Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 151 part 1

This ch is too long. No choice but to split it into two.

151-1. Chapter 151 (Part 1)

Walm, who had finished cleaning the poor district from the rampaging nasty ones, stopped the bleeding of the stab wound in his palm and headed to the walls of the city gate, where the turmoil still continued.

Dealing with the undead that he sporadically encountered, Walm made his way through the alleys to the main streets, where he encountered a group of people heading to the main streets of the city while maintaining their formation.

Their equipment, which showed no signs of dirt, indicated that they were from the outskirts of the city or reinforcements were rushing in from the border.

The undead, walking through the city with a face saying they had found the next prey, ended up as just another thing piled on the side of the road.

The suppression of the urban areas outside the city walls progressed rapidly.

Walm followed the soldiers into the walls. The soldiers, who had seized the city gates, climbed the towers and ramparts, keeping an eye on the inside and outside from high places.

Wearing a bloodstained armor and a demon mask, these suspicious aspects alone would be enough to prevent Walm from passing the gate.

Walm, prepared to be stopped no matter how much time passed, was never stopped. Quite different from what he had imagined.

As a pleasant disappointment rose within him, Walm turned his attention to the soldiers who had gathered near the city gate.

“Segun’s squad shall clear out the undead that remains in the city. Habat’s squad shall head to the former Royal Castle. The enemy and friendly forces haven’t stopped fighting. Even if their numbers are small now, don’t let your guard down!”

Shouted the 1000-man Commander named “Edoardo”, who was temporarily in command of the Labyrinth facility when Walm saw him earlier. With the chain of command restored and a higher-ranking soldier appearing, he must have been moved to a place closer to the front line.

With some gestures, Edoardo diligently gave orders to the arriving units. Following the command of the 1000-man Commander, each unit proceeded at a fast pace to its assigned location.

“……Hmm, what to do now?”

Should I go help maintain the security of the city or take control of the former royal castle?

Walm pondered what to do next.

However, the tragedy at the ceremony, which Walm tried not to think about, flashed through his mind. The hand that held his halberd naturally gripped the weapon tighter. He took revenge he thought was attainable. Nevertheless, there were still ghosts in the former Royal Castle.

Walm glanced at the assembled forces.

Soldiers of good quality and quantity had gathered, and even adventurers who had been called up in an emergency mingled into the formation. With these combined forces already deployed in various places, it would only be a matter of time before the rest of the enemy would be suppressed.

Walm exhaled to calm himself down. Now that he had time, it was time to face the reality he had escaped.

Even though Merrill’s condition has calmed down, she was poisoned… And Lisi…

Walm was conflicted. He was worried about Merrill, but he wanted to mourn his benefactor properly.

In the end, Walm decided to check Merrill first.

Therefore, Walm headed to the Labyrinth facility. However, the demon mask, as if it hadn’t had enough fun yet, trembled to reject his decision.

“Stop making a fuss.”

After so much tragedy, the mask that asked for more was indeed so demon-like.

Walm was stunned by the mask, but soon he felt the ground shake, and every thought he had about the mask was blown away.

It wasn’t that Walm became abnormal due to the mental strain. Clearly, the ground was shaking.

“It’s shaking!?”

“Stay away from the half-destroyed house! Or you’ll get caught!!”

People in the vicinity also noticed the shaking and shouted to each other to get to safety.

The demon mask began to tremble like crazy. And Walm leaked some curses.

All in all, the demon mask with twisted sensibilities trembling with joy was always an ominous omen.

Walm suddenly sensed that something was wrong with the scenery and looked into the distance.

Mixed in with the swirling dust was an unfamiliar black tower. It wasn’t a building, to be precise, it was a living being. Walm’s eyes, which could see the world well, especially today, captured its true form. There was also a fact that he had fought it once. He could make no mistake.

“……Undead Dragon.”

Walm leaked out the words he managed to squeeze out.

One by one, the people also noticed the dragon. The common soldiers froze with their mouths open, and the adventurers dropped their weapons in fright. The 1000-man commander, barely managing to keep his wits about him, summoned the magical means of communication as his mind slowly broke.

The Undead Dragon made a familiar movement. It was a movement Walm had seen at the bottom of the Labyrinth, but unlike the half-body Undead Dragon, the amount of swirling mana was beyond what he had seen, far exceeded that time.


Walm’s advance warning didn’t mean much. For the only thing the people could do was to go into a building that served as a protective wall and crawl on the ground.

The black flash emitted from the Undead Dragon’s mouth distorted the field of vision, becoming a black line and stretching through the city. The tremendous blow that fell on the city burned the residents along with the house and extended to the horizon.

When Walm witnessed the Flame Emperor Dragon’s Breath at Dandurg Castle, he was perched on the ramparts overlooking his surroundings. He noticed that even if the attack was called the Breath of the Dragon species, it was one or two levels inferior to the breath of the Flame Emperor Dragon, which bore the crown of the emperor, that could destroy mountains. Still, for a small human being, the difference wasn’t that much.

The breath burned down the densely packed houses and pierced through the walls. The ruins were painted black, which made it easy to imagine the fate of those who were on the attack line.

The safe citizens who were hiding in their houses panicked and immediately poured into the streets.

Even if the undead were manageable for the soldier, that couldn’t be said the same as a natural disaster.

The 1000-man Commander shouted at the soldiers who were confused by the flood of information, impatience, and fear.

“CALM DOWN!!! I’m passing you an order from the main castle command center. The northwestern part of the city where the Undead Dragon has manifested is set as the main battlefield, and the citizens should be evacuated to the city outskirts from the east city gate and the south city gate. Regardless of the corps, start attacking the Undead Dragon. All damage to the city and civilians will be tolerated. That’s it…… Don’t put your face down! What’s the purpose of your eyes?! Glare at the enemy! LISTEN!! KILL THE DRAGON, OR WE WON’T HAVE TOMORROOOWW!!!”

Encouraged by their commander, the restless became disciplined soldiers again, albeit with lingering fear. Waves of people fleeing like arachnids were led by soldiers, showing that they hadn’t quite given up hope.

The troops outside the city gate weren’t the only ones who had recovered from the chaos. To prove that, an attack was launched on the undead dragon that had been crawling around on the ground. Various magic attacks lightly scratched the powerful magical barrier, and the arrow hit the scales with an unreliable sound.

The fire point disappeared each time the Undead Dragon swung its limbs, but the next attack began as if it were bubbling up. And when the bubble was poked by the dragon, human lives were taken.

“You should have known, what would happen…”

It was a reckless attack. Still, Walm couldn’t say they were stupid. The intent of the act was painfully conveyed to Walm.

The soldiers of the Archipelago weren’t stupid. They knew that if they were attacked, they’d receive a counterattack that would result in instant death. They also realized that they were acting as bait to attract the Undead Dragon and buy time for the citizens to evacuate and for the troops scattered around the city to get into position.

A soldier, scooped up by the tail together with a building, spewed his viscera out of his mouth as he flew high into the sky.

The chain of tragedies wasn’t over yet. The debris from the houses that landed in the alleys fell on the running refugees.

A blow equal to that of a large stone shattered the densely packed citizens in an instant. They were of low priority to the Undead Dragon, and their lives were snuffed out in the aftermath of the attack, with no clear killing intent against them. Their death had no meaning.

Walm didn’t have time to mourn their death, as fist-sized pebbles rained down from above. He calmly determined the point of impact and tried to dodge, but not everyone could deal with it.

Those who took a defensive posture were excellent. The shields and gauntlets protecting their vital points repelled the pebbles with a dull sound. The problem was those who took on the pebbles without even having time to notice it.

The head of a soldier running beside Walm burst open like a fresh pomegranate, and another nearby soldier fell silently to the ground. They had been invited to the Netherworld and had accepted that invitation even before they could finish their death throes in this world.

“Spread out as you approach! Don’t crowd in one street! Or you’ll be mowed down together for nothing!”

Before approaching the attack range, the 1000-man Commander, who didn’t like how quickly his troops were being worn down, gave a serious order.

When troops were scattered, a concentrated attack was generally difficult. Moreover, it would be difficult to convey orders. Apart from that, the enemy was a moving natural disaster with a huge body that could easily break through walls and a breath comparable to a battalion-scale or regiment-scale concentrated magic attack.

One could say that the 1000-man Commander had made a rational decision.


Those who perceived the sign of the breath concentrated their attacks on the head, but they couldn’t stop it.

The second shot was fired as if to clean one of the dirty main streets. This time, those who had drawn the bad lot were those in three nearby streets. Such a blow that didn’t allow the survival of everything it passed also affected the surroundings of Walm.

Although the power of breath was reduced due to the distance and the shield, the body of the fully armed soldier floated due to the impact and the explosion.

Bricks and dislodged pieces of wood rolled at Walm’s feet as he entrusted himself to the building. There were no fatalities, but many suffered burns and bruises.

Still, the soldiers couldn’t stop. The citizens took less damage while the Undead Dragon targeted them. Someone had to be a decoy. Walm had the same thoughts. He didn’t know if the next breath would be against the Labyrinth facility where the Trimagitack members were. Right. Someone had to be a decoy.

“Don’t guide it to the evacuation site!!”

“Bring it to the side!”

After spitting out the second shot, the Undead Dragon started moving. Its movements were anything but nimble. In addition to being caught in a dense building, the surviving officers and soldiers were also desperately trying to counterattack to disrupt its movements.

Walm understood what they were trying to do. If the Undead Dragon was released outside the city, it would be untouchable due to its huge body and breath attack.

The Undead Dragon was distracted by a human attacking it nearby and changed its course. Although the unit managed to attract its attention, the price was too high. The large claw that swung down crushed the unit along with the building.

Sticky red liquid was dripping from the black claw of the Undead Dragon that was lifted up.

Next to take their duty was the unit directly under Edoardo, with whom Walm was working. It was no coincidence or luck that they had reached the attack area. It was all due to the dedication of their predecessors.

Walm stopped the 1000-man Commander who was about to give an order.

“Oi, wait! I’ll burn the Undead Dragon, and buy some time.”

“What? Are you stupid――”

Edoardo said with a look as if he was looking at a madman. The soldiers accompanying him also became furious, saying not to interfere.

“My 《Demon Fire》 brings blue flames and hot air to a wide area. In fact, I burned the same thing once at the bottom of the labyrinth.”

“The bottom of the labyrinth… A mercenary hired by the Trimagitack, huh? Keep talking.”

Edoardo realized what Walm was saying and urged him to continue.

“The same one at the bottom was only half-body, but still, I couldn’t burn it to death. When it comes to a full-body Undead Dragon… a minute, no, a minute and a half, I’m sure I can buy that much time.”

“Commander, he’s not even a regular adventurer of the guild. How far can you believe him?”

Saying this, one of the accompanying soldiers gave Walm a skeptical look.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 11

11. Failure

Idiots, these girls are idiots.

I, Faust von Polidoro, looked at the Second Princess’s Guard with slight disdain.

A disposal site for the good-for-nothings, prepared for the spare by Queen Rezenlotte.

And they themselves were aware of this.

Though, I didn’t expect them to be any worse than this.

“Listen to what I heard! Those Willendorf, have super big d”ck! Yes, Big! It feels good! It looks good!!”

What an obscene song that was sung by them.

The 15 members of the Second Princess Guard were in a state of high spirits, in stark contrast to the lack of energy they had displayed on the first day of the march.

These people had gotten used to marching in three days.

I thought in the first march of the first campaign, they would be exhausted from leaving their territory for the first time, and their movements would be sluggish until the end.

But, these people had gotten used to marching in just three days.

I didn’t know if they just stumbled at the beginning or if they had somehow gone crazy.

In any case, these people had gotten used to marching.

During the Willendorf campaign, when I went to attack the 50 enemy knights, the 20 veterans of my territory didn’t miss following my ass. Of course, they didn’t fail this time too.

But, these obscene people were getting to the pace of the march in just three days.

That was good.

That was a very good thing indeed.

“All good! Taste? Good! Very good! Good for you! Good for me!”

But, I didn’t expect them to sing such an obscene song.

I was so dumbfounded by this.

Well, singing while marching is still good.

But, why it must be an obscene song?

“Zabine, stop that song, now…”

The Second Princess Valliere muttered in disgust from the bottom of her heart.

Commander Zabine, who was singing at the front, turned around and gave a reply.

“Valliere-sama. Although it’s not a written law, singing while marching is a right given to soldiers from ancient times.”

Zabine answered with a confident face.

Idiot, really idiot.

In the first place, you’re all different from ordinary soldiers.

