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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 59

59. Air Knife

“Tabata. Cram school must be tough, right? Should I do it for you?”

Suddenly being talked to, Tabata let out an awkward ‘Y-Yeah…’, looking down like a withered flower. It felt like he involuntarily nodded because he was at the center of the talk. But, what annoyed me the most was Sasaki getting all the admirable gazes from our classmates.

“Oh my, are you sure about that? I’d be thankful if you could take over, Sasaki-kun, but…… don’t you have the soccer club to worry about?”

“Yes. As a first-year, I’m no regular, so it’s okay.”

So, what was that whole battle just now for…..

Sasaki turned into the member responsible for the boys in a matter of seconds. Now it turned into Sasaki and Natsukawa, a hottie and goddess. To be honest, I couldn’t hide my shock at his bold action.

That guy, aren’t you being too bold here!?

Also, this is scary. I know of his feelings for Natsukawa, but to everybody else, he may seem like the ‘Hottie who is kind enough to help others while being busy himself’. If Tabata and Sasaki were in the opposite positions, ‘An attention seeker who is desperately wanting to stand out’ is what will be on their mind. This is the different treatment you will get, just by being handsome. Hottie Privileges.

“Sasakin is a total hottie, alright.”

“Huh… then I’ll just take Natsukawa’s place then.”

“Shut up, you dipping noodles.”

“Dipping noodles.”

Is that supposed to be an insult? I’m sure it is, your eyes telling me that. And if this is the volleyball court, I definitely will get a strong spike… Oi stop. Don’t look at me as if I was the reason you woke up from your delusion. Look at the reality, please.

“Tabata, at least thank him.”


“No, don’t worry about it. I brought it up myself. You just do your best with your studies.”


Being urged by Yasuda, Tabata gave Sasaki his thanks in fear. In response to that, Sasaki just showed a cynical smile, as if he had just killed mold.

Just stop already…

But, what is this feeling, so disgusting…

The bad impression I had when he was reluctant to lose at rock-paper-scissors was easily blown away. Before I knew it, I had only a pitiful impression of him. No matter what he did, he would only end up in a bad position. Somehow, I felt like there were more people who could be cornered by such pressure in a school like this.


“Eh? You don’t like dipping noodles?”

“No, they’re delish.”

“Hmm, seems you got it.”

Eh? What’s with this girl… Using some B-rank gourmet as an equivalent to a clown bastard (me)… Hm, B-rank? Is that it? Really? Seems you got talent at this. Here take my ‘Yes’ vote… [TN : B-rank gourmet, the kind of cuisine that even though not high-quality, is considered tasty, good. Got the analogy?]

“Looking forward to working with you, Natsukawa!”

“Yup, same here, Sasaki-kun.”

Natsukawa gave a gentle response to Sasaki’s words.

Watching that, I felt a sharp pain in my chest. Of course, I already knew why.

Well, everybody would be sad if their favorite idol ended up in some kind of scandal. Before feeling betrayed, it’ll be the sadness of ‘Seeing her become another man’s woman’, I think. Not like I ever got into idols though, but that’s probably pretty close.

I forcefully put a lid on all these feelings slowly starting to rise inside of me. Thanks to that, I could stay calm, and acted like this was nothing out of the ordinary.

Leaving aside an idol, it’s hard to expect any kind of happiness in this world. Wait, in the first place, Sasaki and Natsukawa aren’t even like “that”. If she’s happy, then I’m happy.

“Hmm, they seem pretty solid together…”

“Yeah, you’re right.”



I was planning on giving a normal comment, but Ashida looked at me like I just insulted her entire family.

What kind of reaction is that…I have feelings too you know? And these two just look good together, I know it.

“Sajo-chi… How can you stay so calm?”

“I mean…you know.”


I got why Ashida’s giving me that dubious look, I really did. She had seen my relentless approaches towards Natsukawa after all. She must have expected me to panic, seeing this. But, at this point, some time had passed away since I started organizing my mind and feelings.

Oh right, when I was still trying to win over Natsukawa, Ashida would always support me, even though she looked at me with a stupid face more than a few times.

At that time, I’d always recite ‘For real’, ‘Serious’, full of passion. Then again, that was when I was blind to many things, as I was seeing dreams……Though my feelings for her haven’t changed or anything.

“If they’re such a solid pairing, then I can only smile in agreement, right?”


“You wench.”

This woman…She’s saying it so indifferently. That unfortunate gaze she’s giving me, so annoying… Couldn’t you be a little more considerate to me? I already feel like a loser here, so don’t just ram it into me. Once I’m heated up, it’ll be hard to cool it off you? It’ll be so hot, like a hot dumpling melting in your mouth!


