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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 69

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69. A Good Junior

“We’ll be playing the VTR (Videotape Recorder) video introducing the school in the gym hall, and we need precision equipment for that. Same goes for all kinds of other things, which are pretty tough for the girls, so you’re a big help, Sajou-kun.”

“It’s fine, this is why I’m here.”

“Hmm… I kind of feel bad, but thanks anyway.”

A Senpai I hadn’t ever met let alone seen before was giving me instructions while also explaining many things. She was part of the disciplinary committee before Shinomiya-senpai became the president, so she was pretty diligent from the beginning. The part where she seemed frustrated with herself and felt bad for me was also, good. I could definitely respect her as a Senpai.

It might be obvious, but right, I was paired up with Ichinose-senpai. We were tasked with carrying the precision equipment and other big tools needed. Seemed like something only boys could carry, since there were some slightly high steps to go through.

This alone is already troublesome, what if I wasn’t around? Ichinose-senpai would be going through hell, no?

“Umm…… Is Ichinose-senpai the only male member?”

“No, we actually have another third and second-year, but… they can’t really deal with this girl-heavy atmosphere, so…”

Holy crap, I totally get it. If I was in the disciplinary committee like them, I might skip out entirely. This situation really can’t be helped.

Seeing Ichinose-senpai give me a troubled smile, I felt an odd burning passion flame up inside of me, and the carrying work started with that.

The hardest thing was that we might be walking past middle school students in the hallways, so we need to be careful to not mess up our school uniform appearances. Normally, with the reason of hot summer heat, it would be okay to wear any t-shirt, but not today, and clearly the Senpais seemed to have a hard time.

I didn’t know for what reason the other Senpais joined the disciplinary committee, but receiving that kind of an anguished expression from girls was even more of a boost, perhaps because of instinct as a man, or something along those lines. I knew that there was no real reward, but it gave me this sense of duty that I definitely needed to help out.

Men really are simple huh…

“───Ah, let me hold that.”

“Eh? Thanks.”

I was trying to act tough by bragging about my part-time work, but it seemed like it was a good bit of training at least.

I could carry more and more books by the passing days, so I guess men surely get muscle quite easily. But, before, I was training a lot for the sake of appealing to Natsukawa, so I guess I’m just getting back some of the muscle I had?

“───Ah, Senpai, there’s some steps there.”

“Got it, let me lift it up!”

“Heave-ho, one, two───!”

Normal routine tasks really are the easiest. I’ve been practicing organizing and assorting of documents and data with my part-time work, but with this kind of work I don’t have to think much, and that’s good.

Knowing that you just need to use your raw strength, as long you can keep the motivation, everything will be okay. And unexpectedly, things you’re in charge of aren’t that many, not that burdensome for your mind. That said, physical labor usually has a low wage, so there’s that…

“─── Hey, first-year boy over there, could you take care of this as well?”


I went back and forth between the gym hall and the second floor of the north building. I was starting to sweat a bit, slightly out of breath, but this was about what I expected. Perhaps Ichinose-senpai had been trained in this kind of work, though he had a big body, he didn’t break that much sweat. It was as if he wanted to show off as a Senpai, or maybe to show off to the culture festival committee people that it wasn’t much for him. Seeing this, I couldn’t help but stick to my guns.

“─── Ah, can you take care of this as well?”


I didn’t know if you could phrase it that way, but I was single-mindedly focusing on straining the muscles in my arms and waist, as I conducted my work. Of course, by the time we finished our work, the ones sweating the most were Ichinose-senpai and me. To think that we would be stepping in front of the middle school students in these sweat-drenched clothes, felt like a kind of penance.

Alright, let’s cheat a bit…

Since we got a short break, I headed to the school shop, bought some cheap towel, as I didn’t even plan to bring one, and some odor-resistant body wipes, then I headed to a water area outside to pour some water over my head after taking off my shirt.

After drying my head, I wiped my body off with the body wipes, I removed as much sweat stench as possible.

Taking a shower and changing my clothes would be faster, but only those in a club can choose that option so yeah…

When I returned to the gym hall, the carry group switched to the installation group. Since I won’t be of much help in that, I moved around with a magic pen and gum tape in hand, like some TV AD (Assistant Director), and sometimes, I delivered a screwdriver and scissors.

Damn, I really am fit to be an underling huh, I actually want to cry now.

After all the work was done, I retreated, and both groups who had finished their respective parts were now lounging in the disciplinary committee base. The advisor of the disciplinary committee had electric fans they could offer us, so I helped Ichinose-senpai bring them over. With five machines, I took care of three as the junior I was. Compared to everything else I had carried, just three were nothing, they were like feathers even.

On top of that, after that whole incident with my cold, I got to know the school nurse a bit more, so I received some ice bags from her. After carrying everything to the disciplinary committee base, my job was basically done. Distributing the ice bags to the other Senpais, they put it into towels, and put it around their necks.

…Hoho, what a nice gesture… yeah, erotic. I want to take a picture… And now you’re directing the fan to your belly button… Eh? Hold on, they’re not wearing undershirts? Really? The disciplinary committee members are that bold?

I cleared myself of any wicked thoughts, and joined Ichinose-senpai in front of the fan, being hit by the cool air──being hit? Right, not happening, he was like a bear after all.

Since I only had a towel, I decided to move to where I could feel the drifting cool air.

Well, I already freshened up with the body wipes, this is more than enough.

“Ah, hey, first-year. You’re Sajou, right?”

“Eh, yes.”

“Good work. You really helped us out. You sure are a good junior.”

Two Senpais walked towards me from the opposite end, offering me a split ice bar.

Hey… you’re embarrassing me, that makes me feel like we’re a couple, you know? Could you call me over next time as well? I’ll definitely work a lot, you know?

Thinking about stupid stuff as always, the two Senpais laughed heartfully, and walked past me. It seemed like her way of praising me was pretty fun, judging from the ‘What do you mean “Good junior”? lol’. Which part of me made her think so, I would love to hear more about that as well.

Anyway, since I was too exhausted, I sat on the floor, when another Senpai who belonged to the carry group came towards me.

Hmm…? Not Ichinose-senpai, but me?

“Thanks a lot for today, Sajou-kun. Of course, the same goes to you, Ichinose-kun.”

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve been in your care as well.”

“You know, our girls tend to slack off, so I was wondering if they made you feel horrible in any way. I mean, they just pushed everything onto you that they couldn’t be bothered with.”


Pushed? Onto me…? Did they? I just walked back and forth between the gym hall and here, so I didn’t even realize that. I was just honestly focusing on my work after all.

Or rather, I didn’t want to hear that either…

“Because Sajou-kun was just diligently accepting all of the work, they kinda felt bad towards the end. ‘A nice guy’, or so everyone talked about you.”

“Eh, well, umm, I’m glad I could be of help.”

Right as I felt the urge for revenge burning up inside of me, I received words of praise. Because of this sudden development, I felt my body become all itchy.

It’s rare for me to get this much praise. But, I mean… ‘A nice guy’ huh. Seems you’re not even conscious of other parts of me… This makes me sad…

“Because you were brought here by Rin, and are Sajou-san’s younger brother, we thought this was just plain favoritism, but I was jumping to conclusions. Here, have this. It’s a thanks.”


She put an energy gel on my hand. With this sudden reward, I could only nod along.

What’s going on today? Was my horoscope ranked 1 in luck? I’ve never been valued this highly before, that’s good, but… No way… Is this my popular time? I mean, my popular time?

“Ah, Ichinose-kun, so… once we’re done today, can I come visit, your place…?”

Oh, this is, an abrupt development indeed.


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