Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 60

60. BBQ in the garden

The next day, which was in the middle of the GW holidays.

From the morning, the TV showed a tourist spot full of people.

Various places in the Special Ward were no exception, and were said to be crowded with many people.

And today, Souya’s family would have a BBQ in the garden.

Minayo-san was finally able to take a break from work. So, the big family was all together now.

“Now, let’s start the preparations!”

With a single voice from Mom, everyone started moving… with the exception, Sis, who looked like a corpse.

Early in the morning, Sis was woken up by Grandma, forced to join me in training, and had not recovered yet.

After running 10 kilometers, I did calisthenics and ten 100-meter sprints, but Sis was devastated without even finishing the run. Perhaps, because of her new sportswear?

In any case, seeing this reminded me of a new student who had just joined my circle in the previous world.

“Mom, what should I do?”

I said so, wearing the apron I borrowed from Mom

“Take-chan should… right, let’s have you start the fire.”

“Sure, leave it to me.”

“Onii-chan, please do your best.”

“Good luck.”

Moe-chan and Saki-chan gave support cheers from nearby.

“It’s okay. I’ll light the fire soon.”

After training this morning, I gathered some dry twigs for this.

I used the newspaper to transfer the fire to twigs and the fire starter. And then it would be time to increase the fire.
When all the fire starter was lit, I threw the charcoal into it and then slowly blew out the air.

About thirty minutes after starting, the charcoal caught fire.

Well, isn’t this a great pace?

“Humm, aren’t you good at it?”

Grandma came near.

“I’m just following an example.”

“Oh, at this rate, I’d have nothing to teach you.”

Apparently, if I was in trouble, Grandma was going to lend me a hand. If only I knew that beforehand, what a waste.

“It’s ready, Mom.”

“Really? Well then, I guess I’ll lay a net.”

In the kitchen, Minayo-san was cutting vegetables, so the ingredients would be brought soon.

In the meantime, I kept the fire under control.

The charcoal burned red and with such radiant heat, it made my face feel hot.

Speaking of BBQ, it was common to have a toast with someone holding a beer, but no one was a drinker at home, so no alcohol.

“When Minayo comes, let’s have a toast with juice.”

Moe-chan and Saki-chan smiled when they heard about juice.
At that moment, Minayo-san came over with a tray.

“Here it is, the vegetables are ready. I took the meat out of the fridge thirty minutes ago, but it’s still cold.”

“Well, that should be fine. Anyway, let’s get ready for a toast… Ara, the drinks haven’t been brought out yet.”

“Right. I’ll take them out of the fridge then.”

When I tried to enter the house to pick up the juice――


――The bell rang.

“Ara… I wonder, who is it?”

Mom went from the garden to the front door to check. I happened to follow her… no, since we were going in the same direction, I followed her.

Immediately, I heard Mom’s cheerful voice, “Ara, araa, araraa.”

“Mom, is it a guest… ah.”

The woman chatting with Mom was a woman in her late thirties wearing a pale-colored spring cardigan.

Behind her, was a person I knew very well, standing with a dumbfounded face.

“Rie? But why…?”

With her mouth in a triangle shape, Rie was looking at me with a “What should I do?” expression.

Why is she here?

“You see, Etou-san said, that she wanted to say thanks for last time.”

“Last time…? Ah, for dinner?”

It was when Mom found Rie on her way home and forced… no, brought her home.

I see, so, the woman in front of me is Rie’s mother, and what she’s holding must be a souvenir.

“Taketo-kun. Thank you for always taking care of Rie.”

“No, no, that’s not true. I’m sorry for causing her so much trouble.”

After all, “Taketo” graduated from middle school while being supported by Rie and the other two.

At least, I didn’t take care of any of them.

“Talking while standing isn’t so comfortable, so please come up.”

“It’s okay. I just came to give this.”

Mom and Rie’s mother seem to get along well.

“That’s right. You see, we just started BBQ!”

After a bit of an argument, Rie and Rie’s mother became guests at the BBQ party.

Not that they were dragged into the garden. Yeah, that wasn’t the case.

“……I’m sorry for coming so suddenly. Mother, she left without saying much.”

“Well… something like that often happens here too.”

She must have come all the way here without being told by her mother where they were going. Probably, she was told, “We’re going out, so get ready.”

And when she arrived in front of my house, she was dumbfounded while thinking “no way”… that must be it.

“But… you were having fun with your family, right?”

“The more the merrier.”

Of course, I was surprised by the sudden event, but it wasn’t all bad.

“Now, that we have more people, it’s time for the party!”

For some reason, Mom got even more excited.

Thus, the BBQ started.

I decided to grill the meat and vegetables and put them on Moe-chan and Saki-chan’s plates.
That alone would make them both happy, so I decided to do it.

“Taketo-kun, you’re so kind.”

Said Rie. It seemed that Rie was staring at me while I was talking to Moe-chan and Saki-chan.

“My cousins, ​​are cute after all.”

My cousins are cute. And cuteness is justice. Any objection will never be recognized!

“Somehow, I feel like I’ve seen an unexpected side of you. I heard that men don’t want to be in the center of their homes.”

“You mean, to not stand out?”

“I guess… you can say that? I mean, it seems that even when the family is together, they are in a place a little far away.”

“Ah… it feels like they’re only interested in themselves?”

“I think so. But Taketo-kun is naturally the center of the family, so I’m a little envious.”

Who are you envious of? Is it me, or is it Moe-chan and the others?

“But hey, it’s better to have fun, right?”

Sis took the carrot, which she supposedly hated, with tongs and put it on a plate.

For a brief moment, Sis had a frightened expression on her face, but after seeing me, Rie, and Grandma’s faces again, she returned to her seat with a dead face.

Sis, you’ve overcome your likes and dislikes huh?

When Rie and Rie’s mother came to the garden, I introduced them to everyone.

They reaction greatly.

Sis mumbled something like, “That girl has turned out so splendidly.”

Right after that, Grandma nudged me and said, “You too, get in better shape quickly.”

At least Grandma was glad to know that I was doing well in middle school.

“All right, Rie, eat more. More. More.”

I said that and put fried soba and grilled meat on Rie’s plate.

“Hey, that’s a lot… I can’t eat it all.”

“We still have meat and vegetables. You don’t have to hold back.”

“Eh… hey, that’s too much!”

When the two of us were having a nice chat, Mom and Rie’s mother looked at us with smiles.

“Come to think of it, Rie. Didn’t you have something to say to Taketo-kun?”


For a moment, Rie froze in place.

Is Rie’s mother an ice magician or something?

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