Even though you are in the lowest rank, a first-generation knight, you’re still a knight with blue blood.

“Ladies, you should be knights before you are soldiers. Anyway, just that… in front of Faust, please stop.”

While Princess Valliere was looking at my expression, she muttered this in sorrow.

And the obscenities stopped, so suddenly.

Did they just remember that there is a male knight here?

“Oh, but Faust. You’re not blushing. I heard you’re not good with sexual harassment.”

Muttered Princess Valliere while looking at my complexion.

Certainly, the world seemed to recognize me as a pure-hearted man who would blush at Duchess Astarte’s sexual harassment.

In reality, Duchess Astarte’s intense body touch―― when her huge breasts were pressed against my body, my excited “son” hit the chastity belt, demanding freedom, and that hurt. So, my face was red trying to calm my “son” down.

In short, there was no reason for blushing when hearing a very obscene song.

“Sexual harassment? Well, that’s unfortunate, sure. But, that’s all I can say about that.”

I said this in all honesty. From the bottom of my heart.

“I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.”

Princess Valliere bowed her head as if ignoring the difference in our position.

No no, the bad one isn’t you.

The bad ones are these idiots.

I heaved a sigh.

“Lord Polidoro, I’m sorry. Then, let me sing another song… how about a heroic song?”

“Let’s stop for now. It’s almost time to reach our destination.”

I stopped Zabine-dono from trying to sing again.

After all, it was almost the destination village.

“The enemy ―― the bandits are roaming around the village and attacking the traveling entertainers and merchants. From this point onwards, they may attack. Everyone, be careful.”

I ordered everyone to be ready for battle.

We were planning to reach the village in less than two hours.

I ordered five squires, including Helga, the Squire Commander, to prepare their crossbows.

These crossbows owned by my territory were of the type where the user would have to pull the string with a pulley widely used in the Kingdom of Anhalt.

All of them were stolen from the enemy’s possession during the military service I did between the ages of 15 and 20.

It was a threat when used by the enemy, but once I tried it, there was nothing more convenient than that.

If the attack hit well, even a knight could be killed in one shot.

Unless the opponent was a superhuman who could knock down a bow and arrow with a sword without a sweat.

In other words, someone like the First Princess Anastasia, Duchess Astarte, and the leader of the enemy, Reckenbell, whom I once defeated.

And me.

“Once the crossbow is ready, we will resume our march towards the village.”

The number of enemies was reportedly 30 bandits.

It was no different from any other military service I had done.

Probably, it would take a lot of time to chase down the escaping bandits’ butts, but it would be an easy task to just kill them.

First, shoot them with the crossbow, then break their noses, and finally cut them all to death. Very simple.

This time, however, it was quite troublesome, as I had to give some credit to the Second Princess Valliere. After all, it was her first campaign. And also, to the bodyguards under her command.

Well, as far as the state of the march, their ability seems to be real.

If it’s just a bunch of bandits, earning a kill score won’t be that hard.

…Should I ask the Second Princess to cut off at least one head of the captured bandits?

That was what I was thinking――to be honest, I let my guard down, perhaps too much.

Anyway, the crossbow was ready and now, we were on the way to the village.

Before reaching it, I let Helga use the “magic glasses”.

Or the so-called binoculars.

For this battle, I purposedly applied to borrow it from the Royal Family.

Soon, she gave a report to me.

“The village, it looks like the village has been devastated. There are also some dead bodies.”


I clicked my tongue and wondered why 100 villagers, under a governor sent by the kingdom, were defeated by at most 30 bandits.

I started looking for the reason in my mind.

Damn it…

Anyway, let’s hurry.

And we can’t let out guard down.

After telling everyone about Helga’s report, I called for increased vigilance.


In a small governor’s mansion in a small village.

Princess Valliere raised her voice.

“The number of bandits exceeds 100 you say!? No, to be precise, there are no bandits at all in the first place, you say!? This is different from the report!”

“I am, truly sorry.”

Princess Valliere screamed. And the governor apologized to the Second Princess Valliere while bowing.

The governor dispatched to the village by the Kingdom had a serious arm injury.

Wait, in the first place, why is the governor still alive?

I let the question out of my mouth.

“Is that true? The village was attacked, and many died. The meager amount of wealth, as well as the men and boys, were all taken away. In this situation, why you, who should have been leading the resistance, are still alive? Considering this, I can’t completely believe what you said.”

“You are?”

“Faust von Polidoro.”

“…you are, that Knight of Wrath?”

I introduced myself briefly.

And continued to interrogate from the side.

“Let me ask you again. Why are you still alive?”

“I’m embarrassed to say this honestly. I was shot through the arm by an enemy with a crossbow, and then when I fell off the horse onto the ground, I hit my head and fainted.”

The governor confessed a shameful event while blushing.

Doesn’t seem like it’s a lie.

When I nodded slightly, Princess Valliere began to ask the governor to continue the story.

“…… So, why is it different from the first report? The first report said there were only 30 bandits. That they were roaming around the village, attacking the traveling entertainers and merchants. That was the reason the village asked for help.”

“After the situation changed, I sent someone again to report. But from what you said――”

“It hasn’t arrived yet when we departed. There must be a big fuss in the royal castle that received the report by now. More importantly, we don’t understand the circumstances. Tell me more.”

Princess Valliere continued to ask questions while holding her head.

To be honest, this was a situation where even I, who was listening to the conversation on the sidelines, would like to hold my head too.

“At first, there were indeed 30 bandits. However, the bandits were absorbed by another force.”

“Absorbed? Another force?”

“There was a family succession dispute in a neighboring town of about 1000 people. The squires, retainers, and citizens shed blood in the dispute.”

It’s only getting worse.

No more, please.

Princess Valliere seemed to be thinking the same as me.

“The result was that the eldest daughter won and the second daughter lost――but in the chaotic situation where the eldest daughter was injured, there was no time to cut the neck of the second daughter. Together with the squires and people who were in her faction, she took as much as she could from the ruler’s mansion and ran away from the city while still armed.”

See, as expected it turned out to be a very unpleasant story.

Even the Second Princess Valliere is frowning.

“Then the second daughter, and her retainers encountered a group of bandits. Apparently, something happened after that―― I’m not sure myself. Anyway, the bandit group was absorbed into their group, and as a result, an army of 100 people was formed, and they attacked this village.”

“……Why do you know so many details?”

“The town ruler’s eldest daughter instructed some people to rush to this village and tell us the situation. Please run away, they said.”

Please run away? Fool!

If only you had killed the second daughter, this situation wouldn’t have happened.

Assemble a chasing force, chase after them, and kill them, can’t you? Fool!

In the first place, how could the people of a small village, who would otherwise end their lives in the village, leave their homes, fields, and all their possessions and escape so easily?

I kept complaining in my mind.

“By the time I noticed it, the army was closing in on the village. To resist, I gathered the villagers, hid the men and boys in the governor’s mansion, and challenged the army――”

“The result, you were defeated, huh?”

The devastation in the village was indeed terrible.

Fresh corpses of women, not yet stopped spreading putrid smells, were everywhere, and several heads lay on the ground like weird children’s toys.

“I am, truly sorry.”

With tears in eyes, the governor was no longer bent on her knees and just prostrated on the ground.

It can’t be helped.

That blue blood――no, it should be called stained blue blood now, is an educated leader who must have been raised with the education to be a knight since she’s a spare. Plus, followed by armed squires, and possibly military-experienced citizens.

In addition, a group of bandits with experience as thieves.

And they even outnumbered this village’s forces.

Even if you lose the battle, there is nothing to blame.

What should be blamed is the cause of letting the second daughter escape.

And the eldest daughter of that town ruler is the one who caused this bad situation.

I’m sure that she’ll be summoned to the royal palace and severely cursed by Her Majesty the Queen.

Even though it’s a small village, it’s still part of the kingdom.

Possibly, the one sitting in that town ruler’s seat may also be in danger.

That aside――

“What should I do? What should I do now? Tell me, Faust.”

Princess Valliere looked at me with pleading eyes.

As the Second Princess’ Counselor. of course, I had to help.

All right, let’s start with the conclusion.

“I predict the enemy’s future actions. First of all, this territory is close to the border of the enemy country, Willendorf.”

“What do you mean?”

“There are 100 enemies and maybe more. Trying to escape to the neighboring country before they’re defeated in the Kingdom of Anhalt.”

“You mean, they’re going to escape to that barbarian country?!!”

A sound of grinding teeth came from Princess Valliere’s mouth.

“What should we do? We don’t have enough troops. Will reinforcements come?”

“Reinforcements will come. They will definitely come.”

Most likely, Duchess Astarte, who currently has 200 regular soldiers of her territory stationed in the royal capital, will come.

No matter how much stained blue blood the enemies may be, they won’t stand a chance.


It takes time to prepare for departure.

Though, I’m sure they’re in a hurry to prepare for it right now.

“But probably the reinforcements won’t arrive in time. While we’re waiting for reinforcements in this village, those stained blue blood people will flee to the territory of the barbarian, Willendorf.”

They’re transporting men and boys, as well as the stolen goods from the ruler’s mansion.

Their movement speed must be slow.

But it’s still faster than our reinforcements coming.

Surely, those stained blue blood bastards will――aaahh, so troublesome.

“Governor, do you know what the second daughter’s name is?”

“Yes, it’s Caroline.”

Caroline, huh?

“It’s faster for Caroline and her forces to flee to the Willendorf territory than for our reinforcements to arrive. That’s the reality.”

“In other words, what should I do?”

Princess Valliere looked me straight in the eye.

It’s really hard to tell you this fact, but I must.

“The first campaign is a failure. With 20 people of mine, 15 members of the Royal Guard, a total of 37 people including me and Valliere-sama, it’s impossible to kill more than 100 people. Please make a decision to give up the pursuit.”

Of course, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that we had no chance of winning, even though I knew it was a fact.

I wouldn’t allow my people to be involved in such an unfavorable war situation and lose their lives either.

Even Princess Valliere probably didn’t want to lose the lives of her elite guards in such a battle.

That was indeed very unfortunate. But, I had to cold-heartedly tell the Second Princess Valliere my thoughts.


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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 64

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64. Regarding Male Service Activities

After school, I went to see my homeroom teacher, Sanae Ichinose.

“I’d like to ask a question about “MSA”.”

“MSA… Come to think of it, right, it’s your birthday soon.”

Apparently, she remembered my birthday.

Though, I couldn’t think she memorized the birthdays of all her students. Probably only Atsushi’s and my birthday. Since the 16th birthdays for male students in co-ed schools were special.

“I know the general stuff. But, I wanted to ask you something a little more specific.”

“That’s a good spirit. But, have you ever seen a pamphlet issued by the Central Office? It has an organization chart on it.”

“No, I’ve never really been interested in that so……”

What did they expect and want from a freshman in high school? Since when had the government become so interested in meddling with high schoolers? Not that I knew of.

Not that I knew anything about organizational charts either.

Anyway, Ichinose-sensei continued.

“There is a Volunteer Bureau in the Central Office, and it manages the MSA for men. One-third of the staff are men, so you can rest assured.”

“Is that so? That’s, surprisingly a lot.”

“Caring for underage males is the most important issue. Even in this school, there are a lot of male teachers.”

“Yes. I’m indebted to PE (Physical Education) teacher, Yoshioka-sensei.”

“Unfortunately, the psychotherapist is a woman, but if you really have some stressful problem, you should talk to her right away.”


I couldn’t help but smile.

Ichinose-sensei was dumbfounded for a moment, then said, “It’s not a laughing matter, though…” in a low voice while looking around, as if to understand the logic behind my smile.

“…Once every few years, there is a male student who becomes mentally unstable and takes a leave of absence. Please keep that in mind.”

“I understand. So, about the MSA…”

“Ah, right. There’s a list prepared by the Volunteer Bureau, and you choose from it, but of course, there are those that can be recommended, and not.”

The list of places to volunteer included “all organizations seeking men volunteers”.

Therefore, there were “proposals that couldn’t be recommended” for immature 16-year-old male students.

To be honest, I was quite interested in this one, but choosing it would be troublesome in many ways.

“So, there’s a list, and you choose from it. Is it only the name on the list? You can’t know much just from that, though…”

“Of course, that’s the case. Most will decide while consulting with the people from the Volunteer Bureau. By the way, the list is updated every month, so this month’s one has already arrived. Would you like to take a look?”

“Is that so? I’m interested, but I’ll talk with my family first, so next time.”

