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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 70

70. Birthday 2

A noble has appeared at the rest area. What will you do?
A.   Fight
B.   Run Away

It was as if such options appeared in front of me… but the opponent was approaching me before I could choose any.

“Never thought this I would meet you in a place like this.”

“So you did know her after all. Who is she?”

Makoto’s gaze was sharp and hurt.

“No, we don’t know each other… at best, we just passed each other.”

I’m just an ordinary person. I’ve nothing to do with noble.

“Hmm… are you going to cheer the girl there? Well, that’s fine. Rather than that, for us to meet here must be fate. Come, let’s have a talk.”

Makoto’s face tightened up at those arrogant words. Then, I heard a whisper, “Perhaps, is she a noble?”.

No surprise. Anyone would notice just by the way of talking. So, I nodded slightly.

Ah right, the last time we met, it was already like that.

She was approached by several women, most likely they were offended by her careless words.

Makoto and the other two put strength into their legs so that they could always protect me.

However, when they found out that the opponent was a noble, it felt like they became hesitant about what to do, whether it would be okay to be hostile.

I’m sorry for attracting a woman who I don’t even know that well, on my 16th birthday.

In this case… right, I should be the one to refuse.

“I’m talking to my friends right now. So I have to refuse.”

“Then, this I just need to get their approval. Hey, this I will take him. Good?”

“No good.”

“I can’t allow that.”

“Not in a chance.”

An immediate answer from everyone. Clearly, the noblewoman had a few experiences of being rejected.

She was pulling back a little.

Makoto and the two were already ready for a fight.

In a three-on-one battle… nah, it’ll be still hard to win against a noble.

“You there. Judging from your appearance, you must be today’s dancer.”

The noblewoman seemed to have changed her focus.

“Yes, you came to the dance competition the other day as a judge. Mayo-sama of the Beni Family.”

“At that time, there were many judges, and yet, you really know well.”

“I have a little confidence in my memory.”

I don’t think, you can say it just ”a little”.

In this way, I found out the noblewoman’s name. She seemed to be called Mayo Beni.

When I tried to mention her name fast in my head, it sounded like “Mayo Ebi”, and I started to get hungry. [TN: “Mayo Ebi”, or “Ebi Mayo”, is a short for Ebi Mayonnaise, basically, fried shrimp with mayonnaise]

Wait, a judge at the last competition?

It must be when I met her.

“Then, you know who I am, right?”

“Yes, your name is listed in the board of the directors of the Japanese Dance Association, so I already knew your name from a long time ago.”

As expected of Yuuko, you even looked at that kind of thing…

Now now, you make the level of “A.E.Y” (As Expected of Yuuko) even higher!

“Knowing that, yet you will stop me?”

“Of course. Is there a problem?”

Even against a noble, Yuuko didn’t take a step back.



And now both were silently staring at each other. Of course, Makoto and Rie were also joining in.

“……That’s fine”

Perhaps realizing the disadvantage, Beni-san, a noblewoman, snorted and left.

When she disappeared from sight, Yuuko let out a sigh.

“Thank you, Yuuko. You saved me.”

“It wasn’t much. Rather than that, she’s the young lady of the Beni Family. So, where did you meet her?”

Since I was asked, I told the story of the time I met Beni-san.

Apparently, my prediction was correct, and the dance competition was held in this hall that day.

I had been wondering if it was a good idea to rank the traditional dance, but it seemed to be a common practice.

Come to think of it, even in piano and ballet, there are professionals who have the title of winning some contest.

As a way to show their training, it may not be that strange for those learning this kind of art to compete with each other, I guess?

“But, even though it’s your birthday, something like this happened.”

“It can’t be helped. Even I, never thought I would meet her in a place like this.”

“The Kazoku is the patron of art That’s why they send people to big competitions. She must have reached the suitable age recently. Last year, her name wasn’t on board of the directors.”

So, it’s a generation change?

But, even the noble have to show up at events here and there huh? They sure have their fair share of hardship. Not that I feel any sympathy for them.

“So, she’s a director and also a judge, right? Are you gonna be okay?”

