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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 151.5

TN : Just some information, the LN vol 3 has come out in Japan two days ago
This is the cover of vol 3

LN vol 3 Cover

The 2 boys on the cover are Kalim and Kuwen.
It covers the early half of Arc 2 (ch 71-108)

151.5 Chapter 151.5

Map 7

Red: Hostile Countries (towards Highserk) and war zones

Yellow: Controlled area under the Imperial Army of Highserk

Purple: Demon territory

Light blue: Sea and water

Brown: Neutral countries and Myard

Peach-Skin Colour: Galmud Archipelago

Blue: Republic of Maylis

Green: Aleinard Forest Alliance

The Highserk Empire intended to reclaim their territories by rearming the remnant soldiers with the resources from the Carorolaia mine. While also reusing materials and facilities that had been abandoned during the escape from the breakout. The Imperial Army of Highserk, formed from the reformed Southern Army and the reformed Eastern Army, succeeded in capturing the Imperial City.

The scars the Flame Emperor Dragon left were terrifying. Burning down mountains and valleys as it invaded the human territory, such was the past, now it was turned into a new path.

The Highserk Imperial Army named the path the “Flame Emperor Dragon Corridor”, and planned to use it as a trade route leading to Myard.

The Principality of Myard, which had taken in the remnants of the former Western Army of Highserk, softened their stance toward Highserk as their relationship increased to the positive side, and formed an alliance with the Highserk Empire to counter the growing pressure from the Craist Kingdom.

On the other hand, the Liberitoa Trade Federation and the Craist Kingdom were eating the former territories of Ferrius and Highserk, which had collapsed as a country due to the Great Outbreak. In some areas, entire commercial and agricultural infrastructures were taken, and refugees from Ferrius, Myard, and Highserk were used as human labor.

Both countries wanted to capture Highserk and Myard completely and planned to conquer their territories by making them militarily and economically dependent, since they wanted to avoid costly forceful power suppression. However, after receiving information about the Highserk and Myard alliance, they found that these plans had failed. As a result, Liberitoa and Craist began planning an aggressive military invasion.

Officially, the Liberitoa Trade Federation and the Craist Kingdom were playing out a sort of honeymoon relationship, but in reality, they were competing for hegemony in the northern lands and planning to expand their territories further while checking each other.

And soon, the temporary peaceful period, which was to hit the mark a year and a half, would turn into a period of preparation for conflict.

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  1. Even getting hit with full force break out and The Flame Emperor they still recapture the capital. The Highserk people is indeed strong

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