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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 162

TN : Reason for no updates -> I got sick (quite bad) and was forced to rest on a bed for quite some time. And I did this ch with my phone, so maybe, a little bit rough… or not. Anyway, I’ll be fully back in a few days.

162. Chapter 162 – The Great Demon of Ash

Once again blue color brightened up the hometown of a man who was now resting like a roosting bird. The blue color was something called 《Demon Fire》. Only six people in the immediate vicinity were engulfed by the blue-colored flames. The rest were covered with a magical barrier and escaped being burned to death.

What a wonderful gift! For the one causing the spectacle. There were people who could withstand this much fire after all. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be a fun feast.

The spectacular dancing blue flames for the eyes to enjoy, the great smell of burning flesh for the nasal cavity to taste, and the soothing flying ash for the skin to feel.

What color colored the people around? Clearly, excitement. A perfect mood for a feast. A feast that the female demon could normally only see without directly participating in. But here, right now, at this moment, she could feel it through her whole body.

No opening speech, very rude for a feast, or in a way, vulgar, but the female demon just couldn’t hold herself back. In the first place, demons were like that, so she did nothing wrong.

With a passionate leap like a small child wanting to play, the female demon quickly approached the enemy, a male soldier. In contrast to his shocked face, the blade glistened. It was a defensive behavior cultivated through repeated training. Not that it was matter, as with just a carelessly outstretched fist, the female demon knocked his sword down. Then, she embraced the soldier as if they were good lovers.

“Smells, good~”

Whispered the female demon to the soldier’s ear, as she showed her canines.

In response, the soldier began to beg in fear, of the demon and also the fire.

“Stop, n-nooo――”

The female demon opened her wide mouth and devoured the soldier, starting from his shoulders. The escaping blood was burned by the blue flame and evaporated instantly. In her arms, the soldier trembled like a virgin. This would mean that he must still be fresh and have a sweet taste.

The rich smell of blood coming out from the red liquid entered the female demon’s nostrils. That alone was enough to make her feel intoxicated, like a child who knew nothing about alcohol. But that wasn’t enough. So she continued to give free rein to her long-dried desire.

The female demon thrust the convulsing soldier’s sword into his flank and found what she was looking for, the heart. Of course, she immediately devoured it in one mouthful. On her tongue, she could feel it pulsing, a cute tingle, one might say. Soon after, it traveled down her esophagus, into the bottom of her stomach.


The demon licked the blood remaining on her lips with her extended tongue.

Unfortunately, not even a demon had the leisure to savor the aftertaste. To the incoming magic attacks, 《Demon Fire》 was used to stop them. When they collided, sparks were created which produced a pleasant sound.

Quickly, the female demon took aim at nearby enemies preparing to fire the next magic attack.

“Dem―she’s coming!!”

The lucky one was a group of three. The female demon ran while spreading blue flames, but a spearhead was aimed at her to stop her. The other two also took the opportunity and went to support. If she stopped now, she would have to take the attacks of the two men.

The female demon followed her fighting instincts. Before the incoming spearhead could touch her chest, she ducked into the ground, in a crawling position.

The spearman skillfully moved his wrist and tried to hit the female demon with the spear butt, but her fist pierced his chest and armor. He was too late. As her elbow went through, the soldier’s cheeks puffed out and immediately blood gushed from his mouth. Her skin and hair joyfully absorbed the red liquid, absorbing it up like dry quicksand.

The other two tried to strike a final blow to their dying comrade, but the female demon swung the flesh in her hands with all her might.

“Hm? Dodged?”

A dull sound rang out, as if a leather sack filled with water had hit the cobblestones. But one sound was missing, so to speak.

Holding his shoulder, the soldier managed to dodge took a step forward, and let out a small sigh. Right. He planned to once again join in the play that the demon was forcing on the unfortunate one, only for him to feel a strong wind.

“Howard, step back!!”

Quickly the soldier backed away, and following the word, a violent sharp wind rushed through in between as if making sure that the soldier was at a safe distance.

For some it was a familiar attack, coming from a former adventurer named Leethia who could control the wind. It was the one who had mortally wounded the owner of the demon mask.

What great luck. Only male human blood in a feast would be somewhat lacking. The fact that a female human was also present seemed like a great consideration to the female demon.

“Good bye~”

On the way, the female demon crushed the dying soldier covered in blue flames with one hand and took the war hammer nearby. Not that sharp weapons were bad, just that blunt weapons were good for solving many problems.

As if to test the weapon, the female demon hit the swordsman who came to attack her using the war hammer. Her 《Strike》 smashed the sword, and went all the way to the soldier’s head, bursting the head along with red liquid. She swung the war hammer a few times, as if it were a light stick, and checked its condition further. Obviously, it wasn’t a bad weapon for her. She could make up for the lack of definitive power with mana.

One blow could break metal. One blow could mince the flesh. Anyway, in the hand of the female demon, one swing could destroy something.

The humanoid bonfires that lit the place flickered as their limbs moved. Those who had fallen were engulfed by the fire and turned to ash. Now, the number of remaining opponents could be counted on two hands. For the number to be limited, what a pity indeed.

