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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 70

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70. The Princes of Kouetsu

“Oh, Sajou, aren’t you on fire today.”


During the time we waited for the next route of action, the failure of a human being that I was, was forced to watch a single frame of youth unfold right in front of me at close distance. The energy gel I held in one hand was already melting away. If Shinomiya-senpai had taken only a bit longer, I might have slammed it on the floor.

“Aah…… it’s already past noon? I passed them a few times, but what about the middle school students?”

I said so as I was wondering why I wasn’t seeing anybody.

Guess they all went to eat lunch, huh? Not that I’ve had one yet, but… Well, I’ve got ‘this’, and I don’t feel particularly hungry either, so yeah…

“Yeah, they’re all gathering at the gym hall right now. In a bit, the 45min video will play, and then Yuuki and I will give a few words… and then it’ll be time to clean up.”

She must have seen me in my current state, and found herself to a little bit reluctant to say it directly.

Sure it would be a tough physical work, but something felt off about Shinomiya-senpai shrinking from that.

“You don’t need to feel so apologetic, Senpai.”

“Well, I heard from Yuri. You got a lot pushed onto you, right.”

Who exactly is Yuri-san? That Senpai who had control over the carry group?

“I──……I mean, aren’t you looking down on a boy a bit too much? I’ve much more endurance and strength than you think, you know?”

Though I definitely don’t feel like working myself to death. But well, with a bit of a break, I’ll get my strength back, so once it comes down to cleaning up, I’ll be of help again. Even if she’s a Senpai, I can’t just relax longer than a girl, or I’d just be lame.

“……I see. Then, I’m counting on you in the afternoon as well.”


Shinomiya-senpai showed a gallant smile, and right as I wanted to look after her as she passed me, she put her hand on my head, her fingers going through my hair.

No seriously, what is this─eh!?

Hold on hold on hold on, what, what just happened? Why is she gently rubbing my head like that? And, I really can’t see her as a gentle type… or someone like that. I mean, like, really… eh?

“Eeh, Senpai, what are you doing, so suddenly. Stop it, will you.”

“Fufufu, sometimes it’s not that bad doing this to others than Yuyu.”

“No, I mean, surroundings. They’re getting noisy, you know? Senpai? Look at the surroundings, now, immediately.”

“I know.”

So she was aware of it? Really? Oh right, Inatomi-senpai and Mita-senpai told her something along the lines more than a few times.

Well, at least she put her hand away now. Though I bet, my rising stock price is plummeting down. Imagine the great Rin-sama touching the sweaty head of a boy, can her fans tolerate this?

I mean, can you at least not look so proudly……

“───I’m quite jealous of Kaede.”

…….I mean, seriously.

The impact of that single phrase, that Shinomiya-senpai let the surroundings to hear, was unimaginable. The other Senpais, who had been treating me poorly, suddenly started to treat me with utmost care as if I was a fragile thing.

Was she aiming for this…? If so, pretty terrifying indeed.

And after a short while of confusion, including Shinomiya-senpai, I finally understood their treatment towards me.

“That reminds me, it’s a break time, are you not visiting the meeting room next to this? There must be students from your own class, right. You need to take care of your friendships.”

“Sajou-kun, want to eat a pudding?”

“Ah, you haven’t eaten lunch yet, right? Want a hamburg (steak)? I’m on a diet right now.”


You folks as well?

Am I your younger bro───No, in this case, cousin? Either way, this isn’t the normal attitude high school girls would take towards random high school boys. If only they were at least a bit embarrassed, they might’ve got my heart jumped a bit… Hey, Mita-senpai? Don’t just hand me your used chopsticks like that.

“No need for that, really. I mean there, they got their own workflow going.”

“Aahhh…… that makes sense. It’s an ensemble of beauties and hotties after all.”

“Did you really just say, what I think you did? Finish that hamburg yourself.”

Get fat, get fat for all I care. Get fat, lift up Inatomi-senpai during a hug, and feel despair at how much lighter she is than you. If I went to that meeting room, my mental would be beaten to death. So no, not even a peek.

After waiting for the break of the guide group to end, all students gathered in the gym hall. Almost as if to welcome us, the already present students opened up a line in between, gathering at the sides of the gym hall.

To the side, the disciplinary committee gathered, so I joined in, and looked at the faces of the middle school guys.

School uniform, sailor, blazer, boy’s uniform…… Yeah, no way to guess the school from here. From what I can see, there’s nothing special about their uniform.

Apparently, the middle schoolers themselves were curious about our school’s guys.

