer contained rare metals that made it easier for her to inject Mana, the gauntlet could receive the benefits of strengthening using Mana too.

Sure, it was not as strong as a shield for defense, but it was easier to use for parrying attacks. The fist part also had a structure that protects the fist from impact, but no metals were used on the palm side as to keep the dexterity of the hand. At first a metal ring was supposed to be placed around the thumb, which normally vulnerable to attack when holding a sword, but it was removed because it was regarded as unnecessary because Wolfe would mainly only use her fist. Instead of that, a cloth that easy for Mana to flow was placed so that she could use that ‘Clapping’ technique even if she were to wear the gauntlets.

It was a gauntlet that versatile to use. You could even do rock-paper-scissors and use chopsticks while wearing it. 

In overall the gauntlet was an equipment that specially made for fighting.

“Wolfe’s power for attacking and dash are high, but it put a lot of burden on her body whenever she fights in a close quarter. If the enemies could use barrier like Lacra, she will not be able to hit them seriously with her bare hands. So, it’s a weapon designed with that in mind.”

There was also a particularly large protector around the fist, for good reason. 

By the way, I had Toruido-san prepared iron shoes with similar design.

“I wanted to order a customize armor to protect my body if possible, but I think it’s enough to use the already made one.”


Wolfe was curious about new weapons. She tried to move her fingers and lightly hitting her fists against each other.

“Hey, before you try other else with the weapon, see this.”

Toruido-san said so and handed a bunch of parchment to Wolfe.

“What is…this?”

“It’s a manual about the mechanism that I thought about with him. There are various ways to use this gauntlet. Please read it carefully.”


After reading it for a while, a test run of the gauntlet was conducted at the barracks. The results were good. Well, it was still a little too complicated for Wolfe to use it perfectly for a while though.

That night, Wolfe took a bath shortly after dinner and stayed in her room. I was anxious and listened what she did from outside the room, but apparently, she was humming while caring for the equipment. 

Well, I’m glad she seems to like it a lot.

“Shosho-sama! Please buy something good for me too!”

“Shut up, I bought you a good beer from the ‘Dog’s Bone’ already!”

Naturally, Lacra’s reaction was what I expected. 

Thankfully I got a good beer from Gozz. Even so, this girl, huh… 

By the way, since I brought some beer the other day, I was drinking it with the others. Because of that, they were a little energetic than usual.

“I like something that remains in shapeー! Ah, how about a ring? I want a ring that fits on my ring fingerー… GLANCE

“If it’s a collar and chain to tie it to you at your workplace, I don’t mind making a special order for it.”

“Aren’t you so mean?! Please make it a necklace at least!”

“Lacra, calm down. Gifts are meant to convey our gratitude in the first place. But Lacra, you always been in his care, right?”

“That may be the case, but, but! I’m sure Shosho-sama will buy it for me!”

“No way. I’ve spent a fair amount of money in the first place, so I don’t have any money for you!”

“Then! Once you saved more money, you will?!”

“I can’t give you a gift as long as I don’t feel any gratitude!”

“Isn’t it okay to count it as a welcome gift or friendship fee?!”

“Rather, I want you to go out soon. Ah, if it’s as a fee for cutting the relationship we have, I’ll think about it.”

“Uwaaaaa! Illiasssss-san! Shosho-sama is so cold towards me!”

I don’t like this drunken person anymore. Even though the only thing that came out on my mind about what would make me happy was beer, now I regret that I really bought it for her. 

Alright, let’s make this girl drink more, with that I’m sure she’ll out faster.

“Well, it’s not difficult to make him feel gratitude to us you know. Ah, by the way, isn’t that means you’ll give me a gift according to your theory? I always welcome gifts, you know? Nah, I mean, give me one now. “

“Ahh, both of you always drunk so fast!”

The nights for the drunk adults were over. At the same time, Wolfe was sleeping peacefully, hugging the gauntlet, without worrying about such a hustle and bustle.

Masho no Otoko wo Mezashimasu ch 130

130. Talk between boys

All the boys in the room looked at me as if they wanted to blame me. 

Isn’t this accusation strange in many ways? I am also a human being you know? No matter if we’re a classmate, I may forget the face of the person I rarely talked to, it’s a normal thing, isn’t it? 

