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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 68

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68. Trial Visit

Why 6th of August must be a day for the third-year middle schoolers to head to school? In order to fully explain that, there would be a need to jump back to the wartime, but anyway, for Kouetsu High, it was just a convenient reason to have the third-years who were already bothered by their schools, also have them do the Trial Visit, for those who were interested. After all, high school itself wasn’t exactly compulsory education either. [TN : Explanation, why 6 August, at the end. Also, Japan’s compulsory education is 9 years.]

“So… it’s been a while, Sajou.”

“Hello. Why are you acting so awkward now? Is it about what happened at your home before? I don’t mind already.”

“W-What……!? So that means you’re willing to join the disciplinary committee!?”

“That’s not it…”

I really couldn’t relax my guard for even a second. When I arrived at school after quite some time, Shinomiya-senpai immediately came to get me at the school gate. Apparently, a part of the third-years was pouring time into the Trial Visit preparations aside from normal classes. For an event like this, a lot of things must be prepared.

She really called out to me with an awkward greeting… But personally, after sleeping one night over it, what happened at the dojo didn’t even matter that much to me. That was just ‘how people operate’. When I was slurping down my miso soup before work, I even forget my name at times. Still, despite feeling bothered by it, she really got back on track quickly… as quickly as the downtown area changed in one day, just the next day after Christmas.

“I heard from Sis, but still, I didn’t expect that Senpai would be concerned about me. Do I look like that petty of a person?”

“Really? Getting on the wrong side of you, I could see the future where Kaede or Yuyu would come to hate me…”

“Ah, right. Of course, you’d be concerned.”

I threw words as straight as a jab, but to my least expect, she was rather quick to confess her own feelings. Leaving aside the importance of my existence in this school, if Shinomiya-senpai could see the future where that loli girl Inatomi-senpai hated her for that, then I could understand why she was concerted. She deeply adored Inatomi-senpai after all…

“Well, spiritual arts doesn’t have much to do with physical labor. So, even someone inexperienced like me would be able to help, right?”

“S-So you do hold a grudge!”

“I can joke about it exactly because I don’t, you know.”

Aahh, I get it. On one side, she’s straightforward, but on the other side, she’s weak against cynical people, right? Makes sense that she felt a bit clumsy when we first met. I don’t know how she managed to correct Sis in her gaudy old days, but anyway, for now, I should just focus on the work.

“We’re starting with a meeting, right? Thanks for getting me. Let’s go.”

“Y-Yeah… Still, you sure are motivated.”

“Being used appropriately fits perfectly with my personality after all. I feel like I’m the type to get most of my income from overtime pay.”

Rather than appropriate, my level as a human was just worth that much. And right at this time, I probably had the face of the last child, who always moved around, being pressed by their older sibling. Since, I had been raised to develop that kind of mindset after all.

“I won’t call it appropriately, but… Whatever, follow me.”


Honestly speaking, I was feeling a bit awkward myself. But, for some reason, being able to meet like this after some time, allowed me to properly sort out my feelings.

I just gave the overwhelmed Shinomuya-senpai an appropriate smile, receiving back a bitter smile as if was astonished.

Then, for some reason, my skill ‘Curse The Hottie’ was activated.

The disciplinary committee base was located on the second floor of the north building. Walking past some other classrooms on the way there, I could see people working as well. According to Senpai, they were used by the culture festival execution committee members, and next to it was a meeting room for the Trial Visit, even deeper than that, the real disciplinary committee base.

When I asked why there was a need to separate the disciplinary committee, I was told that because of necessary equipment and material, they were split in two groups to enable better usage, though, in the end, they would have the meeting at the same time. It might be a bit late to mention this, but the disciplinary committee had more members than I initially thought.

“Been a while! Sajou-kun!”

“Hello, you two.”

Arriving at the disciplinary committee office, I was greeted by Inatomi-senpai and her guardian── Mita-senpai. Compared to Inatomi-senpai’s energetic greeting that made me want to hug her on the spot, Mita-senpai just crossed her arms in a cool way as she looked at me. Without thinking, my eyes went to the things on top of her arms. And, I remembered how she used those arms to put me in a head lock back before summer holidays started.

Weird… whenever I look at Mita-senpai, my hand just naturally moves to the back of my head. I wonder why…

Anyway, we headed to the meeting room.

“Are you two going to guide the middle school students?”

“Me and Yuyu are one set. Think, what would happen if I left her alone….”

“Aahh, that makes sense.”

“D-Don’t just agree with her……”

I mean, I’ve seen what even middle school students are capable of when I first met Sasaki-san. If you threw a mascot-esque existence like Inatomi-senpai in there, I can see what would happen. In an event like this, middle school students like to disturb the flow, move here and there as they please, hard to control.

Well, people have their own strengths and weaknesses, Senpai. That’s why, keep──I mean, stop cutely hitting me like that… Crap, seeing her being cute despite doing these, makes me want more.

