Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 43

43. Cousin’s homework

After hearing the story of the Goddess, I was convinced.

That, after all, there were fights over men in the past.

Well, it was something in the past. Stealing from someone else might be common at that time.

But as expected, if the male fertility rate were to drop sharply, any communities would easily be wiped out if they kept that way of life.

So… what about these modern times?

Suppose someone writes on SNS, “It seems that more men will not be born.”

Gradually, various speculations will fly around, and there’ll always be those who say, “The country won’t do anything.”

And usually, their voices are the ones that get louder. Then, their words would change like, “I can’t let these guys run the country.”

If that happens, men may get treated like trophies again.

Women with extreme desires may rush to get, or even kidnap men with all their might, saying, “Why do I need to follow what the country says? F*ck them.”

In short, the presence of men can be a factor in regime change.

What should you do to prevent it? Easy. That’s, to educate the people so that they do not, and wouldn’t think like that.

By tightening the punishment for doing something to a man.

By not letting your desires show and forcing yourself to hold them up.

They were taught to restrain themselves in many aspects.

Parents must have educated their children like that for decades.

Without realizing that it has distorted the society…

『”Well, the women can vent their desires, albeit moderately.”』

…Visiting the special ward is free, and MSA (Male Service Activity) is also being implemented as a national policy. They definitely can vent some of their desires, to some extent…

Only I, who came from another world, feel that there’s something strange with this society. Most of them must have thought of the current society as the correct one…

“There are few men, so it can’t be helped huh…?”

『”I think that’s the identity of the discomfort you are feeling.”』

“…. I see. I guess, I can somehow understand it now.”

The unreasonably severe measures that they get if they do something bad to man, might be to protect their own power structure rather than to protect the man…

I looked up at the sky.

So, what should I do…?

The light radiating from the sun felt so dazzling to my eyes.

On the way home, I happened to see Moe-chan, so we walked side by side to home.

“How is it? Do you have a problem with your study?”

I chose a non-intrusive conversation.

Or rather, that was all that came to my mind.

Really, not having a common topic was really painful.

“It’s a little… hard.”

To my surprise, I got such an answer.

I thought she would answer that she was fine.

“Is that so? Shall I teach you?”

As expected, even I should be able to understand elementary school studies… I should be… right?

I got no reply from Moe-chan.

Rather than giving me a hating look, it seemed to me that she was refraining, as if she was having trouble choosing what to say.

“Well, it’s important to try doing it yourself, but when you’re having trouble in understanding something, it’s better to ask someone. You may discover something new that’ll help you.”

I might have talked like I was someone great, but I didn’t say something wrong. I just stated facts based on my experiences.

My life had always been full of things I didn’t understand, so I kept asking people.

On the contrary, when I tried to interpret it myself, in most cases, it led to a bad result. After all, humans had their own good points.

Some people might be good at moving their bodies, and some might be good at using their heads.

“Yes… T-then, may I ask your help?”

“Of course.”

I thought that it would be nice if we could have a little common topic with this, but I was───

“──so shallow-minded.”

“Taketo Onii-chan, you don’t have to force yourself.”

“Yeah, you’re right. This is so frustrating…”

Why I couldn’t understand the content of elementary school students?

Elementary school students these days are so difficult huh… I mean───

──what is “Area Diagram”?”

“It’s to explain a calculation of something in a way of calculating an area of square or rectangle, or similar. In this case, it’s better to use a square. The height is the number of people, and the width is the price of things. Then, the area is the total amount of things you bought.”

“I see…”

What’s this? Is this important?

Also, it’s me who is supposed to teach her. Why am I the one being taught by Moe-chan, an elementary school student?

Ugh… my dignity… f*ck it, let’s ask Nee-san.

“Wait here, I’ll go to Nee-san’s room.”

After saying that, I went to my sister’s room with the prints.

“Take-kun? Is this… Moe-chan’s?”

“Yes. I just don’t understand it very well.”


“Hm? Nee-san, do you not understand it either?”

“No, I understand. But, that’s not the problem. This, is what you are supposed to learn at the co-ed school.”

“… I don’t think I’ve learned it though?”

“I mean, when you are a student in a girls’ elementary school and want to go co-ed middle school, you must take a POS (Proficiency of Skill) test. And from what I’ve heard, something like this will come out in that test.”

“Wait, Moe-chan is attending a girls’ elementary school right now, right?”

“Yeah, normally she should go straight to a girls’ middle school, and shouldn’t have to study for something that may come out in a POS test.”

“Then, is she perhaps aiming for co-ed middle school?”

