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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 65

65. Group Chat

The general public claimed games and light novels as useless when it came to mental development and means of studying, but was that really the case? There were games about the Warring States period, or light novels that had a historical theme to them, which helped me a lot in middle school, when it was a study about the past from Azuchi-Momoyama Period to the Edo Period. Not to mention that there was a miracle where the teacher used questions related to items coming from a historical game, to make getting 100 points in the test harder. I still couldn’t forget this feeling of superiority beating the smartest guy in class.

Recent fantasy stories could be said the same. Reading about the political problems of that country, I grew curious about ‘What’s it like in Japan right now’, and looked it up on the internet, also it happened more than a few times. You might think that all of these things would be game-related only, but you would be surprised how many things were applicable in real life. For example, if you read enough, you would eventually become better at guessing the actions the characters would take, and in the Modern Japanese class, when a question regarding that character came, you could guess the answer to a certain extent.

So, to all the students who are denying this sub-culture while holding a reference book in their right hand, I would announce this, ‘can you really get motivated being surrounded by all this rigid perspective?’

‘You can’t’, would be my answer, and that was why I was playing a game right now.

“Ahh, I’m being healed……”

I was in the middle of work, mindlessly spamming buttons to smash in the enemy while progressing the story.

The heck is this game… I don’t think this has anything to offer as feedback on your studies… Well, it’s a game for every age, so, what to expect…

Then again, it’s so much fun, and… Oh, I died.


Without me having any need to use my head, it felt like my consciousness was floating through space. When I was so immersed in that dangerous feelings, I heard my phone vibrating on the desk near me. That one was loud enough to make me jump a bit.

“Wha… When did they…”

I unlocked the screen to move to the home screen, and saw ‘+999’ shown on the app.

What, did I suddenly get a hundred new friends? Sheesh… it’s rough being a normie!

“From the class, huh.”

Every night before heading to sleep, I turned off notifications for this class group chat. I didn’t want to be bothered by those guys who kept texting all night just because it was summer break after all.

……Huh? I got some DMs as well, I had no idea…Wait, from Iihoshi-san? Why? Some SSR event?

【Since that group chat was going all night, they made another one, but… When I thought of inviting you and some… the others deleted your contact. (;´ー`) I’m sorry】

O-Oh… Is that so?

Well, you know, umm, I’ve been causing a ruckus for quite some time after all, so it makes sense for not everybody to be comfortable having me around. On the first day of summer break, I was one of the guys who joined that night-long chat as well, so… But, ‘others’ probably refers to girls, right? Aahh, I didn’t want to hear that.

【It’s fine, I’m a noisy guy myself】

It’s not like I’m too bothered by how other people see me, but I don’t want to be hated. Before, Natsukawa was the most important, but now, I’m bothered about my average appearance… so it feels pretty awful to know that there are some girls who’re so uncomfortable being around me… Sis, as expected, I don’t think I’m a good fit for the student council.

【If anything, I’m surprised you wanted to add me?】

I mean, Iihoshi-san saw me in that all night talk. And yet, she still thought of inviting me, why though? Ah, she already read it.

【 Sajou-kun is actually the type of person who’s reading other people’s moods quite hard, right? When you were texting that whole night, you were more on the receiving end, right? It didn’t seem to me that there was a problem on your end】

Ehhh…? Did she think of me that way? Maybe it’s because she’s the Class Prez, but Iihoshi-san really looks closely at people. I need to be careful if I’m sitting close to her…

【Is Natsukawa in that group?】

【Sure is. Ah, Ashida-chan was also deleted】

Well, it makes sense that Natsukawa is in there… Eh? Ashida was? What kind of judge is ‘that girl’? I can get that she’s a bit noisy at times, but I feel like the girls relied on her quite a lot…Weird.

【Oh, not bad, Sajou-kun! Natsukawa-san said no to the group and left, so everybody else left as well! That means no new group!】

Eh… hold up, what kind of development is this? Why is Iihoshi-san reporting it like she’s a live reporter on scene…… Well, I do feel a bit happy about that… But, Natsukawa left, huh. Yeah, with no Ashida around, that makes sense. Still, Natsukawa feels like an influencer at this point. Papa sure is happy, you know.

【Maybe that judge girl just threw them out without telling the others?】

【Judge girl? Lol. Well, they declined in silence, you know? Also, Ashida-chan isn’t some cushioning, but she’s basically an existence that stops things from turning weird. Personally speaking, she’s pretty important】

Well, declining in silence is a bit of a bad manner… Yeah, that’s right, she’s good at reading the mood. Inside the ‘No Noisy Person Allowed’, Ashida might have to reserve herself, but she definitely is the most energetic in the ‘Not Vulgar Girls’ group. I get that she’s getting some animosity.

But, I can already see this judge girl will have a lot of problems… perhaps, she’s now looking at her smartphone’s screen with a pale face? I bet she’s quivering, thinking how should she act when the second term starts.

【I feel like things will turn south with that judge girl】

【I already got messages from her, ‘Help me (cry)’, so I’ll be adding a bit of support】

【Ah, that type】

I guess Iihoshi-san’s job is also to take care of that….. She’s not even the center of class, but she seems to have the girls under her thumb. I really better not get on her bad side……

【But, lately you ignored our messages as well right, Sajou-kun? That’s a big minus with girls, you know】

【Eh, pointing on me now?】

Oh my, seems my bad side came out without me noticing… Eh, was it only me? I feel like there’s other guys who haven’t participated at all either. Why would I deserve some hate for that?

【Ashida-chan brought you to the topic like 3 times, but you probably didn’t see it, right? Following that, the others make some theory that you died】

【That I died?】

Didn’t that happen before? Why are you immediately deciding that I died just like that? When did I turn into that sickly weak character… Oh yeah, right before the summer holidays. Me collapsing from a cold must have been pretty impactful. I need to be more careful. I’m not a weak character.

【I’ll bawl my eyes out, so let me come back to life】

【Ruler】 [TN : Explanation at the end]

【Don’t let me keep moving in my dead body】

Leaving aside the theory and such, isn’t this cruel? She’s got no intention of trying to save me, huh? Come on, Class Prez, give me a helping hand here…! I don’t want to receive animosity from the people in the center of class, I’m frightened! I don’t want to stand out, but I also don’t want to be bullied!

Urged by Iihoshi-san, I turned towards that block of +999 messages.

Yeah, I get why you’d be pissed at that, especially if those bastards kept spouting some shitty dirty jokes all night. Oh, a group of boys and girls went karaoke last night? They really let themselves go, huh. And, as for yesterday…

【Sajochi, are you not here?】

【………(T ^ T)】

Sorry about that, Ashida. You did bring me to the topic in the afternoon. And no news about me for a whole day. Wouldn’t be strange if she thought I ignored her on purpose. But right, I guess this really leaves a bad impression. Not to mention that there’s no high school student who wouldn’t check their smartphone at least once a day. I should respond with something now.

【Sorry, Ashida, I got to know a university girl and had some fun】

Alright, this, should do it.

【K removed Sajoー from the group】


TN : ‘Ruler’ in here is more of a reference to DQ, in English, it’s the spell ‘Zoom’. But in a way, it can also mean, the leader. So, I leave it as it is.
The spell itself, is a spell to go teleport from a field to a city, the player has visited, since if the player doesn’t have the resurrection spell, the only way to revive is by going to the church, which most likely in a city.


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