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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 52

52. Sudden Invasion

The grandmother of Souya Family, was in short, a broadminded person

A little different from insensitive. She was curious about small things. She had an unpredictable personality, and was like a natural enemy to the original owner of my body.

Therefore, when I thought of her, my body trembled.

Retaining old memories vividly, wasn’t always a good thing.

Anyway, in this world, women normally did physical labor.

Of course, there were many types of women.

Even in the original world, there were women like that once in a while. But here, it was normal.

I still got a shock when I saw a young woman wearing only a tank top carrying ready-mixed concrete on my way to and from school.

Grandma’s occupation was a truck driver. With a rice ball in one hand and a steering wheel in the other hand, she would bring supplies from town to town.

In the land transportation business, it seemed that physical strength was important, so, even that slender body of hers was filled with overflowing energy.

“I’ll be here for a while.”

On the morning of the first day of the Golden Week, when I showed my face in the living room, she was already there.

“I-it’s been a while…”

My voice trembled. The body apparently remembered the trauma of meeting her.

“At times like this, say good morning first, Taketo.”

“G-good morning, grandmother.”

“Yes, good morning. Well, aren’t you getting slightly tougher than before?”

“I-I wonder… ah, hahaha”

My body wanted to turn right, to run away.

My body? What are you doing?

“What’s about Aki?”

“Sis hasn’t woken up… she seems to be working hard every night studying for her exams.”

“Humm. Weakling.”

Grandma poured another cup of tea from the teapot and drank it up with a small slurping sound.

The time is just 6 am in the morning.

Let alone Sis, even Mom is still sleeping. Since it’s a day off, there’s no need to get up early, right?

But… why is she here already?

It’s possible that she came last night…or rather, late at night.

She must have contacted Mom by phone and entered the house without ringing the doorbell.

“Grandmother, aren’t you going to rest?”

“Older people sleep less. More than that, you’re wearing jerseys. Training, is it?”

“Tha-that’s right, but….. ah, no way.”

“Well, I’ve been sitting all the time and my body is getting tired of staying still. Let’s run around town.”

Just five minutes after we met, we decided to run side by side.

The grandmother of the Souya Family, Satoko Souya, seemed to be in her late fifties, but she looks ten years younger.

Of course, her hair was white and wrinkles were conspicuous.

But her tanned skin looked healthy and her toned body looked like an active athlete.

“You woke up at this kind of time. Seems you have a route you usually run, right?”

“Well… yes”

“Then, I’ll follow you, so run as you please.”

When I was doing warm-up exercises, Grandma said something like that.

It was almost a month since I started training with the new body.

One thing I realized was that this new body had a high spec, and I was able to run fast and for a long time like me in the original world even after just a month of training.

Well, in the original world, I was short-footed and slow-footed, so it might be not a fair comparison.

The outer edge of the residential area of the house was just 4 kilometers. Leaving the house, making two laps around the outer edge, and coming back, should make it about ten kilometers. That was my usual route.

When I run, Grandma followed me without losing pace.

It bothered me at first, but as I ran, it got easier to not mind her.

After finishing the usual course, we took a break in the garden of the house.

“You didn’t slow down your pace until the end, eh? Not bad.”

Ah, right, she’s here…

Grandma was only slightly out of breath, and there was no sign of fatigue. After all, she was a monster in terms of physical fitness.

“Grandmother too, you still have a lot of energy.”

“All long-distance truck drivers are like this. So, what are you going to do next?”

“Ah…… umm, it’s calisthenics.”

“What kind? Let me assist you.”

With the help of Grandma, I bent my body deeper than usual.

She was silent and did what I say. To be honest, it freaked me out.

“Even though it’s hard for teens to gain muscle, you seem to have a little. Did you start training recently?”

“That’s right. Before I entered high school.”

“If that’s the case, you’re excellent. Your core is still nah, but your limbs are starting to get stiff. If you don’t put a certain amount of stress on it, it won’t be able to look like this.”

“Thank you”

For a month, I did a training set up by a professional advisor that I arranged to suit this body.

The knowledge I got in the original world was very useful for training as efficiently as possible and not damaging the body.

“So, what’s next?”

Normally, I would do karate training, but this time I decided not to. After all, I couldn’t imagine what Grandma might say and do.

“No next, this is the end. So, next is time to take a shower and have breakfast.”

“……Is that so?”

Grandma said nothing else and went back inside the house.

I dissolved protein in a glass of milk and drank it, then headed to the bathroom for a hot shower.

“But, why suddenly?”

Normally, when the grandmother of the family came to visit from the countryside, she would give the grandchildren some pocket money, and souvenirs, and take them somewhere.

“Well, I wonder what comes next…”

But, the grandmother of Souya family is completely different from the norm.

She even accompanied the grandson, me, to training together. So, should I expect something beyond a normal exchange between a grandmother and her grandchild…?

As I was thinking about that, I heard voices from the second floor.

“Till when do you plan to sleep?”


After I made a short prayer, I took a shower.

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