“I see, that’s smart. After choosing a place from the list, the Volunteer Bureau will take care of all the formalities. Adjusting the date and time and communicating with the other side, what to do on the day, basically, everything.”

“Very thorough, I see.”

“There will be a drop-off and pick-up on the day, and they will keep a close eye on the service, so that nothing bad happens… Ah, right, basically you should think that it will be left in photos and videos. But, if it leaks somewhere, including SNS, various penalties will be imposed, so it should probably be fine. You don’t have to worry.”

“A penalty?… I’m sure it depends on the places, and how severe it is.”

The penalties in this world seemed to be pretty severe, such as being prohibited from the special ward, and more.

“About the place of service, if you go to a special place, you’ll be provided uniforms or work clothes. Other than that, it’s a school uniform if the place is a school. Then, is there anything else you would like to ask?”

“At least 10 times a year is mandatory, right? If you have a birthday in the middle of the year, how is that calculated?”

“Actually, it’s calculated 10 times in 10 months excluding August and March.”

“I’ve heard that it’s once a month, so that’s what it means?”

“Since it starts in the month following the month of your birth… in Souya-kun’s case, it will start in June, so six times will be mandatory this year.”

“But I don’t mind increasing it myself.”

“Right, there are some students who want to buy something or something they really want, so there are sometimes students who increase their volunteer. There are also students who put in twice a day since they want to finish it early.”

“So, that part depends on the person, I guess?”

“On the other hand, there are students who do nothing until the very last minute. To the point where they get called by the Volunteer Bureau. Well, I don’t recommend doing it.”

This world was tough on men who didn’t do their duty.

However, when would you be able to get 15,000 yen for just three hours of volunteer activity? How could I refuse such a thing? No way.

“So, about a place of service, but is there a girls’ school?”

“…? Of course.”

“Of course?”

“Well, adolescent women are hungry for men… COUGH!!… I mean, they’re hungry for encounters after all. Just by seeing one on the street, they can spend the day happily.”

Right. It had been a little over a month since I came to this world. I knew it, but sometimes I made mistakes here and there.

If I went to a girls’ school in my original world, there would certainly be a lot of noise there. In a bad way, of course. Maybe they’d even bring a man-catcher.

But because I had such an image for a long time, I couldn’t bring myself to think of it as something natural, even if I was told that a girls’ school wanted me to visit.

“Is that so? I see, the girls’ school is also demanding volunteers huh…”

Damn it, calm down, me!

I couldn’t stop myself from grinning and becoming restless.

“Are you sure you don’t want to see the list?”

“No, I’ll consult with my mother before viewing the list. Thank you very much.”

“If there’s anything you don’t understand, or feel uneasy about, don’t hesitate to ask. And…”

Ichinose-sensei lowered her voice again.

“I’ve heard about what you’ve been doing after class lately. The students from other classes are getting noisy about it, so yeah, the surroundings may be noisy for a while, so be careful.”

“I did it knowingly, so it’s okay. I’m sorry for making you worry about it.”

When I replied with a smile, Ichinose-sensei said nothing more.

At home, I decided to consult with Sis first.

“Nee-san, I know this is my first volunteer, but I’d like to go outside the special ward. What do you think?”

“…Take-kun, are you serious?”

“Of course.”

“Are you serious?”

“That’s right”

Sis replied after thinking for a while with a worried face.

“I’m against it. Compared to the past, Men are much more precious than ever. I know that some still can’t get their mind into it.”

“Just a few decades ago, one out of several dozen men was born.”

“That’s right. From then on, the male birthrate slowly got worse. Those in their 40s and older have different sensibilities than Take-kun’s classmates.”

This was what was often referred to as the “sense of disconnection”. I often heard people say that the old days were better.

It was said that interacting with adults outside the special ward, who couldn’t feel the decrease in men in real-time, was closer to cross-cultural exchange than a generation gap.

“I understand what Nee-san is trying to say, but I want to start from outside the special ward first.”

There was a saying, “starts with one step”, but the people closest to me in class were the people outside the special ward.

Perhaps, it was sympathy, but I felt like my roots were closest to the girls who still lived outside.

“Take-kun, you’ve changed.”

“I don’t think so?”

“I’m against it, but I think it’s fine to do what Take-kun thinks. Take-kun is trying to change, but as an older sister, I can’t stop you and force you to stay the same forever.”

“Thank you, Nee-san. I’ll talk to Mom, too.”

“That’s good… Also, those who came to the BBQ the other day, and those whom you gave a “Free Hug Ticket”. Why don’t you talk it to them too?”

“I see, that might be a good idea. All right, I’ll talk to them.”

Makoto is empathetic and Yuuko always gives good advice. Rie… she gives a viewpoint from an angle that even I wouldn’t have thought of…

I returned to my room and started up the kite messenger that I use for contacting them.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 150

150. Chapter 150 – Rebirth

The Borgia family, which captured Belgana, the Labyrinth City, in the Unification War, destroyed the castle that was the symbol of the former ruler. Moats and earthworks were removed, and walls and most of the defensive facilities were moved to the new headquarters of the Borgia family. At the end of the destruction of the castle, only warehouses and barracks were left, no vestiges of power.

Though, the old royal castle, which was once the castle of the Gundor family, still functioned as a reserve command center and gathering place for troops.

Had the Borgia Family continued to use the castle without relocating, they might have noticed the large space that was quietly dormant underground. The room converted into a warehouse and the entrance hidden under the stone slabs of the floor hadn’t been noticed by the officials of the Archipelago until today.

Contrary to the diminutive entrance, the passage leading underground was deep, and at the bottom was a large space of a natural cavity. Now, in the center of it stood King Eisenbagh van Gundor, who was called “Old Man” by his minions.

Without participating in the battle, information from spies lurking in various places was transmitted through the installed communication magic tool.

The attack was systematically suppressed by Belgana’s garrisons and the adventurers of the Archipelago, who had recovered from the chaos. The base in the Suderin district fell with the death of Giesel, a descendant of a citizen of the Labyrinth City, before falling into the hands of the Borgia family. Fausto, a vassal since the time of the Unification War, had also died, but after his death, he let out the demon that dwelled within him.

“Even after dying once, you are still going to fulfill your role, huh?”

Gundor ordered Fausto and his subordinates to buy time. Their mission was to control the gate closest to the old royal castle, hold off the reinforcements as long as possible, and delay the counterattack. And they did their job admirably.

“We, will go first. We will be waiting for you in the underworld first.”

Said a vassal with whom Gundor was working together.

Although the undead had been released throughout the city and the key points raided, the Labyrinth City alone had a force stationed there worthy of a small country. In an organized counterattack, the undead would be annihilated by the difference in quality and quantity of personnel. In fact, such a thing happened once in the Unification War.

“Even though, I have lost my country and most of the people, you all have served me well for a century. I too, will soon follow. After I unleash the result of our efforts.”

The vassals who had been working under Gundor for 100 years ran up the stairs to join the battle on the ground. Out there, constant battles were raging on.

Sensing this, Gundor thought that it sure still took him a long time to proceed with the plan, even after reaching this place.

“Soon everything will be over. No, I would end it.”

When people were driven into an inferior position, they would rely on clever schemes and cling to anything. The old Gundor was one of them.

As the history of defeat showed, the quick fix didn’t work when it was needed. Time and patience were needed.

“A hundred years to move this guy. A hundred years too late.”

Gundor was able to prolong his life by using diluted crimson grass and necromancy, just like the demonized unit. That said, his body, which couldn’t consume the crimson grass completely, would surely erode, and this could be seen by looking at his current appearance. In this long life of his, he even lost consciousness to madness, causing him to crush every soldier of the Archipelago he encountered. And this happened more than once or twice.

“Still, I made it in time this time.”

Gundor crushed the bound and preserved corpses that he had been accumulating for a long time. The skeletal frame in front of him, he filled with the material carried by the magic bag. During the long reign of the Gundor Family, dating back to before the Unification War, the sacrifices of countless warriors and relatives brought back from the Labyrinth, were enough to do what he was about to do.

The hustle and bustle was closing in. Its true identity was the sound of battle between Belgana’s and Gundor’s forces. The soldiers were already trying to recapture the old royal castle.

At the entrance to the underground, the vassals use themselves as shields to buy time.

One of the threats right now was the mercenary, who was a remnant of the ruined northern country. He was truly troublesome. At the Carorolaia Mine, he annihilated the mercenary group made up of the descendants of the people under Gundor, reducing the total number of valuable undead in the city. He even killed Fausto, Giesel, and Giusto. Still, Gundor’s long-cherished wish was about to be fulfilled.

“It’s time, for the finishing touches.”

Gundor threw the torch into a groove carved into the floor.

When the black water-filled ditch ignited, flames spread through the darkness, revealing patterns of hexagrams and bizarre letters.

“Giesel, that brat, really prepared the stage perfectly huh…… He too, couldn’t make it, huh? Well now, the preparations for the main show are finished. The performer and the audience are already waiting. I’m sure, the people of the Archipelago will like it.”

Gundor pulled out a dagger and thrust it into his chest, which was as thin as a dead tree. With all his might, he cut open his sternum and ribs and thrust his right hand into his chest. He pushed aside the shattered bones, grabbed and held his beating heart, and pulled it out without hesitation.

Quickly, Gundor lifted the object. Having lost his heart, Gundor’s flesh began to melt, and he wrapped himself and his skin in what was once human.

After the head became nothing but bone, the eyes glowed suspiciously. “Lich,” that was the figure into which the gifted necromancer had transformed after a century of study, after having acquired a crimson grass in the past.

Gundor, who was transforming into an undead, holding up his still beating heart, wailed in a voice that sounded like glass rubbing together.

“All of my body, shall be the offering!! Show the world your majestic figure and let them know your power!! FILL THIS ABOMINABLE BELGANA WITH DEEEAATTHH!!!”

The pattern flickered as if to answer. The thing, which had no substance and was all bone, began to move, pumping up the mana flowing through the Dragon Vein. Soon it opened its jaws and crushed Gundor the Lich. Seeking more life, it broke through the narrow underground cavity and exposed its body to the sun. Awakened from the Netherworld, it roared high into the sky to signal its rebirth.

Having inherited the command, Trio put his heart and soul into fulfilling his duty. One by one, he removed pieces imitating enemies from the map with details of the city.

The command post set up in the main castle resumed its command function and no the gathered forces were sweeping the enemy out of the city.

The Ghost Knight that appeared at the city gate claimed many victims, but it was killed mainly by the group sent by the Forest Alliance. The main force of the enemy was now only in the vicinity of the former royal castle, which was used by the Gundor family in the past.

Reinforcements were also arriving from the surrounding areas. No one in the command post said anything, but many were there already. The biggest concern was the Republic of Maylis, which was hiding behind the ghosts of the previous era. Under the pretext of pre-planned exercises, they sent troops near the border. That they did so at the same time as the turmoil was too much of a coincidence, however. Though, the army was silent.

Were they comfortable fanning the flames of revenge in the remnants of their old alliance, but they didn’t want to misjudge the city’s defenses and therefore remain immobile? For Trio, there was no conclusion to this question.

“Trio-sama, there is news from the former Royal Castle of Gundor. It seems that most of the facilities have been successfully recaptured.”

Rushing to the command post, the generals and soldiers let out exclamatory voices.

Trio was about to agree, but he caught something from the correspondent’s words.

“You said “most”? But where is the leftover place?”

“It’s the reserve warehouse. They stubbornly kept resisting there.”

Trio searched his memory for clues.

The outer walls of the warehouse were thick to prevent theft, and the stone walls were enough to reflect some magic. The entrance was limited, and it wasn’t a bad place for defense.

Still, for a place to be used for defense, the castle tower, the flanking tower, and the corners of the walls should be better. Reinforcements from the Republic would also be more satisfied with it. So why the warehouse? Even Trio wondered.

“Due to the destruction of the castle, the former royal castle itself no longer exists. The warehouse has been used since the time of the capture. Are they going to end their lives in a place where their history remains?……. Those who have been hiding for a century?”

Trio was feeling uneasy.

The soldiers on the scene were doing their best. No matter how much he shouted over the communication magic tool, the result wouldn’t change. He understood that.

While leaving the information in the corner of his mind, Trio’s consciousness shifted to confirm the damage and aftermath.

Shortly, another report followed.

“We took control of the warehouse, but found a passage to the underground. Some of the dead soldiers are blocking the passage, and it’s currently unknown where it leads to.”

“Is it one of the passages where the undead have appeared?”

Undead emerged in the city from underground bunkers and corridors that were probably built during the Unification War. It wouldn’t be surprising if one of them remained on the site of the former royal castle.