“Today is just a show, so there’s no problem. Besides, there are more than 40 directors. Also, I’m not particularly aiming to become a professional, so I don’t think I’ll be involved with her in the future.”

It doesn’t seem like she’s lying.

Well, in the first place, there’s a problem with that woman’s personality, and even if anything happens, I’ll also do something.

“It’s time to get back to preparations. That said, I’m getting so fired up. Shall I show a dance that’ll surprise you all?”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Let’s meet here again when I’m done… and please look forward to it.”

And so Yuuko went back to the waiting room,

“Still, I can’t believe that a noble… keep an eye on you.”

I agree… But please let me make an excuse.

When you see a person attacked by a large number of people, you have no choice but to help, right? It wasn’t my fault.

When I was killing time at the rest area, I realized that the first performance had started.

After a while, I could tell by the sound that the second one had started.

“Yuuko is the third, right?

The second one will end soon…

“Yes. It seems the guests are starting to flow once again. It should be a good time to go.”

When we entered the venue, the seats in the back were empty.

The front seats were occupied by some VIPS and those who were learning the same dance.

Of course, Beni Mayo, a noblewoman, was in the front.

Anyway, we sat somewhere in the back.

Makoto and Rie sandwiched me to guard me from the other women.

When the time came, the curtain rose and Yuuko’s performance began.

Despite being an amateur, Yuuko’s dance was wonderful.

It was no wonder that she won a prize in the previous competition.

Her movements, from toe to fingertips, were full of emotions. It was amazing how she could tense up her nerves place by place, and maintain the tension.



Even Makoto and Rie felt the same way as me.

I just couldn’t take my eyes off Yuuko until the dance was over.

And when I noticed, the curtain fell and the people began to flow once again.

Quickly we left our seats so as not to trouble the next person.

“So, when will Yuuko come out?”

“After removing the makeup and changing clothes, I think it’ll take some time. About thirty minutes, I guess?”

“Maybe, she has to greet her teacher too? Depending on the talk, it might take longer.”

“Well, I did go to my coach after the swimming tournament was over.”

“Right. Then, let’s just wait for her.”

The four of us will go on a date after this, but I still don’t know what the plans are. There might be a surprise, but I think it’s better not to ask, right?

We chatted while drinking tea and waited for Yuuko.

About 40 minutes later, Yuuko came over and said, “Sorry to keep you waiting.”

“Yuuko, your dance was really good. I couldn’t take my eyes off you.”

“Thank you… If you say so, it makes me happy.”

Said Yuuko embarrassed.

“So, are you good to go?”

“Yes. I’ve done my share. The rest isn’t my duty.”

“Is that so, then…”

I stopped my words there. The reason was that I saw Beni-san entering the rest area again.

Three hours had already passed since we met at the rest area in the morning. And this time, she brought people along. Three men and two women.

“Good, it looks like I made it in time. Right, right?”

“In time… what do you mean?”

This person, what are you talking about?

“Come over here. Let’s have a good time together.”

Said Beni-san while beckoning me.


It was Yuuko who said that. She seems unusually belligerent.

But I felt the same way.

Huh? Who will follow you?

“You danced well just now. But I didn’t ask you.”

In contrast to the staring Yuuko, Beni-san had a relaxed smile on her face.

“Trying to force a man out of the special zone, cherry blossoms It’s a domineering style that doesn’t seem to be the red family that governs. do you think it will work? ”

“No matter how hard you try, you can’t stop it.”

When she chuckled, three men stepped forward.

It was true that Yuuko couldn’t stop a man with all her strength.

Both physically and socially.

Of course, Makoto and Rie were the same. They were at a loss as to what to do.

Three men came to me. Then they grabbed my arm and pulled me.

Only now, I finally understood the meaning of “just in time”, that Beni-san said a moment ago.

She probably thought she needed men’s help to take me.

These three may have been called from her family’s house.

Three hours have already passed since we met at the rest area in the morning. If it’s Chiba Prefecture, it’s feasible.

“You can’t do anything now.”

Such a triumphant voice could be heard in the rest area.

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