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Danjohi ga Bukkowareta Sekai no Hito to Jinsei wo Koukanshimashita ch 40.5

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40.5. Glossary 1

Protagonist of the original world (unnamed)

Since elementary school, he had always been thinking about how he could have a normal love affair because he was conscious that he had an appearance that was “the opposite of handsome”.

The answer he came up with was, “If I become an athlete, won’t I be popular?”

Of course, if he could become a national-level athlete, that might have been possible, but he chose martial arts, karate and judo, rather than other sports.

His efforts paid off, and his body became a rugged one suitable for martial arts. But as the result, he was further from being popular.

Not only he had a stern face, but now he also had thick arms and neck, and a big pumped-up body, as if he had become a gangster. So, he didn’t get the chance to have many conversations with women other than business-like conversations.

When he was a middle school student, his dream was to ride his bicycle home with a girl on the back and go on a karaoke date on a holiday, but not only it didn’t happen, the other person would get defensive just by normal chatting.

Furthermore, it was decided that he would go to a boys’ high school.

When he was shedding tears, the Goddess called out to him.

Although he felt that the Goddess’s story was suspicious, he decided to exchange lives, saying, “Even if there are some disadvantages, I’ll overcome it with my guts!”, and accepted the proposal of the goddess.

After that, the person who used this body changed lives with someone from a parallel world.

Thus, this body had a new owner.

Then, he (new) joined Wandervogel club in high school and continued to work as a mountaineer.

According to the Goddess, “He enjoyed his life to the fullest, and ended it with satisfaction.”. and also, She said he was a virgin all his life.

The Souya family

Taketo Souya

School : Itsuki High School (1st year).

A handsome boy who had lived for 15 years in a world with an unbalanced gender ratio.

Because of his good-looking appearance, he was harassed by a large number of people, and was sold by the members of the group he was when in middle school 1st and 2nd year.

Thanks to the extra care of the group members he had when in his last year of middle school, he recovered to the point where he could talk normally with only those three girls.

But, when he heard the news that he had to go to a co-ed high school, he became mentally unstable, worse than before.

The Goddess feared that his spirit would collapse, so She resorted to the last resort means of exchanging lives with a person from a parallel world.

The person who exchanged life with him, was happy that finally a chance to lead a popular life had come, but was shocked to learn of a world where the male-female ratio was so broken.

Although he (MC) felt suspicious about the Goddess who didn’t tell anything important, “he” decided to live as Taketo Souya in this world.

As he learned more about this world, “…so, the only man who understands the feelings of those who aren’t popular… is me?”, was the thought that came to his mind.

Overlaying “women who aren’t popular” and his “former self”, he felt a sense of affinity with them.

And started to think, “I want to at least make the women around me happy.”

So he started to think about how to get closer to women, and invited the group members who were good to “him” when in middle school to go on a date.

After worrying about how to repay the kindness received from them, he thought of giving them a “free hug ticket”.

On the other hand, in high school, he first decided to make friends with girls who came from outside the Special Ward, and from there, he made a plan to get near to those girls and gradually became friends with the whole class. He selected four girls from their self-introductions.

Then he went on a date with the four members of the group in the area around Central Station.

After this good date, his desire to make the girls around him happy increased even more. In order to make it happen, he renewed his determination, saying, “Let’s be popular!”

Now, he’s readying himself to make his hope comes true.

Satomi Souya

A programmer who’s developing the distribution systems at a company called “Sengoku Techno Solutions”.

Day and night, she’s working hard to build efficient transportation routes for supplies using the underground distribution network.

She lived in her parent’s house which was in the countryside of Nagano, but decided to live in Special Ward Tokyo after giving birth to Taketo.

Always busy with work, she had trouble with not being able to go home early.

Especially when her son was depressed, she couldn’t help but worried about him every day and so, she bought reference books.

But, he had calmed down since entering high school. Seeing that, she finally felt relieved.

But, she remembered about what was written in the book, “boys enter a rebellious stage around the age of 15,”

Once again, she’s living in worry about her son.

Aki Souya

School : OOO Girls’ High School (3rd year)

She went to co-ed elementary and middle school, but then went to a girls’ high school.

Now, she is studying hard for the university entrance exam.

She has already given up on a co-ed university. And now, she’s hoping for a women’s university in a Special Ward, since that is the very best she could get at this point.

She is the type that cared about her younger brother and watched over him from the shadows.

Taketo’s recent friendship with their cousin has threatened her identity as a sibling.

Minayo Souya

Taketo’s aunt, also, Satomi’s younger sister.

Although considered smart, she was no match for her older sister.

After coming to Special Ward Tokyo, she had been living in the same house as her older sister, but in separate living spaces, so she rarely met face-to-face with Taketo.

She worked as a local civil servant in the Public Relations Bureau of the government until recently, as a secondee request had been issued ordering her to move from the Public Relations Bureau to the Central Office of the government. On her first day in the new place, she was asked to work on a job related to the secret project “Special Ward Neo”.

She has two daughters, Moe and Saki.

Moe Souya

School : Seiin Girls’ Elementary School (6th grade)

She lives in the same house as the Taketo’s family. However, since the living space is different, she haven’t seen him much in the house so far.

