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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 50

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50. Talk with the other groups 3

I never thought that Rie would come to my house with Mom.

But that was a good experience.

I further learned that women in this world begin to seriously think about their future around middle school or high school.

Men were slower. Perhaps they were procrastinating it, since it was an important decision.

As for me in, I seriously thought about it since I was in elementary school in the original world.

I seriously thought about the future and moved to action. It didn’t work. I failed.

When I reached middle school, I gradually understood the world better.

I came to think that my best future would be to get a job that would make use of my physique, and so I could go to a high-class bar where a well-dressed woman would sit next to me about twice a month.

However, that Goddess appeared, when I started to get uneasy thinking, “What if even a girl in a bar won’t get attracted to me?”. That was my last option after all.

When I go to school, Atsushi looked troubled as he was surrounded by women.

“Good morning, Atsushi. What’s wrong?”

“Oh, Souya-kun, good morning. It’s nothing. Just… it’s about my family.”

“…? Is it better not to ask?”


“I understand. Anyway, it’s almost Golden Week. Are you going to go out somewhere?”

When Atsushi and I started talking, the women dispersed.

There was a saying “Interrupt a conversation between men, and you’ll be unpopular”. That must be the reason.

When the two of us were talking about the holidays, the chime rang and the homeroom teacher came.

The girls went to their seats.

Ah, the girls who surrounded him. No one was a member of his group…

But, what about his group members?

…I guess Atsushi kept them away from this matter because it’s useless to talk about it to them.

Well, I also understand the feeling that he doesn’t want me or the members to hear about the internal affairs of his house.

Now, I’m curious as to what they are usually talking about…

In the end, I decided not to think much and took the classes as usual.

“Alright, school is over. Today is group two.”

It was the second day of the extracurricular exchange. I was really looking forward to hearing what kind of story the girl would tell me this time.

……Hmm? Isn’t this like going to a “hostess club” that I saw in my dream?

I went to the common room.

“… Hoo, a group with students from inside and outside the special ward? Interesting.”

“That’s right. At first, I was worried about whether we could get along well, but we quickly became close.”

The girl named, “Minori Yoda”, cheerfully answered so.

She was a student in the Special Ward who was the leader of the group two.

“The three of us have never been outside the special ward.”

“It’s troublesome to get the certificate of residence……”

“And renewal for it is every year, also, it costs money.”

” ” “Rightー” ” “

The three girls living in the Special Ward said in unison. What a good relationship.

Anyway, the government office would issue a certificate of residence proving that you were living in a Special Ward.

The certificate would be valid until the end of the following fiscal year and must be renewed annually.

Also, since the issuance fee costs about 5,000 yen, it seemed that about half of the students didn’t apply.

When people who lived inside the Special Ward went outside the Special Ward, they needed the certificate, but it seemed that there was a lot of dissatisfaction from the people living in the Special Ward as to why they had to go through the trouble and money to get such a thing.

In short, it was like a tax.

Like it or not, people must enjoy it as one of the expenses of continuing to live in the Special Ward.

“That’s why, we’re thinking of going outside together next time.”

It was hard to believe that girls looked at the girls from outside the Special Ward with prejudiced eyes, becoming closer as a member of the same group in quite a short time, and I couldn’t see these prejudiced eyes anymore.

“That’s good.”

Really, it’s good.

“On the other hand, we always thought that all the girls who’s living in the special ward are arrogant, so we were quite terrified the first time we came here.”

“My mother is worried that I would be treated like a slave …”

Saying so, the two students from outside the Special Ward looked at each other.

“So, how do you think now?”

“I think there are people like that, but now I know that’s not all are like that.”

“I’m glad I came to this school.”

The faces of the two students outside the Special Ward were cheerful.

I guess they really thinks so…

“That’s good. But I wonder why you have such a prejudice. Why such a misunderstanding is widespread?”

“Well, you can say, it’s the influence of TV? They often broadcast something like how amazing a special ward is.”

“And said that just being able to live there means that you’re chosen.”

“The residents like us who lives outside, are quite timid after all. Such words would of course overwhelm us.”

In the media, the so-called “Special Ward Promotion”, such as “the Special Ward is amazing” or “this store in the Special Ward is wonderful”, seemed to be normal. Probably because it was necessary to maintain society.

It seems that another reason why they don’t mind shouldering the burden of living in a special ward is, because they’ve been told that “the special ward is amazing”, and by appealing the goodness of the special ward, it’s also fueling the competitiveness of people who live outside.

But, surely, the way they’re brought up has a big impact too.

In this way, the second exchange was successful.

The next day.

It was the turn of group three, the group where Atsushi was a member.

When I asked Atsushi in the morning, he said that he would, of course, participate.

So once again, I went to the common room after school.

“Umm… is it really okay, to not give him a present?”

One of the group members timidly said so.

“As I’ve told, I don’t accept that sort of thing.”


The fact that she’s a group member chosen by Atsushi, means that she must be from a good family, and the other girls must be too…

There seemed to be something like a family lesson that a girl should give a proper reward to a man when he troubled himself to do something for her.

I was asked in advance, and told the girl that I wouldn’t receive it. Not this time, not in the future as well.

“Well, Souya-kun is an unusual type. Personally, I think it’s more convenient to just receive it.”

I know it’ll make both of us feel better, but I can’t just accept it, otherwise, if a rumor spread, others will start doing the same…

“I understand that it’s normal, but well, just think of this as my stubbornness. I said it already, and it was my real thought about this.”

“If that’s the case…”

“We, we’ll follow Souya-kun’s word.”

There was a kind of unwritten rule in this world, where men could say or request something a little strange or out of the norm.

“There are many things I want to hear, but what did everyone think of this?”

“It’s peculiar… COUGH!! I mean, it’s a very wonderful way of thinking……”

I wanted to know what the students who are raised in a good family inside the Special Ward thought of this interaction.

And when one girl answered, the others nodded. Their expressions were in sync.

“Personally, it’s a lot of help. It seems that I can spend a year peacefully.”

After all, the topic of the class seemed to be focused on me.

“But, well, I guess other classes have already started to move, so you may need to be vigilant.”

“Hmm? What do you mean?”

“In every class, many girls couldn’t be in the same group as the boys. They seem to envy those like us, and especially our class.”

“Oh, I see… jealousy, is it?”

I didn’t think my action was already being talked about in other classes. But I figured sooner or later this information would go viral, so yeah, as expected…

“It has never been to this extent, so I don’t know what they will do, but I think that you can expect some kind of action in the near future.”

As expected of someone from a special ward. She understands the situation very well.

Probably, but there’ll be a certain number of girls who think it’s “unfair”.

I don’t know whether the target will be directed at me, the members of my group, or all the girls in the class.

“If something happens, I’ll stand in front. I’ve already factored in a certain number of things, so can you let me know right away if something happens?”

When I said that, there were voices of admiration saying “Oh my” or “Ara”.

I don’t intend to be hostile to other classes, I want to be familiar with everyone if I could, but I would prioritize the girls in my class regardless of whether you’re from inside or outside…

“By the way.. Atsushi.”

“What is it?”

“How far have you thought about the future?”


When I asked, all the girls here immediately had nervous faces.

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