“The remnants of the remnants, are so troublesome. Never let them escape!”

Trio strengthened his voice and ordered his soldiers. After all, such strong resistance could mean that it was quite possible that the mastermind was escaping from underground.

While waiting for the result of the pursuit, Trio noticed that the water inside a cup was shaking slightly. Far from subsiding, the ripples were getting stronger.

“Wha-What is it?”

“It’s shaking!?”

Amid the turmoil of the soldiers, Trio connected the tremors with the remnants who were in the underground.

“They didn’t run away. Those bastards, what were they doing underground?”

Trio asked himself this question, but he quickly covered his ears as a roar shook the castle at the same time. The glass of the lattice windows was shattered as if by an explosion.

Swiftly, the soldiers gathered to protect Trio.


“I’m okay. Rather than that, the sound just now is――”

Trio, looking far away from the window, was speechless. Even when he was told about the death of his family, his arms trembled as he endured. Now the primordial fear of human beings swelled up within him.

Squeezing his voice, Trio said the name of what was in his field of vision.

“Un… Undead Dragon.”

A dragon species, that could be called a living natural disaster, among them, this one also called the Lord of the Great Labyrinth.

The Undead Dragon that had never interacted with this world, had descended into the Labyrinth City.

“Bastard, is this your aim, HAAAHHH?!”

With a careless step, the house collapsed and the tail mowed down the soldier. Suddenly, the Undead Dragon raised its neck, aimed somewhere at the city, and opened its jaws to expose its uneven fangs. The atmosphere and ground were permeated with ominous mana that slowly condensed. The people gathered at the command post could only watch this happen while holding their breath.

In a city where hundreds of thousands of people lived their lives, “Dragon Breath” was released.


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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 10

10. The First Campaign’s Ceremony

“That girl, seems to have prepared her heart for the first campaign.”

After removing her lips from the cup of tea, Rezenlotte told this.

Right now, two people sat facing each other, separated by the garden table in the garden of the royal palace.
In front of her sat her first daughter, Anastasia.

Anastasia was also drinking tea and staring at her mother with her usual snake-like eyes.

“Where did you get that conclusion from? Mother.”

“It was from Valliere herself. The other day, I talked to her before leaving. And I felt that from her.”

Putting her mouth on the cup again, Rezenlotte took a sip.

Then, she opened her mouth again.

“Our conversation, was spread by the boy attendants, and it has become a topic of conversation among the court nobles. “Does the First Princess Anastasia even care in the least for her sister?”, they said.”

“How rude. Of course, I am.”

Said Anastasia with her usual brazen attitude.

“Although, I don’t know why I have these feelings. But I hate that girl.”


It was rare for Anastasia to speak frankly about her feelings, her likes and dislikes.

Perhaps today she was a little emotional.

“When we were young, she was always frightened by me and always hid in Father’s shadow. Even after Father passed away, she always looked at my face strangely… Right, so let me say this. I hate her.”

Rezenlotte’s second daughter, Valliere, grew up to be an ordinary person.

It was as if Anastasia, who was born earlier, had left no talent for her sister.

When Valliere was 10 years old, Rezenlotte gave up on her to be in line for the throne, because she was no longer suited for it; even calling her a spare was too much.

In case something happened to Anastasia―― in other words, if she died, Rezenlotte planned to let Duchess Astarte, the third heir to the throne, inherit the position of Queen of the Kingdom of Anhalt.

Now that Anastasia had turned 16, this only caused Rezenlotte unnecessary worries.

“Come to think of it, that girl used to crawl into my bed when she was little. How nostalgic. She would sleep while clinging to him…”

Thanks to that, since the birth of that child, my nighttime activities with him decreased a little.

――Now, I resent her a little.

Of course, had he not been poisoned, there would have been no resentment.

…And yet, the culprit has yet to be found.

No matter what, I can’t give up, but the investigation also requires personnel and money.

……Is it time to give up?

Rezenlotte heaved a melancholy sigh.

Then she opened her mouth again.

“You, really hate Valliere, don’t you?”

At that, Anastasia gave an answer after a short silence.

“……I don’t want her to die. After all, she’s still my biological sister from the same father.”

Anastasia seemed to have mixed feelings.

Was it because of her loyalty to her father who loved Valliere, or was it familial love for her sister?

Rezenlotte didn’t know it either.

Though, she didn’t think of not understanding this as pathetic.

Before she was a mother, she was Queen Rezenlotte of the Kingdom of Anhalt, an elector. Emotions could be a real hindrance for her, the Queen.

As a ruler, what I need as a ruler isn’t emotion.

Rather, being too emotional could sometimes even be a hindrance.

…Valliere’s abilities are mediocre, but more than that, she’s too empathetic. So, I don’t think it’s bad to dismiss her as a spare.

……If I make a mistake in judgment, it is a betrayal to my subjects.

Someone in my position must be infinitely stronger and smarter than anyone else.

…Well, that’s fine.

Let’s change the topic a little.

It’s about the future of this country after all.

“……Bard. It was good to have the bard guild sing Anastasia for strategy and Astarte for military power. With this, the order will be naturally decided.”

“That, so that was Mother’s doing?”

Rezenlotte made the bard guild hold the money and made them sing this.

First Princess Anastasia should be the future leader of the nation, and Duchess Astarte should be her hands and feet.

Judging from the abilities each of them possessed, that was the correct order.

So, in this way, Rezenlotte guided public opinion.

In truth, in the Kingdom of Anhalt, instead of having no Second Princess faction, there used to be the Duchess faction.

Rather than the First Princess Anastasia, Duchess Astarte should be the Queen, said the local rulers who were indebted to the Duchess’s strong standing army.

A faction that certainly existed before the Willendorf campaign.

Now, it no longer existed.

After the Willendorf campaign, it was completely absorbed into the First Princess faction.

It was strongly influenced by the fact that Duchess Astarte herself didn’t want to take the throne.

……If Valliere were to take the throne, I’m sure――

“Hey, Anastasia. If Valliere were to take the throne instead of you, do you think Astarte would obey?”

“I don’t think so. If she ever, probably because it’s for the sake of the country and her territory. If she found it annoying, even though reluctant, she would usurp the throne. I don’t think Valliere would even be a match for her.”

…That’s right.

Rezenlotte’s thoughts were affirmed by Anastasia, and she was convinced that her judgment wasn’t wrong.

To put it bluntly, Duchess Astarte even looked down on Valliere. After all, she hated mediocrity.

Nevertheless, even Rezenlotte couldn’t understand how Duchess Astarte could stand by someone who, like Faust of Polidoro, possessed a radiant talent without a hint of jealousy.

In fact, Duchess Astarte had long been fond of Anastasia, with whom she should be competing for the throne.

She had even asked to become the First Princess’s counselor herself.

In short, she was a free person. If someone had to describe Duchess Astarte in one word, they would say this.

…She lives freely as she pleases, even if she is a little out of rank and ties.

I envy her a little.

Sometimes I would like to be free too.

――Faust von Polidoro.

Sometimes I even get the illusion that he’s the reincarnation of my late husband.

Even when Valliere brought Faust to the royal palace, to tell me that she had found a counselor. I had this illusion.

Considering my age, I shouldn’t be like this, but…

… I want.

That man, I want him. Just that.


Rezenlotte drank the cold tea until there was nothing left.

It calmed her restless head.

…I can’t have him.

My daughter, Anastasia, is obsessed with that man.

……Did she see the shadow of my late husband in the same way I did, or did she genuinely love him?

…No, there’s no reason to know that.


Rezenlotte called her daughter’s name.


In response, Anastasia looked at her mother with her snake-like eyes.

“When Valliere returns from her first campaign ――I will decide when to hand over the throne to you. Pobably, it’ll be at the same time as when you get a husband. The one you want is… Faust von Polidoro? You know I can’t accept him as your official husband, don’t you?”

“Yes. I have given up on making him my official husband. And, looks like I’ll have to share him with Astarte.”

Anastasia took Rezenlotte’s words as if it were a matter of course.


“In the end, no one came to see me off, huh…”

Valliere’s sister, Anastasia―― When the First Princess Anastasia departed for her first campaign, the citizens were almost overflowing to see off the First Princess and the guards who followed her.

This time, it did not happen.

It was as if Valliere had secretly left the royal capital for her first campaign, as if she was hiding from the public.

…Well, it’s different from the war against the barbarian from Willendorf.

There’s no way people would see me off.

I’m just going to exterminate bandits.

And all 15 members of my bodyguard were abandoned by their families. So, no family visits either.

It’s only natural that there is no one who came to see-off, at all. Right, it’s natural…

“Did you have a conversation with Queen Rezenlotte before the departure? Ah, I’ve also heard the First Princess Anastasia, gave you some lessons for the preparation.”

As if to comfort Valliere, Faust, who was nearby, said this to her.

The conversation she had with her mother was just a regular conversation.

She hadn’t received a single encouragement for the first campaign.

Older Sister? ―― To be honest, Valliere didn’t really know how to summarize it.

The conversation they had was too brief.

In the end, the conversation was cut off as if her older sister had grown tired of talking.

But, in any case, she didn’t want to disappoint Faust.

“Yeah, That’s right.”

Valliere put a smile on her face, quite contrary to her heart.

However, even though she felt that way, she couldn’t help but complain about Zabine.

“How can you be slower than Lord Polidoro’s people, Zabine!”

“The equipment is heavy! Especially the chainmail!”

“If it’s chainmail, Lord Polidoro’s squires are also equipped with it!”

The excuse of Zabine, the captain of Valliere’s bodyguard, was cut off and thrown away.

Slow, so slow!!

Zabine and the rest of the bodyguards were laying on the ground as they were currently taking an unscheduled break.

All of you…

Inside your brain are only muscles and more muscles, right?

What happened to your usual spirits?

Wait… If you take the energy out of chimpanzees, there will be nothing left.


Only nothing is there…

“Marching, is something you get used to. It’s also their first time, after all, getting tired isn’t that unusual. Don’t worry, I’m sure they will get used to this soon.”

Faust’s squire commander, Helga, said this to comfort Valliere.


So pathetic.

Valliere’s face was about to turn bright red.

“Well, it’s the first campaign.”

Faust’s comforting words sounded empty.

Even if the man who cut down 20 people in his first campaign said so, it would be no comfort to Valliere.

Hah, seriously.

That said, Valliere was also slightly tired while riding the horse.

It was the first time in her life that she left the royal capital.

What made it so stressful and tiring?

Well, in her mind,

Would there be bandits lurking in the tall trees along the way?

Would a stray bear suddenly attack?

Right. That was all she could think about.

She was a coward, by nature.

Ever since she was a child, she couldn’t even face that terrifying older sister of hers.

She always hid in her father’s shadow and grabbed the hem of his pants to avoid her older sister’s gaze.

… Huff, Father… I miss you.

Then, Valliere looked at Faust’s face.

“……? Valliere-sama?”

Faust raised a questioning voice.

Valliere ignored his words and just, kept staring at his face.

So soothing…

Faust’s face reminded Valliere of her father and it calmed her down.

Reminded her of her forever lost childhood.

――A childhood, which was lost forever with the poisoning of her father.


I wonder why my father died.


Who was the one who killed him?

He was loved by everyone.

Even among the court nobles, well, there were those who ridiculed his appearance, but deep down they were fine with him.

So, why?

The culprit and the cause, which couldn’t be found even if Mother, the Queen of the kingdom went insane, couldn’t be found no matter how many personnel or how much the cost has been spent.

I’m also very disappointed with it.

But, anyway, if I meet the killer— even I can become a demon.

I think so.

I could then rip off a piece of this timid skin. This helpless, timid thin skin that has been stuck with me since little.

“…Valliere-sama, what’s wrong?”

Hearing Faust’s words, Valliere regained her composure.

Well, there’s nothing I can do.

I’ve already given up.

And soon, even Mother will call off the search for the culprit.

If she has calmed down, she’ll surely do that.

Even an ordinary person like me could understand that much.

“…Nothing. Nothing, Faust.”

The world won’t move as you wish.

I’ve known it since I was born.

Right. An ordinary person like me, who’s been ridiculed by the court nobles for having no talents, should have known it since born in this world.

But still, before I die, I want to peel off this timid thin skin that sticks to me, even just once.

――If this first campaign goes well, I wonder if it can be peeled off.

While thinking about such things, Vallière quietly closed her eyes to give her body some rest.


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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 149

149. Chapter 149

Within a short period, the Labyrinth City had changed. And this affected the people within it.

