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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 71

71. Birthday 3

Makoto and the other two didn’t move. No, they couldn’t make a move.

After all, if a woman raised her hand against a man in a Special Ward, there would be trouble.

It was something that the people here had learned since childhood and couldn’t be easily wiped away. No matter whether they were noble or not, there was just no way a woman could do that.

I thought that the reason why Beni-san immediately backed away earlier was because she gave up, since there was no way to take me away.

But she was smart. If she couldn’t touch a man, she just had to call in someone who could. And she did, and the result was the situation we were in now.

Right now, my chest and both arms were grabbed. And I, couldn’t resist this.

All three men were taller than me. Their shoulders were also wide, maybe 1.5 times as wide as mine.

Looking at their appearance, they were probably around mid-twenties to thirties.

I wonder if the fact that he is wearing a black suit is a sign that he is used to rough situations.


“Don’t come!”

I stopped Yuuko, who tried to step in, knowing the risks.

Once again, as expected of Yuuko. It seemed she had calculated everything and decided to throw herself in the mud, if that could let me escape. Probably, she was planning to attract attention by attacking the men.

Don’t be stupid. And, stop that.

If you look at me like that with tears in your eyes, I’ll have no choice but to try harder!


“It’s okay, don’t come.”

I can’t let Yuuko getting risk of being forced to leave the Special Ward.

The men were pulling me along.

The weight difference was obvious. I was pulled to their mercy.

With this slender body, it’d be difficult for her to take on three adults. Probably I will lose.

Better be quiet here… probably they were hoping for that too, right?

But… That’s stupid.

You made Yuuko cry, on my birthday.

When I was dragged away with all their strength like this, I remembered the experience I had in the world I came from.

I was learning judo and karate at a dojo, where once your skills improved to some extent, you would be placed in a higher class.

I was told, “Next time, you go “that” class?”

Inside the dojo, there was a hierarchical society. So, I could only answer “yes” to what the master said.

Around my late elementary school years, I was put in a class with middle school and high school students.

Of course, the only people there were bigger than me. I flew through the air many times during each lesson.

The difference in weight was so obvious that no matter how hard I tried, it was pointless.

So at that time, I researched every day how to avoid being thrown.

Then, when I was in middle school. For some reason, I was put in an adult class.

The people there were students majoring in judo at university, an advisor to the judo club, and a strong police officer.

Right. I practiced with them.

Yeah… that was tough. Honestly, I regret it.

Especially when I was in elementary school. I got carried away and threw a high school student.

That was stupid, and please stop that.

Your expression reminded me of when I was coughing up blood, you know? Now, I really have to do it, don’t I?

I pulled my arms vigorously.

With just that, the men’s restraints were lifted and both arms were freed.

There was only one person left, pulling my clothes.

I grabbed the tie of his black suit, and the moment his neck came close, I stepped and prepared the stance, putting him on my back.


Since my opponent seemed a professional, I didn’t hold back. I didn’t just throw him, but all the way, slamming him to the ground.

Of course, the floor was a deadly weapon, and he clearly tried to avoid it, but…


A deep bass sound echoed in the break room.


That easy?

I thought he was turning his body around so that he wouldn’t get slammed, no?

I did it with the assumption that it would be blocked, so the impact probably broke his hip bone.

And, far from being in agony, he was foaming and fainting.

“…Maybe, he doesn’t have any actual combat experience?”

The men on my left and right reacted to my words.


Clearly, the men must have learned some form of martial arts, or self-defense.

However, they might not have devoted themselves wholeheartedly to it like I did.

There was also a fact of only very few men in this world, so they might have had trouble finding a partner to practice with.

In short, they probably had never experienced being bullied to a higher degree.

“You guys, are just going to look at me?”

The men’s faces turned red.

If you’re that embarrassed, then just come.

“What are you doing? Hurry and catch him.”

A complaint by the employer. The men reacted and approached to grab my arms again.

Since now I knew my opponents were no better than an amateur, there was no limit to what I could do.

