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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 69

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69. Birthday 1

Finally, my birthday came.

There was one thing waiting for me today, which was a holiday.

Right, my second date with my group members in 3rd-year middle school.

In the original world, having a date was unthinkable for me.

So, even though this would be the second time, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep well the night before.

“――I’m going.”

The destination was a dance hall in the south district. Since it would be troublesome to transfer by bus, I decided to go by train, so I walked slowly to the nearest station.

Also, since Yuuko had to enter the venue quite early, we decided that I would meet Makoto and Rie in front of the station.

“I’m lucky that my birthday falls on a holiday, but…”

…Seems like I’m becoming famous among the first-year students, just like what I wanted, but yeah, I want to hold this kind of event quietly with only my close friends.

I feel bad for my high school group members… well, I can get to know them little by little over the year.

Walking further, I looked back at the talk I had with the other groups in my class which recently ended.

Now that I’ve got the chance to interact with them, I realize that I can’t just lump every girl as same. Everyone has their own individuality, their own background, and they are all working hard to live in this world.

Sure, it might be a coincidence that we were in the same class.

But, that’s also the reason, I have to, and want to cherish this relationship.

“Just that…”

There was one person I didn’t get the chance to know more.

Shiho Shino-san…

She said, “I have something I can’t miss.”

Her group members gave a pity look, saying, “What a waste…”, so I tried to talk to her at a later date, but for some reason, she said, “I don’t need your pity.”, as if she looked down on me?

According to her, the thing I did was “a charity to the lower folks”, and then she claimed that she was different from them.

I mean, Shino-san’s group members are all students from the Special Ward, so, aren’t they in the same position as her? Why is she the only one who is different?

While I was thinking about such things, I arrived at the station.

Of course, Makoto and Rie had already arrived. Both must have been here half an hour ago and were waiting.

“Good morning”

“Good morning, Taketo-kun. And, happy birthday.”

“Thank you, Makoto. You look pretty cute today.”

It was a line that would give me a little of nauseating feeling, but recently I had been able to say it normally.

“Thank you. This… is my first time wearing something like this, don’t you think it’s a bit flashy?”

Makoto was wearing a thin blouse and a light spring color cardigan. And a shawl around her neck.

“It’s not flashy at all. It suits you very well.”

“Ah, seriously… but, thank you.”

Makoto turned her face to the side.

Her ears were bright red, and probably would stay that way for a while.

“Good morning, Rie. It’s been a long time since GW holidays.”

“Wah. G-Good morning, Taketo-kun… H-how have you been?”

“It hasn’t been that long since we have a BBQ together. But well, of course, I’m full of energy.”

“T-That’s right, hahaha”

Actually, I heard from Mom about what happened. In short, “Mama Association”. Apparently, the fact that I heartfully hugged Rie spread to the other two, and it developed into a bit of an uproar, so to speak.

Then, Mom told me, “This matter might be dragged for long, so you better clear this up early.”

And I thought it was a great advice.

“Rie, you’re also dressed good today. Your usual sporty look is fine, but this neat look also suits you well.”

“Thank you. The other day, my mom took me to a store I rarely go to, and she picked this for me.”

Rie was unusually, wearing a skirt. A long skirt going down to her knees really gave a neat look.

“I’m happy to be able to meet you two today… Alright, shall we go? Yuuko must be waiting for us.”

“Yes. There’s a rest area, and we’re supposed to meet her there once before her turn.”

Though today was a celebration of my birthday, it was also the day Yuuko had to show her dance, since she was awarded as an excellent performer in a competition the other day. And this time, she would have to perform the Nihon-buyō dance in front of many people.

I believed she would do it without any trouble. After all, it was Yuuko.

Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the destination station and walked from there to the dance hall.

Makoto contacted Yuuko just before we arrived so that we could meet up without trouble.

“She said we should go to the break room first.”


The break room was a simple place with various vending machines lined up.

As we sat on the chair and waited, Yuuko finally came. Her hair was braided half-up and her cheeks were vaguely reddish.

“Good morning, Yuuko. Seems you haven’t finished your preparation, is it okay?”

“Good morning, Taketo-kun. And I wish you a very happy birthday. I still have time, so it’s okay.”

Yuuko made slow movements as she bowed gracefully, probably it was an etiquette of Nihon-buyō and she was in the mind for her performance.

She was wearing normal clothes. Apparently, she would change clothes after finishing her makeup.

“Does it take a lot of time to prepare?”

“Well, a little bit.”

“When will your performance start?”

“I’m the third, so I guess, around eleven? In the morning, four performances, then a lunch break, and after that, the afternoon session begins.”

“I see… It seems to be a packed event huh.”

I looked at the clock. It was past nine-thirty.

Most likely, many people will come here today. Leaving places one after another after seeing the one they wanted to see…

“Umm, I can for sure leave here in the afternoon, so…”

Yuuko glanced at the entrance to the break room.

Someone seemed to have entered. 

I also turned my eyes to the entrance.


And a voice came out of my mouth involuntarily.

That was because the person who came in, was someone I just recently met…

“Hmm? That is, quite rare for such a place… you are the one this I met the other day?”

That way of talking… yeah, no doubt.

She must be the woman I met when I went to buy new sneakers.

And somehow, she seems to remember me…

“Eh, You know each other?”

Said Yuuko as she raised her eyebrows in surprise. She had a very curious eye.

“Well. You can say, I…”

Before I finished my words, I remembered Grandma called the woman a noble.

Ah, right, she’s that so-called “troublesome” noble.

“Yeah, I don’t know her.”

Right, I don’t have any noble acquaintances. So, we don’t know each other.

Yup, a perfect theoretical reason.


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