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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 64

64. Onee-san!! (Strong Tone)

Using summer holidays, I was getting myself some allowance. I was working part-time at a one-person management used bookstore, but just roughly one week after I started working there, I got the gist down. Perhaps the experience I got when I was secretly working part-time in middle school played a big part in it.

Well, in a way, you can say that I’ve quite good at organizational stuff, but I feel like this and ‘join the student council~’ are a bit different, don’t you think? Before, I thought that it was my strong point, but now it’s like, it’s just getting in the way… Odd jobs, maybe I should instead focus on odd jobs. There’s not much stuff that has a lot of responsibility after all. And I feel like I like hard labor without using my head better.

I rebooted my brain, and arrived at the bookstore. I greeted the old man store owner, when I realized that the sound reaching my ears was different from before. Perhaps it was to take advantage of the POP advert I made to the fullest, it seemed that the owner decided to play some song. Making me wonder if I accidentally walked into a rental CD shop, to be honest… Not to mention that it was a pretty popular song.

When I worked on arranging the books with some uncomfortable feelings, I realized that my hands had been moving energetically following the rhythm.

This J-Pop ain’t that bad, maybe I should listen to some on the way home, been a while since I used my earphone…

“Ah, excuse me, where do you keep the CDs?”


It wasn’t that long until the music brought an unfortunate result. The customers who got the wrong idea came one after another.

These guys…… Should I make a new POP advert? I’ve never thought there’d be a day I try to restrain J-POP using POP ads, really, what is this place? A bookstore? Oh yeah, it is.

While no customers needed my help, I was checking the register and arranging the money, as someone tapped me on the shoulder, across the register.

Some customer? Some people who like books don’t talk that much, after all, this will be troublesome… It’s okay to talk to me normally, you know?

“Yes, welcom─── Ah?”

“Hello, Sajou-san.”


I was greeted by a blooming smile, giving off the aura of a calm Onee-san. She looked like she was on her way to the university campus. It was a priceless smile that you wouldn’t get tired of seeing.

───Ohh, the university girl Sasaki-san, suddenly jumped at me!

Nah, she didn’t exactly jump at me, but I’d have been more than happy if she did. Or rather, can I just leap at her instead? She looks so fluffy… Gahh, just thinking about it, giving me this much guilt.

Unlike her previous frilly clothes, she was wearing three-quarter length pants, with a good-quality cream-colored jacket—or so I thought, but she was actually going no-sleeves, showing her white arms that just pulled my gaze towards them, right, pulled my gaze toward them.

Now that I look carefully, she’s amazingly sexy… If anything, the radiance coming from her shoulders is so blinding. That much radiance could blow this place easily I bet… too bad, Gramps.

“It’s been a while, Sasaki-asn. About a week, I assume. Since you came here, you must be reading a lot of books?”

“Yes, it has── Right, reading books is my hobby… I basically always have a book on me.”

“I didn’t expect to run into you here…..Do you live nearby?”

No, wait a second, me. Why am I suddenly questioning a woman about her residence? A beauty like her must be constantly asked about this from some weirdos trying to hit on her. You damn bastard (me), that’s so stupid. I bet she hates me now…..

“Yes… that’s right.”

……H-Huh? That’s a good reaction…? Eh, wait a second, isn’t her smile a bit too pure? You mean, this beauty stayed this pure despite going to a co-ed middle and high school, while being showered by the curious gazes of her bastard classmates? Is that even possible? Oi, oi, this recent Japan isn’t that bad! As expected from the beginning of a new era!

“You mentioned that you were working part-time, but to think it was a bookstore! I’m glad I got to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine, Sasaki-san. You looked even more like an adult compared to before. Are you on your way to the campus right now?”

“A-Adult…… You’re making me blush. Ah, but, my school doesn’t really give off the air of a campus, you know?”

A flustered Sasaki-san… Rice, how many bowls can I go? Just thinking about how many hotties confessed their feeling, only to get dropped, has me so hungry, making me want to keep eating, guhehehe…

“……Eh, really?”