More than that, in a situation where you are suddenly surrounded by a large number of men for no apparent reason, ordinary human beings will not be able to work well under such a pressure. 

In other words, it can be said that the human brain that easily forgetting someone face, which was an inevitable thing, was the one who caused by this situation. 

So, yeah, it’s not really my fault……. it’s not my fault, but if I try to defend myself now, my reputation will only get worse, so let’s keep quiet. 

But what does these guys want from me to bring me all the way here? So far, all they have done is being depressed and blaming me.

“Well, I knew from the beginning that your personality was horribly distorted.”

“Excuse me, you’re being rude. Everyone says I’m kind.”

The boy in front of me sighed as if to suppress his emotions. 

But, what he just said was a diss to me. This me, who had a good reputation among a lot of people, which side of me that he wanted to blame?

Seriously, I’m very worried about their future.

“Hmmph, I don’t care about that. Don’t interrupt my words.”

…… What should I do, I really want to hit him at least once.

“I heard that there will be an event to go to Seimei High soon.”


“…..Then why can’t we boys participate in the event?”

“Because the purpose is to familiarize Seimei High students with girls.”

“We, the boys of Kenran High, should also get rid of the bad blood with the students of Seimei High.”

“Well, it can be done when the students over there come over here.”

This event must be done carefully. Therefore, only a few could participate in the first exchange. 

If we don’t release the alertness of Seimei High students little by little, it’s probably impossible to have a success joint cultural festival. After all, Kenran High is said as a place where each time the girls see the boys, they will attack them. Such biased knowledge like that are being widespread among the students of Seimei High. 

So, this time, the purpose is to familiarize such boys with girls, and there is no point in including boys in that small number.

Anyway, why do they want to attend the event in the first place? Well, I just hope they’re not thinking about anything crazy ――

“… To tell the truth, we have a grudge on the students of Seimei High. We want to settle it before the school festival so that the festival will be a success!”

The boy in front of me, he clenches his fist, and desperately appeal with a trembling voice. The other boys also nod with a determined expression. I couldn’t see a lie on their face.

“……You guys”

I looked over the boys in the room and was thinking about what to do. 

What they are saying is a good thing. Seimei High students are basically looking down at Kenran High students, so they are basically not on good terms with each other. If the boys from here really want to improve the relationship by approaching them, it may be not a bad idea to include some of them to participate in the event…

That is if what they say is all true!

In the first place, these guys, are they really think of improving relationships with them? Are they really have such a good personality? No way! Many men in here are basically selfish because they are spoiled since they were born. Well, I think there are times when a small number of boys really think of such a thing. But considering the number of boys who are currently gathering in the room, that possibility is almost zero.

“So… why don’t you think about it? We also want to liven up the school festival together you know.”

When I saw the boy talking to me with a grin, I couldn’t help but to think even more.

…Why did they need to bring me here in the first place? Sure, in a sense I’m a member of the Student Council, but I’m the bottom end who has no particular important position. I have to say that, from normal perspective, asking me to give the opinion is not really a good idea, I mean the chance it will be adopted is small considering my position. It is still more likely accepted if they make this petition directly to the Student Council President. Then why they ask me?… yeah, it’s an easy question, because I’m a man and the President is a woman. In other words, these guys did not want to ask a woman nor bow their head a little to a woman. That’s why, they ask me.

Moreover, there is a contradiction in their story. If they just want to improve their relationship with Seimei High students, they don’t really have to go to over there, they can just get along when they come here……. In other words, these guys want to go to Seimei High. Then why do they want to go there? That’s….

“I see, I get it now.”

“? Did you get it?”

“Yeah, you want to do ‘that’, right? To go to the school over there and say that the school building is old, and the equipment is bad, or something like that…”

The moment I said that, the face of the boys in the room instantly turned into an astonishing expression.

“…T-that isn’t that the case, you know? No, really, that’s not the case. Yeah.”

The boy in front of me was restless not only in his facial expression but also in his attitude, turning his eyes around, rubbing his hands, and touching his hair many times.

Seimei High is a high school with a long history. The school building and facilities are mostly old. Meanwhile, Kenran High is superior in that aspect. However, many of the boys who came to Kenran were the one who didn’t get accepted even if they wanted to go to Seimei, so they have some inferiority complex.