Right as I was cursing my existence with a sigh, I felt a strong gaze in the corner of my view. Looking over, I saw Sasaki giving me an arrogant gaze.

Don’t look at me, you bastard. I get it already. No need to look at me like that. I mean, what’s with that chin, it only makes your face looks strange.

Strange enough, I can’t even get heated up… Also, I don’t intend on stopping you, so why are you this hostile? A hottie is seeing an average guy like me as an enemy…? Just approach her as much as you want… why try to stir me on like that? Are you trying to get me motivated or something? What kind of twisted thinking is that…You just mind your own damn business.

You’re just making me have no motivation, you know… Weird, I should get more pissed, right? But no…?

Ahh, right. Someone who has a yandere brocon younger sis can’t be a bad guy. Though, I don’t see a happy future for this guy. If anything, it’s already too late for him.

Sasaki……live on strong, okay? I still feel complicated about you and Natsukawa, but other than that I’ll support you. Just be careful to not make any missteps okay…? Ah, right, I need to send out my regular report. Though he’s always got praised by his younger sis, enough to make me sick, I’ve to get her in a good mood first. If I take any more time with this, he’d be in danger for real. Of course, I’m talking about Yuki-cha───

“I was waiting for you, Sajou.”

“Ah, excuse me, but I have cram school today, so I can’t~”

“Wait wait wait…! You’re not even attending a cram school!”

Right as I was about to make my way home, Shinomiya-senpai was waiting for me at the shoe lockers.

She sure is attacking me a lot as of late. Is she that interested in me?

I wanted to copy Tabata and slip into the crowd of people to escape, but Shinomiya-senpai grabbed my arm and denied that attempt.

What if I am attending one!? Are you judging this based on my look alone?

“I get that you’re a bit careful around me. I’m not trying to forcefully invite you, so stop with the futile resistance. Just let yourself to be bound.”

“I get it, I get it already! I won’t run away, so don’t pull me along!”

If the disciplinary committee president Shinomiya-senpai were to pull a boy after her, it was clear for what reason. Not to mention that I was already pulled to the student guidance and counselling room before, everyone giving me a ‘Eh, What’s that about~?’ look.

Wha-, so strong… I can’t even move my arm!

When I stopped putting strength in my arm, perhaps she could feel it, she finally let go of me. Then, I looked at her with resentful eyes.

I’ll take advantage of being the victim here… Just wait!

“So, what do you want from me today?”

“I was just thinking of maybe tempering the weakling who fell for a summer cold.”

Is the disciplinary committee president picking a fight with someone like me? Huh?

Also, what’s that ‘Better be thankful’ look you’re giving me? Calling me a weakling to my face, what kind of response did you think I’ll say? Also, what do you mean by temper? Are you trained in some kind of martial arts? Muscle training? How many packs you have? 6? Wait if that’s correct, damn, this is getting scary…

“Ah, Inatomi-senpai is in trouble.”


Isn’t that working too well?

I really don’t want to bother. I should just take this chance and—Uhh…!? I can’t properly put on the loafers…! Ah, is it because I’ve been using it like a slipper…?!


“I’m sorry.”

Having my back grabbed with the strength of a bulldog, I could only apologize.

Is this the direction of the student guidance and counselling room?

Maybe I shouldn’t have used Inatomi-senpai’s name to deceive her and brought more trouble upon myself after all. But, that’s the best a weakling like me, who fainted just because of a summer cold, could do.

“Don’t act like I’m going to torture you…Leaving aside the case with the disciplinary committee, Though I’m reluctant to do this, but you’re Kaede’s brother, and more than that, the thought of Yuyu’s favorite Kouhai being so weak just, making me restless.”

“I’m not that weak or anything…Also, what do you mean reluctant…”

Is it that? Is she going to do anything for Inatomi-senpai? Even taking down phantoms? Well, that girl really is cute…Ah, I called a Senpai ‘that girl’…Still, what are you going to do once you graduate…? Ah, will you repeat a year? Will you get crazy from a lack of Yuyu-paisen around you? [TN : Sometimes Japanese play the word Senpai to Paisen.]

Of course, the accused Shinomiya-senpai just smiled silently.

Really, this is why I hate hotties. And even though you’re a girl, how could you pull that off?

I was getting stares from the surrounding girls, and now even more so.

“Well, just think you’ve been fooled, and tag along. Just see it as me being a busybody.”


Weird? Am I being restrained after all? Also, aren’t we technically linking arms like this? But ah, I get why I’m not excited, it’s because she’s a fellow gorilla like Sis. She can probably rival Sis in terms of strength. Or perhaps, the reason, Sis’ strength leveled up so much these past years is, because of her teaching?

How could you do such a thing?!


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