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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 68

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I forgot to post yesterday, so today, 2 chs.

68. Selecting place for the MSA

One day, after school, in the corner of the staff room, I had been racking my brain for a while. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that I was at a loss in front of a thick booklet.

“……Sensei, this is just too many.”

A complaint spilled out from my mouth.

My homeroom teacher was here until just a moment ago, but she disappeared for some professional reason.

Until then, she had kindly and politely told me about the precautions to be taken when choosing a place of service, but when it came time to choose, she said, “This is the end of the cooperation, and so, see you later.”

It wasn’t like I was harassed or anything. Her explanation was very easy to understand and she gave me a lot of advice.

Just that, because there was a rule that a teacher couldn’t interfere when the student chose a place of service, so she left me alone.

“Something must have happened in the past…”

Bribery or something like that.

Then it probably became a problem and so the teacher couldn’t interfere anymore.

And now, because of that someone in the past, I’ve had to wrestle with a thick booklet myself.

I mean, the booklet is so thick. Surely, it’ll take me a long time to read through it. What should I do…

By the way, there were two separate booklets. One for the inside and another one for the outside. This was so that the men who decided to volunteer didn’t get confused.

Therefore, the booklet in front of me didn’t include any companies or schools in the Special Ward.

But still, the list was too many. It was just too many.

“So there are more than 100 companies in the IT industry alone? There are even more in the manufacturing industry… judging from the number of pages, there are clearly more than 200 companies. And the food industry is even more… are you for real?”

The index was decent, and it was easy to find any because the list was written by industry. At least there was a little salvation for the volunteer.

Thinking that hundreds of men living in the Special Ward opening this booklet every month made me feel emotional, but when it came to choosing one for myself, it was a different story.

To read everything… it’ll take more time than reading a paperback.

“It can’t be helped, guess the first one, I should follow the teacher’s advice.”

Companies that had made significant contributions to the Special Ward were commended by the Central Government.

Considering the origin of the Special Ward, the commendations were usually given by men.

Every month, more than 10 companies and organizations were scheduled to be commended, and it seemed that the men dispatched were those doing the volunteer activities.

However, since it wasn’t always the case, when there were no applicants, a male employee of the Central Government would be the one to do it.

My homeroom teacher said, “Only a few people who go outside to give commendations. So, the central government would also have a better impression if you go there, I recommended choosing any of that.” When I asked about the place to go. But only to that extent.

“If it’s a company that received a commendation from the Central Government, should be safe right…? Of course, right. then, first is this.”

Since it’s fixed to three hours per place, the maximum that can be done in a day is probably three, right?

Means, I can choose two more.

“I wonder which company Mom was talking about… Ah, this is it. probably…”

Mom didn’t say why she wanted me to see it.

She just wanted me to look at the company without prior information, so I didn’t ask either.

I couldn’t be sure if a problem might arise or not. From the information, it didn’t seem like a bad company. And since Mom recommended me to go, of course, nothing bad would happen there, right? I believed so.

Therefore, for the second place, I decided on the company transporting goods to the Special Ward, just as Mom had requested.

And third, the last one.

Guess, I’ll choose the place I like.

Of course… It’d be a place where I could never set foot in my original world.

“Umm… Here it is. The school list… Huh? What’s this, isn’t there a lot!”

To my surprise, when I opened the school list, there were so many.

Beginning with women’s universities and vocational schools, girls’ high schools and girls’ middle schools were also there. So many choices listed, and all wished for a man to come volunteer.

“Really? There are so many?!”

In front of so many options, my face couldn’t stop grinning.

Just to be able to legally step into the Garden of Women is already amazing, but, the other side wants you to come?!

And, if you go, you’ll probably be welcomed?!

“Ah, dangerous… Nosebleed, almost come out.”

After 16 years of hardship, the best day of my life may be not far away, let’s look carefully…

I looked carefully at the school pages.

Looking hard as if I could open holes with just my stares, I kept staring as I flipped the pages.

After careful consideration, I chose one school.

“Seirei Girls’ High School? Means, pure and lovely. Just the sound of it makes me excited. Alright, I choose you!”

I’m sure there must be a lot of neat and clean beauties.

Perhaps, my hand might slip to “somewhere nice”.

Wait, it’s a girls’ high school on the outside, I wonder if they would scream if that happens. But, but, just maybe…

So, I wrote three code numbers and the company and school names on my MSA request form.

After confirming that there were no mistakes, I took it to my homeroom teacher.

“You really chose the outside, all of them?”

Said my homeroom teacher in a slightly surprised voice,

“And, the date you want is… the first Saturday in June. I’ll give this to the Volunteer Bureau. Probably, all will be okay.”

“Thank you very much. Right, that’s good.”

“If the other side suddenly couldn’t do it, well, you will get to know it, but not only that, this will spread around. Most likely they’ll make adjustments to this.“

“I’m free all day, so it doesn’t matter if it’s early in the morning or late at night.”

“So, you’re okay with matching the time… Alright, I’ll add it in the special notes section. I think the reply will come in two or three days, so I’ll let you know when it’s decided.”

“Yes, please and thank you.”

I thanked my homeroom teacher and happily left the staff room.

By the way, the students who came to the staff room for some matter saw me flipping through a thick booklet and choosing where to volunteer, but at that time, I didn’t notice their gaze at all.


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