One of them was Peyrouse, who resolutely and without warning let out a sigh of exhaustion, as if had just come out from a sludge.

Exploring the Labyrinth would either require the challenger to stay overnight or engage in battle all day and all night. Not that Peyrouse was trying to be tough, but he was confident he could get around for a day if he had some ingenuity.

Now, this thought was crumbling. Although Peyrouse had only been in battle for about an hour, his legs were as heavy as if they were trapped in a swamp, and his arms were tried as if no more blood flowing.

In his hand was the sticky, blood-stained sword that shook for its existence after killing many. The ghouls that Peyrouse had just killed were now littering the paved streets, already filled with corpses.

Ghouls were monsters that Peyrouse had combat experience with, having encountered them in the Labyrinth. But, just changing their face into familiar ones, was enough to make his body freeze with tension and hinder his thoughts.

From the adventurers whom Peyrouse greeted when they passed each other, even the old man who tried hard to scold him in a hoarse voice turned into an undead and attacked him.

Reality indeed was tough. There was no time for Peyrouse to mourn. He had to swing his sword to survive.

Even now, another one was approaching Peyrouse. He swung his sword from below, cutting the protruding arm from the elbow joint.

The thing that was the innkeeper until not long ago continued to roar.

Peyrouse lowered his head and the shortened arm passed him without touching him. As the attack was useless, the ghoul tried to use its back.

Peyrouse spun around on one leg and swung his sword horizontally. His blade penetrated the ghoul’s neck, severing the spinal cord and causing the ghoul to stumble and fall.

Without any delay, the next undead joined in. This time the undead was troublesome, for it was someone who had been an adventurer while alive.

The undead tried to attack with pressure. But Peyrouse intercepted the attack with his sword, and at about the same time, two spears coming from the left and right sides impaled the undead. They were the spears of his party members, Leake and Matthio.

“I’m holding it!!”

“Kill it now!”

The undead, which had wedges called spearheads driven into its armpits and neck, shook violently and hit the handle with a sword to free itself from the iron restraint.

Before Peyrouse could cut in, Donna had swung her Warhammer down. While drawing an arc, the hammer head pressed the undead’s head.

Donna, who had just killed the undead, didn’t take her eyes off the immobile corpse.

Peyrouse shook Donna’s shoulders, as he looked at her.

“Well done, Donna. Thank you.”

Peyrouse’s comrades, younger than he, were unprepared for the sudden turmoil, and their spirits were shaken. So, what he did was the greatest consideration that the inexperienced him made on the battlefield of which he himself was unsure of what to do.

“Now, we’ve cleaned up this area as well.”

After being summoned to the facility attached to the Labyrinth, Peyrouse’s Party was ordered to secure the city gate together with the garrison and the adventurers. At first, the total number of undead was far below the reported number, and the armed forces that had taken the city gate were nowhere to be seen. There was a fear of ambushes and traps, but in the end, it ended in vain.

Shortly after cleaning the area, a whistle sounded to announce the meeting.

Peyrouse returned to the meeting point while looking at the ruined shops and houses that had collapsed from the inside. Looking around, the size of the corps was one size smaller. His party returned unharmed, but not everyone was safe.

Biting his cheek and shifting his mind, Peyrouse took his companions to meet the commander, the 100-man commander. He must report information about the area his party was responsible. Fortunately, he soon found the commander.

Accompanied by several soldiers, the commander was staring at the ground. Looking at the corpse under their feet, Peyrouse leaked a throaty voice.


A former instructor of the adventurer’s guild. A bounty had been placed on him after it became known that he was a manhunt. But now his body lay helplessly on the ground. His throat had been slit, and his torso was covered with slashes. Parts of his limbs were burned and charred. It is possible that he was also involved in this incident. He was a great sinner who had betrayed the Labyrinth City, a person to be detested.

This might be true, but Peyrouse couldn’t bring himself to hate Fausto completely. He remembered how he had been thrown over by the training he had received from Fausto during his beginner days. Though, the basics of swordsmanship and movement that he acquired were largely derived from Fausto.

Feeling unbearable, Peyrouse simply stood still. Meanwhile, the 100-man commander began to despise the dead.

“He was among the raiders. The remnants of the musty Family of Gundor. And these kinds of ghosts, left behind in time, are ruining the city!”

The 100-man commander spat and kicked the corpse. No one stooped it, but no one followed either.

Peyrouse could do nothing but watch.

“After the attack is suppressed, this body will be exposed. Don’t destroy its face, it’s for an example!! Soon, this madness will come to an end soon. Reinforcements from the border have arrived. We will join the suppression of the former royal castle. And we shall eliminate the enemy!! LET’S GOOO!!!”

The 100-man commander fired up the soldiers and adventurers to boost morale as he gave the next orders.

While Peyrouse listened, he felt something pulling his hair from behind. When he looked behind, he saw that the eyes of the corpse were giving him a look. He even felt that the burned fingers of the corpse had moved slightly.

“O-oi, didn’t it just move?”

Peyrouse, who was shaken and at a loss for words, couldn’t convey his intentions correctly. Leake asked for an explanation of the content.

“Eh? What?”

“The corpse, Fausto…”

Peyrouse rubbed his eyelids, suspecting that he had made a mistake due to fatigue. When he opened his eyes again, the dead man was standing up.

Even Leake and Donna on either side of him forgot to breathe in shock.


The 100-man commander swung his sword simultaneously with Peyrouse’s ghastly scream.

It was a really sharp move, but the charred arm reached out sharply and grabbed the commander’s neck, crushing it like candy.

The supposedly dead man… roared.

“It, tiz, notz, over, YEEETT!!!”

His whole body was burned and partially charred, and the severed neck had lost its grip and was bent. If he was a human, there was no way he would have been still alive.

As the other soldiers who were in the commotion rushed to Fausto, Fausto’s skin cracked as if he was shedding, and a dark substance emerged from inside.

One of the soldiers guessed what it was.

“I-it’s a “Ghost Knight”!!”

Undead-ized after death. Among the undead superior species, the Ghost Knight was said to be a particularly troublesome existence. A monster that was said to be strongly retained the skills when still alive.

The spear integrated into the Ghost Knight’s arm swung casually. The soldier’s upper body, approaching with a sword, was obliterated.

“NOOOO, ti, me, fo, break. Train, in, timz. Show, mewhat, yugotz. Ad, ben, TURRRREEeeEEERR!!!”

Raising a voice that was already difficult to comprehend, the Ghost Knight roared.

A soldier saw an opening and thrust a spear from behind, and one of the adventurers thrust a sword from the side. The Ghost Knight, which was as if it had an extra glossy armor, moved its arm.

For a moment, a black line was visible. Its true identity was a spear.

The soldier was hurled into the sky like nothing, and the adventurer’s chest was pierced.

In the face of such a torrent of overwhelming power, Peyrouse’s face tensed.

Soldiers and adventurers who make a living doing rough things were being trampled like ants. The intertwined spear was broken one-sidedly, and the arrow was knocked down in the air.

Peyrouse, who was nearby, couldn’t be uninvolved, of course.

Again, a soldier was crucified on the ground in front of him with a downward swing of the spear. Peyrouse was speechless, but he immediately lowered his hips and held his sword firmly above his head. In a short time, a dull pain ran through his entire body. The tip of the spear, which was supposed to hit his head, grazed him above the head. His hands went numb from the impact, and his sword flew uncontrollably to the back.

“I won’t let you!”

“Peyrouse, hurry up—!”

His party members were approaching with weapons to protect him, but the Ghost Knight didn’t retreat.

Peyrouse called out to his companions.

“No. Get back!!”

A black line approached. The Ghost Knight’s Black Spear was swung hard sideways, allowing no parry.

Peyrouse folded his arms and stood proudly, hoping that at least he would be a shield for his companions, but the expected shock didn’t come. Instead, what he received was the roaring sound of iron clad in mana clashing with each other. The axe parried the spear that didn’t know when to stop.

“Kah, it hurts, damn it!! What the hell is this monster?!!”

A thick, drunken voice sounded nearby.

The dwarves, who were the main force of the groups dispatched to the Labyrinth by the Forest Alliance, one of the three major countries, saved Peyrouse and his party.

“That spear and smell… it’s Fausto!!”

The only beastman in the dwarves’ party told the dwarves the true identity of the monster.

“Hmph, I can tell just by looking at the movement!!”

“I don’t know what kind of wicked will you had, but was it enough to make you fall down to the level of a monster?”

The Ghost Knight took a familiar stance. When Faust was still an instructor, he once showed a serious stance toward the extortionist Leake. His appearance might have changed, but Peyrouse’s judgment couldn’t be a mistake.

“It, doesn’t look like you’ve become an idiot, who can only swing a stick at random.”

“Haha, a worthy opponent finally.”

Some dwarves rolled their thick shoulders like rocks, while others clapped their palms and fists.

“Get ready. It’s a ghost knight hunt!”

Shouted the dwarf who thrust up an axe wrapped in mana and shook his beard.

The Ghost Knight responded by swinging its spear.

Announcing a deadly battle, the second act of the opening began.

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Teisou Gyakuten Sekai no Doutei Henkyou Ryoushu Kishi ch 9

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9. Preparation for the first campaign

“It was useless after all!”

Screamed Zabine, the commander of the Second Princess Guard, disappointed.

One of her subordinates replied.

“Well, as expected.”

It was an acceptable answer.

Even if, Valliere-sama agreed, there’s no way the finance bureaucrats will pass the annual fee for a reason like, “the cost of going to the brothel”.

From the beginning, I’ve never thought it to be accepted.

But, what didn’t stop me from trying was a glimmer of hope that… maybe, perhaps…

…The hope of 18-year-old virgins.

I just gambled on that chance.

……Is it a sin?

“But, at the very least, I heard good things. Or should I say I remembered about it? Anyway, Lord Polidoro!” [TN: changed from Polydro -> Polidoro]

“Lord Polidoro?”

The counselor of the Second Princess.

From what Zabine had heard, the counselor, was the man who claimed the greatest achievement in the Willendorf campaign.

A man who, with his bravery, turned the battle situation around when even Duchess Astarte could think of no way out.

And in this country, he was the only male knight.

“What about Lord Polidoro?”

“You all, don’t get it, huh? It’s Lord Polidoro, the holy virgin, the frontier lord, the male knight.”


No one knew what to say.

In this cheap bar frequented by the Second Princess Guard, today, all 15 of them were present.

All had the thought to drink at least some liquor before the first campaign, so each of them rummaged in the bottom of their wallets, exchanged the collected copper coins for silver coins, and bought a barrel of liquor.

Therefore, now, this cheap bar was occupied by these 15 people.

“In this Kingdom of Anhalt, maybe, he’s perhaps the strongest knight, you know.”

“I know.”

They had heard enough, no, more than enough heroic songs about the counselor sung by the bards.

During the Willendorf campaign, the young Duchess Astarte made the only tactical blunder against Willendorf.

The temporary base at the rear collapsed.

More specifically, the base of the First Princess Anastasia, the strategic base, was discovered by the barbarian scouts, and 30 elites then quietly infiltrated the base.

Due to this, the communication――the magic crystal ball temporarily interrupted.

Only the sound of sword fighting and the screams of the dying resounded from the crystal ball.

The turmoil was transmitted to the standing soldiers under her command, leading them to think that First Princess Anastasia had been killed, causing a morale collapse and chaos in the unit.

Taking advantage of the turmoil, a large number of Willendorf soldiers surrounded the army under her command.

In the midst of this situation, Lord Polidoro, the only one who understood the situation, led a small group of 20 people in a rush to stop the 50 knights in order to escape from a complete disaster.

With his sword, he mowed down every common soldier who blocked his way, defeated 9 knights, and killed the commander of the barbarian front line— called “Reckenbell” in a one-on-one battle, and politely left the scene after defeating her.

With the words, “She was a strong woman. I’ll never forget this battle for the rest of my life.”, and with a face dyed red in anger, he ignored the frozen enemy soldier and returned to the base.

A battlefield where the commander of the frontline had fallen and the barbarians were temporarily stiff and stagnant. That was the result of his doing.

In the meantime, communication with First Princess Anastasia, who repelled the enemy at the base, was restored, and the regular soldiers under the command of Duchess Astarte regained their morale.

A man who overturned an absolutely unfavorable battle situation with his bravery.

Of course, such a heroic story would be sung about by many.

In the first place, being a male knight alone was already too great of a subject for a bard.

“But Lord Polidoro is two meters tall, muscular and beefy, isn’t he?”