“No matter how much she tries, it’ll be still hard, way too hard for her to get in. I was able to go to the same co-ed elementary school as you, because Take-kun was there. Generally, they’ll decide based on the child’s background, such as the parent’s job. Anyway, once you enrolled in a girls’ elementary school, mostly you would continue to girls’ middle school.”

In another way, according to Sis, even if a girl enrolled in a co-ed elementary school, it didn’t mean that the girl would continue to a co-ed middle school.

Because the middle school had a higher standard in selecting the girls than the elementary school.

Up to now, very few cases of girls’ elementary school students were able to get into a co-ed middle school.

“If there is a reason for you to continue in a co-ed middle school, it’s because your parent’s work and the surrounding circumstances have changed a lot.”

“What do you mean?”

“The parent got promoted, or gave birth to a boy, or something like that. Only such a great reason that will make it possible.”

“Mmm, I see. Then, perhaps, Minayo-san will soon get promoted?”

“I wonder if that’s true… Even if that’s the case, is it a great promotion? That’s enough to make her daughter be sent to a co-ed middle school? I mean, in this day and age, will that even happen?”

It must be quite difficult for girls to get into a co-ed middle school. If not, why did she need to start making such preparations at this time of this year? Is there any other reason…?

“Well, that aside, can you teach me this?”

“Okay, first, you draw a rectangle……”

The way Sis taught me… to be honest. It was hard to understand.

In the end, while teaching Moe-chan, I asked Yuuko to teach me.

The evening after finishing Moe-chan’s homework. To express my gratitude, I called Yuuko.

Then, I asked about acceleration, which I didn’t understand in today’s class.

『”Acceleration, is it? First of all, it is difficult to think of it in the same way as Velocity… Trying to make sense of it, you need to understand differential… Ah, that’s right. Think about the relationship between instantaneous velocity and the force applied to it……”』

Even though the ESY (Extremely Smart Yuuko) did her best in breaking down the difficult explanation so that I could understand it, I was still having a hard time understanding it.

『’……now you’re more interested in why that’s the case, right? Well, I think it’s more important than memorizing formulas. But, you’ll trouble yourself, if you think about the meaning of every single thing during the test, so I think it’s better to separate your mind in trying to understand it and trying to solve it as schoolwork.”』

“If I do that, I’ll be fine… right?”

The problem is, I’ve always had trouble separating something with a mindset of “this is this, that is that”, my mind always tried to make sense of everything…

『”Hmm… if you’re okay with it, I can teach you as much as you want. Just that it’s impossible during class.”』

I mean, I can’t just rely on you every time I got stuck in studying, especially when I’m in class, right?

“Well, in that case, I’ve to do it myself….. Ah, come to think of it, I’m having a problem dividing fractions. How should I think about that?”

『”Dividing fractions… First, the meaning of division is how many parts of the number you divide by. I wonder if drawing a tape diagram will help you understand it better. Actually, It’ll be better to make you understand the concept of integers first, but the idea of the tape diagram isn’t that difficult.”』

“Hmmm, is that so…?”

When I asked about 2÷1/3 as an example, I was sent a picture of a long rectangle divided into six equal parts.

In each block, it was written 1/3.

Hmmm. Right. I can’t use this in every calculation. It’ll be taking too much time…

“I see… I’ll take classes while trying to not get stuck in strange places for too long as much as I can.”

That should be better for my mental stability, right?

『”Well, if there’s anything you don’t understand, you can always ask me.”』

“Thank you. I’ll try to do it myself first, but if that still won’t do, then I’ll be your care. Again, thank you for today. See you. Bye.”

Saying so, I hung up the phone.

Then, I tried to draw a tape diagram of 1/2 ÷ 1/3 by myself, but I couldn’t do it well.

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  1. This is, I think, the first time I’ve seen a Japanese protagonist who is bona fide stupid rather than just ignorant. It’s a bit painful to read, not going to lie.

    But, well, it doesn’t affect the main plot of the story, so let’s hang on tight. Thanks for the translation!

    1. He got tricked by the goddess to leave his previous life behind, didn’t he? Was the exchange beneficial to him, overall? Being marginalized by the opposite sex is not nearly as bad as being treated as some protected species on the verge of extinction instead, right? Unless his tastes run this way, that is.

    2. Is it fair to call him stupid though? The way they explain to him just too confusing it was painful to read. They can just use normal words like “Velocity is the average speed of a movement and Acceleration is when the speed changes from the average speed”…Instead, this girl decide to explain it by using “formulas” and “Differential” the other guy use time and time squared… Maybe it’s not that he is stupid, the way this world think just completely different with how his old world thinks that it take time for him to connect.

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