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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 68.5

68.5 A bolt from the blue

After Taketo chose the place for his MSA and submitted the request form to his homeroom teacher. His homeroom teacher immediately sent a fax to the Central Government.

The Volunteer Bureau was the specialist in this matter.

All processes were triple-checked, and every work was completed perfectly to prevent any “mistakes” from occurring.

Processing the request form submitted by Taketo, was easy for them.

And now they were contacting Seirei Girls’ High School, which Taketo believed to be full of “Pure” and “Lovely” students.

The staff of the Volunteer Bureau handled it solemnly according to the usual rules.


Seirei Girls’ High School, which received a call from the Volunteer Bureau…

――was very confused

It was the first time for Seirei Girls’ High School, which would soon be celebrating its 30th anniversary, to receive a volunteer.

In fact, in the past, the so-called paper companies, companies and organizations that didn’t exist in real life, sprung up like mushrooms. And when a man chose those places, there was big confusion.

As a result, new companies, organizations, and schools couldn’t apply for Volunteer Service Requests for at least five years.

In addition, fact-finding surveys were conducted regularly. Now, it could be said that almost all suspicious groups have been eliminated.

Seirei Girls’ High School also submitted a request for volunteer service as soon as it became possible, but they have never been contacted.

To the point where the people there thought of MSA as an urban legend.

First of all, a girls’ high school tended to be avoided by men in general.

Men usually chose companies where many mature adults, who most likely knew the manner better.

Next, a geographical disadvantage of being outside the Special Ward.

In fact, only a very few men were willing to work outside.

Still, it wasn’t that uncommon for men to visit girls’ high schools, though, limited to prestigious schools.

The current situation was so harsh. The prestigious schools with a history of more than 100 years, preparatory schools with high percentile scores, and schools run by the Zaibatsu. Those were the ones most likely chosen.

There was a meeting of principals to promote exchanges and relationships between schools.

The principal of Seirei Girls’ High School also attended, but she cried many times behind the scenes when she heard the boastful words of other principals.

And now, the thing she hoped for, finally came.

“O-our school……?”

The principal grabbed the phone receiver and held down her trembling hand with her other hand, which also trembling.

Not only that, the desk was rattling.

It seemed that her legs were also shaking.

“Y-yes! Saturday, is it? We’re okay! Time? Anytime is fine! No problem. Yes, absolutely… Yes, yes. That’s right!”

She didn’t think much about how she answered.

She only understood that she had turned into a yes lady, who nodded as she was told.

After hanging up the phone, the principal rushed into the staff room.

“We’ll have an emergency staff meeting after school. Ashida-san, please cancel all committees and club activities today, and make sure all students have left by 4 PM today!”

“Eh? Principal, that’s…”

“It’s the principal’s order!”

“I-I understand”

Sachiko Ashida, the Vice Principal, sensed something about the Principal’s unusual behavior, but she immediately broadcasted a school announcement.

After school was over. after all the students had left the school, the technical teacher was patrolling the school instead of the guards, while an emergency meeting was held in the staff room.

“A volunteer will come to our school? Is that true?”

“Yes. That’s why, we have to discuss what to do on the day.”

And so, the Principal told the others about the date and that the one who would come was a 16-year-old high school student.

And now, she asked the staff if they had any suggestions about what to do.

“Observing the class…… but surely, the students will get out of hand.”

“I can’t trust the students of our school that much. No matter how much you tell them, there’ll always be those who will lose themselves in front of a man.”

“If they can’t control themselves…”

“It’s over…”

If the man got injured, the school would never be able to request the service again.

If the student tried to have sexual contact, worst case, she would go to prison, and the school would also get penalties.

It could be TV news. Of course, not in a good light.

Visualizing a future in which reporters and photographers flooded the school gate, one of the teachers covered her mouth.

“But why our school…?”

“I don’t know. Even our percentile score isn’t that good. And the girls who are the students here, are far from ideal women. I even asked three times if there was a mistake somewhere.”