One of them opened her mouth.

Her words indicated, that he wasn’t to her taste.

“But, Duchess Astarte claims that his ass is the highest peak of quality. Don’t you get it? When it comes to men, the important thing is their ass, their ass.”

Another one opened her mouth.

Her words indicated, that she belonged to the “ass faction”.

That being said, Duchess Astarte couldn’t suppress her desire, and actually rubbed Lord Polidoro’s ass, telling others “Yeah, I rubbed Lord Polidoro’s ass once, it was the best. And my mind, couldn’t stop thinking about that. All right, I guess it’s time, I should go to hell to rub some ass.” afterward. She said this crazy remark while being surrounded by the people under the command of an enraged Lord Polidoro.

Such was a bard’s crazy song, people said.

――But, it was all true.

Anyway, Duchess Astarte managed to escape from “hell” by paying Lord Polidoro an apology fee.

“No, when it comes to men, it’s their d*cks, d*cks. As long as they have d*cks, that’s fine. Anything goes.”

And, another one opened her mouth.

Her words indicated, no she, was definitely belonged to the “d*ck faction”.

In short, the conversation had moved toward obscenity.
It had completely evolved ―― no, it had degenerated into dirty talk.

This person always did this.

Whenever she opened her mouth, she talked something obscene, and when she had free time, she swung her sword and spear around at the training area.

Indeed, she was a muscle-brain.

Indeed, she was a chimpanzee.

No, that would be disrespectful to chimpanzees.

In any case, Zabine and the others didn’t care about public opinion.

They didn’t care about honor.

No, they were just, shameless.

“I’ll say it again, you all. We’re talking about Lord Polidoro, the holy virgin, the frontier lord, the male knight.”

“Like I said, what about it?”

One of them, who had been silent until now, opened her mouth.

Right, they were all wondering what Zabine was going to say.

“If you become Lord Polidoro’s wife, you can escape poverty.”


The bar quieted down.

Fifteen members of the Second Princess Guard were silent.

And each of them had their own thoughts.

A delusion.

Definitely, it was a delusion.

…The lowest rank of the first-generation knight could become a Feudal Ruler in one go!

…More so, with a virgin husband!

That sounded like a dream come true to them.

“Ladies, all 15 of us. We’re the lowest rank, we’re just the first-generation knights!”


Zabine, the Commander, hit the table.

Ale dripped slightly from its container.

“But, But! We all have burning desires. I know you’re all lustful battle maidens who fantasize, who wish, that you were the mighty warrior.”

Saying this, Zabine realized she had spilled some ale.

Well, that was just the way she was.

Even now, as she tried to lick the spilled ale on the table――she realized that she was still a woman of blue blood even if she was in the lowest rank, so she stopped.

And, she thought that she should finish the ale so that no more would spill when she hit the table next time.


And, Zabine burped.

That was the price of drinking in one go.

After burping, she spoke again.

“In that case, the fifteen of us are enemies. In fact, we should start hating each other now!”

Lord Polidoro could only be married to one person.

Naturally, the fifteen of them were already enemies, fighting for that place beside him.

Die, woman who was once my friend. With this thought, they glared at each other.

“But! But! There’s one more option.”

Zabine spat this word to calm the others, and then made a proposal.

“Let’s go down to our knees and ask Lord Polidoro to let us lose our virginity. If you do that, your wish to lose your virginity before your first battle may come true.”

“I don’t like that.”

The answer was immediately spoken by one of them.

In fact, this was the consensus of everyone except Zabine.

And at this moment, a thought that she would definitely be killed by the f*cking sweet Second Princess Valliere, crossed her mind.

Thus, the consensus of their talk was reached.

Anyway, soon the first battle would come.

In the first battle, I must show my good side to our Second Princess Valliere and her future husband, Lord Polidoro.

Let’s temporarily “hide our claws”.

Though, I don’t know if I can.

To be honest, I’m not even sure myself.

No, wait, what if Lord Polidoro preferred me instead……?

――While embracing such a selfish delusion, the 15 members of the Second Princess Guard finished the party and left the cheap bar.


Valliere had a big problem with her older sister.

In short, her older sister, unlike her beauty, her serpentine, reptile-like glare made Valliere unable to move.

Or rather, perhaps everyone.

Even Faust didn’t seem to be so good at handling her older sister.


First Princess Anastasia, Valliere’s older sister, opened her mouth.

“What is it, my dear sister?”

Valliere answered without making eye contact.

For some reason, she was summoned to the room reserved for the First Princess, now sitting silently on the couch.

No way… I wouldn’t be killed all of a sudden, right?

If she wanted to kill me, she would have done it earlier.

While thinking about such things, Valliere still couldn’t control her shaky state of mind.

“Now, I will teach you the preparation for the first campaign. Listen carefully.”


Preparation for the first campaign?

No way, she shows kindness to her younger sister like this is just…

…No way.

When Valliere was a child, she was always frightened by her older sister’s gaze, and she would hide in her father’s shadow to run away.

Now that she thought about it, that must have made her older sister even angrier.

It was after her father passed away and the conversation between the sisters decreased, did she realize this fact.

“You never know what will happen on the battlefield. Information obtained in advance can be inconsistent, and just a few hours later it can be all wrong. Just when you think you’re in a safe zone, behind you, the enemy’s elite suddenly appear. They could then attack you. ――And…”

Anastasia closed her eyes and muttered in a low voice as if remembering something.

“The person you love, can even die at that moment.”


Valliere was silent

Did she lose someone she loved?

I thought that Father was the only person in this world that she loved,…?

“Valliere, you, do you think that my emotions are made of wood and stone? There are other people I love besides Father.”

It was easy to see through Valliere’s heart.

That was why she hated talking to her older sister.

Anyway, she asked her older sister a question in confusion.

“My dear sister, have you ever lost someone you love on the battlefield?”

“The Willendorf campaign. There, 30 enemy elite soldiers infiltrated my base, and 10 of the 30 talented elite guards of mine were lost… Even though they were all useful people.”

Wait, can you call them someone you love?

Even from her remarks, I still can’t feel anything called “affection”.

So, can you call them someone you really loved?

Even though Valliere had her doubts, it was still a valuable experience of someone who had experienced the first campaign.

She heard the story of Faust too. At his first battle, out of 30 enemy bandits, he killed 20 of them by himself. But that sounded like a heroic tale that she couldn’t imagine herself doing so.

After that, he told her about how he tortured the village chief of a suspicious village who seemed to be connected to bandits and made the chief talk.

Right. It might be useful this time, but in truth, she didn’t want that kind of knowledge.

Well, Faust is a serious and honest person, but I feel like there’s something a little wrong with his brain sometimes.

“Well, I’m glad that I could replenish it during the last two years after the Willendorf campaign.”

Ignoring Valliere’s thoughts that began to wander, her older sister’s words continued.

…I still can’t feel it.

Has she ever truly loved anyone other than Father?

I don’t know…

Right now, she seems to have her eye on my counselor, Faust, but unlike me―― she’s searching for someone who resembles Father.

I’m sure, there’s no other reason than that…

If there’s any… right, it’s probably because she wants to put the strongest knight in our kingdom, the “Knight of Wrath,” under her command.

That’s what I think…


Once again, Valliere’s name was called.

“Can you calmly deal with a situation where your loved one is dying right in front of you?”


Combined with her older sister’s gaze, it was almost like an interrogation.

Someone I love?

Who could that be?

The chimpanzees, my guards?

Or Faust von Polidoro?

I don’t know…

Valliere didn’t really understand what her older sister was trying to say.

“――That’s all for the preparation training for the first campaign.”


It’s over already?

I thought there would be more…

Surprised, Valliere looked at her older sister’s face.

As usual, she’s a scary person.

“Valliere. You should get out of here. And go back to your room.”


Valliere, who made eye contact with her older sister, could only nod silently as she left.


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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 148

148. Chapter 148

After passing the city gate, Walm ran straight towards the slums.

Most of the undead, including the ghouls, were concentrated in important facilities within the walls, but the cityscape that stretched beyond the walls was no exception. Corpses with shattered heads lay scattered here and there along the main street. Many of them belonged to undead-ized citizens, the ghouls.

The clear difference from inside the city walls was the number of dead people walking around. Even Fausto and the others weren’t able to reach the entire city, and the loss outside the walls was less than inside the walls. With the exception of those unfortunate enough to be attacked during the initial attack, many had taken refuge in buildings or near towns.

Now, the city’s defenders and adventurers had begun an organized counterattack.

Defeating the undead facing the adventurers from the side, Walm left the main street. He crossed many alleys and reached the Suderin District, which was located on the outer edge of the city. The story of the guild employee ran through his mind.

After the Unification War, the Labyrinth City experienced a period of expansion, and due to the influx of workers and population growth, people flocked to the city even outside the walls, causing a serious shortage of houses. The Marquis Borgia family cut down the trees in the forest, once called Suderin Forest, and created a new area for the poor.

This sounded good, but it was a policy that pushed the poor and criminals to the outskirts of the cities and put them under collective control. And this area clearly deviated from the landscape of the Labyrinth City that existed until now. Many shacks were strung together in an unplanned fashion, and the road was winding.

Walm frowned at the landscape. The intricate passageways and narrow road widths alone made it easy to be ambushed. There were castle towns that had been built with the concept of using houses as defensive walls to separate enemy soldiers trying to enter the town. It was unclear if the slums in front of him were intentional or if they were houses that people built naturally, but ultimately they functioned similarly.

“No, it’s more than that.”

Due to excessive building, the convenience of the road had been extremely lost, and the slums in front of Walm had become a kind of tiger’s mouth where he couldn’t foresee the future if he ever entered.

Walm, entering the compartment, was exposed to the gaps in the dilapidated walls, the overhanging windows, and countless stares as soon as he lifted his head. It was a mixture of vigilance, fear, and various forms of jealousy.

During his stay in the Labyrinth City, Walm thought he knew the city, but he realized he was wrong. In the dim darkness, where the sun didn’t shine, lurked many people with negative afflictions. It was uncertain whether they were related to Fausto. Still, there was no way anyone would show affection towards Walm.

While walking on a road where it was difficult for people to pass each other, Walm heard the sound of something being pulled down from above. He tilted his head to see the boxes approaching from above. He would have said that the contents were sand or pebbles. He dodged such a primitive weapon of mass by holding on to the wall. The wooden box shattered with a dull sound.

“Uh, woahhhhh!!”

Using the falling object as a springboard, a man with a butcher knife on his hip rushed in, spraying saliva. He was followed by a person with a sickle and a person with a hoe. Their movement was aimed only to do a single deadly hit, disregarding other techniques such as defense.

At the same time, a person with a broken sword and a person with a dagger approached from behind.

The demon mask trembled with joy as if enjoying the situation.

Skill didn’t matter to them. Their willing-to-die movements were exactly like those of dying soldiers. With such a half-hearted posture, their legs could easily be caught by weight and momentum.

Walm, pushing the halberd according to the space constraints, executed a half stab.

The spearhead ripped through the knife-wielder’s soft throat, severing an artery and reaching his spinal cord.

Walm took the clenched butcher knife like a relay as he pressed the dying man against the man with the hoe. Quickly, he aimed the butcher knife at the sickle that was about to strike his head. The knife cut off the fingers of the sickle-wielder and pushed the sickle aside.

The man who dropped the sickle cried out in pain for a moment. Losing his weapon, he tried to press down Walm without hesitation.

Walm, who had lowered his center of gravity, grabbed the man and rolled him toward the duo approaching from behind.

Before Walm could breathe out, a hoe was aimed at the back of his head. Swiftly, he used the claw blade of the halberd that he held in his right hand to catch the hoe, then he pulled out the longsword with his left arm, which had discarded the butcher knife. He swung the longsword he held in a reverse grip and struck the skull of the hoe-wielder assailant from the temple.

Three huddled enemies still lay alive on the ground, but as soon as Walm looked at them, a falling object again approached from above.

Walm, knocking over a fist-sized stone with the longsword, threw down the halberd and raised the longsword above his head.

Mana flowed into the longsword, and a 《Strike》was aimed at them.

Even as the longsword cut through the wall, its speed didn’t slow down, and just like that it sliced the arm into nothingness along with the protruding dagger. Of course, the man didn’t survive. When the tip of the longsword grazed his throat, blood spurted out uncontrollably and he lay twitching on the floor.

The man who picked up his sickle back and the attacker with the broken sword evaded the attack by using the man who blocked their way.

Walm, who had been expecting it, swung the longsword again from below toward the place the two were running.

