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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 66

66. Sheltered Lady

Arriving at the later half of July, with barely ten days of summer holidays behind me, it honestly felt like it had been an entire month already. But this time around, I was actually making solid progress with the summer homework for once. Depending on my part-time work schedule, I got up fairly early, and I felt oddly positive about this lifestyle right now, getting some regularity into it. Little by little but surely, the serious working mode I was in when doing my part-time job surely helped with that.

What made me even happier was, the encounter born from a good deed of mine.

“Good morning, Sajou-san.”

“Good morning, Sasaki-san.”

Unworthy Wataru Sajou, was being spoiled by a university girl.

The more often she stopped by at the used bookstore, the more she actually started searching for me. Since she was walking around saying ‘Sajou-saan~’ with an indifferent expression, even my head turned blank, only able to put out a brief ‘Ah, hello’. To the point, where I couldn’t help but exhibit bluntness with my head down in shyness. Couldn’t she just find someone more worthy than this kind of man that I am, like the same university student for example?

“As always, the summer sunlight and Sasaki-san are so dazzling in my eyes.”

“Ah, here it comes again, suddenly saying so. Really, Sajou-san is such a womanizer, aren’t you?”

“If I was, then all the normies in class are clubbers……”

The only reason compliments naturally leaked out of my mouth in front of a beauty like her was exactly because she was way out of my league. After all, even if I were to seriously hit on her, it would just come off as a joke.

“C-Clubber? What is that?”

“Ah, well…”

Sometimes, Sasaki-san really felt like a sheltered lady. To the level where I wondered if she really to a middle and high school, or not. Even the word ‘Womanizer’ she didn’t know until a while ago. I told her that it was a slightly old expression that she didn’t need to remember, but she flat-out rejected that.

Since it’s used by youngsters nowadays, and something that feels more like, subconscious than openly stated, it’s hard to explain it with words…

“I kind of feel bad. Like, a brat like me, negatively influencing you, Sasaki-san…”

“That’s not true… Sajou-san isn’t a brat. To me and Kou-kun, you are like a hero.”

“Ah, ahaha, you flatter me.”

…Isn’t she flattering me a bit too much…? If I didn’t know any better, I’d say she’s trying to seduce me. But, there’s no way some bookstore employee with an apron around his neck could be a hero… I can’t even do a backflip. Or rather, if with my kick, fireworks followed, I might get frightened instead, lose balance and fail to land properly. Take this, Sajou Kick (Weak Attack)

“Umm, I’m just not too familiar with how the world works…… With Sajou-san in front of me, I feel like a child.”

“Eh, w-w-why so suddenly…”

Seems like Sasaki-san’s also quite good at pick-up lines. She keeps lifting me up, making my heart pounding faster and faster. Why?

Standing, she’d be (as beautiful as) a Chinese peony. Sitting, she’d be (as beautiful as) a tree peony. Walking, she’d be (graceful) like a lily. How could someone like her lose confidence like that? I don’t get it.

“The thing is, I actually… reached a dead end with my studies…”


Studies? Did this Onee-san say ‘studies’? Let alone reaching a dead end, I’m already off the right track…Hm? This person is a real danger, she woke me up from fantasy so suddenly just like that. Uhh, this pressure. Why am I being forced to look at reality right now…? I feel terrified of university now…

“So, talking with Sajou-san is a good change of pace. It makes me feel like I became an adult myself, and that I’ve gotten more clever than before.”


Umm, well… yeah. You say the most cruel things with a straight smile like that. I mean, ah, I see…? Because I’m such a brat, she feels more like an adult? Talking to me is refreshing to her in that way? That’s bad. It’s so bad it’s starting to feel good instead, then talk with me non-stop. Right, more.

But, umm… That’s what her desires were when she came to meet me? Guess I really look so stupid in other people’s eyes… talking with a stupid person makes you feel smarter, that’s kind of an insult, right…?

Well, she’s a beauty so I’ll forgive her.

She’s a university girl from a girls-only university (most crucial). The content of the classes there must be that hard, if I was her, my SAN point would’ve reached minus in no time… So, not that strange if she reached a dead end.



When I was laughing at myself yet again, Sasaki-san tilted her head in confusion.

Damn it, don’t so randomly make a cute gesture… Uh, my heart won’t stop racing. Now that it’s come to this… Bear with it, my body…! Gut punch times three!! (Self-destruction)

“Well, if I can be of any help for you, Sasaki-san, then just let me know. Or rather, just use me with no restraint.”

“E-Ehh…? Use you, with no restraint?”