There are many students who have such complex, which is why they want to look directly at the school over there and boast that the school they attend is better. They just want to satisfy their pride. What a bunch of small-minded people… I really feel sorry for them. 

However, since their reaction is so straightforward, I’m quite hesitated to pursue this matter even further.

“I’ll keep silent about how small-minded you guys are, so give up already.”

When I tell them to give up their plans. The boy in front of me, he shook his body and rushed out of the room, running out so that other boys could catch him.

“Uwaaaaa! I hate Hatanoー!”

“He doesn’t know how we feelー!”


Later, rumors spread throughout the school that I made a lot of boys cry.

Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 43

43. Demon Lord’s Castle (Utopia)

Is it the Demon Lord’s castle…?!

From the outside, it looks like a normal home, and yet, why does it look so big and imposing? Perhaps, my home was not a house, but just a stable?

“W-well, let’s go inside.” (High-pitched voice)

“Don’t you continue that character in front of Airi, okay…”


“W, Why are you about to break out in tears?”

My plan to pretend as a girl was denied.

What else could I do in this situation? Well, that’s to just give up.

I had no other choice than to accept my quivering legs, and blank head. Nothing could be done.

I think, I just attained enlightenment. Please take me away, Buddha.

“D-Do you hate to go into my home that much…..?”

“Oh, crap, now I really want to meet your younger sister. Can I give her a hug later?”

“I’ll punch you.”


That was close, I almost sat down like a dog. Even though ‘Hiii~’ came out from my mouth, in my heart, it was ‘woof~’.

She sure is good at not flinching in the slightest and yet emitting scary amounts of pressure. If I was a dog, I would have wagging my tail, woof~

“Come on, let’s go in now!”

GULP, I-I get it, I get it already…!”

Is Natsukawa actually a carnivore girl? [TN: In japan, there a term of Carnivore and Herbivore for men and woman, in which carnivore is the one who is assertive and like to take initiative first when in come to romance]

I mean, from an outsider’s perspective, this looks like she’s dragging a boy into her house. And I feel quite honored to be placed in such important role. By the way, what should I do about my impulses that it’s hard to hold back anymore? What? Jump into the sea? Got it, I’ll take a trip to the sea later.

“G-Go in silently, okay.”

“Eh, we’re going in like that?”

“Otherwise, Mom will find out.”

“So, your dear mother is at home.”

It was like the spirit of a business salesman suddenly possessed me.

Anyway, nice judgement, me. Let’s go with that in case something happens. Also, is it that bad for your mother to find out? I can just greet her normally, you know. Though I don’t bring any gifts. Ah, you don’t want her to see me? Really? That’s not true…right?

I followed after Natsukawa, who was sneaking ahead of me.

Is this going to be okay? If she finds us now, she’ll only think we planned on doing something ‘guilty’, right?


Natsukawa opened the front door, and I joined her right after. T-This is…! The air is filled with the sweet scent of Natsukawa…!

Eh, isn’t this bad? The entire atmosphere in this house feels like Natsukawa. Well, this is her home, after all. Even so, it’s too stimulating for an adolescent boy like me. The scent of someone’s home is exist, right?… Well, when I went to that bastards’ houses, it was just for playing games, so I was never too conscious of it… Anyway, I need to deal with this. Hang in there, me…! This is a do-or-die situation…!

Time to reboot my mind… Mission starts! The goal of this mission: Meet Natsukawa’s dear younger sister without being caught. The time limit is until it’s dinner time at the Sajou Household.

“───Aah! Onee-chan!”


“Mission complete! Time to withdraw from here!”

“Wait, where are you going!”


A girl about five years old poked out her head from the stylish door connecting the hallway to the living room. Through transparent glass hanging in the middle of the door, I could see the figure of Natsukawa’s dear mother. It seems, Mission failed.

That’s why, could you maybe let go of me, Natsukawa-san? We got busted. And more than that, my blood pressure does not stop rising.

“Onee-chan! ───And, who?”

“I’m Sajou Wataru. It’s my utmost pleasure to meet you, Airi-san.”

