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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 131

131. Foreshadowing can’t always be trusted

Not long after successfully defusing the bomb, the police arrived.

The people who attacked Atsushi, Kirishima, and Yuri were arrested, but unfortunately, they weren’t hooked on the culprit. The culprit was, apparently, a fairly well-prepared fellow, and left no evidence of any kind.

Despite the bold actions, such as gathering people with a grudge against Kirishima and trying to attack using bombs, it was clear that the culprit was a troublesome person.

But strangely enough, Kirishima made a clear declaration to Atsushi, who thought that they would be attacked by some kind of trick again.

「”Even if I said this, you may don’t believe it. Sure I don’t know who that man who called us is, but at least I can say for sure that you won’t be involved in this matter anymore.”」

These were the words Kirishima said after the interview with the police was over.

Atsushi thought it was strange, or rather, extremely incomprehensible. After all, she said that even though she didn’t know the true identity of the opponent. However, there was a kind of certainty in Kirishima’s expression as she declared.

And that was why he thought that Kirishima must know the root of this turmoil.

His prediction was spot on.

「“I think there are a lot of things you want to ask, but I’ll explain that at a later date. I need some time… to prepare my heart for various things. Rest assured. I won’t run away. After all, in order to put an end to this turmoil, I have to get you guys to go with me.”」

In response to those words, Atsushi simply said, “Got it.”

And a few days later,

『”――――Wait a minute, this is strange.”』

Yuri sent such a telepathic telepathy next to Atsushi, who had come with him to the meeting place designated by Kirishima.


『“What? Don’t just “what” me? I mean, what is this situation? Even though nothing happened at the inn after that, but still, such an incident happened to us. But, that’s it? No way, right? Normally, after the bomb got defused successfully, it should be the time for someone to say “The culprit is among us”, but what? Not only that we haven’t found the culprit, but also no other incident happened!? At least, by this time, it should be the second and third incidents!!”』

“Shirasawa. I always say this, but sometimes I have trouble processing what you’re saying.”

Atsushi responds with amazement to Yuri, who was expressionless as usual but sends incomprehensible words.

However, Yuri didn’t stop, and continued to talk without caring about what Atsushi had said.

『”I mean, I was imagining that ghosts might cause an incident you know?! I even prepared myself and thought of various countermeasures!! Well, in the end, if a ghost was the cause of that incident, I would be frightened, or rather, on the contrary, I would’ve shouted, “Heeeyyy, how many genres are you mixing?!!…”.  Although I’m glad that didn’t happen, but still!!” 』

“About that… Well, I thought of that outcome a little too.”

A surprise attack by masked men at an inn, followed by a time bomb, followed by a ghost appearing.

……Well, normal people would’ve got a hard time putting it into a single genre.

『”I mean, what’s the purpose of having people with the name “Kaneda” and “Egawa”?! Well, Egawa-san saved us!! But, If those two, who had such a name, were there, at least a hundred, no, two hundred incidents more would happen, right?!”』

“Alright, stop it there. It’s about time I seriously don’t understand the meaning.”

Feeling that the conversation had further lost track, Atsushi said so.

Although he understood what Yuri wanted to say very well. But Kaneda and Egawa were just a novelist and manga artist. Nothing more than that.

Or rather, if that wasn’t the case, it would be really bad. Really.

“Since no incident happened, we should be happy. Imagine, if there really were a second or third incident after that, the scope of this incident would’ve grown more than what we can handle.”

『”Well, that’s true, but but…”』

Yuri was still not convinced. However, Atsushi’s point was reasonable, and she couldn’t continue that topic, so she brought up another topic.

『“So, we came here just as Kirishima-san told us…….”』

“Can’t you be more articulate? I can’t understand your telepathy.”

『”No no, it’s not a matter of being articulate or anything like that… Or rather, Atsushi-san. How can you casually accept Kirishima-san’s invitation? What if it’s a trap?”』

It was a natural question.

Considering the relationship between Atsushi and Kirishima, it was a possible scenario.

However, Atsushi immediately denied those words.

“I’m sure it’s not a trap. Judging from her reaction, it’s clear that she’s also a victim of this incident. If everything was just according to the scenario she wrote, and coming here was a trap, her acting skills should’ve got a trophy.”

『”That may be true, but then… why didn’t she talk right away? Personally, I don’t think it’s a good idea to put off the truth for too long, or make such an ambiguous development.”』

“I understand how you feel, but please understand how she feels. As you know, there are one or two things you don’t want to say to people. Even if you don’t mind telling it, sometimes you need time.”

There were things that one didn’t want to talk about. It wasn’t a strange thing. And for Kirishima who had been through a lot of trouble because of her father, in her case, there were probably more than one or two things she didn’t want others to know.

But she still said clearly, that she had no intention of running away. That she just wanted some time.

When Atsushi heard it, he thought that it must be something that Kirishima wouldn’t speak casually to others, so he didn’t pressure her.

” ―――Seems, I’ve made you wait for long.”

And then, at last, Kirishima came.

“Then, shall we go now?”

“What’s with the hurry… I mean, before that, I want you to tell us, where are you taking us?”

It wasn’t that Atsushi doubted Kirishima’s words. However, it was only natural to wonder where they were headed from now on.

And, precisely because Kirishima also understood that, she plainly said,

“Don’t worry, it’s not a very dangerous place――― just a prison.”

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