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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 67

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67. Nickname

With my group members, I went to meet Sana Dobashi-san. But there were too many eyes in her class. So we moved to the end of the hallway. There Dobashi-san spoke again.

“I’m really sorry about that time.”

Dobashi-san bowed deeply.

Hearing such things made me feel bad.

It was my fault, and I should be the one to say “I’m sorry” or “Thanks for the feast.”.

Of course, I chose to say the first one.

“I’m sorry for getting you involved. About that time, I don’t care at all, so calm down.”

I had to say so.

“But, I mean, I’m aware I did something very rude,…”

“No, I really don’t care.”

How should I put it, I once again realized a normal student from the outside was like Dobashi-san.

Right now, Kikuie-san and the other three were behind me, protecting me. I gently turned around, but the other students seemed to pretend not to see me.

“Anyway, time to talk the reason I wanted to see you today.”


Dobashi’s expression looked like a criminal awaiting judgment.

“I came to see if you had been treated badly after that. That’s the reason, but have you been told something by your classmates or the school?”

“… care that much about me?”

“Yes, sort of. I know that the matter has settled down, but that doesn’t mean everything is okay, right?”

“That’s fine, there’s nothing from the school side. I think it’s because it’s a coed school that they can’t break any promise.”


Why is it because it is a co-educational school?

Well, my group members always make sure that when I talk to Atsushi, they would never join the conversation.

…In other words, they are being disciplined so as not to be intrusive?

That’s good in some way, but sometimes I want to hear their opinions too.

When I signaled “Tell me.” with my eyes, Kikuie-san nodded slightly.

“Not even a teacher could afford to lose a man’s trust. So they would act accordingly. If they dared to do something different from what they said to a man, there might be a chance the man became uncomfortable attending this school.”

“Ah…I see, now that I think about it… right.”

Kikuie-san explained in a nonchalant tone.

In this world where the male-female ratio was unbalanced, the social order was maintained by women’s patience.

It was natural for women to keep promises they made with men.

If teachers who should set an example take the initiative to break their promises, the order in the school would, of course, be disturbed.

As a result, a risk that men wouldn’t be able to study with peace of mind might arise. And that would be bad for the school.

“So, I haven’t been told anything special so far. Not from my classmates either. At first, it felt like they approached me with great caution, but when they found out that there was nothing bad that came afterward, they treated me normally.”

“I see… that’s good. If that’s the case, then it’s fine. Sorry for calling you all the way here.”

“No… but, as expected of “Young Master”.”


When I saw Kikuie-san, she averted her eyes.


When I kept staring at Kikuie-san’s face, sweat was dripping from her forehead.

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, I’ve got a bad feeling about it.

“Well then, Dobashi-san, see you next time. If you have any trouble, feel free to rely on me.”

“Yes, thank you very much.”

First, I sent Dobashi-san off with a smile.

She bowed her head several times as she returned to her classroom.

“…So, what’s about this “Young Master”?”

I folded my arms and asked my group members. This way, they had to explain to me.

“Um, you know about Lord Tokitsune Yamashina of the Third Shogunate, right…?”

Kikuie-san seemed to find it difficult to say.

“Speaking of the Third Shogunate… is it related to Young Shishimaru’s Diary?”

Kikuie-san, Toono-san, and Hashigami-san vigorously nodded.

In the original world, A Historical Drama with an old man traveling around the country showing off a stamp case (inro) as the main character used to be a long hit, but in this world, it was a little different. [TN: Most likely the J-drama called “Mito Kōmon”]

Here, a Historical Drama featuring the son of a certain young shogun as the main character, titled “My Childhood Name Was Shishimaru” was extremely popular.

He had many nicknames, such as “Young General”, “Natural Born General”, and “Great General”.

In fact, “Young Shishimaru’s Diary”, which depicted his activities, was famous enough to be included in history textbooks, partly because he was said to be the only male shogun in this world’s history.

By the way, the nickname of the Third Shogunate’s Eighth Shogun Era was the “Spoiled Shogun Era”, which had a strong popularity as a comedy.

As for Lord Shishimaru, he was said to have traveled around the country, saving people, punishing evil, and laying the foundation for peace since he was still in his teens. At least that was the content of the drama.

Since it was about the so-called only male shogun, his popularity was unrivaled, but the words that always appeared in the historical drama consistently was “Young Master!”

Anyway, he went to various cities and got involved in various troubles.

When I tried to see it, it was interesting to see the female samurais accompanying him rushing back and forth each time.

So, it was no wonder that the nickname “Young Master!” which was shouted by the female samurais to stop him from doing some of his actions had become very popular. A convenient nickname since it could be used in any situation, so to speak.

“In other words, you’re linking me to that eccentric shogun, like maybe I’m his descendant…?”

When I thought about why that was the case, something came to my mind.

Ah, just like Dobashi-san, when I talked to the other groups in my class, they were also….

“So, everyone, is attracted to, an eccentric, I mean, a daring and cool gentlemen…”

Hashigami-san looked at me with a rapt look.

But my face… face? Ah right, I forgot that I’m handsome here.

Come to think of it, in the drama, the female actresses who played the role of Young Shishimaru were always gallant androgynous people.

In other words, because of my eccentric behavior and my handsome appearance, without knowing it, they started to call me “Young Master”.

And moreover, it has spread to another class.

“I don’t know what to feel about this……”

Wait, this only spreads among the first-years, right?

I wanted to ask such a question that popped up in my mind but stopped.

I just didn’t know what kind of face I should make if I got a different answer.

After all, it had only been a month since I enrolled. For information to spread to the other years, would be strange. At least that was what I believed.

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