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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 64.5

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TN : I’m resuming this series since I’ve quite some stocks, and so I’ll post daily for a while. (Supposedly last month but something happened)

Also, some news,
This series has been adapted to manga. (Seems to be monthly, As of now, there are 3 chs.)
The manga will follow the LN. (There is some different in the LN and WN. since there are some edits here and there, though, the overall plot still the same.)
It’s published by Weavin.
The artist is “Hasegawa Sanji”, the one who drew Shitsurengo manga.
And bellow is the cover for the manga.

Manga Cover

64.5 A promise among three girls

When Taketo was consulting with his sister about where to go for his “MSA”, Makoto, Yuuko, and Rie were online on Kite Messenger. The three were about to start a witch trial…or rather, a religious trial…or a court-martial, or something like that.

Mako: 「I did think of the possibility, but still…」

Yuu: 「I’m still so surprised even now, that’s why I made many typos」

Rie: 「Ah, uh, you see… that was an act of God… something like that…」

Rie frantically began to make excuses, but she still couldn’t believe that the information had reached the other two so quickly.

They were using handle names on Kite Messenger. Mako = Makoto, Yuu = Yuuko, and Rie = Rie.

Looking at how this happened, it all began when Rie was on her way home from club activities and happened to be called out by Taketo’s mother.

When she was in middle school, she and the other two went to Taketo’s house several times.

They thought it would be better to at least know the location of his house, just in case something bad happened.

There were cases when it was better to know at least the face of the family of the male member of the group.

That was why the three of them memorized the faces of Taketo’s mother and sister, just in case.

Yes, everything they did was a precaution just in case.

Not that they had any other ulterior motives.

So, Rie knew right away who was calling out to her, “Ah, what a coincidence.

Why don’t you come over to our place?”, that day. She answered, “Yes.”, without thinking much.

When she calmed down and thought about it later, she realized that she had really done something very brave, something that would normally take a girl several days to mentally prepare for.

And, of course, she told her family that she had been invited.

Her mother was overjoyed, muttering things like, “We have to thank you. But… Ah, that’s right. What great timing.”. She didn’t understand what her mother was up to and thought that would be the end of the story.

But when the GW holidays came, one day her mother urged her, “Let’s go!”.

Never would she have thought that the destination would be Taketo’s house.

Various things happened there, but on the whole, she thought she had achieved a pretty good result.

Yes, as her head was occupied with this, she forgot one important thing, or rather, it just couldn’t come to her head.

 “Mama Association”. And the horror of it finally hit her without any warning.

Mako: 「I get what Yuuko is trying to say. When I heard it from my mom, I was speechless」

In short, the information was given to Makoto’s and Yuuko’s mothers through the Mama Association, and then they both found out about it.

Now that Rie thought about it again, she thought that this result was natural.

Yuu: 「But, for Rie to hide it from us…」

Rie: 「I didn’t mean to hide it. I mean, there’s been a lot of things going on, I just haven’t found a good time…」

The reason why Rie was so flustered… was because the three of them, after receiving the free hug ticket, made a promise.

――『Let’s not keep any secret from each other regarding Taketo.』

They swore so.

In other words, Rie broke her promise.

However, that wasn’t entirely correct either. Rie actually planned to talk about it at school when the GW holidays were over. After all, they didn’t decide that they had to talk right away.

In other words, she wanted to talk about it, but Yuuko and Makoto knew beforehand, and not from her.

Mako: 「But a promise is a promise. I think that traitors must be punished.」

Makoto wrote something terrifying.

Yuu: 「Makoto, calm down.」

Rie: 「Yuuko…」

Yuu: 「Or else the marking needles will get stuck in your throat, have to prepare it carefully, you know.」

Rie: 「Yuuko!?」

Mako: 「Even at times like this, Yuuko stays calm. Well, it’s true that when I collected all the needles in the house, more than half of them turned out to be marking needles. Must be careful…」

Seeing a terrifying conversation… Rie couldn’t type anything.

Yuu: 「Well, we made a promise, so…」

Rie: 「Wait, Yuuko, I really didn’t mean to keep it a secret. I plan to talk about it after the GW holidays.」

Mako: 「We know, but still…」

Rie: 「Yuuko…」

Yuu: 「Makoto and I will each prepare 500, so Rie’s hand won’t be that tired. That much is easy, right?」


Rie’s hand that was holding the smartphone was slippery with sweat.

Then, at that moment, her smartphone vibrated.

A new message had arrived.

Mako: 「Huh?」

Yuu: 「I wonder who is it?」

Apparently, Makoto and Yuuko also got the message. Which narrowed down the possibilities even more.

When they switched the screen, they saw 『Taketo-kun』.

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