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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 58

58. Culture Festival Execution Committee Member

Where there’s encounters, there’s also farewells. Young people depart with the anxiety of not being able to meet each other again.

Feeling sad in the short farewell── or something similar to that ringing in my mind, I raised my head.

『”Right, starting tomorrow, it’s the summer holidays.”』

How exciting! Surely, I won’t be able to get up in the morning. (a.k.a oversleep)

Right. Summer break arrived. A big event.

I’ll be enjoying my time playing games while Sis is heading off to cram school. It might sound weird coming from me, but as expected, the secret to fully enjoy this blissful time as long as possible, is to wake up early every day. All so that the day is longer. Then again, definitely not as early as on a school day……So maybe around 8 to 9 am, which is just right for a no-good man. (※No-good man speaking)

Since I’m not getting any exercise in, it’s good to combine breakfast and lunch into brunch. Three times a day without being in any sports club, will only get me fat. More than anything, ‘brunch’ just sounds so stylish, I love it.

As I was making plans for my first brunch, the speech of our head of the student year ended.

The head of the student year and the guidance and counseling teacher, isn’t their speech usually even longer than our principal’s? I mean, they’re the type to always absolutely lecture students whenever and wherever. And even in front of all students who haven’t done anything, they’re still for some reason, lecturing with an angry tone.

Or rather, I can’t believe the principal, who is the last one, can speak at all… I mean, aren’t the things that need to be said have been said by the others? You don’t have to force yourself saying something good…

Right when I was feeling a bit sad towards our principal, I saw our student council president Yuuki-senpai walk up on the stage. In response, the girls around me were raising cheers.

He looks as sharp as always. Like his face, no, his chin is sharp. And he’s aware of being handsome. I heard that there was a time when he acted like a bad boy. But only something naughty came to my mind when I heard that. If I had that kind of face, I bet, I’d have gone wild…

『”Then, next will be words from the student council”』

After being introduced by MC Kamata-sensei (The teacher responsible for Classical Japanese class), Yuuki-senpai spoke up. Seemed to be related to the event that would happen in the second term.

『”With the culture festival preparations beginning now, the committee members will be attending school during the summer holidays, three times a week. For an enjoyable culture festival, we ask for your cooperation.”』

Culture festival execution committee members… That sounds just as troublesome.

Starting the second term, every student would be part of some kind of committee, as this would be decided on the first day. However, the culture festival execution committee members would be decided today. The merit of participating in it would be, once the work for the culture festival had been done, there would practically be no more work to do, unlike the other committee.

I was invited into the disciplinary committee by Shinomiya-senpai, but what should I do? I don’t really feel motivated for either, but since she invited me, letting her take my hand and following the flow may be not that bad…

W-Well, I’ll decide when that time comes.

“Who wants to become the culture festival execution committee member~?”

Asked our homeroom teacher Ootsuki-sensei, in a cheerful tone.

‘What a bother’, was probably what everyone was thinking, as nobody answered that question, trying their hardest not to look Ootsuki-sensei in the eyes.

After a brief silence of around five seconds, Ootsuki-sensei showed an annoyed reaction.

“If nobody volunteers, then I’ll be taking candidates.”

“ “ “……!” ” ”

For sure that all our heads shot up at once. That bad premonition we all had seemed to be accurate, as proven by Ootsuki-sensei’s next words.

“Okay, everybody not part of a club, stand up!”

Guhh… Well, I should’ve figured as much. That’s to be expected. Those in a club have to participate in practice and tournaments and all that. So, forcing those who don’t help the school and keep time to themselves to work in another way, isn’t that strange… I don’t like it, but I have to accept this fate.

Reluctantly, I stood up from my chair, to which I heard several other chairs screeching after me. Looking around, I saw six people. I knew about Natsukawa, but I was shocked there was so many other people not part of a club. Looking to my left… There was Ichinose-san, who was always busy reading her books.

We rarely talked, but well, just accept this fate.You could have joined a literature club if we had one, but well, now it’s more of a phantom club… If you want to resent something, then resent this time and day. It’s not an era where a high-class idler like us is allowed to exist.

The others were all relieved to know they would be saved the hassle. A small group of them even grinned at us with a ‘Fufufu, sucks to be you~’, which was quite irritating.

