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Yousei Bishoujo ga Nounai de Tasuke wo Motometekurundaga? ch 126

126. Charging is needed almost everywhere in a modern society

『”Atsushi-san. It’s unbelievable but I can’t sleep, so let’s talk for a while.”』

『”Seriously… I thought you said you just said you were going to sleep? Did I mishear it?”』

It was midnight. The lights in the room were off and only pitch black in the field of vision.

So, getting telepathy from Yuri, Atsushi was surprised but replied back.

Sure enough, he didn’t speak out loud. After all, he didn’t want to disturb Kirishima.

『”…So? What do you want to talk?”』

『”About this case. What do you think of it, Atsushi-san?“』

『“What do I think huh… well, how should I put it, I think it’s full incomprehensible things…”』

『”I agree. After listening to Atsushi-san’s story, I can’t help but feel that it’s full of loopholes. I mean, in the first place, if you’re going to set something up, there’s no need to call your target to a place like this. The same goes for blowing up a trash can and injuring the Chairman. Regardless of how you wanted to do this, if you could do so precisely like that, shouldn’t it be better to lure your target to a better place?”』

What Yuri said wasn’t wrong.

Atsushi himself still didn’t understand the meaning of bringing him and Kirishima here. If the culprit had something to do with them, why were they brought here? Would be there a special reason for using such a place?

A secluded place like this? In that case, why not called them to some ruin somewhere?

That meant, there should be a reason why they were brought here. But then, why didn’t the culprit do anything right away?

Many things that Atsushi couldn’t make sense of. After all, he only had a little information. Perhaps too little.

『”So, about this situation that we’re in now, what do you think?”』

『”I don’t understand!”』

『”You… but, yeah, of course right…”』

Well, no one knew the answer to this situation.

『“Ah, but, I think it’s certain that Kirishima-san is involved in this.”』

『”Yeah, yeah. Also, I might have something to do with this too. Otherwise, I don’t understand the point of asking me to come here with her. Besides, I’m curious about those words that were in the game.”』

The word “Father’s Lake” was in the VR game. It couldn’t be just a coincidence, at least, Atsushi was sure it had something to do with this case.

『”When I heard that ‘Father Lake’ might be involved, I thought that the remnants of the believer came to take revenge on Kirishima or me, but… it still doesn’t make sense to me, for luring us here…”』

『”What do you mean?”』

『”If they were aiming for Kirishima to take revenge on the founder who deceived them, why they would want me to come along? On the other hand, if they still believe the founder and have a grudge against my parents who crushed their religious organization and so set their sights on me, they don’t need to call Kirishima.”』

『”Aーh, that’s true”』

As Atsushi said, it would have been easier to guess the reason if only one of them was asked to come here. Asking them both, only complicated things after all.

『“Well, it can’t be helped. Rather, it’s better to be positive. Physics, ghosts, whatever you are, bring it on!! Let’s take it easy like that.”』

『”Stop. Stop raising a bad flag, can’t you? No matter how, that phrase sounds very dangerous.”』

Atsushi commented on Yuri’s explosive remarks, even though he himself made some incomprehensible remarks.

『”Ah, hear me, I just thought about one thing… isn’t this the pattern of when the target lets their guard down and you would catch them? That’s what the situation we’re in right now, right…?”』

『”Oi, oi, oi, stop it. Don’t raise the flag even higher. But wait… you might be right.”』

The next moment after Atsushi responded.

The door of the room suddenly opened, and countless figures entered the room.


Atsushi jumped out of the futon involuntarily and stood there.

Looked around in the dark with vigilance. Fortunately, thanks to the moonlight illuminating the room, he was able to catch the other person’s appearance in his field of vision.

Several people wearing black clothes and masks, huh…?

Atsushi couldn’t tell the gender because of the mask, but considering the posture, probably all of them were male.

Having a general grasp of the surrounding situation, Atsushi then said a few words to Yuri for the time being.

『”… Oi, look, it’s because you didn’t stop saying things like that. What should we do now?”』

『”Eh!? It’s my fault!? I mean, it’s true that I might have raised a flag, but I don’t think anyone would really expect to collect it with such haste!!”』

Yuri insisted on her innocence with all her might.

But, that aside, Atsushi opened his mouth and threw a question to the shadow.

“…Oi, who are you?”

“I have no obligation to answer. Be a good child and follow us.”

“Do you think I’ll just say, “yes”?”

“Don’t you think it’s better for you to do that?”

“Well? I wonder…”

“I see…… then it can’t be helped.”

After saying that, the masked men slowly started walking toward the three.


Just a few steps, and there was the sound of something breaking.


Involuntarily, Atsushi let out a voice.

It was the sound of one of the masked people stepping on “something”.

That “something” was the game device that Yuri brought. Yuri put it in on charge before going into the futon. And it was left on the floor instead of in the bag.

Naturally, Yuri, who was awake, witnessed the cruel spectacle without a blink.


Speechless. Yuri was frozen on the spot, feeling as if her soul just left her body.

But, as if to tell that the soul went back to the body in a rush, telepathy was sent to Atsushi.

『”Fufu, fuhihi, hihihihihihihihhihihihihihihi―――”』

An eerie laugh was transmitted by telepathy.

Apparently, Atsushi wasn’t the only one hearing it.

“W-what is it!?”

“I can hear a voice, a woman’s voice, in my head…!?”

The masked people panicked. Their surprise was normal. Anyone would panic if they suddenly heard an eerie woman’s voice they didn’t know in their head.

But, without minding them, Yuri continued,

『”You have done it, you really have done it, you really f*cking have done it. Bastards.”』

Yuri’s words were a mixture of despair and rage. In addition, there was no light in her eyes, only murderous intent.

『”Have you gone to the washroom? How about your prayer to God? Are you ready to beg for your lives, shaking in the corner?”』

Atsushi thought.

There were only a few people who knew that those were from an anime. [TN: Hellsing]

But that aside, in short, something dangerous would happen soon.

Without a doubt, that attack, her best skill, would be showed.

『”…If so, please enjoy my performance. “Kaikaikitan” – 30 minutes endurance mode!!”』 [TN: It’s Jujutsu Kaisen OP 1]

After that.

The screams and lamentations of the masked men resounded in the room.

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