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Yumemiru Danshi wa Genjitsushugisha ch 51

TN : I’ve been thinking whether should I continue this series or not, since the LN has been tl-ed far away, but I just know that the LN has been licensed (Vol 1 is set to be out next year 5th February).
Once the dates gets near, most of Illus will be gone from this website.
And well then, since this is the WN, I’ll continue this.
Just saying, but there are differences here and there with the LN. Mostly the choice of words. As for the plot, it’s the same, just that, the LN has extra stories.
I’m sure, my translation has gone a lot better. Hope you enjoy it.

Also, I’ll re-do the earlier chs with the style of this ch (I’ll do it as I continue this series).

And if no one plan to continue tl-ing the manga, I may do it myself (no promise).

For now I plan to release daily for a while (since I’ve been holding up quite some stocks for this series, but still need another re-check.)

51. Exhausted Class Prez

Thus, night arrived.

And right around when Sis came home from cram school, I nonchalantly asked her.

“Sis, is there something like East and West in your school year as well?”

“Huh? Aaah… that weird thing huh.”

According to what I heard from Sis, that kind of thing was much more prominent back when she was a first-year. The difference in treatment by the teacher. The disparity in the club budget, even the difference in the contents of exams. All of this led the students of the ‘east’ to go astray. Violent actions taking advantage of their superior position.

“──That sure was a lot of trouble…”

The one who acted as a mediator was surprisingly enough, Yuuki-senpai, a second-year back then, and a member of the ‘west’. He apparently went Noblesse Oblige style, and changed the ‘west’ from within.

That being said, you must have been involved in that, too, right? What? Or else, what’s with that “I’ve been through a lot” face?

“Also, what kind of family does that blondie belong to?”

“Blondie……? Aah, that girl.”

“That’s right, that disappointing hafu-girl.” [TN: Hafu refers to a person who is half Japanese and half something else.]

There was no one with the sure name ‘Shinonome’ around here. She did give off the vibe of being rich enough, but maybe that was just roleplay—or so I doubted her, but according to Sis, she was really rich. Apparently, she was the daughter of a textile company’s president in France. Though, the name of the company and the family name had nothing to do with each other. Her parents knew Yuuki-senpai’s parents, which led them to have a special connection.

“Humm… For that brat to become the student council president… You know, Hayato’s family, they’re in control of a local brand, selling fabric manufactured goods. In fact, there are a lot of students under his wing, enough not to let you overpower him even if you tried to. If Marika declared being his fiancée, then, you may not be able to win against her.”

“In the first place, what’s her goal in becoming the student council president?”

“That’s ── ……No, I don’t know, whatever.”

“Can you not suddenly turn so cold?”

Sis suddenly showed a ‘what were we even talking about?’ expression. And just like that she cut the conversation. Not only that, she even started watching TV.

Although vaguely, I noticed that Sis really was looking down on Claumaty… and maybe even felt like an idiot for talking about Claumaty… Well, considering Sis’ reaction, the word ‘annoying’ must have popped up in her mind.

‘At least, let me hear the rest about Claumaty’, I wanted to say, but I figured Sis must have been tired, so I decided to leave her alone. Personally, even if she had a crude behavior, she was a hard worker. Kind of foul, to say the least. Even I, couldn’t help but be considerate when she showed a tired expression.

Haa, if only Sis was Natsukawa ───

Then she wouldn’t just end as my sister…Seeing her in that camisole, lying on the sofa, I bet, something very forbidden would happen… But really, a real sister sure is weird. Despite she’s a member of the opposite sex, I don’t feel anything at all. I do wanna slap that slightly visible stomach though. Like, as a payback for all the hardships I had to go through because of her. Not like I’ll do that though.

“I won’t lose……!”


A sudden declaration of war. Inside the classroom, Iihoshi-san pointed at me, with a vexed expression.

What does she mean? And why? Did I sexually harass her without realizing? Just looking at her is safe, right? I mean, not staring, but just looking at her normally…

“What should I do for you to forgive me?”

“No need to apologize. I was just lacking.”

“Umm…? Eh? So, the fault is with you, Iihoshi-san?”

“Of course not, Sajou-kun.”

“Someone save meeee!!!”

Really, why are girls always like this!! I mean, at least tell me why you’re angry! Look, I just increased my stock price (reputation), Iihoshi-san!

Huff, in a case like this, a crude personality would be much preferable…… Sis’ attitude makes it really easy to understand, which is great. Well, no, not exactly great.

“Hmm, what happened?”

“What are you doing……”

“What did you do this time?”

“Stu~pid Sajou.”

As if they knew what was going on in my head, the others from the class approached us.

Thanks for gathering here, but why it seems like you all came with the premise I did something wrong?

70% were just dumbfounded, whereas 30% were actually interested. In any case, they looked at both of us, back and forth.

