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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 132

132. There are people who are happy in prison

『”Atsushi-san. You know, I’ve never been to prison in my life. This is my first time. So I’ve never seen the inside of a prison, and I don’t even know how to meet people in prison. The only knowledge I have about it is from manga, anime, and dramas. So, I’m fully aware that I’m not in a position to say what is right.”』

Atsushi thought it was normal.

There was no way an ordinary person, especially a first-year high school student, would know the details of a prison. And just like Yuri said, most ordinary students’ knowledge about it would only come from manga, anime, and drama. On the contrary, if they knew, there must be something unordinary that had happened to them.

『”But, still, let me say it… As expected, I don’t think this is right…”』

As usual, Yuri was expressionless, but she was… in a state of reluctance due to the current situation.

『”Eh? What do I mean by that? I’ve never thought that to go inside a prison, you’ll be forced to go through checkpoints and luggage inspections more than ten times, and on top of that, you’ve to take the elevator down to the basement? Really? No, let’s assume taking an elevator is normal. But it’s going down, you know? What’s more, there’s no indication of the number of floors. Is this really a prison? Besides, we’ve been a while and it hasn’t stopped. It can’t be the B 2th or B 3th, right? It’s completely on the B 20th or B 30th, right? Eh? Perhaps, is this Imp〇〇 d〇wn? Are we going straight to LEVEL 5?”』

『”Calm down Shirasawa. Your parable is going astray again.”』

While saying this, Atsushi also had his own thoughts about the situation.

He understood that prison was a foreign place for him and Yuri. But even so, it was clearly strange to have such a strict check, and to take an elevator that they didn’t even know where it would take them.

『”… but, well, as you said, this isn’t normal.”』

『”No, no, Atsushi-san. It’s not just that level. Well, there are psychics like us in the world, and there are people who use hypnosis, and people who somehow can get every information. But as expected, this is breaking the worldview…”』

『”Alright, stop. I mean, don’t call it a worldview. Your words are getting hard to understand.”』

Above all, Yuri was still expressionless. To be told that it was breaking her worldview… of course, Atsushi wasn’t convinced.

Right after that conversation ended, the elevator finally stopped.

“It’s here”

The door opened. They followed Kirishima.

It was literally a straight path. There were some surveillance cameras on the walls and ceiling, but that was it, nothing else.

And at the end of the one-way road… there was something that looked like a cell.

What… is this…?

Involuntarily, Atsushi thought of such a thing.

That should be the case. What he saw was definitely iron bars. However, inside it was like a room in a super high-class hotel, with a bed, TV, bookshelves, and many more.

It didn’t look like a cell inside a prison.

『”Atsushi-san. I withdraw my previous statement. Apparently, this isn’t the world of “One p〇〇ce”, but the world of “B〇ki the Gr〇〇pler”.”』

『”Stop it. I’m having a hard time following.”』

As Atsushi replied, the man who was inside the prison raised his face.

He looked like in his early thirties. His long black hair reached the floor and his bangs hid his eyes. His body was so thin that Atsushi thought it would break if he twisted it.

Delicate. That was Atsushi’s first impression of the man.

“―――Yo. You finally came, Sumi. I miss you.”

“Yes. It’s been a while, father.”

To the man who greets him with a smile, Kirishima replied naturally.

This man is…

The man was Kirishima’s father, the former leader and also the founder of Father’s Lake, named “Touya Kadokuro”.

“You’re not alone today”

“Yes. I’ve caused trouble to these two., also one of them wanted to meet you.”

“Hmm. That means… you must be the son of those two. I see, I see. Well, you sure look like them.”

The man looked at Atsushi intently while stroking his chin, as if he were observing something unusual.

And ironically, even though it was the man who was in the prison, Atsushi felt like he was the one under surveillance.

“Hello, I’m Touya Kadokuro. Nice to meet you, Atsushi Yamagami-kun”


“Oho. You don’t need to be on guard.”

“Of course I need. I mean, can you get along with my parents?”

“Hahaha. Don’t be so harsh. But, yeah, you’re right. It’s because of your parents that I’m here now. It would be natural to hold a grudge against your parents… But don’t get me wrong, I’ve never held a grudge against you or your parents. Rather, I respect them.”

“What did you say?”

Atsushi unintentionally uttered a question at the unexpected words.

The organization that Kadokuro had created was destroyed by Atsushi’s parents. Even if he said that he never held a grudge against them, or even respected them, there was no way Atsushi could believe him.

“They destroyed the religious group I created. Only two people, and yet managed to do that. Both physically and mentally. They completely overthrew the trust of the believers, and even the “soldiers” I sent were completely destroyed. And they even threw me here. From a general point of view, I should’ve held a grudge against them. But actually, I have my own thoughts. I thought that their skill was amazing. That’s all. If you don’t mind, I’d like to hear about their current situation…”

“I’m sorry, but father, could you talk about that next time? I just came here today because I wanted to ask you something.”

When Kirishima interrupted her father’s words, her father spread his hands with a troubled look on his face.

“You want to ask something? I see. What is it? We’re father and daughter, aren’t we? Ask me anything. Any question, I’ll answer my daughter’s question.”

There was no hostility in Kadokuro’s words. Perhaps, it was because he was dealing with his daughter, still, Atsushi couldn’t help but be suspicious of him, since he was the founder of Father Lake.

To such a father,

“Then let me ask you straight ―――why did you attack us, can you tell us the reason?”

Kirishima said so in a monotonous and straightforward manner.

TN: I know this is sudden but, this is the end for now, the author has been on hiatus from writing anything since last year, I don’t know whether this’ll be continued again or not.

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