“This is for making Yuuko cry. Take it!!”

The technique I would use had been decided.

I grabbed one of the man’s arms, and placing it under my armpit, I quickly turned my body around it.

I could tell that the man was a real amateur by not surrendering at that point.

“Waki-Gatame! Remember this.” [TN: It’s a kind of armlock technique]

To be exact, it was “Ude-Hishigi Waki-Gatame”. In Judo, it was the only arm-locking technique that could be achieved while standing.

The reason why it was used as a standing technique was because it would be dangerous to put weight on the opponent while in this position. Naturally, there was a Judo-practitioner who could do this well, but in Modern Judo, this was considered a foul technique.

But since I wasn’t in a Judo match, I put my weight on the man.


As the man tried to fight back against the falling, the muscles in his arm stretched and his bones broke. This ending was as expected.

Quickly, I stood up and glared at the remaining one, who became visibly frightened.

“Y-you…W-what’s with that strength… these guys, are real bodyguards, you know?”

“Well… Men, become stronger when there’s something they can’t compromise on.”

“Something you can’t compromise on?”

“Correct… Yuuko.”


“Tears don’t suit you.”

I’ve never been popular. I wanted to be popular, to be popular, I wanted to be popular… But, I was so unpopular to the point that I cried.

And now, there’s a woman who cries for me.

Of course, I want to make her smile, right?

Ah, I see… Is this what it feels like to make the world your enemy?

When I turned to the last man with a sense of omnipotence welling up, the man stepped back, caught on a chair, and fell on his back.

“Yuuko, in this situation, what will happen?”

“Eh, the security camera footage shows that they were the first to make a move, so there’s no problem. And, there are witnesses as well.”

There were a few other people in the break room. They could surely testify to the Beni Family’s tyranny. Also, the security camera must have clearly recorded Beni-san trying to kidnap me using the men she had summoned.

Then, the security guards arrived, just in the right time.

“Leave the explanation to me.”

Said Yuuko with a smile.

After all, a smile suits her better.

Two security guards came.

Both apparently rushed to the scene after seeing footage from surveillance cameras.

They had seen people try to take a man out by force, but now the perpetrators were on the floor.

So, Yuuko explained to the guards, who were confused and unable to understand the situation.

In the process, the people who were at the rest area were called as well, and the lady of the Beni Family was also called.

I left everything up to Yuuko, so I didn’t get involved in the conversation.

In the end, the two injured men were taken away by ambulance, and the matter settled.

Yuuko returned soon after.

“Now that we have the evidence and testimony, I guess we have settled the matter for the time being.”

“For the time being?”

“If after all the result isn’t satisfied, that means this will be going on. Well, just leave the negotiations to me, if that’s the case, I won’t let things go bad.”

“Got it. As long as the parties involved can talk it out. I don’t mind that much, and also I trust Yuuko.”

“Good. We’ve made a reservation for lunch after all, but we won’t be able to make it in time if we don’t leave soon.”

Apparently, Yuuko wanted to prioritize a date with me over settling the matter.

“Then, what will happen next?”

“I’m planning to take the matter seriously at a later date. There’s evidence and testimonies, so no matter if she were a noble or not, she can’t do anything unreasonable, especially not inside a special ward.”

So, there really is no problem with leaving this place now, right?

Applause could be heard from the dance hall. Probably, the fourth performance had just been over.

“Now that I think about it, those people…”

“That’s right. People from my dance class and their relatives.”

The spectators of the second performance didn’t remain until this time.

The spectators of the fourth performance are still inside the venue.        

It’s unlikely for the audience for the fifth performance onwards to arrive early. After this, there’ll be a lunch break after all, it’s too early for them to come.

In other words, the only people inside the building but not entering the venue were people who had come to see Yuuko’s dance.

That means, that although she didn’t show any signs, she was surrounded by her allies that whole time. That’s amazing.

“Then, I know it’s a little late, but let’s go for lunch.”

“You’re right, let’s go.”

Thus, we left the hall, leaving behind the shocked lady of the Beni Family.


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