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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 65

65. Talk with the three girls

I told Sis that I wanted to go outside the Special Ward for the “MSA”.

And got a pretty negative response.

In the first place, I didn’t have enough common sense of this world, but that was also why I wanted to hear different people’s opinions before I took any action.

So, I opened Kite Messenger and wrote.

Taketo:「I have something to consult, do you all have time?」

In the group chat, which members were Makoto, Yuuko and Rie. I didn’t expect to get a reply right away, but…

Mako: 「What’s wrong?」

Yuu: 「What happened?」

Rie: 「Huu (crying face)」

I got an answer within seconds. Also, Rie was crying for some reason.

Taketo: 「What’s been going on?」

At times like this, asking what happened too deeply might only make the other party more evasive, so I decided to ask casually.

Then, ignoring Rie’s crying message, I told them the main topic. In short, I told them that I wanted to choose a place outside the Special Ward as my first place of service. Of course, I also gave my reason.

Yuu: 「I have to check if it is you, so please let me know your bank account and PIN」

Yuuko replied as if she were a bank customer service. In response, I typed in a random number. Not that I could even remember the number in the first place. But yes, the answer after that was as I expected.

When I saw them getting flustered, I couldn’t help but laugh a little.

Mako: 「But Taketo-kun, are you serious? Outside might be that dangerous, you know」

Taketo: 「Thank you for worrying about me. But, it’s under the government, also it’s on the list given to the school. I don’t think it’s that dangerous」

Makoto was so worried.

She must have known that fact too, but surely she just couldn’t help herself being worried.

Yuu: 「I understand what Taketo-kun said. Personally, I agree」

As soon as Yuuko wrote that, the chat stopped.

Same thing happened before. Guess, they are now discussing it without me?

Yuu: 「Even if everything didn’t go well, at least the experience would be food for the future. As long as you are aware of this, going outside won’t be that bad decision」

Taketo: 「Thank you Yuuko」

I’m glad that you trust me.

Yuu: 「Taketo-kun is kind. And that’s what worries me」

Hmm? So, you don’t trust me?

Taketo: 「Come to think of it, you three have been outside before, right?」

Mako: 「I’ve relatives who live there, though not that far away. So yeah, I go there occasionally. As for Rie, for her club activities」

Yuu: 「I go outside from time to time too. In my opinion, as long as it’s around Tokyo, for sure it won’t be a strange place」

Strange place… You mean the areas ruled by the nobility?

I heard that the places introduced on TV and in magazines aren’t the only things outside, and there’s also Grandma’s story.

So, yeah, there may be towns where men shouldn’t visit carelessly alone.

Mako: 「If Yuuko agrees, then I can’t say anything…. But, if it’s the recent Taketo-kun, perhaps, it’ll be okay even if women outside come surrounding him」

Makoto’s insight was correct. Not only would I be okay, that was what I wished to happen, but of course, I didn’t tell others.

Ever since I came to this world, I have been savoring the happiness of talking to girls and receiving a normal response from them.

Slowly but surely, I began to understand what it means to be “popular.”

Surrounded by women? In no way I would be overwhelmed. Rather, I would have a hard time not grinning and doing something stupid.

Taketo: 「Thank you Makoto」

Yuuko and Makoto agreed. Last is Rie… but, why she doesn’t say much? Is she busy?

Since it was a big deal I tried talking to Rie, and the reply I got was…

Rie: 「I don’t like needles, I don’t like needles, I don’t like needles」

Is she practicing sewing?

After chatting a bit more about the “MSA”, I changed the topic.

Taketo: 「By the way, my birthday is this month’s 20th. Would you like to go out somewhere on that day?」

The 20th of this month happened to be a holiday. So if they were free, I wanted to celebrate with them.

And as expected, the conversation stopped again.

But, this time, even after waiting for a while, there was no reply.

Since I wasn’t in a hurry for the answer, I thought I would ask again later, but Yuuko replied before I could dismiss this matter.

Yuu: 「I’m sorry. On that day, I have a Nihon-buyo performance. So, you should go out with the other two」 [TN : Nihon-buyo is a traditional style of Japanese dance.]

Yuuko had been learning Japanese dance since she was little. Or so I heard.

Nothing that strange. In this world, many girls took artistic lessons, such as tea ceremony, flower arrangement, piano, violin, painting, calligraphy, and Japanese dance. And, the girls living in a Special Ward tended to learn such things as part of their education. Perhaps they were told to always try to one-up other girls. As expected, living in a Special Ward was just that hard for girls.

Anyway, Yuuko had a dance competition the other day, and apparently she had left an excellent mark then

This time, only the excellent performers would participate, and the program had already been decided. And, non-participation would cause inconvenience to various parties.

Taketo: 「Is that so? By the way, where and what time will it be held?」

Yuu: 「A dance hall in the south district of the Special Ward. And my performance will be in the morning」

Apparently, the dance would be in order from the youngest to the oldest age. And Yuuko, a high school student, her performance would be in the morning.

Taketo: 「I see… then, can I go see Yuuko’s performance? I can go see in the morning, then we can meet the other two in the afternoon」

Yuu: 「Well, we have to leave the waiting room after we’re done, so yeah, we’re supposed to leave right away, but… are you sure?」

Taketo: 「I want to see Yuuko dance」

Yuu: 「………」

After that, after a little exchange, it was decided that I would go see Yuuko’s performance.

All right! I got a date with them. And it’s on my birthday! Yeah, I’m so excited!

They said they would plan for everyone, and I just had to go to the meeting place that day.

Right, the three would be the ones planning the date.

Anyway, I thought of teasing Yuuko… but this time I didn’t. Instead, I told my honest feelings.

Taketo: 「Yuuko’s brilliant appearance… Guess I won’t be able to sleep peacefully for a while. Anyway, I’m looking forward to it!」

For some reason, there was no reply.

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