You all, just you wait until I can use Kamehameha! [TN : Kamekameha, Dragon Ball reference]

“Hmm….. Alright, rock paper scissors it is!”

“Just get Sajou already!”

“Yamazaki. Oi, Yamazaki. Yamazaki.”

Is there nothing I can throw? Where’s the track-and-field club’s cannon ball at?

When I glared at Yamazaki, Ashida touch her black volleyball bag at her knee next to her.

What, is it that clear on my face? Anyway, is she recommending me that instead? Well, I don’t mind. But, can I? Really? Then, let me borrow it.

“Ohh! Will you do it, Sajou-kun? Also, you got the time, don’t you?”

“Ah, I just recovered from a cold, so…..”

“Yes, you already rec───”

“Okay! Rock paper scissors time!”


With a bad premonition assaulting me yet again, I raised a loud voice.

Like hell I’d miss out on this precious upcoming time. I’m the main character Sajou… and I will remove any obstacles and break down this unlucky atmosphere!

Like hell I’d work as a culture festival execution committee member! A fulfilling and joyful summer break is waiting for me! I’ll lock myself in my room with a working AC… and I shall be a high-class idler!

“J-Just when I thought you calmed down a bit……!”

This isn’t the time to be complaining. My summer break is depending on this.

The go-home-club members, all six of us to be exact, gathered at the front of the classroom.

Rock paper scissors Goddess… please give me your strength…!

“I won’t lose.”

“If you hate it that much, couldn’t you have just come up with another excuse……?”

“No, that wouldn’t be fair…”

“Now you’re suddenly all righteous…”

“Ah, we’re splitting up boys and girls by the way.”


As I was seriously answering Natsukawa, who seemed upset, Ootsuki-sensei dropped the bomb.

And I froze up.

There were only two bastards, me and Tabata. Just two of us were separated from the group of four girls, including Natsukawa. Even now, Ichinose-san didn’t let go of her book.

She really likes it, huh……I can see why she’d feel annoyed if someone like me suddenly talked to her.

“Tabata…… How many months has it been since we talked?”

“Who knows……”

Tabata—is a normal guy. He’s pretty much the same as me, but he seems to be weak against pressure more than me… perhaps just with ‘oi you, do it.’, he’ll just accept it like a Yes-Man. Seems like that type to me. That being said, I feel like we’d blend right in together.

“…Onwards, with passion, and fight fairly, rock, pa───”

“Just hurry up and do it.”

“Sorry about that.”

N-Normal…? Maybe he’s actually a bit twisted? I never really got the impression that he was the talkative guy.

Rather than normal, he seems a bit more secluded…?

He’s definitely the type that pretends to act as if he likes to be alone, but actually likes hanging out with others. (※Prejudice)

Not to mention that he feels pretty easy if you just threw him enough bait. And he actually, isn’t that much of a Yes-Man as I thought. Also, how cruel am I, really.

I steeled my resolve, and prepared myself for the rock paper scissors match.

Raising the tension here will only make others stare at us… Better just get this over with.

Alright…rock, paper…scissors!

“Alright then, please take care of it, Tabata.”


Sorry about that, Tabata. This is a battle I definitely cannot lose. Now that you’ve lost, just step down. I’m not taking a second fight, young boy...

“I have cram school though.”

“Don’t say that after you lost…”

I couldn’t hold back a retort. However, Tabata stepped down politely, stating his loss to the teacher, and I returned to my own seat.

Um, now I’m actually feeling a bit conflicted. Let’s just talk some more…?

“—Alright, Natsukawa-san will be the other member.”

Oh my...

I heard Ootsuki-sensei’s voice, so I turned around, and spotted Natsukawa letting out a dejected laugh. I really wanted something like this as well. Being cheered on, losing in the end, but being supported by everyone.

…..What about talking it again, Tabata? Hah, t-that guy ───! He seems happy that Natsukawa was chosen!

Uhh…W-Well, it can’t be helped. This time, I lost, so I’ll step back.

Either way, Tabata was chosen from the boys, and Natsukawa became the female culture festival execution committee member of this class, and hearing the speech from our teacher, I sighed in relief.

However, suddenly that guy raised his voice.

“───Tabata. Cram school must be tough, right? Should I do it for you?”

Sasaki. Right when I was wondering what he was talking about, he suddenly called out to Tabata, offering to take over.


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