“Yes, there’s only girls after all… So, it doesn’t actually feel that way at all.”

What…did you say? Sasaki-san isn’t just a ‘Beautiful University Girl’, but rather a ‘Beautiful Girls-Only University Girl’!? That sounds like a new type of high-class brand… I feel like she might charge me for money if I even went as far as to touch her shoulders…! How much would that be?

“I see…… So that’s why you seem like an adult, and have this pure atmosphere around you. That makes sense.”

“Fufufu, I’m already used to it by now. Sajou-san is the type to quickly praise others, right.”


Involuntary, I let out a little groan.

What, was I always this sullied…? I feel like my whole body is being cleansed by this excessive radiance… So, the target of this radiance was actually me… Gramps, this seems to be my last day coming to work. Sorry.

……Anyway, Sasaki-san sure is relaxed about everything. I’ve known about this before, but she really does not see me as a man. I guess the best would be a ‘Younger High School Boy’, huh. That’s fine, maybe that’ll allow me to get spoiled by her instead…No, what am I thinking. I’m on shift right now. Don’t forget the manners, me.

With a fresh expression, I faced Sasaki-san, who suddenly lowered her head toward me and had a serious expression.

“Let me thank you once again, for helping Kou-kun── my younger brother the other day. Thanks to Sajou-san, he got out of it safely. And as you said, I checked his school backpack, but there was no damage to be found… Thankfully.”

O-Ohh… Eh? Younger brother…? Ah, Kouta-kun, is it? Her charm had me lose memories for a second there. But, that said, me… you really did a good deed huh?

“Aah, I’m happy to hear that… So, what happened to Kouta-kun after that? He’s not too scared to go outside, or something like that…… right?”

Being a shut-in while still so young will have an impact on his middle school life after all. Being awkward at school to the point where people start to gossip about you, will be a lot of trouble. For a grade school student to be depressed about his middle school life that has yet come, is just too sad.

“I think that your existence played a big part in this, Sajou-san. He’s out playing today as well. Though, I did tell him to not go near any deserted places.”

“Well, he definitely must have learned of that fear… But, I’m glad to hear that. And, although it might sound bad, I’m sure that this incident was important for his development.”

“Yes, I hope that’s the case. It is quite embarrassing to say…But, personally, I never really talked with a man myself, so it was a great lesson for me as well.”


She never talked…with a man? So, she’s like a sheltered lady…? No well, I guess that makes sense. If I was her Dad, I definitely wouldn’t let any guys get near her. She seems like the type of person to say ‘Once I grow up, I’ll marry Papa!’ and take it seriously after all. Might just honestly ask her to fill out the marriage certificate, and then keep it… (※Crazy)

“How do I say it… it feels like your parents are treasuring you quite a lot.”

“T-That’s right… they are kind of overprotective.”

Despite that, she doesn’t seem too bashful. Maybe because she’s a university girl? I guess this is where they cross the line. Whether you’re a loner or normie, we all grow up to become adults, after all, when it’s time it’s time.

Since she’s still in university, she technically is a student, but there’s many more things she has to take care of than a high schooler like me… there’s no way she’s afraid to talk to a high school brat like me.

“So anyway───”

The bookstore, which was in the slump of business, was never really busy. Thanks to that, Sasaki-san and I could talk for a bit longer. It wasn’t like either of us had anything important to talk about, but we just discussed whatever came up.

What’s with this feeling as if being hugged… Just by having her stand in front of me, I feel like being enwrapped in this sweet scent……

Really, this is dangerous… when she stands in front of me like this, you-know-what just is always, in my field of view? Is this ‘that’? The ‘Come at me’ invitation I’ve heard about…? I feel like she’d be troubled but still accept me if I actually went for it… That’s naughty…

Seriously, this Onee-san’s dangerous. I feel like I’ll get sucked up if I stay here like this. It hurt me to my core, but maybe I should tell her that our distance is too clos───

“Ah, Sajou-san, some dust stuck to your hair……”


Excuse me, but could you maybe become my mother?


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