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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 15

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15. Beautiful Beast

Valliere’s Army consisted of 40 militia, 15 royal guards, and 20 Polidoro citizens―― in contrast, Caroline’s Army consisted of 70 elite citizens, including squires.

The two armies approached each other in a field about 30 minutes on foot before the border line of Willendorf.


A short signal.

A shout of Faust von Polidoro.

At the same time, crossbow arrows pierced the vanguard of Caroline’s army, killing them.

Caroline’s army, 65 remaining.

In terms of numbers, Valliere’s Army was higher.

In terms of the quality of the soldiers, Caroline’s army was higher. Those 65 were, after all, armed veterans.

Valliere’s Army, on the other hand, had 40 poorly armed militia, whom were battle virgins.

Even the 15 royal guards, despite being well-armed, were also battle virgins.

Probably, the only ones who could oppose Caroline’s Army were the 20 citizens of the Polidoro Territory, who boasted more skills than them.

But, there was one dangerous person who could change the tide of the battle.

“You get behind!”

While shouting this, a mass of murderous intent called, Faust von Polidoro, jumped out into the fight as if to protect the militia.

As if he didn’t want any to be killed, if possible; on the contrary, he treated the lives of his opponents like worthless rags.

Faust, the Knight of Wrath, who suddenly appeared on his beloved horse, traversed the narrow battlefield.

It wasn’t that he jumped into the middle of the enemy soldiers.

While looking at the militia as a meat shield, he suddenly cut in between the battles with the Caroline army and went around killing the soldiers of the Caroline army.

A death roulette.

That was exactly what Caroline saw through the hole in the cover of the carriage.

It was inevitable that the death toll of Caroline’s army would gradually increase.

In a one-on-one situation, there was no one in the Kingdom of Anhalt who could beat Faust.

However, the morale of the soldiers of Caroline’s army hadn’t yet declined.

They were still trying to protect Caroline.

Looking at the scene, Caroline was, already close to tears.

But, she couldn’t cry.

And even if she could, she shouldn’t cry.

After all, they were rushing to their deaths for her.

Now, she should run away, even if alone.

That was the only way to answer for their sacrifice.

Still, she couldn’t decide.

Whether or not she should abandon the people who were protecting her.

But, the battle in her mind was put to an end.

While retreating to the border line, Valliere’s army was rushing to Caroline’s army.

The time on the battlefield wasn’t that long, but Faust’s kill score against Caroline’s army was already over 30. Perhaps.

Of course, there were some militia casualties, but by now the gaps in the overall forces were now large enough for Valliere’s army to secure victory.

“I’ll leave the rest to you! Helga!”

Faust didn’t mention the name of the second princess, Valliere.

Obviously, Valliere, who was the supreme commander, would be targeted.

But, as if not thinking about this, Faust started running alone.

Caroline’s Army no longer had enough numbers to stop him.

All they could do was to stop the enemy in front of them.

Soon, he would reach Caroline.

In her eyes, it was as if judgment had finally come upon the evil spirits who had sinned.

Before long, the mass of murderous intent reached the two carriages of Caroline’s army.

There were two, a small carriage and a big carriage.

Faust chose the small carriage.

With the greatsword in one hand, he cut the carriage’s cover thinly.

What awaited him were men and boys who were frightened by the sounds of the battlefield.

“Such bad luck.”

Faust threw those words involuntarily.

At the same time――the big carriage loaded with the goods was separated from the horse.

Right, Caroline threw away the carriage’s goods and rode the horse alone, running away to the border.

She thought that she must escape.

From the judgment.

From Faust von Polidoro.

From the Knight of Wrath.

Desperately, Caroline tried to reach the border line.

She had the feeling she could still make it.

And if she called on the knights and soldiers of Willendorf waiting at the border for help, the Knight of Wrath, Faust von Polidoro, could be defeated.

With such fleeting hopes, Caroline hurried off.

Chasing her was Faust, who had finished telling the men and boys in the small carriage what to do.

In the background were the screams of death, the roar of victory, and the sound of sword fighting.

With such battlefield music that never ceased to resound, Faust was chasing Caroline.

However, Faust’s speed gradually decreased.

Faust’s horse, Flugel, was exhausted.

In the battle with the bandits, Flugel had moved around the battlefield.

No matter how excellent the horse was, it had reached its limit.

Faust, of course, understood that and accepted the result.


Faust von Polidoro had failed.

At least, he was able to save face, if only slightly, by helping the kidnapped men and boys.

But, according to his predictions, Caroline’s fate hadn’t yet been determined.

Anyway, feeling he had done enough, Faust stopped and patted his beloved horse, Flugel, on the back, thanking for the hard work.

Right in front of the border line between the Kingdom of Anhalt and Willendorf.

Faust stopped with his horse.

Ignoring him, Caroline crossed the border line.

Faust just watched the situation.

As Caroline’s ending would depend on the barbaric nature and the unique values ​​of Willendorf.


“My name is Caroline. Someone seeking asylum. And help. Standing on the border is Faust von Polidoro.”

In response, the Willendorf Knight nodded.

“I’ve been checking the battlefield with binoculars since a while ago. That face, that sword technique, none other than Faust von Polidoro himself.”


…Kill that man, the knight of Wrath.

Who killed my beloved people!

“But that man. That Beautiful Beast hasn’t crossed the border line, and is still standing there.”

A knight of Willendorf, whose name Caroline didn’t know and who seemed to be the commander-in-chief, pointed at her.

“Don’t you want to kill Faust!!?”

Caroline screamed

However, the Willendorf knight remained unmoved.

“Like what I just said. That Beautiful Beast hasn’t crossed the border line. He’s there, just waiting… for you.”




