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Nigoru Hitomi de Nani wo Negau ch 138

138. Chapter 138

In Belgana, there was a facility called the Guild House, which was managed directly by the Adventurer’s Guild. The Guild House, which was clearly separated from the general reception area, contained everything needed for long-term activities in the Labyrinth. Of course, there were costs associated with activities such as registration and usage fees, but the benefits were far-reaching. It was fully equipped with a variety of assistance from numerous staff members, materials processing area, excellent healing magicians available at all times, and more, from a nap room to a food shop.

Regular general lectures provided knowledge about the monsters that appeared on each floor, and for those who wanted to gain experience for actual battles, it was possible to dive into the Labyrinth by signing a contract with a high-rank adventurer who had been certified by the guild.

More than few wanted to save money, thus they went to the mid-rank floors of the Labyrinth and beyond via the general entrance. The results of that were clearly visible in the statistics published by the Adventurer’s Guild. There was a large gap between the casualty rates of the general entrance users and the Guild House users.

Peyrouse, who began coming in and out of the mid-rank floors, finally had a surplus of funds at his disposal and began to actively use the Guild House. Although he had been made leader of the party despite his reluctance, he accepted the role and thought of what was best for the party. And he realized that he lacked many things, so he began taking general lectures, first aid, crisis management, and also personal combat training from a Borgia soldier.

Peyrouse had heard from his mentor, the Borgia soldier, that adventurers were expected to be part of the defense force in times of need. After all, the Great Labyrinth of Belgana belonged to the family of Marquis Borgia, and the Adventurer’s Guild was only entrusted with its management and operation. In short, the adventurers were treated like a reserve force with no maintenance costs. Peyrouse didn’t remember becoming a soldier, but he wasn’t so ungrateful that he would only accept favors and not cooperate. Now that he had left the farming village, his home, Belgana was his second home. Of course, he hoped that everything would turn out well here.

Peyrouse’s party had a break from Labyrinth until yesterday. Naturally, everyone had enjoyed the rest they wanted. But as expected, after the break, the movement became heavy and stiff.

So today, Peyrouse received a morning lecture on priority actions in the Labyrinth. With the knowledge from the lecture, he wanted to get used to it slowly. Then in the afternoon he relieved his heavy eyelids in the nap room.

Outside, the sun had already set and the twin moons were about to make their presence felt. Fortunately, day and night didn’t matter for those who wanted to dive into the Labyrinth.

One by one, members gathered in front of the reception desk, which also served as a meeting room. Leake was the only one left, but he wouldn’t be on time. Besides having a habit of being late, he was busy with something.

Peyrouse, who had become accustomed to being kept waiting, changed the plan, for he was growing tired of waiting.

“Should we have a snack, or something to eat until the Leake arrives?”

“It’s two hours early. But well, you can’t even eat slowly when you’re in the Labyrinth, so let’s eat now.”

With Donna’s agreement, Peyrouse made his way to the store. He didn’t wait for a word from Matthio, because he was always hungry. Even if he was asked, the answer would be the same. As proof of this, Matthio immersed himself in the sea of thoughts and freed his mind from the real world. Nevertheless, perhaps lured by the smell of food, he stumbled after Peyrouse. Of course, it was the usual orc meat.

“Orc meat――”

“…..Urgh, you can eat it even in the Labyrinth, why do I’ve to eat that here too?”

Donna reflexively rejected the word orc meat. Even Matthio blatantly frowned.

Peyrouse and his party member took the orc meats they had retrieved from the Labyrinth outside and used them in their daily diet. The taste was delicious. Still, eating the same food all the time would tire normal people out quickly. Sure, it could be toned down with different ways of preparing it, such as baking, boiling, frying, and other trial and error. Even so, it would be amazing if one didn’t get tired of orc meat after eating it three times a day.

As if ridiculing Peyrouse, a sweet smell drifted, entered his nose, and stimulated his brain.

“Kuh, sweets huh…?”

