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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 58

58. Sportswear


I took a deep breath as I sent off a woman who seemed to be someone from the Kazoku.

What a strange woman.

Her words and actions were strange, or rather, arrogant. Is that normal for people from the Kazoku?

Sure, I’m surrounded by a group of unique people, but I think, with her, the problem was with the person herself.

I tried to protect her, but instead, she glared at them. what was on her mind, seriously.

And she’s even more ignorant than me.

I mean, unmanned taxis only run in the special ward, but not even able to think of how to use them…

“That woman… she would have trouble shopping in the special ward.”

Well, you can buy stuff with cash, but it’s more convenient to use a credit or debit card.

And some services don’t even accept cash payments, such as unmanned taxis.

In the first place, even outside the special ward, such a payment system should have been introduced…

“Those from the Kazoku are troublesome, really a nuisance. So, that was the correct action.”

I guess she’s talking about pushing the woman into a taxi.

“She was, kind of ignorant, and naive.”

“Everything must’ve been done by people under her. If you live a life of waiting in silence, you’ll not even be able to do many things yourself.”

“Well, that’s…”

Come to think of it, it was like she was waiting for something…

“Now now, we’ve been interrupted, but let’s go shopping.”

“I agree.”

Waiting for Sis would be too long. Or rather, she would never come back here.

Fortunately, we had somewhere to go, so we left the place.

When we reached the shopping street, it was crowded with people.

As expected of GW (Golden Week) holidays.

Man’s figure could also be seen here and there.

“Can I finish the shopping Mom asked me first?”

“As you want. So, where are we going?”

“I’d like to buy a Firestarter… I wonder if they sell it at the supermarket?”

“Well, I’ve never bought one before.”

So, we went to the supermarket.

Groceries were on the first floor, clothing stores were on the second floor, and miscellaneous goods were on the third floor.

In the corner of the third floor, I saw that Firestarter was being sold along with outdoor goods.

“They even sell charcoal these days? Hmm…”

Grandma was impressed.

“Isn’t it been sold at this kind of place for a long time? Mom ordered it the other day.”

But, she forgot to buy a Firestarter too.

“Charcoal, you either make it yourself or bring a firewood to someone you know could make it and ask that person to make it for you.”

“Hmmm… so wild.”

I’ve never thought of making charcoal by myself. As expected of the countryside, I guess?

After finishing the shopping requested by Mom, we headed to the sportswear store.

Jogging shoes should be solid, even if they are a bit heavy…

I thoroughly examined around until I was satisfied and chose a pair of shoes.

When I looked at Grandma, she beckoned me to go to her side.

That side is clothes.

Grandma even bought me a spare pair of clothes and a sports watch.

It wasn’t an analog watch like the one I was using, but a digital one that could measure lap times. How generous.

With this, I can advance my training faster.

A little smirk appeared on my face.

After finishing all the shopping and returning home, I saw that Sis had returned. So shrewd, really.

“Welcome back, Take-kun.”

“I’m back, Nee-san. Right, here is a souvenir.”

“Wah, thank you. What is it?”

“Training clothes.”


“Hooi, change your clothes quickly and come to the entrance!”

“I had the tag removed at the store, so… do your best.”


“Ah, I’ve to look for Moe-chan and Saki-chan, to give them their souvenir properly.”


“Aki! Come here now!”

“It’s okay. It’ll be over before dinner. If you put your mind to it, it’ll be over by then. Yes, it will… it surely will…”

Sis shouted something, but I couldn’t hear it.

Anyway, I went to where Moe-chan and Saki-chan were.

Though, there was someone shouting, “You heartless~~”. But, that shouldn’t be Sis. That shouldn’t be…

Moe-chan and Saki-chan lived in the same house, but they were a bit far away.

My home had a simple door separating the living spaces.

This was for a man who wanted to live with a family of two women, and unexpectedly there were such houses in the special ward.

Women who lived with men often gave birth to two or three children, so this type of house was made large enough to accommodate six to eight people.

“Both of you, look, a souvenir. Grandmother bought it for you.”

After some discussion with Grandma, we decided to buy hats and water bottles for the two elementary school students.

I didn’t know the size of their clothes, and they would stop wearing them since they were still growing.

Instead, it would be hot from now on, so I thought it would be good to have a sun hat and a water bottle.

” “Thank you very much.” “

When I handed them the hat and water bottle, they smiled.

“You should say thanks to Grandmother later. She’s running outside now.”

“Yes. I’ll thank Grandmother later.”

“Good girl. So, what have you been doing?”

“It’s a preparation for class tomorrow.”

“I see, that’s amazing.”

Preparation? Is that homework’s sister? Or is it another world language?

…Ever since I was born, I’ve never done anything called preparation. It’s not human to prepare for school class!

“Come to think of it, is Minayo-san still working today?”

“Yes. She said she would come back at night.”

Even though it’s Golden Week holidays, she’s that busy. Is this a good thing? Maybe?

But what do Moe-chan and Saki-chan think?

“Are you lonely?”

The two looked at each other and then shook their heads.

“She works hard to raise us. We’re not lonely at all.”

Said Moe-chan.

Saki-chan nodded in agreement.

I wonder why, but their bright appearance was so sweet yet sad.

So, I hugged them.

“I see. Then, today, let’s play with Taketo Onii-chan, okay?”

Both of them hugged me tightly.

“Alright, let’s play in the garden!”

I bet Nee-san must be stuck somewhere, so it should be fine!

Thus, we played a lot in the garden until it got dark.

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