This ain’t some show, okay?! Class Prez and I were just in a heated—

“Y-You’re not fair, Sajou-kun! Screaming your love in the middle of the classroom…!”

“I wasn’t screaming my love.”

What’s wrong with Class Prez today? It’s rare for her to prioritize her feelings, or rather, to speak in a more subjective way. Where did the girl go that I saw like an adult…?

To the center—Well, my seat was in the corner so, to the corner of the commotion, Shirai-san and the other classmates arrived as well.

Wait a minute, really, why are you all coming here!?

“What──Ahh…  are you talking about yesterday?”

“Yesterday? What happened, Mai-chi?”

Saitou-san, standing behind Shirai-san, showed a wry smile, seemingly having understood what exactly was going on. Seeing her talk in such a girly fashion despite knowing she was part of the tea ceremony club was quite a great gap, so to speak.

That aside, more importantly, I saw Ashida preparing to do a great follow-up.

Ah, hit some great spikes today too…! Of course, not on me. On the enemy’s court.

“Well, she was pushed down by Airi-chan.”

“More detail, please.”

“Speak to me.”

“Sajo-chi, Yamazaki, ‘PLACE’.” [TN: Explanation bellow]

I’m not a dog. Well, I just reflexively spoke up when the calm and proper Saitou-san said outrageous words like ‘pushed down’. No way I wouldn’t ask for a greater deta── Natsukawa-san?The way you glare at me as if I’m an eyesore almost reminds me of Sis, you know!? You have the eyes of Sis who would see me on the sofa, and just say ‘Move!’ to dive me away!

“Jeez…… Yesterday, when everyone came over to play, Airi just jumped at Iihoshi-san.”

“Oh my, but why?”

“Who knows… But, she definitely mentioned your name after that……”

“She told me, ‘Weaker than Sajo~’…”

“I won.”

“That’s not the problem here! I was pushed over!”

So, it’s my fault? Well, I feel strangely healed so I don’t mind it being my fault. Also, what did she say? ‘I won’t lose’? Bring it on, or rather, should we charge into each other now? Ah, I’m sorry.

“More importantly! Did Sajou-kun ever meet Airi-chan!?”

“At night in London…it was a fateful encounter.”

“She’s five.”

It was a moonlit night──Oi, don’t look at me and Natsukawa with those curious eyes. I didn’t ask for it, and it’s definitely a nuisance to Natsukawa. What? Are you going to “kya-, kya-” if I was flirting with someone? Am I such a handsome guy?

“That’s unexpected. I always thought that Natsukawa-san kept her guard up quite high when it came to Sajou-kun.”

“Didn’t she say, “I definitely won’t let you meet her!”, last time…..”

“Eh? Ah, well……”

Gazes all over gathered on Natsukawa.

Personally, I didn’t think it was something that needed to be hidden, so I left everything to Natsukawa, but unexpectedly, Natsukawa fidgeted nervously and looked toward me in search of assistance.

Eh? We’re keeping it a secret? A secret just between the two of us? What’s with that? I’m in. But, can you not make my heart skip a beat so suddenly like this? What if I got a seizure?

“Ahhー… Well, you know. I was out shopping when I suddenly saw the “Kano Sisters” coming towards me…” [TN: “Kano Sisters” are Japanese celebrities.]

“She’s five.”

I messed up. To think that the first sisters that came to my mind would be these two… In the first place, no way I would ever run into them. Better yet, no one had ever seen them in any High-end department store. Not to mention, they don’t even resemble Natsukawa, let alone Airi-chan.

“Well….. because of her bad luck, Airi-chan happened to see me.”

“I can’t believe you can say that so calmly……”

I said it like that, but in reality, I was invited there. Never could I have imagined that such a day would come for me. Even now, it still didn’t feel real. After all, Natsukawa probably still wanted to keep a distance from me. Although it didn’t look that way… But, in reality……

“Natsukawa basically said ‘Ah, you saw me’. And I, basically froze up thinking ‘Ah, this is awkward’.”

“That’s a more proper reasoning than I assumed!?”

“Then Airi-chan grabbed me.”


“Then we both wrestled, and were evenly matched.”

“She’s five.”

You’re wrong… Airi-chan’s weapon isn’t her muscle strength correlating to her age, but rather her endless endurance and her will to never give up……! Or else, why did she want to win against me so badly?

“──So, because the rival, me, wasn’t there, Iihoshi-san became my substitute.”

“Then, it’s really Sajou-kun’s fault.”


In the end, the deal was concluded with a piece of eclair.

TN: When Ashida said “PLACE”, basically, it’s a command usually used to make a dog go back to their dog’s house, or bed. Can be “Place”, “Mat”, “Bed”, or even “House”. And, she said it in a way as if commanding a dog.


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