“Don’t give such a distanced greeting…”

It’s the spirit of the business salary men who’s possessing me, okay! I’m a kind elder brother. I got used at dealing with children, so please don’t worry, I can act properly to whatever a child may do ──I have little sisters myself, you know?… Across the screen that is. [TN: Which mean a 2D]

As I was making weak excuses in my head, Airi-chan was lifted up from behind her back. The sudden appearance of Natsukawa’s dear mother, froze me up.

“──Ara? Did you bring another friend from school over again, Aika?”


“Ah, hello. My name is Sajou Wataru. Nice to meet you.”

O, Oooh… my greeting went more smoothly than I would have expected. I guess my ‘glib tongue’ really show itself when the time comes. Well, well aren’t I actually not much of a lost cause?

In a bit of relief, I looked at Natsukawa’s mother. From her face, I could see that she was indeed Natsukawa’s mother. Rather than being kind, it felt like she was a very diligent and honest person.

“Sajou-kun, I see. Nice to meet───Wait, it’s only this boy alone today?”

“Urk… Y-Yeah.”

“A-Arara… perhaps today it’s your room, Aika?”

“N-No, aren’t you getting the wrong idea, Mom?! Airi’s room! We’re using Airi’s room, okay!”

“I-Is that so?”

Ah, so she’s that kind of mother. The type who talks with her daughter on equal terms, like she’s her age. That left me a bit more relieved and calmed my tremble a little. Since this is Natsukawa’s mother we’re talking about, I figured that she would be a strict person. I’m glad she’s not some uptight company president-type… Anyway, I think it’s better for her to not know about me. I mean, if she knew I was bothering her daughter……


Oh, Airi-chan is looking… staring at me like crazy. Getting a good look at her, she is really cute. An angel without a doubt. Her big round pretty eyes are adorable, I can see why Natsukawa would be so obsessed with her. As I thought younger sister is the best. I’d love to have a little sister like her too. Guess I’ll break the screen once I get home.

“S-sorry about my Mom.”

“Don’t worry, more than that, I’m sorry for suddenly barging in here.”

“Don’t worry about that…!”


“H-Hey! Don’t do that in front of Airi!”

R-Right. Whenever it’s about her younger sister, Natsukawa gets really serious. I need to refrain from that kind of stuff… I hope I can keep my impulses down, though…

Natsukawa brought me to a child’s room, with a joint mat on the floor, creating a colorful feeling in the room/ There was a small slide and even a jungle gym. Besides those, there were many other things like building blocks. I could tell that Airi-chan was really being loved.

I was told to sit down at the small round table in the middle of the room, and soon Natsukawa returned with some tea.

“This is quite the situation.”

“D-Don’t say that, I’m trying hard not to be conscious of it.”

“…..Even though you went this far just to have me meet her?”


Even if the situation become like this, Natsukawa is persistent on making me meet her younger sister. According to Ashida, if it’s not because of that, Natsukawa wouldn’t accept this situation. I haven’t heard it from the person in question though… but she didn’t deny it either, and more than anything, I could guess from her attitude.


As we were exchanging words like that, Airi-chan walked towards me, and stood in front of me, who was sitting cross legged.


“…Hm? Takaaki?”


Maybe the name of the father? No, she wouldn’t call his name like that…..Then, it must be the name of another man. Ah, I heard that she was pretty clingy towards Sasaki. Hmm, I feel like his mother called him ‘Takaaki’ when Yamazaki and I came to his house to play ‘Winning Eleven’.

“Airi, this Onii-san is ‘Wataru’.”


“Pfft, what’s that way of saying his name.”


What is this scenery… Heaven? Is this heaven? I’m being surrounded by a Goddess and an angel. Since when I was being summoned to heaven? In the first place, am I even allowed to be here?

Because of this dazzling sight in front of me, I could only narrow my eyes. It felt like I was watching something I shouldn’t be. Seriously, what should I do now…

“Come on, introduce yourself, Wataru.”


Natsukawa showed me a gentle expression that I had never seen on her face before. Even the tone of her voice was kind enough to keep me spacing out, let alone her calling me by my name.

Eh, are all elder sister in this world supposed to act like her? Is it weird for me to be this confused…? No, that just means my Sis is the odd one out.

“…Isn’t that name pretty hard to say? Airi-chan, just call me ‘Sajoー’.”