“He’s waiting for you to be kicked out of our land and challenge him.”

Kick out?

This I, Caroline?

“What are you saying?! My existence is worth a lot. Think. How much information do I have about the Kingdom of Anhalt!”

“I don’t know how much information you have about the Kingdom of Anhalt. Maybe it’s something that’s valuable to us. Maybe, it really is something that’s valuable.”

The Willendorf Knight shook her head.

“But, that knight, that man we call the Beautiful Beast in our land, is just waiting for you. Your name is—Did you say Caroline? He’s waiting for a duel with you. Getting in the way of that. We have no intention of doing it.”

“Why? Don’t you want to kill Faust von Polidoro?”

“Those who don’t cross the border aren’t enemies. More, than anything else.”

The Willendorf Knight looked at Faust with eyes in which there was even admiration.

“At the end of a deadly battle with our Knight Commander, Reckenbell, do you think we would want to surround that Beautiful Beast with dozens of knights and soldiers, and kill him? Are you trying to insult us?”

Barbarian sensibility.

They perceived strong things as beautiful things.

And to them, Faust must be the most beautiful knight.

Their values ​​of strong men, their preference for muscular men.

On this basis, one could say that Faust was the most beautiful knight in the world to Willendorf people.

Surrounding such a man who wanted to have a one-on-one duel and killing him, was outside the scope of Willendorf people’s way of appreciating a beautiful beast.

These Damned Barbarians!

Of course, Caroline didn’t say that out loud.

She simply dropped her fist to the ground.

“……what, do you want from me?”

“Slay Faust von Polidoro. Slay that beautiful beast, and we will gladly welcome you to our country, Willendorf.”


The Willendorf Knight never expected Caroline to defeat Faust.

She only wanted to see a spectacle, an art.

Where the beautiful beast, to which they paid their respects, with all his might slayed Caroline.


Is this the end?

Hah, what a fitting end for my ending.

Caroline smiled bitterly and left the border of Willendorf, returning to the Kingdom of Anhalt.


I’ve lost everything.

Every, thing.

Even my own life would be lost because of this.

This is really the end.

Caroline, once again, smiled bitterly at herself.

Still, riding a horse, she rushed to Faust.

Looking at Caroline’s appearance, Faust opened his mouth with naivety.

“Did you really think, that you could escape?”

Faust asked curiously.

“Did you think Willendorf would accept you alone? Without the men and boys? Without money? Without your loyal elites?”


Caroline could only answer with silence.

Then, she prepared the halberd.

“Get off your horse, Faust von Polidoro. I’ll get off too.”

“As you wish.”

Both of them got off their horses.

Caroline had no confidence in her skills on horseback.

However, even though she landed on the ground, she still didn’t have the confidence to win against the Knight of Wrath in front of her.

But, she couldn’t afford to lose.

She just couldn’t afford to lose.

Not without a fight.

At the very least, she wanted to leave one scar.

On the man whom the Willendorf Knight called the Beautiful Beast.

“Are you fine, with that halberd?”

“Same goes for you, are you fine with that greatsword? This one has the advantage of being longer.”

“That much of s a handicap, I’m willing to give.”

“I see.”

A short conversation.

Caroline pointed the halberd at Faust.

Caroline was never weak. If anything, she was rather strong.

She had stepped into the stage of superhumans, that existed in the world considerably.

However, the difference in skills between Caroline and Faust was obvious to anyone.

――……When Caroline regained her senses, her stomach had been torn apart along with her chain mail by Faust’s sword.


Caroline stood silently on the spot.

She knew she was going to die.

“Do you have a will? Do you have any regrets, Caroline?”

Faust offered words of mercy to Caroline.

Caroline barely muttered one last word.


It was the name of the only daughter who probably would have been hanged and died by now.

Faust remembered it and carved it into his heart.

Caroline fell to the ground with her viscera dripping from her stomach.


In front of the defeated figure of Caroline, I, Faust von Polidoro, felt empty.

“I shouldn’t have, listened to your last words.”

Judging by the name alone, most likely, a girl.

Judging by Carloine’s tone, probably she was still young.

And, probably, the girl couldn’t be helped anymore.

It was a painful thing for me to hear.

Anyway, after pondering for a while, I decided that I must bring back Caroline’s head.

So, I cut it off, wrapped it in the cloth I had, and carried it politely with my left hand.

Then, all of a sudden, I noticed.

I noticed that the knights and soldiers of Willendorf were lined up on the border line.

“It was a beautiful duel. Oh, Beautiful Beast. If there’s a chance, let’s meet on the battlefield!!”

One of the knights shouted that and turned her heels back to the fortress, followed by the others.

I replied quietly so that the other person couldn’t hear.

“I refuse to deal with barbarians like you again, ever.”

It wasn’t a matter of winning or not winning.

The Willendorf Campaign had taught me one thing.

Every knight was stronger than that of the Kingdom of Anhalt.

Especially, the Knight Commander, Reckenbell, was really strong.

If I was 19 years old instead of 20 years old at that time, I would have lost.

The difference between victory and defeat was only a year’s worth of battle history and the difference in training ingenuity.

But I won.

No one would deny that reality.

Still, it was a kind of trauma for me.

That said, for now, I bowed to the knights who refused to grant Caroline’s wish for defection.

And I decided to return from the border line to where the music of the battlefield still sounded.

“Well, I’ve achieved my goal. But……”

…How many will be the sacrifice?

I’m sure my people’s lives will be fine.

But, what about the militia?

And those royal guards?

Well, the result hasn’t been determined, but…


And with this battle, that gentle Second Princess would finally learn the reality of the battlefield…

Just thinking about that, made my heart hurt a little.


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