Unlike Taketo and Aki, she couldn’t go to a co-ed elementary school.

She understands that she’s able to live in the special ward thanks to Taketo and the result of his aunt Satomi’s efforts.

She’s a polite girl, and has a mature personality.

Saki Souya

School : Seiin Girls’ Elementary School (4th grade)

Like her older sister Moe, she understands her situation very well.

Although her innocence still remains, she does her best to imitate her older sister.

She’s quiet in front of Taketo, but when she smiles, her innocent side can be seen.

The group members when Taketo Souya was in 3rd year of junior high school

Makoto Tokioka

School : Ichinomiya Girls’ High School (1st year)

Class : 1-3

She usually goes with a ponytail hairstyle.

Above average in studies and exercise, and has a steady personality.

Ever since a child, she has often taken on the role of leader. She takes the lead in coordinating people very well.

Her dream for the future is to work in the government.

At the beginning of the 3rd year of middle school, she succeeded in releasing the caution that was in Taketo’s heart by slowly interacting with him.

It was notorious for a while, but it has calmed down due to the movement of the warrior.

She proposed to the other two group members, Yuuko and Rie, to attend Ichinomiya Girls’ High School, which is close to the boys’ high school that Taketo wanted to go to. Even after it was decided that Taketo would go to co-ed school, she decided to go there in order to gather information.

Yuuko Sasaki

School : Ichinomiya Girls’ High School (1st year)

Class : 1-5

She’s wearing glasses. And has intelligence that fit her intelligent appearance.

She has a reputation as an honor student at school, but he failed to enroll at Itsuki High School because of her ordinary family.

In the future, she plans to become a researcher or a doctor.

She can almost always immediately gives the answers that Taketo wants to know. Not only knowledgeable, but she’s also able to deduce the situation and lead to the optimal solution.

She could have gone to a girls’ high school with a high reputation, but decided to go to Ichinomiya Girls’ High School with the other two, Makoto and Rie.

Rie Etou

School : Ichinomiya Girls’ High School (1st year)

Class : 1-2

A short, energetic girl with a short haircut. In the group to which she belonged when in 3rd year of middle school, she was like a mascot.

Good at general exercise. In middle school, she was in the swimming club and won many awards.

In the final tournament she had in middle school, she missed the recommendation criteria for the other co-ed high school in the Special Ward Tokyo by 0.1 seconds.

Even so, there was a possibility that she would pass if she took the exam normally, but she decided to go to Ichinomiya Girls’ High School, together with Makoto and Yuuko.

She’s honest at heart, so she tends to say what she thinks.

The group members when Taketo Souya in Itsuki High School

Ayano Toono

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

She’s frank, and although she usually speaks politely, it’s still not enough to hide her frankness.

Her style is like a gyaru from Japan of the original world.

On a regular basis, she wears a chain with her self-made accessories hanging on the tip.

She has been interested in fashion and often visits Special Ward Tokyo since middle school.

She’s getting her pocket money by selling handmade accessories.

Tomomi Kikuie

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

Her parents’ house is in the countryside of Saitama. It takes her about two hours to go to school.

Wearing glasses, her appearance is like a class prez.

She’s a hard-working girl, and in the future, she wants to ease her mother’s life. This wish is her emotional support to keep pushing herself.

She can be strong-willed at times, but that’s a manifestation of her strong sense of responsibility.

Hinako Hashigami

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

On the outside, she looks like a Yamato Nadeshiko (An ideal beautiful woman based on Japanese standards), but on the inside, she’s an otaku (nerd).

Other than being knowledgeable about subcultures, she’s good with machines.

With long black hair and bangs, she’s the type that looks good in traditional Japanese clothes.

Her tone is mature, and her way of speaking is like a young lady.

When her inner nerd comes out, her tone and attitude change.

Yuu Aono

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

She lives outside Special Ward Tokyo.

She enrolled at Itsuki High as a sports scholarship student.

Has a short haircut and a supple body. Other than that, she’s good at track and field and ball games.

She’s more active than she looks, such as having experience participating in betting sports.



The Goddess who exchanged the main character’s life with Taketo Souya’s life. When proposing the offer, she didn’t say all the facts to the MC. A Goddess with an unexpectedly smart side.

Her shrine is inside the forest.

Unable to bear watching Taketo who came to her shrine day by day with a depressed look, She decided to exchange his life with someone from another world.

She tried to appear in front of the original Taketo Souya who came worshiping her day by day, but he froze on the spot before fainting.

It was quite a shock for Her, so She decided to watch him quietly after that.

She’s known as the Goddess of Misfortune, because Her name came from a famine disaster hundreds of years ago, where many rice plants withered due to lack of water.

She is now acting as an adviser to MC.

In a way, she has a simple personality, such as being in a bad mood if being treated poorly, but would fix that mood when given an offering.

Atsushi Kunou

School : Itsuki High School (1st year)

He was in Saiki Middle School, a different school from Taketo.

Slim and slightly short for a man.

He thinks like a normal man in this world, keeping some distance from women.

He met Taketo for the first time on the first day of high school.

He feels masculinity and dependability in Taketo’s attitude.

Since Taketo has been standing out in the class from the first day, he had less chance of being noticed, which is what he hoped for.

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