“We have other culture festival execution committee members and normal students take care of the guiding around. I think that we also have someone from your class helping…”


The door was half-opened, so I took a peek inside. Several long tables were arranged to form a U. Looking at the various students sitting around the desks, I felt all the air vanish from my lungs.

“Woah, only pieces of art everywhere…… This is bad for my heart, so can I just leave?”

“Don’t be like that. Isn’t that girl over there the person who visited you before when you had a cold?”


Tracing Shinomiya-senpai’s finger, I spotted an all-too-familiar beauty in the rows of other handsome students. It turned out to be none other than Natsukawa.

Ahh, she’s as beautiful as always… Seems like, she has a bit of a tan? Well, she does have to go to school two times a week.

And this very Natsukawa, was now having a comfortable time talking with a hottie next to her.


It’s Sasaki. Well, he’s a good student, with the looks to back it up, makes sense that he’s selected as the guide to show the middle school students around… That said, this ‘persistent feelings’ of mine just can’t seem to understand huh. Well, pressing it down will work eventually.

Oh, right, half a month has passed since Sasaki basically declared war against me…

While in summer holidays, the culture festival execution committee members are to work two times a week. Going from that, this happened five times already, so I guess that beyond their team work, they must have gotten much closer. At the very least, Sasaki has a reason to be aggressive in getting closer, so that must be it.

“……I don’t want to disturb her, not that I have anything to say either.”

“Hm? I see.”


“Then, just take a seat over there.”


Carrying stuff means, I’ll get involved in this Trial Visit. Also means, I’ve to join the meeting. Well, Shinomiya-senpai is of course, but I also have to go inside as well. Aahh, seriously…

In the end, Shinomiya-senpai shoved me into the room, so I passed by the teacher’s desk, and sat down on an empty seat, on the disciplinary committee side of the room. A large male Senpai from the disciplinary committee gave me a ‘Eh, who?’ gaze, but I ignored that for now.

Since now, I was bothered by something else more important. A strong gaze. No need to say from where… of course, it was from a different direction.


Natsukawa looked at me in shock, whereas Sasaki gave me an evaluating inspection, so I nodded and greeted them both. I really wished they wouldn’t see me here, but it couldn’t be helped. I tried to convey to Sasaki that ‘I won’t be getting in your way’, and pushed him aside, but he kept glaring at me.

Bastard, stop glaring at me!

“─── Is everyone here? Then, let’s get this meeting started.”

Generally speaking, the disciplinary committee was an awfully troublesome committee. Yet, thanks to the current president Shinomiya-senpai’s influence as more of a prince than anything, just like a performer of Takarazuka Revue, a large number of girl applicants flooded in. Then again, they were pretty much splitting up boys and girls.  [TN : Takarazuka Revue, a Japanese all-female musical troupe. So, the woman will also play the male role.]

What was troublesome, was that a lot of the girls pretty much had the boys take over their work. At this school, being part of the disciplinary committee member was something like a status for girls.

Last year, when Shinomiya-senpai became the president, with all the girls rushing in to join and there wasn’t a good measure to stop the girl applicants coming in, the comparative number of boys went down drastically. And this situation seemed to be the current problem they had now.

That was why, as I was responsible for the transporting and carriage, I was looking at the people in the same group.

“Umm… you are the helper Shinomiya-senpai brought to us, right? Nice to meet you.”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

The black dot of the disciplinary committee, a large and fleshy third-year, and seemed to be known as Ichinose-senpai.

…Wait, Ichinose? Same name as a certain literary girl who just so happens to be sitting next to me in class, is this a coincidence? I mean, their difference in build is terrifying, no resemblance at all… Not to mention that Ichinose-san is always hiding her eyes with her bangs.

This Ichinose-senpai here feels like a peaceful bear instead. Seems like grinning is his default expression, and being around so many girls, I can see him turn into a mascot of the disciplinary committee. Don’t know why, but it feels like I can actually rely on him.

The part of him being a black dot was exactly as I mean it, as he was literally the only male student in the disciplinary committee. That was why even the carrying group consisted mostly of girls.

Looking at this labor now, I can already see my bones breaking…

“Sajou-kun, was it? We don’t have many boys, so I’m counting on you〜”

“Please take care of us〜”

“Ah, yes. Me too.”


For some reason, the girl Senpais gave me a curious gaze, approached me, and then tapped me on the shoulder.

What is this, some distinct culture? Does Ichinose-senpai usually get this much body contact? I’m feeling a bit jealous here, so maybe we could switch only during the times you’re not really busy?

TN : This is just a short? explanation.
The reason why 6 August, it’s the date the first atomic bomb dropped. For some prefectures, it’s on 9 August, which it’s the date the second atomic bomb dropped. So, for the reason to remember the important date, on either 6 or 9 August, usually, elementary schools, and middle schools will do an event called, Peace Rally/Assembly, which is, to remember the history and also to teach the students the importance of choosing the “Peace Way”. But, going into the modern era, some may do it on the other date because of various reasons, most likely, at the end of summer holidays. Also, why only elementary and middle schools? Because compulsory education is only 9 years, a.k.a until middle school.


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