The longsword that entered from the dagger-wielder’s flank came out from his chest.

The sword-wielder thrust his broken sword, not wanting to miss the opportunity to sacrifice his comrade, but Walm stroked it away. A high-pitched metallic sound echoed through the alley.

“a, aahhh”

Through the demon mask, Walm peered into the attacker’s eyes. For the first time, the color of fear showed, but by then it was too late.

The longsword thrust into the man’s flank stirred his viscera.

Gliding his gaze upward, Walm twisted and pulled out his longsword.

The one who was enjoying throwing stones froze like a statue. After a moment of hesitation, the person turned around and tried to escape, but a fireball spread to the fleeing person along with the roof.

Just like that, in the alley where blue flames blazed, people other than Walm were gone from this world.

The two raids that followed ended up just piling up more corpses in the slums. There were already no more bored residents who wanted to look at Walm.

Though Walm had been ambushed three times, it was safe to say that things were going well. The information he had received from the guild employee wasn’t wrong.

Deepening his conviction, Walm stared at the facility built in the center of the slums.

Even in a slum with many buildings, the space around it opened up as if it were a forbidden place that should never be touched.

Topographically, a waterway flowed around the outside of the facility, and it was partitioned by walls that easily exceeded a person’s height. And although Walm was visiting from the front, there was no one that give him a greeting.

Climbing over the wall, Walm descended onto the property’s land. In addition to a warehouse of unknown use, there were wooden dolls and raised land.

Walm walked into a particularly large building. The slums had given the impression of being messy and dirty, but the buildings that could be called mansions were surprisingly organized and well-maintained.

“The fact that you’re here, means that Fausto is dead.”

Words were thrown at Walm, who opened the door and walked down the hall.

“Yeah, I killed him…… So, who are you?”

Walm looked up while answering.

A man in his thirties was leaning against the railing.

“Hah? Me? My name’s Giesel. You can say, I’m the person in charge here. More importantly, is killing my friends and my younger brother your hobby or what?”

“Younger brother?”

Walm had too many things on his mind. Besides, he had already killed many people before coming here.

“Guisto, the leader of the mercenary group you killed at Carorolaia Mithril Mine, is my brother.”

If it wasn’t that long ago, even Walm still remembered it well. Even more, since there were only a few people who still approached him while enveloped in blue flames.

“I remember him.”

“Hah, of course. As you know, you can’t run away from ties in this world. I’m a bad person. I’ve killed women, and children, alike. I’ve instigated the people of the slums, agitated them, and made them join my group. You see, I can’t throw away my loyalty, especially to my only blood relative. The guy who keeps silent after his brother is killed, isn’t a family.”

What popped out were the words brotherly love and loyalty, which were far from the man’s ferocious appearance.

Walm narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“That loyalty of yours, can’t you give it toward others even a little?”

“Hah? In this slum, there’s no room to care about unrelated strangers!! You’ve seen it, haven’t you? What’s so good, what’s so peaceful about this place? And you want us to be a loser for the rest of our lives? Are you kidding me? It’s not over yet!”

They both had a void in their hearts that would never be filled. The matter wasn’t even at the stage where it could be resolved with words.

Understanding this, Walm asked the man for confirmation.

“Is that, all you’ve got to say?”

“Hah, a’right. Let me say this, if you light up the 《Demon Fire》, good citizens will get burned to death, you know?”

As Giesel looked around, the three minions were dragging a group of people tied to a rope. Their hands and feet were tied with rough rope and their mouths were sealed.

Giesel’s intention was easy for Walm to understand.

“Do I look like the kind of person who appears in a heroic tale?”

Walm said this without even giving the hostages a glance.

Giesel shrugged his shoulders, drew the sword from his waist, and casually cut down one of the hostages nearby.

“Hah, you guys are useless. Mercenary, COME!!”

Giesel, who had just decapitated a citizen, invited Walm. He held a sword and a shield in each hand.

Seeing that Giesel didn’t kill everyone, Walm thought that the hostages would probably be used as insurance to limit his usage of 《Demon Fire》.

Accepting the invitation, Walm accelerated with a wind attribute magic, ran up the atrium, and slammed the halberd.

Giesel didn’t pull back, and instead wrapped the sword in his hand with mana. Shortly after, his enchanted weapon and Walm’s halberd crossed as if they were pulling each other.

At the point of separation, Walm did a small thrust.

Giesel jumped in without hesitation. He shielded the thrust and thrust his sword back from a blind spot.

Walm flipped the sharp blade with the bottom of his halberd.

Giesel, who followed Walm tightly, slashed his sword up and down, not slowing down his attack. In addition to his “polite” swordsmanship, he skillfully incorporated a shield play into his offense and defense.

After exchanging a few “greetings”, Walm could tell that Giesel was a man who completely contradicted his own appearance and behavior.

Three subordinates of Giesel intermittently aim at Walm with arrows and stones without a major mistake in timing. However, seeing the desperation on their faces, they clearly lack the spirit of Fausto and those who had ambushed him.

“What’s with that strange face? You’ve killed my men and Fausto without consideration, so as you know, I’m short of manpower!”

For Giesel to challenge close-quarters combat alone was proof that his three minions didn’t have the skills to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Seeing an opening, Walm tried to kill Giesel’s subordinates, but a shield was thrust at him as if saying not to look the other way.

Walm dodged the shield bash by moving his upper body, but arrows and stones flew at him as if they had made arrangements.

Surrendering himself to his kinetic vision and reflexes, he bent his upper body forward and moved as if rubbing against the ground.

Despite lamenting the shortage of manpower, Giesel’s subordinates planned attacks with a really nasty distance and timing.

Giesel also matched the projectiles. Twisting the trajectory of his sword to Walm’s upper body when it got close, his sword was aimed to cut off Walm’s knee.

Walm extended his halberd to keep the distance.

As he stepped back Giesel tried to defend against the piercing attack with his shield, but Walm reverse-gripped the halberd.

Walm clung the claw-blade of his halberd into the reinforcement of the shield and pulled it toward him.

The gap closed once again in an instant.

Giesel deftly swung his sword up even at a small distance that was getting cut.

In response, Walm quickly pushed his body to close the gap faster.

Thus, Giesel’s blade slapped in vain on Walm’s back, which was protected by armor.

Even the annoying subordinates stopped their attacks completely, since they were so close to each other. There was nothing they could do if they only wanted to aim at Walm.

“Damn you!!”

Giesel threw away his neat sword skills and stuck out his forehead.

Walm, still gripping his halberd, slammed the cheek in front of him with his bent elbow.

Giesel’s jaw was shaken violently, and his body, which had lost its sense of balance, trembled. Then he backed away. But as he retreated, protecting his face and neck from attack, Walm immediately accelerated with wind attribute magic.

The projectiles sent Giesel’s subordinates only grazed Walm’s back.

Giesel’s sword and the sharp edge of his shield, were pushed by Walm to his chest. And immediately, Walm pushed open his wound, feeling the sensation of cutting his collarbone.

“Guh, ugh, oooh, hoh, oohhh――argh”

Pierced through the chest, Giesel fell on his back and never got up. The remaining minions responded by pointing their weapons at Walm, who had set his eyes on the three men.

The result came quickly. The demon mask was bathed in the fresh blood of the three, making noises in a good mood. Ironically, the last man alive was the mortally wounded Giesel.

“It’s the end.”

Said Walm to Giesel, who was lying on the ground.

A man, who couldn’t even breathe properly, laughed as he vomited blood.

“Heh, heheh, I’ve failed, but, it’s not in vain. Inside the city, I’ve exhausted, the most troublesome people, and bought time. I’m just, a supporting actor, in the opening act. The leading role, will begin, the show. Walm, you, will like it.”

Walm tried to finish off Giesel, who was spouting words, but the man stopped breathing before he could do it.

“Is there another force? The city gate has been cleared. The garrison is counterattacking the Labyrinth-related facilities, and the urban area… ah, the former royal castle?”

Walm, searching his memory, recalled the point where the forces appeared.

Walm wanted to head out immediately to greet the armed forces, but he needed to make sure that no more nasty combatants were left in the vicinity. Besides, there was still one souvenir left from Giesel.

One was slashed to death, but the other hostages remained tied to ropes. Walm moved around, cutting the ropes of those restrained. They were perplexed and grateful, but he didn’t have time to explain in detail.

“The Labyrinth City is under attack by armed forces and undead. Inside the walls, it’s especially dangerous. Search safe place outside the city――”

As Walm sensed a presence from behind and turned around, a blade was approaching right in front of him. Hastily, he stuck out his palm, letting the blade cut in. When he looked at the bad person, it was a hostage who had just been released.

The woman had the characteristic dull red hair, someone he had once seen on the battlefield. As Walm clutched the dagger with his stabbed hand, she pulled out a second dagger from her waist and shrieked.


Walm thrust the halberd he held in one hand.

The woman’s throat split open and blood poured onto the floor. Falling from her knees, she dropped silently into a pool of blood. And, her dull red hair was dyed vermilion.

Moving his eyes from the silent woman in front of him to the bound ones, Walm declared.

“Are you all, also friends with these guys? I’ve killed them. If you want to play revenge, I don’t mind.”

Those whose hands and mouths were blocked made a gesture, while those whose mouths were free proclaimed their innocence.

Walm pulled the dagger out of his palm and handed it to one of the hostages he had freed.

“You do the rest.”

TN : The woman most likely Lycka, the fire magic-user of Guisto’s group who ran away to report the incident at the Carorolaia Mine to Giesel.


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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 63

63. Talk with the other group 5

The GW holidays were over.

And soon would be my birthday. This year’s birthday, would be special for me.

For someone like me who attended a co-ed school, it was mandatory to join the MSA when you turned 16.

By the way, the men’s personal information was kept strictly secret.

Perhaps, so the birthday wouldn’t be leaked to the class… No, it must be.

Though, after joining ‘MSA’, everyone would find out, but I wanted to celebrate it quietly, this year.

I wanted to spend the day with Makoto, Yuko, and Rie.

Yeah… I’m looking forward to it.

Class was still difficult for me. Sure, I was taking notes, but I felt like I wouldn’t understand it unless I spent more than twice as much time on it.

Anyway, for now, I had memorized the material up to middle school, so the rest from now on would depend on my efforts.

After school, I resumed the group talk.

“Hmm, it’s rare that those who know each other for a long time are in the same class.”

“I went to a major cram school. After we all told each other how good it was that we passed the exam, we ended up in the same class, which made me happy.”

Said the group leader “Hiromi Kawakami” as she confirmed the surroundings.

Two childhood friends and three people who went to the same cram school got together and formed a group of five. And, they were all students from outside the special ward.

“Come to think of it, Kawakami-san’s family is a farmer, right?”

“So you remember…”

“In your self-introduction, you wrote a lot about your love for rice. That’s pretty unique, so I can’t forget it.”

“……I’m embarrassed. But, I’m happy.”

Kawakami-san blushed.

Kawakami-san was born in a farming family with a large farm in Yokohama City. When she was in middle school, she often helped her parents with their work.

“Nishida-san, it seems that you went to the same cram school as her, so you also go here from Yokohama, every day?”

“No, I’m from Kawasaki City, which is a little closer. The cram school is also in Kawasaki. There’s a special course there for students who aim to get into Itsuki High, and we became friends there.”

So, it must be a famous cram school, that many students from there pass to Itsuki High School every year, I see…

“That reminds me, do you know the criteria for passing or failing this high school?”

When I asked this question, everyone shook their heads.

“At the cram school, they said, “It’s completely unknown. A certain level of academic ability is required, and from there, luck and family background, because many types of people are gathered”.”

“As expected, huh…”

In short, the scope is unlimited, but quality control is possible…

“I was accepted to a girls’ school outside the special ward, but… I’m glad I got accepted here.”

Kawakami-san showed a relieved expression as if remembering that time.

“I see. But, even if it’s a girls’ school outside the special ward, the learning content won’t change, right?”

When I said that, everyone shook their heads.

“Huh? Is that wrong?”

I thought the classes must be the same except there, no boys…?

“The girls’ school outside… they make you study as hard as you can to become independent. So that you can work in the special ward after graduation… and the schools that are close to a special ward, will put even more effort into it.”

“After all, if you can pass the entrance exam of a university in the special ward or get a job in a company there, your reputation and the school’s reputation will increase.”

Come to think of it, in this world, it’s possible to work part-time from middle school. There is no aversion to working from a young age.

