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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 127

127. Friendly fire is scary

“So, do, you, mind, to explain, what this is, all about, right now.”

Kirishima said while glaring at Atsushi and Yuri with an expression as if possessed by a vengeful spirit. Her face was clearly sullen, or rather, her anger meter was broken through, to the point it didn’t show on her face.

Atsushi spoke plainly to her.

“Explanation? It is what it is.”

“Hah? Let me ask. If someone was sleeping, and that singing voice suddenly reverberate in their heads, what would happen? Honestly, they might die of shock…”

In a sense, that statement was, true.

Yuri’s sudden attack in the brain was directed at everyone inside the room, regardless of enemy or ally. Probably because she was in a state of anger that she couldn’t make fine adjustments such as, whom she should attack. In short, it was what they called “friendly fire”.

“Hmm, calm down, don’t get so angry. I mean, I understand your feeling, like really. But, it’s because of her that we’re saved from these people.”

While saying that, Atsushi pointed at the masked people who were tied up.

Yuri’s “brain recital” was as powerful as ever, knocking out all of them within a few seconds.

……Well, from the point of view of Kirishima, who was forced to listen while she was sound asleep, it was brutal. So, it couldn’t be helped that she wanted to let out her anger.

“Still… I mean, how can you be so calm after hearing that?”

“Calm? Not really. My vision was shaky until just now, and I honestly felt nauseous. I’m still dizzy even now. But, that’s all. There’s no other dangerous problem.”

“Seriously? You’ve got no problem?”

Rather, the fact that Atsushi still remained conscious, also his strong mental strength made Kirishima both surprised and dumbfounded.

After Atsushi’s dizziness was completely gone, he realized something.

Come to think of it, this is the first time I’ve heard Shirasawa’s singing.

Until today, Atsushi had been helped in many ways by Yuri’s brain recital, but he didn’t really know its power. And with this experience, he was able to affirm how dangerous Yuri’s attacks were.

“So? Why is the brave person who defeated them holding her knees in the corner of the room?”

“Ah, where to start huh… the shock of having her precious game device destroyed, and the guilt of getting us involved in her attack, are mixed together, and thus, she’s in that state.”

“I see… well, at the very least, she’s reflecting on it…”

Reflecting… wasn’t exactly the right word. Right now, Yuri seemed to have lost her soul rather than reflecting on her action.

After all, what Yuri sent with her telepathy to Atsushi was only

『“Fufu, fufufufu, fufufufufu, fufufufufufufufufufu……”』

An eerie laugh. And Atsushi fully understood that no matter what he said to her, would be meaningless for now.

“Well, let’s leave her alone for now. And shall we get to the real problem?”

“Right. Let’s hear what they have to say.”

While saying that, the two turned their gazes to the masked people.

“….. You think, we’ll just give you information?”

“Yes, of course. Listen, even though I look like this, I’m good at making people open their mouths you know. And luckily, I’ve brought along various tools just in case. Also, I just made a new drug recently. What a good timing to experiment with that, ufufufu.”

The fearless smile on Kirishima’s face reminded Atsushi, that she was a little crazy in her head. 

“Oi, what did you just say? New drug? Don’t overdo it. what if something unexpected happens? Also, I report this to the Chairman.”

“…Hey you. Can’t you read the atmosphere? Why do you want to do it peacefully in this situation? Or rather, do you think you can do something about me if you tell the Chairman? I admit that I can’t stand against him in many ways, but that doesn’t mean I can’t go against him at all, you know?”

“Alright, I gotcha. Time to email him, “Kirishima made some new strange drug again, so please give her a sermon.”……”

“Stop. His sermon is long and tedious. Really, don’t do it. Stop.”

It was hard to believe that such a word came from someone who just threatened other. Although Kirishima tried to be strong, deep down, she knew that she would have a hard time dealing Hiiragi and that she wouldn’t want that to happen.

One of the masked people opened his mouth.

“Hah, as expected, she’s the daughter of that mad founder. Did she inherit her father’s method of making people talk?”

“… inherited from, my father?”

Kirishima approached the man who said that and removed the mask.

And, the moment she saw his face, she was convinced of something.

“……I see. It was you guys after all.”

“Do you know him?”

“Yes… Well, in short, he’s a family of a “Father’s Lake” believer… surely the others too.”

Indifferently, Kirishima muttered such a thing while narrowing her eyes.

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