Now that I think about it, the guide group was composed of the elite, seeing people looking average must be like an abnormal situation just occurred. Bet some of the guys are checking out the girls here. Thinking, is there someone as pretty as some female announcer? Or something like that…

A Senpai from the broadcasting committee joined us, and started playing the 45min intro video of our school. The already students at this school, like me and the other Senpais, were watching the middle school students with gentle expressions, and time passed.

Once that was over, Yuuki-senpai, as the representative of the student council, stepped on stage. Looking over at the opposite side of the gym hall, I could see the student council members.

Oi Sis, yawn, no yawning!

『“To all you middle school students, welcome to Kouetsu High School. I am Hayato Yuuki, the current student council president───”』

With the appearance of an unparalleled handsome and tall person like Yuuki-senpai, the atmosphere in the hall changed. I could hear most of the female Senpais around me letting out a bewitched sigh.

I wonder how he must have felt spending his day. Just once, I want that kind of face and height.

The middle school students let out roars of cheers and applause, only suppressed by the teachers.

Looking at the scene, I wondered if they would have screamed for an encore. Since if that happened, something interesting might follow.

Following that, our disciplinary committee’s president Shinimoya-senpai stepped to the front──Wait, did I just mention ‘our’? I wasn’t even part of them.

Different from Yuuki-senpai, time felt like it was frozen. Probably, most of the normal guys had no more HP left. Me? I was already in the early stages of decay.

『“───We, the disciplinary committee will guarantee a healthy and welcoming student life for all of you. And, we are looking forward to seeing all of you as a student of Kouetsu High School.”』

Since she was dealing with juniors, she dropped a polite speech. And, although nobody raised any cheers as before, I could hear some muttering like ‘So cool…’ etc in the audience. The girls presumably already became her fans.

Well, she gains more just by standing in front of people after all… Did you know, she rubbed my head before?

No one will come to stab me at night, right? No one will come to burst my head, right……?

The guide group’s work ended with the appearance of our school’s princes, the two top idols, on the stage. All that was left was for the third-year Senpais to be freed, and the middle school students to take a look around school, like seeing the clubs.

I didn’t get any of that back when I was in middle school, oi.

After the middle school students left, I was part of the carry group to put away the chairs inside the gym hall. Since Natsukawa and the others were here only to guide them around, they were freed from this as well. She and the other culture festival execution committee members now returned back to their normal work. In the distance, I could see Natsukawa and Sasaki walking next to each other.

Either way, I thought it would be another hard labor, but moving the precision equipment was enough for the day. So after quickly finishing that, the work asked by Sis was done.

“───You, did you properly work?”

The Trial Visit Execution Committee was disbanded, and I was sitting in the almost empty disciplinary committee office. At that moment, the honored student council vice-president came towards me with some grateful words.

…Can I just slap her with my palm?

“Worked hard enough to get some rewards at least.”

“…I see. Good work.”

“Huh? Not gonna meet Shinomiya-senpai?”

“I’m fine.”

Said Sis, sounding like it was none of her business.

To my question, she gave a dry answer.

She really doesn’t seem to be assertive in approaching others… Maybe she’s the same type, doesn’t want to meddle much like me.

“What about you? Not gonna visit your neighbors?”


“What was her name? Natsukawa-san, right? She’s there.”

“Nah, I’m good. I mean, she has her own set of problems.”

Even if I went over there to get healed, depending on what I see, I might just die instead, so nah. Wait? I see, you must have these kinds of emotions when giving those dry words, huh. Guess, Sis has her own share of worries.

“Problems……? As the culture festival execution committee, during summer break you only have to fill out some documents. Easy peasy.”

“Aahh, is that so?”

“Yup. So, at least go and say something to her.”

Sis left behind the same meddlesome words she seemed to have avoided before.

Even though she was so dry in regards to Shinomiya-senpai… Well, thinking about it, she dispatched me here to get some old debt done. Seriously, I really don’t get her.

“Sajou-kun, you really are the vice president’s younger brother……”

“Hm? Is there something weird with Sis?”

“Not exactly weird, but… Unlike Shinomiya-senpai’s cool attitude, she seems to have… a lot of fighting strength?”

“Fighting strength.”

To my question, I got a surprising answer from the female Senpai.

Yet another easy-to-understand, that you’re being feared, Sis, Oi. Well, I can totally see what she means by fighting strength. At the very least, the sight she shows me at home, can’t make me think of her cool in the slightest….. she’s just like an old man, right, you hear me, an old man.


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