“That’s right, Sajoー”



“You don’t need to act like a child too…”

Ah, not good, my desires just went wild. I guess that my internal younger brother attribute got attracted to Natsukawa’s elder sister attribute. Subconsciously, I was regressed into a small child for a moment there. Well, I give up, I’m a pervert after all. I just want a lap pillow.

Airi-chan kept repeating ‘Sajoー’, she even shouted that while raising one hand like an Ultra*an pose.

More than anything, I’m glad she managed to remember it. I feel like my family name have a nice ring to it.

‘Sajoー! Weird head!”

“Natsukawa, wait here, let me dye my hair really quick.”

“Give up on that right now.”

I mean, she called my two-tone hairstyle weird…! Well, I knew it myself. Anyway, I really need to do something about this hair of mine. I don’t mind leaving it like this for a while. I don’t really have any preference in what color my hair should be. But, having brown mixed into it must look dirty, it’s yuck, right.

“Sajoー! Carry!”



C-Carry? How to do that? Just normally pick her up and…what should I do after that? Urgg… N-Now that it’s come to this, I need to make a new way of carrying, and it shall be named, the ‘princess carry’…!

“What are you doing?”

“Ah, well…”

“Stand up.”


Natsukawa must have figured out that I was at a loss, and provided a follow-up. I stood up as she told me. Without moving I was standing ‘at attention’

“It’s not that hard. Just do what comes to your mind.”

“Sir yes, sir.”

“Just ‘yes’ is fine.”


That’s Natsukawa for you. Her skill as an elder sister is on another level. If we’re not in this kind of situation, I might just regress to a young boy, be her younger brother and get spoiled by her… I always wanted an elder sister like her…

“Airi-chan, I’ll carry you, ready?”


“Is this your final answer?”

“No way she would understand that….. Just do it already.”


Ehm, what should I do again… Just normally pick her up beneath her arms, and put her on my chest…? Hmmm…? I feel like that’ll be hard to do at her size…

As I was left confused, Natsukawa approached me to give some instructions.

“Listen to me, okay? First, you create a chair with your left arm, then put her on there. Your right arm is the back of the chair in that case. That will get her in a secure position, and so she can relax.”

“O-Ooohh.. that’s much easier.”

“Right? Also, put her on the same level as your line of sight. Airi is looking up at you.”

“M-my bad”

I put a bit more strength into my arms, pushing Airi-chan up. Right when we were on the same level, Airi-chan put her hand on my head, touching my hair.

“Eh? Eeh? What is she doing?”

“Touching your hair. That hair… How about you dye it soon?”

“Right… Hmm, Natsukawa, which one do you prefer? Black or brown hair?”

“T-That’s ───”

“The same as Onee-chan!”

“Got it.”

“Please no.”

Same color with Natsukawa…Not bad. Our affinity will be better than way, also I actually wonder how I will look like in a reddish-brown hair. The compensation is the distance of our hearts… What kind of compensation is that…

“Whyー?”, Airi-chan tilted her head in confusion.

Doing that while up in my arms had quite the destructive power. Really, have two sisters, both of them cute and beautiful makes me wonder, what kind of a good deeds they did in their previous life… Me? I might be just a normal farmer in my previous life.

“Hey heyー, how can you change the color like that?”

“Once you become an adult, you can change it as much as you want.”

“Ehhhー, not fair.”

“Adults are never fair.”



Adding a needless comment at the end, Natsukawa pulled on my cheek, stretching it to the side.

I’m sure that I must be showing a weird face right now. But, Airi-chan is laughing hard. What a great smile, I’ll do the same for you later once Natsukawa isn’t looking.

“Ehehe, ehehehe”


Airi-chan joined in, and pulled on my other cheek. She enjoyed playing with it. She was laughing while trying to squeeze or pulling it. And the more I let out a weird voice, the louder her laughter got.

She sure laughs a lot. She’ll surely be popular later, like Natsukawa… no, maybe even more than Natsukawa.

“Fufu, fufufu.”

……Hmm? Excuse me, Natsukawa-san…? Aren’t you enjoying yourself as well? You don’t show any intentions of letting go.

Airi And Aika play with Sajou’s Cheeks

… Well, whatever. It’s rare for her to touch me like this. This may be the last she do..ouch ouch Airi-chan your nails, your nails…!