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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 63

63. Talk with the other group 5

The GW holidays were over.

And soon would be my birthday. This year’s birthday, would be special for me.

For someone like me who attended a co-ed school, it was mandatory to join the MSA when you turned 16.

By the way, the men’s personal information was kept strictly secret.

Perhaps, so the birthday wouldn’t be leaked to the class… No, it must be.

Though, after joining ‘MSA’, everyone would find out, but I wanted to celebrate it quietly, this year.

I wanted to spend the day with Makoto, Yuko, and Rie.

Yeah… I’m looking forward to it.

Class was still difficult for me. Sure, I was taking notes, but I felt like I wouldn’t understand it unless I spent more than twice as much time on it.

Anyway, for now, I had memorized the material up to middle school, so the rest from now on would depend on my efforts.

After school, I resumed the group talk.

“Hmm, it’s rare that those who know each other for a long time are in the same class.”

“I went to a major cram school. After we all told each other how good it was that we passed the exam, we ended up in the same class, which made me happy.”

Said the group leader “Hiromi Kawakami” as she confirmed the surroundings.

Two childhood friends and three people who went to the same cram school got together and formed a group of five. And, they were all students from outside the special ward.

“Come to think of it, Kawakami-san’s family is a farmer, right?”

“So you remember…”

“In your self-introduction, you wrote a lot about your love for rice. That’s pretty unique, so I can’t forget it.”

“……I’m embarrassed. But, I’m happy.”

Kawakami-san blushed.

Kawakami-san was born in a farming family with a large farm in Yokohama City. When she was in middle school, she often helped her parents with their work.

“Nishida-san, it seems that you went to the same cram school as her, so you also go here from Yokohama, every day?”

“No, I’m from Kawasaki City, which is a little closer. The cram school is also in Kawasaki. There’s a special course there for students who aim to get into Itsuki High, and we became friends there.”

So, it must be a famous cram school, that many students from there pass to Itsuki High School every year, I see…

“That reminds me, do you know the criteria for passing or failing this high school?”

When I asked this question, everyone shook their heads.

“At the cram school, they said, “It’s completely unknown. A certain level of academic ability is required, and from there, luck and family background, because many types of people are gathered”.”

“As expected, huh…”

In short, the scope is unlimited, but quality control is possible…

“I was accepted to a girls’ school outside the special ward, but… I’m glad I got accepted here.”

Kawakami-san showed a relieved expression as if remembering that time.

“I see. But, even if it’s a girls’ school outside the special ward, the learning content won’t change, right?”

When I said that, everyone shook their heads.

“Huh? Is that wrong?”

I thought the classes must be the same except there, no boys…?

“The girls’ school outside… they make you study as hard as you can to become independent. So that you can work in the special ward after graduation… and the schools that are close to a special ward, will put even more effort into it.”

“After all, if you can pass the entrance exam of a university in the special ward or get a job in a company there, your reputation and the school’s reputation will increase.”

Come to think of it, in this world, it’s possible to work part-time from middle school. There is no aversion to working from a young age.

There’s no particular atmosphere of graduating from university and getting a job in a company afterward. Even high school graduates seem to choose to find a job…

“But, to live in a special ward is… ah, do you mean going from outside to inside every day……?”

“That’s right. Those who want to go to a university in a special ward, devote themselves to it for three years. And those who want to get a job, analyze the available information and improve themselves.”

What kind of people are needed now, huh?

Spending three years preparing for employment while thinking about what kind of skills they have.

“That’s wow…”

I mean, you’re thinking about that already? Honestly, respect.

“Because… it’s the last chance.”

…Because their lives will be decided from there huh… I see.

“But, I won’t give up!”

Nishida-san raised her voice.

“I can cherish the memory of being in the same class as a man, but I will definitely make use of this opportun…”

Before Nishida-san could finish her words, the others moved, closed her mouth, restrained her body, and pulled her under the chair.

“She’s… a little easy to get worked up… I’m so sorry.”

“No, not at all. I don’t really care.”

After that, Nishida-san calmed down and I listened to the story.

In short, she couldn’t be in the same group as a man this year, but next year and the year after that, she still had a chance. That was her energy to go to the special ward every day.

No one knows where and what kind of encounter you’ll have in your life after all…

Nishida-san’s fierce fighting spirit touched me, so I encouraged her to do her best.

I went home and tried to think about today’s story in my room.

“Everyone’s doing their best in their respective places… No, they’re fighting.”

If I hadn’t listened to her talk, I probably wouldn’t have known her at all for the rest of my life.

In places and at times when I can’t see them, they’re working hard. And…

“… Men… don’t know that.”

I mean, most men wouldn’t be interested in that sort of thing.

And perhaps the women men meet after graduating are elites who have won these invisible competitions.

No, it’s natural that you should have an idea of their struggle.

No need to say much, you should at least understand that.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to not know it all, but… is it really okay?

To not knowing of their efforts?

“……I’m an idiot!”

I don’t even know!

And yet…

I just heard about the girls’ school from Kawakami-san.

I haven’t actually seen it.

I’m talking like I know something about girls’ schools outside the special ward.

But I haven’t actually seen how hard they’ve worked and how they’ve been living their life.

And since it’s a girls’ school, I, a man, will never know…

“It’s the same as other men.”

At first, I wanted to at least make the women around me happy.

The kind family, and the members of the group when I was in middle school who saved me when I was mentally in danger.

That was all, for the women within my reach.

But, as I got to know the women in this world, I wanted to make more women happy.

And, I vaguely knew what to do to make that happen.

But, what I’m thinking right now isn’t what I’ve actually seen with my own eyes.

It’s just the memories of the previous owner of this body, and the stories I heard from the Goddess and my classmates.

“As I thought, I want to actually see it with my own eyes, talk to them, and experience it… hmm?”

…Isn’t there ‘MSA’?

I vaguely remember about it, but I think there were schools as well as companies for the place of service.

Since it’s a school, wouldn’t it be okay to go to a girls’ school?

Or rather, there should only be girls’ schools outside of the special ward, right?

“Well, I should have received the documents about that when I enrolled…”

I flipped through the drawer and took out the documents.

It said that men could choose the place of service they wanted to attend from among the applications submitted. There were specific examples of that, so I looked at them.

Yes, I can definitely go to a girls’ school.

After all, there are only girls’ schools outside the special ward.

There must be some schools that have applied, asking for volunteers.

So, I just have to choose one.

Anyway, I’ve some hope.

I’m glad that I decided to have a talk with the other groups.

But, now, the question is, will I be able to go to a girls’ school with dignity? Isn’t it dangerous?

I mean, it’s a girls’ school, girls’ school. It’s a woman’s garden. To be able to go there… this is bad, I’m so excited.

“…..hmm? Transfer destination? It’s a bank account, isn’t it?”

Since volunteering is treated as a part-time job, it must be a bank account.

Well, let’s get it tomorrow.

“All right, let’s get ready!”

‘MSA’… it must be fun.

I was so excited that I started doing squats.

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