There’s no particular atmosphere of graduating from university and getting a job in a company afterward. Even high school graduates seem to choose to find a job…

“But, to live in a special ward is… ah, do you mean going from outside to inside every day……?”

“That’s right. Those who want to go to a university in a special ward, devote themselves to it for three years. And those who want to get a job, analyze the available information and improve themselves.”

What kind of people are needed now, huh?

Spending three years preparing for employment while thinking about what kind of skills they have.

“That’s wow…”

I mean, you’re thinking about that already? Honestly, respect.

“Because… it’s the last chance.”

…Because their lives will be decided from there huh… I see.

“But, I won’t give up!”

Nishida-san raised her voice.

“I can cherish the memory of being in the same class as a man, but I will definitely make use of this opportun…”

Before Nishida-san could finish her words, the others moved, closed her mouth, restrained her body, and pulled her under the chair.

“She’s… a little easy to get worked up… I’m so sorry.”

“No, not at all. I don’t really care.”

After that, Nishida-san calmed down and I listened to the story.

In short, she couldn’t be in the same group as a man this year, but next year and the year after that, she still had a chance. That was her energy to go to the special ward every day.

No one knows where and what kind of encounter you’ll have in your life after all…

Nishida-san’s fierce fighting spirit touched me, so I encouraged her to do her best.

I went home and tried to think about today’s story in my room.

“Everyone’s doing their best in their respective places… No, they’re fighting.”

If I hadn’t listened to her talk, I probably wouldn’t have known her at all for the rest of my life.

In places and at times when I can’t see them, they’re working hard. And…

“… Men… don’t know that.”

I mean, most men wouldn’t be interested in that sort of thing.

And perhaps the women men meet after graduating are elites who have won these invisible competitions.

No, it’s natural that you should have an idea of their struggle.

No need to say much, you should at least understand that.

I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing to not know it all, but… is it really okay?

To not knowing of their efforts?

“……I’m an idiot!”

I don’t even know!

And yet…

I just heard about the girls’ school from Kawakami-san.

I haven’t actually seen it.

I’m talking like I know something about girls’ schools outside the special ward.

But I haven’t actually seen how hard they’ve worked and how they’ve been living their life.

And since it’s a girls’ school, I, a man, will never know…

“It’s the same as other men.”

At first, I wanted to at least make the women around me happy.

The kind family, and the members of the group when I was in middle school who saved me when I was mentally in danger.

That was all, for the women within my reach.

But, as I got to know the women in this world, I wanted to make more women happy.

And, I vaguely knew what to do to make that happen.

But, what I’m thinking right now isn’t what I’ve actually seen with my own eyes.

It’s just the memories of the previous owner of this body, and the stories I heard from the Goddess and my classmates.

“As I thought, I want to actually see it with my own eyes, talk to them, and experience it… hmm?”

…Isn’t there ‘MSA’?

I vaguely remember about it, but I think there were schools as well as companies for the place of service.

Since it’s a school, wouldn’t it be okay to go to a girls’ school?

Or rather, there should only be girls’ schools outside of the special ward, right?

“Well, I should have received the documents about that when I enrolled…”

I flipped through the drawer and took out the documents.

It said that men could choose the place of service they wanted to attend from among the applications submitted. There were specific examples of that, so I looked at them.

Yes, I can definitely go to a girls’ school.

After all, there are only girls’ schools outside the special ward.

There must be some schools that have applied, asking for volunteers.

So, I just have to choose one.

Anyway, I’ve some hope.

I’m glad that I decided to have a talk with the other groups.

But, now, the question is, will I be able to go to a girls’ school with dignity? Isn’t it dangerous?

I mean, it’s a girls’ school, girls’ school. It’s a woman’s garden. To be able to go there… this is bad, I’m so excited.

“…..hmm? Transfer destination? It’s a bank account, isn’t it?”

Since volunteering is treated as a part-time job, it must be a bank account.

Well, let’s get it tomorrow.

“All right, let’s get ready!”

‘MSA’… it must be fun.

I was so excited that I started doing squats.

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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 147

147. Chapter 147

Born into a Marquis family, Trio Borgia was a man who understood his role well. The current head of the family, Trio’s father, and the next head of the family, his older brothers, had the appropriate intelligence, character, and health. Trio, the third son of the Marquis, was their spare.

Trio received an education appropriate for someone from a Marquis family and learned etiquette. When his father retired and his brother sat in the position of head of the family, he was expected to act as a supporting member of the family. In the future, he would be entrusted with the territories on the outskirts of the Labyrinth City, or he would be married away to someone from the surrounding nobles and strengthen the connection.

That said, there was always a chance, albeit a very small one.

Trio didn’t skimp on the knowledge and behavior training necessary for the head of the family. He wasn’t at war, nor was he ambitious enough to usurp power. He had neither the power, nor the money, nor the army to begin with. Even what could be called a faction of him was only a tenuous existence.

Only useless training and knowledge were accumulated. Nevertheless, Trio didn’t lazy around. His older brother was excellent and in good health. His father, the head of the family, was still active. There was also no war of inheritance either. In short, what a waste of effort he had been doing. He could just play around. In fact, Trio had heard similar talk from his father’s and brother’s retainers.

Hearing it, Trio felt anger and shame. But above all, he gave up because it was an accurate impression. If he forgot his status and challenged the Labyrinth every day, the impression would only get affirmed further. Nevertheless, his innate nature couldn’t throw away the role he was meant to play. The days of giving up while he kept impatience at bay. This was what human life, his life, was supposed to be like. Even if Trio lamented his privileged status, it would only be a shameful and extravagant problem.

The bustle of the city quietly filtered in through the window. It was an extraordinary day. For the first time since the Unification War, a ceremony was held to celebrate the birth of the conqueror from Belgana. Even in the history of the Labyrinth City, this was a remarkable event. As a testament to the conqueror’s power, the Labyrinth City which now had attained the rare resources of the deep floors, would surely continue to develop. And even, the information brought by the conqueror, the Trimagitack, could produce the second and third conquerors.

Trio dropped his gaze to the book he was reading. It was a history book from the time before the Archipelago obtained the Labyrinth City. Ironically, while the new history was being written, Trio was looking at the old history book.

The Labyrinth City had brought prosperity to the people, but at the same time, endless wars. The biggest battle was the Unification War, which was fought a century ago. Dozens of nations and communities fought and eventually divided into spheres of influence centered on three big countries. According to one theory, the number of dead soldiers in the entire Unification War was 500,000, and scholars were divided on how high the number would be if citizens were included.

It was said that in Belgana alone, the fiercely fought area, well over 100,000 soldiers exposed their viscera. There were various theories as to the cause of the intensification, but one of them was that the Gundor family, a respected family of necromancers and the ruler of Belgana at the time, fueled the savagery of both armies through their relentless resistance.

There was a frowned-upon story about what the Gundor family did. It was said that they turned people into explosives, targeted commanders and key points, turned the corpses and discarded bodies into undead, and incorporated monsters into the bodies of their own soldiers. The defense and the justification emphasized that the soldiers, who had been denounced for doing a vicious act and were filled with hatred and fear, had rampaged and thus massacred soldiers and civilians.

Trio didn’t know what the correct answer was. For each community had different values and perspectives. And even the history book he was reading had been written by a scholar from the victorious Archipelago.

After reading the book, Trio turned his gaze to the slum that spread outside the window of his room and thought about what he had just read. The residents, who had limited access to books, had forgotten the terrible war. The only people who remembered it were those who specialized in history and those involved. Even his family didn’t really care. Trio, who had a certain outsider’s perspective and knew the details of history, was the only exception.

In the face of past history, Trio allowed himself to drift in a sea of thoughts, but then realized that it was useless. He who had no power couldn’t choose the fate of the city, nor could he change it. He was nothing more than a spectator.

Sitting in an armchair, Trio let out his breath. Unchanging room, boring ceiling. As he deciphered books and conversed indirectly with scholars, his day of idleness came to an end.

Trio closed his eyes and fell asleep under the sunlight streaming through the window, but his consciousness quickly returned as he heard loud explosions and screams.

It couldn’t be a trivial matter, Trio thought as he picked up the sword leaning against the wall and opened the door leading to the corridor. His goal was a command post where generals and officers were constantly stationed.

Passing through many corridors and slipping through the frenzied servants, Trio continued to walk.

As Trio got closer to his destination, a sour stench drifted to his nostrils. The smell was like the entrails that came out when dismantling prey in hunting.

Quickly, Trio slipped around the corner.

The passage leading to the command post was always guarded by four or more soldiers. In addition, the immaculately maintained and polished marble floor gave the command post a serenity that didn’t allow for easy entry.

Trio, seeing the supposedly strict passageway, was speechless. The white wall of the passage was painted unevenly with vermilion color. What lay scattered there was something that was a human being. There were some that relatively maintained their original form, but no one still breathing.

Trio hesitated, but he made up his mind and stepped forward. A sticky liquid clung to the soles of his shoes as he walked along.

Then, Trio found the large door with silverwork was damaged from the inside. He threw the sword in his hand into the broken crack and yanked the door open. A very foul stench overflowed the room and sought another place to spread.

The command post was even worse than the corridors. Many of the dead who sank into the pool of blood were missing parts of their bodies. They were either dead on the spot or bled to death. And even those who appeared to have only minor injuries were writhing in agony with their eyes opened wide before they finally died.

As Trio carefully squinted his eyes, he could see some white things mixed in with the blood-stained metal pieces.

Now, those inside the room who survived the disaster could be counted with fingers.

“What happened!?”

Trio called out to the soldier, who stood still as if sleepwalking. As if the soldier had just woken up from a dream, he answered in a flustered manner.

“I-I don’t know. Human, suddenly exploded. When I realized, it, became like this.”

Trio, who had a sense of déjàvu of the word “human” and “explosion”, realized its true nature.

“……necromancy magic-style human bombs.”

An event written only in history happened right before Trio’s eyes. He couldn’t help but feel an ominous promotion. Even the command post in the main castle, considered the best protected in the city, was in this state. And the ceremony took place in the hall. Though it was guarded, it was crowded with VIPs. An imminent crisis was certain.

“Are there, any operators left?”

“Yes, but, only me.”

“Connect to the ceremony site, which is the guild. Father and brothers must return to the castle immediately and take command. Share this information as soon as possible.”

The movements of the communications operator were slow. During the daily exercises, his colleague suddenly exploded and the command post was partially destroyed. Very unexpected indeed.

But if the soldier didn’t move because of something unexpected, what was a soldier for anyway? Trio grabbed him by both shoulders and looked him in the face. Fortunately, his own hands weren’t shaking.

“Take a deep breath, and calm your mind. You’re the only one who can do it.”

The communications operator staggered back to his seat, as if these words had been blasted directly into his eardrums, and began the operation. His movement after starting the work was fast.

“Test, test, this is the main castle…… Yes, there was a similar explosion here… A high-ranking commander? Trio-sama is giving commands right now… Eh? That’s, no way…”

The communications operator, clenching his teeth and having rough breathing, told Trio.

“…… I’m really sorry, but… Marquis-sama, who was participating in the ceremony, has, has passed away. Those of the Borgia family, including the eldest son, were also hit by human bombs.”

“Father and older brothers ―― have died?”

Feeling dizzy, Trio endured his emotions with all his might. The more the conveyed meaning permeated his brain, the more its gravity weighed him. After all, if his father, brothers, and blood relatives who were participating in the ceremony were really wiped out, the right of inheritance of the Borgia family would fall to Trio all at once.

“Similar damage has been done to important facilities in the city, and in addition, a large army of undead and armed forces has emerged from unconfirmed underground bunkers in the city. The surviving 1000-man Commander Edoardo is in command there, but the whole situation is still unknown. Now, we’re all waiting for further orders from Trio-sama.”

The communications operator turned from his chair and looked up at Trio as if leaning forward. Not only he, but all the surviving soldiers and officers looked to Trio.

Trio felt chills at the weight of the eyes directed, the heavy responsibility that was weighed on him.

Exhaling a few breaths, Trio gave an order after regulating his breathing.

“All the units around the guild will be entrusted to Commander Edoardo. While protecting the VIPs, we will begin mopping up the enemy forces as soon as we’ve gathered our strength. Besides the operator, leave two people here. As for the other, Gather the soldiers!! Don’t forget to request support from those at the border and surrounding areas!”

The soldiers obeyed the voice, which surprised Trio, and rushed out of the room.

What Trio could do as an ordinary person was limited. Nevertheless, he took his role and fulfilled his purpose as a spare. Just like that, the days of rotting in his room came to an end without any warning or consideration.

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