Belgana had a stable supply of orc meat from the Labyrinth, and along with salted fish, it was a cheap food representative. Confectionery made from wheat was more expensive than these foods. No wonder adventurers who usually eat only fatty and salty foods were hungry for sweets. But the prices displayed on the board weren’t coin bag friendly. In the first place, orc meat was cheap or even free. For those who wanted to save money, orc meat was a winner.

The fragrant smell of sugar invited the party. Matthio succumbed to the lure of sugar and approached with somnambulant steps. Peyrouse cursed that this was a sinful place to lure adventurers with an outrageous smell. But even he couldn’t resist the temptation. And Donna followed from behind.

Contrary to the lonely wallet, Peyrouse’s stomach was satisfied. Forced to make unnecessary expenses, the hatred was growing even bigger for Leake that had not yet been seen.

Fortunately, Leake soon appeared.

“It’s too late. Did he take a detour again huh?”

In contrast to the sweet smell clinging to the clothes, Peyrouse spread bitterness, but he then noticed that Leake was acting differently than usual.

While waving his arms, the approaching Leake opened his mouth and said,

“Sorry that I’m late, but that’s not the point. It seems that a conqueror has emerged from the labyrinth. The Conqueror suddenly came out of the restricted section of the Guild House, causing a big fuss!!”

“Huh!? Someone has conquered the Labyrinth?”

Peyrouse had reached the mid-rank floors, but even at the beginning of the mid-rank floors, which had been thinned out by those working in the same industry, he still selected his prey carefully, even now. When the depth increased, the number of people would decrease. Troublesome and strong monsters would rush in at regular intervals, and there was no time to properly rest. Even if Peyrouse and his comrades wanted to rest after doing their best, as soon as they saw a monster, they must be ready to fight again.

“So, who concurred the Labyrinth?”

Donna spoke quickly, as if hoping Leake would be quick to tell her. As an adventurer, it was only natural. Even Peyrouse who didn’t say it out loud, was deep down curious.

“It seems to be the Trimagitack. There’s a crowd over there. Let’s go see!”

Peyrouse followed Leake. They weaved through the crowds and were scolded by the other adventurers for pushing, but they kept pushing on, taking advantage of the small gaps. After passing through countless crowds, Peyrouse caught up with the figures. The Trimagitack members, accompanied by a guild staff, was on their way to the treatment center from the Guild House. Their worn equipment indicated that they had survived countless life and death battles. It was clear they were all injured by the fierce attacks that their armor couldn’t withstand. There was no glamor. Only one word: “exhausted” that accompanied them.

“Uh, what a terrible injury. As expected, coming out unharmed isn’t an option.”

“They’re exhausted, but… an adventurer who’s full of injuries, looks strangely cool.”


Replied Peyrouse to Donna’s words, but his eyes were still stolen by a man. To be exact, the mercenary who recently joined the Trimagitack. The armor worn by the man looked like as if it had been mercilessly crushed by something huge. His broken limbs were fixed with splints, and he was supported by the leader of the Trimagitack, Merrill.

“ah, uh”

The gaze of Peyrouse staring intently at the mercenary was noticed by the dark and muddy eyes. Such a cold look was directed to him. Still, he didn’t look away from the man. When he first met the man, he was just terrified and horribly confused, but now his curiosity outweighed his fear. To be more precise, there was also a sprinkle of envy.

“Even though it’s dark, it’s, dazzling.”

When Peryrouse saw the mercenary’s back, that figure became an unforgettable memory and imprinted itself on his mind. A movement that was difficult to detect, a flash could easily knock out even the Bone Collector. Peyrouse tracked the owner of this dazzling figure with his eyes. A ferocious man who could reach the 30th floor alone, even if there were ten Peyrouse now, such a feat couldn’t be imitated. A single blow from him and a pile of corpses would be left behind. Still, Peyrouse was determined. To get closer to where such a power lay.

Although Peyrouse threw nothing at the mercenary named Walm, he continued to send silent praise to those who conquered the Labyrinth with all his might.


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