A nasty spearhead approached the sad female demon from the side. Of course, such an attack was insignificant. After dodging it, she quickly gouged the eyeball of the nasty attacker out. Deprived of light, the soldier went crazy with pain and swung his spear foolishly in a random direction. What a nice assist he gave her.

“Looking away, ain’t good.”

The soldier, whose consciousness was disturbed by his friend’s shameful behavior, loosened his grip in panic and froze on the spot.

Soldiers who had lost their agility were no better than shellfish. And fortunately, the female demon had the tools to break them open.

The female demon knocked off the sword with the war hammer, grabbed the neck with her bare hands, and let the fire engulf the Adam’s apple. In a way, it wasn’t that much different from boiling shellfish in its shell.

When the female demon was busy grilling the pieces of meat that stuck to her palms, the 《Demon Fire》 flickered in one area. Apparently, an attack was coming from a blind spot. Of course, she felt it.

Blocking the attack with the war hammer, the female demon kicked the attacker in the back.

“Guh, uhh, buuuuhh――”


Leethia screamed.

The kick deformed the breastplate, and through the zori (Japanese sandals) the female demon could feel several ribs being broken, but then, she expressed discontent.

“Stop exaggerating. Hurry stand back up.”

This time the female demon kicked with the intention of crushing the pitiful man’s guts, but he concentrated his mana on his abdomen, leaving the magical barrier to handle the attack. He used the force to jump far backward.

After rolling on the ground, he gritted his teeth and stood up, blood pouring from his mouth.

“That’s better than a blank expression. Come, if you don’t try hard, a woman will die.”

“Don’t underestimate me!!”

Although the man was full of enthusiasm, his sword couldn’t reach the female demon. Not only that, as he continued, his magical barrier was burned by the 《Demon Fire》. If only the owner of the demon mask were the one to fight him head-on, he could become a nice sacrifice. Too bad indeed.

The sword and the war hammer crossed and the high-pitched sound of metal rubbing against each other rang out. After a few times, the magical barrier surrounding him had gone completely.

Probably, the thought of overpowering the female demon with a few moves came to his mind, but in her opinion that was a bad move. After all, he was completely out of breath now. He had wasted too much mana and concentration.


The female demon moved to the side and stomped her leg down. Just like that, she crushed one of Leethia’s short boots.

After blocking Leethia’s movement, the female demon folded her arm and swung her war hammer.

Leethia, who had given up trying to save herself, bent her left elbow and held her round shield diagonally upward, supporting it with her right hand, which was holding a short sword.

One might say it was a sharp reaction, but still, the female demon’s 《Strike》 hit Leethia directly, as if mocking her struggle. The round shield that was broken along with the reinforcement of the back plate was released from her hand, and her arm was bent in a bad direction like a bad twig

A familiar sight. With this feeling, the female demon looked into Walm’s memories and found something from his past memories. In a manner that mimicked his tone, like “back then”, she spoke.

“Again, it’s broken.”

The female demon then laughed innocently.

The expression on Leethia’s face changed, again and again, showing how restless she was.

“I, I’m different now!!”

Clearly, it was a bravado. Not that it was bad, rather it was good. So good. Good enough to satisfy the female demon’s thirst, her sadistic urge.

The female demon, troubled by the lack of spices at the feast, finally found it. The more Leethia’s face contorted, the happier she became. And to prolong this joy, she casually swung the war hammer. Up, down, left and right, she pushed and wounded Leethia with these simple blows, again and again.

Lefty and the other soldiers tried to interfere, but that only helped to prolong the fight, if only slightly. They were nothing of big consequence, after all.

The female demon was infatuated with Leethia, but she had to come to her senses when she felt a sudden chill. Her skin, which was supposed to be warm, bristled in the cold air. Among the high-quality possible sacrifices, there was one that attracted her attention. Someone from the lineage of the owner of her seal, the demon mask, Walm, that he was born into in this world. Right. Walm’s eldest brother. Unironically, he also loved conflict and struggle. And on top of that, there was a fact that he tried to kill his younger brother. What a joy. She couldn’t help but delight in his cold, sharp gaze.

“The younger one, 《Demon Fire》… the older one, 《Ice-Bound》… Aah~, what a harmony…”

The world cooled down as if rejecting the 《Demon Fire》. The plants that were about to burn down seemed to freeze together with the flames. Every time “that soldier” took a step, the space crackled and the ice howled. It was someone who originally came from the Highserk Empire and in a short time had risen to become one of Liberitoa’s strongest forces. Even after defecting to Liberitoa, the man didn’t disgrace his origins and showed how powerful the citizens of Highserk could be.

In this way, Haze, the user of 《Ice-Bound》 that could freeze all things, stepped forward to challenge the female demon, the Great Demon of Ash.

TN : So, the skill Haze used, in raw “氷結”, which could be tl-ed as “Freeze” (literal meaning), and “Ice-Bound” (In a way, by tl-ing the Kanji separately, and using this way, there are a lot more possibilities of course). And I chose the latter one because I found it better.


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