“Yes, with no restraint.”

Be it Sasaki-san or Natsukawa, there was nothing more rewarding than helping beauties like them. After all, that motivation was enough for me to work part-time during middle school. Though, I couldn’t really help Natsukawa in the end… thanks to that, I got to buy a lot of games.

“If that’s the case, then… since you are attending a high-level school, do you have some secret hint to studying?”

“Yes, a very simple one.”

“Eh!? What is that!?”

Oohh, she’s biting into it that fast… Is she having that much trouble?

Secret of studying… well, right now, things have changed, but when I was preparing to get into my current high school, my motivation was on an entirely different level. Right, back then, I felt like I could study forever… What horrifying memories.

“Well, it’s not really a method, but rather my experience……”

“I don’t mind…! Please, teach me!”

“The thing is…the results of your studies showing immediate feedback.”

“Feedback…is it?”

Now that it’s come to this, I need to reveal everything. I always thought I’d carry this to my grave, but since she only thinks of me as a change of pace from studying, I guess it doesn’t matter.

“In my case, the more I studied, the more I felt like I was getting close to reaching my goal, getting into the same school as the girl I love.”

“Eh……!? T-The girl you like!?”

My grades were pretty much average even back then. When I heard that ‘Natsukawa Aika’s aspired school is Kouetsu High’, I studied as much as I could, thinking that if I studied as hard as I could, it was nothing impossible to achieve.

At that time, I was able to demonstrate unlimited motivation, and really ended up in the same school as Natsukawa. That is undoubtedly a trick to studying… How is it, feeling like giving up? You hard-working bastard out there.

“Do you still like that person!? Is she possibly your girlfriend!?”

Ah, umm… are you listening to me? This is bad, I might have gotten caught in some love talk all girls love so much. I feel like we moved away from the topic of studying. And rather than biting into it, she’s now approaching with sparkling eyes. This is like being on the night of the school trip, everyone asking who you like. No, her approach is even worse.

“Well, I do like her, but….. I’ve given up. After I got into high school, I realized that she’s like the unattainable flower.”

“S-Such a wonderful person… So charming, to even make you give up.”

You’re in the same category as well… So modest and low profile despite having that looks, aren’t you super rare? Why are you being humble to a highschooler like me? So humble, that it’s starting to feel like an insult, you know?

“A-Anyway! You’ll find more motivation when you actually see the fruits of your labor! You must be aiming for something, right? You just have to imagine that certain something is in your hands.”

“Something in my hands, something charming……”

Sasaki-san, what even is the reason for your diligent studying? For getting a job…? I hear that you need to study like crazy if you want to become some kind of official… Must be rough.

But, what about just thinking of trying to get a good job in order to make your younger brother Kouta-kun happy? We’ve been talking for a while now, and I can see that you’re very doting towards him, so can’t you make it into your motivation? Or, even if it’s not that───

“For example, like me… wanting to be together with the person you like.”

“Li──!? A-a person I like!?”

“Ah, you said you had no experience with men, right?”

“H-How rude! I do have some experience!”

What did you say!?

Aahh, what a shock. Seriously, what a bummer. I guess a beauty like her has had some kind of experience with at least one or two guys. Right, now way a university beauty like her isn’t on loose. If I was a beauty like her, I’d make my own harem, at least 10.

Aahh, I don’t why but I suddenly feel sick. I should just get my work done and head home…..Hm?



“Umm, Sasaki-san?”

Quivering, Sasaki-san was pointing at me.

…Are you saying that an average conversation like we’re having counts as this ‘experience’? That won’t do, Onee-san. Since you’re a proper woman, you understand what kind of ‘experience’ I’m talking about, right? You know, that erotic one.

───Oh right, she’s a sheltered lady.

“This barely counts as any ‘experience’, you know?”

“Ehh!? Really!?”

Ah, damn, I think I said something unnecessary. Wait, stop. Can you not look at me with such a pure gaze in your eyes? Ah, if you grab my arm, it’ll count as an illicit relationship, you know? You wanna lay your hands on a high school student? Fine by me! I’m ready! Come ooonn!! Aahhh!!


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  1. What made me even happier was, the encounter born from a good deed of mine.

    “Good morning, Sajou-san.”

    “Good morning, Sasaki-san.”

    Unworthy Wataru Sajou, was being spoiled by a university girl.

    I know shes in middle school but this woman is best girl. Go for it mc kun even if the world hates you i will still support you. You deserve to be with a genuinely great chick and this is one of the rare ones

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