Right, the Principal asked the Volunteer Bureau, which was famous for being extra careful, “Perhaps, it’s a mistake?”, three times.

“So we make that Saturday a school day, and the next Monday a compensatory day off… What about the students?”

“They’re dangerous, don’t let them know until near the day. And, we’ll have to call a lot of guards from outside.”

“They won’t listen to you no matter what you say, letting them know in advance… they might prepare to go wild, at least they would have time to prepare for one.”

“Right, you must not give them any chance for that. Make them surprised. That’s better.”

“Then, for now, it’s a secret from the students. So, what about on the day…”

On this day, the lights in the staff room didn’t go out until the date changed.

That was why they could fax a detailed plan schedule to the Volunteer Bureau the next day.

Just one night. It was so fast that the Volunteer Bureau was also surprised by the speed of the work.


A second-year student at Seirei Girls’ High School, Atsumi Shibata, was thinking about the abnormal situation she felt in the past few days.

“Atsuー, what’s wrong? The funny face class is over, you know?”

A classmate, Rina Tagami, approached Atsumi with a curious look.

“There’s no such thing as funny face class. More importantly, Rinarina. What do you think about the Saturday class, we haven’t heard what we will do that day.”

“A regular class, I guess? So same as Monday?”

“But the teachers don’t seem to think so, do they?”

“…? Ah, about the cooking practice?”

“Right. If it’s the same class as Monday, there’s cooking practice. We’ve to bring food, but there’s no instruction for that. So, this can be said for other classes as well. It’s as if the teachers don’t think about the lessons at all. Why is that?… I mean, if we won’t have any class, what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know, that’s why I’m thinking about it.”

“…..Is it too much to think that a volunteer will come?”

“B*tch, did you listen to me?… Aipon. What she mean by volunteer, is it that “MSA”?”

Asked by Rina, Aika Yoshino, who was nearby, nodded slowly.

“MSA, huh… Nah, a man wouldn’t come to a girls’ school like this…”

“What if I say that might be not all true?”

“What do you know?”

Said Atsumi with a sharp gaze.

“Did you not think it was strange that we left school quite early the other day? Committees and club activities were canceled, and they had a staff meeting. Then, from the next day, the teachers had that playful face.”

“I know those damn teachers have been acting weird, but what does that have to do with MSA?”

“It seems that the guards will be mobilized on that Saturday.”

“Wha, for real!?”

“I happened to go to the staff room because I had something to do, and I heard someone calling, asking for a confirmation of the number of guards.”

“No way… But, why do they need guards.”

“Yeah, you don’t hear much about it except for someone like, a “man”, coming here.”

Aika pronounced the “man” part strangely softly.

“Eh, if that’s true, wouldn’t that be amazing?”

Rina’s eyes were sparkling with excitement.

“It’s just one of the predictions, not confirmed fully, but nothing to lose to prepare for if such a case were to really happen.”

In contrast to the cheerful Rina, Aika remained calm.

“Prepare?… What to prepare?”

“Maybe go to a spa and get some treatment, or have a professional make-up artist do your face on the day?”

“tch, rich people are sure different.”

“Well then, I’m going to school in sexy underwear!”

“For Rinarina, wouldn’t it be better to go without underwear? So, if a man really comes, just flip it up.”

“You think so? Alright, guess I’ll go with that!”

“Shibata-san, you don’t plan to prepare anything?”

“Me? I… nah. Whatever you do, it’ll be in vain. So, nah.”

Muttered Atsumi indignantly.

“Though she said so, I’m sure she will clean clean herself, till it turns red.”

“Clean clean… So, she’s going to polish herself? But, until it turns red, where exactly?”

As Aika tilted her head, Rina said, “Here”, and pointed to Atsumi’s important part.

“Atsuー will rub her “sponge” with a sponge…… Fugyahh!?”

“Who would ever do that!”

Atsumi’s elbow hit the side of Rina’s head.


Aika’s murmur was drowned out by Rina’s groans, and no one heard it.

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